April Roadstars Are Broken Witt Rebels and Bad Touch

April Roadstars Are Broken Witt Rebels and Bad Touch April Roadstars Are Broken Witt Rebels and Bad TouchApril Roadstars Are
Broken Witt Rebels and Bad Touch




April Roadstars Are Broken Witt Rebels and Bad TouchSpring sunshine warming  Cardiff pavements, but not as hot as The Globe scorching from the two rock n roll sets from rising British Bands 2017 Planet Rock Roadstars show; Broken Witt Rebels & Bad Touch. First up in a lava flow of Rock from the red hot Birmingham band Broken Witt Rebels. Many bands would leave the crowd-pleasing signature number that Low, from the acclaimed EP Georgia Pine, has become. BUT, not the rebels this is the opening track they are opening on a high. High flowing rock that rolls around The Globe the crowd are jumping with delight they want more and more of Danny’s power blazing vocals, they are howling so the next number is perfect for the atmosphere created on a Sunday night, live music that Is Howlin’ good.  Broken Witt Rebels are tight, they are having a great time playing the music we want to hear. This is a band that will rise to the top as the music is hot, tasty and created by a volcanic amalgam of music that shaped the seventies into a creative free form delight of classic rock infused with soul and whisky flaming southern riffs.  The beating, pulsing heart of the Rebels is front man Danny Core, his vocals and stage artfulness catapult the band to the top of the rock face of young bands with ambition.  He makes every song distinctive, the phrasing shaping the lyrics and the rebels behind him provide him with a trampoline that bounces with musicianship that sparks with attitude and flair. The drumming is energetic full of dramatic beats and cooled with phrasing and cymbal work from James Dudley whose sticks rise high and create the percussive tone for every song. Adding to the rhythApril Roadstars Are Broken Witt Rebels and Bad Touchm is the bass work from Luke Davis whose deep notes give us tone that takes us deep into the crater of joy that is the BWR music. Up front and on lead guitar giving Danny structure and his own delicious lead breaks, riffs and the hooks for Danny’s rhythm guitar as he described his playing ‘I am just a chord monkey’, James Tranter is the guitar wizard. At times through the set Danny sinks to the floor kneeling full of emotion, this is not in praying but in victory as the songs leap from a title on a set sheet into full blazing live glory. There is another chilled side as Turn Me On demonstrated that new songs are being added to a catalogue that has depth and that makes a live band great. Closing out the brilliant sparkling volcanic rocking set was Guns, we all know this from radio play and the number of times they have played the back catalogue.  The encore was Shake Me Down, Danny and the boys definitely gave everyone a demonstration of a rock n rolling shake down that made Sunday night fizz.


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April Roadstars Are Broken Witt Rebels and Bad TouchShort break and many of the crowd took time out to chat with the Rebels and buy some merchandise to take home. The Globe was on musical fire as the red lights reflected back the heat of energy generated by live music.  With a young band from deepest Norfolk, there was nothing flat about the Southern rock infused quintet Bad Touch. The only task they had was following on from the dynamic crowd-pleasing Broken Witt Rebels to ensure the audience’s energy didn’t wane. Did they achieve this, Yes they did! How, Truth Be Told a mix of showcasing their latest album and the combination of front man vocalist and tambourine man Stevie Westwood, and a trailblazing secret, well not so secret weapon the guitar playing of the latest member of the band Harry Slater. The shape and approach is different from BWR, so we all wanted to hear the harder edgier rock from Bad Touch. Opening with One Night More, technical gremlins attacked the drummer George Drewery, who continued playing his loud hard drumming despite not being able to hear the rest of the band. Once sorted the band were firing on all five cylinders again.  Completing the Bad Touch sound is Daniel ‘seeks’ Seekings on guitar and bassist Michael Bailey who add such depth and tone to the Bad Touch Rock. Highlights of the set were Sweet Little April Roadstars Are Broken Witt Rebels and Bad TouchSecret from their debut album that hit the mark and Half Way Home.  Bad Touch are a sure touch that they will be making musical waves that purr with a lion’s roar of dominance. They have a sound that connects, heavy, hard and full of licks and vocal refrains that are earworms. We had cowboy refrains with Outlaw, softer with a sting in its musical tail. Stevie whirls and swirls tambourine held high but it is his vocals that gain your attention they have an attitude that makes them compelling on numbers such as Words I Never Say and then a different tone with radio friendly 99%. This is a number that has a little extra with its huge chorus and energy there is much more to be heard from these young guns of rock. Closing with The Mountain, we were left with Harry’s guitar fireworks and Stevie’s gritty vocals singing in our ears. Live music made Sunday sparkle with Rock n’ Roll.

