Dan Patlansky Joins Joanne Shaw Taylor November Tour

Dan Patlansky Joins Joanne Shaw Taylor November Tour

Dan Patlansky Joins Joanne Shaw Taylor November Tour

The UK tour dates includes Gateshead Sage (Nov 7), Cambridge Corn Exchange (Nov 9), Manchester Bridgewater Hall (Nov 10), Glasgow Royal Concert Hall (Nov 12), Bristol Colston Hall (May Nov 14), London Royal Festival Hall (Nov 15), and Birmingham Symphony Hall (Nov 20). Tickets are available from the 24 hour box office 0844 478 0898 or The Gig Cartel  and Dan Patlansky  

Two of Bluesdoodles Favourite guitarist with 10 paws albums from 2016.

Pick of the Albums Reviewed - 2016: July - Sept 2016Joanne Shaw Taylor’s Wild 

We said: There is a ferocity in the delivery that makes this an album where you want to hear the music live, the tempo and a sense of purpose that has a wildness in its sense of freedom. Joanne Shaw Taylor’s mighty potential has been unleashed and set free resulting in a ride of musical delights that is compelling and Wild.

Our full review can be found HERE


Dan Patlansky In Conversation Touring 2017 and Beyond

Dan Patlansky’s Introvertigo

We said:  Introvertigo with its carefully crafted lyrics that blend urbane wit and honest observation, this is blues pertinent to today’s lifestyles, not so much whiskey and women more the corruption of power and social interaction. Ten tracks there are no fillers

Our full review can be found HERE

In the studio they are outstanding, live they take Blues-Rock to another level the shows are going to be a sparkling manipulation of the guitar. Joanne Shaw Taylor’s special guest  according to Music News “On record Dan Patlansky is quite superb but on stage, with a capacity crowd in his pocket from the off, he takes it to another level.”


Do not delay reserve you seat at shows that will heat up the coldest Winter Night


24 HOUR BOX OFFICE – 0844 478 0898

BOOK ONLINE – The Gig Cartel or Dan Patlansky

 Gateshead, The Sage – Tuesday 7th November 2017

Tickets: £30, £27.30, £25.10, £21.80
Venue Box Office: 0191 443 4661 or Gig Cartel: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: The Sage  or The Gig Cartel

Cambridge, Corn Exchange – Thursday 9th November 2017

Venue Box Office: 01223 357 851 or Gig Cartel: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: Corn Exchange or  The Gig Cartel

Manchester, Bridgewater Hall – Friday 10th November 2017

 Venue Box Office: 0161 907 9000 or Gig Cartel: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: Bridgewater Hall or The Gig Cartel

Glasgow, Royal Concert Hall – Sunday 12th November 2017

Tickets: £27.50, £25.00, £23.50, £20.00
Venue Box Office: 0141 353 8000 or Gig Cartel: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall,  or The Gig Cartel

Bristol, Colston Hall – Tuesday 14th November 2017

Tickets: £21.50 to £29.56 incl. booking fee
Venue Box Office: 0117 203 4040 or Gig Cartel: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: Bristol Colston Hall or The Gig Cartel

London, Royal Festival Hall – Friday 15th November 2017

Tickets: £20 – £29.50 plus booking fee
Venue Box Office: 0844 875 0073 or Gig Cartel: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: Royal Festival Hall  or The Gig Cartel

Birmingham, Symphony Hall – Monday 20th November 2017

Tickets: £23 – £30.50 inc. booking fee
Venue Box Office: 0121 780 3333 or Gig Cartel: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: Birmingham Symphony Hall or The Gig Cartel

As we said when we recently heard Dan play live in Cardiff he is – “Majestic, scintillating jaw-dropping good.”

Dan Patlansky Joins Joanne Shaw Taylor November Tour
Photo Credit Edyta Kzesak

Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The Globe

Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The Globe

Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The Globe



Back in Cardiff town again South African, guitar wizard, Dan Patlansky who invited Ash Wilson to join the May party as his special guest. A definite winning combination full of textured, tasty guitar that exploring the Blues.

Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The GlobeBy the number of Dan Patlansky T-shirts on display in the audience at The Globe; they had come to be entertained by the renowned guitar spectacular that is his trademark. Before, that Ash Wilson and his band took to the stage, to a venue that was slowly filling up. For the majority Ash was an unknown, the audience didn’t know what to expect. The result was a happy crowd, who enjoyed the opening numbers that gave justice to his debut album Broken Machine. Ash is a great performer letting the guitar and lyrics tell the story. It was a shame that the acoustic dampened the vocals. Ash did not disappoint with a rhythm section that set the shape of the blues he was displaying. On bass Steve Amadeo stepping into Roger Inniss shoes and Tristan Poole on drums. With a short strong set five songs from Broken Machine and closing with a Michael Jackson workout. Every number had persuasive listenability, with strong lyrics it is a dramatic slow blues ballad, domestic abuse through the eyes of a woman. It was the stand out moment.  The Wilson machine is definitely not broken the guitar delivering across the six strings.



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The Globe was buzzing with the hum of contentment; they had heard blues shuffle, slow blues and those with a rocky edge. Now for the main event.

Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The GlobeIn a few words. Majestic, scintillating jaw-dropping good, describes an Patlansky tonight. Tonight was a celebration for the acclaimed album Introvertigo. On the last few nights where this album will be centre stage. AS, on his return to South Africa it is back in the studio for another helping of studio work from Patlansky. A mouth-watering prospect, along with and promising to be back this time next year with album in hand.

Back to the live music being played tonight. With a trio of immensely musicians from Hamburg, joing Dan tonight in Cardiff. Smiling, Felix Dehmel with his imaginative and stylish drumming; Johnathan Murphy with his rhythmic bass and adding chords with hidden depths on the keys Tom Gatza and supplying tasty backing vocals.  Dan Patlansky is a blues-rock plays phenomenal guitar on his trusty 1962 Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The GlobeFender Strat ‘Old Red’ joined tonight by a guitar specially made for Slide from California with the maker Michael Couling in the audience to hear his masterpiece played live. Bright blue and cutting a sliding dash.

Opening with a  guitar driven instrumental jam, starting quiet Drone builds, holding the audience spellbound a we all listened in silence, then wham as his he exploded with all guitar cylinders firing, with his latest single from Introvertigo; Sonova Faith. Dan never plays the guitar with just his fingers, his whole body bends into the guitar with the energy flowing into the instrument. It is a workout of mind and body and add into the mix vocals that are strong full of emotional depths. A wonderful rendition of Jimmy Reeds Bright Lights Big City, as we floated on the reworking of this classic blues number. Into this mix we heard Stop The Messin’ and Heartbeat that had the crowds whooping with delight. The slow blues, which as he says is a must on every Dan album tonight was Introvertigo’s Still Wanna Be Your Man. So Dramatic and quite beautiful, clever use of silence then the build up to add drama. The dueling with Tom on keys was just one of the many highlights from this super-talented guitarists. He is one of the most innovative on the circuit.

Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The GlobeWith Backbite and My Chana from the wonderful Dear Silence Thieves album be wanted more. The guitar acrobatics, use of feed back, the power of the whole guitar is no party trick it is an artistry as Dan manipulates every inch of ‘Old Red’ who obliges every time. The band came back for two extended numbers we were awestruck in the presence of a virtuoso on the fender.

Dan Patlansky’s reputation and popularity continues to grow, reflecting the talent grown out of a true infinity with the guitar. All that is left to say Thank-you Dan for the blues and come back to Cardiff very soon.



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Dan Patlansky Stunning Guitar Returns to The Globe

Dan Patlansky In Conversation Touring 2017 and Beyond

Dan Patlansky In Conversation Touring 2017 and Beyond

Dan Patlansky In Conversation
Touring 2017 and Beyond

BD: Morning Dan, great to see and catch up with you in Sheffield at HRH Blues and the opportunity to talk this morning

 BD: Dan Patlansky, Back in UK and Europe for an exciting tour. Latest single Sonova Faith from the award-winning and acclaimed album Introvertigo.  Returning to venues new and old favourites? With a new band tell us about your touring plan. Starting off at Mr Kyps with Ash Wilson opening and HRH festival you have hit the ground running

DP: Yes, back in UK and Europe with second round touring with Introvertigo.  Following the achievement of Introvertigo being number 1 Blues Rock Album of 2016 by the influential American website Blues Rock Review.  So we are back with a new band of session musicians from Germany bringing a different feel from my South African band. Part tour back at The Globe in Cardiff which will be such fun with Ash Wilson opening a great band, great songs the combination will be a good night of live music following on from Mr Kyps. HRH Blues was amazing great crowd and some amazing bands the atmosphere was really positive.

BD: Having heard your acoustic set at HRH which was wonderful, elegant, beautiful with lingering notes that I wanted to last forever; have you thought about doing more acoustic in the UK?

