Kirk Fletcher and Friends turn The Tunnels Blue

Kirk Fletcher and Friends turn The Tunnels Blue


Kirk Fletcher and Friends turn The Tunnels Blue

Sunday night in Bristol. Kirk Fletcher and Friends turn The Tunnels Blue.  The Sunday night buzz was full of warmth as friends and lovers of live music came together. This was our Sunday experience of light, music and being uplifted.


With Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue opening the night there was a real feeling of Déjà vu.  Why? They opened for Kirk Fletcher at The Tunnels last year. The difference was that I was in the audience. Last year a series of road chaos and other unplanned issues meant we never got to see the show! This year we left in plenty of time. Curse of roadworks around Newport struck again. The minutes ticking by with no progress would we fail for the second year running? After an hour of stop/very slow-moving the road cleared. We arrived with minutes to spare. Result!

Tonight Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue, the trio that delights their many fans in Bristol, were joined by Phil Quinn on keys adding another dimension.  Ruzz, Zachery and Joe managed to find space on the stage ready and waiting for Kirk.  The crowded stage did nothing to curtail the steaming tempo from the band that plays foot tapping rock n’ roll the interest is maintained with Texas Blues, with some slower numbers mixed in. The guitar in Ruzz’s hand was on fire with the energy that was warming the audience with the love of live music and building the anticipation of Kirk Fletcher later in the evening. Closing out the accomplished, crowd-pleasing set making rocking fun the order of the day this Sunday evening.

Kirk Fletcher and Friends turn The Tunnels BlueNow for the Kirk Fletcher moment. His surname takes us back to an age when arrows were made by the fletcher. Tonight the arrow sharpness and direction took us deep into the Blues. Fletcher maker of arrow flights tonight Kirk took us on a flight of blues delight. What an evening it was full of glorious live music that moved you. Kirk has surrounded himself with some of the UK’s best. With Westley Johnstone on drums, Jonny Henderson in complete control of his Hammond and Dudley Ross adding to the guitar sound. Kirk plugged his guitar straight into the 633 amp. The sound was clean and bright. The tone that defines Kirk Fletcher. The set flowed with a freedom as he and the band hit the ground running with Hip Hugger through to the last notes of the encore Rock With Me. Kirk’s riffs and licks purr as he makes the music shimmer. When you go to Kirk Fletcher a night of blues quality is assured. Tonight he stepped up the tone, tempo and energy he was inspired. The instrumental version of I’d Rather Go Blind was simply sublime. What a beautiful interpretation. His guitar wept and Jonny’s Hammond delivered the anguish which was pulled together by Dudley’s guitar shaping the melody.

As Dudley took some time out we were treated to a jam full of jazz chords and blues licks as Denny Ilett stepped onto the stage. The interaction between Denny & Jonny was magical as Kirk filled in the spaces with licks of glorious definition and tone. Breath-taking live music.

Interspersed with funk and shuffles we were taken on a journey through the tonal textures and sonics that pulled the band together and the audience stepped on board with enthusiasm. Live music doesn’t get much better.  Tonight was a night that will remain etched in the memory. Glad you were there never to be repeated solid gold performance. A real privilege to have been in the audience. Kirk Fletcher just gets better and better every time I see him live I am left amazed. Blown away by the quality of the guitar. Kirk is still on tour I thoroughly recommend catch him before he returns to the USA.

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Tonight, was a celebration of the power of the guitar flexing its vocal depths as the six-strings celebrated the blues full of the complexity of tone, mood and emotional connection the audience tonight as Kirk Fletcher and Friends turn The Tunnels Blue.


Kirk Fletcher and Friends turn The Tunnels Blue


Kirk Fletcher and Friends turn The Tunnels Blue


Blues Shone Bright at Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival

Blues Shone Bright at Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival

Blues Shone Bright at Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival 2017

Colston Hall was buzzing to the sound of live music from the Foyer, through The Lantern and into the Main Stage. Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival has become a regular event in music lovers diaries from Bristol and beyond with its sparkling mix of Jazz & Blues.

