Kenny Wayne Shepherd plays a Halloween Treat at The Tramshed

Kenny Wayne Shepherd plays a Halloween Treat at The Tramshed


Kenny Wayne Shepherd plays a Halloween Treat at The TramshedKenny Wayne Shepherd plays a Halloween Treat at The Tramshed tonight. Opening the cauldron of fiery guitar curling around the blues, we have Laurence Jones Band. Tonight over six numbers Laurence and his new(ish) band demonstrated a maturity the love of rock infused with blues and so much more. Tonight his guitar cried and fought off any ghouls and demons in the room. This you have come to expect of this young British Gunslinger who has been wooing the crowds for many a year despite his youth. Tonight, at The Tramshed Laurence’s vocals came of age adding to the act as he played a mix of numbers, including two tracks from his latest album The Truth – Give Me Your Time & Never Good Enough, and they were definitely rawer rockier. The rhythm combination of Phil Wilson & Greg Smith works really well creating an imaginative and solid foundation for Laurence to soar from. The addition of Bennett Holland’s lively keys gives the band an additional range of tones and structure for the numbers. Closing with Hendrix’s version of Dylan’s Classic All Along The Watchtower. We had had a fizzing and bubbling helping of live music the band played tight and the music excited. This is modern melodic rock hardened blues this is a band that connects with the music and are enjoying playing for the audience. It was appreciated.

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd plays a Halloween Treat at The TramshedShort break as the stage was rearranged and the main event started as the stage darkened the band took their place to cheers of anticipation. The lights went up as the first of many sweet guitar chords was struck from Kenny Wayne Shepherd’s Stratocaster and resounded around the Tramshed. We were off on a journey of blues guitar extravaganza with some rock, hints of country and a very large swirling dollop of Kenny Wayne Shepherd magic.

The lead breaks were scintillating Kenny certainly makes the Strat bend to his fingers demands as it weeps, curls around tones of joy and pain. Tonight the setlist was a mix of old and new with six tracks from his current acclaimed album Lay It On Down. Of the six numbers, Diamonds and Gold stood out. It was a superb and stellar highlight among the many that the band shared with us tonight. The ballad Hard Lesson Learned with Noel’s vocals also caught the ear and raised the joy of the audience. SRV’s House Is  Rockin definitely got the Tramshed bouncing and rocking with pure delight.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd plays a Halloween Treat at The Tramshed

As Kenny introduces the band in the absence of Chris Clayton, for this tour sees the return of Sylvester “Sam” Bryant (toured with the band in the 1990’s); bassist Kevin McCormick, Joe Krown presiding over the keys and the mighty vocals of Noah Hunt. A marvellous live version of Baby Got Gone from his latest album, they really have this number captured for the energy of a live performance, with its emotional lead break simply breathtaking. Kenny inserted into the set a number from his side project The Rides from their 2013 album Can’t Get Enough; Talk To Me Baby a superb re-shaping of this Elmore James’ blues classic.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd plays a Halloween Treat at The TramshedKenny Wayne Shepherd closed the night with some blues, slow and full of authentic Chicago Blues with a medley of BB King numbers and then Shotgun Blues. What an evening full of exploration of the power of the six-stringed Stratocaster. Tonight we saw three forms including his signature guitar and what tone KWS pulled from the black beast. The lights dimmed, silence fell on the stage as the band left. The noise though was reaching crescendo point as they stamped their feet and demanded more. The band did not resist. Back on stage with two more numbers his signature tune Black on Blue followed by the second Hendrix of the night.  Both acts ended with Hendrix, and so appropriate for tonight we were entertained by KWS, Voodoo Chile and phenomenal playing.

From the first few notes the temperature in the Tramshed definitely rose, there was that feeling of electric joy and anticipation that only live music brings. When you hear a band you love to play in a venue near to where you live, welcome to Wales KWS; come back very soon there will always be a warm welcome for the band and the music that you showcased tonight. By the end of the evening, the cauldron was boiling with energised musical magic on Halloween in Cardiff.

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Kenny Wayne Shepherd plays a Halloween Treat at The Tramshed

As Walter Trout says, We Are All In This Together

As Walter Trout says, We Are All In This Together

As Walter Trout says, We Are All In This Together



As Walter Trout says, We Are All In This Together.  The love of the Blues unites music lovers around the world. The Blues has an unchanging heart and Walter Trout is a giant in the world of electric guitar fuelled blues.  Walter’s latest album is brimming with blues guitars they shimmer and shine like a brilliant sapphire as his Telecaster is joined by a phalanx of blues guitar maestro.

