Alter Bridge Recording Live In Cardiff

Alter Bridge Recording Live In Cardiff

Alter Bridge Recording Live In Cardiff


Opening a show with a quartet of bands, early on Monday evening in Cardiff Like A Storm. An unknown quantity for many, if you were not aware that three brothers Brooks in the band are from New Zealand. The opening with a blast of the didgeridoo from lead singer Chris Brooks gave a context to the heritage of the band who, with their Canadian band mate are all living in Canada now.

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They certainly were relishing playing in Wales for the first time, promising to be back with a short set including TNT, an AC/DC classic with a mix of their own numbers including Chaos and Wish You Hell from the alternative heavy metal band’s current album Awaken The Fire. The live powerful set certainly awakening the audiences attention tonight who were getting excited with favourites amongst the three different interpretations of Rock tonight French band Gojira, Danish Volbeats and Floridians Alter Bridge.


Gojira – previously known as Godzilla producing a heavy bass thumping metal from Bayonne with brothers (almost a theme here!) Joe & Mario Duplantier joined by bassist Jean-Michel Labadie & guitarist Christian Andreu. They deliver their own brand of metal, harsh, industrial, loud and grinding out the beat with timing that is tight and the musicianship is without argument superb. With a 2016 album Magma to play live unsurprisingly Silvera and The Cell were in the mix.  The sound is colossal and the bass lines hit hard in the solar plexus. Gojira’s music style is just too heavy for my tastes, that withstanding as ever live music rules and for lovers of death metal, Gojira has it all.

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Third on a night where live music was shaking the dust from the vaulted ceiling of The Motorpoint, with another quick change and a new backdrop Volbeat took to the stage.  Following Gojira, which was loud full of energy was going to be a task as the crowd’s excitement was rising proved an easy feat for the boys from Denmark. These brothers in music deliver a kaleidoscope of sound as Rockabilly, Rock n Roll collide with Metal with a splash of Punk. Out of this potentially chaotic style emerges Volbeat for many in Cardiff the band of the night.  With a new album Seal the Deal & Lets Boogie sums up the set. They sealed the deal with the audience who were delighted with the live music and they certainly added boogie to the musical journey we were being taken on before Alter Bridge.

Opening with The Devil’s Bleeding Crown from their current album Seal the Deal & Lets Boogie the filling arena participated and their engagement got louder and hotter. No song is off limits for the Volbeat treatment as acoustic guitar heralds Johnny Cash’s Ring Of Fire, Michael Poulson builds the crowd up who are happy to join in the fun as acoustic makes way for electric. This stage piece of the band a Volbeat signature that we mash-up the styles to create our own.  This is a band that wants everyone to have a good-time, to party with them. The cheer as Barney Greenway (Napalm) joined them on Evelyn was loud and genuine. The Cardiff Motorpoint audience was now getting loud and they were ready to have rock cascade over them song after song.   They definitely Seal the Deal with Alter Bridge that they would warm up the atmosphere in Cardiff.

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Alter Bridge Recording Live In CardiffThe three bands who had entertained since 6.15pm had warmed the stage and spacious auditorium ready for Alter Bridge who were recording tonight for a live CD. If the crowd was excited before now they were ecstatic, a moment of fame “yes that was my scream, whistle yes it was I was there”.
The anticipation was high, but did Alter Bridge vault the expectation of fans yes, probably the added frisson of a live recording helped. For me, the engagement at times between audience and the band was a little flat. There was none of the danger of Gojira, of friendly warm rocking communion that Cardiff had with Volbeat. That said there is no doubt that the combination of Myles Kennedy’s vocals and Mark Tremonti guitar will always be a charismatic and winning combination.  The band bounce off each other and as you would expect the musicianship was exceptional as was the set with the changing visuals this was not about showmanship it was Alter Bridge delivering rock that will always, please. There is no competition in the band they are there to play the music live we want to hear. Huge anthems and songs to be heard live for the first time from the current album The Last Heroes.  The Writing On The Wall opened the set and shaped the rest of the evening as Alter Bridge played the music that makes them identifiable and so very listenable.

This was Alter Bridge playing the music live as they filled the cavernous arena that is the Motorpoint with rock music that stays with you. Lyrics linger and riffs capture you with a musical hug Addicted To Pain was smashed as they followed with Poison In Your Veins. Two different albums Fortress versus The Last Hero these songs played live prove the quality of the catalogue that makes Alter Bridge.

