Jesse & Joy Serenades on New Album Luscious Latin Pop

Jesse & Joy Serenades on New Album Luscious Latin Pop

Jesse & Joy Serenades on New Album Luscious Latin Pop

As, Jesse & Joy serenades on New Album Luscious Latin Pop the songs and melodies float with a delicacy of white clouds across a bright sky. Joy’s vocals are sweet as honey as the self-titled album opens with their pair of debut U.K; singles Echoes of Love and More Than Amigo. Two singles that reflect the light and Latin sides of the duo who have a string of Grammys. Number 1 hits and more.

The album Jesse & Joy is their first dual-language as the Mexican brother & Sister spread their wings beyond Latin America and the US Latin charts. The music is infectious, and will appeal to a broad base of music lover. They have a mellow pop lusciousness this brother and sister duo from Mexico can deliver a sound that gets your attention whether singing Spanish or English the tune and deliver has an infectious quality.

The music is a delicious spicy chocolate smothered Latino pop, with spice. Yes, musical equivalent of Mexicans blending of chocolate, spice and tastes. No Soy Una De Esta, defy you not to jump up and down dance and smile with a samba infuse number. If you are ‘I’m not one of these’ you will be listening with a huge smile and foot tapping delight.

With the closing track ¡Corre! is heard earlier on in English Run! A piano driven ballad full of emotive energy contained within the breathy vocals sung in either language the emotions portrayed are the same.

There is no argument that this is an album of two halves. Opening with strong numbers, a gallop there is a fading of energy. As we then revisit the same shapes and tempos. That said, this is an album that made me smile, gave me warmth of the sun. Made me get up and dance. You do feel one-hundred percent more positive after 44 minutes in Jesse and Joy’s company.  Jesse & Joy dedicated Grammy award  to Hispanics everywhere self-title album pops with linguistic magic

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Echoes of Love
  2. More Than Amigos
  3. Espacio Sideral
  4. Helpless
  5. Run
  6. No Soy Una De Esas (Featuring Alejandro Sanz)
  7. La De La Mala Suerte
  8. Here I Go
  9. Un Besito Mas (Featuring Juan Luis Guerra)
  10. Llegaste Tu
  11. Little Drops of Love
  12. ¡Corre!

Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops

Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops

Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops



The clocks change in March, but Midnight is still the witching, hour, mysterious dark or starlight with a hint of romance and forthcoming days.  Lewis Watson is back with a powerful new album Midnight, following on from his acclaimed debut The Morning. Midnight cements him firmly as a talented pop orientated singer/songwriter with hints of melancholy and shafts of joy running through the album.

Midnight has a fresh feel, nothing is over produced and there is a lightness of touch reflecting that the Oxford based musician recorded the entire album in a fortnight with a live band, under the watchful guidance of producer Anthony West.

The influences are present but with the lightest of touches as the voice of Lewis Watson is the dominant force combined with his acoustic power. Opening with reverb underneath the vocals adding to a mixed reaction that of uncertainty and the power of the music it has a force that makes a pop song stand out as it fizzes with energy. The dominance of the simplicity of the form of singer/songwriter with the acoustic guitar is apparent in When The Water Meets The Mountain, the sound fills out with melodic and harmonising backing vocals. The number has a sense of purpose within its elegant searing musical beauty.

The short and catchy Forever is a catchy number leading into Run with its ear catching opening of movements in a room a record player and clicking clock, with a harder edge of grand piano and strumming guitar picking up the melody. Then Lewis’ vocals picking up the lyrics sad and questioning as the nights are getting longer. Counting in for Slumber featuring Lucy Rose, the acoustic guitar is strummed and the two voices harmonise with a simplicity as a lullaby sinks you into sleep.  The closing track is the title song, Midnight again the simplicity of a piano as the intro adds rather diminishes the power as we visualize the cold and Northern Lights and a feeling of contentment.

This is a pop album with the added elements of songs with depth of feeling and interesting layering of tones and effects so that the listeners ears remain focused on the music at Midnight.  Lewis Watson, is beguiling and a songster who uses the idiom of pop to deliver his songs. Lewis Watson new album Midnight Simply Pops!


