Time And Emotion Guitar Gems From Robin Trower

Time And Emotion Guitar Gems From Robin Trower

Time And Emotion Guitar Gems From Robin Trower



Time And Emotion New Album of Guitar Gems From Robin Trower.  The gems are eleven tracks that define the guitar tone and textures of the vocals of Robin as he delivers blues dripping with blues powered emotional intent that are his trademark.  Time and Emotion, steps on his last album Know Where You Are Going To, why? The  journey we explore here has a sense of purpose and clear direction.

The opening tracks is sound are full, smoothed at the edges with the suggestion of a bountiful harvest under the glow of a harvest moon on the opening track of The Land Of Plenty. Nothing could be further from the truth this is blues not Americana. The lyrics add an edge to the guitar as being unsatisfied, not understanding when enough is enough. Blues delivered with classic certainty and assurance for modern times full of dis-contentment and uncertainty.  The question is will this quality be maintained across the album, yes it most definitely does as proved by What Was I Worth To You. Quickly followed by the shortest number I’m Gone. With a hardened edge this s the power trio working in short sharp bursts this is Trower showing us he can do modern he still is contemporary.

His timing is impeccable creating space and time, nothing is rushed there is time for the notes to be played and the sound is never cluttered with the need to squeeze in more notes than necessary. This approach from the trio is why on the longer tracks Returned In Kind & If You Believe In Me work, the interaction between Robin’s considered guitar work and the rhythms set down by the commanding combo of drummer Chris Taggart & Livingstone Brown on the bass works like a dream.

The blues light burns with an inner strength, Robin’s is the slow blues drawing out the classy power of the guitar.  The music at times appears to be sparse as the notes shine with individuality; this approach stops from being a self-indulgent exploration of the guitar by Trower’s innate ability, as the cool is brightened and burnished with the wah wah, and the deeper tonal chant of bass and the authoritative stick on skin from Taggart.

Immersed in after two lengthy tracks as you have been taken on an, at times, otherworldly journey of exploration is not the closing of the album it is just over half way through what can follow this? Never fear this guitar wizard has a trick up his sleeve as he states You’re The One.  The sound is full of percussive purpose and guitar work that flows with the certainty that this is the one. It is a track that stands out on its own in the Time and Emotion journey we are being taken on by the power trio.

The album is full of strong chords, interesting licks and deft hooks from the wizard of the six-strings; you would not expect any less into the mix as Robin’s passion and love for the music he plays and creates pulls deep into his playing soul to deliver the tone and makes every note and word count redolent with meaning.  The eleventh gem is the title track pulling the tracks together with Time and Emotion.  The Time is the length of time 72 year-old Robin has been playing music his fans adore and the emotion is the expressive energy that Robin instills into every note he plays and sings.

Once again, Robin Trower’s talents have been woven together to deliver an album full of hidden depths and mystery. Time and Emotion has this wizard of electric blues weaving his magic through the listener’s ears once again. Time And Emotion guitar gems from Robin Trower his guitar leading this blues powered trio eleven gems makes the album a killer there is no filler.

Time And Emotion Guitar Gems From Robin Trower

Robin TrowerTime and EmotionManhaton Records
Release Date 4th August 2017

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. The Land Of Plenty
  2. What Was I really Worth To You
  3. I’m Gone
  4. Bitten Buy The Snake
  5. Returned In Kind
  6. If You Believe In Me
  7. You’re The One
  8. Can’t Turn Back The Clock
  9. Make Up Your Mind
  10. Try Love
  11. Time and Emotion

Time And Emotion Guitar Gems From Robin Trower

Robin Trower Knows Where You Are Going To

Robin Trower Knows Where You Are Going To

Robin Trower Knows Where You Are Going To



The album is ten tracks of blues guitar that swirls with intent, blowing gusts of every shade of electric blue through the vocals. The blues are held close and then he shapes the music via freeform around his own pathway taking us on an interesting, electric and stylish musical journey. This is, Where You Are Going To when you hook up with Robin Trower on his latest album. Robin will be out on tour in the Autumn for a chance to hear the music up live with the verve his music always gets outside of the studio. Following on from Something About To Change this is a celebration of controlled and powerful twists and turns as he manipulates the electric strings.

The guitar drives the album with Robin back doing the vocals again laying down the narrative of blues that rocks. Opening with When Will The Next Blow Fall you are safe in the security of blues that will delight, make you sit up and listen. The next blow to fall for the listener is the guitar that has a tone that adds to the context of the lyrics of fear and nowhere to hide or shelter. The narrative is hard and the guitar has a bitter-sweet dimension reflecting the harshness of waiting for When Will The Next Blow Fall. Every track reaffirms the reputation that Robin Trower is a mighty fine blues/rock guitarist. The title track, reflecting life’s uncertainty and how we have no idea of the journey of our lives. In Robin’s case from Procol Harum through to his solo career one of music and accolades; often referred to as the “White” Hendrix. His guitar can be slow and moody and then pick up the pace the lead breaks curl around the tracks adding depth of focus and emotion. Jigsaw has deep bass and the beat has a slow movement with a hint of pieces of the puzzle. The vocals and drums add to the colour and tone before the guitar picks up the rhythm. The tempo picks up, we have a vocal squeal and the Fruits of Your Desire flows through the airwaves. Robin, celebrates the guitar throughout the album, here we have echoes of James Brown and funk on this track this is not one dimensional playing. The guitar is the power and lyrics deep in the heart of every song. Closing with Delusion Sweet Delusion the guitar purrs and you are left once again swallowed up in the blues guitar mastery that is Robin Trower.

Virtually a solo album with Robin only joined by Chris Taggart on Drums, Where You Are Going To is a Robin Trower affair following on from previous album Something’s About To Change. The guitar continues to weave the Trower magic.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Where You Are Going To – Robin TrowerManhaton Records

Track Listing

    1. When Will The Next Blow Fall
    2. Where Are You Going To
    3. Back Where You Belong
    4. Jigsaw
    5. The Fruits Of Your Desire
    6. We will Be Together someday
    7. Ain’t No Use To Worry
    8. In Too Deep
    9. I’m Holding On To You
    10. Delusion Sweet Delusion

    Robin Trower is on Tour with Special guest Stevie Nimmo throughout September/October 2016 HERE

Robin Trower – On Tour and New Album

Robin Trower - On Tour and New Album

Special guest on all shows is Stevie Nimmo. Tickets for all concerts, priced £25, can be ordered from the 24 Hour Box Office: or booked online from The Gig Cartel.   Tickets are on sale from Wednesday 6th April.

Robin Trower tracks

The October UK tour follows last week’s news of Robin’s highly anticipated new studio album, “Where You Are Going To”, released in the UK by Manhaton Records on Friday 6th May 2016.

The Gig Cartel and Manhaton Records

All TICKETS: £25.00
24 HOUR BOX OFFICE: 0844 478 0898

Tickets: £25 / Box Office: Box Office: 01603 508 050 Book Online: HERE

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Tickets: £25 / Box Office: 0844 477 2000, 0844 478 0898
Book Online HERE or HERE www.ticketweb.co.uk

Tickets: £25 / Venue Box Office: 01642 525 199
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Tickets: £25 / Box Office: 0844 854 1358
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Spencer St, Leamington Spa, Warwickshire, CV31 3NF

Tickets: £25 / Venue Box Office: 01392 667080
Book Online: HERE www.thegigcartel.com

Tickets: £25 / Box Office: 0844 478 0898
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Tickets: £25 / Venue Box Office: 01273 673311
Book Online: HERE www.thegigcartel.com

Where You Going To asks Robin Trower’s latest Album

Where You Going To asks Robin Trower's latest Album

Where You Going To

asks Robin Trower’s latest Album


Legendary guitarist and singer-songwriter, Robin Trower will release studio album Where You Going To  on Friday 6th May via Manhaton Records.

The guitarist, whose 1974 album, Bridge of Sighs, is regarded by many rock pundits as a blues milestone, describes his new studio album as a continuation of his previous album Something’s About To Change.

Trower says: “Where You Are Going To ranges from rock to funky soul, with some epic blues grooves. The title track is me reflecting on my life and career, and how we have no idea how our lives might unfold.“In terms of influences I felt I was channelling a combination of James Brown and John Lee Hooker on the funky The Fruits Of Your Desire and album closer Delusion Sweet Delusion. I’m really looking forward to playing those on tour.”

He adds: “Opener When Will The Next Blow Fall is a bit of a rocker inspired by the events in Europe and how uncertain people’s futures are. The album features two very emotional tracks, We Will Be Together Someday and I’m Holding On To You, both dedicated to the memory of my late wife.”

The new album features Trower on guitars, vocals and bass, with Chris Taggart on drums. It was produced by Livingstone Brown at Studio 91 in Newbury.  The album is available for pre-order fromAmazon UK.

Where You Are Going To  – Album Track List

  1. When Will The Next Blow Fall
  2. Where You Are Going To
  3. Back Where You Belong
  4. Jigsaw
  5. The Fruits of Your Desire
  6. We Will Be Together Someday
  7. Ain’t No Use To Worry
  8. In Too Deep
  9. I’m Holding on to You
  10. Delusion Sweet Delusion

CD Review: Robin Trower ~ Something’s About To Change

RobinRobin Trower
Something’s About To Change
Manhaton/V12 Records
Release Date 9th March 2015

Opening, with the title track, from the first enticing slurred note it is Robin’s appetite for producing superlative guitar licks and riffs combined with Chris Taggart on Drums that purr the beat out in the back ground creating the perfect storm for the guitar to build its melodies on this opening track and the lyrics sung by Robin add another layer of brooding gruffness – what a start.

By the third Track Riff No.7 (Still Alive) I was hooked on the sound being produced and realized that the funky bass line was also being played by Robin Trower on this track full of colour little sparkling gems of notes and a real funk/blues texture. The next track is a complete change of mood and tempo with a slow purifying sound from vocals through to the organ interludes as Dreams That Shone Like Diamonds narrative unfolds in the intense and moody delivery of the lyrics that are reflected in the emotional out pouring from his Fender.

An upbeat tempo on The One Saving Grace is a ray of light through dark clouds and this is a song that is about a saving grace and the lead break is superb and the little guitar interludes between the lyrics are simply inspired. Snakes and Ladders is full of mellow fruitfulness taking the pace down again; and there is nothing like the children’s game in the gamut of feelings and hopes dashed as the story is told.

The closing track ‘Til I Reach Home is full of stylish and languid guitar work that leaves you in a very special place as you savour the tones and sounds that are the trade mark of Robin as the track deliciously winds itself around the melodies and the journey of six minutes is delightful. The whole album has been produced so that in the gaps between the lyrics there is room for Robin to explore the six strings and he has produced a stellar performance of slow guitar driven blues that fit the groove and build into fully fledged guitar solos. He celebrates the glory of the electric guitar on this fine album with every emotion strung into every string and manipulated to cry laugh and sing by Robin Trower as he celebrates his 70th birthday by delivering this album as a present to every fan out there and touring the U.K. TOUR DATES

Bluesdoodles gives this CD Nine doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. Something’s About to Change
2. Fallen
3. Riff No.7 (Still Alive)
4. Dreams That Shone Like Diamonds
5. Good Morning Midnight
6. What You Never Want TO Do
7. Strange Love
8. Gold To Grey
9. The One Saving Grace
10. Snakes and Ladders
11. Up and Gone
12. ‘Til I reach Home

Robin Trower: Vocals, Guitar, Bass
Chris Taggart Drums
Luke Smith: Organ

The much anticipated Robin Trower tour during March/April throughout the U.K. with special guest Joanne Shaw Taylor


Robin Trower U.K. Tour Spring 2015

Photo © Mike Prior
Photo © Mike Prior

When one of the most celebrated – but least outspoken – practitioners of electric guitar declares that “I can’t remember ever being so happy with a finished album before”, you’d be well-advised to sit up and take notice.

To support the release of Something’s About To Change Robin Trower will embark on a 17-date March/April Tour. His special guest will be guitarist and singer/songwriter, Joanne Shaw Taylor.


Tickets for all regional shows are priced at £22.50, while London tickets are priced £25.00. Tickets can purchased at The Gig Cartel or from the 24 hour box office – 0844 478 0898.


LINCOLN, ENGINE SHED – Thursday 26th March 2015

BURY ST. EDMUNDS, THE APEX – Friday 27th March 2015

BIRMINGHAM, TOWN HALL – Saturday 28th March 2015

SALFORD, LOWRY – Sunday 29th March 2015

CHESTER, LIVE ROOMS – Thursday 2nd April 2015

GATESHEAD, SAGE – Friday 3rd April 2015

GLASGOW, ARCHES – Saturday 4th April 2015

ABERDEEN, LEMON TREE – Sunday 5th April 2015

STOCKTON, ARC – Tuesday 7th April 2015

YORK, BARBICAN – Wednesday 8th April 2015

SHEFFIELD, CITY HALL BALLROOM – Thursday 9th April 2015

HOLMFIRTH, PICTUREDROME – Friday 10th April 2015

LONDON, O2 SHEPHERD’S BUSH EMPIRE – Saturday 11th April 2015

CRAWLEY, HAWTH – Tuesday 14th April 2015

EXETER, CORN EXCHANGE – Wednesday 15th April 2015

SALISBURY, CITY HALL – Thursday 16th April 2015

MILTON KEYNES, STABLES – Friday 17th April 2015