Ian Siegal Band, Jazz, Bristol Sunshine

Ian Siegal Band, Jazz, Bristol SunshineIan Siegal Band, Jazz, Bristol Sunshine

Ian Siegal Band, Jazz, Bristol SunshineColston Hall was teeming with jazz in the foyer and a myriad of acts playing from Friday through to Sunday evening. Sunday afternoon Ian Siegal with his band entertained and thrilled the audience in The Lantern, Colston Hall. Opening with I am The Train, the show was underway this was going to be a journey through blues, rock n’ roll blending the tones to create the sound instantly recognizable as Ian Siegal at his very best. The quartet are stunning, what a combination. Ian Siegal with his vocals that growl, then lightens delivers a piercing squeal and the guitar coils around the notes and melody. Adding to this heady mix of sounds are a trio of Dutchmen; the miraculous guitar supremo Dusty Ciggaar, on bass Danny Van’t Hoff and completing the power hub of a rhythm section is Raphael Schwiddessen.

Ian Siegal Band, Jazz, Bristol SunshineIn between the numbers that flowed from across Ian’s deep and wide repertoire this afternoon we had interlude music adding fun to the proceedings with the hint of a jazz beat at times. Mortal Coil Shuffle was so highly charged with emotion, with Ian on slide on this magnificent number it is the lyrics and vocal textures that standout. Dusty on this and every track doubles the intensity with his adept manipulation of the six-strings creating layers of tone as the chords created blow your mind including the signature James Brown special licks and riffs. This short festival set had tracks that Ian always shines on including Brandy Balloon and a great rendition of the Siegal classic Early Grace. Live this track retains its poignancy and relevance it is a timeless treasure from Britain’s outstanding Blues man. This is blues that has every tonal shade stretching the genre including Hill country wonders, and rock n roll a baby of the blues family. Ian was on top form this afternoon, with his story-telling and raw wit and the trio of numbers that leaves you breathless with wonder and the dexterity, ingenuity and skill of Ian and his band; She’s Got The Devil In Her, and then Gallo del Ceilo, with Tom Russel’s lyrics shaped to suit the Tex Mex arrangement that calls for Dusty and his mighty Baritone guitar, what an outstanding tone. Then Falling on Down breathless with music that overloaded the senses with its power and variation. Ian Siegal never disappoints and this afternoon he was beyond amazing. With guitars and bass plugged straight in to the amplifiers the strings were strummed, picked and slid over to create a sound that exhilarates; guitar heaven. Ian said quite rightly, Dusty is the best guitar player on the planet whilst for me Ian continues to be the best guitar/vocalist on the circuit today.

All too soon it was encore time, with a Dylan cover, and closing the afternoon that we all wanted to go on and on; Take a Walk in The Wilderness dedicated to Big George was sung with a poignant wistfulness.

Ian Siegal out of Portsmouth via the high and oft turbulent high seas of gigging throughout U.K. and Europe; now based in Netherlands Ian Siegel brings the Southern rocking winds to Colston on a Sunday Afternoon as aort of Bristol Jazz Festival.

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Ian Siegal back on Tour with Jimbo Mathus check out the dates HERE

Ian Siegal Jimbo Mathus


Siegal Band 2015


British Blues Hall of Fame, eight-times British Blues award winner, three-times European Blues award winner, three-times BMA nominee and two-times Mojo Blues album of the year. Oh, and ten album releases. Need we say more?

Ian Siegal and the Band are back in the U.K. during March

18 Mar – LONDON – Borderline, Tel : 0207 734 5547 – 7pm £20

19 Mar – DERBY Flowerpot Tel: 01332 834438 – 8pm £15

20 Mar – BRISTOL – Colston Hall Tel: 0844 887 1500 – 2pm £15

Still need convincing? Here the band live Ian Siegal with his glorious vocals – Dusty Ciggar mesmerising guitar including his magic Baritone that adds a tone of wizardry – then there is the rhythm section of Danny Van’t Hoff playing a bass line that underpins and adds to the weight of the music and drumming with style is Raphael Schwiddessen – what a tight band delivering their own music inspired by the blues, rock n Roll and roots music but never contrived or fixed in the moment. One thing for sure there will be something new and a mix from the favourites from his extensive back catalogue.