Lewis Watson – Midnight – Cooking Vinyl

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Maybe We’re Home
  2. Little Light
  3. Deep The Water
  4. La Song
  5. When Water Meets Mountains
  6. Hello Hello
  7. Forever
  8. Run
  9. Give Me Life
  10. Slumber feat. Lucy Rose
  11. Midnight (hidden track)


New Single ‘Deep The Water’

Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops

King No-One Tour Dates Plus Alcatraz Video

King No-One Tour Dates Plus Alcatraz Video

King No-One Tour Dates Plus Alcatraz Video

Watch the video for Alcatraz it will catch your eye and the indie-pop beats will excite your listening experience.

The video is bright with its fun with vibrant tones and uplifting pop charm of the track. The band’s energy and modern 80’s style radiates throughout as they sing, dance and perform through an explosion of colour in this infectious slice of indie-pop pleasure.

The dynamic Yorkshire four-piece have been capturing the hearts of music fans across the country. Clash Magazine raved about the “fizzing hooks, buoyant energy, and tonnes of charm” that ‘Alcatraz’ delivers. It follows their previous single ‘Halo’, a powerful dancefloor anthem with a huge hooky chorus.

Having just sold out their own UK headline tour, King No-One will be back on the road for a second headline run this December, due to fan demand. All shows are 14+ and the tour includes a show at London’s Boston Music Room on Friday 9th Dec.
Mon 28th Nov– Fruit, Hull
Tue 6th – Bodega, Nottingham
Wed 7th – Sound Control Bar, Manchester
Thu 8th – Exchange, Bristol
Fri 9th – Boston Music Room, London
Tue 13th – Mama Roux’s, Birmingham
Wed 14th – King Tuts, Glasgow
Thu 15th – Wardrobe, Leeds
Fri 16th – Fibbers, York“King No-One with Constellations. Loving that!! One, big single!” – Huw Stephens Radio 1“Ambitious young band. They just blew our socks off with their strongest single yet”Tom Robinson (BBC 6 Music)

‘This is only the beginning for King No-One, I’m tipping them for big things”
– Jericho Keys (BBC Introducing)

Kenny G on Tour with his Saxophone

KennyGKenny G, one of the most successful saxophonists in the world today, will tour the UK in June 2016.

Tickets go on sale from Friday December 11th HERE and the 24 hour box office 0844 888 9991. Tickets available directly from the venues.



24 HOUR BOX OFFICE – 0844 888 9991 OR Online HERE

Tickets: £47.50 / £42.50
Venue Box Office – 0191 443 4661


Tickets: £47.50 / £42.50
Venue Box Office – 0844 907 9000

Tickets: £47.50 / £42.50
Venue Box Office: 0121 345 0600

Tickets: £65 (box seats) / £57.50 / £47.50 & £42.50
Venue Box Office – 0207 589 8212


Kenny G is the only saxophonist to have sold 75 million albums, singles and videos, including the classic hit single Songbird. His trophy cabinet contains Grammy, American Music, Soul Train, World Music and other awards, and he has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In a recording career that spans almost three decades and 23 albums, Grammy Award-winning saxophonist Kenny G has grafted elements of R&B, pop and Latin to a jazz foundation solidifying his reputation as the premiere artist in contemporary jazz.

Elvis Costello: Live @ St David’s Hall, Cardiff – June 2015

Elvis Costello - St Davids Hall June 2015 - DSC_4074l

Elvis Costello @ St David’s Hall, Cardiff
25th June 2015

Elvis Costello - St Davids Hall June 2015 - DSC_4073lThe show started before a musician set foot on the stage, people who arrived and took their seats in plenty of time were rewarded with the giant vintage television video backdrop and on the television was an anthology of Elvis Costello hits in chronological order which was quite effective and set the atmosphere straight off.

Larkin Poe - St Davids Hall June 2015 - DSC_4093lThe warm up act were a trio from Atlanta, Georgia two sisters Megan and Rebecca Lovell and a drummer Marlon Patton, delivering southern roots based music that had a raw zing that made every song delivered have its own personality and energy. They shared how they wrote the songs, and about family including how the band’s name is a tribute to their Gt.Gt.Gt. Grandfather a cousin of Edgar Alan Poe, the one and only Larkin Poe. The Elvis Costello - St Davids Hall June 2015 - DSC_4090limportance of family and of relationships shone through as they played songs from their debut album Kin, including Jailbreak. The sound was steeped in blues with a rousing version of Leadbelly’s Black Betty they bought a wonderful sound with clear vocals, stylish lap steel and electric guitar. The sisters were a tour-de-force entertaining in their own right and warmed up the musical vibe superbly at St David’s Hall.