Fourteen tracks give Walter plenty of scope to play with the blues and sing some powerful lyrics. As Walter Trout says, We Are All In This Together. The album is a celebration of blues, a journey through Walter’s life with friends. Coming together with friends and laying down the music is the essence that makes Blues hum with power and emotion. All of life’s experiences are laid out before you captured in a few moments with lyrics and the emotive six-strings, love, hate, betrayal, loyalty and addiction all are explored. The friends that join Walter bring their own styles and interpretation of the blues. Listen to explore the intricacies they bring to Trout’s sound. You will hear a different musician on every track.

The embodiment of the blues is the shuffle and it is the perfect combo to extol its movement and rolling power as Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Walter join forces on the opening number, Gonna Hurt Like Hell, written with Kenny’s guitar style in mind up-tempo and gets the party off to a flying start. The narrative is central pleasure and can be short-lived coming down is Gonna Hurt Like Hell! The guitars meld and play off each other blues energy is up and running.

As Walter Trout says, We Are All In This Together; as we step aboard the blues bus. Exploring the myriad of tonal shapes and styles. The songs matching the attributes of Sonny Landreth whose slide playing is legendary the master of zydeco,   as we hear Ain’t Going Back. Then the harp of Charlie Musselwhite pouring out emotional wizardry on The Other Side of The Pillow; co-written with Musslewhite combine with Robert T. Bear’s lyrics. As the album takes shape one of my favourite tracks She Listens To The Blackbird Sings, with Mike Zito. It has a rawness with a driving riff of electric over acoustic and lyrics that just connect.   What an opening quartet of tracks phew! There are still ten to go will the album have staying power? Yes, of course, it has with Walter Trout at the helm.

No blues corroboration would be complete without a jam. The Sky Is Crying, the only cover, is a revisiting of a number he played with Warren Haynes many years ago at New Orleans Jazz Festival. The two guitars bring a fluidity as the number builds and builds leaving you breathless with delight. This is Trout and Haynes playing music that moves them and audiences.  The mood changes heavier, harder hitting as Eric Gales joins the party with Somebody Goin’ Down the energy is burning up the track.

A celebration of family style and talent as the question is asked, Do You Still See Me At All. The tempo as Walter is joined by his son Jon in the studio. The dueling between them is immense and this number definitely benefits from having both guitarists in the studio at the same time. Written together, played together this is a track that oozes an understanding of the electric guitar.

The closing two tracks leave you on a musical high. John Mayall joins Walter on Blues for Jimmy T, with searing harmonica mirroring guitar and vocals in a duet as they recall the day Jimmy died. The two bluesmen from different sides of the Atlantic. Acoustic works, stripping away layers and exploring the kernel lamenting the loss of friend and bass player Jimmy Trapp.  Closing out with the second track where both guitarist were in the same studio as Joe Bonamassa adds his guitar and vocals to the title track We’re All In This Together.  What a way to finish the latest Trout studio album. Just under eight minutes played live with the band, no overdubbing as they take us on a memorable road trip around the electric guitar. They had three hours to get the track completed sitting three feet apart they nailed it. Yes, We’re All In this Together.

The album is a shimmering exploration of the blues. The listener to Walter Trout’s latest studio album will discover some of the many tributaries that run from and into the great running river as wide and deep as the Mississippi that is twenty-first-century blues.  It is certain that this is an album about fun, enjoying the blues, celebrating the interaction of styles. The passion is played out in every night a perfect follow-up to the personal pain and intensity of Battle Scars.

Reviewers often say this is an album that will listen to often. In the case of We’re All In It Together that is a certainty. Celebrating the insight of Walter Trout a blues supremo bringing fourteen friends together with their own track shining a light on facets of the blues,

Walter Trout – We’re All In This Together – Mascot Label Group

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Track Listing

  1. Gonna Hurt Like Hell – Kenny Wayne Shepherd
  2. Ain’t Goin’ Back – Sonny Landreth
  3. The Other Side Of The Pillow – Charlie Musselwhite
  4. She Listens To The Blackbird Sing – Mike Zito
  5. Mr Davis – Robben Ford
  6. The Sky Is Crying – Warren Haynes
  7. Somebody Goin’ Down – Eric Gales
  8. She Steals My Heart Away – Edgar Winter
  9. Crash and Burn – Joe Louis Walker
  10. Too Much to Carry – John Nemeth
  11. Do You Still See Me At All – Jon Trout
  12. Got Nothin’ Left – Randy Bachman
  13. Blues For Jimmy T. – John Mayall
  14. We’re All In This Together – Joe Bonamassa



