Ian Siegal Solo Tour – OCT/NOV 2015

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Multiple award-winner Ian Siegal is widely considered to be the UK’s finest contemporary bluesman. He sets out on a solo acoustic tour starting 23 October…


23 Oct: ISLE OF MAN ~ Centenary Centre,
24 Oct: GLASGOW ~ Hug & Pint
25 Oct: POYNTON ~ Legion Club
27 Oct: LEICESTER ~ Musician
28 Oct: NOTTINGHAM ~ Guitar Bar
29 Oct: MATLOCK ~ Fishpond
30 Oct: WORTHING ~ Southern Pavilion
31 Oct: WORCESTER ~ Huntingdon Hall
1 Nov: WHITSTABLE ~ Duke of Cumberland
2 Nov: LONDON ~ Dingwalls


What Bluesdoodles has said about Ian Siegal solo:-

Live @ The Flowerpotfull of blues, a smidgen of country, lots of charm and storytelling of the highest order … entertained us from the first to the last note blues can be such musical fun when delivered with confidence, feeling and a twist if that devil magic.

Man & Guitar – Live Solo album …. It is the next best thing to going and seeing Ian Siegel live – he is never simple a man and guitar as he brings warmth, wit and mirth combined with a tear to your eye as he delivers wonderful songs with empathy.. he is a true talent

Ian Siegal @ The Tunnels, Bristol

Ian Siegal - The Tunnels - March 2015 -  5 - _0097l


Ian Siegal
The Tunnels, Bristol
26th March 2015


Ian Siegal - The Tunnels - March 2015 -  5 - _0030l

It is Thursday so it must be Bristol in a tour the has seen Ian Siegal and his current band on a tour that has seen him up and down venues in England and Scotland; the tour is drawing to and end and there is that ‘we are getting the end of the road’ fever in the delivery of the set tonight. Opening with tracks from his current album One Night In Amsterdam, the gig was off to a high-octane start with lots of witty sharp and at times tongue-lashing banter that was always delivered with Siegalist irony and a wicked gold glinting smile. The version of Brandy Balloon had a frenzy of funkyness with James Brown inspired guitar playing by Dusty Ciggaar. Ian Siegal - The Tunnels - March 2015 -  5 - _0050bwl Temporary is a superb track written by the Austrian Ripoff Raskolnikov, who like the character in Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment spins the words. We had an on fire performance of Tom Waits Jockey Full of Bourbon, a track full of clever lyrics that spin-off the Siegal silver tongue that is driven by the avant-garde Latin beat this so suits Ian’s current Pirate persona with the lines “16 men on a deadmans chest, And I’ve been drinking form a broken cup”.

Ian Siegal - The Tunnels - March 2015 -  5 - _0112lAs ever the set list changed tonight as we heard Ian’s version of Warren Zevon’s Carmelita done tonight with verve and style the arrangement suiting the drumming of Raphael Schwiddessen, and the solid delivery of bass from Danny Van’t Hoff giving the band a solid rhythm section that adds a deep tone and structure allowing Dusty and Ian the freedom to develop riffs and play off each other. It is though Ian’s powerful vocals that sets the delivery of music that bends twists and spits out a range of genres that sets this band out from the rest there is no doubt he is the leader of the pack. Tonight we saw Ian at his dirtiest and naughtiest attitude both on guitar and his vocals giving that extra layer of passion, as he shared with the audience his thoughts on British Society and politics and his despair for how people think. So adding The Revelator into the set suited the evening with the medley in the middle that includes Backdoor man that allows freedom of expression and then with a flick of his hand the band brings the chords of Revelator back in an inspired delivery. No set whether solo or with a band is compete without the amazing song Gallo Del Cielo, Tom Russell’s lyrics so suit the style of Ian and the band with Dusty on a Baritone guitar, loved by writers of theme music for Spaghetti Westerns and Duane Eddy gave the sound a real Tex Mex edge as described by Ian as one of his musical styles on an earlier interview with BBC Radio Bristol; tonight as ever it ended in tragedy all hope of returning home lost.

Ian Siegal - The Tunnels - March 2015 -  5 - _0008lAmongst these inspired re-workings of great songs were many of Ian’s including a new version of Early Grace, Falling On Down and Hard Pressed with some Prince thrown into the mix. Tonight we also heard a fantastic jazz infused instrumental from the band who are The Rhythm Chiefs and have been playing together for over ten years in the Netherlands. The tone that the guitarists got from the instruments just plugged straight into the amplifier with no pedals was amazing, especially Dusty Ciggaar; who has to be one of the best players on the planet today.