DP: Yes, it was fun. Acoustic is a different beast to playing electric. In some ways limiting with the change of guitar style. It is a challenge in the way you play and think about the music. As for playing acoustic in the UK; back in South Africa we often do the combination acting as our own support act. Yet to do that in the UK. Perhaps for the future; the logistic of travelling with an Acoustic rig as well as electric will be another travelling challenge. For acoustic at HRH I borrowed Big Boy Bloaters guitar, it was great to play and a big thank you to Big Boy Bloater’s loan of his lovely acoustic guitar. It was a different vibe when I played the guitar showing the power of acoustic.

BD: We all love to hear you get that special sound out of your Strat Old Red and is certainly how you continue to build your fan base. Tell us about strings, pickups and I believe you are retiring the beautiful guitar. How will you find a replacement?

DP: I play with twelve gauge strings, they are considered heavy, but I have always used them. I don’t just use them for the showmanship of the last number. I like the sound they produce. I use standard Fender pickup. For the last number, I turn my amp up to achieve sonic textures, feedback making it as musical as possible.  I always have the amp fairly high, I play loud which is why I have speakers facing the wings and turn them up which can surprise front of house guys.

Old Red not being retired just refining parts of her. Just the neck is being overhauled. The neck has become a liability, 1960’s Fenders used Brazilian Rosewood, this is now a restricted wood and can cause a problem at customs in some countries. In addition, the neck is getting tired and twisted. When I get back home from this tour I’ll be getting a new neck for the guitar.  A face-lift, not retirement.

BD: How do you keep the tracks we love to hear you play the sound is so fresh and vibrant when playing live? It is as if we are hearing the tracks for the first time as you add interest and surprises.

DP: This tour there is a new dynamic with the German musicians. It is though the nature of the music improvising. I may be playing the same song every night on tour, yes the melody, lyrics and chords stay the same but I go in different directions. Not always the way I expect, I grew up playing Jazz music the king of improvisation so every night has its own journey. Can be good or not that is the nature of the beast. It keeps the music exciting for us as musicians and puts a fresh breath into every night’s performance. We are definitely not playing by numbers, traditional blues is steeped in improvisation. I am just keeping that tradition alive and flourishing through my music.

BD: With a hectic touring schedule here, Europe and South Africa what are your plans for 2017 and beyond?

DP: Yes touring is hectic but always great to catch up with friends and fans we make on the tour. This will be the last UK tour focused on Introvertigo. I have dates in South Africa when I return. Then in June we go back in the studio with new songs, new ideas for my next album which will be released Spring 2018. Then back touring South Africa. We are also possibly back in the UK November 2017; where we could be previewing new tracks from the forthcoming album. So watch this space once dates finalized we will be letting the fans know.

BD:  You are back in Cardiff at The Globe, what makes venues fun to return to? Is it building the fan base?

DP: Yes, excited to be playing back in Cardiff. I love the vibe of the venue. Why return to venues, it is a bit of both the venue and the audience is a big part of the show. The Globe is a great little venue, great audience who have such a positive response. I love the sound of the venue, the guitar always sounds good to me on stage which is really satisfying. The Globe is a loud room, lots hard surfaces. It is a venue I will always look forward to playing. The Cardiff crowd are always up for loud music and to enjoy the blues.

BD: Thank you for sharing with your growing group of fans. We have asked you your fantasy band, what you are listening to in previous interviews. So today who would you invite to play with Dan Patlansky band?

DP: Dream scenario would be David Gilmore from Pink Floyd. Gilmore got me into music generally and in particular the guitar.

BD: Thanks for taking the time out of your busy schedule and looking forward to seeing you play live in Cardiff on 4th May.

Dan Patlansky In Conversation Touring 2017 and Beyond


Dan Patlansky In Conversation Touring 2017 and Beyond

READ what Bluesdoodles said about the TEN Doodle paw album  Introvertigo – We voted the album as the best Overseas album heard over at Bluesdoodles HQ.

Introvertigo with its carefully crafted lyrics that blend urbane wit and honest observation, this is blues pertinent to today’s lifestyles, not so much whisky and women more the corruption of power and social interaction. Ten tracks there are no fillers every number is full of strength and tonal power but there is not an off note or lyric.  

FULL Review – HERE

Dan Patlansky In Conversation Touring 2017 and Beyond

Dan Patlansky back In The UK on Tour with Ash Wilson April and May 2017

Dan Patlansky back In The UK on Tour with Ash Wilson April and May 2017


Back in the UK Dan Patlansky fans will be delighted with festival and venues to catch his superlative blues-rock guitar. With special guest Ash Wilson who is attracting attention for his crooning blues that delights his audiences.