As Walter Trout says, We Are All In This Together

Kenny Wayne Shepherd says Lay It On Down on New Album

Kenny Wayne Shepherd says Lay It On Down on New Album

Kenny Wayne Shepherd says Lay It On Down on New Album


Kenny Wayne Shepherd new album Lay It On Down; Bluesdoodles can sum up his eighth solo album as searingly confident modern blues.  You want to read a little bit more? Happy to oblige as I listen once again with intense pleasure to Lay It On Down.

Lay It On Down, on Mascot Group Label with a release date of 21st July 2017. The album was recorded in January as Shepherd and his band entered the Echophone Studios in Shreveport, Louisiana. New Year, New Project , with an ambitious mission statement: the greatest songs of Shepherd’s career. No more. No less. “The point of this album,” he says, “was that I wanted to put a heavy emphasis on the songs themselves and the writing behind them. I wanted each song to really stand on its own with the songwriting, the music, the words.” Having listened mission accomplished full of fresh vibes; strong lyrics surrounded with the brilliance of electric blues.

Throughout the album the guitar sizzles with a controlled intent. The shining Goldilocks never too hot, never too long and definitely not cold. Kenny always leaves you wondering as the voice is hooked in what guitar lick was left out for the main event the lyrics.  It is that feeling of intrigue, the notes that have not been played that leaves you not wanting more but satisfied, intrigued and with melodies and lines that flash into your head as the most welcomed of earworms. Lay It Down, the music has been laid down with thought, commitment and self-belief that less is often more when it comes to electric guitar lead breaks.

Opening the narrative that connects the album’s eleven tracks is Baby Got Gone; starting off at full throttle with rock that is full of attitude we know we are embarking on a musical journey that will take us around an interesting circuit of songs recorded in Nashville out of Louisiana as rocks in the road are explored.  Rock and romance in the air combine on romantic number Nothing But the Night. Diamonds & Gold is full of soulful luxuriousness, a cascade of notes on guitar, drum and horns the sound is funky, modern and energised. The title is two objects of desire signifying for many power, and wealth giving us our status and identity.  Shepherd manages through the lyrics to look beyond to bigger more meaningful and fulfilling things as the guitar squeals delivering a crescendo of sound more valuable to the listener than Diamonds & Gold.

With a floating, Americana feel of the title track, Lay It On Down takes the musical road in another direction. This light and fresh number has a darker lyric trapped in a gilded cage as Shepherd sings “Who broke your will now honey who stole your dreams like money who made you think you were keeping around”. The lyrics build the story, the guitar break fills in the gap as we travel the road knowing we need to look at the inner beauty to pass the self-doubts that we often show to the world. .

The lap-steel curls with a depth of tone on Hard Lesson Learned and the electric guitar adds a salty sharpness. Then into blues shuffling glory that is the signature of Kenny Wayne shepherd for many. Followed by another vintage bluesy number we are then showered with Louisiana Rain.  The acoustic guitar is gentle reflecting rain on a window, distorting the view with its shades of grey. A song sung with heartfelt personal emotions. As we are led to the final stop on the journey that is Ride Of Your Life.  The music hooks back to the driving rocky feel of the opener. This is as it says a Ride Of Your Life the guitar crackles with static electric power, the flashes of sparks are iridescent with every shade of blue from baby blue to darkest indigo.  The encore is an acoustic version of the title track; we revisit the bird in the gilded cage the lyrics suit the acoustic sound. Lay It On Down is an album that will grow with very outing and tracks will become live favourites..

By the eighth album an artist can become predictable, all feels like heard that before. DEFINITELY NOT with Lay It On Down, Kenny Wayne Sheppard, picking up on his other passion motor cars has given his music a complete overhaul, the guitar driven engine still has its power and integrity but added to the accelerator taking us on a journey are strong lyrics and modern Americana influence. As KWS said recently, “I feel like the band’s best days are still ahead of us. And the next album could be completely different…”  He has certainly succeeded as Kenny Wayne Shepherd says Lay It On Down on New Album. While we wait for the next re-vamp we can Lay It On Down with pleasure in the company of Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd – Lay It On Down – Mascot Label Group