Ian we hope we keep seeing you in The U.K; solo, duo with a band the venues and everyone who has come to see you love your originality, anarchism and your polished skill vocally and on the guitar you make every song sound exceptional. Ian Siegal live should not be missed TOUR DATES

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Ian Siegal – Live at The Flowerpot

Ian Siegal - The Flowerpot - March 2015 -  5 - _0009lTonight Ian Siegal hit the stage, with the company of three talented young men from the Netherlands, Dusty Ciggaar (guitars) Raphael Schwiddessen (drums) Danny Van’t Hoff (bass)  strode on stage with a swagger you knew that the night was going to be an entertaining ride of the music that makes Ian Siegal the leader of the pack as he bends and melds genre’s creating a sound full of energy and artistry.

Ian Siegal - The Flowerpot - March 2015 -  5 - _0166lThe performance of Brandy Balloon was very free-form, full of sassy licks and hooks for Dusty to pick up and develop with his distinctive stylish manipulation of the six-strings on his guitar of choice. A favourite, and also included on his current album with the band, I Am The Train, an award-winning song that in every format I have heard it zings tonight into was an electric combo of Ian’s voices and Dusty’s guitar that adds a new dimension to the sound – it is brilliant!

Ian Siegal - The Flowerpot - March 2015 -  5 - _0124lHow I adore the track Ripoff Raskolnikov’s; Temporary; but live wow it has that intimacy and energy that even a live album just doesn’t deliver. As ever there was a wide selection of tempos feels and clever little moments that get the audience engaged and connecting with the music, so we had some Latino beats, country, jazz and some of Ian’s brand of the blues. The music cascaded hot as a sultry night with a crescendo of sound that excites with Ian like a pirate troubadour who owned the stage and sailed the good ship flowerpot on a path of musical delight.
North Mississippi Hill Country style dedicated to Robert Balfour who Ian had played with and recently died dedicated to a man in his nineties who drank him under the table, She Got The Devil in Her was recognizable as the great live track and recorded on Meat & Potatoes, yet again tonight it was refreshed and re-scripted she may have the devil in her but Ian definitely did as he teased and communicated with the audience who were hanging onto every note and word.
Tonight was hot and Ian left the stage for a few minutes and we were treated to a stylish instrumental full of funk, blues and a twist of harmonizing jazz that acted as the warp and weft of the form of this track a snippet of what they do as The Rhythm Chiefs, leaving you in a quandary more of this or have Ian rejoin them and this he did with a Gold cowboy shirt as he picked up the guitar and Dusty changed to his Baritone Guitar, Ian Siegal - The Flowerpot - March 2015 -  5 - _0248lwith its tuning to a lower pitch and longer scale length adds a sound, recreates the superb song Gallo Del Cielo; the lead breaks from Dusty are a knockout this version is full of wow factor. The music played on we had Hard Pressed and audience participation everyone wanted to be part of the music tonight and the Prince outtake was electric and the guitar playing of Dusty shines through as he swapped seamlessly throughout the songs from using a plectrum or his fingers he makes the guitar strings dance. Queen of The Junior Prom, a long track on the latest album and such a great track live co-written with Nottingham based musician Tommy Harrison, and inspired by Sylvia Plath, close your eyes, shut your mouth and your other senses become more powerful tonight you could taste the metal of the guitar strings, hear the emotion and the music touched your soul and the hairs on your skin became electrified with the music you are literally drenched in lyrical musical enchantment and not a pedal insight!.
Ian Siegal - The Flowerpot - March 2015 -  5 - _0128lToo soon it was the encore and the last music was Take A Walk In The Wilderness a song Ian fills with personal emotion as he remembers the artistry of Glaswegian Big George, the curfew won and the music fell silent but memories of tonight will live on.
I have heard Ian play live many times with many bands, duo, solo but tonight was special there was an extra charged layer of energy, Ian and the band were thrilling, and they ensured every track had an extra dimension. It wasn’t just the guitar playing from Dusty that adds a sexy overtone it was the controlled drumming from Raphael that work so well with Danny the other half of the rhythm section. Tonight, was a display of an album One Night In Amsterdam, and Ian playing at the top of his game it was a stellar live music experience – has got to be a real contender for gig of 2015 big thank you for RAW Promo putting on another great gig at The Flowerpot.