South African guitarist is undertaking his first tour since triumphant support slots with King King & Joe Satriani. Now back in 2017  as headline act with special guest Ash Wilson.

www.ashwilsonmusic.comThe UK tour follows Patlansky’s recent accolade when his current album INTROVERTIGO was voted the #1 Blues Rock Album of 2016 by the Blues Rock Review.  Introvertigo was Bluesdoodles Overseas Artist Album of 2016. His previous studio album Dear Silence Thieves which featured the rock radio favourites Backbite and Fetch Your Spade.

Dan Patlansky back In The UK on Tour with Ash Wilson April and May 2017

Tickets are available from the 24 hour box office 0844 478 0898 

or book online – The Gig Cartel or Dan Patlansky 

Mr. Kyps, Poole                                                                Saturday 15 April

HRH Blues Festival, Sheffield Academy                Sunday 16 April (SOLD OUT)

Islington O2 Academy, London                                  Tuesday 2 May

The Deaf Institute, Manchester                                Wednesday 3 May

The Globe, Cardiff                                                          Thursday 4 May

The Tunnels, Bristol                                                       Friday 5 May

The Factory, Barnstable                                                Saturday 6 May

Not heard Dan Patlansky Live read what Bluesdoodles said:-

Salisbury City Hall,  2016 Opening for King KingHERE

“First opportunity to hear tracks live from his latest superb studio album Introvertigo. They sound even more exciting when you can see Dan’s magic fingers playing with the six-strings.”

St Davids Hall 2015 Opening for Joe SatrianiHERE

“All of the musical fireworks were let off in St David’s Hall tonight with the crackling combination of blues spangled rocket man Dan Patlansky opening the proceeding Special guest of the complete guitar firework display that is Joe Satriani.”

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Dan Patlansky back In The UK on Tour with Ash Wilson April and May 2017Bluesdoodles caught up with Ash Wilson at Skegness January 2017 – joining him on stage British blues stalwarts bassist Roger Inniss, drummer Wayne Proctor and on the Hammond Bob Fridzema we said – “The set was mature, accomplished a quality performance of R n’B from everyone on stage. We heard covers like My Babe done the Ash way.  Ash’s vocals are strong at times sounding like molasses with the bass drum the heartbeat like cotton popping in a sun-drenched field as Holding Hands was sung.”

Dan Patlansky back In The UK on Tour with Ash Wilson April and May 2017

Ash also has stunning album Broken Machine out April 2017.


Pick of the Albums Reviewed – 2016: April – June

Pick of the Albums Reviewed – 2016:
April – June

Bluesdoodles listens to music recorded and live from across the genres. Bluesdoodles reviews all albums received with an open-mind and will always look for the elements that make the music stand out from the crowd!. The albums we award 10 doodle paws too, for us have a special connection, and acknowledge like all reviewers our scoring is subjective. Between 1st April and 30th June 2016 Bluesdoodles reviewed 33 albums that reflect the depth and breadth of music being recorded in studios around the world. Remember albums not included on the lists are still excellent; definitely worth listening to and purchasing especially go see music live at venues near you support music and the artists who travel the roads so we can hear music full of passion and the special ingredient of a live performance.

This is the second quarter of 2016 and all of these will be in with a shout for the Bluesdoodles Dozen of 2016.

Kaz Hawkins – Feelin Good
Dan Patlansky – Introvertigo
Giles Robson – For Those Who Need The Blues

Albany Down – The Outer Reach
Jimbo Mathus – Band of Storms
The Rides – Pierced Arrow

No Sinner – Old Habits Die Hard
Rival Sons – Hollow Bones
Black Stone Cherry – Kentucky

Cardiff Globe Shining Hot With Guitar Magic

Cardiff Globe Shining Hot With Guitar MagicDan Patlansky-2371

Cardiff Globe Shining Hot With Guitar Magic




Tonight Cardiff is in for a treat a double helping of scintillating guitar work over two different complexions. Opening with lyric driven blues/roots Tristan MacKay with his percussive acoustic. Tristan lays down a blues riff on the guitar, melded in with folk and roots. The short set exploring Wire and Wood both the guitar and his latest critically acclaimed album. The title track was included, it being an homage to the salvation he found in his guitar during his teenage years. He is a busker that has found his vocation and the third album he promises will be really special.
Tristan and Dan are like a British Summer – the calm, warm cloudless skies with Tristan’s lyrics the clouds that always appear on the horizon. The tension rises, the humidity rises and then the violence of the power of a thunderstorm and lightning flashes of brilliance that is Dan Patlansky full of electric energy. Wow what an array of sounds the manipulation of wood and wire makes in the hands of these skillful practitioners.