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Track Listing

  1. Baby Got Gone
  2. Diamonds & Gold
  3. Nothing But The Night
  4. Lay It On Down
  5. She’s $$$
  6. Hard Lesson Learned
  7. Down For Love
  8. How Low Can You Go
  9. Louisiana Rain
  10. Ride Of Your Life
  11. Lay It On Down (Acoustic)


Kenny Wayne Shepherd says Lay It On Down on New Album


The Rides driving down a Pierced Arrow

The Rides

The Rides driving down a Pierced Arrow

The cover hits the road with a Pierced Arrow mascot. The music hits the tarmac and flows full of blues and RnB’s deep rhythms. The Rides are a quintet, at the heart a trio Stephen Stills joined by Kenny Wayne Shepherd and Barry Goldberg. A fusion of blues passions as Kenny’s searing guitar is pulled deep into the chords of Barry’s magic tour of the keyboard with Stephen’s vocals pulling the road trip into one of stories and excitement. Add to this the rhythm section, bassist Kevin McCormick (a co-producer on Pierced Arrow) and Shepherd’s long-time drummer Chris Layton and we have The Rides. Throughout the album the passion for the song, music and blues plays centre stage on a journey that takes the interesting road as they take us on The Rides of our lives.

With a mutual love of classic cars Kenny and Stephen find a common language on many levels, hence, the title of their new album is a riff on the famed Pierce-Arrow Motor Car Company, a maker of luxury cars in the first four decades of the 20th Century. Stills knows his history and sees a unique parallel: “A lot of band musicians drove Pierce-Arrows back in the late 20s and 30s, either out to Long Island or to and from the trains. They were really roomy and you could fit in several guys and their instruments, and tie stuff to the running board. The hood ornament (as depicted on the album cover) is cool looking. I find the lines of that model particularly appealing, clean and precise like a good five-piece band.”

Pierced Arrow picks up exactly where the debut album Can’t Get Enough left us with ten tracks of Blues stamped with the authority of Stephen Stills. The album mixes originals with covers that are a driving run through the blues. The re-working of Gladys Knight & The Pips; I’ve Got To Use My Imagination, Barry co-wrote with Garry Goffin. The inspiration for the searing guitar and deep chords from the keys reflects Bobby ‘Blue’ Bland’s slower take and like the other cover that closes the album My Babe, a Willie Dixon classic was suggested by Kenny Wayne Shepherd. Ending on a classic reflects the classic blues that permeates throughout Pierced Arrow album just like the classic cars loved by Stills and Shepherd.

Opening with Kick Out Of It the album has a blues-rocking intro that gets your musical antennae whizzing with delight as you tune-in to The Rides sound. The sound is delicious with Kenny’s guitar spilling out of the weathered vocals of Stephen and Barry’s keys. Do not relax in a blues rock mode as we are in for a Riva Diva, boogie dance rhythm jam that gets the blues adrenalin flowing. Fancy chilling and kicking back then By My Side cools down the blues heat with Kenny’s vocals on By My Side a sky-blue ballad, perfect accompaniment to the picnic in the boot of The Pierced Arrow as we take a respite from the road trip The Rides are taking us on. The combinations of guitar and vocals are a lyrical joy. Just as we are chilling out the beat picks up and the texture changes vocally with Mr Policemen and the guitar laments the storyline as Stills explains speed to Mr Policeman, as on other tracks Goldberg’s keys adds that layer of interest and punctuates the rhythm section’s driving beat. Over half-way through the album what other surprises on The Rides journey they are taking us on? Well let’s have harp driven roadhouse blues, yes Game On with this energy fuelled number. Let’s have some fun as the tempo rises with I Need Your Lovin’ and the great back and forth between Kenny and the backing vocals, rockabilly with a piano solo from Goldberg that lifts the track from standard to sublime.

The Rides deliver again. A combination of Dancing Keys, Stinging Strings with raw passionate Vocals, a spectrum of blue as Shephard, Goldberg and Stills harmonize and deliver music you want to hear. My one wish is that they come over to the UK real soon so we can hear the music live.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Pierced Arrow – The Rides Mascot Label Group

Track Listing
1. Kick Out Of It
2. Riva Diva
3. Virtual World
4. By My Side
5. Mr Policeman
6. I’ve Got To Use My Imagination
7. Game On
8. I Need Your Lovin’
9. There Was A Place
10. My Babe

Kenny Wayne Shepherd with special guest Ben Poole

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Salisbury - Apr 2015 - 5 - _0126l


Kenny Wayne Shepherd

with special guest Ben Poole Band 
Salisbury City Hall, 10th April 2015



Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Salisbury - Apr 2015 - 5 - _0146lThere was a throng of Kenny Wayne Shepherd fans descending upon City Hall on a bright and warm spring evening in Salisbury, many had heard Kenny play before but few seemed to have even heard of Ben Poole – what a double treat they were being offered.

