Kris Barras Announcing New Album Divine and Dirty

Kris Barras Announcing New Album Divine and Dirty


Kris Barras Announcing New Album Divine and Dirty

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Kris Barras a former Mixed Martial Artist Kris, definitely enjoys a challenge. The singer or guitarist has fought in front of 8000 people, lived it up in Las Vegas, dealt with bankruptcy, suffered a deep and personal loss, unleashed southern-fried blues fury on stages across Europe and been voted one of the best 13 Blues Guitarists in the World Right Now in 2017.

He picked up the guitar and took up martial arts as a child. After playing in bands throughout his teens he became disillusioned. He had toured the east coast of the USA twice and recorded an album in Philadelphia but struggled to get to the next level. By his early 20s, offers for fights were coming thick and fast. Music took a backseat as he travelled the world to compete in tournaments, winning 14 out of 17 fights and even settling to live in Las Vegas and Thailand. “People used to think I was crazy to be fighting in cages, risking damage to my hands,” he says. “Truth is though, I always enjoyed it and found that the fighting world offered me more opportunities than the music industry. I got to fight in front of 8000 people in Asia, I would’ve much rather have played to them instead of getting punched in the face.”

Bluesdoodles having reviewed Lucky 13,  the follow-up to his self-titled album it has always been the rocking blues urgency that stands out, Once again Kris hits the right pace, the guitar is smooth as polished wood with a patina of deep emotions to keep you interested… An album that will never gather dust on the shelf. It is blues that make you glad that you listened to Lucky 13. So we are delighted and wait with eager anticipation to hear and review Divine and Dirty his first release since signing with Mascot Group Label in November.

It is Kris Barras personal drive at the heart of the new album, The Divine And Dirty, The title refers to the good and the bad within us all, the album encapsulates everything Barras has been through to this point. Going to be a wonderful guitar fuelled journey of eclectic styles and pure entertainment.

Produced by Josiah J Manning at Momentum Studios, Plymouth, ambition bleeds from every pore of The Divine And Dirty. It follows a triumphant year for Barras who in 2017 embarked on his first European tour, calling at Norway, Germany, Slovakia, Poland, Lithuania and jubilant sets at his biggest ever shows at RAWA Blues Festival (Poland) and Ramblin’ Man Fair last summer with his band; Josiah J Manning (Keyboards), Elliott Blackler (Bass) and Will Beavis (Drums).

Kris Barras Announcing New Album Divine and Dirty

Everything is primed to propel The Kris Barras Band to even greater heights in 2018. He has the songs, the talent and the ambition to take on the scene’s biggest hitters. And armed with this kind of passion and dedication, they are coming out swinging. Stand back – rock has a new hero.

The Divine And Dirty – Track Listing
1. Kick Me Down
2. Hail Mary
3. I Don’t Owe Nobody Nothing
4. Propane
5. Wrong Place, Wrong Time
6. Lovers Or Losers
7. She’s More Than Enough
8. Stitch Me Up
9. Hold On For Tomorrow
10. Blood On Your Hands
11. Watching Over Me

Kris Barras Tour Dates 2018


Kris Barras Announcing New Album Divine and Dirty

Tour Dates
23 March – The Wharf, Tavistock
24 March – The Palladium, Bideford
27 March – The Comrades Club, Coulsdon
28 March – Ypres Tavern, Sittingbourne
29 March – The Iron Road, Evesham
30 March – Yardbirds Club, Grimsby
31 March – Aatma, Manchester
04 April – Haven Club, Oxford
05 April – The Face Bar, Reading
06 April – The Warehouse, Harrogate
07 April – The Supporter’s Club, West Hartlepool
08 April – Fuel, Cardiff
13 April – The Musician, Leicester
14 April – HRH Blues O2 Academy, Sheffield
18 May – The AbertillerBlues and Rock Festival, Abertillery
15 June – LoveRocks Festival, Ferndown
01 July – Ramblin’ Man Fair, Maidstone

So much excitement with the news of Kris Barras Announcing New Album Divine and Dirty plus lots of opportunities to see the band live at venues and festivals!

