Explore A Small World Enlarged Beautifully by Dan Burnett

Explore A Small World Enlarged Beautifully by Dan BurnettSometimes an E.P. disappoints, not just because it leaves you wanting more but as often with a collection of Short Stories the artist has not used the six tracks to truly promote the nuances that make an artist demand attention. This is not the case on Dan Burnett’s Small World E.P. Yes, you are left wanting more. But he opens the door into his world of musical tones and shapes on Small World a collection of five originals and the bonus track a stylish cover of the oft-covered Bob Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower.  Explore A Small World Enlarged by Dan Burnett, on an E.P. that connects to you personally up close with intimate insights into Burnett’s music.

Opening with the title track, Small World is a light ditty with strong piano with hints of New Orleans as we are in Pittsburg with Dan as he realizes how small and connected we are in a world where contact with each other is easy.  The harmonica moans as we eavesdrop on a drunken conversation in the early hours at a hotel bar. The power is in our hands to change relationships and feelings to communicate.  The Piano from Dan is superb promising more of what is to come. The mood changes with Battle Scars, Dan refers to this as his ‘mental health anthem’. Taking us behind visible scars with a simple number sung with passion and empathy and deep understanding as the organ takes up the melodic tones. The next two tracks explore relationships as the deepness of keys are added with another set of strong lyrically driven songs. The last of the originals Reason For Living, written for Dan’s son Alfie and life-affirming about the changing power of his son in his life. The piano is strong with a driving beat and leaves you understanding Dan and yourself a bit more.

The bonus track Dan re-arranges the Dylan classic All Along The Watchtower. Stripped back with grand piano and organ intermingling creating the atmosphere that lets the lyrics pop out with intensity and poetry. Reminding us of the influence of Dylan on songwriting, Burnett has reclaimed this classic for the singer-songwriter and not just for a would-be Hendrix. The atmosphere is built and the laughter heard in response to the words adds to the intimacy of the album. For twenty-four minutes we are in a deeply personal space, the songs sung for us in the most intimate of shows that you can listen to whenever you want. These are six shining gems produced and delivered with love Get close and personal and explore a Small World enlarged beautifully by Dan Burnett.

Small World – Dan Burnett 

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Track Listing

  1. Small World
  2. Battle Scars
  3. Last First Kiss
  4. Time Has Come
  5. Reason For Living
  6. All Along The Watchtower

Explore A Small World Enlarged Beautifully by Dan Burnett

CD Review: John Mayall ~ Find A Way To Care

Find A Way To Care CoverJohn Mayall
Find A Way To Care
Forty Below Records


This is the second album on Forty Below Records and Eric Corne producing a studio album that sparkles with polished keyboard chords that hum along with the harp and the octogenarian’s vocals that deliver blues that curls around and embraces the lyrics. The album is a celebration John Mayall’s talent no wonder known as the Godfather of British Blues. The reality is he is still creating music and the album is not looking backwards it is curving a pathway that is relevant and cascades like liquid musical sparkles from the speakers.  Every track has its own niche within the play list, Find a Way to Care is the perfect platform to achieve Eric Corne’s aim of John’s prowess on the keyboard to be recognized as we hear his fingers caress the black  & whites on B-3 Wurlitzer, piano and clavinet then on top harmonica that sings and guitar strings that sting. His longstanding band provides a glorious platform as they lay down the musical foundation, guitarist Rocky Athas, Greg Rzab on bass and drummer Jay Davenport. The opening track, a relaxed shuffle on the ear, Mother In Law blues gets you in the mood.  As the album progresses the music mixes up tempo and I Fell So Bad has the delicious addition of horns, the trumpet is crisp and saxophone glorious as a punctuation to the vocals and the tone is perfect letting the piano march through the melody line there is a real insistence and drive to this number.  The Boogie Woogie is muted and the delivery foot tapping good on Muddy Water’s Long Distance Call with a feel of a jam as the improvisation grows and flows around the arrangement. If you want to find a deep groove to rock and roll to then this rendition of Lee Baker Jr’s I Want All My Money back is where the band hits the mark as the guitar just soars. Following this cover is Ropes and Chains co-written with  Greg Rzab, we hear the bass played like a lead guitar and Clavinet as the focus of the melody this is Chicago funked-up. The final track like an encore at a stage show we have Drifting Blues, John Mayall’s vocals’ and piano creating a lyrical journey that creates the blues in a bar.  With the emphasis on keyboards it is not surprising to see nestled in the bonus tracks Matt Schofield’s War We Wage from his acclaimed Heads Tails & Aces album; Mayall’s interpretation includes a glorious solo from Rocky’s guitar. The closing with Crazy Lady  piano combined with vocals  stirring up the temperature and evocative of Professor Longhair and the New Orleans sound.

Yes, John Mayall’s voice is showing signs of wear and tear especially on the slower numbers but still full of vocal bite and he can shout and sing with confidence and this is an album that mixes covers and originals and may not break new ground but is one for fans and lovers of keyboard driven blues and John Mayall gaining recognition for his skills on the keys; is this another change of direction that has been the constant in his long career exploring the power of the blues?



Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Mother In Law Blues
  2. The River’s Invitation
  3. Ain’t No Guarantees
  4. I Feel So Bad
  5. Find A Way To Care
  6. Long Distance Call
  7. I want All My Money Back
  8. Ropes and Chains
  9. Long Summer Days
  10. Drifting Blues

Bonus Tracks

  1. War We Wage
  2. Crazy Lady


Killin It – Dave Migden and The Dirty Words

DM-Killing-It What a CD, a fresh, unique approach to music this is something a little bit different, that will not be contained within a genre or a mix of genres. If you like your music original with style, verve and energy this CD is for you. From the opening, loud slightly discordant note on the opening title track Killing It through to the melodic fade away on The Line this is a CD to be listened to time and time again, there is nothing boring about the music, lyrics and the production keeps a live edgy feel so the unexpected is just around the corner. This is a complete production the CD makes sense and no song is included as packaging. In an eccentric way the eclectic approach of Dave Migden and The Dirty Words, there is something funky, swampy and on the dark side about this music which is part of Dave’s heritage.  Dave, though now based in the U.K., originally hailed from Little Rock, Arkansas and much of the imagery is definitely rooted in the deep south.

There is an experimentalDavid Migden and the Dirty Words - Jaks - Skegness 2013_0020 edge to the album, reflecting the live performance with the use of a loud-hailer to reflect and give greater texture to his rich baritone voice. This is not a one man show, this is no product of a power guitar leading and other musicians in the band following, this is a true musical collaboration of a group of skillful and adventurous musicians. They are not scared to use the lyrics to state their case as showcased in D.A.W.T.P.W.M; with clever use of falsetto and the incorporation of the horns giving the track a modern twist on the ‘Big Band sound’. When listening do not always expect to understand the musical phrasing or lyrical couplets or the words but as a whole this definitely works for me. This is an album of textures light and dark, sunny and cloudy, rough and the smooth with some pieces showing restraint such as Heaven with the beautiful piano led melody. What stays in your mind though is Dave Migden’s voice that soars through the production and highlights the other instruments and develops the tempo with a voice that is definitely more Black Treacle than Golden Syrup. Listen to the album with open ears, sit back and enjoy the journey.

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