Entering The World of Classic Rock Inglorious II

Entering The World of Classic Rock Inglorious II

Entering The World of Classic Rock Inglorious II


When Nathan James stormed onto the stage at Planet Rockstock 2015 with Inglorious eighteen months ago the potential for something huge, replicating the rock bands of the past was written in the stars, as reflected in the crystal ball on the cover of their first self-titled album. From that point they have grown into the band they promised to be. The second album is always difficult. Not for Inglorious they didn’t waste time and effort on a title – it is simply Inglorious II. That is the only simply thing.

With a dozen original numbers written by the whole band the feeling of musicians working together creating an organic living musical identity from first to the last chords is evident. This is all underpinned by this studio album having the fluidity, driving energy of a live sound. Being on the road, receiving audience reactions have shaped and formed the sound as they recorded as they play live, with raw energy and the building of tones from the instruments and not trickery.  With the mixing done by  Kevin Shirley  the album has a the stamp of Classic Rock, not trapped in the past but as a sounding board for music you want to rock to.
The band wrote the whole album with no guest writers this time, they said “It came together very organically after spending time touring together and felt great. We knew we were making an album this time too! We focused on getting our sounds just right so we could get into the studio and out in the least time poss.”

The opening chords are full of controlled restraint, the feel of acoustic, building the suspense we have all been feeling since announcement date 12th May for the release of the album on Frontiers Records. The crash of cymbals the melodic howl of Nathan as we are off on an Inglorious rush of melodic rock, play it often and play it loud Nathan may sing I Don’t Need Your Loving! BUT! We need your heady rock fueled energy it is fresh, modern, created for the twenty-first century with a quality that is firmly stepping back in time.

Third track in and you know that this is an album that will perform superbly live, and in the meantime will stay on repeat. Tell Me Why; demonstrates that Nathan has the freedom to perform those toe curling with delight vocals because of the band. The four musicians throughout provide more than a solid platform they give the sound shape and form for the lyrics and vocals to curl round, whether in anger, love or for the pure joy of singing.  The drumming from Phil Beaver is rhythmically strong as we Read All About It and Andreas’ guitar work has a sting in its tail.  As the groove changes with Change Is Coming and its deep bass line from Colin Patterson. Inglorious are a band connected through the music they love to play.

The blistering guitar opening of No Good For You, they may sing and play like that every day for me and will definitely be good for lovers of rock. As the album reaches its finale, we have time to draw our breath, reset our energy levels with Faraway, simple, quieter, a controlled vocal delivery from Nathan full of delicate intricacies. Faraway is a beguiling track. Then the grand closing number with High Class Woman. High class certainly describes the album.

Do not expect surprises, this is a rock album and they deliver.  As ever Inglorious are being compared and contrasted to bands and singers of the past. For me that is a useful starting point, the reality is Nathan James and Inglorious on the second recorded offering are proving they are not pale imitations. The sound is Inglorious’ own, the sound is glorious.

Before, making albums Nathan thought to himself, “Why are those classic albums so awesome?” He realised it was because “the musicians were recording in an organic way; they could track it live and capture amazing energy.” He certainly has lived up to his observations on the whirlwind raw and tamed Inglorious II. Joining the charismatic front man and vocalist Nathan James are lead guitarist Andreas Eriksson, bassist Colin Parkinson, rhythm guitarist Wil Taylor, and drummer Phil Beaver.  With the departure of Wil from the band it is welcoming back former guitarist Drew Lowe.

Inglorious II is a mighty fine rock album with all the necessary components, but definitely not playing rock by numbers. This is modern rock with attitude, raw and at times a little bit dangerous. They want to thrill you through music and inglorious ii definitely thrills.


Inglorious – Inglorious II –  Frontiers Music Srl

on May 12, 2017.

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Track Listing

    1. I Don’t Need Your Loving
    2. Taking The Blame
    3. Tell Me Why
    4. Read All About It
    5. Change Is Coming
    6. Making Me Pay
    7. Hell Or High Water
    8. No Good For You
    9. I Got A Feeling
    10. Black Magic
    11. Faraway
    12. High Class Woman

    Entering The World of Classic Rock Inglorious IIThe album will be released as a standard CD and also as a Deluxe CD/DVD edition. The DVD will feature a previously unavailable live performance from Download Festival 2016 plus extra bonus content, including videos for forthcoming singles “I Don’t Need Your Loving” and “Taking The Blame”.