Dan produced a set of full-on hefty blues-rock of the highest quality. The guitar work was breathtaking from the first note to the last, highly charged, emotional one-hundred percent full-on that excited enchanted and amazed the crowds at The Globe tonight. Everyone present was hot, the room was sweltering and the guitar and vocals made the temperature rise even higher. Tonight we were treated to an object lesson in how to manipulate the six-strings whilst maintaining the perfect shape and control for hefty blues-rock.

Opening with an instrumental Drone which builds the tension as it leads into Sonnava Faith from the superb album Introvertigo. The vocals soared above the guitar and the band adding textural contexts to the power of Dan’s lyrics. The set wasn’t all about hefty chords as Dan adds Loosen The Grip a ballad that cools the heat down and Dan’s gruff, emotionally charged vocals take centre stage with ‘Old Red’ his trusty guitar playing to the voices tune. His battered, bruised and beautiful guitar is given a rest as he moved onto the slide-dominated Heatbeat on his shiny white Strat. Dan has the capacity to squeeze every ounce of energy, emotion and power out of every single number, making the hairs on the back of your neck stand out.

Back to “Old Red” with a slow blues number the music shows that there is nothing introverted about Introvertigo. Stop The Messin’ is superb, no wonder it is having lots of radio play on Planet Rock, and then as the set reaches its climax we dip into Dear Silence Thieves with Backbite and Fetch Your Spade. Dan is delighted that we have turned out to hear his music thanking us, the appreciation is all from us. Completing the set My Channa, those who are seeing Dan live for the first time had no idea what guitar antics they were in for. Dan manipulates every part of the guitar; his fingers explore every part his right-hand dancing up and down the frets in a complex choreographic amazing ballet. Whilst, his left-hand was an acrobatic display then, the left and right joined together high on a fret in a gavotte of modern rock. There was more to come visually absorbing and tonally charged Dan was in control as the set closed with one finger holding the guitar high, but not as loud and high as the applause and cheers of an audience that wanted more. The encore of two more amazing numbers closed a night where Dan turned guitar playing into a pure art-form.


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Heavenly Cake for Bands In Salisbury

Heavenly Cake for Bands In SalisburyHeavenly Cake for Bands In Salisbury

Heavenly Cake for Bands In Salisbury



Cake wall WM-1045The wall of fame is growing for Cupcake Heaven in Salisbury as Paul & Sandy Gregory cook for bands, This afternoon on a sunny day in May joining Joe Bonamassa, Joanne Shaw Taylor in the select group of musicians with a bespoke cake are South African Dan Patlansky and his Band and the mighty award-winning King King fronted by the swirly kilt clad Scotsman himself, Alan Nimmo.

Cupcake Heaven bake delicious cakes for residents and visitors every day. The café is on a pedestrian walk-through with the river flowing past this afternoon ducks, swans and moorhens watched on bemused as two bands descended on Cupcake Heaven.

Heavenly Cake for Bands In SalisburyThe cakes were very special both iced and decorated to represent King King’s acclaimed album Reaching For The Light with a tartan ribbon. Once the cake had been admired and photographed it was time for the knife to cut through the icing to reveal chocolate sponge and chocolate buttercream. Yummy, a sweet delight that went perfectly with a cup of tea. With King King band members Alan Nimmo, Wayne Proctor, Bob Fridzema and Lindsay Coulson on a sugar rush they reluctantly left to do the sound check before the Friday Evening show at the City Hall.

Heavenly Cake for Bands In SalisburyThe second cake, a delicious iced Victoria Sponge, bedecked with the eye-catching cover of Dan Patlansky’s latest album Introvertigo. The band from South Africa were delighted to tuck into such a delicious sweetness after the necessary photographing and formalities were taken care of. Then it was cake and tea rather than blues and guitars that dominated the conversation. Suitably refreshed on a sugar high they left to prepare to open for King King and to make sure that Cupcake Heaven and rock music are never far apart.

Cupcake Heaven, Salisbury’s bakers to Rock and Blues musicians. The demand is growing and soon could be on every band’s rider who visits Salisbury – ‘we want cake before we play the music live and loud’.

