Kenny Wayne Shepherd says Lay It On Down on New Album

Kenny Wayne Shepherd says Lay It On Down on New Album

Kenny Wayne Shepherd says Lay It On Down on New Album


Kenny Wayne Shepherd new album Lay It On Down; Bluesdoodles can sum up his eighth solo album as searingly confident modern blues.  You want to read a little bit more? Happy to oblige as I listen once again with intense pleasure to Lay It On Down.

Lay It On Down, on Mascot Group Label with a release date of 21st July 2017. The album was recorded in January as Shepherd and his band entered the Echophone Studios in Shreveport, Louisiana. New Year, New Project , with an ambitious mission statement: the greatest songs of Shepherd’s career. No more. No less. “The point of this album,” he says, “was that I wanted to put a heavy emphasis on the songs themselves and the writing behind them. I wanted each song to really stand on its own with the songwriting, the music, the words.” Having listened mission accomplished full of fresh vibes; strong lyrics surrounded with the brilliance of electric blues.

Throughout the album the guitar sizzles with a controlled intent. The shining Goldilocks never too hot, never too long and definitely not cold. Kenny always leaves you wondering as the voice is hooked in what guitar lick was left out for the main event the lyrics.  It is that feeling of intrigue, the notes that have not been played that leaves you not wanting more but satisfied, intrigued and with melodies and lines that flash into your head as the most welcomed of earworms. Lay It Down, the music has been laid down with thought, commitment and self-belief that less is often more when it comes to electric guitar lead breaks.

Opening the narrative that connects the album’s eleven tracks is Baby Got Gone; starting off at full throttle with rock that is full of attitude we know we are embarking on a musical journey that will take us around an interesting circuit of songs recorded in Nashville out of Louisiana as rocks in the road are explored.  Rock and romance in the air combine on romantic number Nothing But the Night. Diamonds & Gold is full of soulful luxuriousness, a cascade of notes on guitar, drum and horns the sound is funky, modern and energised. The title is two objects of desire signifying for many power, and wealth giving us our status and identity.  Shepherd manages through the lyrics to look beyond to bigger more meaningful and fulfilling things as the guitar squeals delivering a crescendo of sound more valuable to the listener than Diamonds & Gold.

With a floating, Americana feel of the title track, Lay It On Down takes the musical road in another direction. This light and fresh number has a darker lyric trapped in a gilded cage as Shepherd sings “Who broke your will now honey who stole your dreams like money who made you think you were keeping around”. The lyrics build the story, the guitar break fills in the gap as we travel the road knowing we need to look at the inner beauty to pass the self-doubts that we often show to the world. .

The lap-steel curls with a depth of tone on Hard Lesson Learned and the electric guitar adds a salty sharpness. Then into blues shuffling glory that is the signature of Kenny Wayne shepherd for many. Followed by another vintage bluesy number we are then showered with Louisiana Rain.  The acoustic guitar is gentle reflecting rain on a window, distorting the view with its shades of grey. A song sung with heartfelt personal emotions. As we are led to the final stop on the journey that is Ride Of Your Life.  The music hooks back to the driving rocky feel of the opener. This is as it says a Ride Of Your Life the guitar crackles with static electric power, the flashes of sparks are iridescent with every shade of blue from baby blue to darkest indigo.  The encore is an acoustic version of the title track; we revisit the bird in the gilded cage the lyrics suit the acoustic sound. Lay It On Down is an album that will grow with very outing and tracks will become live favourites..

By the eighth album an artist can become predictable, all feels like heard that before. DEFINITELY NOT with Lay It On Down, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, picking up on his other passion motor cars has given his music a complete overhaul, the guitar driven engine still has its power and integrity but added to the accelerator taking us on a journey are strong lyrics and modern Americana influence. As KWS said recently, “I feel like the band’s best days are still ahead of us. And the next album could be completely different…”  He has certainly succeeded as Kenny Wayne Shepherd says Lay It On Down on New Album. While we wait for the next re-vamp we can Lay It On Down with pleasure in the company of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Lay It On Down – Mascot Label Group

TENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Baby Got Gone
  2. Diamonds & Gold
  3. Nothing But The Night
  4. Lay It On Down
  5. She’s $$$
  6. Hard Lesson Learned
  7. Down For Love
  8. How Low Can You Go
  9. Louisiana Rain
  10. Ride Of Your Life
  11. Lay It On Down (Acoustic)


Kenny Wayne Shepherd says Lay It On Down on New Album


Sonny Landreth Announces First Live Album In 12 Years

Sonny Landreth Announces First Live Album In 12 Years

Sonny Landreth Announces First Live Album In 12 Years

Sonny Landreth Announces First Live Album In 12 Years‘Recorded Live In Lafayette’ contains two incredible live performances from the Slide Guitar virtuoso. 