Bluesdoodles dipped into the weekend for a Smörgåsbord of blues on offer, from Sari Schorr to Mud Morganfield and we had listening fun and the magic of live music, festival delights of food, beer and meeting and making friends.

Blues Shone Bright at Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival 2017Blues Shone Bright at Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival 2017

Thursday Night Double Header


Sari Schorr & The Engine Room

The Lantern shone bright as Lorna took the vocal lead for Northsyde and their distinctive blending of blues, funk twisted with the free flow of blues jam tradition weaving in the Allman Brothers and a rocky edge…………………….

No gentle warm up with Sari and her band, she hit the ground running and the tension power and sheer beauty of live music just kept coming. The set list was dominated by tracks from her critically acclaimed debut album Force Of Nature. The album title perfectly describes Sari’s voice it is a true force of nature. Read more HERE

Triple Blues Power Saturday.

Whilst we waited we were treated to Bristol based Elles Bailey in the Foyer deliver blues with power and emotion not surprisingly the applause was warm and loud after every number.

Robben ford was the first act on the main stage today, as blues touched the soul of Jazz we heard a trio on top form as Jonny Henderson’s Hammond and Evan Jenkins drumming provided the support for Robben’s vocals and glorious guitar.

No one would argue, Robben Ford was on fire this afternoon for the Bristol Jazz &
Blues Festival. This was a masterclass in blues guitar playing full of timing, emotion and the soul that makes blues blend and bend around the lyrics. Read More HERE

With a short gap, we had time to eat and chat and listen t the music flowing through the venue this is what a festival is all about what every the weather the music is the force that binds us all.

The next double helping of blues from two renowned artists Kirk Fletcher former lead guitarist of The Fabulous Thunderbirds. Followed by Mud Morganfield, bringing to Bristol the legacy of his father Mud Morganfield.

Kirk Fletcher – The set was smooth a cocktail of blues guitar with a new song included with Kirk exploring the eternal question Wish I Had The Answer. This is blues that is full of the whole palette and warmed the hall up for the second helping on the double bill Mud Morganfield………..

The blues were hollered up in every shade with lead breaks and play from all the instruments in turn as hooks for Mud’s vocals as he delivered his father’s catalogue of classics. Mud Morganfield is the legacy that keeps the legend live on stages across the world. We definitely got our Mojo Working, as we met the Seventh Son and left with the Backdoor Man. Read More HERE

Photo Galleries captured the moment:-

Northsyde – HERE
Sari Schorr – HERE
Robben Ford – HERE
Kirk Fletcher – HERE
Mud Morganfield – HERE

Blues Shone Bright at Bristol Jazz & Blues Festival 2017

Double Bill of Blues Delights, Kirk Fletcher Then Mud Morganfield

Muddy Waters re-visited at Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival

Double Bill of Blues Delights, Kirk Fletcher Then
Mud Morganfield

Memories and the music that is the sound portrait of his father. More Blues within the jazz with a double bill of blues delights, Kirk Fletcher followed by Mud Morganfield. Starting the late afternoon helping of the blues, Kirk Fletcher with Jonny Henderson on Hammond and Matt Brown on drums.

Muddy Waters re-visited at Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival The second trio of the afternoon, again like Robben Ford earlier, there is no bass player. Who needs a bass player when you have Jonny Henderson’s left-hand prowess. For anyone who says the blues sounds the same come and listen to Robben Ford followed by Kirk Fletcher, two trios with the guitarist and vocalist the main attraction, both from the USA; inspired by the roots of the blues from the Cottonfields of the Southern states of America. Kirk Fletcher is more intense dripping in blues licks, soul and emotion. Kirk Fletcher recognised by many as an outstanding blues player, having been lead guitarist for four years with The Fabulous Thunderbirds and as part of the Joe Bonamassa sound. Everyone, who loves the blues was saddened to hear the death of blues harmonica maestro James Cotton, it was no surprise that Kirk dedicated a number to him.

Double Bill of Blues Delights, Kirk Fletcher Then Mud MorganfieldAs the afternoon morphed into early evening no-one was running out of the hall as Kirk played Run, Run, Run. With a new album in the pipeline joining his four previous albums, a live one and three in the studio; we had a preview with a number dedicated to Stevie Ray Vaughan a stylish instrumental that blended the trio together. The afternoon set consisted of tracks from his repoitoire made alive with the power and energy of a quality jam as Jonny and Matt took up the blues challenge laid down by Kirk’s dynamic guitar playing. If you didn’t know you would have thought they had played together for years, rather than just for the festival as he heads off to Europe for a tour.  The good news is he is back in the UK in the autumn and will definitely be back in Bristol at The Tunnels. The set was smooth a cocktail of blues guitar with a new song included with Kirk exploring the eternal question Wish I Had The Answer. This is blues that is full of the whole palette and warmed the hall up for the second helping on the double bill Mud Morganfield.

Double Bill of Blues Delights, Kirk Fletcher Then Mud MorganfieldAs the band supporting Mud filled the stage it was the first harmonica, first bass and first grand piano, as we settled to enjoy the reliving of the blues power of Muddy Waters through his son Mud Morganfield brought up in Chicago by his mother and uncles, his father Muddy was an occasional visitor. He did not take up music despite being surrounded by music growing up until after his father’s death in 1983. Following a dream he decided to swap truck driving to being a professional blues singer with his vocals instantly recognisable in the similarity to downtown finger clicking Chicago blues as Mud Morganfield shared memories whilst creating a sound portrait of his father this is so much more than a tribute it is the reenactment, as near to the real deal as is humanly possible. We also had the first slide guitar of the day and it was deliciously sharp as Mud was dancing to the beat much to the delight of Colston Hall this evening.

Double Bill of Blues Delights, Kirk Fletcher Then Mud MorganfieldThe blues were hollered up in every shade with lead breaks and play from all the instruments in turn as hooks for Mud’s vocals as he delivered his father’s catalogue of classics. Mud Morganfield is the legacy that keeps the legend live on stages across the world. We definitely got our Mojo Working, as we met the Seventh Son and left with the Backdoor Man. The musicianship was fantastic and we all left with the soul of Muddy’s legacy ringing in our ears as we moved on to the next act at the Bristol Jazz and Blues Festival.


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Blues Joins The Jazz Party in Bristol Festival 2017

Blues Joins The Jazz Party in Bristol Festival 2017

Blues Joins The Jazz Party in Bristol Festival 2017


Blues Joins The Jazz Party in Bristol Festival 2017From the 16th – 19th March Colston Hall is buzzing with lovers of live music with a mix of Jazz and a sprinkling of shimmering Blues.

People flock to the Lantern, Main Hall and while they wait can sip a coffee, enjoy refreshment to the acts playing in the foyer. Opportunity for Bristolians to meet friends and gain a musical Spring to their ears.  Did I mention dressing up in finery and Jiving it all happens over this joyous weekend.

If you think you know jazz and blues, you’re probably wrong! If you love music, you’ll love Bristol International Jazz & Blues Festival. We’ve dipped into every genre and traversed the globe to bring you a line-up dedicated to the incredible musical legacy of jazz and blues.

Check out the full line-up of varied music HERE

A Trio of Blues Acts will excite with the energy and musicianship.

Thursday 16th March – The Lantern: Colston Hall

Double Bill: Sari Schorr & The Engine Room and Northsyde

New Yorker Sari Schorr with the her Engine Room is taking the world by a storm. Her Album Force Of Nature. With a voice that jolted legendary blues producer Mike Vernon (think Mac, Clapton and Bowie) out of retirement, it’s not hard to see why. The Engine Room is a musical powerhouse featuring the legendary blues guitarist Innes Sibun.