Kris Barras Announcing New Album Divine and Dirty

Lucky 13 Kris Barras Band Ain’t Superstitious

Lucky 13 Kris Barras Band  Ain’t Superstious

Lucky 13 Kris Barras Band Ain’t Superstitious

Follow up album to 2015’s Self-titled the Kris Barras Band are back with a second album. Luck 13, builds on the sound this is full of the combination of Kris Barras vocals and emotive blues guitar with a the zing of rock. The trio has become a quartet with the addition of Martin Vowles on keys which adds another textural interest. This means that, when combined with special guest Phoebe Lons vocals and blues-harp from Simo Lane, there is enough blues attitude to excite. Anyone who has seen Kris Barras Band live over the last thirteen years will recognize the numbers as they have been part of the set lists long before this visit to the studio. This gives the music a feeling of permanency the tunes and lyrics have a comfortable worn feel that comes with familiarity as does a confidence about how to shape each phrase.

With its eleven tracks Lucky 13 rattles and rolls the blues with a twirl and a swirl of rhythms. Opening with Heart On Your Sleeve, Kris’s vocals growl and emotions are raw contrasting with the up-tempo harp and guitar and rock anthem chorus ensures this catchy number stays in your music head and definitely gets you into the album and ready to hear more. The blues is strong deep and the Devon Delta curls through I Got Time, the beat is swampy and the number has soul embedded deep in the heart of blues you want to sit back and enjoy. The blues flows with more, you can never have too much of Kris Barras’ strat that wends and winds itself around the melody with consummate ease and pleasure. I Can’t Help You Now with its machine gun drumming and the backing vocals of Phoebes again is an ear worm that stays lingering in your musical senses. This album is drenched in blues and the rocky elements add grit to the sound. I’m Gone is full of southern heat and spice infectious and very very tasty. Tearing Me Apart with Phoebe’s vocals and Kris’s guitar is harmony personified. She adds another shading of sound to the album and this is the perfect track to lift the album half way through. Fast guitar and a pace that gets the blood rushing the feet pounding and for many the dance floor would beckon. This is blues with a country edge and it is fun I loved Small Town Blues’ defiant attitude and the honky tonk piano rocked. No blues album is complete without a visit by the devil. Blues with a rocking urgency leaves the album with energy and verve as Kris sings Devil’s Done Alright By Me.

Once again Kris, hits the right pace, the guitar is smooth as polished wood with a patina of deep emotions to keep you interested. The harmonica adds the deepest shading of blues and Phoebe’s vocals add another texture. An album that will never gather dust on the shelf. It is blues that make you glad that you listened to Lucky 13.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


Kris Barras BandLucky 13 – Independent

Track Listings

  1. Heart On Your Sleeve
  2. I Got Time
  3. Rock ‘n Roll running through my veins
  4. I can’t help you now
  5. I’m Gone
  6. Nothing to hide
  7. Tearing me apart
  8. Big city lights
  9. Small Town Blues
  10. Too dumb To Care
  11. Devil’s done alright by me

CD Review: Kris Barras Band ~ Kris Barras Band

krisbarrasbandKris Barras Band
Kris Barras Band



True Rock/Blues that springs into action on Never Too Late sums up Kris Barras Band as they deliver a self-titled debut album of eight tracks full of dark emotions and cries of anguish. This is blues with sharp edges the vocals have a rough primeval texture that growls and works around the stinging rhythms and guitar licks that squeal and drive the tracks home. This is a British Blues band that is delivering a modern sound of blues that rocks with control and the knowledge that less is often more as subtle guitar hooks are not left to hang out to fade but picked up and expanded by the vocals that want the lyrics to be heard. Opening with a track driven so that you instinctively turn up the volume as the foot stomping riffs captivate, then sit back to enjoy the rocky road that this band as going to take you on. In Too Deep has a raw energy that defines Rock Blues full of depth of churning beat and a tempo that is racing in time with your heart beat, it is the rhythm section, drummer Jon Perrin and Ricky Mitchell on bass that defines the number. The blues shine through on Watching Over Me and then Rocky Road that has a lightness of touch with a tempo that sis like the bouncing ball highlighting the vocals that Kris delivers crisp and clear with his distinctive rasp and the guitar solo is stinging with musical assertiveness that rocks you to your core and sends electric shivers up your spine. The album has a stinging pace that is never hurried but there is an urgency that gets the adrenalin going with I Don’t Want The Blues puling blues chords into a rocking and rollicking medley of fun as Kris Barras and his band close the album with Crank Up is a track that leaves you immersed in the music and the screaming blues driven rock leaves you knowing you have listened to a debut album where the collective talent of the band has delivered rock blues with interest and you want to hear more from Kris Barras Band.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Never Too Late
2. In Too Deep
3. Watching Over Me
4. Rocky Road
5. Rise
6. It Is What It Is
7. I Don’t Want the Blues
8. Crank Up