Out June 30th via Provogue/Mascot Label Group. 



The King of Slydeco, Sonny Landreth returns with 2 unique live sets, one acoustic and one electric. ‘Recorded Live In Lafayette’ is Sonny Landreth’s first live album in twelve years.

After a dozen acclaimed albums, virtuoso slide guitarist and bandleader Sonny Landreth found himself at an artistic crossroads. He finally wanted to create the full-length acoustic collection his fans had long requested, but he was also itching to capture the sound of his stalwart electric trio augmented by a couple of his favorite collaborators. And the time was certainly right for an elastic, career-spanning double-live album.

So Landreth and his longtime friends decided to do it all. ‘Recorded Live in Lafayette’ is a 16-song opus that covers more musical ground than any single album ever could, as the singer and songwriter’s work stretches and twists across 93 minutes of full-band acoustic and electric bottleneck lightning.

The double CD and vinyl release on Provogue, which includes the most extensive acoustic set ever recorded by Landreth, opens with acoustic arrangements of the artist’s tunes dating back to the 1981 title cut of his debut album, ‘Blues Attack.’ “It gives you a chance to explore those songs in a different way,” Landreth says, describing the textures created by the intersection of Dave Ranson’s ukulele bass, Brian Brignac’s cajón, Steve Conn’s accordion and Sam Broussard’s acoustic guitar. “The familiarity is there,” he adds, “but I also wanted to turn those guys loose as much as possible.”

Disc 1: Acoustic

Blues Attack
Hell At Home
Key To The Highway
Creole Angel
A World Away
The High Side
Bound By The Blues
The U.S.S. Zydecoldsmobile

Disc 2@ Electric
Back to Bayou Tech
True Blue
The Milky Way Home
Brave New Girl
Soul Salvation
Walkin’ Blues
The One and Only Truth
Bluesdoodles says: The first released track the opening acoustic track from the album is a promise of a very special recording. Sonny, with his cool blue acoustic and glass slide, working his magic surrounded by his musicians. The Cajun pull of the accordion combined with the added depth of Bass Ukulele and second acoustic guitar. melodic acoustic layers are pulled together by the percussive beat of brush on an amp with drummer astride and cymbal. Power is within the soul of the music we are under a delightful Blues Attack

Watch ‘Blues Attack’ here

Sonny Landreth Announces First Live Album In 12 Years

Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary Hoey

Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary Hoey

Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary Hoey

Dust & Bones out 29th July on Provogue/Mascot Label Group Out: 29th July :

Gary is a ferocious guitarist fuses his blues and rock influences. The eleven original songs that celebrate many greats including, Johnny Winter, Led Zeppelin, Robert Johnson, Robin Trower.

Title track from the forthcoming Gary Hoey’s new album Dust & Bones.

Having listened to the title track I can hear how Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary Hoey guitar playing on his 20th album out 29th July 2016.  A trio who are  not about adrenalin fuelled power. Gary Hoey’s guitar is startling in its electric blue purity as it plays above the stylish darker blue rhythms.  Matt Scurfield on drums, when combined with  Bassist AJ Pappas provide a rock solid grounding for Gary’s vocals and guitar artistry to fly.

“This is where I belong—playing this ferocious blend of blues and rock music,” says guitarist Gary Hoey about his 20th album, Dust & Bones. “I did my last album, Deja Blues, to prove to myself that I could play authentic blues, and now that I feel more at home there, I felt it was time to mix my favorite guitar styles into something seamless, organic, and powerful.”

Released through Mascot Label Group, Dust & Bones showcases Hoey’s Fender Stratocaster-driven fury alongside open-D-tuned resonator guitars plugged into half-stacks. The massive sonic attack was essential for paying sincere and appropriate homage to some of Hoey’s influences, such as Johnny Winter (“Steamroller”), Robin Trower (“This Time Tomorrow”), and Brian Setzer (“Who’s Your Daddy”), as well as a thrill-a-minute mash-up of Robert Johnson, meets Led Zeppelin (“Boxcar Blues”). There’s also a classic power ballad (“Coming Home”) where Lita Ford sings a duet with Hoey.