With Waters Rising, Mark Tremonti has the opportunity to add a vocal flourish to the guitar playing that was majestic with its riffs, licks and lead breaks throughout the set tonight. Mark, makes his guitar sing deep with a rock vibe.  Then the quiet moment time to draw breath with Myles Kennedy acoustic as he sung Watch Over You. Then back came the band  and the throttle was revved back up and a back to back pairing that were definite highlights Isolation and Blackbird. Alter Bridge were on form tonight a gush of beats that rocked the collective soul in Cardiff tonight.

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All to soon the hour and half whizzed by and the auditorium fell quiet with just the buzz of people talking as they entered into a Cold Monday night in Cardiff hot with the music that had fuelled them since just after six and Alter Bridge Recording Live In Cardiff.

Photo Album – Alter Bridge HERE  Photo Album – Volbeat HERE

Photo Album – Gojira HERE   Photo Album – Like A Storm HERE


Rock Fans became a Hoard for Saxon Tonight


Rock Fans became a Hoard for Saxon Tonight


Thursday night in Bristol was buzzing and all rock fans footsteps were heading to the O2 Academy for a trio of bands that promised to entertain. The connection that ran through the three acts was Motörhead as Girlschool the aperitif with sparkles, Fastway the taster buzzing and the main event Saxon on fire.

The venue was packed as Girlschool got the night warmed up, this was British Heavy Metal that was dramatic, entertaining with strong vocals and even the promise of a tongue in cheek promise of a drum solo. This was a perfect opportunity for drumming to be the intro but we didn’t wait long when the rest of the girls joined the party with huge riffs and depth of sound. With tracks from their new album Guilty As Sin, including Come The Revolution a call for change with guitars and bass that is raucous the driver to motivate a revolution! The set delighted the cheers and applause as they left the stage showed what promise the evening held.

Now for a shout out for the roadies who work unnoticed the change-overs, tonight were quick and effective, the sound was awesome and the lighting full on this all adds to the energy of live music.

Now for Fastaway, Classic heavy rock reformed in 2007 with acclaimed new album Dog Eat Dog we knew with Fast Eddie on guitar this was going to be an entertaining classic rock ride with the band. Toby Jepson on vocals was tremendous full of rock power and energy. The set pulled on the talents of the band with Deliver Me from their latest album and a tribute song Telephone dedicated to Lemmy, There was a lot of emotion for Lemmy on the stage and throughout the venue, who was here in musical spirit tonight. Fastaway delivered a very strong set of good old heavy rock that boomed through the venue. Now for the main act of the night, the anticipation was rising with every second until Biff Byford stepped on the stage.

Rock Fans became a Hoard for Saxon TonightThe heavy rock crowd  here for Saxon the chants were heartfelt as the music-driven Saxon Hoard stood and listened to the new wave of British Heavy Metal (NWOBHM) sound that everyone wanted to hear and tracks from the new album Battering Ram the motivation for the tour.
The venue was now bursting at the seams with the tiers full flags draped over balconies the mood was electric.
The set was one hundred percent Saxon with two exceptions the opening number It’s A Long Way To The Top the AC/DC anthem for the dramatic entrance and the Encore a tribute to Lemmy with Ace of Spades.
Biff Byford was tonight definitely master of the stage for the whole of the gig. The power is a gift from the talented musicians that surround him on stage, Nigel Glockler on drums provides booming bass drumming through to tom toms that sing the rock chant combine with bass delivered by Nibbs Carter this is a true powerhouse of a rhythm section. The guitars of Paul Quinn and Doug Scarratt gave depth of riffs that cascaded through the music acting as the punctuation of the lyrics reinforcing the anger, joy or fear being sung by Biff. Saxon are a band that stands and delivers honest, authentic rock full of drama. Tones and shapes that lead on to chorus’ that we can all sing back. This is music that charted our youth and continues to entertain from young to those with grey in our hair a united a Saxon hoard that has a treasure the heavy rock that is Saxon.

Rock Fans became a Hoard for Saxon TonightOpening with Battering Ram from the album of the same name we were in for a ride of deep joy. Many of the tracks tonight, like the first are the title tracks of the albums being dipped into tonight for our enjoyment. There is always something special about hearing tracks live and tonight is was pure delight, especially the tracks from the new album, Battering Ram. Queen of Hearts was outstanding but the highlight for me was Devils Footprint, gothic, eerie and atmospheric modern rock full of vitality. Long live Rock in every shape and form but especially Saxon’s interpretation. Sacrifice, was stunning with smoke that shrouded Biff and then as it faded away he picked up the next chorus, the crowd was mesmerized as they followed every move and pulled in every word to hold deep in our music memories to treasure. Biff the showman, got the best Rock Fans became a Hoard for Saxon Tonightout if a very vocal crowd, he had us all in the palm of his hand. Frozen Rainbow took us back to the very beginning of the first album Saxon a power ballad that soars above all others.

