Alter Bridge Live and Rarities Combine To Delight

Alter Bridge Live and Rarities Combine To Delight

Alter Bridge Live and Rarities Combine To Delight. With three Cd’s we are immersed in the power and glory that has insured Alter Bridge success across the world. The Bridge created heavy, strong rising out of the fall of Creed. Live albums keep the memories alive, the energy and charismatic wizardry of Myles Kennedy and Mark Tremonti.

The first two albums recorded at The O2 Arena, London in November 2016 with the mix of nineteen songs in the set we see every side of Alter Bridge. This is a show that re-visited the back catalogue from across the years, the opportunity to play the hits whilst providing the audiences with a chance to hear tracks from the current album Last Heroes live.  One thing that cannot be argued the band and the audience were having the time of their lives. The clapping and cheering were not lukewarm but hot as molten metal.

Opening the nineteen strong set with The Writing on The Wall, from Last Heroes. Reworked and the stage performance gives the number a lift as the guitars drive the melody which has a heavy tone. We are up and running and the writing on the wall is live is the perfect arena for Alter Bridge. With the fiery energy of two M’s upfront Myles & Mark the timing and depth of sound from the rhythm section is imperative; tonight there is no doubt that bassist Brian Marshall and Scott Phillips on drums nailed it to perfection.

The crowd is warmed up and Myles’ voice is two as he asks the crowd to clap and participate in Ghosts Of Days Gone By, showing why Alter Bridge continue to please their phalanx of fans with music we all want to sing too.  With Water Rising giving Mark his voice the two vocal ranges work together and the emotion builds as the guitars take the lead breaks.  The tracks flow like a fever cascading wild and free, never curtailed by the audience the music is formed as the set unveils the rock energy that defines Alter Bridge. The band has the confidence to include as the first CD closes in an Arena setting the solo acoustic Watch Over You. How the audiences cheer that quietens captivated in the sound waves created by Myles’ vocals and guitar as he sings Watch Over You. A moment of gentleness that soothes the ears and soul the perfect counterbalance to the high octane driven songs played so far.  This is raw acoustic energy that moves the crowd as Myles asks them to join in ensuring the energy is never dampened whilst retaining the emotional outpouring and beauty of this acoustic number. The emotion is raw and personal as Myles sings and despite e the legion of fans around you it feels as if he is singing to you as he connects with his fans on an intimate level. For nearly seven minutes the audience is transfixed and then when asked to sing they give song and a rock communion is formed that is only experienced when a band playing live is in the zone and delivering music that connects on so many levels

With no album to flip CD 2 seamlessly flows from the speakers as at the live event. We are back heavy and driven by stinging guitar and driving beats of the drum as Myles’s voice takes up the melody with Isolation. With five albums under their belt, and audiences flocking to gigs across the world Alter Bridge will never be playing in Isolation.  With the throttle opened to full that band pulls back with Blackbird a firm favourite with the crowd and a number that always grabs my attention. A highlight when Bluesdoodles reviewed the Cardiff show.  Now we are taken back to the first album One Day remains with the swirling rocking heavy riff-laden Metalingus.  With Show Me Your Leader, the audience if asked in the moment would shout out Alter Bridge or Myles Kennedy or Mark Tremonti they are leading us into the wild frenzied uplifting joy of music played live. This part of the set includes the hit from Lost Heroes Poison In Your Vein and closing with the feel-good uplifting My Champion

For everyone, who experienced Alter Bridge Last Heroes tour during November 2016 and especially those at this special night in the O2 Arena, London the music was a reminder of the memories. Collectively for all listeners CD3 is an intriguing addition to the set Live at The O2 Arena + Rarities. The live segment of the album has been carefully produced ensuring the flow of the live performance is never lost