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Ian Siegal ~ One Night In Amsterdam

IanSiegal_OneNightInAmsterdamBluesdoodles loved listening to this album and review and still creeps on the play list why it is simply Quality – Ian Siegal full of confidence with sublime guitar from Dusty Ciggaar – read what I wrote – One Night In Amsterdam



“Hard Pressed” (live & extended) is the free download track exclusively available with the CD and Vinyl editions of Ian Siegal’s live album “One Night in Amsterdam”.


Album release date 9th March 2015
This album gives you a taste of the live sound in your front-room but to get the real McCoy, get out to a gig he is touring Europe and UK in March with the band click here for Tour Dates.

Track Listing
1. I Am The Train (Siegal – Candy Store Kid)
2. Brandy Balloon (Siegal – Meat & Potatoes)
3. Kingdom Come (Siegal – Broadside)
4. Introduction
5. Writing On the Wall (Stephenson
6. Introduction
7. Temporary (Raskolnikov)
8. Early Grace (Siegal – Standing In The Morning & Candy Store Kid)
9. Gallo Del Cielo (Russell)
10. Queen Junior Prom (Harrison/Siegal – Standing In The Morning)
11. Love Hurts (Bryant)
12. Please Don’t Fail Me (Lentze)

Ian Siegal: Vocals & Guitar
Dusty Ciggaar: Lead Guitar & Pedal Steel Guitar
Raphael Schwiddessen: Bass
Danny Van’t Hoff: Drums

Guest Vocals tracks 11 & 12
Joel Gaerthe
Tess Gaerthe

CD Review – Ian Siegal ~ One Night In Amsterdam


Ian Siegal
One Night In Amsterdam
Nugene Records


The second live Siegal album in a twelve months, One Night In Amsterdam, is a real treat for his fans, this album recorded at The North Sea Club with his new young band with an average age of twenty-three – featuring Dusty Ciggaar as lead guitarist whose playing is phenomenal and gives Ian the space to concentrate on the vocals and playing with the lyrics in his own style. The rhythm section is Danny Van’t Hoff playing a bass line that underpins and adds to the weight of the music and drumming with style is Raphael Schwiddessen. On the last two tracks they are joined by Joel & Tess Gaerthe from a popular Dutch indie band Ashtraynutz. The band and Ian have only been playing together for just over a year, they have a natural chemistry, intuitively coming to the fore when required they add an electric vibe to the eclectic musical choices on the album as Ian dips into his ever-growing discography and as he says on the introduction after track three “We are going to play some new songs, some old songs and some songs by great heroes of mine….”; included in the mix are tracks such as Temporary and Love Hurts that he has not played live before.

Opening with his award-winning I Am The Train, with urgency and determination and it is fast becoming a firm favourite in the many Siegal guises, with friends from Mississippi, solo or with the new band and sets the bar for the quality of the live album. This is followed by two tracks from Meat & Potatoes & Broadside respectively are Brandy Balloon and Kingdom Come which are given the new band’s approach to these two favourites; Kingdom Come is still full of attitude and has a funk-blues driven sound.

Early Grace on this album we are treated to another version slower and more considered that his Candy Store Kid re-mix and though similar to the version on Standing In The Morning it has that urgency and vivacity that a live recording has every time.

Having waited for Ian to record Gallo Del Cielo we have a new version on this album with an electric version that works so well and Dusty Ciggaar’s guitar solo is sublime so that we have nearly ten minutes of this marvellous track from the penmanship of Tom Russell given so much emotive energy by Ian and the band.
We are introduced to another fantastic track from Ripoff Raskolnikov, a songwriter of some renown, had many will recognise the track Horse Dream on Swagger; live in Amsterdam Temporary is a powerful song that suits Ian’s approach to music making every song exclusively his own, and it is Raphael’s drumming combined with Dusty’s guitar that gives this a luscious sound.
We also have Ian doing an Everly Brother’s hit, Love Hurts using the lyric line used by them, that brings down the tempo with a melodic joining of voices with Ian and Tess opening with harmonising that adds a the full gamut of emotion captured in the words and moment.
The closing track, Please Don’t Fail Me, is full of country sound, full of wistfulness, articulated by Dusty Ciggaar’s pedal steel guitar, the backing vocals from the Gaerthe siblings add a poignancy and then the yearning of Ian’s voice as he sings “… shine your light around my dark heart and give my guitar back his sound….” this is a track that closes the album leaving you wanting more, just like a live event when Ian Siegal and his band are performing.