    A vinyl release will also be made available through Frontiers Music Srl partners Soulfood.
    Inglorious II features
    Nathan James – vocals
    Andreas Eriksson – lead guitars
    Wil Taylor – guitars
    Colin Parkinson – bass guitar
    Phil Beaver – drums


    2017  Dates announced so far are:

    19th May 2017- UK, London, Islington Assembly
    16th June 2017 – FRANCE, Clisson, Hellfest Festival
    18th June 2017 – BELGIUM, Dessel, Graspop Festival
    22nd June 2017 – DENMARK, Copenhagen Festival
    24th June 2017 – SPAIN, Vitoria, Azkena Rock Festival 2017
    19th August 2017 – UK, Tilford, Weyfest Festival

    Entering The World of Classic Rock Inglorious II

Inglorious in Town Got The Flowerpot Rocking

Inglorious in Town Got The Flowerpot Rocking

Inglorious in Town Got The Flowerpot Rocking

Having seen Inglorious twice before; once opening Planet Rockstock 2015 and then opening for The Winery Dogs in Bristol, I was looking forward to when they had control of their own destiny as the headliners at The Flowerpot Derby. The venue was heaving RAWpromo were delighted the show was a sell-out so the atmosphere was hot and steamy everyone was ready able and willing they wanted to be entertained.

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Before the anticipated Inglorious we were royally entertained once again by Ali Clinton Band with his new line-up. Ali Clinton Band is a young band with a great following. A power trio that kicks the riffs straight into your musical heart. Ali’s guitar work always is spot-on with his deft fingers playing the fret board. The chords are profound as they curl around the lyrics. Tonight we heard a selection of self-penned numbers from his current E.P. and his single, The Lie, and his Les Paul has a special tone. With Will on bass and Richard Kirk on drums the future is rhythmically bright for this young guitar slinger. The link between Inglorious and Ali Clinton along with the drummer have shared stage with Uli Jon Roth.

Inglorious came to The Flowerpot and conquered Derby. For many it was the first time hearing the band live. The majority that I spoke to were overjoyed and just wanted to get to the next Inglorious event. Having received lots of airplay on Planet Rock and been described by Paul Anthony as “The future of British rock and roll”.

Inglorious in Town Got The Flowerpot RockingInglorious is a six-piece, and at its centre up front with a voice that travels and is made for Arena Rock is Nathan James. He has surrounded himself with musicians that are hungry for the big time and they want to climb the ladder not one step at a time but in giant leaps. Their self-titled debut album is receiving rave reviews from across the rock media. Tonight’s set was the live re-working of the album Inglorious with tracks in a different order giving the crowds a rocking good time. This is a band that has rehearsed the moves the licks and riffs when Nathan clicks his fingers or flashes his warm smile. It shows every number is polished and gleaming. The band is tight they play to please and Inglorious do. It was a tight fit on the stage, cramping their moves but not the music. The set was short despite three mighty covers, Russ Ballard’s I Surrender; re-working of Toto’s Girl Goodbye that is becoming a staple of the set and Deep Purple’s Lay Down, Stay Down. No-one was laying or staying down as the beat drove through the venue.

Inglorious WM-6594There is no doubt that live the stand out numbers from the album live are Inglorious; Until I Die a high powered opening number tonight and Holy Water. The addition of keys gives a band another layer of rock chords. The band needs to give the keys more scope to interweave with the two guitars. A new band creating a storm with potential to go far and plenty of scope to build on with the quality musicians that are Inglorious.

Inglorious  WM-8As one of the growing phalanx of fans commented on Facebook following the show was “I like his bum wiggle and jazz hands. I’m not complaining. All part of the Performance. He can wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. With that voice he’s allowed to wiggle.”
I was disappointed that the set wasn’t longer. Inglorious may want the large stage but at times when developing a fan base smaller venues get you to the hardcore music fans. They need to adapt and stretch out the set with demanding and interesting lead breaks; and some more covers to stretch out the set or better still some new numbers of their own. Though leaving the fans wanting more is a tactic that will work if they have lots of new material the next time they play in the East Midlands.

Inglorious have built for themselves a solid base of fans and material now they need to show they can really deliver a headlining set that is inspiring and rocks up a whirlwind of a musical storm. As they pick up their first award – Planet Rock’sThe Rocks 2016 Best New Band.

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Inglorious opens for The Winery Dogs – Bristol

Inglorious opens for The Winery Dogs Bristol


Inglorious opens for The Winery Dogs – Bristol. Inglorious are cooking up a storm wherever they play.  Described as “The future of rock and roll.” By Planet Rock Radio – Paul Anthony, they are putting in the miles and the debut self-titled album captures the mood. Who are Inglorious? Five men who just what to play the music they love rocking the roll with hi octane verve. Fronted by Nathan James the singer with the operatic fuelled vocals made for rock.

