Erja Lyytinen brings the Warmth of Finnish Blues to Bristol Tonight

Erja Lyytinen brings the Warmth of Finnish Blues to Bristol Tonight

Erja Lyytinen brings the Warmth of Finnish Blues to Bristol Tonight



Tonight The Tunnels welcomed Erja Lyytinen and her support band Red Butler to Bristol for the first and definitely not the last time. Tuesday night was blues night that filled the arches with music that was full of energy and played with style.

Erja Lyytinen brings the Warmth of Finnish Blues to Bristol TonightOpening tonight Red Butler with their new line-up that many in the audience had not had the opportunity to hear yet. Alex Butler, Mike Topp and Charlie Simpson are joined by Dan Spellman on vocals and guitar. With a change of vocalist, the dynamics of the band have definitely changed. The interactions between the four members on a cramped stage space was natural and full of energy that is the fuel for their rocky blues. With Dan as the vocalist adds a harder edge to their sound, which certainly suits the direction they took on Nothing To Loose. The set reflected this with the numbers taken predominately from the album. The new vitalized Red Butler tonight added to their skills some brilliant harmonization between Alex, Dan and Mike. The whole set was played with aplomb, the sound was very tight and the interplay between the guitarists was intuitive and worked well set against the rhythm section.

Calm Before The Storm was a highlight, they nailed it. Other highlights of a short set that showcased the band was Belly Of TheErja Lyytinen brings the Warmth of Finnish Blues to Bristol Tonight Blues, rearranged and sounds better with new vocalists adding a layer of drama. Crowd-pleasing cover of Bobby Bland’s Ain’t No Love In The Heart of the City. With the rocky edge more akin to Bernie Marsden/Whitesnake version and sounds wonderful and the audience gladly added their voice to the chorus. Mike took the role of the wolf, complete with a mask for Big Bad Wolf, combined with the music adding to the live experience. A great set, the only pity was not more people had turned out on a Tuesday to hear blues rock at The Tunnels.

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Short break, change of sound man, Mikko Kiviniemi takes charge of the desk as Erja Lyytinen and her band take control of The Tunnels. For those familiar with the queen of the slide guitar, already familiar with her new direction on Stolen Hearts her current album provided anticipation for a night of full-on blues that flexes its muscles. Her music explores and captures the vibes of funk, prog rock and more. The energy flowed from the stage and across the venue. The band was determined that everyone was going to have fun and be left with a memory of musicianship that brought music alive.


The band provided the cascading backdrop of sound from which Erja could fly with her vocals and guitar. Tonight in control of Hammond and keys from the magical energised fingers of Harri Taittonen. Whilst the deep and sometimes dark rhythms were delivered by bassist Juha Verona and Kai Jokiaho on drums. A powerhouse captured in a quartet.  Erja the flying Fin with her sparkling Sapphire blue guitar and glass slide set the second half of the evening into a tumultuous celebration of the blues, a theme she returned to throughout the evening.

Despite the disappointing turnout Erja did not disappoint with a wonderful balance of authentic Blues, Blues Rock and ‘ProggishErja Lyytinen brings the Warmth of Finnish Blues to Bristol Tonight Rock’ showcasing why she is so popular and is gaining a fan base whenever she plays in the UK.  Her guitar work is impeccable, full of grace and style and her interaction with the audience is warm Erja Is the real deal. The set delivered was storming as they played the last gig of the current UK tour.

With numbers from Stolen Hearts including the title track that was a highlight with lots of joyous interaction and community singing for the chorus. The centre piece and the absolute highlight of the evening was Black Ocean. With deep driving blues textures, heavy riffs and rhythms reflecting the ocean swell dark and dangerous. Erja tonight bought prog-blues to Bristol. We loved it. Showing the depth and breadth of style across the album we had slow blues a thing of beauty as Slowly Burning curled around the arches. Then Rocking Chair the interaction between guitar and bass is immense. As Juha, on bass reflects the rocking beat of the Rocking chair. Live musical magic.