Like a quality Bourbon Siegal distils the words and the music into a potpourri of smoky, moody delights he speeds up and slows down making every word count and rhyme and you hear the emphasis he wants as he understands the power of the wordsmith who wrote the twelve tracks given Siegal treatment tonight for One Night in Amsterdam..

This album gives you a taste of the live sound in your front-room but to get the real McCoy, get out to a gig he is touring Europe and UK in March with the band click here for Tour Dates.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

A video about making of the album and hints of what is to come when released…

Track Listing
1. I Am The Train (Siegal – Candy Store Kid)
2. Brandy Balloon (Siegal – Meat & Potatoes)
3. Kingdom Come (Siegal – Broadside)
4. Introduction
5. Writing On the Wall (Stephenson
6. Introduction
7. Temporary (Raskolnikov)
8. Early Grace (Siegal – Standing In The Morning & Candy Store Kid)
9. Gallo Del Cielo (Russell)
10. Queen Junior Prom (Harrison/Siegal – Standing In The Morning)
11. Love Hurts (Bryant)
12. Please Don’t Fail Me (Lentze)
There will be a Free Bonus track – Hard Pressed – to be unlocked via a download key with every copy of Amsterdam and available from release date 9th March


Ian Siegal: Vocals & Guitar
Dusty Ciggaar: Lead Guitar & Pedal Steel Guitar
Raphael Schwiddessen: Bass
Danny Van’t Hoff: Drums

Guest Vocals tracks 11 & 12
Joel Gaerthe
Tess Gaerthe

Ian Siegal – New Album Out 9th March & Tour Dates

IanSiegal_OneNightInAmsterdamAward-winning British songwriter, Ian Siegal, is set to release “One Night In Amsterdam”, his first full-band live album on CD and vinyl on March 9th. Released by Nugene Records, the new album dovetails Siegal’s nationwide March UK tour which kicks off at the Chester Live Rooms on March 17th. Fans can pre-order the limited edition vinyl version of the album here.

While Siegal’s 2014 album Man & Guitar showcased the award-winning British songwriter as a solo acoustic troubadour, One Night In Amsterdam flicks the power switch, marking Siegal’s first live album with a full-throttle electric band. Chalk up another first for the man who Mojo called, “One of the most innovative, gifted and engaging blues performers on the planet today.”

Siegal is able to draw on an astonishing eight-album catalogue that has scored him seven British Blues Awards in five categories (he’s also the only Brit ever to receive two nominations at the U.S. Blues Music Awards). The bar for Siegal’s live albums has been set sky-high by Man & Guitar – recently crowned Blues Album of the Year by Mojo– but from the opening notes of One Night In Amsterdam, it’s clear he’s up for the challenge. The new album includes a free bonus track Hard Pressed – unlocked via a download key available on release day, March 9th.

This is exciting second live album from Ian Siegal who in one night will deliver favourites from his repertoire including Gallo Del Ciello Brandy Balloon, I am The Train and Kingdom Come plus many more no wonder why Ian Siegal is leading the musical pack in the post-millennium.
Have listen to a sample It tells you so much more that words…..


De Kroepoekfabriek, VLAARDINGEN, NL 5 Mar
Gigant, APELDOORN, NL 6 Mar
Bibelot, DORDRECHT, NL 7 Mar
De Bosuil, WEERT, NL 8 Mar
De Studio, ANTWERP, BE 9 Mar
Tivoli de Helling, UTRECHT, NL 11 Mar
Metropool, HENGELO, NL 12 Mar

Chester Live Rooms Tuesday 17 March
Glasgow Stereo Wednesday 18 March
Aberdeen Jazz Festival Thursday 19 March
Harrogate Ripley Blues Friday 20 March
Derby Flowerpot Saturday 21 March
Scarborough Top Secret Blues Festival Sunday 22 March
Newcastle Cluny Tuesday 24 March
Bolton Railway Wednesday 25 March
Bristol Tunnels Thursday 26 March
Norwich Arts Centre Friday 27 March
London Jazz Cafe Saturday 28 March
Southampton Talking Heads Sunday 29 March

Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus @ The Flowerpot, Derby

Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus - Flowerpot Nov 2014 - DSC_3365lIan Siegal and Jimbo Mathus
The Flowerport, Derby / RAW Promo
27th November 2014



Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus - Flowerpot Nov 2014 - _0007lThe Flowerpot was packed and there was a buzz of excited anticipation for this twosome to step on stage and begin all the positive comments they have received on this tour meant we all want to hear the music for ourselves. The evening opened with Ian’s favourite warm-up number from The Dust Silver Spurs which got the hands warmed and the feet tapping in preparation for what turned-out to be a truly rip-roaring set of pure Siegal with a little bit extra from the man from Mississippi Jimbo Mathus. They met at a festival in U.S.A at North Mississippi Hill Country Picnic out of which Ian’s latest album was born Picnic Sessions.
They alternated a set full of nuggets as they flew solo and supported each other with harmonies and accompanying each other on guitar, or mandolin, harp and tambourine supplied by Jimbo. Tonight was more than the music with many tracks from Ian’s latest album Picnic Sessions, on which Jimbo played as well as his latest album Dark Night Of The Soul. It was also the informative, funny and delightful chit-chat and verbal interaction between them this was entertainment of so many levels; from left, right and centre stage!

Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus - Flowerpot Nov 2014 - _0019lHeavenly Houseboat Blues was full of fun lyrics and some heavenly slide from Jimbo, their voices really hit it off with the harmonising and the complimentary tones adding layers of sound and textures. Everyone enjoyed the tale of Ian being called overseas and how Talkin’ Overseas Pirate Blues was born certainly a song that is short but memorable, using the Woody Guthrie style talking blues with the addition of the mandolin we went from pirates of the high sea onto outlaws of the Wild West with Jesse James.

It was so interesting to hear about Mississippi and the tales that inform the lyrics with Turkey Buzzard a different bird creeping into the set and Tallahatchie a traditional Indian name that is the roots in the Mississippi landscape. Then the contrast of a traditional British song with the crowds joining in with a favourite with the crowds Mary Don’t You Weep‘ crowds in the East Midlands expect this to be included in any set Ian delivers.

Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus - Flowerpot Nov 2014 - _0080lThe Fear and Gallo Del Ciello were my highlights from Ian and definitely they compete, which is my favourite. This was an evening full of blues, a smidgen of country, lots of charm and storytelling of the highest order all too soon the evening was drawing to an end the encore was superb and unexpectedly the evening drew to the close with Dirty Ole Town and some hearty audience participation. Ian, Jimbo and guitars came to Derby and entertained us from the first to the last note blues can be such musical fun when delivered with confidence, feeling and a twist if that devil magic.

Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus - Flowerpot Nov 2014 - _0105l

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CD Review: Ian Siegal ~ The Picnic Sessions

picnicIan Siegal
The Picnic Sessions
Nugene Records

Once again award winning country/blues maestro of vocals and guitar has delivered an album that is different, very special yet 24 carat Ian Siegal in all his guises. The album recorded at Dickinson’s Zebra Ranch in the style of Mississippi Porch approach, where they sat in a semi-circle around old ribbon microphones, played and sang with the old tape machine switched on the old tape machine – Picnic Sessions is the result it is as we played and felt the music it is a natural sound reflecting the mood of the moment.

There is a mix of new, old and something blue and to the 16 tracks Bluesdoodles was delighted to hear live two from an early album Standing In The MorningHow Come You’re Still Here and Beulah Land where you can imagine sitting on a carriage with a pair of horses in hand the dust being kicked up and the sun high in the sky he paints in music and words a musical country embroidery. Love the creativity as Ian goes off piste and we have the sounds of Topol and Fiddler On The Roof, Eastern European beat and swirling of dancers around the fire then seamlessly returning to the original country tempo and beat. Then two favourites from his solo shows and recorded on Man and GuitarGallo Del Cielo and Hard Times (Come Again No More) showing the power of these two tracks and how you never hear them done quite the same way twice.

The rest of the album is new tracks including little hidden insights conversation shows how the tracks are being developed on the hoof as heard on Keen and Peachy which has a haunting sound and the first time ever hear car seat and ceviche in the same sentence.

