Ladies Of The Blues Connie, Kyla, Erja Together 2018

Ladies Of The Blues Connie, Kyla, Erja Together 2018

Ladies Of The Blues Connie, Kyla, Erja Together 2018



Three Queens of the Blues come together across England to sing the blues.  Connie Lush, Kyla Brox & Erja Lyytinen all on one stage at a venue to bring the power of vocals, guitar and flute. Melding the blues to entertain you.

With superb albums and the power of bringing music that touches the soul. As The Ladies of the Blues Kyla, Connie, Erja together 2018 with mascara, smiles and the joy of playing live music.


Bluesdoodles has heard this talented threesome many times but never before on one stage it is going to be blues with smiles, laughs and gin.

Erja Lyytinen Exciting Blues Ensures Listeners Stolen Hearts






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Exclusive UK Tour 2018

Wednesday 21st March WHITBY Pavilion Theatre
Thursday 22nd March COVENTRY The Albany Theatre
Friday 23rd March LONDON Under The Bridge
Saturday 24th March LINCOLN Alive
Sunday 25th March DURHAM  Gala Theatre
Tuesday 27th March BURY ST EDMUNDS The Apex
Wednesday 28th March BRISTOL The Tunnels
Thursday 29th March KEIGHLEY The Octagon
Friday 30th March SOUTHPORT The Atkinson


Tickets available NOW – From Venues, or All Cards 01472 349222 or Solid Entertainments 


Ladies Of The Blues Connie, Kyla, Erja Together 2018







Throw Away Your Blues, Listening To Kyla Brox You Will

Throw Away Your Blues, Listening To Kyla Brox You Will

Throw Away Your Blues,
Listening To Kyla Brox You Will


One thing is true Kyla Brox singing will lift the spirits any day of the year.  This is an album where the blue is Midnight Blue with the nap and resilience of velvet.  Kyla’s vocals on all fourteen tracks that combine to make Throw Away Your Blues an album to treasure is velvety smooth with textures and shading that keeps the ears firmly in-tune with her soulful singing.

This, Throw Away Your Blues is Kyla’s sixth studio album, has her band performing to the flick of her hair, and meaningful stare they are putty at the feet of Kyla’s purity and raw talent. The band has a timing that allows the voice to shine but never harshly dominate, the music blends and shades the lyrics. Her music and life partner Danny Blomeley along with Paul Farr and herself wrote the tracks that fit her style and allows the band to explore all the contours of blues and soul.

Opening with If I See Him, Kyla sings a capella the breathing and power drags you smiling into the album, the vocal bar is raised very high indeed. Then the band joins the musical party with a grinding melodic beat adding harshness and anger to the question being asked. The shaping and timing of her phrasing is superb as she sings ‘tell him that I am breaking’ the despair is immense. The flute from Kyla is a lightness in the shading a glimmer of hope and sorrow. After all that emotion the blues is pure in Lifting the Blues and the Paul Farr guitar work is spellbinding as the undercurrent of the words sung with breath-taking beauty.

The opening by John Ellis’ Hammond organ leads you into the third track Beautiful Day and a change again in delivery, texture and tone. This is music that strokes your senses, has all the warm of a sensual women tinged with the raw animosity of a caged cat.  Throw Away Your Blues sings Kyla Brox her style is as smooth as midnight velvet. The husky tones of Kyla on Road Home would encourage everyone to drive straight to the front door with no deviations this is slow blues that gently massages and soothes your troubled soul. Then a change of tempo curling flute from Kyla and an up-beat dancing rhythm as she says I’m leaving you to run our home. This is blues with modern attitude this lady will walk out the door if her work in running a home is not appreciated. Listen up and say an appreciative word to those who Run Your Home. Blues is full of textured fun, chores are just mundane

We are back with stylish guitar driven blues with Honestly Blues as this album full of style draws to a close.  Throughout the production, the spaces and timing has been immaculate. Never does the voice battle the guitar or vice versa, the whole package is effortless harmony. The beat picks up vocal tone is deeper and the rhythm has a feet tapping quality as 365 days are explored the blues, anger and despair of a woman who endures 365 days a year of  where nothing changes.   The guitar lead break is searing as if the words of Kyla have had no effect on his freedom. Closing with a love song we are left with the lingering pleasure of Kyla singing I Will Love You More. I know this is an album you will love more and more with every listen.

Kyla is the British blues queen, her vocal range and textured shaping of lyrics with emotions are earth-shattering in their power and emotive draw.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


Kyla Brox – Throw Away Your Blues – Independent OUT April 16th 2016

Track Listing

  1. If You See Him
  2. Lifting The Blues
  3. Beautiful Day
  4. When We’re Alone
  5. Choose Me
  6. Road Home
  7. Run Our Home
  8. Ain’t Got Time
  9. Change Your Mind
  10. Song For The Lonely
  11. Lovin’ Your Love
  12. Honestly Blues
  13. 365
  14. I Will Love You More

Kyla Brox Live ….At Last

download (6)Kyla Brox
Live ….At Last
Pigskin Records

This double helping of Kyla Brox with the added dimension of the live sound will please Kyla’s many fans and without doubt win her many more as this album receives the airplay it surely deserves. The opening CD is a laid back, cut down and intimate acoustic set with the second CD featuring Kyla with her multi-talented band; it really is the best of both worlds. Some of the tracks you will recognise from previous releases but these are live versions that have that raw energy of a live performance. Kyla’s vocals are the star of the show whether sultry and low, freeform and jazzy or bluesy she oozes class and vocal dexterity and on top of that she plays a pretty mean flute showcased on ‘What’s Left On The Table’ and ‘Don’t Mess With My Man’. On the acoustic offering Kyla is provided with a musical bedrock of Danny Bromley – Acoustic Guitar and Tony Marshall – Saxophone who add tonal texture and shape throughout the first album. The solo from Danny on ‘Working On Your Love’ is raw with emotion and reflects the soulfulness of Kyla’s vocals. The spoken interaction from Kyla makes you feel in the room and you feel the surprise Kyla does as Danny takes control of the set-list with ‘Love Too Much’ and finding the stand out track is impossible but ‘Do I Move You’ is very special and love the interaction with the audience, Kyla’s voice, flute, guitar and sax are melded together in harmonious perfection. The self penned ‘Gone’ is emotionally special and the perfect track to bring this stylish acoustic live CD to a close.

The second album recorded live at The Great British R&B Festival in Colne in 2012 sees electric being plugged into the full band, Danny now on Bass; John Ellis – Keys; Paul Farr – Electric Guitar and Rick Weedon – Drums opening with a jazzy Hammond-driven ‘Ball and Chain’ as the full sound pours from your speakers as Kyla demonstrates how to hold a long note. ‘Grey Sky Blue’ live is very special with the cool intro that characterises their sky that is grey blue, this is blues that her band excels in laid back and emotionally charged with layers of sounds that showcases the vocal range of Kyla’s vocals. ‘Shaken and Stirred’ is definitely funky with the addition of special guest Franny Eubank on harmonica adds to this rendition. This album is full of rockin’ beats and the last two tracks just pour more and more icing in the cake… with ‘At Last’ and then the encore ‘Wang Dang Doodle’, when the trick up Kyla’s sleeve is the master Victor Brox. This is a duo of albums that are musically alive and draw you in they really are a listening experience as we all know that Live music is just magic… Kyla captures the magic and shares with you every note on this double album so sit back and enjoy again and again…

SEVEN and a Half ……… pawprint half inch