Bluesdoodles reviewed One Night In Amsterdam it hit the perfect 10 – read what we said HERE

Bluesdoodles said One Night In Amsterdam – Best Live album of 2015 – HERE

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Ian Siegal @ The Tunnels, Bristol

Ian Siegal - The Tunnels - March 2015 -  5 - _0097l


Ian Siegal
The Tunnels, Bristol
26th March 2015


Ian Siegal - The Tunnels - March 2015 -  5 - _0030l

It is Thursday so it must be Bristol in a tour the has seen Ian Siegal and his current band on a tour that has seen him up and down venues in England and Scotland; the tour is drawing to and end and there is that ‘we are getting the end of the road’ fever in the delivery of the set tonight. Opening with tracks from his current album One Night In Amsterdam, the gig was off to a high-octane start with lots of witty sharp and at times tongue-lashing banter that was always delivered with Siegalist irony and a wicked gold glinting smile. The version of Brandy Balloon had a frenzy of funkyness with James Brown inspired guitar playing by Dusty Ciggaar. Ian Siegal - The Tunnels - March 2015 -  5 - _0050bwl Temporary is a superb track written by the Austrian Ripoff Raskolnikov, who like the character in Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment spins the words. We had an on fire performance of Tom Waits Jockey Full of Bourbon, a track full of clever lyrics that spin-off the Siegal silver tongue that is driven by the avant-garde Latin beat this so suits Ian’s current Pirate persona with the lines “16 men on a deadmans chest, And I’ve been drinking form a broken cup”.

Ian Siegal - The Tunnels - March 2015 -  5 - _0112lAs ever the set list changed tonight as we heard Ian’s version of Warren Zevon’s Carmelita done tonight with verve and style the arrangement suiting the drumming of Raphael Schwiddessen, and the solid delivery of bass from Danny Van’t Hoff giving the band a solid rhythm section that adds a deep tone and structure allowing Dusty and Ian the freedom to develop riffs and play off each other. It is though Ian’s powerful vocals that sets the delivery of music that bends twists and spits out a range of genres that sets this band out from the rest there is no doubt he is the leader of the pack. Tonight we saw Ian at his dirtiest and naughtiest attitude both on guitar and his vocals giving that extra layer of passion, as he shared with the audience his thoughts on British Society and politics and his despair for how people think. So adding The Revelator into the set suited the evening with the medley in the middle that includes Backdoor man that allows freedom of expression and then with a flick of his hand the band brings the chords of Revelator back in an inspired delivery. No set whether solo or with a band is compete without the amazing song Gallo Del Cielo, Tom Russell’s lyrics so suit the style of Ian and the band with Dusty on a Baritone guitar, loved by writers of theme music for Spaghetti Westerns and Duane Eddy gave the sound a real Tex Mex edge as described by Ian as one of his musical styles on an earlier interview with BBC Radio Bristol; tonight as ever it ended in tragedy all hope of returning home lost.

Ian Siegal - The Tunnels - March 2015 -  5 - _0008lAmongst these inspired re-workings of great songs were many of Ian’s including a new version of Early Grace, Falling On Down and Hard Pressed with some Prince thrown into the mix. Tonight we also heard a fantastic jazz infused instrumental from the band who are The Rhythm Chiefs and have been playing together for over ten years in the Netherlands. The tone that the guitarists got from the instruments just plugged straight into the amplifier with no pedals was amazing, especially Dusty Ciggaar; who has to be one of the best players on the planet today.