“This is the biggest-sounding album I’ve done in years,” says Hoey. “From the guitars to the vocals to the rhythm section—everything was designed to produce a huge impact. I’m just so proud of this record.” Listen to the preview and hear how Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary Hoey guitar playing and influences on Dust & Bones out 29th July 2016

Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary HoeyTrack Listing

  1. Boxcar Blues
  2. Who’s Your Daddy
  3. Born To Love
  4. Dust & Bones
  5. Steam Roller
  6. Coming Home (Featuring Lita Ford)
  7. Ghost of Yesterday
  8. This Time Tomorrow
  9. Back Up Against The Wall
  10. Blind Faith
  11. Soul Surfer

Jeff Healey will Heal My Soul with Twelve Lost Tracks

Jeff Healey will Heal My Soul with Twelve Lost Tracks

Jeff Healey will Heal My Soul with Twelve Lost Tracks



Albums arrive, listened to thought about and reviewed. Then there are the albums that arrive where a frisson of expectation is lit. Then albums that have a whole load of excited anticipation a deep sense of belief this will be special are sent. Jeff Healey’s Heal My Soul fits into this category. Before hearing a note I was expecting an album that would light my blues touch-paper and carry me away on a musical journey of pure pleasure from the first to last dying note. Did Heal My Soul meet Bluesdoodles expectations you will have to read on.

The album is laden with poignancy released on 25th March marking what would have been Jeff’s 50th Birthday. Jeff Healey’s searing blues guitar is a loss to the world of music, he passed away after a three-year battle with sarcoma cancer on March 2nd 2008. Now we can celebrate the music from his six-strings and vocals once again with the release of Heal My Soul, twelve songs, a previously lost album.  This is not a re-mastered mix of out-takes, b-sides and rejected material we have for our aural delights a new album of material that has been held in limbo waiting for a moment to shine through. This is a reflection of Jeff Healey at the top of his prowess full of creativity and Healey magic. The album the first in fifteen years has been carefully restored under the direction of the Healey Estate.

With the dust blown off the tracks they hit the airwaves with energy and verve with the opening track Daze Of The Night igniting the speakers with guitar that has a zinging energy that Jeff’s vocals exploits as the lyrics are explored and the song releases itself with his trade-mark licks. His voice has a distinctive timbre that is a deep, dark and full of emotional texture as he blends the raw and the smooth explored through the track. Heal My Soul is an album that explores every tonal shape and texture that fits into the sound-scape that makes up the lexicon of the blues.

His brilliance on electric guitar is always celebrated. Two tracks, Baby Blue and All The Saints, are sentimental love-songs so out comes the mellow acoustic with his song-writing skills displayed with poise and deep meaningful lyrics.  In contrast to mellow is a funked up and scorching three minutes of Please; this is Hendrix colliding with Prince and coming up Healey. This is a track that is different from Healey past and could it have been a path he would have trodden if history had been different?  Squeezed between Baby Blue and Please is a Richard Thompson cover I Misunderstood, the Healey version is electric with the guitar purring in the intro. Then the husky vocals growl with the beat and this version fits the album like a glove the interpretation glistens with Jeff’s signature licks but never drowns out the songwriting skills of one on Britain’s greatest Richard Thompson.

This is blues with all its multi-facets and is not miserable but explorative of life’s emotions and journeys we travel. Every track is a gem but the blues guitar of Put The Shoe On The Other Foot is deep blues and swells and grows sit back listen and revel in the skillful guitar playing of Jeff Healey.

Closing with It’s The Last Time the title is steeped in nostalgia and has a heart stopping poignancy that makes this album very special a unique look at an artist to celebrate in his absence his genius and 50th Birthday Jeff. This is an album that blows the dust off the blues and sparkling in the daylight of attention with twelve strong tracks we are all reacquainted with the brilliance that is blues maestro Jeff Healey. This is a ten for the sheer beauty of the vocals, songwriting and Blues Guitar that sears through the prism of the blues.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


Jeff Healey – Heal My Soul – Provogue/Mascot Group Label – Out 25th March 2016

Track Listing

  1. Daze Of The Night
  2. Moodswing
  3. Baby Blue
  4. I Misunderstood
  5. Please
  6. Love Her Eyes
  7. Temptation
  8. Kiss The Ground You Walk On
  9. All The Saints
  10. Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
  11. Under A Stone
  12. It’s The Last Time



Commemorate Jeff Healey’s 50th Birthday With Heal My Soul

Jeff Healey Banner


Watch the Album trailer here:

2016 marks the release of Heal My Soul – the extraordinary lost album from Jeff Healey which has never been heard before by the public. March 25th of this year would have seen Jeff turn 50 years old and this album begins the celebration of a milestone year for a true musical icon.