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Tonight, everyone at The Globe came to hear and see the Roadstars a duo of bands Broken Witt Rebels & Bad Touch. The reward was seeing to young bands creating a summit of rock numbers that will become classics of the future. The future of rock is bright strong and full of vigour with these young bands.

April Roadstars Are Broken Witt Rebels and Bad Touch


Danny Core Shouts About Broken Witt Rebels Music

Danny Core Shouts About Broken Witt Rebels MusicBD: I was delighted when I listened to Georgia Pine for the first time I was instantly excited by the music. The EP had an energy and freshness and makes me just want to get to hear the band live.

Before we talk about touring and the album Broken Witt Rebels is a new band for many so Bluesdoodles readers would be interested in getting to know you

BD: Let start with your first musical influences growing up in Birmingham?
We all listened to the music of the nineties, Brit Pop including Oasis and Ocean Colour Scene Danny Core Shouts About Broken Witt Rebels Musicwho were from Birmingham. There are so many bands from the Midlands that have influenced us and who we admire from Sabbath through to UB40 via Zeppelin and Duran Duran.  We have definitely been inspired by early Rolling Stones, The Doors, both variants of Fleetwood Mac, Peter Green era and Stevie Nicks.

I began picking up the guitar and playing along to Oasis. I then started to play rhythm chords, etc. I am great at one of them you decide. No seriously, I am a chord monkey on the guitar I leave the rest to James. Having given him the foundation, I underpin him with some great chords.

BD: Genres have become fixed putting musicians into categories how do you define your music.

DC: http://www.brokenwittrebels.comBroken Witt Rebels are a mix of everything Rock with soul and blues. My vocals have a soulful tone we are a super-mix of greatness crossing genres, Whatever we play pop or rock or blues we will be the best.

BD: Well you certainly have musical drive a powerhouse Joe Cocker Midlands Rock!

DC: Like that.

BD: Tell us about the formation of the band and the roles you all play in developing the BWR sound especially your distinctive vocals which have a growl and also twists to empathise with the lyrics…

DC: We work together we all contribute equally. The start of a new track could be guitar lick from James or a crazy drum roll and we go with that. Luke may lay down a great bass line or I may mumble a phrase and we go with that. We build from each other as we jam out in the practice room. I have a good voice, we are all striving to reach the point where we are masters of our instruments. We are all good musicians, good friends all creating a high profile sound. It is the collective effort that creates the BWR sound. Our philosophy is whatever is for the greatest good of the band. We try to play for each other, building on strengths and so often we have realised less is often more. No-one is on a personal ego drive, we are all on the same wavelength.

We do not as a band try to be clever. BWR is not about haircuts, tossing hair around the stage or widdly show-off guitar. It is about the music that we want to connect with the audiences. Yes, I am the front man as the vocalist. The band will not let me become above the rest we are only interested in doing our music as a collective. It is about the four of us owning our music. I will never be the enforcer, head of the band we are together Broken Witt Rebels.

BD: Having reviewed the EP Georgia Pine, tell us about inspiration behind the name and selection of the five tracks

DC: The name of the EP comes from an old stoner reference ‘As high as Georgia Pine’. The starting point was a picture Luke took in Florida of Georgia Pine. James had a guitar lick and I said Sweet Georgia Pine and it worked. I explored the phrase and realised that it was what we wanted to do musically to be the highest trees on the circuit.

Choosing the five tracks was about creating a short-list from a number we had. With an EP you can continually develop and re-invent as you can hear when we play live and on the vinyl that is now available. The tracks worked well together and the two singles got airplay including Planet Rock.

BD: I have always been interested in the lyrics of a song. Where do you get your inspiration for your songwriting?

DC: Lyrics happen, when I practice I mumble things, sing melody and lines from top of my head. When I replay something always stands out then using that to write about my life or something that is happening in the band or something I connect with. I do not sit down and write a song as you would a poem. It is quite fluid, happens from a phrase or word and grows from that point.

 BD: I am sure you have many plans for 2017 and beyond for Broken Witt Rebels following on from the excitement of 2016 festivals and recognition as Best Rock Act – 1st Unsigned Music Awards.