Northsyde has a vocalist Lorna, a true singing phenomenon and a Storytellers Daughter  fronting the band. Completing the Northsyde quartet  guitarist, Jules Fothergill and longtime friend Left-handed Ian Mauricio’s  unusual style (he strings the bass upside down) combined with Haydn  Doyle’s forceful grooves give the band a sound unlike anyone else on the rock and blues circuit today. Left-handed Mauricio’s unusual style (he strings the bass upside down) combined with Doyle’s forceful grooves give the band a sound unlike anyone else on the rock and blues circuit today. Bluesdoodles loved Story Tellers Daughter.


Tickets Available HERE

Saturday 18th March 2017 – Hall One: Colston Hall 

Robben Ford – 13.00 – 14.30

Robben Ford five-time Grammy nominated stage and studio legend back to his earliest roots as a performer, playing blues on hs current album Into The Sun; showcasing his distinctive guitar style that ensures Robben stands out from the crowd this weekend in Bristol.


Double Bill: Mud Morganfield and  KirkFletcher  16.30 – 18.50

What a stunning combination the voice of Mud Morganfield the first-born son of Muddy Waters – undisputed King of Blues  – was naturally drawn to music from an early age but it wasn’t until three years after his father’s death that he decided to pursue it as a career. He’s been wowing audiences worldwide with his charismatic brand of Chicago blues ever since. Mud is a tribute to his father’s memory and a fantastic songwriter in his own right. He’ll spend much of 2017 in the studio working on a new album, but not before doing us the honour of gracing our stage with his talent.

The guitar of Kirk Fletcher, creating licks, riffs and lead breaks infused with blues and darkened with soul. Raised on gospel and R&B, but equally influenced by the likes of Hendrix and Steely Dan, a rich mix of sounds informs the depth and quality of tone you can hear in both his guitar and his voice today.

Kirk spent three years as lead guitarist for legendary blues-rock band The Fabulous Thunderbirds before going solo and has now released one live and three studio albums with a fourth hotly anticipated and on its way. We’re extremely excited to welcome him.

 “Kirk is hands-down one of the best blues guitarists in the world.” Joe Bonamassa


Tickets available HERE

Blues Full of Grit Grease & Tears with Deb Ryder

Blues Full of Grit Grease & Tears with Deb Ryder

Blues Full of Grit Grease & Tears with Deb Ryder

Blues hits the airwaves from the opening chords from Mike Fiinigan’s keys on Ain’t Gonna Be Easy through to the stomping Right Side of The Grass, confirm the power of combining Organ, bass and Drum with Deb’s vocals steering the music through to the home straight. The blues glue that holds the album together is the vocal power and energy of Deb Ryder who delivers her compositions with a fever that ignites your internal blues radar.  Grit Grease & Tears is her third album and the band around her is definitely impressive on paper and on the album they are stunning the collective talent honed and fused into licks, riffs and interludes that embrace Deb’s deep and dirty vocals.  The album has a freshness the tracks are new and the musicians enjoyment is evident throughout the album shines through like a ray of sunshine on a dull and grey day.

The energy of the opening number picks up as the band Get A Little Steam Up, this track is smoking as Sugar Ray Rayford joins in the duet and the funk is getting a head of steam to drive the blues devils into a frenzy with the pairing of guitarists Kirk Fletcher and Johnny Lee Schell. Not heard harmonica, well that is now blowing fine In a Blink Of An Eye, as Pieter Van Der Pluijm brings his distinctive harp sound to the party.

No one can argue that Dirt, Grit & Grease is not hot, dirty crammed full of blues vibes that excites; and the title track is an invitation to put your foot on the throttle. The tempo is more measured and there is a hurt in the vocals as Deb sings I can’t cry anymore. The horns once again add to the emotional depths of the track, a track that sends shivers down the spine as your music nerves connect to the song.

Deb Ryder has crafted an album with shape and purpose with slower tracks such as Lord Knows I Do nestled in her voice is a soothing balm for a troubled soul with this number. Full of warmth and sensuous as blue velvet full of soulfulness, with drums that are the perfect punctuation for the vocals and keys. Deb talks directly to you with New Mechanic (Patrick’s Blues) this is a situation vacant and you better have lots of energy skills and be ready to bow to this singer’s orders.  A traditional double entendre blues number what is said and meant are definitely not the same on the rhythm driven number with the power of drummer Tony Braugnel and Ric Ryder’s Bass.

The shape of the blues changes again as gospel is pulled into Rivers of Forgiveness full of harmonies and sharpness of Bob Corritore’s harp suiting the number perfectly; a harmonious number with a sting in its blues tail.

Deb Ryder’s Grit Grease & Tears, brings blues to your heart and ears, thanks to strong composition and the collection of talent that ensures the vocals shine and shape the album with a dozen tracks that defines the many shades of blues today.


Deb Ryder – Grit Grease & Tears – BEJEB Music

NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Ain’t Gonna Be Easy
  2. Get A Little Steam Up
  3. Blink Of An Eye
  4. Grit Grease & Tears
  5. Sweet Mary Anne
  6. Lord Knows I Do
  7. Panic Mode
  8. Just Her Nature
  9. New Mechanic (Patrick’s Blues)
  10. Right Side Of The Grass

Three Blues Kings Saluted by Joe Bonamassa

Three Blues Kings Saluted by Joe Bonamassa


Three Blues Kings Saluted
by  Joe Bonamassa




Another month and another Joe Bonamassa album. Now you have Live At The Greek Theatre an evening of tribute to the Three Kings to add to your collection. Unleashed tonight as Bonamassa captured those signature licks and lead breaks. This is a blues masterclass for a guitarist that understands the very DNA of electric blues combined with a phalanx of musicians adding layer upon layer of luscious sound.

Accompanying Joe on this sumptuous mix of DVD and CDs are Anton Fig on drums and adding to the rhythm groove bassist Michael Rhodes. The next layer added to the sound is the magical blues guitar of Kirk Fletcher and the sound of chords from the keys by the sensational Reese Wynans. Joe Bonamassa want’s a deep, expansive sound so now we have soul in the shape of the horn section Lee Thornburg’s trumpet , trombone from Nick Lan and the final piece of the horn jigsaw saxophonist Paulie Cerra. Let’s add some texture to the vocals with backing singers Mahalla Barnes, Jade McRae & Juanita who bring gospel into the mix.

You could say something about every one of the 22 tracks as Joe matches the guitar and instrumentation mix to augment the sound of the Blues Kings.  Joe Bonamassa’s presence grows as he picks up the guitar and connects to the blues. Electric blues full of Joe B’s passion for the sound he personifies he is living and breathing the sound and vibe.

Highlights are many in fact the whole concert is a masterpiece in how to give the old masters of the blues new life.  Early on I groaned – not Freddie’s King Going Dow again, there are too many interpretations already. I had to eat my thoughts this was Freddie Electric! Reese Wynans keys just sparkled through the licks and riffs. The flying V got into the blues with  Albert King’s I Get Evil, that evil feel was caught by the horns and flying fingers of Reese.  Jim Reeves’ Ole Time Religion, part of BB King’s sings spiritual the backing singers open and add to the fervent blues vibe along with Joe’s vocals and one of the three Gibson ES’s used during the live concert. Into this tantalising mix of the greats of early electric blues we have Oh Pretty Woman, and Cadillac Assembly Line just to whet your appetite for a fitting emotional rendition of the works of Albert, Freddie and BB’s the Three Kings by Joe Bonamassa.

Throughout the DVD the guitar from Kirk Fletcher adds to the emotionally charged performance adding rhythm guitar licks and lead breaks that are mouth-watering.  Closing with riding with the Thrill Has Gone, one thing is for certain the thrill of Joe Bonamassa’s guitar is not going to be diminished anytime soon!

Covers, yes JB is paying tribute to the Kings BUT! Where is his own music infusing the musical memory of this iconic Theatre, where he has dreamt of playing so long. I am sure The Greek Theatre would have welcomed the originality of his own material linking the delicious delivery of blues classics with verve and style!

Added to the concert of nearly two hours you also get the chance to see and hear bonus material including a conversation with Joe’s parents and behind the scenes.

AS he continues a celebration of Blues Heritage, beginning in 2014 as he visited Red Rocks in tribute to Muddy Waters & Howlin Wolf Both tours contribution a portion of proceeds to presenting partner Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation

Once again a polished live performance, not and this is a keeper for fans of Joe Bonamassa especially if a trip to the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles was impossible. Once again Joe Bonamassa visits an iconic theatre and captures it soul with his superlative blues guitar playing Joe Bonamassa is electric!


Joe Bonamassa– Live At The Greek Theatre –

Out 23rd September

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing


    1. Beginnings
    2. See See Baby
    3. Some Other Day, Some Other Time
    4. Lonesome Whistle Blues
    5. Sittin’ On The Boat Dock
    6. You’ve Got To Love Her with feeling
    7. Going Down
    8. I’ll Play The Blues for You
    9. I Got Evil
    10. Breaking Somebody’s Heart
    11. Angel of Mercy
    12. Cadillac Assembly Line
    13. Oh, Pretty Woman
    14. Let The Good Times Roll
    15. Never make You Move Too Soon
    16. Ole Time Religion
    17. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
    18. Boogie Woogie Woman
    19. Hummingbird
    20. Hide Away
    21. Born Under A Bad Sign
    22. The Thrill Is Gone
    23. Riding With The Kings


Bonus Features

Growing Up Joe ( A conversation with Joe’s parents)
Riding With The Kings (official Music Video)
Caveman’s Hacked iPhone (Behind The Scenes)
Joe’s Big Fat Greek ( Photo Gallery)

Available Formats:- 2 CD’s, 2 DVD’s Bluray and 3 LP’s

Hard Times, Bad Decisions Sings Lisa Mann

Hard Times, Bad Decisions Sings Lisa Mann

Hard Times, Bad Decisions Sings Lisa Mann


Lisa Mann’s album is full of raw, feminine determination. The blues a woman’s way combining Lisa’s vocal power with the gritty groove-driven bass playing. The Album oozes class, reflecting the awards she is gathering around her as we dip into her fourth studio album.


Opening with the title track, the album sets off on a gritty journey when the wrong path is taken reflecting on bad decisions taken and hard times. The tempo changes with sultry sax and harmonisation of Lisa and Andy Stokes vocals on a country fueled Two Halves Of One Broken Heart weaves the melody around your ear.  The album is redolent of R n’ B of the sixties, fifties song book twisted and vital with a contemporary energy. Lisa Mann sings the blues as she explores relationships and the effect that good choices and bad decisions have on our travels through life’s experiences.


Hard Times, Bad Decisions features her band Jason JT Thomas on guitar whose manipulation of the six-strings adds such deep and glorious tonal textures. The Keys of Brian Harris adds a flourish of chords that underpin the lyrics and melodic tone. Finally and definitely not least is the other half of the rhythm section Michael Ballash on drums. Into to the mix is an array of special guests making the album zing with energy. Lisa has a definite panache for mixing four covers that fit perfectly with the eight originals.


We have some fun with a hip swinging ditty Doghouse this is a tune that is light and has a feeling of fun making you smile and pick up your dancing shoes.  The warm clarion vocals as Lisa declares I Don’t Hurt Anymore the keys swell around her voice. Another change of tone and direction that you come to expect on an album exploring life. My Father’s House curls with blue gospel driven energy springing from the guitar of Kirk Fletcher featuring on the track. With her vocals demanding us to come in to My Father’s House this is rousing gospel that fills the room with music that warms the soul. Closing the album with a darker number as guest drummer Vinny Appice and the resonator guitarist Ben Rice on Judge A Man Forever. This is a track that leaves you wanting to hear more of Lisa Mann real soon. As we learn about judging forever by the worse thing anyone has ever done. The album throughout explores the difference about bad decisions where we have a choice what path action we take and Hard Times that happens often for no fault of our own.  Lisa Mann has a message to share within her lyrics and a melody to had the shades of light and dark. Blues to make you reflect, laugh and cry but above all to enjoy for its power, melodic shaping and the integrity of the songs. .