Inglorious-4966A packed O2 Academy in Bristol waited in anticipation of the main act of the evening The Winery Dogs. Many were blown away by the quality of the opening band, Bluesdoodles was impressed when we heard them at their official debut gig at Planet Rockstock in December. They have improved BUT they are at times too theatrical. Less of the nineties stadium rock stances and more focus on instrumentation would take them up another notch. The set was a collection of self-penned and the cover of Toto’s Girl Goodbye it is expected by the fans that this will be played. The opening track of debut album, Inglorious is a great way to get the show under way Until I Die is an opportunity for Nathan to open his lungs so that the whole of Bristol can here is rockingly magnificent voice.  The high notes sustained and clear contrasting with deeper gruffer growls.  Nathan’s middle name must be charisma as he exudes the charm with every note, flick of the hair and the casual boot on the monitor. He sings for you, he has this freedom thanks to the interplay and solid and dramatic input from the band.  A pair of guitarist who complement each other on the left Andreas Erikson and the right Will Taylor they are the lynch pin of the rock melody giving Nathan the room to roam his vocal notes. There is never ever any suggestion that guitars will over power the vocals, they are fully charged, creating goose bumps and spine tingling moments. The guitar playing is stunning and the interplay superb with the rhythm section of bassist Colin Parkinson, and drummer Phil Beaver. Inglorious put on a show combining a huge stage presence, musicianship and drama with Nathan and Andreas kneeling and screaming in harmony as strings and vocals combine in perfect harmony. The songs were powerful the lyrics coiled around the music and were carried across the auditorium. Stand out moments were for me Holy Water, You’re Mine co-written with Whitesnake’s, Joel Hoekstra and the cherry on the rock cake of delight was Girl Got A Gun. What a start to an evening of live music now for The Winery Dogs.

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winerydogs_photoThe stage set for The Winery Dogs, this sell-out show crammed from front of the stage and up into the rafters. The entry was dramatic the build-up was huge and the entrance was a paled into insignificance as the band performed. What a power trio, Mike Portnoy behind the drums his blue beard catching the lights and with effervescent energy conducted the show from back of the stage with drum sticks pointed, twirled in a ballet of stick drama throughout the show.  Completing the rhythm section bassist extraordinaire, Billy Sheehan he made the four strings scream, a demonstration of a bass wizard at work. In addition to this the rhythm section added to the depth and grace of the vocals.  Adding to the duo is Richie Kotzen guitarist, vocalist and more a true multi-instrumentalist who shaped the music creating layers of tonal textures which define The Winery Dogs.

Richie’s vocal power and range is all about tone and creating shapes with the voice. His vocals are as different as apples and oranges from Nathan’s what a contrast these are subtler and full of textured beauty. It is the chemistry between the band that allowed for conducting from behind, they just never lost sight of Portnoy with the bass drum the heartbeat of every moment the trio were on stage.  Bristol is just one stop on their Double Down World Tour, and Mike got a huge cheer when he said we came out of London, Manchester and make our journey to Bristol worthwhile make the night hot.  With the latest Album Hot Streak released October 2015 this was a chance for the music to be heard live jumping of the grooves and played direct through speakers the tracks worked 100%. Live music once again is the best.  Opening with Oblivion we were in for a roller-coaster ride of delights from a band on sparkling form they wanted us to have fun. The title track of the current album, Hot Streak was a winner the whole band were immense, completely in-tune with the each other.  Richie’s virtuoso guitar playing zinged with a powerhouse attitude reflected by the energetic bass playing from Billy.  Richie shreds the strings no plectrum and no blood amazingly. This is never manic can I go as fast as possible it is simpler tasteful like many of the great blues players he rules the strings bending them to his will.  Then there is Billy playing the bass at times like a rhythm guitar just batters the four strings with a vigour that defies at times the only possible outcome was a broken string. That never happened.  Then there were the solo’s a drum solo that entertained as Mike played under the single light an acrobatic dancer who manipulates the drums and cymbals a clash of the titans.  Bass solos normally are short, unimaginative tonight Billy’s was different. He is rocks answer to Norman Watt-Roy. With theatrical stops precise then back into rocking mode as he slapped the strings, and chased his fingers up and down the fret board. The bass went from the deepest rumble to the sharpest note. The tone changes and the sound mimicked keys and then an organ. The crowd cheered not because the solo ended but because the playing was jaw-droppingly breath-taking. The set was full of twists and turns and the acoustic performance of Fire by Richie was spell-binding, a mellow moment within the drama. (I do wish audiences would shut up and listen and not talk over quieter numbers, and put down the phones recording the show – who wants to view the live moments through a screen!).  Adding more changes Richie sat behind the Wurlitzer, ‘a lovely moment’ said fan Steve Pierce. Ending with Elevate we just wanted more, we were elevated to the cream of rock performances. With rousing cheers Bristol was treated to three more numbers before heading into the night our eyes alight with the tones, and textures of this powerhouse of a rock band.