The third side is Eleven tracks, nine have only been released in Japan with Cruel Sun & Solace having never been released.  Opening with Breathe, the opening slower, gentler with a feeling that the band are in their own introspective place. The introspection is maintained with the tone and delivery of the lyrics by Myles as the instruments rise and fall around him.  Now for the two unreleased numbers, they are linked in the tone and pace of delivery again both are thoughtful. Another side of Alter Bridge, not heavy rock but crossing the Bridge towards Prog Rock. Interesting pairing and delicious listening. Zero opening fast and furious with drums and the swirl of guitar is the stand out track for me on this part of the album. The harmonization of vocals gives the number a positive direction full of hooks and riffs to catch your ear.  This part of the album is closed with Symphony Of Agony (The Last Of Our Kind).  Heavy ending that has a dark sentiment full of despair for the planet we are left with Alter Bridges beats and rocking power and the lyrics from Myles Kennedy whirling through our brains.  Alter Bridge a band that keeps on delivering rock that is relevant, powerful and music you want to keep listening too.

Live at the O2 Arena + Rarities is available as a 3-CD set, but there’s also a limited edition deluxe edition package that includes an exclusive documentary packed with interviews and a backstage look at preparations for the concert. Variety of Bundles Available HERE


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  1. The Writing On The Wall
  2. Come To Life
  3. Addicted To Pain
  4. Ghost Of Days Gone By
  5. Cry of Achilles
  6. The Otehr Side
  7. Farther Than The Sun
  8. Ties That Bind
  9. Water Rising
  10. Crows On A Wire
  11. Watch Over YOU (Solo Acoustic)


  1. Isolation
  2. Blackbird
  3. Metalingus
  4. Open You Eyes
  5. Show Me A Leader
  6. Rise Today
  7. Poison In Your Veins
  8. My Champion


  1. Breathe
  2. Cruel Sun
  3. Solace
  4. New Way To Live
  5. Damage Done
  6. Zero
  7. Home
  8. Never Born To Follow
  9. Never Say Die (Outright)
  10. Symphony of Agony (The Last of OUr Kind)

Heavy Chimes with Glenn Hughes Resonate

Heavy Chimes with Glenn Hughes Resonate

Heavy Chimes with Glenn Hughes Resonate



Sometimes you wonder why/where an album got its name, was there any thought or reason in the choice. That definitely cannot be said about Resonate, Glenn Hughes brand of heavy rock reverberates through the eleven tracks. The vibrations are good, strong and click with your musical radar instantly you want to rock out with Glenn and his band.

Opening with Heavy the hook from the guitar reels you in slowly and the vocals from Glenn pulls you deep into the groove full of deep bass lines and rock that echoes in your soul resonating against memories and yet it is fresh and new so very twenty-first century.  The whole album has a feeling that is a continuation of a story already sketched out vaguely. The album is the finished project fleshed out, full of chords, deep and dark rock, also has a sleek shiny side.  Resonate makes perfect sense of the Glenn Hughes musical journey. It is the finished article.  The reality is this is his first solo album for eight years, featuring his live solo band, Soren Anderson on guitars and co-producer; Pontus Enborg drumming and keys courtesy of Lachy Doley.  Add into the mix the guest appearance of Red Hot Chilli Peppers Chad Smith a long-time friend and drummer who opens and closes the album.

Rock is about power, here the energy is in perfect balance. Vocals, strong harmonising with the instrumentation with a slightly dangerous edgy feel of Flow meets the full-blown organ led extravaganza of Steady. There is nothing steady, mundane or controlled about this fast-moving track that dips its toes deep in the pool that is coloured the deepest purple.

Half way through the album we are deep in the whirling heavy beats that define the album God Of Money is a heavy anthem that defines this album. BUT, then the unexpected How Long, opening with a juicy heavy beat with Glen vocalising with a growling curl “What kind of world?” Resonate is hot can this be sustained? Yes, with a change of tempo a softer ballad with a gentle and empathetic duet of keys and vocals, Pontus adds a harder beat with drums that keeps this from being another maudling rock ballad.