With a Ko Ko Taylor cover, full of slide blues that is rooted firmly in the original African source; and delightful instrumental solo from Erja as she showed the styles of the greats. A medley full of subtle changes and interest that was delivered with fun as she asked the audience if they knew of BB King, Charlie Patton and many more.

With Cross Town Traffic given the Erja treatment along with her version of Steamy Windows an opportunity to be sexy with the audience and get close and personal with Juha on bass. All too soon it was time for the final numbers.  People get Ready where we were treated to guitar that resonated the tone and style of Jeff Beck. Erja tonight was Queen of the Blues. Her playing majestic, stylish with a hint of bedevilment and fun. Live music doesn’t get much better than this!


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Erja Lyytinen brings the Warmth of Finnish Blues to Bristol Tonight

2nd Hereford Blues Festival Announced November 2017

2nd Hereford Blues Festival Announced November 2017


2nd Hereford Blues Festival Announced November 2017

Building on the success of the inaugural Hereford Blues Festival held in 2016, the event is back for its second year at The Left Bank, Hereford on Saturday 18th November 2017.



The music will be full of  British Blues from bands & artist who delight the crowds whenever and wherever they play as Hereford Blues Festival firmly plants itself on the Blues Calendar.

The 2017 line-up is full of energy  with the bands making sure this will be a day of music from the beginning to the end. One thing for certain the crowds will not want the music to stop!

The acts playing for your delight from 1:00 pm – 12:00 pm are:

Red Butler
Kyla Brox Band
Tommy Allen’s Trafficker
Della Grants
The Rainbreakers
Troy & Violet Redfern

Advance tickets are £15 and are available here



2nd Hereford Blues Festival Announced November 2017

Nothing To Lose Sings Red Butler

Nothing To Lose Sings Red Butler

Nothing To Lose Sings Red Butler


Let us all step on board with Red Butler as they say we have Nothing To Lose. Having listened to the ten tracks the British blues world and beyond has everything to gain. Red Butler have an energy that is barely contained throughout as they play British R n’B coloured and shaped by the past but never trapped in a time warp. With hints of Zeppelin, Blind Faith and many more this is a blues album with a rock steady base.

Following the success of debut album Freedom Bound, and performing live, winning awards and recognition as they represented UK at the European Blues Challenge. The experience of performing live to audiences far and wide has honed the guitar skills of Alex Butler, shaped the vocal delivery of Jane Pearce and tightened the rhythm section the combined enterprise of drummer Charlie Simpson and bassist Mike Topp.  Nothing To Lose produced by Wayne Proctor at Superfly Studios has the stamp of a House of Tone production, a sharpness of tone and energy controlled but never dampened the spirit of the blues flame is clear throughout as the Rock/blues quartet play the songs they love and many will have heard live.

The first track of the album influences the listener, Got To Make It is a question they are asking. Yes, they will make it, continue to gain recognition if they continue to deliver music that has listenability and struts and pushes aside those who want to box musicians in. This is Red Butler’s voice and they are making us listen to them as the music captures you and the lyrics draw you into the narrative. Closing with Never Go Back, a soulful track that is so true you have to move forward creating and giving music a freshness, Red Butler have definitely achieved this on the second album with the combination of Jane’s vocals that interprets every song to suit the mood and captures the last track perfectly added to that is a stunning Alex Butler solo.

The tracks in between shape the tone that is brand Red Butler, with a version of Sandi Thom’s Belly Of The Blues, starting with guitar that fills you with anticipation then the breath and Jane’s expressive vocals. Mesmerizing, and a track that will always shine whenever and wherever you hear it.  Their own compositions slot in perfectly strong and are full of emotive phrasing as they explore the lexicon of modern blues influenced music. Nothing To Lose enters the broad church of blues inspired music but the musicians are not boxed in. What does shine through is the quality of the musicianship, as ever Charlie’s drumming is huge the perfect punctuation marks that keeps adding tonal interest and shape. The interaction between Mike’s bass and the guitar of Alex is a duet that plays throughout competing for attention but never overwhelming the vocals. On the album the additional phrasing from guest Bob Fridzma on Wurlitzer, Hammond and Clavinet gives the studio versions of the numbers additional strength.

