Catfish the album Broken Man Making January Complete

Catfish the album Broken Man Making January Complete


Catfish the album Broken Man
Making January Complete

Catfish, that band creating a blue purring hum of pleasure whenever and wherever they play live. Catfish swims deep into the swirling maelstrom that is modern blues. The album is not a tribute or a painting by musical numbers of blues steps from the past it is influenced by music that connects to the band. With ten tracks with the only cover closing the album out. It is not from any blues back catalogue it is Foy Vance’s, Make It Rain. Included why? You ask, then having not seen a live performance of a track that moves people to tears holding the audience spellbound as the highlight of the evening unfolds.  Broken Man is not the band’s debut recording BUT more importantly, it is the first that is predominately their own work, setting down a high water mark.

Opening with Hit The Ground Running, Catfish certainly does with a driving upbeat fast blues ride. Introducing the depth of the band from Matt Long’s bluesy vocals and stinging guitar to a rhythm section that augments adding a rattlesnake sting to the music are bassist Dusty Bones and drummer Kevin Yates. Completing the quartet is Paul Long’s keys that dance with his vocals adding another vocal tone when he takes the lead.  The blues driven tone continues with Sometime Alone, where the power of Matt’s guitar shows that the six-strings can be played without shredding the skin of your finger and as a result the time, breath between chords gives the instrument colour and complexity. The keys add another player of chords with higher pitch and rolling, bending with the strings and rhythm section. This is music that conjures shapes and interest, pure pleasure like lying back on a warm summers day looking into a blues sky and conjuring patterns and shapes from clouds as they scurry past.

The tempo slows, the blue is darkening with dusky shadows as Matt sings All I Ask Of You, played with maturity and control the warmth of studio sound permeates throughout the album reflecting the live sound of Catfish. The slow piano and vocals in Part As Strangers, a soulful ballad with special guest Paul Jones adding his Harp sparkle. Blues stripped back to it is key components emotionally charged.  Following this is the title track, Broken Man a long track for a blues album at a shade over eight minutes, is this reflecting Matt’s love of Prog Rock I wonder. This is blues fuzzy, with a porch-step gravelly opening launching into an anthem of a track. A number praising the blues as the tones roll down from the hill country into the delta picking up and shaping the chords into a British blues hullabaloo of delight.  The lyrics are shaped by a darker guitar and keys as we are falling down under the Catfish spell.

Broken Man is definitely not Broken giving contemporary British Blues that resonates curling around your speakers with sparkling class. Catfish delight you when you hear them live, and with the songwriting glory that is Broken Man we have an album early on in the year that has to be a contender for Blues Album of 2017. This is a blues gem that is multi-faceted and a prism of blue hues that hits you from every direction.

TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Hit The Ground Running
  2. Leading Me On
  3. Some Time Alone
  4. All I Ask Of You
  5. Never Go Back
  6. Better Days
  7. Part As Strangers
  8. Broken Man
  9. Big Shot
  10. Make It Rain


Catfish Crowdfunding for Broken Man Album

Catfish Crowdfunding for Broken Man Album

Catfish Crowdfunding for Broken Man Album



Crowdfunding opportunities to demonstrate your support for a British award-winning blues band HERE

British Blues Award winners Catfish crashed onto the blues scene in Jan 2015 when their debut album, So Many Roads, went to no 1 in the IBBA blues airplay charts. Their follow up EP, a tribute to BB King called When BB Sings the Blues, followed it to no 5 in Feb 2016. They were nominated for two British Blues Awards in 2015 (Emerging Artist, in which they took third, and keyboard for Paul Long) and three this year (Band of the Year, keyboard for Paul Long again which he won, and Young Artist of the Year for Matt Long in which he took third. A great year for the Catfishes! They have played a number of major blues festivals including Cambridge Rock Festival, Bluesfest at the 02, Maryport, Colne, Broadstairs Blues Bash and Swanage amongst others, and are also playing at a number of blues clubs all over the country. Their new album Broken Man is due out in Jan 2017 – their first album of original material, written by Matt and Paul.

Catfish Crowdfunding for Broken Man Album
Photo Credit Paul Chamberlain

Catfish are currently recording their second album, Broken Man, which will be ready for release in January 2017.  Catfish are asking for your help with the new album there are lots of ways you can show Catfish your support.




Check out your Crowdfunding opportunities HERE  from pre-ordering a copy of the
Photo Credit Graham Hutton

album in advance through to  a VIP package and a mention as a sponsor on the album cover .This album has been a labour of love and the band are really proud of it.  We hope you

will enjoy it.  Thank you so much for your support.