Elvis Costello - St Davids Hall June 2015 - DSC_4107lElvis Costello took centre stage to a rousing cheer, the left to the right Detour had been illuminated all evening; now the light to the right told us as in a recording studio Elvis Costello was ‘On Air’ the night of live music adventure was beginning.
Straight onto the stage hitting the ground running with Red Shoes and the hits and favourites just flowed on. The set was stripped down with solo acoustic versions of so many songs we love; this is the power of a solo artist holding the audience’s attention. Surrounded by guitars, grand piano and stage props Elvis was determined that we were going to have a fun time. Between the music he shared anecdotes about his family, musical upbringing and the source of his inspiration as on the double offering of Church Underground and Stella 45 unfolded.

His wit was sharp and the laughs from the packed house were genuine, we could relate to the television he was talking about and felt the Elvis Costello - St Davids Hall June 2015 - DSC_4223lpolitics he was sharing no one says ‘our brave nurses’ as he sang Oliver’s Army to everyone’s joy the whoops and cheers hung across the auditorium followed by Shipbuilding.

His voice was as ever his own distinctive tone that shaped and wormed its way around and above the amazing tone he pulled from every guitar he played or when he sat at the grand piano Elvis was entertaining with the full box of musical fireworks tonight. I loved the sub-set when he sat on a simple chair with guitar and foot resting on the monitor a laid back back-porch approach creating an intimacy with the large audience in a large auditorium this was full of amusing dialogue and reflective musings, a true feel of a one-man show as he stepped in front of microphones and with simplest of guitar accompaniment sang virtually A Capella version of She the music antennae at the back of my neck tingled.

Elvis Costello - St Davids Hall June 2015 - DSC_4164lFor over two hours he sang and everyone just relived our music memories this was a powerful performance centred around an amazing singer songwriter it was full of energy with clever use of loops Watching the Detectives. He bought a relevance to the city and now with images of Andy Fairweather Low; Stan Stennet, Dave Edmunds and then the powerful image of Elvis Costello pointing to a picture of Charlotte Church and her anti-austerity campaign Wow a moving moment full of authenticity.


He then was joined by the Lovell sisters and the music flowed on with a renewed energy. Everyone was then treated to another sub-set when Elvis and the Lovell sisters left the stage all fell silent and then they re-appeared inside the television we were back watching collectively around the T.V. on a Saturday night when there was only two channels. We heard Kinder Murder and so much more. They left the stage but more was to come with an encore ending the evening to rousing applause and with many now out of their seats down at the front chanting and dancing to Peace Love and Understanding. Tonight was live music at its best.


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CD Review: Danny & The Champions of The World ~ What Kind Of Love



Danny & The Champions of The World
What Kind Of Love
Loose Music



You could spend hours trying to pigeon-hole Danny & The Champions of The World into a particular genre and as you listen you pick out an array of influences and styles from early on including Van Morrison, Staple Singers; Sam Cooke and so many more have fun pick out where it reminds you but do not over-analyse this is a British band delivering music that fits. Why waste the energy just sit back and enjoy the music Danny Wilson and his band play on this his fifth studio album. What Kind of Love lights up your Summer it is full of energy, it is no saccharin sweet love album it is 10 tracks exploring love through music and lyrics that connect on so many levels.
Opening with a sound full of soul and clash of drums and horns cascade from the speaker as you sit up and take notice and then the voice melds into the guitar that Clear Water has a full infectious sound and like Clear Water you want to dive in and swim and just immerse yourself in the pleasure. Recorded at the bassist Chris Clarke’s London Studio Reservoir we have ten songs exploring love written and developed while on tour they chew over the many types and aspects of love that are delivered with Danny’s crone that explores the words re-shapes them and sends them out as musical poetry. We have mockery in the title This is Not A Love Song, on an album exploring love “…and what went right and what went right… This is not a love Song” he sings with the full choir coming in on the title creating a deep melodic rootsy sound. There is a country feel from the intro on What Kind Of Love and this is full of yearning and like the musical influences woven through the instrumentation finds the questioning lyrics, it is as if the music and words are trying to find the right path to finding love; and it works as the whole arrangement is harmonious with the odd jarring interlude as we despair we can’t get it right echoed by some stylish saxophone. The vocal tone changes with a hint of Rod Stewart on Just Be Yourself, this is a slow dance that flows into a track that has southern funky guitar licks It’ll Be Alright in The End and again the horns swell with the vocals leaves you up-lifted. The Sound of The Train co-written with Ian Siegal ends the journey we have shared with drums and guitars that encircle through the lyrics, a lyrical picture is draw of a train in the distance and that nervous buzz of anticipation as you wait for the train drawing the album to a wondrous end. Feel bereft, love lost as the note fades away for the last time, do not despair the solution is simple put it on repeat this is an album that does not tire your musical soul however many times you play in fact as you get to know the songs the full depth of the lyrics and the exploration of love becomes clearer.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. Clear Water
2. Precious Cargo
3. This Is Not A Love Song
4. Can I Change My Mind
5. What Kind of Love
6. Words On The Wind
7. Just Be Yourself
8. It’ll Be Alright In The End
9. Thinking About My Friend
10. The Sound Of A Train