Wasted Freedom is simple guitar and Siegal combo full of poetry of love lost and regrets that cannot be put right it is a compelling song that for me is a Siegal blues delight. There is fun on the album as well with Talkin’ Overseas Pirate Blues, with a spoken intro that is harking back to the style of talking blues and Now Its A Party with the mandolin the perfect accompaniment to create a tune that hints at dancing

This album is not all about Ian Siegal’s guitar and voice it is the musicianship of Cody Dickinson, Alvin Youngbloodheart Luther Dickinson and Jimbo Mathus. The collection of instruments played adds a quality that would never have been found if this was a studio album. It is the fact that they grabbed the nearest instrument and joined in that makes this album an unpolished gem that shines because the mastery is encompassed in the music and freedom of expression and not by magic tricks of the mixing desk and post-production wizardry.

This is not a blues album for the purist but it is a must purchase for everyone who loves free flowing live music that is a meshing of styles and tempos creating a cohesive sound that is Ian Siegal and his Merry Musicians around that virtual campfire.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN + + doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch


Ian Siegal – Lead Vocals, Guitars
Luther Dickinson – Guitar, Mandolin, Mandocello, Bass, Vocals
Alvin Youngblood Hart – Guitar, Mandolin, Harmonica, Vocals
Jimbo Mathus – Guitar, Banjo, Mandolin, Vocals
Cody Dickinson – Whoogie Board

Tour Dates – November 2014

CD Review – Ian Siegal ~ Man & Guitar

Ian SiegalIanSiegal_ManGuitar_pcksht300dpi-400x400
Man & Guitar
Nugene Records – Release date 12th May 2014 (Available at Live Shows from April 2014)

Man & Guitar the follow-up album to “The Dust” his last solo album has been long-awaited and oft ask for and here we get solo and live what a double bundle of delights; the combination makes you feel as you are almost at a live gig thanks to the witty interludes and with the lights down low and the speakers turned up it is if Ian is in your living room playing for you this album 43 minutes of pure joy.The title is a perfect description of this award-winning multi faceted musician, since it says everything you need to know or understand about Ian Siegal, he is a Man with guitar (multiple guitars in fact) who delivers his heart and soul to make every note and word have the tonal inclination so that you fall deep into the song and caught in the mesmerizing musical talent that is Ian Siegal.

The opening tracks can be found on Ian’s last solo album, “The Dust” but these are a different fresh and re-worked ‘Silver Spurs’ and ‘Mary Don’t You Weep’ which is a favourite of audiences across the land when this traditional song is given the Siegal treatment. The interludes between the songs are full of stories and Ian Siegal’s own self-deprecating cynicism, his strong opinions and the little comments about tracks being country! that make his solo shows so special. The solo re-working of ‘Mortal Coil Shuffle’ (Swagger 2007) and ‘Falling on Down’ (Meat & Potatoes 2005) with its emotionally charged storytelling. The British Blues Awards 2013 Best song – ‘I Am The Train’ is given a solo outing from British Blues Award winning album Candy Store Kid (2012) which was also nominated for Best Contemporary Blues Album in the 2013 Blues Awards and the 2013 Blues Blast Awards is a country rhythm driven track which works so well live and I am loving this solo version. The re-working of classics intertwine between his own composition demonstrating the depth, skill and versatility of a true 21st century troubadour that will not be caged in by a genre but attracted to the lyrics and makes the songs his home. ‘Pony Blues’ by Charlie Patton is played beautifully and despite his modesty… ‘Ah, I goofed it Already’ is a true demonstration of his often underrated guitar skills as this slippery open is performed with love, respect and passion a true tribute to the great blues guitarist Charlie Patton. Personally I am delighted to have the superb, stellar storytelling track of Tom Russell’s blues song ‘Gallo Del Cielo’; the rendition takes you each step of the way through the highs and eventual low of this wonderful fighting cock and then … well listen to the album go see Ian Siegal sing the song live for the ending… one day it will be happy ..

There is no doubt that “Man & Guitar” will be played often as a complete album Why? It is the next best thing to going and seeing Ian Siegel live – he is never simple a man and guitar as he brings warmth, wit and mirth combined with a tear to your eye as he delivers wonderful songs with empathy.. he is a true talent

In the words of Ian “This is all the songs from start to finish imperfections and all. I hope you like it.” – we do it is authentic Ian Siegal.. honest and true long may you continue to produce quality songs for all of us to sit back and enjoy the artistry…

Bluesdoodles gives this CD out of five doodle paws a doodle rating of
pawprint half inchpawprint half inchpawprint half inchpawprint half inchpawprint half inch


Ian Siegal Live Dates..