Toby Jepson, from Fastway joined Biff on stage for an entertaining take on Wheels Of Steel; and we now had not battle of the bands but battle of the two halves of the venue. We may not be a hoard with axes but we were a vocal and competitive hoard. As the left side tried to out sing the right we responded to our team leaders Biff and Toby. The result, a heroic draw and a fun memory as we united together through music.

As the last notes of Ace of Spades faded away from Fast Eddie’s guitar who joined Saxon in this moving tribute. Bristol was rocked to the core tonight, live music is always special to Bluesdoodles and tonight is certainly one of the top highlights of 2016 can it be bettered we will wait and see.


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Set List

Battering Ram – (Battering Ram)
Let Me Feel the Power The Inner Sanctum
Sacrifice – (Sacrifice)
Solid Ball of Rock (Solid Ball of Rock )
Never Surrender (Denim and Leather)
Frozen Rainbow (Saxon)
Stand Up and Be Counted (Wheels of Steel)
Devils Footprint (Battering Ram)
Strong Arm of the Law (Strong Arm of the Law)
Killing Ground (Killing Ground)
Eagle Has Landed (Eagle Has Landed)
Queen Of Hearts (Battering Ram)
And The Bands Played On (Denim and Leather)
Terminal (Unleash The Beast)
Dallas 1 PM (Strong Arm of the Law)
Wheels of Steel (Wheels of Steel)

Ace of Spades (Motörhead – Lemmy Tribute)

Saxon Battering Ram Tour Reaches UK

Saxon Battering Ram Tour Reaches UK


With Special Guests: Saxon icons of the new wave of British heavy metal are touring for ten night across the U.K. as part if the Battering Ram World Tour kicking off in Newcastle on the 28th October the day, The Vinyl Hoard is released. Joined on the tour by special guests Fastway and Girlschool for these much-awaited shows.

 “Gonna be a great tour with Fastway and Girlschool” – said frontman Biff Byford. “I think this line up is unique, you don’t wanna miss it.  Looking forward to battering some halls… Welcome to the metal church!”

Here’s a short clip of Biff talking about Tour and the Box Set…..

Battering Ram, Saxon’s 21st studio album, was released in October 2015 reaching the UK Top 50 and #12 in Germany. It was described by frontman Biff Byford as “a natural progression from Sacrifice” with “a bit less rock’n’roll and a bit more ‘heavy’ on it”. Following its release Saxon hit Europe with Motorhead for their 40th Anniversary tour, accompanied by Girlschool. Sadly, the tragic passing of Lemmy in December put an early end to the tour, and the entire UK leg planned to begin on January 16th was canceled – with the exception of a Saxon headlining show in Brighton.



28th – Newcastle O2 Academy
29th – Glasgow O2 ABC
30th – Belfast Limelight


1st  – Dublin *Academy
2nd –  Manchester O2 Ritz
3rd  – Bristol O2 Academy
5th – London O2 Shepherd’s Bush Empire
6th – Wolverhampton Wulfrun Hall
8th – Sheffield O2 Academy
9th – Nottingham Rock City

Tickets on sale HERE or HERE
* Fastway are the only support in Dublin.

Saxon Battering Ram Tour Reaches UKBox Set Release
The Vinyl Hoard

To coincide with the opening date of the U.K. tour Saxon releases  The Vinyl Hoard, their deluxe 8 vinyl album boxset which features four explosive live recordings.  The albums come in specially designed gatefold sleeves in a slipcase box.   They are: The Dogs Of War Tour, 1995” Recorded on tour in German and featuring: Dogs Of War, Denim And Leather, Wheels Of Steel; The Lionheart Tour, 2004” Recorded on tour in France, England and Germany featuring: Lionheart, Court Of The Crimson King, Are We Travellers In Time; A Night Out With The Boys, 2005: The 25th Anniversary of the NWOBHMRecorded on tour in Germany and Sweden and Featuring: And The Bands Played On, Suzie Hold On, Stand Up And Be Counted; Rocksound Festival, 2006” [2 LP] Recorded in Switzerland Featuring: Backs To The Wall, Princess Of The Night and Crusader.

Circus, Charm and Tracer a Trio at The Globe

Circus, Charm and Tracer a Trio at The Globe


Everyday Circus WM-7484Three bands on a Wednesday night had the crowd ready to party in Cardiff tonight. Night of debuts for Everyday Circus, first time touring in U.K. and opportunity to showcase Mirror their new album. The set consisted mainly of tracks from a debut album and when joined together would be a thematic for a song – Falling, Sharing, Round and Round, Light, I’m Your Anchor and closing with Moving Along. This is a quartet that wants you to rock and at times had the feel and tone of early Nirvana. Everyday Circus the German band that was certainly warming up the stage with rock that engaged.