Winery Dogs

Inglorious – Rock with new video and tour


Inglorious – Rock with new video and tour

British classic hard rock band INGLORIOUS have launched the official music video for their forthcoming single Until I Die.  The single is taken from the eponymous debut album released by Frontiers Music SRL on Friday 19 February 2016.


Watch the video here:

Fans can pre-order the album from either iTunes or Amazon, and get a free track of the song Breakaway, plus the new single Until I Die.  Pre-order the album on iTunes: HERE Pre-order the album on Amazon: HERE


INGLORIOUS are being championed by Queen’s Brian May who recently told the band, “You guys really do look like a potent young Deep Purple but with a new slant – very Classic! “The musicianship is stunning. Good luck with it all – I’m sure you will do great. Amazing vocals, by the way!”


INGLORIOUS will support their debut album by supporting The Winery Dogs on their European tour from 29 January until 17 February, followed by their official album launch concert a London’s Islington Assembly Hall on Sunday 21st February.

photo credit - Nedim Nazerali
photo credit – Nedim Nazerali

INGLORIOUS are being hailed as one of the UK’s heaviest new hard rock bands to emerge from the British underground scene.  Originally formed in February 2014, the band is fronted by Nathan James, who made a name for himself having sung for the multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Scorpions guitar legend Uli Jon Roth.  Inspired by musical giants such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Bad Company, Aerosmith, the band’s song Breakaway has already found its way on to UK rock radio.    the other members of Inglorious are Wil Taylor (rhythm guitarist),Andreas Eriksson (lead guitarist), Colin Parkinson (bass) and Phil Beaver (drums).


INGLORIOIUS special guests on

THE WINERY DOGS’  European Tour 2016

Esseigfabrik – Cologne, Germany                             Jan 29

Kulturfabrik – Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg      Jan 30

O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire – London, UK            Jan 31

O2 Academy – Bristol, UK                                             Feb 2

O2 Ritz – Manchester, UK                                             Feb 4

O2 Institute – Birmingham, UK                                   Feb 5

Trabendo – Paris, France                                               Feb 6

Kate Antzokia – Bilbao, Spain                                     Feb 8

Joe Eslava – Madrid, Spain                                           Feb 9

Apolo – Barcelona, Spain                                              Feb 10

Crossroads – Rome, Italy                                               Feb 12

Z7 – Prattelin, Switzerland                                           Feb 13

Backstage Halle – Munich, Germany                       Feb 15

Majestic Music Club – Bratislava, Slovakia            Feb 16

Barba Negra – Budapest, Hungary                            Feb 17


INGLORIOIUS Official Album Launch Concert

Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK                      Feb 21

PLANET ROCKSTOCK – December 4th – 6th

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Tickets are available

WEEKEND GOLD – 4 day ticket. Access to Thursday night too with free Planet Rockstock T-shirt

WEEKEND – 3 day Friday – Sunday

THURSDAY NIGHT – Tickets only £10 plus booking fee headlined by Toseland
Saturday – SOLD OUT
SUNDAY – a chance to see both second and main stage.



Do not miss out on having a weekend of glorious Rock until you drop

in the company of fellow rockers and

Planet Rock DJ’s



Rockstock Flyer Oct

INGLORIOUS – New Hard Rock Band – Album and Tour Dates

Inglorious are totally Glorious

Frontiers Music Srl is exceptionally delighted to present one of the most talented new Hard Rock bands to emerge from the British underground scene: INGLORIOUS!

INGLORIOUS are five young men with a mutual love and respect of the classics of Hard Rock music, big guitar riffs, and soulful vocals. Their influences stem from iconic rock and roll shrine of Rock albums from the 1970s – many years before the band members were born.

Formed in February 2014, the band is fronted by Nathan James, who made a name for himself having sung for the multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra, andScorpions guitar legend Uli Jon Roth. Nathan was looking for like-minded musicians that desired to make incredible rock music in a very honest fashion.

Inspired by musical giants such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Bad Company, Aerosmith, the band has recently completed the recording of their self titled debut album which will see the light of day in February 2016.

The band’s song “Breakaway” has already found its way onto Planet Rock’s playlist.

Inglorious will appear live at the Planet Rockstock Festival in Trecco Bay, UK on December 4th and are working to set more shows around the release of the album.

Inglorious is comprised of Nathan James (lead vocals), Wil Taylor (rhythm guitarist),Andreas Eriksson (lead guitarist), Colin Parkinson (bass) and Phil Beaver (drums).

The Reality is Glorious on debut album Inglorious – Read all about it HERE

Catch them on Tour