Heal My Soul is the first album of new songs recorded by Jeff in over 15 years. It represents some of the most powerful and impassioned performances he ever committed to record. Under the direct supervision of the Jeff Healey Estate these tracks were painstakingly restored and brought to life bringing into focus Jeff’s unique and special gifts as an artist. The music on Heal My Soul captures Healey in full flight, displaying the virtuosity that made the Toronto native one of the most revered musicians in the world during his all-too-brief lifetime. Key tracks include “Daze Of The Night,” the soaring acoustic ballad “Baby Blue,” and Healey’s soulful take on Richard Thompson’s “I Misunderstood.”

In a joint statement, Jeff Healey Estate Co-Administrators Cristie Healey and Roger Costa said, “Heal My Soul is a project that we have wanted to tackle for years. A ‘lost’ album, it contains material recorded during one of the most creative periods in Jeff’s rock career. Until now, it has never seen the light of day. Jeff was very proud of this work and it features some of the most powerful and impassioned performances he ever committed to record. With complete creative control we’ve laboured hard, tracking down recordings, identifying the right performances, restoring them to their proper stature and mixing and mastering them from the ground up. This has been a true labour of love for us from beginning to end and we’re absolutely thrilled to be able to finally share this significant release with the world.”

Healey is remembered as one of the most outstanding guitarists and performers of the past 30 years. He lost his sight during early childhood due to retinoblastoma, a rare form of eye cancer. Playing guitar since the age of three, he developed the distinctive lap-style guitar technique that helped bring him international attention by his late teens. A Grammy nominee and JUNO Award winner, his five releases with The Jeff Healey Band totaled millions of sales worldwide. Over the course of his career, he also shared stages and earned the admiration of countless other musicians including B.B. King, Eric Clapton, the Rolling Stones, George Harrison, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and the Allman Brothers Band.

Healey died on March 2, 2008 at age 41 after a three-year battle with sarcoma cancer.

You can listen to the first new Jeff Healey song in 15 years ‘Daze of the Night’ here:

“He was SUCH a great musician… a voice that is missed.” Steve Lukather

“Jeff was one of the sweetest, most humble and talented artists I’ve met…” Bonnie Raitt

“Jeff was an amazing colleague and as a musician and a personality, in a league of his own. I t was always game on for him. His generosity and sense of humor lasted till the end. He was brave without ever being dramatic. In a word, Jeff was inspirational”Gary Scriven

Heal My Soul
Track List
Daze Of The Night
Baby Blue
I Misunderstood
Love In Her Eyes
Kiss The Ground You Walk On
All The Saints
Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
Under A Stone
It’s The Last Time

Jeff Healey – Heal My Soul Release Date: March 25, 2016 Provogue

Available formats – 2LP+Mp3, CD and Digital.


Jeff Healey Online
WebsiteFacebookTwitterYou Tube

Leslie West ~ Soundcheck

Leslie West Soundcheck

Leslie West ~ Soundcheck
Provogue/Mascot Label Group

OUT 20th November 2015


Leslie West’s Soundcheck is an album that curls around the blues with dexterity and poise. The opening track sets the tone with production that has the Soundcheck spot-on. Soundcheck from Mountain’s Leslie West is full of lyric driven nuggets that are enveloped in a soundscape of guitars that moan and chords that shape the mood. Leslie West has gathered around him a stellar cast but essentially this is an album that reflects the blues that West has drawn into the music including a mix of covers that receive a really distinctive re-shaping with always the hard edge of rock on this the sixteenth solo album. It is the magic of key and chord structure that emphasises the strength of the lyrics in the classics chosen by Leslie West ~  Soundcheck .