U.K. Tour Dates 2015

9th June Cambridge Junction
10th June Bristol, Louisiana
11th June London, Islington Assembly Hall
12th June Reading, South Street Arts Centre
13th June Oxford, Bullingdon Arms
16th June Colchester, Arts Centre
17th June Norwich, Waterfront
18th June Wakefield, Hop
19th June Preston, The Continental
20th June Glasgow, Broadcast
21st June Nottingham, The Maze
26th June Brighton, Bleach

CD Review: Kopecky ~ Drug for the Modern Age



Release date 8th June 2015


Kopecky, the condensed new name of the Kopecky Family Band, the Tennessee six-piece are back with a second studio album Drug For A Modern Age and follow up to 2012 debut Kids Raising Kids; the continuity can be found in Konrad Snyder as they team up with the producer/engineer once again. The band has gone through many changes since 2012 and have experienced a mixed roller-coaster ride of sorrow and happiness this is reflected in the writing of the dozen tracks they have included in the final mix. This is an album that has underneath the melodic, catchy dance beat some serious lyrics about living in the here and now with all its complexities, and the album title Drug for a Modern Age says Gabe “… is we’re all trying to find the drug that helps us through life and deal with pressures and challenges that almost everyone in our generation faces. Whether it’s love or real connection or even an actual drug, we’re all looking for something that makes us feel like we’re a part of something good and meaningful”.

The music is catchy, full of punchy full chords that leads you into the lyrics that are ballads and are about love and the shadows that this emotion creates and changes our life and perceptions. Quarterback has an infectious melody this is music that connects and makes you smile; the chorus is memorable and you are humming and singing along it feels like a song and theme you have known forever. Throughout the album there is a vibrancy the music is sparkling like champagne, full of joie de vivre as the tracks spin through the universe of your music world there are moments where the anthem rules full of crescendo’s and swirls of passion other tracks are slower cooled down and then there is the variation of vocal tones with tracks with the lead singer changing to suit the emotion of the lyrics. Kopecky are melodic rock creating their own distinctive musical shape and form as they artfully blend keys, horns and guitars with the power of a rhythm section that drives the beat forward to a destination somewhere to be found in the music’s narrative. We have the classic tale of the break-up in Closed Doors a ballad that is charged with lyrics hooked onto a guitar that is almost other-worldly creating that feeling of displacement when the break-up leaves your reality shattered.

Natural Selection is slower, rhythmic and has a darker feel it is a track that wants to be taken seriously and then we are taken to a glade of light as the notes pour out and the beat picks up; the selection is natural and that this is music of the modern age. Ending with the title track the opening is strung out and has an urgency and the album’s journey is complete with a mix of despair, determination and a glimmer of hope.