While you are waiting for the album check out where you can hear the music played live – HERE

Malaya Blue Will Never Leave You Heartsick

AlbumArtwork_HighRes 020316Malaya Blue Will Never Leave You Heartsick

Two of the tracks were released as a double-sided single last summer, Hope & Let’s Reinvent. They have survived and are included in the album, the band though that supports Malaya Blue’s distinctive voice has been all change. The band with stunning production from Paul Long, capturing the tone that suits Malaya as her career progresses. The walk towards soulful jazz with the shading of blues continues apace. The band for the album recorded in The Grange Studio Norfolk are Dudley Ross, with the guitar playing that makes every lead break zing with anticipation, and alongside Dudley is keyboard player Paul Jobson and the synergy between them is natural. Added to this is a rhythm section that keeps the beat on an eye of the smallest needle, Stuart Uren bassist and drumming Andrew McGuiness. The reality is this is all window dressing for the heart of the album, Malaya Blue’s vocals which are drenched in soulful anguish as the album explores loves sharpest facets. The harp playing like a mirror bright and clear reflects the vocals from the lips of Paul Jones on Hunny Little Daydream & Let’s Reinvent (Love). Another guest is Carl Hudson whose piano playing enlivens the track To Remain The Same.

Opening with Heartsick the beat is driving with an uplift the opposite to what you expect. Malaya’s voice though is definitely Heartsick as she explores a disastrous relationship ignoring what Mama said to her peril! With Dudley and Paul opening with a guitar and keys exploring the chords, the drum picks up the beat and Malaya’s voice clear as bell curls her tongue around Colour Blind. Her voice is polished with a sheen that reflects the bands melodic line. Half way through the eleven track album is an upbeat statement I Have Arrived, full of confidence with a mix of sounds to underline who Malaya now is with a second studio album under her musical belt. Now for contrast a rhythmic opening with Dudley’s guitar blasting the way through for a gentler wistful Malaya. This is a Strand of Gold that is full of country soul the instrumentation shapes the mood. Bringing the album to a close is Hope the single we have all got to know and then the finale. This is drenched in slow emotion as the soul comes back and is it the cure for Heartsick the opening track?

The album crosses genres and has a mainstream feel. Perfectly formed for radio airplay and getting Malaya Blue the attention she is demanding on this crafted album. For me, the album and instrumentation is just that bit too crisp. Like a starched shirt, it lacks at times a natural flow to the singing. I want Malaya to loosen up relax and show a rougher, dirtier side of love some sweet sugar bowl blues would have given the album a deeper range. That said, it is an album with sex-appeal from guitar licks through to the carefully modulated shaping of lyrics and the clarity of Malaya Blue as she shares her feeling of being Heartsick.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing
1. Heartsick
2. Hunny Little day Dream
3. Colour Blind
4. Let’s reinvent (Love)
5. To remain The Same
6. I Have Arrived
7. Strand of Gold
8. Share Of Love
9. Hope
10. Soul Come Back

Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB

Catfish_When BB Sings The Blues artwork

Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB



Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB. An EP, When BB Sings The Blues with four re-interpreted BB King Classics, and the quintet of gems is completed with an original homage to the forever great King of the Blues. Matthew Long has captured the essence of BB in his vocals that curl around his skillful interpretation of the guitar licks and riffs of the man himself. These are not straight copies they have a fresh re-invigorated feel as he sings The Thrill Is Gone you know that Catfish will never lose the thrill of playing blues. The guitar for Matthew is and extension of the feel of Blues deep in his musical DNA with snapshots of guitar playing that captures the tone and you want to linger over. Then the vocals, keys and percussion picks up the beat and dancing shoes win the day, this is blues that energizes with its delightful twists and turns.  This is urban blues that you want to listen to they may sing and  play Never Make A Move Too Soon, your mover to turn up the volume can’t happen quick enough.

The interpretation has remained true to the feel of BB; what Catfish has done is added their stamp and Why? This is blues that is alive with blues energy never contrived it has an organic shape and feel.  The four-piece work together pulling on the notes, shaping the contours of the sound, Catfish are not a battle of the egos, the winner is the capturing of delightful blues as in How Blue Can You Get. Slower, more considered the notes are slightly extended then a pause and the vocals kick in with a great version of slow, moody blues. The original is the last track on the EP and title track written by Paul Long, who plays keys throughout, and is reflective as homage is paid to the great man of the blues in the best way through the style of the music he loved to play.