The closing finally of the tracks bring in funk, glitter and glam this is heavy rock that resonates through your music DNA. You know as the last notes of Long Time Gone you recognise this is a classic album that will stand the test of time it will not be long before it is spun again.

 Glenn Hughes – Resonate – Frontiers Music Srl

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Track Listing

  1. Heavy
  2. My Town
  3. Flow
  4. Let It Shine
  5. Steady
  6. God Of Money
  7. How Long
  8. When I Fall
  9. Landmines
  10. Stumble & Go
  11. Long Time Gone

Glenn Hughes Back On Tour 2017

Glenn Hughes Back On Tour 2017


The tour follows the 4th November release of Glenn’s 12th studio album “Resonate” which has received across-the-board rave reviews and reached #6 in the Official UK Rock Album Chart.  The album includes the single “Heavy” featuring Chad Smith (Red Hot Chili Peppers) on drums.  The album also features Soren Anderson (guitar), Pontus Engborg (drums) and Lachy Doley (keyboards).  From album opener, “Heavy”, to the very last chords of the closer, “Long Time Gone”, “Resonate” is proving to be the contender for ‘Album of the Year’




Support Act Stone Broken

Tickets on sale to the general public from Friday 25th November


Friday 20 January   The Riverside, Newcastle
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Saturday 21 January    Islington Assembly Hall, London
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Monday 23 January     The Robin 2, Bilston
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Tuesday 24 January  The Garage, Glasgow
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Thursday 26 January   Rescue Rooms, Nottingham
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Friday 27 January  O2 Academy 2, Manchester
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Sunday 29 January      Sub 89, Reading
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Monday 30 January  The Junction, Cambridge
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Wednesday 1 February  The Church, Leeds
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Thursday 2 February   The Fleece, Bristol
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Glenn Hughes Back On Tour 2017


Vocalist/bass guitarist/songwriter Glenn Hughes is a true original. No other rock musician has carved such a distinctive style blending the finest elements of hard rock, soul and funk. Stevie Wonder once called Hughes his favorite white singer.

Glenn Hughes was recently inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as part of the Mark III line up of Deep Purple. He spent key years of his career as the beloved bassist and vocalist of the group, recording on the classic albums: Burn, Stormbringer, and Come Taste The Band. Hughes and other members of Deep Purple were in attendance to receive the honor.

Glenn’s 12th studio album, and his first album in eight years, Resonate was released on 4th November 2016 to great critical acclaim and hit #6 in the Official UK Rock Album Chart.


“My personal connection with my fans while on tour and via the socials networks, daily, is an honour.”
– Glenn Hughes



Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiff

Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To CardiffBlack Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiff

St David’s Hall was infused with the essence of Rock Music with Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiff tonight opening their anticipated tour An Evening With Black Stone Cherry. This is a new venture for BSC as they opened for themselves as Chris Robertson announced and he admittedly they were nervous acoustic with people sitting down was a first! The second half would be typical electric heavy rock mayhem was promised after the break.
Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To CardiffFor everyone in the audience who had experienced Black Stone Cherry in stadia, it all felt rather strange, stepping on a road not travelled with BSC, up close, stripped down and personal. The stage represented a front porch with bright lights like fireflies caught in a jar decorating the stage to make it look pretty for us. The songs were magnificent demonstrating that underneath the amps and electric are numbers that have the power, intensity working so well as acoustic numbers. Demonstrating the deep roots of rock in folk, bluegrass mountain music and country this is music that evokes Kentucky every bit as much as bluegrass, horses and Kentucky Whiskey. The opening set of forty-five minutes held the rock audience’s attention as they opened with In Our Dreams from their latest album Kentucky and later in the set Rambler and perfect for the acoustic setting; we may be a million miles from Kentucky but tonight Cardiff was an extension of the bluegrass state.  The poignant singing of Things My Father Said, completed what was never finished earlier in the year when in Cardiff when the emotion of the number was too much for Chris. With help from the Cardiff audience  who never ever need any encouragement to participate and they were happy to join in, the atmosphere was electric throughout the acoustic set as they sung “Big city lights don’t shine for me no more” we knew the lights of the city were shining on BSC tonight. Closing with All I’m Dreaming Of we sat back and thought what  a great way to open let’s bring on the main course BSC loud, bright and electric.

Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To CardiffWith the stage reset and the lights changed Chris Robertson, vocalist strutted on stage complete with a blue PRS guitar, which Chris was delighted with.   Chris joined by power drummer John Fred Young, Dancing, leaping guitarist Ben Wells and bassist as solid as the rock they play Jon Lawhon. The four who are Black Stone Cherry needed no introduction as the lights lit up the stage the roar of delight went up and everyone stood to enjoy the Kentucky rock they have come to hear.

Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To CardiffThe audience throughout were ready to party have fun and a great time listening to music that blasted away any cobwebs lurking in the far high corners of St David’s Hall. Up first in the  electric set to cheers and the audience standing Devil Queen blasted away the chill of the acoustic the auditorium was hot. Rock that puts fire in your belly and good vibrations in your ears and a feel good factor this is what Saturday nights are made for.  The set list toured their albums with Kentucky’s  Soul Machine raising the heat we were now cooking on ten surely we would get to eleven before the night was over. With a live airing for the first time since 2009 from Folklore and Superstitions Please Come In, we didn’t need to be asked twice. We were being absorbed deep into BSC deep, dark lyric driven rock. The band were full of energy with Ben striding from one side of the stage to the other in a few steps his leaping acrobatics added to the fire as the rhythm guitar pulled the sound together. How many drumsticks were broken battered or bruised as Fred Young powered through the numbers? I lost count, some lucky people caught them as they were hurled into the audience. The bass line of Killing Floor adds to the tension as we hit the dark groove of Killing Floor snarling with menace. Two favourites had the  audience high and ecstatic as  White Trash Millionaire and Me and Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To CardiffMary Jane creeping round the backdoor like a groundhog  were aired across St David’s Hall. as the light show flashed and danced reflecting off the walls as strobing to the driving beat of BSC rock.  A true if lonely statement Cheaper To Drink Alone full of Southern heat and verve as Chris’s vocals curled around the lyrics, spitting them out, live there were George Thoroughgood riffs and licks in the intro this is what makes live music so special you have to be at the gig to get the full drama, quips and that up close and personal feel. The drum solo with Fred taking control of the stage gave the rest of the Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiffband a breather before  the last three songs. The Guitar changed now in Chris hands was a red electric lent to him by Luke Phillips of Newbridge band Everyday Heroes; 2016 Steelhouse band winners who opened the Steelhouse Festival.  Fantastic to hear the latest single, from Kentucky album Shake My Cage, played live the riffs are just huge as the reverberated around the auditorium. With  Blame It On The Boom Boom giving Cardiff another chance to raise their voice, finishing off the second half of the chorus despite the band stopping, Chris apologised live “…we get it wrong sometimes! Let’s do a chorus again if you will join in”.  All too soon, it was the last or twenty-fourth Black Stone Cherry number of the night Lonely Train. But there was more, the scale of eleven was now definitely reached with a  tribute to Lemmy at the end with a BSC version of Ace of Spades! No one went home lonely filled with the party vibe of An Evening With Black Stone Cherry.

black-stone-cherry-wm-2558Chris Robertson thanked the Cardiff audience for enjoying the music and how delighted they were to be starting a U.K. tour once again in the Welsh Capital. As they left the stage to Queen’s We Are The Champions encouraging Cardiff to raise their voice once more and shaking hands with as many of the audience as possible.  We knew that Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiff was a reality, great fun and superb Rock n’ Roll.