Kopecky are a mix of what has gone before the tone and shape has a familiarity a dollop of Fleetwood Mac and a swirl of Steely Dan above all they are themselves as they interchange the instruments they are playing and share the music they create. The album is well constructed and has a melodic chirpiness that makes you smile, clap your hands and dance with the volume turned up; but above all else you want to listen to the lyrics and the beat that engages your music soul.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch


Kelsey Kopecky Vocals/Keyboards/Bass
Gabe Simon Vocals/ Guitar / Horns
Steven Holmes Guitar/Lap Steel Guitar
Corey Oxendine Bass/Guitar/Horns
Markus MidKiff Cello/Guitar/Keyboards
David Krohn Drums

Listen to Quarterback:

Andy Fairweather Low & The Low Riders @ Beaufort Theatre March 2015

Andy Fairweatehrlow and The Low Riders - Beaufort Theatre - March 2015 -  5 - _0009l
Andy Fairweather Low & The Low Riders
Beaufort Theatre, Beaufort
28th March 2015

Andy Fairweatehrlow and The Low Riders - Beaufort Theatre - March 2015 -  5 - _0015lThe theatre rapidly filled as the hour arrived for Andy Fairweather Low & The Low Riders to step on stage, with a smile and banter that a stand-up comedian would be delighted with he had the audience delighted with two simple numbers so relevant in Wales at the moment 3 our football score and 61 last week’s rugby tally. The structure of the show as the music unfolded was a walk through Andy’s experiences and songs imported to him since he first played the smaller stage downstairs in the ballroom in 1967; it was a musical autobiography that delighted the audience as we took the journey with him.

Andy Fairweatehrlow and The Low Riders - Beaufort Theatre - March 2015 -  5 - _0068lOpening with Tequila a Latin flavoured song from the late 1950’s got the show underway already many were regretting the seating we wanted to be dancing with Andy and his fabulous Low Riders, Dave Bronze, bass and vocals; Paul Beavis, drums and Nick Pentelow, saxes and clarinet. We were treated to some magnificent guitar work, not surprising from the man who fronted Amen Corner then went on to tour with Eric Clapton, Pink Floyd, Roger Waters and performing with artists that made modern popular music since the 1960’s.

Andy Fairweatehrlow and The Low Riders - Beaufort Theatre - March 2015 -  5 - _0013lFollowing on from this great opening number we had three songs that raised the temperature and excitement in the audience as he displayed the depth and breadth of styles he was going to play for us tonight Hymn 4 My Soul, I’ll Get You and Rocky Racoon. With his easy entertaining stories from his past experiences and the interaction with the Low Riders his connection with a home crowd was assured the man born in Ystrad Mynach and raised in Cardiff loved entertaining a Valley’s crowd out for fun on a Saturday night; the atmosphere was special as we all felt part of The Andy Fairweather Low family and story.

Andy Fairweatehrlow and The Low Riders - Beaufort Theatre - March 2015 -  5 - _0051lAll too soon it seemed, the first set drew to a conclusion but after a short break we were back for more delights starting off solo with an acoustic guitar held together with gaffer tape and obviously cherished he opened with Reggae Tune, with the Low Riders back on stage La Booga Rooga the title track of the second album filled the rafters, full of booming drumming and saxophone this is a rhythmic bass line driven track with Andy’s distinctive vocals searing through, this certainly re-energised the audience. The swagger with the guitar has not diminished as he points it as a weapon skywards, into the audience and across the stage. An important piece of information was shared, Andy feels there is no place for Cinnamon in Welsh Cakes, this is the friendly conversation that made this the friendly concert.

Andy Fairweatehrlow and The Low Riders - Beaufort Theatre - March 2015 -  5 - _0062lWe had a medley little teaser that showed Andy’s experiences in music Another Brick In The Wall/Layla/Here Comes The Sun there could have been more; like a music quiz. We heard Bend Me Shape Me, Wide Eyed and Legless and some Mississippi John Hurt style blues with gospel and Saxophone that New Orleans would have been proud off and the lovely sound of a pillar bass, and of course Gin House Blues.
What a rendition of Arthur ‘Big Boy’ Crudup’s My Baby Left Me. Tonight we heard and saw and artist who found pure joy on being on stage with a classy battle between the guitar and saxophone the crescendo of sound swept across the theatre in a short instrumental. The battle was won by a combination of the music and the many memories he shared with us and the memories of many of the audience as he played the B sides we all remembered the anticipation of turning over a 45rpm single to listen to the other track.
Andy Fairweatehrlow and The Low Riders - Beaufort Theatre - March 2015 -  5 - _0070lToo soon he left the stage back with much shouting he was back for an encore, opening with Route 66 the first guitar solo he learnt and no surprises that the last song of the night was If Paradise Is Half As Nice, he left the audience very happy with the mix of his own and songs from Beatles, Lonnie Donegan Jimmy Read and more, quality music from class musicians.