King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in Salisbury

Dan Patlansky supporting King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in SalisburyDan Patlansky supporting King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in Salisbury

King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in Salisbury


Tonight there was a very special buzz around City Hall, Salisbury. With a plethora of Thunder T-shirts through the years, a smattering of Satriani and many more King King Shirts. Both Dan Patlansky & King King, continue to be noticed for all the right reasons Blues that rocks your soul having toured with Joe Satriani and Thunder respectively.


Dan Patlansky supporting King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in SalisburySeats were filled and the lights dimmed and the music caught your breath as South African Dan Patlansky took control of the stage. This is the first opportunity to hear tracks live from his latest superb studio album Introvertigo. They sound even more exciting when you can see Dan’s magic fingers playing with the six-strings. The band was on fire providing a lusciousness of tone and sound for the guitar to soar up above with Dan’s vocals as hot as chestnuts heated over a brazier of firing blues.  Into the mix, this band is not messing around as they play Stop The Messin’. Then a change of guitar and slide for Heartbeat, drum’s pulling up the heat of Africa the beat resembling a heartbeat that is both fast and primeval. This track live is a fret teaser and the speed of Dan’s fingers is mesmerizing and the beating of hearts increased with the hot delights. The tempo changed and we had some slow blues as Old Red his preferred guitar worn with love entertained once again. With great interaction, Dan was warming the crowded venue for King King. The echo effect of Dan’s voice as he drew us in along with the melting and merging of tones contrasting and harmonizing this is exciting blues. Dipping into his previous album Dear Silence Thieves, via Backbite, the clock is speeding and Dan plays loud, raucous and always he has control of the guitar, holding by one string dancing up the fretboard and contending with an amp that just doesn’t want to play the game. Dan Patlansky excites, with is freeform blues-rock, with an instrumental that has the audience collectively holding their breath the guitar playing is phenomenal, Hendrix heart and soul has entered the building as Patlansky entertains, the audience is now hot with excitement.


King King WM-1209A short-break and the crowded venue fidgeting in their seats and then with a swirl of his red kilt and beaming smile Alan Nimmo sets the King King train underway in Salisbury tonight. King King’s reputation continues to grow as they tour making new friends on the way and always entertaining with blues that has special cadence unique to them. With a number of albums under the kilt we re-visited the earlier recordings and were entertained with songs for the acclaimed 2015 Reaching For The Light.  They may have opened with Lose Control, but everything was firmly under control for, Alan Nimmo fronting vocals and guitar, Bob Fridzema of keys and the powerhouse holding the rhythm Lindsay Coulson and Wayne Proctor. Glaswegian Alan, full of smiles and the vocals strong despite the fact this was the penultimate date on the tour and Alan waiting for what he calls his wee operation on his vocal chords. Everyone wishes him well though there are a few festival dates still to catch King King over the summer.  The studio version of Rush Hour is awesome, live it takes on another dimension of energy.  Why? It is the audience who participate picking up the beat set down by Wayne Proctor who builds the anticipated rhythm with style and flourish of the sticks Lindsay’s’ bass line fills in the gaps providing a rhythmic tempo allowing Alan to strut and swirl upfront. Two crowd stopping heart-searing moments in the momentous set were first Long History of Love and later in the set Jealousy. Bob’s Fridzema’s, Hammond combined with the whirling Leslie creates a sound that swells and grows filling every drop of air with sweet chords of Long History of Love. The music is so powerful you can taste it. Then add into the mix Alan Nimmo’s vocal and Fender the music is putty in his hands and we adore King King for playing music that hits our souls.  The emotion and inner tension of fellow Glaswegian Frankie Miller’s classic Jealousy is held in Alan’s hands from the first to the last note.  The warmth of the emotion, the agony of the pain jealousy causes are all captured in the guitar chord and the inflection of Alan’s voice. Wow! Who cannot be moved by this spine-chilling hairs on your arms raising performance? This is not the final number the tempo changes the audience fills with delight as the first notes of Crazy flow through the auditorium.  Then Alan’s party piece as he turns the volume down, down, down until you can hear the strings ping. The audience sits in respectful hush, the silence is deep and Stranger To Love wins us over again as the volume rises and the tuneful voice of Alan fills the hall again. Then they leave, and we want more but this is the last song of the night, the crowds stand in unison and cheer for more. With a smile and wave King King are back on stage for one last number the crowd-pleasing melodic Let Love In we sung, Alan sung we were all in harmony. The power of live music uniting us this is Blues-Rock infused with layers of tones and the deep feel of the blues.