The highlights for me are Big Bad Wolf, this is an up tempo whirlwind that suits them and makes a real statement.  Say Hello (To My Little Friend) shakes more than a guitar nod to King King as the track opens, then Jane joins the party my little friends this is Red Butler through and through. Like many times before and in the future the shaping of a track reminds you of another band. Black Flies has a deep opening combo of bass and guitar and then as the guitar flies the drums and vocals join generating a measured number that brings in the different the music and turns the corner with a big rock infused chorus.

Nothing To Lose certainly puts Red Butler firmly on the map of bands that just keep giving and music lovers have everything to gain from the music.  As the rocky number You Only Live Once says, yes you do and make sure Red Butler experience is part of your musical journey as Red Butler sings you have Nothing To Lose.

EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Got To Make It
  2. Nothing To Lose
  3. Say Hello (To My Little Friend)
  4. All You Got To Do
  5. Calm Before The Storm
  6. Belly Of The Blues
  7. Big Bad Wolf
  8. Black Flies
  9. You Only Live Once
  10. Never Go Back

Red Butler Ready for European Blues Challenge 2016

Red Butler Ready for European Blues Challenge 2016


European Blues Challenge

UKBlueslogowww Following the completion of a crowd funding campaign set up by the UK Blues Federation (UKBlues) on Crowdfunder UK, UKBlues is very pleased to announce that a total of £570.00 was raised thanks to the generosity of the contributors.

After the deduction of the fees levied by Crowdfunder UK, PayPal and Stripe who process the payments, a total of £540.00 remains and UKBlues have passed the whole of this to Red Butler to assist with their costs appearing at the 6th European Blues Challenge in Torrita di Siena, Italy in April.

It is believed that this is the first time that the UK’s representative at the European Blues Challenge has received financial support from the UK blues community.

For Red Butler, Alex Butler said: ‘’We’d like to thank everyone who has been part of this incredible effort to support us in our journey to Italy. We are honoured to have the opportunity to compete in the competition flying the flag for the U.K”

For UKBlues, Ashwyn Smyth: ‘‘We are very pleased and not a little proud that we have managed to provide some financial assistance to Red Butler as they travel to Italy to compete with 20 other acts from around Europe in the 6th European Blues Challenge. We believe this is the first time that this has happened.

We hope that people will recognise that UKBlues means what it says and that we are working hard to ‘promote and support Blues in and from the United Kingdom in all its forms and styles.’ This is just one small first step, next year we hope to be able to assist the winners of this year’s UK Blues Challenge to attend both the EBC in Denmark and the International Blues Challenge in Memphis.

RED Butler Cheque-2565
Danny Bryant presents Alex Butler with the UK Blues Federation’s cheque for the money raised by UKBlues’ crowd funding campaign.
At the Waterfront, Norwich
l to r – Paul Smith, Board Member – UKBlues, Alex Butler, Danny Bryant, Charlie Simpson, Jane Chloe Pearce, Mike Topp (Red Butler)

We also have many other things which we are working on and invite people to support our work and the blues in the UK by joining the UK Blues Federation.

If you are not already a member of UKBlues, why not join now? Check UKBlues Federation HERE

For more information on the European Blues Challenge visit HERE


LogoUKB Hi REs 500



The UK Blues Federation (UKBlues) is pleased to announce that the band
representing the UK at the 6th European Blues Challenge</strong> (EBC), organised by the
European Blues Union (EBU) will be Red Butler, winners of the 2nd UK Blues
Challenge on Saturday 24th October 2015 at the Boom Boom Club in Sutton, Surrey,
jointly promoted and organised by Pete Feenstra Real Music Live and UKBlues.
A panel of five judges chosen from across the UK blues community awarded contestants
points for the four criteria laid down by the EBU – originality, instrumental talent, vocal talent
and stage presence. Red Butler were the winners from a field also including Malaya Blue,
The Brothers Groove, and The Katie Bradley Band.