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In Our Dreams (Kentucky)
High & Hell Water (Black Stone Cherry)
Like I Roll (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Rambler (Kentucky)
Things My Father Said (Folklore & Superstition)
Stay (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Big City Lights (Black Stone Cherry)
All I’m Dreaming Of (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)


Devil’s Queen (Folklore & Superstition)
Soul Machine (Kentucky)
Soul Creek (Folklore & Superstition)
Please Come In (Folklore & Superstition)
Darkest Secret (Kentucky)
Killing Floor (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
White Trash Millionaire (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Cheaper To Drink Alone (Kentucky)
Me and Mary Jane (Magic Mountain)
In My Blood  (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Blind Man (Folklore & Superstition)
Change (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Shakin’ My Cage (Kentucky)
Blame It On The Boom Boom (Between the  Devil & the Deep Blue Sea)
Lonely Train (Black Stone Cherry)

Black Stone Cherry Bringing Kentucky To Cardiff


Tramshed A Conspiracy of Stars With UFO

UFO A Consiracy of Stars tour at Tramshed Cardiff
Photo Credit Mike Evans

Tramshed A Conspiracy of Stars With UFO

Opening with We Belong tonight the fans were delighted in a packed Tramshed tonight as UFO set off in cracking form following the opening rock from Russia with Red’s Call. The audience wanted lots of UFO classics it’s a Wednesday night and we all want to Rock out with the tunes that revitalize and remind us of our youth. UFO delivered that with a set list that toured through their Back Catalogue. Spanning the years from Phenomenon in the early seventies through to the latest A Conspiracy of Stars released last year.

The line-up of musicians may have changed but the core trio of vocalist Phil Mogg, drummer, Andy Parker with keys and guitar, Paul Raymond ensure that the heavy rock remains a constant, lead guitarist Vinnie Moore and bassist  Rob De Luca are UFO 2016. Phil was full of witty comments that the Cardiff crowd responded to with chants of Moggy Moggy Moggy! This was old school banter and hit the mark with the audience he can do this as he still can sing and pull the crowds deep into the heavy depths of the UFO sound.  As the evening warmed so did Phil’s vocals as they got stronger as the set progressed with the keys adding that extra dimension with cascading chords through the tracks.

Tonight, was about the band everyone was here to enjoy rock live and UFO delivered with song after song the set list was an exploration of the UFO sound.  For many tonight’s performances of  Run Boy Run and Messiah Of Love was the first opportunity to hear tracks from the new album and they fitted in fine, heavier than the sounds of the eighties, reflecting 21st Century rock. The rendition of Venus tonight was superb followed by exciting mounting songs, Only You Can Rock Me, Burn Your House Down and Cherry. Tonight Makin’ Moves was once again heard live in Cardiff having been given its first airing October 1980 at Sophia Gardens and many here tonight will remember that evening. Lights were certainly veering off tonight, the music was shining through and the choruses were sung with vigour and pure pleasure.

Triplet Encore that had the Tramshed cheering with excitement and pure joy, as Doctor, Doctor was followed by two numbers from 1975 album Force It, Shoot Shoot and closing with Mother Mary.

UFO, landed in Cardiff not with aliens but Heavy rock that has the riffs and chorus lines that we recognize and it is was a fiery performance as we came home to live music that spans the decades and so many memories of good times shared with UFO.

Bluesdoodles gives a big shout out and thanks to Mike Evans for his stunning photographs.


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Setlist – Tramshed A Conspiracy of Stars With UFO

We Belong to the Night – Mechanix
Ain’t No Baby – Obsession
Run Boy Run – A Conspiracy of Stars
Lights Out – Lights Out
Venus – Walk on Water
Only You Can Rock Me – Obsession
Burn Your House Down – Seven Deadly
Cherry – Obsession
Love To Love – Lights Out
Too Hot to Handle – Lights Out
Messiah of Love – A Conspiracy of Stars
Makin’ Moves – The Wild, the Willing and the Innocent
Rock Bottom – Phenomenon