Their status as performers extraordinaire was confirmed again with tonight’s no wonder King King are award winning, mega-popular and Reaching For The Light was the album of 2015 for many.  This is a night many will talk about do you remember when South African Dan Patlansky and ten the mighty King King took Salisbury by a Blues storm. Yes, King King Reaching Spiraling Heights in Salisbury tonight. Dan Patlansky opening raised the roof. Blues swirled with rock heartbeats with both bands fuelled by delicious cake from Cupcake Heaven enjoyed as part of a rocking afternoon tea.

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Dan Patlansky Video of New Single STOP THE MESSIN’

Dan Patlansky Video of New Single STOP THE MESSIN’

Dan Patlansky-0272

Fresh off his special guest slot on King King’s May UK tour, South African singer-songwriter and guitarist,Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo Dan Patlansky, has released a live video of his latest single , Stop The Messin’.  The video was filmed on April 27th at the Rivonia Barnyard Theatre in Johannesburg which was the final show onPatlansky’s recent South African tour. The song is taken from Patlansky’s new studio album INTROVERTIGO.



Watch the video now:




BOOK ONLINE: HERE @ Gig Cartel or 24 HR BOX OFFICE: 0844 478 0898

Tickets: £17.50 / Box Office: 01273 464440 or Book Online: HERE

Tickets: £17.50 / Venue Box Office:  07590 471888 or Book Online: HERE

Tickets £20 / Box Office:  0844 8472514 or Book Online: HERE

Tickets: £17.50 / Book Online: HERE or HERE

Tickets: £17.50 / Venue Box Office: 01246 277702 or Book Online: HERE or HERE

Tickets: £17.50 Adv. / Door: £20 Venue Box Office: 0871 2200260 or Book Online: HERE or HERE


Dan Patlansky is a guitar phenomenon not to be missed – Dear Silence Thieves and his current album Introvertigo are solid gold.

Read what Bluesdoodles said about Dear Silence Thieves HERE & Introvertigo (Definitely in the running for album of the year 2016) HERE

INTROVERTIGO is the follow up to 2015’s critically acclaimed Dear Silence Thieves which spawned to rock radio hits Backbite and Fetch Your Spade.

In 2015, Patlansky toured 10 countries with Joe Satriani read why we loved that night of live music and guitar fireworks in Cardiff HERE
It was unsurprising the Dan Patlansky was nominated by Classic Rock as one of their hotly tipped new artists of 2015. Patlansky said this about the new album, “INTROVERTIGO draws from all my influences from Audioslave, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jim Hendrix, Rival Sons and beyond. We’ve continued the same mix of rock, funk and blues that we mastered on last year’s Dear Silence Thieves album.” Bluesdoodles talked in depth about INTROVERTIGO HERE

Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo

Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo

Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo



Bluesdoodles was delighted to spend time chatting with Dan Patlansky as he took a breather from his South African Tour launching his forthcoming album Introvertigo out 6th May 2016.

Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo

BD: Hi Dan hope you are well

DP: Yes all good busy with shows in South Africa as part of Introvertigo release

BD: Sounds good and links in with the double Dan delights I want to chat about with your New Album and UK Tour.

BD: Tell our readers about the inspiration of the album and interesting title.
DP: Introvertigo found the word one-day surfing web stumbled across the phrase and it made sense experience that a million times. Being introvert by nature certain people seem to suck the life out of you. Fantastic title concept is not being an introvert, it is life through eyes of an introvert  or the memoirs of an introvert. Stuff that is important to me. Plus it is quite an intriguing title.
Urban Dictionary definition – Introvertigo: “The dizziness and disorientation felt by an introvert after spending more than 5 minutes with an extrovert”.

BD: No title track as such do you see Run as the validating track of the theme Introvertigo?
DP: Though I have had title tracks in previous albums including Dear Silence Thieves never felt had to have a title track to create and album. Introvertigo is a concept running through the album rather than a song on an album. Run is a song reflecting the modern mentality of intelligent people in large groups who stop thinking a pet peeve of mine. Reflects current actions of South Africans studying at Universities, there are tons of riots. They have become a constant intelligent people burning bins throwing and destroying things including facilities where they are learning at.

BD: With two hit singles that received airplay which tracks do you see as single material on Introvertigo
DP: No I really never know what track to pick. The whole process is time-consuming first the writing process, then arranging, recording and mixing the tracks. By the time finished heard and played songs a million and one times and they merge so still figuring that one out! No one or two stand out for me there is a flow through the album. Introvertigo is not a whole bunch of songs collected together they flowed 1 through 10 this makes sense of having ten tracks. Vinyl albums were often ten tracks, those classics you return to. The tracks say what I wanted to achieve on the album.