If you get a chance go see Andy Fairweather Low and The Low Riders when he hits town, dos so you won’t be disappointed.

Joan Armatrading ~ Solo Tour: Gig Review

Joan Armatrading  - St Davids Hall - March 2015 -  5 - _0086l


Joan Armatrading
St Davids Hall, Cardiff
3rd March 2015



Joan Armatrading  - St Davids Hall - March 2015 -  5 - _0070l

Yet again St David’s Hall is delivering to a packed auditorium the shows people want to see, the excitement and anticipation for Joan Armatrading tonight flowed up from the front to the top of the hall as people found their seats and made themselves comfortable as they knew they were going to be entertained.


Before Joan we were entertained by an Electro-acoustic guitar duo Rich Lown and Robin Hirschfeld, who were back supporting Joan Armatrading in Cardiff with a mix of electric taking the lead and acoustic guitars and self-penned numbers, this was an act that entertained warmed the acoustics in the hall ready for the main act. The audience was pleased with what they heard and they certainly musically entertainedRich Lown - St Davids Hall - March 2015 -  5 - _0052l

Joan Armatrading  - St Davids Hall - March 2015 -  5 - _0105lThere was an eager anticipation and the low rumble of chatter as everyone waited for the house lights at St David’s Hall to dim and Joan Armatrading step on the stage and entertain Cardiff once again the performance including elements of pre-recorded material which Joan had prepared in advance and according to the statement would add colour and shape to the performance. Tonight is part of Joan’s final world tour and the first as a solo act. The stage was set and Joan stepped onto the stage to tumultuous applause. It was a happy, chatty Joan who introduced herself, joked with the audience and raised the excitement even further before a first note was struck. She told us it would be good to do a track from every album, but not tonight with that she delivered a number from 1972 City Girl, with a video backdrop of city lights, this was going to be an evening of pure unadulterated joyous entertainment. The repartee between her and the audience continued as before the third song and she sat behind her piano said you have been the best audience, I am feeling tired so More Than One Kind Of Love, will be my final number, the confidence to play with the audience was as harmonious as the music being played. She used her voice as another instrument in perfect synchronization with the piano keys and then she soared above the piano notes like the pipes of an organ being opened up.
Joan Armatrading  - St Davids Hall - March 2015 -  5 - _0136lThe next track we heard the melodious 12-string guitar that was full of glorious chords and augmented her contralto voice on All The Way From America; the audience were happy it felt as if an old friend had popped round for a chat and played some of your favourite tunes to you.

Every track she played worked in the solo format and the added backing really gave the performance texture, but the reality was all that really was required was Joan’s bubbly personality, perfect stage craft combined with strong vocals and her ever underrated guitar playing that mixes rock, blues and jazz using the tempo that suits the track being played. In the solo format these skills shine and Joan met the challenge and more and the interlude of backing photo’s as a scrap-book from her life as she picked out highlights provided an insight into this talented and popular entertainer.
Joan Armatrading  - St Davids Hall - March 2015 -  5 - _0149lAs we paused she picked up the guitar and delivered an array of hits from 1972 to the present day with many albums being showcased as her dexterous fingers drove the guitar to bend the sound to her command as on Kissin’ and Huggin’ with some perfect jazz and then a contrasting bluesy number Empty Highway from her Grammy nominated album Into The blues with its mix of simplicity and deep and meaningful playing and the story unfolded in a perfect video backdrop.
All too soon the show had to end Joan stayed on stage to enjoy the spontaneous rousing standing ovation and then one of the highlights of the evening Willow with a meaningful solo interpretation of this classic number.

This is the third show since Joan had to take a short break in her final world tour and there was no doubt that she was on fine form; and let’s hope we have some more solo outings to enjoy despite this being a world tour.