Opening with Left By The Roadside To Die immediately you are drawn into the soundscape being created; there are two musical narratives those of the lyrics and the tale being put down in words so we understand “Why I am singing the blues” and then the sonic shaping of the guitar work and this combination continues throughout the album. Then the mood changes as rock kicks in and fat guitar sound combined with a heavy distortion is the soundscape in this a power track and the guitar solo from Leslie is full of artistry as a paints a sound that celebrates the guitar and would stand as a piece of music on its own.

With Peter Frampton playing guitar alongside Leslie using slide the tone changes again for You Are My Sunshine, this slow, contemplative and moody take reflecting the use of a minor-key as Leslie said “…. I watch the television show, Sons of Anarchy, and during one episode, a minor-key version of this song was playing in the background. I thought, Whoa…that sounds so different! I recorded it and sent it to Peter, and we trade solos and then play harmony lines together at the end. …….. To take a song you’ve heard all of your life and change it around like this is very cool.”

Opening with a Honky Tonk piano is full of lightness of touch and then the guitar hits you right in the solar plexus with a guest appearance from Brian May. Goin’ Down is a full on sound with contributions from Bonnie Bramlett’s and Max Middleton’s vocals this is a full on exciting gritty track.

Soundcheck, the only consistent is – expect the unexpected – as the melodies and songs we know are beat and re-formed under the masterful touch of Leslie West, at the same time keeping the integrity of the orginal. These include Give Me Just One Reason the Tracey Chapman hit that fits like a glove on the album as does Curtis Mayfield’s People Get Ready, a regular in the live set then Eleanor Rigby, from the Beatles and is one of my personal favourites, this is a short instrumental a reprise and works I approve.

The only track that didn’t work for me is Stand By Me, done as a duet for me it didn’t quite connect, can’t quite put my finger perhaps to country for an album the is rock infused interpretations of blues, ballads and beyond.

Closing the album with a lengthy re-creation of Willie Dixon’s Spoonful with the enchanting bass of Jack Bruce combined with his vocals this is a re-incarnation of the spirit of Cream; this is a delight eight minutes of time well used! bringing the album to a close so that you just want to hear it all over again.

Soundcheck is a gold star album where classics are given energy and re-shaped so that the guitar and vocals have roles to play creating a rocky soundscape of emotions.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Left By The Roadside To Die
2. Give Me One Reason
3. Here For The Party
4. You Are My Sunshine
5. Empty Promises / Nothin’ Sacred
6. A Stern Warning
7. People Get Ready
8. Goin’ Down
9. Stand By Me
10. Eleanor Rigby
11. Spoonful


unnamed (10)

As if creeping from the Southern swamps and mist-soaked cotton fields, SIMO’s “Stranger Blues” is the perfect table setter for the Nashville power trio’s vibrant new album, Let Love Show the Way released on 29 January via Provogue/Mascot Label Group . The song is a blueprint for reinvigorating the fusion of jazz improvisation, downhome blues and classic R&B, as well as these genres’ psychedelic Brit Invasion and countrified Southern-rock manifestations. The rest of the record follows suit, a souped-up vehicle transporting the band on a deeply satisfying, off-the-cuff musical journey.

Cut entirely live in full, unbroken takes—vocals and solos included—the sound is primal, sweltering and immediate. “We live and die by the take,” says singer-guitarist JD Simo. “We don’t edit, and if there are overdubs, they’re minimal. I want it to be unaffected and pure. For me, the music that always resonates most is when a performance is captured. That’s what I love, and that’s what we go for.”

The first album ever recorded at Macon, Ga.’s Big House—the communal home of the Allman Brothers Band during their late ‘60s/early ‘70s heyday—Let Love Show the Way finds SIMO not just reveling in the hallowed space’s unique mojo and history, but taking it to a fresh and inspired place. As a musical unit, Simo, his longtime drummer Adam Abrashoff and bassist Elad Shapiro have an undeniable chemistry, taken to even greater heights with JD playing Duane Allman’s 1957 gold-top Les Paul for every track on the record. This is the same six-string heard on the first two Allman Brothers LPs, the same storied guitar that delivered the unforgettable riff on Derek & the Dominoes’ “Layla.” JD is now part of an elite group of artists—including Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes and Wilco’s Nels Cline—who share the rare honor of having wielded this talismanic instrument.

“There’s definitely a magical element to the recording,” Simo says of Let Love Show the Way. “The vibe of the Big House, using Duane’s guitar, plus all the touring we’d done leading up to it, all the refinement of the material on the road—it was a perfect storm.”