Doctor Doctor – Phenomenon
Shoot Shoot – Force It
Mother Mary – Force It

Monster Truck rolling into town Sittin’ Heavy

Monster Truck rolling into town Sittin’ Heavy

Monster Truck rolling into town Sittin’ Heavy



Monster Truck rolling into town are Sittin’ Heavy with stream molten heat of rock that is hot pouring from the speakers.  Opening with a question Why Are You Not Rocking? Monster Truck’s virulent infection provides in the music answer you will be minutes into the album. This is rocking with hard intent as the high adrenaline fuelled guitar and forceful drumming gets your rocking energy rising high with excitement. Canadian band Monster Truck creates a juggernaut of sound that makes you want to smile, jump like the second track the reaction is Don’t Tell Me How To Live! The voice pulls you deep into the track and now you are cleverly hooked with the title refrain ‘Don’t Tell Me How To Live’ as the guitar hooks the lyrics.  We all can relate to the song as we love our independence of lifestyle, music choice we relish the freedom of being ourselves.  Like all great rock, the music empowers us. The lyrics throughout are why we fall in love with rock music over and over again.

This album brings you layer upon layer of tonal textures and mixes, the tempo varies with the gradient from granite through to crystal clear quartz with jagged edges of interest. The wail is huge as Jon Harvey exclaims ‘that girls got a demon in her soul’ the music weaves a magical spell throughout She’s A Witch. Then we have a change of direction with deep Southern Rock Riffs as the song For The People, about the evils being conquered, drowned out by music with its cleansing purity of rock.  The energy is immense we all need time to breathe. This they do with Black Forest, ushered with thunder and Brandon Bliss piano the tone is muted as the storm rages in the distance. The emotion of the track centres around Jon Harvey’s vocals that curl around the gentler tempo. This is no sweet ballad there is a raw edge and the intensity builds creating a sonic landscape for Jon’s vocals to pour over.

The whole album takes you with surprises and the rocking rolling drive of Things Get Better proves the second half of Sittin’ Heavy is going to be as good as the first; leading in to a track that will be magnificent live. The Enforcer is a steely number with a huge sing-a-long chorus, setting down the iron fist of a band that wants to rock their audiences. The soul in the track and the album is deeply entrenched as Monster Truck wants to please the audience with variety and depth. Yes, the rhythms pound and the music is loud, but into this framework they have woven intricacies, deftness of musical touch and the power of the word sung well with a statement that is relevant and true.

Closing with a clarion call from the keys, Enjoy The Time opens with a clash and you know this is an album to be enjoyed and listened to often with relish until the next time you see them live. So in the meantime follow the Monster Truck lead – Sit Heavy and live life to the full being true to your rocker self.

The album reflects the months on the road with its power, energy plus a rawness that takes it out of the studio. Monster Truck sounds just keep growing  and developing in all the right directions since 2013 when Furiosity received a Juno Award nomination. Sittin’ Heavy is sitting mightily fine in my must listen to collection and deserves the monster doodles 10 paw rating.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Monster Truck – Sittin’ Heavy – Mascot Records

Track Listing

  1. Why Are You Not rocking
  2. Don’t Tell Me How To Live
  3. She’s A Witch
  4. For The People
  5. Black Forest
  6. Another Man’s Shoes
  7. Things Get Better
  8. The Enforcer
  9. To The Flame
  10. New Soul
  11. Enjoy The Time


Monster Truck - press

Heavy Crown Adrenalin Fueled Stream of Heavy Rock

Dio Last In LineHeavy Crown Adrenalin Fueled Stream of Heavy Rock

Starting off loud and fast with guitar Heavy Crown Adrenalin Fueled Stream of Heavy Rock. Devil I Me gets you in the mood for more –  as original DIO members reunite and record their debut album Last In Line. Trio of the original DIO members Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain joined by vocalist Andrew Freeman  to create Heavy Crown out 19th February on Frontiers Records.

Opening with Devil In Me this is high voltage from the first chord and the tempo swells with Martyr, this is no copy of DIO or Dio in Black Sabbath days this is rock that is full of hard-hitting riffs and licks that curl around the rhythm section and hooks for the lyrical vocals of Andrew, he has the power, range and tonal presence to be that extra layer of sound in harmony with the instrumentation.

The album comes into its own with the third track Starmaker (even if I miss heard on first listening as bread baker reflection on my concentration as the lyrics are sung with passion and clarity!). The tempo is fast and considered with Vinny Appice’s drumming quite commanding, the bass line of Jimmy Bain hard-hitting and Vivian Campbell’s guitar riffs beguiling.

Heavy Crown Adrenalin Fueled Stream of Heavy Rock, the rush increases as the album tracks unfold with a modern re-vamping of 80’s rock that has a zinging freshness. The music is not dominated by who can play louder! Faster! But the communication and strength that can be delivered through interplay between the tonal ranges of every instrument crafting a rocky canyon of tonal strata to explore.

I Am Revolution and is a track that declares action with the sharp drumming and vocal interplay is a cracking number as the lyrics unfold and a chorus we would all chant back on any Last In Line tour. As the result of a mini tour, the band connecting the outcome the co-writing of the new tracks and the opportunity to record leading to Last In Line a delight for any Rock collection.

The lyrics are the power of Blame It On Me  everyone plays second fiddle to the words, as we do to the disease that haunts so many lives including Dio and Campbell – Cancer. The track has a growing anger with guitar work that is as complex as the disease itself then the line ‘No one wants to play the victim – remember when I was the cancer’ touching the heart and soul of many listening.

The tracks flow with a shape making sense as a landscape does visually, Heavy Crown makes perfect sense as you listen, at the same time this is no concept album every track stands out on a random playlist.  Curse The Day is slower and the guitar floats along the lyrical vocal range bring riffs that punctuate the music with more than exclamation mark the modern sound are more like emotions that add to the understanding of the complete sound.  The guitar throughout the album, smiles, weeps and groans in despair it is the emotional lynch pin of Last In Line.

Closing with The Sickness, this the track that brings the emotion of the music together as the interplay is a torrent of sounds, tempos and feelings leaving you  in intense anticipation for a tour and if not a second helping with another album.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD Nine pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

Heavy Crown – Last In Line –  Frontiers Records – Release date  – 19th February Click HERE for Pre orders.

  1. Devil In Me
  2. Martyr
  3. Starmaker
  4. Burn This House Down
  5. I Am Revolution
  6. Blame It On Me
  7. In Flames (Bous Track Deluxe Addition)
  8. Already Dead
  9. Curse The Day
  10. Heavy Crown
  11. The Sickness

Gun Metal Gray’s; Island of The Damned is Shining Heavy Metal

Gun Metal Gray’s; Island of The Damned

Gun Metal Gray’s; Island of The Damned is Shining Heavy Metal



Sometimes the music that connects and makes sense surprises you. When I heard Gun Metal Gray at Planet Rockstock earlier this month I turned around and said “Wow they are awesome!”. Yes they are heavy metal, loud and in your face but the raw energy, vocals and guitar sound from the lead and rhythm spoke to my music DNA.

Reviewing heavy rock is a new venture and I will have to find the vocabulary but when I listened to the album Island of The Damned I knew that recorded and live this is Shining Heavy Metal.

Here goes… Opening with Revenge the guitar slam the opening fast, furious but never rushed rhythm rising in a crescendo of chords, melding together increasing the tension and the opening lyrics spit out across the melody. This is music that is hard-core driven and yes there is swearing and the pace is fast but it all makes perfect sense and fits the glove that is Gun Metal Gray. What makes the band work is the energy of the vocalist, David Damone, who has one task to do deliver the lyrics and ensure the timing of the band is perfect he does that in the studio and on stage. David is a front man with attitude pumping his stuff and remembering at all times the song is the main element of a rock show. The first three tracks are longer winding around the talents of the band We Are One opening with precision drumming from Jeff “Mufffin” Stumpf; before the signature vocals gruff and weighed with emotion. The pair of guitars do not do battle they join together peel away and support the vocals and each other. The timing and guitar power from Nick Wright and Christian Koch is a magical potion strong within Gun Metal Gray and makes them stand out from the crowd. Ed Allison the Bassist keeps the rhythm section going with deep riffs of the line that holds the rock together so there is no splitting into individual pebbles as they sing; We Are Strong, We Are One describing the band exactly.

The title track is fast guitar and again draws from every member and the vocals and guitar once again hog centre stage adding colour and texture combined with the raw energy of driving heavy rock. Closing with The Final Battle, the tempo quietness capturing the relief of after a drama, a storm this is a track that shows a gentler side and the true depth of Gun Metal Gray’s shining metal music.

The journey the sepia GMD map inside the CD takes you on a journey through the songs to the Island of the Damned and onto where X marks the spot of The Final Battle! on the other side reflecting this set in 1715 long before heavy rock the script gives you an insight into GMG thinking when putting these six tracks together. There is nothing random, every note and word has been carefully considered. Island of The Dammed is greater than the sum of its individual band members and each song is part of a chain of events where there are causes there are consequences.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Revenge
2. Cursed For Eternity
3. We are One
4. Shipwrecked
5. Island Of The Damned
6. The Final Battle

Inglorious – Rock with new video and tour


Inglorious – Rock with new video and tour

British classic hard rock band INGLORIOUS have launched the official music video for their forthcoming single Until I Die.  The single is taken from the eponymous debut album released by Frontiers Music SRL on Friday 19 February 2016.


Watch the video here:

Fans can pre-order the album from either iTunes or Amazon, and get a free track of the song Breakaway, plus the new single Until I Die.  Pre-order the album on iTunes: HERE Pre-order the album on Amazon: HERE


INGLORIOUS are being championed by Queen’s Brian May who recently told the band, “You guys really do look like a potent young Deep Purple but with a new slant – very Classic! “The musicianship is stunning. Good luck with it all – I’m sure you will do great. Amazing vocals, by the way!”


INGLORIOUS will support their debut album by supporting The Winery Dogs on their European tour from 29 January until 17 February, followed by their official album launch concert a London’s Islington Assembly Hall on Sunday 21st February.

photo credit - Nedim Nazerali
photo credit – Nedim Nazerali

INGLORIOUS are being hailed as one of the UK’s heaviest new hard rock bands to emerge from the British underground scene.  Originally formed in February 2014, the band is fronted by Nathan James, who made a name for himself having sung for the multi-platinum selling Trans-Siberian Orchestra, and Scorpions guitar legend Uli Jon Roth.  Inspired by musical giants such as Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake, Bad Company, Aerosmith, the band’s song Breakaway has already found its way on to UK rock radio.    the other members of Inglorious are Wil Taylor (rhythm guitarist),Andreas Eriksson (lead guitarist), Colin Parkinson (bass) and Phil Beaver (drums).


INGLORIOIUS special guests on

THE WINERY DOGS’  European Tour 2016

Esseigfabrik – Cologne, Germany                             Jan 29

Kulturfabrik – Esch-Sur-Alzette, Luxembourg      Jan 30

O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire – London, UK            Jan 31

O2 Academy – Bristol, UK                                             Feb 2

O2 Ritz – Manchester, UK                                             Feb 4

O2 Institute – Birmingham, UK                                   Feb 5

Trabendo – Paris, France                                               Feb 6

Kate Antzokia – Bilbao, Spain                                     Feb 8

Joe Eslava – Madrid, Spain                                           Feb 9

Apolo – Barcelona, Spain                                              Feb 10

Crossroads – Rome, Italy                                               Feb 12

Z7 – Prattelin, Switzerland                                           Feb 13

Backstage Halle – Munich, Germany                       Feb 15

Majestic Music Club – Bratislava, Slovakia            Feb 16

Barba Negra – Budapest, Hungary                            Feb 17


INGLORIOIUS Official Album Launch Concert

Islington Assembly Hall, London, UK                      Feb 21