As the auditorium grew dark and the stage lights became brighter Ben Poole and Ben Poole - Salisbury - Apr 2015 - 5 - _0075lhis band struck the first note of electric guitar blues we were going to hear tonight, Let’s Go Upstairs is always a firm favourite and the band enjoyed playing and the audience were appreciative recognizing a band that had timing and the courage to play their own take of the blues. His band tonight was a collective of talent from the British Blues scene with Matt Beable on bass and drummer Craig Bacon making a rhythm section that would hold the beat while Ben could play the guitar and at times miss a note or even lag half a breath behind painting a musical tableau for Stevie Watts on Keys to paint over and embellish with a wide depth of tones.

Ben Poole - Salisbury - Apr 2015 - 5 - _0092lThe interplay between Stevie and Ben was intuitive and created a connection that flowed across the stage and into the audience; by the time Ben played his own tribute to a blues great, this is his own song which is inspired by and exudes the essence of Gary Moore’s guitar style. With a selection of tracks from his current album Live at The Albert Hall and other much-loved numbers, including Starting All Over Again, he definitely bonded with and warmed the crowd as the set progressed he was winning many new admirers of his style and skill. This connection was confirmed by the crowd around the merchandise stall after his set.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Salisbury - Apr 2015 - 5 - _0106lAfter an interval the excitement was palpable as we waited for Kenny Wayne Shepherd and his band to come on the stage, the lights dimmed and the stage was dark and then the lights shone as KWS hit the first note. A real full-on blues with rock sound was immediately vibrating across the hall, with his opening number Never Look Back, there was no doubt that Kenny was the focus of attention with his stellar well-timed lead breaks and interventions of quality licks riffs and the hooks for Noah Hunt to shine vocally. Having Noah as lead vocalist since 1998 is definitely the key to the band’s success allowing Kenny to concentrate on creating that glorious sound from his Stratocasters that sing the blues to me. This is a guitarist who can use silence for that split second creating power and drama to the music; what control – it was a masterclass of perfection in the delivery of modern blues with a smooth rocky edge. The hall was soon rocking to a rousing rendition of Stevie Ray Vaughan’s House is Rockin’; and there was a change in vocal tone as Noah picked up his own Strat and Kenny took over vocal duties with his distinctive voice that suited this number perfectly. Heart of The Blues was one of the many numbers that were a blues lover’s delight;Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Salisbury - Apr 2015 - 5 - _0114l and into the mix Kenny added some numbers from The Rides a trio with Stephen Stills and Barry Goldberg; including a fantastic modern rendition of Elmore James Talk To Me Baby. The way the song was performed you could see what an inspiration this man of the blues had been on Kenny.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Salisbury - Apr 2015 - 5 - _0076lTonight was a celebration of the Fender Stratocaster, whether one of his Signature series or a starburst vintage model, the dexterity, judgement of the tone and clarity was perfection creating lead breaks that reflected every track, they were all different and for me surpasses many on the circuit today including Joe Bonamassa. We were taken back to his first album with Deja Vue a journey back to 1995 we all enjoyed when this prodigious talent first came to our attention. The set was styled with class it was a random anthology of KWS his influences and the songs we love from his many albums. His BB King Medley was an inspiration as he seamlessly changed beat, key and style, pure genius.

This was not just about Kenny, his band gives the music a shape and tonal depth creating a tapestry that delights the ear, gets the feet tapping, how I wish this was not a seated gig you just wanted to get up and join in the fun being had onKenny Wayne Shepherd - Salisbury - Apr 2015 - 5 - _0038l stage. The rhythm section of recently returned, Scott Nelson and Chris Layton augmented by stylish tambourine beats from Noah is the bedrock of the band and then that tonal depth that keys add from Riley Osbourn.

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Salisbury - Apr 2015 - 5 - _0126lKWS and his band treated us to an object lesson on how to play the full spectrum of the blues; the timing was sensational, the licks stylish and the riffs full of interest. It was as if there was a telepathic sixth sense in operation. A broken string caused not a dropped note and new guitar was soon to hand sheer magic of live music in action! Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Salisbury - Apr 2015 - 5 - _0147lThe encore was exciting and the oft-covered Hendrix number Voodoo Chile was given the KWS treatment that matched the master Jimi himself!