Let Love Show the Way was not planned—results this potent are difficult to script. In fact, when SIMO headed down to Macon, the band had an entirely different set of songs already approved for release by its label, Mascot Label Group—this last-minute trip to the Big House was merely intended to yield a pair of bonus tracks for a deluxe edition. But with engineer Nick Worley at the boards of a stripped-down mobile recording unit, the band caught fire, burning through more than a dozen tracks in less than 48 hours. Once they heard the raw and electrifying intensity of the mixes, they didn’t think twice about abandoning the original plan and rolling with what suddenly felt so right.

“As the producer of the project, I couldn’t live with myself if we didn’t use these songs,” Simo says. “I just felt it was better than anything the band had ever captured—so we decided to scrap the original record and build this new one around everything we recorded at the Big House.”

This choice to record at this historic location is a nod to JD’s lifelong reverence and respect for the musical pioneers who have come before him. When he was just three years old, seeing The Blues Brothers and Elvis Presley’s ’68 comeback special changed his life. “I was transfixed,” he says. “With The Blues Brothers, you’ve got John Lee Hooker with Muddy Waters’ band, Aretha Franklin, Ray Charles, James Brown, Chaka Khan right after she made one of my favorite records of all time with Rufus, Rags to Riches. Not to mention some of the greatest rhythm & blues musicians to ever walk the planet—Matt ‘Guitar’ Murphy from Chess, that incredible original horn section from Saturday Night Live, Willie Hall from Stax, who played with Isaac Hayes. I mean, it’s a comedy and it’s funny, but as far as exposure to some really heavy music—I wanted to be Steve Cropper, I wanted to be John Lee Hooker. And it was the same with the Elvis special—he’s in the black leather suit, still good looking and charming and singing his ass off. Seeing The Blues Brothers and that Elvis comeback special made me want to play music.”


While Simo is comfortable with his role as a bandleader, he’s never wanted to be a solo artist. “A band is something very unique and special,” he says. “You’re only as good as the people you surround yourself with. Adam is one of my best friends. He and I have been through the whole scope of the journey so far together. And now, with Elad—who has taken the band to a new level—we truly are a team. We’re brothers.”

It’s a sentiment that’s reflected in the band’s egalitarian/improvisational approach to songwriting, even in the way SIMO sets up for shows—in a straight line across the stage, with no member given more weight than any other. “I can’t emphasize enough how much I love these guys and what they bring to our sound,” JD says.” Adam is an absolutely immaculate improviser. He’s completely free and technically the best musician in the band. I’ve done hundreds of shows with him, and I still don’t know what he’s gonna do or where he’s gonna take things—it’s inspiring. And Elad, he completes my musical thoughts. He is full of passion and enthusiasm and authenticity. He has absolutely no filter, both socially—which is hilarious—and musically, which is always incredible. In many ways, he’s the heart and soul of the band.”

Together, they’re an adventurous rock & roll trinity, a thriving creative partnership completed by JD’s combustible guitar playing and soulful vocals, and Let Love Show the Way is a game-changing album from a band in the midst of an evolutionary breakthrough. “I’m a stranger here,” JD belts on the record’s opening salvo, all mysterious swagger and smoky, downhome grit. But for a band with such with such memorable songs, uncommon rapport and awe-inspiring musicality, SIMO can take solace in knowing the line won’t hold true much longer.

SIMO are:

JD Simo – vocals/guitar
Adam Abrashoff – Drums
Elad Shapiro – Bass

Upcoming Shows

Saturday 21st November – Forum, London supporting Walter Trout
Monday 23rd November – St Moritz, London

Robert Cray Band ~ 4 Nights of 40 Years Live

Robert CrayThis is a double delight to celebrate Robert Cray’s achievement of playing to packed theatres for four decades and the music played on the CD/DVD combination that is 4 Nights of 40 Years Live. His regular band, bassist, friend and collaborator Richard Cousins , Dover Weinberg on keys and drummer Les Falconer with Robert Cray out front are enjoying entertaining, engaging with the crowds and are joined by vocalist Kim Wilson, Lee Oskar on harmonica, tenor saxophonist Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madalo on trumpet and saxophonist Tom Scott.