Hard Times, Bad Decisions Sings Lisa Mann, having listened to the album adding the album to your collection has to be a good decision.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing 

  1. Hard Times, Bad Decisions
  2. Two Halves Of one Broken Heart
  3. Certain Kinda Man
  4. I Go Zoom
  5. Doghouse
  6. I Don’t Hurt Anymore
  7. Ain’t Nunna Yo Bizness
  8. My Father’s House
  9. You Need A Woman
  10. Play It All The Way
  11. I Love You All The Time
  12. Judge A Man Forever

Kirk Fletcher Live September 2015

Kirk Fletcher Live September 2015Kirk Fletcher Live September 2015


Nearly a year ago Bluesdoodles discovered two greats a venue and a guitarist and tonight they are re-united as Kirk Fletcher and his band once again stepped in front of the Alter at The convent to share with a much larger audience than last time reflecting the impact Kirk made in 2014 and far and wide via live-streaming from Netgig.

The Convent and audiences are ready!

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Opening with an instrumental shuffle the band were chasing and capturing the tempo through the strings and beats; Wes Johnson on drums kept the twin guitarists, Kirk & Dudley upfront and in order and the rhythm section was full of funky bass interest thanks to Joe Sam on Bass. The instrumental was full of texture and tonal depths hinting at the stupendous musical journey we were all going to enjoy tonight as Kirk’s six strings explored the forms and structures of blues, soul and funk to create music that touched your musical inner core.

Kirk Fletcher - The Convent - Sept 2015_0120lThe guitar from Kirk was silky smooth with an inner steel as he explored the groove the tone grown, explored and played with by British Blues Award nominated guitarist Dudley Ross, at times it was a duel, others a compact of friendship and then the moments where the harmonies touched perfection. The tempo changed but there was a constant Kirk Fletcher delivery of scintillating riffs, licks, lead breaks and clever hooks for the bass to take the lead and explore the lower cadences and frequencies that Joe’s five-strings could develop.  The version tonight of Bobby Womack’s I’m In Love was special full of feeling the emotions were held captive and then let free in a lead break from Kirk no one wanted to end; the passion rose as Dudley & Joe added layers of tonal excitement.

We heard and enjoyed the hefty drivin’ rhythms of My Turn, a song to really to get the juices running with some great interchanges between Dudley & Joe, featuring a Wah pedal Bass stunning!

Kirk Fletcher Live September 2015This was a band that knew how to entertain with a modern fresh re-working of modern music engaging with the roots of the sound but never finding themselves trapped in a boring loop of conformity. Kirk was brilliant last year tonight he was scintillating he and his guitar were one it was a true communion of the power of music to talk to the heart of everyone who takes a moment to quieten their thoughts, engage with the flow of the sound and have a journey where emotional highs and lows explored. The whole set was phenomenal, the crowd tonight were privileged to be treated to such a masterclass in Blues musicianship by the whole band and Kirk he was sensational. The encore Let Me Have It was a tour-de-force and then the music died away for the last time.

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Bluesdoodles Top Fifteen Gigs 2014

The top fifteen bluesdoodles gigs 2014 – in alphabetical order…

Jeff Beck
Katie Bradley & Kirk Fletcher
Cut The Funk
Grainne Duffy
JJ Grey & Mofro & Phil Lesh & The Terrapin Family
Hamilton Loomis
Jo Harman
Hat Fitz & Cara
Heritage Blues Orchestra
Layla Zoe
Royal Southern Brotherhood
Matt Schofield
Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus
Mike Zito

Sadly with any list I have missed of some amazing nights of live music …… Live music is amazing and there are fabulous venues around the country so get out and enjoy quality live music.

Make your 2015 resolution – go see bands you love and go see bands for the first time – it is fun seeing new bands my favourites for 2014 were Rita Payne, Ali Clinton and Midnight Ramble