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ebcThe 6th EBC will be held on 8th-9th April 2016 in Torrita di Siena in Tuscany, Italy and will see
20 European bands competing. Previous UK representatives at the EBC have been BenPoole, 24 Pesos, Babajack, David Migden & the Twisted Roots and Laurence Jones.
The recently created UK Blues Federation is honoured to have been appointed by the EBU to run the Challenge and is setting up a crowd funding campaign to assist with Red Butler’s costs in connection appearing at the EBC. Full details will be available soon on the UKBlues website
Ashwyn Smyth – Chair of UKBlues – said: ‘It has been a lot of hard work to pull both the
selection process and the UK Challenge together, but it was all worth it! I am sure that Red
Butler are going to do us proud in Italy next year. Our thanks go to Pete Feenstra for all he
has done to make the Challenge happen and to the five judges who were faced with making
some difficult choices. This has also been a great way to introduce the newly formed UK
Blues Federation to the blues community in the UK and we have many plans for the future
including, we hope, seeing a UK representative at the 2017 International Blues Challenge in
“We hope that many people will want to join UKBlues and help to support us in what we are
doing and they can do so by going to our website where there are details of membership
types and how you can join.”

Alex Butler of Red Butler said:”There is huge exhilaration
amongst the band at winning the UK Blues Challenge. We put our hearts and souls into the
gig against stiff opposition. The immediate reaction from the crowd told us this was
something special from the word go. We are thrilled to have a major European event in the
calendar for next year.”


UK Blues Challenge 2015

LogoUKB Hi REs 500UK Blues Challenge 2015
Boom Boom Club, Sutton

One Venue, a New organisation and 4 bands was everything you needed for a fantastic competition and night of live music exploring the depth and breadth of twenty-first century British Blues to have a winning combination. The evening was organized by the newly formed UK Blues Federation, and held at Pete Feenstra’s wonderful Boom Boom Club. The music comprised four bands, Brothers Groove, Katie Bradley Band, Malaya Blue and Red Butler providing the judges with a challenge of their own to score the wealth of talent on display tonight. The decision meant the winner would be going on to represent the U.K. at The European Blues Challenge in Torritadi Sienna Capitale Europea del Blues 2016; the band flying the flag with energy and a winning style will be Red Butler.

The club was packed and the anticipation high as people came together to enjoy catching up with friends and making new ones, everyone though was here to support the bands.

First on stage were Brothers Groove, who delivered blues full of rhythms and blues with a deep grove and energy, the two guitars up front give tone and texture that funk up the bluest of grooves; the applause reflected that every one of the four tracks they choose tonight were enjoyed.

The second band, Katie Bradley Band was the only band that played the harp and combined with Katie’s wonderful singing voice this is a band that pulls up the depths of the Delta and the intertwining weaves between Dudley Ross on guitar and Paul Jobson on keys created a musical storm of instrumentation that reflects the expressive vocals.

Third band of the evening and second band with a woman as lead vocalist is Malaya Blue who has been stirring up a storm at festivals and shows where Malaya and the band entertain. Her voice is rich and velvety smooth , a soul singer that shouts the blues and her band tonight was the second outing of the evening for Dudley on guitar, and on keys Paul Long. The music was smooth and the audience listened spellbound as the four original tracks sung by Malaya put a spell on everyone listening tonight.

Another quick change over and the last band of the night Red Butler hit the stage and the third female vocalist Jane Chloe Pearce took the microphone upped the tempo and got the audience participating with clapping and choruses it was electric live music captivating everyone; impressing the judges so that they got the top marks and are off to Italy in April 2016. This is a band that is greater than the sum of the individual talents, Alex Butler on guitar takes the lead and plays dirty with a slide and then ups the tempo with fine electric guitar fingering. The rhythm section of Mikey Topp and Charlie Simpson give the band a platform that hums and bounces with an energized rhythm. The songs reflect modern living and Pension Blues is a reflection that planning for your pension is not the top of a young bands priorities. Alex and Jane leaving the stage and then walking through the audience provided a fitting close for the set that ultimately won.