The album opens with the familiar intro regarding flash photography and welcome the one and only Robert Craaaaaaaaaaaay! And the show begins with that familiar stratospheric Fender Strat sound and then the warm and rounded tone of his vocals as I Shiver all over. One thing is for certain when the guitar is played as clean as Cray does there is nowhere to hide it is faultless or rubbish and 4 Nights of Forty Years Live he hits the right note, tonal ping to accentuate the emotions of the lyrics he is singing, the voice and guitar are in perfect harmony. This is Robert Cray at the top of his game full of confidence and a deep understanding of the music Poor Johnny with a harsher guitar sound and the tale unfurls and the audience once again is captivated. There is jazz and soul that has cavernous depths and a rich tonal gradient as played in the much loved track Love Gone To Waste. The songs have been picked to reflect the range of Cray’s style; we have rock radio favourites Bad Influence and Right Next Door (Because Of Me) – a track every audience expects and demands to hear.

DVD opens with Black and White stills of Robert Cray and him talking about the music then the music begins who needs talking as you see the band in studio rehearsing I Shiver with the trumpet, keys and centre stage Mr Cray himself. There are snippets of thoughts form Eric Clapton, Jimmie Vaughan and many others praising, enjoying and loving Robert Cray’s Blues and powerful performances. The DVD has that added dimension you can see the show up close through the cameraman’s lens; perfect entertainment to sit back and let the music dilute your troubles and woes with each note reality fades and there is a new reality you and the music of Robert Cray.
It is also fantastic to see young Mr Cray live in the 1980’s playing at festivals in the hot sunshine making the blues a hot commodity, he has never lost that magic touch on the guitar.

Some tracks are on both formats but there are enough variations so that you will listen to both at different times and behind the scenes and thoughts are always interesting allowing the fan to understand what makes Robert Cray the force he has been over forty years with his clean and seemingly simple style, he is the blues.

4 Nights of 40 Years Live, is a must for the phalanx of Robert Cray’s music and everyone demands vocals that zing and guitar playing that is note perfect surrounded by musicians that just want to make the music sound deep, full of blues and tonal delights. Robert Cray is the master of the Blues that connects as he weaves in influences from the last forty years this is music celebrating yesterday, playing today and will be enjoyed long into the future.


OUT: 28th AUGUST 2015




4 Nights Of Forty Years Live Trailer

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Robert Cray ~ 4 Nights of 40 Years Live (CD/DVD) – Mascot Label Group

Track Listing CD

Disc 1 Disc 2 (bonus)
1. I shiver 1. I Guess I Showed Her*
2. I’’ll Always Remember You 2. Right Next Door (Because Of Me)*
3. Poor Johnny 3. Smoking Gun*
4. Won’t Be Coming Home 4. Still Around*
5. Your Good Thing Is About To End 5. Too Many Cooks ^
6. Sittin’ On Top Of The World 6. T-Bone Shuffle ^
7. Wrap It Up
8. Love Gone To Waste * Live at Dutch TV Show Countdown 1987
9. Bad Influence ^ Live at SFO Blues Festival San Francisco 1982
10. These Things
11. Right Next Door (Because Of Me)
12. The Forecast (Calls For Pain)
13. Time Makes Two

Track Listing DVD
1. Intro/I Shiver
2. T-Bone Shuffle
3. Love Gone To Waste
4. I Guess I Showed her
5. I’ll Always Remember You
6. Your Good Thing Is About To End
7. Too Many Cooks
8. Wrap It Up
9. Won’t Be Coming Home
10. Smokin Gun
11. Sittin’ ON Top Of The World
12. Two Steps From The End
13. Bad Influence
14. These Things
15. Right Next Door (Because Of Me)
16. The Forecast (Calls For Pain)
17. Time Makes Two
18. These Things

October U.K. Tour

Sat 3 October – Lowry, Salford
Mon 5 October – Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
Tues 6 October – St David’s Hall, Cardiff
Weds 7 October – Truro Hall, Truro
Fri 9 October – The Anvil, Basingstoke
Sat 10 October – Theatre Royal, Norwich
Mon 12 October – Barbican, London
Tues 13 October – Sage, Gateshead
Weds 14 October – Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
Fri 16 October – Town Hall, Birmingham
Sat 17 October – City Hall, Salisbury
Sun 18 October – Orchard, Dartford
Mon 19 October – Assembly Halls, Tunbridge Wells
Weds 21 October – Town Hall, Cheltenham
Thurs 22 October – Corn Exchange, Cambridge
Fri 23 October – Alban Arena, St Albans

Bad Influence