BD: The guitar playing is always strong and continues to be on this latest offering I hear hints of SRV on Still Wanna Be Your Man – how did touring in 2015 with Joe Satriani influence your manipulation of the 6 strings.
DP: Stevie Ray Vaughan is my biggest influence I have listen so extensively to his music from a young age his sound does come through on certain songs. It is mix of tonal and phrasing of the guitar on some songs. I am always thrilled that I can nail a little SRV.
Satriani Tour was an incredible experience Joe is an inspirational musician it was surreal to be hanging out with him last year as we toured Europe and UK. He was consistently good every night never a slightly bleak night. His mind is in control of his own headspace he has truly mastered that, and I learnt a lot from his approach. Plus Joe is a fantastic human being nicest guy made us feel at home on the road. BD:  Of Course you made new fans in Cardiff when opening for Joe Satriani
DP: Looking forward to being back in Cardiff, the city treated us well St David’s Hall awesome venue. BD: The Globe is different a gigging venue. Yes, different style of hall played them all and be good Headlining at The Globe. Looking forward to time in the city.

BD: The vocals and lyrics are stronger than ever on Introvertigo is this due to the personal influences on the 10 tracks?
DP: Thanks for that. I grew up playing the guitar and started to sing when I couldn’t find a singer as a teen for a band playing the blues. So sung by default rather than pleasure. The singing was never a pleasure but a means of getting to the next guitar solo… I sung because I had to. Now I enjoy singing more enjoy the power of singing so have spent more time and given more thought and concentration to the lyrics. Spent lots time on the vocals so I do the best job I can the result vocals get stronger. This is a personal album as with the tracks reflecting my thoughts. Sonnava Faith is not about religion/people’s faith beliefs, it is the misuse of power another personal annoyance and so very wrong. Album leaves with fun and I hope a very true reflection of the inspiration my daughter. Real Truth is the concept of Introvertigo. Years ago wrote and sung cliché blues whiskey and the women, this was right for the past and was those bluesmen’s life experiences they lived that life. Mine is different this was not the way I have grown up and experience life. So now writing from own experiences. The track Bet On Me with line Blues Police is a realisation that blues like all things evolves and changes and needs to reflect today’s realities.

BD: Do you have a favourite/ special track on the album? And why?
DP: Still Wanna Be Your Man the subject balancing touring and family, the feeling of insecurity of this type of life is close to my heart. I am also a sucker for slow minor blues, for me it expresses my most natural guitar playing and singing it feels like my natural home base. BD: Well that seems to be the single sorted.

BD: Back on UK Tour with King King and then headlining with lots of new towns and cities to find new fans. For those who have not seen you before what can they expect from one of your shows? How does live sound differ from Studio? Looking forward to your visit to Wales’ capital city Cardiff.
DP: New experiences visiting new places starting off with King King who are a great bunch of guys. Our sounds are different enough so there will be a full spectrum of Rock Blues on show when opening for King King. Excited about having the opportunity to do a full show. We can play a lot more songs and play for longer. I have started touring Introvertigo in South Africa. It is working really well live normally more challenges than Introvertigo thinking about how to translate an album into the live arena. Important sounds cool on the album and will be playing all 10 tracks live. They all sound fantastic live sometimes studio tracks just do not work on a stage no such problem with Introvertigo. Yes live they have a rawer edge, with some parts extended others shortened to make sense of the sound on a stage but this is definitely the easiest and most natural transition from studio to live.

BD: How do you keep your enthusiasm and the music fresh when on tour and away from Home
DP: It is a challenge, strange places and playing same music whilst touring. For me it is finding inspiration in music. Listening to You Tube finding new bands, re-discovering others when someone inspires you so that you just can’t wait to play. Finding inspiration is the key, with modern technology and easy access to music there is no excuse not to be able find inspiration.

BD: Normally I ask for your band but did that last time so this time I am interested in albums that have influenced/ delighted you as a musician.
DP: Changes weekly – right now..
Always big Pink Floyd fan and in a Wish You Were Here phase
Rival Sons – Great Western Valkyrie looking forward to their new album
And Steve Wilson New album Hands Can Not Erase might not be every song but those connect just say lots to me. Found his music after meeting him at Classic Rock Music Awards in 2015.

BD: Thank you for your time. Will catch you live with Introvertigo in May and June

DP: Always a pleasure to chat with you Liz see you at a show.

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