Federal Charm WM-7504Short break and the stage was re-set for the Mancuanian blues inspired rock band Federal Charm on their third visit to The Globe, having opened previously of for The Hoax and Rich Robinson. They certainly know how to pick entertaining acts to support on tour.  Federal Charm are excellent the foursome are fabulously tight weaving the essence of blues textures and tones into a rocky base. Tonight we heard a set that spiraled through their self-titled debut album and the latest album Across The Divide. Stand out tracks tonight were Hercules the first single from the album and Silhouette.  Federal Charm, once again charmed The Globe and Cardiff with their distinctively British sound. A band that always pleases and entertains with a compelling mix of two guitars, the clever use of slide and the interspersing of harmonica. Federal Charm rocks up the blues once again.


Tracer WM-7638Now for what we had been waiting for young Australian trio Tracer.  Water For Thirsty Dogs tour has seen Tracer delighting fans and making new followers at every venue they play, Cardiff tonight was no different. The boys from Adelaide’s first visit to Cardiff was an opportunity to hear the recorded sound we love, up close, personal and live. The lead vocals and guitar of Michael Brown is compelling, as he plays tracks that define Tracer and allow him to play a myriad of guitars opening the proceedings with a Gibson Flying V. The rhythm section gives him the base to soar, with Jett Heysen Hicks on bass and drummer Andre Wise taking the opportunity for moments in the spotlight.  The set list took us on a tour of the albums as we heard tracks from the current album Water For Thirsty Dogs and previous studio delights of Spaces In Between and Pistolero. There is a real synergy between the album’s tone and rocking energy that makes Tracer identifiably good. Yes there are influences a hint of Foo Fighters, Autoslave and Sound Garden, above all they are true to their own style of  rock with a grungy edge and occasionally weak lyrics. They are above all a rock band that invigorates, entertains and knows how to please the crowd. They had no problem in getting the Welsh crowd to sing the chorus on Only Animals and a couple more. Favourites Dead Garden, Wolf In Cheap Clothing and Devil Ride were included that the fans just never get tired of hearing, and tonight live at The Globe there was a rawness that galvanized the band on stage and had everyone loving the rock vibe that cut through the venue. All too soon it was encore time and closing with Astronaut and like all good gigs leaving you wanting more.  Tracer you are welcomed back in Cardiff anytime, with your brand of heavy metal that hits the spot. You all nailed it tonight, an affirmation once again recorded is very good but live a band will give you something more.


My only plea is for the Globe to get the sound right for the bands it is so loud that the bass and drums especially echoed with the sound dissipating into the rafters. Thus, the subtleties of the playing is lost somewhere in the rafters and some more lighting would ensure band members are not left playing in the dark.

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Rocking across the Bay @ Planet Rockstock

Rocking across the Bay @ Planet Rockstock

Rocking across the Bay, it must be the first week in December, Trecco Bay, Porthcawl and Planet Rockstock hits town the rocking jamboree from Planet Rock with three days and nights of live music. Bluesdoodles had a rocking good time Rockstock is a brilliantly organised festival, thanks to the hard work, smiles of everyone involved backs stage and throughout the resort. The sound was of the highest quality, the lighting electrified the stage, change over between the bands was kept to a minimum and the background music entertained, the Trecco Crew where helpful serving us coffee, food, beer always with a smile. When Stage 1 was silent during the day there was plenty of music on stage two, a quiz, auditions for Darren’s DIY band. This made the festival friendly, fun and a pleasure to be part of – now what about the rock music.

Rocking across the Bay – Friday Night:-

… the stage was set and the film reel rolled as a dramatic opening for the festival using Star Wars to relate the history whetting our appetites as we cheered for the first of many times the exploits of Wyatt and his magnificent Bike ride to Trecco Bay raising over £33, 000 for the nominated charity CALM. Then Inglorious hit the stage at a high-octane speed with real energy. Inglorious packed a punchy set and the forthcoming self-titled album is waited with even more anticipation by many who heard the band play live for the first time. Inglorious have been getting loads of attention including airplay on Planet Rock and they didn’t disappoint. Breakaway their single was played with rocky riffs and Nathan’s vocals are the perfect tonal shape and control to front a rock band that means business and wants to excite. The debut self-titled album will be in demand when released in February 2016.