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bba 2015In addition to this it was an opportunity to present to prize to participants who where winners at British Blues Awards 2015, filling in the gap while the audience waited to hear who the winners were. a real opportunity to celebrate the wonderful musicians that create the vibrant British Blues Scene.

UK Blues Challenge 24th October 2015

The Four Bands at The Challenge on 24th October 2015 The Boom Boom, Club Sutton

and visit UK Blues Federation Subscribe to the new You Tube Channel HERE


A selection panel created by UKBlues formed of nearly 200 musicians, writers, promoters, venues, festivals, radio presenters, PR/promotions, agents, record labels, and fans, including all UK Active Members of the European Blues Union (EBU) and representatives of the UK’s previous European Blues Challenge (EBC) contestants has chosen four artists to compete in the latest UK Blues Challenge.

The top four acts available to compete have been invited to take part in the UK Blues Challenge, which is being jointly promoted by EBU Active Member Pete Feenstra and UKBlues and which will take place on Saturday 24th October 2015 at the Boom Boom Club in Sutton in front of a panel of judges drawn from within the blues community chosen by UKBlues and Pete Feenstra, but who, for obvious reasons, will remain confidential until after the Challenge. They will use the same criteria to award points to the contestants as is used at the EBC.

The acts in order of appearance on the 24th are:

19.45 – 20.15 – Katie Bradley

20.30 – 21.00 – Malaya Blue

21.15 – 21.45 – Brothers Groove

22.00 – 22.30 – Red Butler

UKBlues congratulates the acts on their selection to take part in the UK Blues Challenge.
For more details about the UK Blues Challenge and how you can pre-book your tickets visit Pete Feenstra’s site or call +44 (0) 20 8791 9078

The winner of the UK Blues Challenge will represent the UK at the 6th European Blues Challenge, organised by the EBU, and which will take place in Torrita di Siena, Italy on 7-8-9th April 2016.


This is what Babajack says about the European Challenge having represented the UK at The EBC in 2012

Skegness 2015: JAKS and Introducing Stage

Red Butler - Skegness - 23rd-15th Jan 2015 - _0075l

Great British Rock & Blues

Butlins, Skegness 2015 –

JAKS and Introducing Stage


Split Whiskers Band - Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0029lThe music plays for three days and nights across four stages at the Great Rock & Blues Festival, Butlin’s, Skegness, the last weekend in January draws many to the cold East Coast.
There is so much to offer that there is no way to see and take in every act and for many people there are favourite stages especially for many of the regulars and there are a loyal band who spend the majority of their time in the Blues Matters sponsored stage JAKS with its quirky décor and a mix of music through the day from midday and late into the night only taking a break between 4.30 – 8pm where the Introducing Stage in the Sky Pavilion fills the gap.

Jack Hutchinson Band- Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0031l

I saw and missed some amazing moments on both stages, I needed to eat re-charge my batteries and catch up with people and sometimes get away from music!

Mick Simpson & Malaya Blue - Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0054l

Rebecca Downes - Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0007lFriday the music started for me on the Introducing Stage, after a long drive coffee and music was the perfect antidote. The band that opened the music fest was Starvin’ Sid a great entertaining act to get the weekend off with a smile and this year every day we had a chance to vote with a plastic token for our favourite act; the process overlooked by Blues In Britain team; the prize the chance to play a main stage in 2016. The sets that followed were varied and full of live music energy including Jack Hutchinson who was impressive and must have been a contender and we would see his style again during the jam at JAK’s. Ged Wilson was a solo acoustic performer who delivered a mix of standards and self-penned and like Starvin’ Sid would make a music pub a real attraction. The last act was Rebecca Downes; who went on to win the popular vote she has a great voice and her stage presence is dynamic as the crowds grew the excitement in the Skyline grew. Her act was much more interactive and full on with real character and a great backing band. Rebecca Downes certainly attracted all the right attention tonight.