Ian we hope we keep seeing you in The U.K; solo, duo with a band the venues and everyone who has come to see you love your originality, anarchism and your polished skill vocally and on the guitar you make every song sound exceptional. Ian Siegal live should not be missed TOUR DATES

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Ian Siegal – Live at The Flowerpot

Ian Siegal - The Flowerpot - March 2015 -  5 - _0009lTonight Ian Siegal hit the stage, with the company of three talented young men from the Netherlands, Dusty Ciggaar (guitars) Raphael Schwiddessen (drums) Danny Van’t Hoff (bass)  strode on stage with a swagger you knew that the night was going to be an entertaining ride of the music that makes Ian Siegal the leader of the pack as he bends and melds genre’s creating a sound full of energy and artistry.

Ian Siegal - The Flowerpot - March 2015 -  5 - _0166lThe performance of Brandy Balloon was very free-form, full of sassy licks and hooks for Dusty to pick up and develop with his distinctive stylish manipulation of the six-strings on his guitar of choice. A favourite, and also included on his current album with the band, I Am The Train, an award-winning song that in every format I have heard it zings tonight into was an electric combo of Ian’s voices and Dusty’s guitar that adds a new dimension to the sound – it is brilliant!

Ian Siegal - The Flowerpot - March 2015 -  5 - _0124lHow I adore the track Ripoff Raskolnikov’s; Temporary; but live wow it has that intimacy and energy that even a live album just doesn’t deliver. As ever there was a wide selection of tempos feels and clever little moments that get the audience engaged and connecting with the music, so we had some Latino beats, country, jazz and some of Ian’s brand of the blues. The music cascaded hot as a sultry night with a crescendo of sound that excites with Ian like a pirate troubadour who owned the stage and sailed the good ship flowerpot on a path of musical delight.
North Mississippi Hill Country style dedicated to Robert Balfour who Ian had played with and recently died dedicated to a man in his nineties who drank him under the table, She Got The Devil in Her was recognizable as the great live track and recorded on Meat & Potatoes, yet again tonight it was refreshed and re-scripted she may have the devil in her but Ian definitely did as he teased and communicated with the audience who were hanging onto every note and word.
Tonight was hot and Ian left the stage for a few minutes and we were treated to a stylish instrumental full of funk, blues and a twist of harmonizing jazz that acted as the warp and weft of the form of this track a snippet of what they do as The Rhythm Chiefs, leaving you in a quandary more of this or have Ian rejoin them and this he did with a Gold cowboy shirt as he picked up the guitar and Dusty changed to his Baritone Guitar, Ian Siegal - The Flowerpot - March 2015 -  5 - _0248lwith its tuning to a lower pitch and longer scale length adds a sound, recreates the superb song Gallo Del Cielo; the lead breaks from Dusty are a knockout this version is full of wow factor. The music played on we had Hard Pressed and audience participation everyone wanted to be part of the music tonight and the Prince outtake was electric and the guitar playing of Dusty shines through as he swapped seamlessly throughout the songs from using a plectrum or his fingers he makes the guitar strings dance. Queen of The Junior Prom, a long track on the latest album and such a great track live co-written with Nottingham based musician Tommy Harrison, and inspired by Sylvia Plath, close your eyes, shut your mouth and your other senses become more powerful tonight you could taste the metal of the guitar strings, hear the emotion and the music touched your soul and the hairs on your skin became electrified with the music you are literally drenched in lyrical musical enchantment and not a pedal insight!.
Ian Siegal - The Flowerpot - March 2015 -  5 - _0128lToo soon it was the encore and the last music was Take A Walk In The Wilderness a song Ian fills with personal emotion as he remembers the artistry of Glaswegian Big George, the curfew won and the music fell silent but memories of tonight will live on.
I have heard Ian play live many times with many bands, duo, solo but tonight was special there was an extra charged layer of energy, Ian and the band were thrilling, and they ensured every track had an extra dimension. It wasn’t just the guitar playing from Dusty that adds a sexy overtone it was the controlled drumming from Raphael that work so well with Danny the other half of the rhythm section. Tonight, was a display of an album One Night In Amsterdam, and Ian playing at the top of his game it was a stellar live music experience – has got to be a real contender for gig of 2015 big thank you for RAW Promo putting on another great gig at The Flowerpot.

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