Kenny Wayne Shepherd - Salisbury - Apr 2015 - 5 - _0102lKenny Wayne Shepherd pleased with a panoramic listening experience of blues with a rock edge that is modern stylish and always interesting, gig of 2015 already – it can’t get any better!

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Catch him while touring the U.K. U.K. TOUR

Kenny Wayne Shepherd – UK 2015 Tour

Photo Credit  Jim Templeton-Cross
Photo Credit Jim Templeton-Cross

Get those tickets shows are selling OUT

Hot on the heels of rave reviews from his recent October 2014 UK tour dates, five-time Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum-selling blues/rock guitarist Kenny Wayne Shepherd returns to the UK for a follow-up tour in April 2015, including a major headline concert at the London Shepherd’s Bush Empire on Wednesday 15th April. Dates around the U.K. are Salisbury City Hall (Friday 10 April), Holmfirth Picturedrome (Saturday 11 April), Glasgow o2 ABC (Sunday 12 April), Aberdeen Lemon Tree (Monday 13 April) and London Shepherd’s Bush Empire (Wednesday 15 April).


Ben Poole Band - The Globe - Nov 2014 - _0164lSpecial guest is Ben Poole, who’s “Live at the Albert Hall” album went to No.4 in the official Amazon UK blues chart. Poole has been described as Britain’s brightest blues-rock guitar talent.


Friday 10 April – Salisbury City Hall ~ Tickets £25.00 / Box Office: 01722 434 434
Saturday 11 April – Holmfirth Picturedrome ~ Tickets: £25.00 / Box Office: 0844 478 0898 SOLD OUT
Sunday 12 April – Glasgow o2 ABC ~ Tickets: £23.00 / Box Office: 0844 477 2000, 0844 478 0898
Monday 13 April – Aberdeen Lemon Tree ~ Tickets: £23.00 / Box Office: 01224 337 688
Wednesday 15 April – London Shepherd’s Bush Empire ~ Tickets: £25.00//
Box Office: 0844 477 2000, 0844 478 0898

VIP Tickets for Kenny Wayne Shepherd will be available for £50.00. This entitles all VIPs entry to soundcheck for a private meet and greet with Kenny along with photos and signing opportunity. Each VIP will also receive a commemorative tour laminate and tour poster.

Photo Credit MHP Studios


Provogue/ Mascot Label Group is pleased to announce The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band’s “A Little Something From The Road, Vol. 1″ EP on limited edition vinyl on Record Store Day on April 18, 2015 to dovetail Kenny Wayne’s April UK tour which kicks off in Salisbury City Hall, Friday April 10th.

The live recordings were culled from Kenny Wayne’s Goin’ Home 2014 tour and album which saw KWS revisit vintage blues classics that first ignited his love of the blues and inspired him to play guitar.

A Little Something From The Road, Vol. 1

Track listing
1. “Looking Back” (4:16)
2. “House Is Rockin’” (3:10)
3. “You Can’t Judge A Book By The Cover” (3:48)
4. “Woke Up This Morning”/“You Done Lost Your Good Thing Now” (17:08)

Photo credit Jim Templeton-Cross

The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band is a veritable who’s who in rock and blues. The band features long-time vocalist Noah Hunt, plus drummer Chris Layton, a 2014 inductee into the Musicians Hall of Fame as a member of Stevie Ray Vaughan and Double Trouble, ex-Firm bassist Tony Franklin and keyboardist Riley Osbourn (the latter is the former keyboardist for Willie Nelson).
Kenny’s current album “GOIN’ HOME” is an exploration into the music of Shepherd’s biggest influences, and features guest performances by some of his closest friends including Ringo Starr, Joe Walsh, Warren Haynes, Keb’ Mo’, Robert Randolph, Kim Wilson (Fabulous Thunderbirds), Pastor Brady Blade, Sr. and the Rebirth Brass Band.
The album features songs originally recorded by some of Shepherd’s heroes such as B.B. King, Freddie King, Albert King, Bo Diddley, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Johnny “Guitar” Watson, Lee Dorsey and many other icons of the Blues. Kenny Wayne reached deep into their catalogues and chose songs that inspired him when he was learning to play the guitar.

Says Kenny Wayne – “The end result is a great recording that I believe pays homage to the spirit of the original music. At the same time, it shows our appreciation for the musicians and genre that have inspired us to make music for decades.”