Set List
City Girl (Album: Whatever’s for Us 1972)
Promise Land (Album: Hearts and Flowers 1990)
More Than one kind of love (Album: Hearts and Flowers 1990)
All the way from America (Album: Me myself and I 1980)
In these times (Album: Lovers Speak 2003)
Mama Mercy (Album: Show Some Emotion 1977)
My baby’s gone (Album: Into The Blues 2007)
Tall in the saddle (Album: Joan Armatrading 1976)
Down to zero (Album: Joan Armatrading 1976)
Steppin’ out (Album: Steppin’ Out 1979)
Kissin’ and a huggin’ (Album: Show Some Emotion 1977)
The weakness in me (Album: Walk Under Ladders 1981)
Empty highway (Album Into The Blues 2007)
Woncha come on home (Album: Show Some Emotion 1977)
Love and affection (Album: Joan Armatrading 1976)
Back to the night (Album:Back to the Night 1975)
Rosie (Album: All the Way From America 2004)
Me myself and I (Album: Me myself and I 1980)
Drop the pilot (Album: The Key 1983)

Willow (Album: Show Some Emotion 1977)

Paul Carrack @ St David’s Hall ~ January 2015

Paul Carrack - St Davids Hall - Jan 2015 - DSC_4838lPaul Carrack
St David’s Hall
22nd January 2015


Elliott Morris - St Davids Hall- Cardiff - Jan 2015 - _0008l

Supporting Paul Carrack on the tour is Elliott Morris, a young solo acoustic artist who delivered a stylish set. His voice is powerful and he engaged with the audience with funny tales and setting the context for his songs which were a mix of folk and country tinged with blue. The numbers were self-penned full of clever lyrics, this is a songwriter who understands the power of the story, he has been influenced by Michael Hedges and Eric Roach which shone through with his percussive acoustic guitar playing. He delighted the audience they were charmed and entertained the perfect warm-up act for Paul Carrack, with his charismatic approach as he delivered songs which included Courting For Pleasure and Something’s Got To Give and if you see him playing live locally check amiable Elliott Morris out; he has a new E.P. It Seemed to Make Sense at the Time; release date 2nd March 2015.
Paul Carrack stepped onto the stage with a resounding cheer from a full house who were looking forward to hearing the man once again deliver the music they love whether from his long career from Mike & The Mechanics to Squeeze and beyond including in his latest album Rain or Shine tonight in Cardiff.

Paul Carrick - St Davids Hall- Cardiff - Jan 2015 - _0049lOpening with Satisfy from behind the keys on his Hammond C, Paul and his band captivated the audience and collectively they knew it was going to be a magical and musical carpet ride tonight at St David’s Hall, just the upbeat sound we all needed to hear on a dark January night. Then, picking up his red acoustic, Paul delivered Walk in the Room, with pieces of chatter we were now sitting back in our seats and enjoying the event. One in a Million from his Rain or Shine album was followed by a story inspired by his daughter setting off travelling All That Matters, these little personal insights make the evening so much more than a few songs delivered it is what makes live entertainment real and special. With his six-piece band adding layers of sounds, with guitar, saxophones, keys, bass with the two drummers making different but harmonising into a complimentary percussive beat that never drowns out the vocals. This worked so well on Time Waits For No One with the delightful solo’s adding texture and tone and on the track The Eagles covered Love Will Keep Us Alive. As the songs and music kept rolling through the auditorium the reception grew more excited as they heard or hoped for the numbers special to them from Paul’s extensive discography. It would not matter how many great musicians Paul Carrack had around him it is always about the songs at a Carrack concert and he always delivers with the right emotions and delivering the words so they have their hidden depths revealed. The lighting tonight had the musicians in darkness making them meld into the background creating an atmospheric platform for Paul to perform in the spotlight.
We were all treated to a fantastic rendition of one of my favourite Mike and The Mechanics numbers, Living Years with the added bonus of quality backing vocals. The number the musicians seemed to enjoy playing the most was Make your Mind Up with plenty of instrumental interchange almost creating the feeling of a jam with the keyboard player taking the lead on the vocals and the audience had a chance to participate and they did this with enthusiasm.
Brenda Lee’s; I’m Losing You was showcased tonight with Paul’s unique warm tones adding layers of feeling his vocals sparkle and shimmer it is why people will always return to a Paul Carrack concert seeing him perform live is an event where every emotion is explored but you know you will go home uplifted even if this time your personal favourite is not on the set list. Ending with Life’s Too Short, should be the motivating call for people who love music to get out and see live music whenever they can; because the atmosphere if tonight is a litmus test is electric and energising.

Play List
Walk In The Room
One In A Million
All That Matters
Eyes OF Blue
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Time Waits
I’m Losing you
You Don’t Know Me
Don’t Dream
Steppin Stone
If I should Fall Behind
I Think It’s Gonna Rain
Living Years
When My Little Girl
Make Your Mind Up
How Long
Life’s Too Short