Split Whiskers Band - Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0016lIn JAKS the atmosphere was building and was hot with a happy crowd when I dropped by to hear the end of a great set from Split Whiskers who as ever entertained with an array of numbers that got everyone in the mood for music to dance. They are a colourful band with a great full-on sound which went down a treat. Red Butler followed, this is a young band that just keep on delivering stunning displays of musicianship. They hit the road running with a real racy number that showcased Jane as the vocal diva of the band and Alex’s exceptional slide guitar playing on Movin’ On. The set had a mix of songs and throughout were numbers off their excellent debut CD Freedom Bound; starting off with Pension Blues. There is no doubt this is a band that we will be seeing more of during 2015 they are talented, have charisma and really want to entertain you. With Jane’s vocals, stage presence and great backing musicians they really hit the spot, with their take on Shakin’ All Over being quite unique and is fast becoming a signature. For many they were the band of the whole weekend. They did have the whole of JAKS lapping up music and a great new number Gambling Man was very reminiscent of early cream no wonder they were the talk of Butlins 2015. Red Butler - Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0008lThe tempo went down a notch with Malaya Blue Band; as Malaya’s voice lacks the power of Jane’s and has a more jazz blues feel, though without doubt this is a lady who can sing, with a great band to back her vocals with a strong rhythm section of Simon Dring & Trev Turley. Though personally the music was fine and the interpretation was distinctive on the whole this was a nice set that lacked the high-voltage energy thaMick Simpson & Malaya Blue - Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0042lt a late night session at JAKS normally has. What it did show was the wide range, depth and breadth of female vocals delivering the blues in their own unique way in Britain in 2015 as Malaya was the fifth charismatic female vocalist of the weekend so far across the stages.


Saturday afternoon is all about the Jam in JAKS run with precision making this a perfect venue for musicians to enjoy participating in the jam and the audience to delight in the rawness and never knowing what act was coming up next.

Riotous Brothers - Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0045lThe popular act on The Introducing Stage was first up Lost Minute who started playing to about 100 the music bought people to the stage and by the end the area was packed with over 500 music lovers demanding an encore. This band definitely hit the right spot and was the winner tonight. The other two bands I heard on this stage were Riotous Brothers and I was looking forward to the set having reviewed their album and I was impressed. The band connected with the audience with dancers enjoying the lively and entertaining set. Riotous Brothers certainly understand they are there to entertain and they did just that. I also heard Pierre K Band who had travelled from Belgium to entertain us and they delivered blues, with hefty takes on blues standards, tonight the keys were missing and this was a loss and as a three-piece they didn’t quite deliver the sound produced on their current album.

Pierre K Band - Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0001l

Richard Townend - Sunday - Butlins, Skegness - Jan 2015 - _0017lAll to soon it was the last day of the weekend, with another two sessions that would suit the mood, starting with laid back and a quality acoustic set from Richard Townend; this was a perfect start to a Sunday JAKS always hit the spot on the Sunday afternoon, we heard some acoustic gems and a moving tribute to Alan Turing as he delivered an entertaining set, looking forward to 2016 when he brings back to JAKS with his band The Mighty Bosscats. I also popped back to hear Malaya Blue Band acoustic set for a short time, this afternoon she was joined by Will Johns as well has her band and the stripped down suited her vocal range. I was a bit disappointed that from what I heard it was the same set as Friday but suited this slot on a Sunday. The Introductory stage bough another four bands and another chance to vote the stage was getting more popular and Stark opening the proceedings and were very popular form comments I heard, Struggle Buggy were a competent country Blues band but the accolades went to the last band of the weekend on this stage The Della Grants, it was no surprise to hear they won the popular vote. This young four-piece blues bands delivered with great vocals and played some genuine blues, they certainly have bags of potential.

The Della Grants - Jan 2015 - _0017l

Laura Holland Band - Jan 2015 - _0041lJAKS on Sunday night was ready to party as Roadhouse filled their spot with the music they love to play and the crowds certainly enjoyed them once again. Laura Holland Band who delivered Rock N’Roll/Swing style music that certainly filled the dance floor. Laura fronted the band with aplomb, with here great stage presence and vocals that’s suited the music being delivered. JAKS felt like it had entered a time-warp and was back in the late 1950’s with tracks including Spoonful and I need your love So Bad. The music played on until the early hours with The Robin Robertson Blues Band but an earlyish night beckoned been another music packed weekend once again.

