UKBlues Challenge Fifth Contestant Announced

UKBlues Challenge Fifth Contestant Announced

UKBlues Challenge Fifth Contestant Announced



UKBlues Federation are delighted to announce that following their outstanding performance at The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival, Colne over the weekend Robert J. Hunter Band are the fifth and final piece of the jigsaw for the 4th UK Blues Challenge.

Robert J. Hunter Band described as ‘Dirty rhythm and blues from the depths of Alderney, based in London.’ Born on Alderney, Channel Islands but now based in London, Robert J. Hunter combines his gruff and powerful voice with the wild thud of overdriven blues guitar. Read more over at The Federation’s NEWSLETTER

The Line Up for 4th UK Blues challenge is:

Elles Bailey

LaVendore Rogue


Robert J. Hunter Band

Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion


Bluesdoodles looks forward to chatting to the fifth piece of the Challenge jigsaw puzzle Robert J. Hunter Band. In the meantime check out what the other four bands have said – HERE.

Get your tickets now for what promises to be a great celebration of Blues in the UK.

Doors will open at 15.30 with the first band on stage at 16.00. It is anticipated that the event will finish by about 21.00 and will close with a set from the winners and, we hope, feature some top guests who will be at the event.
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UKBlues Federation supporting the 4th Challenge

“Bringing the Blues back to The Cavern 60 years on….”

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UKBlues Challenge Fifth Contestant Announced

Rise Up With The Rainbreakers Latest EP

Rise Up With The Rainbreakers Latest EP

Rise Up With The Rainbreakers Latest EP



This is the second EP that has caught Bluesdoodles from the Rainbreakers, a young band that is definitely blowing away the rain clouds. Rise Up builds from the foundations of their debut studio recording Blood Not Brass. The five-tracks allow the quartet to explore styles and leaves fans wanting more, Rise recorded at Purple Door Studios, producer Robin Andrews (Conduct, Stereophonics etc.) has developed in the Shrewsbury band a clear sense of purpose.

Opening with a fuzzy, psychedelic sound with clash of cymbals and judicious use of Wah Wah pedal as Ben Edwards belts out the vocals in keeping with the feel of the late sixties. The lyrics explore relationships not meant to be sustained, what is sustained is the infectious guitar riff that drives the track forward.  The vocals of Ben get the songs noticed, underneath is the instrumentation providing so much more than a backdrop. On the title track Charlie Richards’ lead guitar is fulsome, with the sting of a scorpion tail. The rhythm is positive as the lyrics explore the changing world and divides being formed so is it time to Rise Up with Rainbreakers.

Half-way through and following the serious, contemporary questions posed in Rise Up, the tempo is taken down with Waiting On You exploring a relationship full of broken promises. The laid back sound is full of tones as Sam Edwards’ drumming and bassist Peter Adams shape the mood combined with echoing backing vocals. Slow blue suits the hurt and anguish when taking a decision you know is right for you but still hurts.

The band is then back, with a retro psychedelic feel that has a contemporary twist.  There is no doubt that the E.P will ensure the Perception of the Rainbreakers as being in the forefront of modern day British Blues. Perception is a relaxed love song that has a vagueness that captures the soul of the number.

Closing out a far too short visit into Rainbreakers world of music is provided by Living Free. As the precise drumming opens out with vocals that are timeless this is music that fits the bill, entertaining, melodic and full of interest. Developing and using the blues base but never fenced in or curtailed. With the stunning solos from Charlie Richards, you are left wanting more. Solution: Rise Up With The Rainbreakers Latest EP and demand a full-length album.

Rise Up With The Rainbreakers Latest EP

Rainbreakers – Rise Up

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. On My Own
  2. Rise Up
  3. Waiting On You
  4. Perception
  5. Living Free

EP Review: Rainbreakers ~ Blood Not Brass



Blood Not Brass

Release Date 22nd May 2015


Rainbreakers, another new group for me, are certainly not conventional blues, they have taken the framework of blues, reshaped the scaffolding and build a sound, shape and form of Rainbreakers blues that is modern and distinctly their own full of noise, distorted vocals and drumming that will be heard and is definitely not in the background keeping time.
Opening Blood Not Brass with a crash of drumming from Sam Edwards, a bloodcurdling scream and then the guitar picks up a riff and pushes the structure into shape with style great guitar work from Jack Cooper before the slightly distorted but clarion clear vocals via a harp microphone from Ben Edwards, the last member who glues the rock blues Rainbreakers structure is bassist Peter Adams who has the power Ain’t Nothing Goin’ On is on the money.

There is a frenetic urgency and excitement in the playing that without careful timing and consideration of the other members of the band could descend into anarchy but as the drum fades away on the first track and the guitar intro of On My Knees starts you realise this is a band with talent who want to be heard. The track that gives the EP its title has a gentler start as if they have collectively taken breathe but then the contemporary vocal twist cuts in and whilst holding onto tradition they are distilling through their instruments a myriad of influences from popular music culture from the sixties onwards creating a modern and timeless sound crossing genres and full of interest.

Closing with All I Got I know there is a lot more in the tank of this exciting four piece of Rock Blues band that deserves to be heard far and wide. This is a sound that whilst being unique has a listenability and deserves mainstream play it is exciting music delivered with a freshness and passion that is Rainbreakers.

This is a four track E.P. that in the fifteen minutes of recorded music jams in an album’s worth of excitement. Rainbreakers are a new band for Bluesdoodles but I was left after listening to this exciting music the urge to go hear a full set live.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

2nd The Marrs Bar, Worcester Supporting Laurence Jones
3rd The Crown & Anchor Vaults, Bishops Castle
9th The Bear Inn, Bridgnorth
15th The Red Lion, Gravesend Supporting The Mentulls
16th Stourbridge Blues Festival, Stourbridge
23rd The Castle Hotel, Manchester
25th Rock & Bowl Festival, Market Drayton
27th The Jam House, Birmingham
29th The Star Inn, Bentworth

And Rainmakers continue to tour see.. Tour DATES