This is an EP that tempts you, excites and thrills and the E.P. leaves you wanting more much more of Catfish and the blues the band delivers. Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB on this gem of five tracks. Released early in 2016, great way of keeping that resolution to listen to more blues buy a copy even better catch them playing live.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Catfish – When BB Sings The Blues

Track Listing

1. You Upset Me Baby
2. The Thrill is Gone
3. Never Make A move Too Soon
4. How Blue Can You Get
5. When BB Sings The Blues

Malaya Blue ~ Hope = a double single

Malaya -Malaya Blue
out June 2015



Hope the Double A single from the forthcoming album from Malaya Blue the soulful singer of the blues bringing a soothing tempo to a hectic world. The core of the music is blues with soul with a tinge of jazz in the instrumentation and timing. The songs Hope & Let’s Reinvent (Love) revolve and curl around the smooth vocal’s of Malaya Blue. The instrumentation augments the sound created as her live band show their credentials and the addition of Graham Pettican guesting on Piano.  This is a single that teases about what the album has to offer. Stylishly produced the single will be popular, so with its increased radio play the shouts will reach a crescendo for the album to hit our speakers.

Bluesdoodles gives this Single SIX doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch:- we need the whole album to judge the shape of the sound and how Malaya has developed since Bourbon Street

The Band
Simon Dring: Drums
Trev Turley: Bass
Andrew Walker: Guitar
Phil Marshall: Saxophone
Andy Cooper: Hammond

CD Review: Catfish ~ So Many Roads

Catfish CD coverCatfish
So Many Roads

Debut album, which has been causing a stir as album of the month by Independent Blues Broadcaster Association during February and has received lots of airplay reflecting the solid quality blues being delivered from the first to the last note.
Catfish are a quartet of musicians Paul Long on keys, the secret weapon of young talented Matt Long on guitar and a rhythm section that have played together in several bands and have a telepathy between them Dusty Bones on Bass and drummer Kevin Yates.
The blues being delivered is honest and has the integrity of feeling the merits of every phrase as they deliver a selection of crafted classics. The first track is definitely the weakest, but perseverance pays off as they get into their groove. These are not another set of tired old renditions of tracks we all know. The title track, So Many Roads, is much better suited to the band with Matt’s guitar and vocals being allowed to take centre stage. Catfish Blues, is full of heavy chords redolent of a hot steaming swampy bayou that really has given the song a modern blues twist and the gentle piano in the background from Paul Long adds a delicate layer of interest.
The spoken sardonic phrasing in Framed suits Matt’s vocals and the beat certainly is foot tappingly infectious; Going Down is a heavier vibe with rock being added to the mix and certainly gives the album texture and variability in tempo. The final track Loan Me A Dime ends on a slower more considered note; with the instrumentation perfectly timed and beautiful tones and the guitar is at times sublime; again showing the individuality of Catfish’s interpretation of these oft travelled classics.
What sets Catfish out from the crowded arena of bands that play the classics is the blending of keys and guitars underpinned by a rhythm section that is full of menace and blues intent Catfish have set a benchmark, be great to the original material and the vocals strengthen as Matt’s experience grows with lots more live performances that really showcase the talent this bands has.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

CD Review: The Riotous Brothers ~ The Tree

treepackaRiotous Brothers
The Tree

The third album from The Riotous Brothers, The Tree, is an album with nine original tracks that have been written with a dash of panache and the intention of exposing the talents of the band members.  The Tree starts with Now More Than Ever and Honey Not Vinegar, which does have the hint of what’s to come with some fabulous keyboards from Paul. Nonetheless they are both fairly standard Rock with a tinge of blues; then the album takes off as the band seems to find their groove and confidence and decide to show the diversity of sound they can and will share with you via the recording studio.

In the centre of the album are a pair of stylish tracks, starting with the slower tempo and a rawer edge on Me and You; this is about vocals interacting to become another instrument in the mix with the harmonica playing from guest Paul Jones lifts this track to the stratosphere of listening pleasure. Followed by Something’s Got To Give with its divine piano, guitar and vocals there is soul in the lyrics that connect to your musical intelligence. This is followed by the most commercial track on the album Cigarettes with its pop driven beats and melody line so easy to hum.

The Tree is full of branches as the tracks of a  diverse sound, blues, soul pop and rock, the album works why because deep in the roots of the tree is some wonderful musicianship the quality of the guitar work from Mash, Piano from Paul and a rhythm section that drives the beat on.  At all times the blossom on The Tree are the powerful vocals that add that dimension needed if the lyrics are to be heard.

If you are looking for a groove that is soulful and full of emotions captured in the lyrics, vocals and the harmonising accompaniment this is really showing that this is a band with more than a touch of class, then the third album The Tree from The Riotous Brothers will hit the right spot.


Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch



Band Members

Mash Sonnet: guitar & vocals
Paul Long: keyboards & vocals
Matt Lake: bass
Dirk Maggs: drums



1. Now More Than Ever
2. Honey Not Vinegar
3. Me And You
4. Second Time Around
5. Fever
6. Something’s Got To Change
7. Cigarettes
8. Memory Of Our Love
9. Proving Too Hard
10. I Wanna Know