DC: We are starting the year off picking back up supporting King King and into the mix is opening for local blues guitarist Joanne Shaw Taylor and then our headlining Roadstar tour with Bad Touch. Through March and April playing across England, with visits to Scotland and Wales. The combination of opening for bands and then a tour will reinforce and expand our fan base.

One thing for sure is we are hungry to play our music, get noticed. We want to be a success, to be remembered we are not looking for fifteen minutes of fame then fade away.

We want to be the best band in the world, recognised for our great music, fantastic shows slaying everyone down with our music. We want a career, to make ourselves and our families proud we are aiming for sold out world tours. Danny, misquoting (Bette Davies. “oh Jerry, don’t ask for the moon. We Have the stars” – Now Voyager) but very apt we are aiming for the moon because then we will fall in with the stars – suits this ambitious young band that are determined to be heard.

2017 we definitely need a new album, not to have one would be a massive missed opportunity. We have the material we are ready to go. BWR fans will definitely see us playing in as many towns as possible across UK as well as playing Europe and hopefully dipping our toes into USA.  Musn’t forget we are playing up a mountain in Wales at The Steelhouse Festival which will be fun. 

BD: If you were putting together the perfect band with members from across the years (dead or alive) who would you have playing
DC:  Well let me think? It would be ……..

Drums: James Dudley
Bass: Luke Davies
Guitar: James Tranter
Vocals: (laughing ) Me!!!
Yes, I could think of the legends but that what they are from the past we are the future.

When asked about what music he is currently listening to the response was Georgia Pine, Demo’s new Broken Witt Rebels music I do not have time for anything else. It is all about our music making it the best we are hungry for recognition through music that is great and to be instantly recognised as Broken Witt Rebels.

Danny Core Shouts About Broken Witt Rebels Music

Keep checking the website for tour dates. Broken Witt Rebels

 Watch this space Broken Witt Rebels will be playing music for you in a town near you very soon.


BD: What a fun interview these are four young men with the determination and drive to make it in the music industry as they say they are hungry not for fame they want to be recognised instantly be their brand of rocking blues filled with soul.

 Danny Core Shouts About Broken Witt Rebels Music

Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines

Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia PinesHuge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines

thanks to
Broken Witt Rebels

Five tracks that will shape your musical listening. From the opening guitar riff Broken Witt Rebels hit that sweet spot of listenability. Yes there are huge guitar riffs blowing through Georgia Pines plus so much more. There is nothing Low about the opening track that sits at the high altar of rootsy rocking delights. Low is an obvious choice to be the early release prior to the April release date of the full E.P.

Broken Witt Rebels, are a young band from Birmingham UK; not Alabama, listening to the immense sound they create full of Southern heat and charm the confusion is plausible. The vocals from Danny Core have a distinctive tone that add to the layers of rhythmic sound. The voice creates a mood that is wrenching and drenched in emotion that hooks onto James Tranter’s lead guitar.

The tale of Suzie unfolds as Danny’s voice grinds around some grungy blues riffs that give old blues an uplifting contemporary twist. The title track is fast and has a feeling of movement and urgency. With Confusion the opening words reflect the intro and the drumming with its insistent beat from James Dudley. This is soulful rock-rooted in an authenticity of sound that will lead to comparison with Alabama Shakes and Black Keys. The reality is Broken Witt Rebels are grinding out there own musical furrow with bassist Luke Davis and the drums of James Dudley providing a deeply a rooted rhythm section. This allows Danny and James to explore the depths of the lyrics and shape the tone around the rhythm creating soulful rock, a driving force of southern blues. Getaway Man another change of texture this must be awesome live as the instrumentation builds around the vocals.

All too soon the dying notes of the last track Guns fade away. This is a band that have so much more material and exploration they are exciting, vibrant and bring a raw energy to the sound they create.

Enjoy the beautiful produced E.P. and get out and see them live you can feel the electric energy that would release onto the stage if not trapped in this recording with huge guitar riffs blowing through Georgia Pines. Adding into the mix vocals that remain long after the last note is sung. Broken Witt Rebels have nailed their rocking vibe to the Georgia Pines.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

The 5-track EP, released for worldwide distribution in April, is currently available for pre-order from the band’s official website . The first single, “LOW”, will be released as a music video with a Soundcloud link for free streaming on Friday 26 February.

Track Listing

Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines

Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines