Paul Carrack @ St David’s Hall ~ January 2015

Paul Carrack - St Davids Hall - Jan 2015 - DSC_4838lPaul Carrack
St David’s Hall
22nd January 2015


Elliott Morris - St Davids Hall- Cardiff - Jan 2015 - _0008l

Supporting Paul Carrack on the tour is Elliott Morris, a young solo acoustic artist who delivered a stylish set. His voice is powerful and he engaged with the audience with funny tales and setting the context for his songs which were a mix of folk and country tinged with blue. The numbers were self-penned full of clever lyrics, this is a songwriter who understands the power of the story, he has been influenced by Michael Hedges and Eric Roach which shone through with his percussive acoustic guitar playing. He delighted the audience they were charmed and entertained the perfect warm-up act for Paul Carrack, with his charismatic approach as he delivered songs which included Courting For Pleasure and Something’s Got To Give and if you see him playing live locally check amiable Elliott Morris out; he has a new E.P. It Seemed to Make Sense at the Time; release date 2nd March 2015.
Paul Carrack stepped onto the stage with a resounding cheer from a full house who were looking forward to hearing the man once again deliver the music they love whether from his long career from Mike & The Mechanics to Squeeze and beyond including in his latest album Rain or Shine tonight in Cardiff.

Paul Carrick - St Davids Hall- Cardiff - Jan 2015 - _0049lOpening with Satisfy from behind the keys on his Hammond C, Paul and his band captivated the audience and collectively they knew it was going to be a magical and musical carpet ride tonight at St David’s Hall, just the upbeat sound we all needed to hear on a dark January night. Then, picking up his red acoustic, Paul delivered Walk in the Room, with pieces of chatter we were now sitting back in our seats and enjoying the event. One in a Million from his Rain or Shine album was followed by a story inspired by his daughter setting off travelling All That Matters, these little personal insights make the evening so much more than a few songs delivered it is what makes live entertainment real and special. With his six-piece band adding layers of sounds, with guitar, saxophones, keys, bass with the two drummers making different but harmonising into a complimentary percussive beat that never drowns out the vocals. This worked so well on Time Waits For No One with the delightful solo’s adding texture and tone and on the track The Eagles covered Love Will Keep Us Alive. As the songs and music kept rolling through the auditorium the reception grew more excited as they heard or hoped for the numbers special to them from Paul’s extensive discography. It would not matter how many great musicians Paul Carrack had around him it is always about the songs at a Carrack concert and he always delivers with the right emotions and delivering the words so they have their hidden depths revealed. The lighting tonight had the musicians in darkness making them meld into the background creating an atmospheric platform for Paul to perform in the spotlight.
We were all treated to a fantastic rendition of one of my favourite Mike and The Mechanics numbers, Living Years with the added bonus of quality backing vocals. The number the musicians seemed to enjoy playing the most was Make your Mind Up with plenty of instrumental interchange almost creating the feeling of a jam with the keyboard player taking the lead on the vocals and the audience had a chance to participate and they did this with enthusiasm.
Brenda Lee’s; I’m Losing You was showcased tonight with Paul’s unique warm tones adding layers of feeling his vocals sparkle and shimmer it is why people will always return to a Paul Carrack concert seeing him perform live is an event where every emotion is explored but you know you will go home uplifted even if this time your personal favourite is not on the set list. Ending with Life’s Too Short, should be the motivating call for people who love music to get out and see live music whenever they can; because the atmosphere if tonight is a litmus test is electric and energising.

Play List
Walk In The Room
One In A Million
All That Matters
Eyes OF Blue
Love Will Keep Us Alive
Time Waits
I’m Losing you
You Don’t Know Me
Don’t Dream
Steppin Stone
If I should Fall Behind
I Think It’s Gonna Rain
Living Years
When My Little Girl
Make Your Mind Up
How Long
Life’s Too Short

Paul Carrack @ St Davids Hall April 2014

Paul Carrack - St Davids Hall - April 2014 - DSC_0134l

Another packed house at St David’s Hall for the Man in The Hat, Paul Carrack accompanied by a 7-piece band including Sax; Guitar, Bass, Keys and a two drummers with different styles and sound that complemented each other. Tonight they delivered a selection of tracks from his long career from Mike & The Mechanics, The Squeeze and up to today with numbers from his latest album. Three numbers, three guitars and a broken string…then change tempo and Paul moved onto his electric piano but nothing broke the rhythm and quality of the music. Large percussion section of double set drum for this track 4 providing a delightful percussive back drop a real crowd pleaser. Back on guitar now re-strung we heard the equivalent of lead and rhythm guitar with the drums providing  a solid curtain of percussion which was overlay-ed by mournful sax, and tinkling keys and soaring up this crescendo of sound was Paul’s vocals. Then a Squeeze number reminding us if we needed reminding what great songs they produced in their day. Throughout the set Paul demonstrated his versatility and skill where playing guitar, keys or the wonderful sounding electric piano all combined with his melodious vocals that served to emphasise and gave an emotional colour and depth to the words.
With some great covers weaved in to the mix including a Bobby Bland number, (If Loving You is Wrong) I Don’t Want To Be Right and as all his family are great fans a Brenda Lee number I’m Losing You Now re-done for Paul Carrack’s latest album, personally I preferred Brenda’s version.

Just as the audience were settling in their seats and getting comfortable Paul upped the tempo with some audience participation with some clapping this ensured engagement and livened the atmosphere and swiftly followed by a Bruce Springsteen number If I Should Fall Behind introduced by Paul as ‘a great ballad’. Guitar, vocals and very dylanesque harp by this charismatic front man who held the audience in the palm of his hand from the front row and high into the gallery at St David’s Hall.
The myriad of guitars used meant that there was a change in tone and an opportunity to see as well as hear part of the Paul Carrack collection.

As we were in Cardiff, Paul was then joined by local friend Andy FairWeather Low Paul Carrack - St Davids Hall - April 2014 - DSC_0171lWide Eyed and Legless bringing the house down, with great guitar playing from Andy bringing that high-octane energy to the stage. By the end of the evening Paul had got the crowds to their feet dancing the night away and singing their socks off creating a great atmosphere. There is something energizing about an audience up out of their seats….the crowds loved it and felt part of the show. Andy rejoined for the encore with the classic Amen Corner number ‘Paradise’ another great night of entertainment at St David’s Hall.

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