Friday: 8 -2.00pm
Split Whiskers Band*
Red Butler*
Mick Simpson & Malaya Blue*

Saturday: Midday – 4.30 pm 8– 2pm
Roadhouse Jam
The Dave Thomas Band
Sharon Colgan Band
Jed Thomas Band

Sunday: Midday – 4.30 pm 8– 2pm
Richard Townend*
Jo Bywater
Mick Simpson & Malaya Blue (Acoustic)*
Laura Holland Band*
The Robin Robertson Blues Band

Introducing Stage
Friday 4-8pm
Starvin’ Sid
Jack J Hutchinson*
Ged Wilson
Rebecca Downes*

Saturday 4-8pm
Lost Minute*
The Riotous Brothers*
Victoria Klewin & The Mojohands
Pierre K Band*

Sunday 4-8pm
George Shovlin’ and the Radars
Struggle Buggy*
The Della Grants*

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Red Butler – Freedom Bound ~ CD Review

CDDF-6P1V-001Red Butler
Freedom Bound

The opening track Jaywalker sets the tone of the album –Freedom Bound – with Jane Chloe’s impressive vocals driving the blues, rhythm and tone the guitar bass and drums reflecting the purity of her gritty edged soprano voice. There is an irony in the lyrics and the licks played by Alex on guitar on Pension Blues saying I will have to work ’til I am 99 – a true reflection facing many in Britain today. Danger Zone is catchy and should be getting loads of mainstream play with the combination of infectious beat courtesy of Charlie, great backing vocals and the vocals that just make you want to listen. Johnny Kidd’s Shaking All Over is given a complete makeover, the tempo slowed down and the rhythm reformed as the vocals and musicians mimic each other this is a cover that builds on the original and they have truly made it their own. Last Page of the Blues is hauntingly beautiful with the vocals of Jane pure and soaring with a gentle accompaniment of the guitar this is a singer song writer – No it is not! 3 minutes in the tempo changes and the instruments take centre stage with a sound that means business then as they die away the vocals pick up the story this is a page of the blues you really do not want to end. Hoodoo is a classy bluesy southern feeling moody track with some fantastic emotive slide guitar playing from Alex that sets the tone and shows the depth of collective talents in Red Butler. River of Smoke a slow moody blues number with a jazzy feel is full of hidden questions and answers, these are the tracks where having a vocalist of the stylish quality of Jane is paramount as every word and musical phrase is as clear as a bell; on these slower tracks she reminds me of Kyla Brox in tone and the precision of musical delivery with emotions held in perfect balance. The closing and title track of the album Freedom Bound is dirtier in sound with the voice plunging to deeper depths, showing the full potential of Red Butler as they leave you wanting to hear more of their stylish interpretation of modern British blues as it fades away. This is a young band full of talent demonstrated by the textures, tones and framing of this track. Red Butler have created a blues album that is vibrant, with a twist of modernity whilst staying true to the authentic roots of delta blues; they are unafraid to twist and mould the roots into a strong sapling that is Red Butler’s blues. This is a young band full of maturity as they deliver the blues, watch this space you will be hearing lots more of Red Butler they have whatever it is that makes a band step out of the dark and shine through their music.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Track Listing
1. Jaywalker (Red Butler)
2. Pension Blues (Red Butler)
3. Danger Zone (Red Butler)
4. Young and Free (Red Butler)
5. Shakin’ All Over (Heath)
6. Hoodoo (Red Butler)
7. River Of Smoke (Red Butler)
8. Hard Drivin’ Man (Red Butler)
9. Last Page Of The Blues (B. Morane & Red Butler)
10. Freedom Bound (Red Butler)

red butler 1
Band Members
Alex Butler – Guitar, Backing Vocals
Jane Chloe Pearce – Vocals
Charlie Simpson – Drums, Percussion
Stephen Eveleigh – Bass, Backing Vocals

Guest Artists
Maik Pehrsson – Piano Tracks 4 &9
Darren Vassie – Trumpet (Track 7)