Ian Siegal & The Mississippi Mudbloods @ The Flowerpot, Derby

Ian Siegal and The Mississippi Mudbloods - Flowerpot - Nov 2013_0347l

For the second night running Rawpromo have a sell-out crowd for the acts they are promoting at The Flowerpot. Tonight the chatter was about Ian Siegal and the many guises he performs in and our favourite – tonight with the Mudbloods it was going to be swampy country blues delivered in Siegal’s own award winning and importantly crowd pleasing style. Tonight the Mudboods are a little bit different as ever Cody Dickinson is the stalwart master drummer full of flare, rhythm and gets the heat of the drums sounding out on the beat and adding a percussive type of sound; joining him on bass, vocals and sometimes lead guitar is fellow North Mississippi Allstar member Lightnin’ Malcolm and the third member Duane Betts on guitar producing a delightful rootsy rock sound the scene is set now for the music; they are described by Ian as the “Golden Ratio”.

It was a medley of the latest tracks from “The Skinny” & “Candy Store Kid” albums, delighting the audience as they love these tracks kicking off with ‘Kingfish‘, ‘I am The Train’ and a real good time ‘Picnic Jam‘; which got the vibe going and told everyone they were here for a good time, of zinging live music that will not be boxed and served up as aficionados of genres expect. It is all the better for that with music that has a free-form; full of great licks, superb lyrics and all instruments complimenting each other, this is live roots, blues country music at its best. Ian, as ever quickly built great rapport with the loud and excited audience and the interaction between the musicians on stage showed they enjoyed each other’s company and were here to play and have fun. Lightnin’ Malcolm took centre stage on lead guitar for a couple of numbers allowing anyone in the audience who has not heard him before to listen to his beautiful vocals, great guitar skills, he is a great songwriter and his solo album, “Rough Out There” is anything but rough! The opening track of the album ‘Workin” really suits his voice and guess who filled the gap as bass player! Why the multi-talented Ian Siegal who now adds another string to his bow as a pretty mean bass player. Ian Siegal and The Mississippi Mudbloods - Flowerpot - Nov 2013_0248l Then another swap round of instruments and the set list played on with the songs we all love including ‘So Much Trouble‘ written by Lightnin’ Malcolm and tonight sung and played by Ian who demonstrated what a great wordsmith Malcolm is. This was a stage of four equally talented musicians and this shone through on every track. Duane’s silky guitar licks added a different tone to the sound with a rocky edge firmly planted in swampy southern blues sound and the interaction between his and Ian’s guitar was special and this duo has the potential of being something exceptional – we want to hear more. Ian Siegal and The Mississippi Mudbloods - Flowerpot - Nov 2013_0294lWhat has now become a bit of a signature number when Ian plays with a band is the tremendous track ‘Hard Pressed’ from his “Broadside” album; he breaks of to do a tribute to Prince with snippets form various Prince tracks around the main thread of ‘Sign O’ The Times‘ then effortlessly back into ‘Hard Pressed’ showing the adept mastery of Ian and the band shaping and re-interpreting the tracks you love so you are always kept on your proverbial listening toes! The music played on and the lyrics washed over the appreciative audience and all too soon they were leaving the stage, an encore and then the stage fell silent and the audience reflected in the stupendous show of live music they had just had the privilege of witnessing. Ian Siegal’s stylish playing reminded everyone who loves the modern blues scene that he is definitely the best Blue’s performer this side of the Atlantic – Ian is the A.P. McCoy of British Blues and we want to see him time and time again in any of his guises, none of them boring as he produces the full spectrum of musical colours and textures for our delight.

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You will not have to wait long as he is back in a new guise Siegal Electric Band
13 Nov – PEER, Belgium @ 8pm 
14 Nov – W2, DEN BOSCH, Netherlands<a href=", AMERSFOORT, Netherlands @ 8pm
15 Nov – De Kelder, AMERSFOORT, Netherlands @ 8.30pm
16 Nov – Porgy en Bess, TERNEUZEN, Netherlands @ 9.30pm
17 Nov – Qbus, LEIDEN, Netherlands @ 8.30pm
18 Nov – Trix, ANTWERP, Belgium 7.30pm
19 Nov – Blues Sur Seine, PARIS, France

20 Nov – Borderline, LONDON, UK – 7pm
22 Nov – Met BURY, UK 8pm
23 Nov – Redcar R&B Club, REDCAR, UK 8pm  
24 Nov – Astor Theatre, DEAL, UK 7.30pm