Inglorious Gallery

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ee more Photographs of Dan Patlansky Bluesdoodles Photography >HERE

What a start how to follow that with blues that rock courtesy of South African mega-guitarist Dan Patlansky and he rocked the blues out of Trecco bay. The wind may have been howling outside but inside it was the guitar storm that had everyone mesmerised. Focusing on the deft lay of fingers on the six strings, we heard from the album Dear Silence Thieves. Every time I hear him pay live I feel the passion and the music just gets better his manipulation of the six strings, in fact the whole guitar needs to be seen to be believed. You know when he starts to manipulate the guitar strings you are going to hear and see dynamic guitar that is magic. What a start with young guns on the UK music scene igniting the stage.

Dan Patlansky Gallery

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The Dead Daisies, a supergroup that plays rock they want to share and enjoy the interaction with the audience keeping the music fresh and live. Mixing original tracks including some from latest album Revolucion including the single Mexico they added there take on Hush getting in some crowd participation and All Right Now. John Corabi’s vocals were stunning having joined the band in 2015 he fitted perfectly and the 12 string acoustic added another tonal texture. The line-up is fluid tonight we saw a group of musicians who play to the crowd who just want to join in the fun full of energy a music collective that works this is a group that plays classic rock playing such great songs.

The Dead Daisies Gallery

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Closing the night were FM; regulars at Rockstock who closed the night with live music that ensured Friday night rocked; now for Saturday.

FM Gallery

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After auditions a short time to practice before the stage lights shone on Darren’s DIY band Iron Made-Up, taking a leaf out of The Dead Daisies the line-up varied not for a tour but for each song! This was Carosel rock – Foo Fighters, Learn To Fly with Wyatt on Drums rather than a bike! Sounded really good a cracking idea for a festival high-grade audience participation. Then re-building the drum kit for right-handed Kim as she kicked off the beat and Darren completed the rhythm section for I love Rock n Roll all too soon it was Living After Midnight with a flavour of Judas Priest. This is festival fun without mayhem and then the extra number with another line-up Si King and friends performing Wishing Well, what a great start to the Saturday night musical fun.

Rocking across the Bay – Saturday Night:-

DIY Band – Gallery

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Last year they rocked Stage Two and back again by popular demand on Stage One Gun Metal Gray. This is a young heavy rock band that gets deep into the groove of rock they distill the essence of rock in every beat and the lyrics. With the title track of the album played with verve and passion no wonder the merch desk was stormed as fans made tonight wanted a copy to take home.

Gun Metal Gray Gallery

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They were followed by Heaven’s Basement who performed rock fuelled with British influence and sharp lyrics as they sang and shredded tracks including Lights Out in London and I Am Electric. The tempo rose and eased back on the throttle with bluesy influences and this is Rock n Roll that opens up the gates of hell rather than heaven!

Heaven’s Basement Gallery

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The blues today was handled by Joanne Shaw Taylor a rarity at the festival a trio where the focus was on a guitar and a woman performer. JST is no power trio, Joanne handles the fender with authentic R N B and lead breaks that take you deep into the land of music. Delighted that in the pick of tracks from her current album The Dirty Truth she played Wrecking Ball one of my favourites. Joanne distilled her emotional energy and angst deep into the guitar and her vocals rolled around the auditorium as she sang Tried Tested and True a low autobiographical number with a sharp quip at the beginning. More fans were won over to the blues side of rock tonight with her singing and guitar playing.
Joanne Shaw Taylor Gallery

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Then the headliners of the evening Rival Sons, the anticipation rose the standing area became a packed crush once again we all wanted to be up close and personal with this fantastic band the buzz at Rockstock rose to a crescendo of joy. Opening with Electric Man from Great Western Valkyrie the band hit a high note with a barnstorming opening and the crowds sung along and screamed with collective shared pleasure. This is a band that puts on a show and Jay gets the crowd excited with the crowd continuing to sing along after the song finishes the guitar playing rocked and rolled around the chords and the slide from guitarist Scott Holiday using a gun shape slide on his ring finger courtesy of Jetslide Guitar Slides all adds to the rocking event that is Rival Sons. Music comes first with layers of sound and then the rocking cherry on top of a stage show and presence that makes Rival Sons the complete rock package.

Rival Sons Gallery

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All too soon a rollicking Saturday night came to an end with everyone very satisfied, having enjoyed an array of bands during the day.

Sunday got off to a great start on Stage Two with Buffalo Summer and Cairo Sons being mentioned as the pick of the bands in lots of conversations why they played music that hit the spot and added layers of rock tone to the proceedings with some individuality and many were disappointed that Buffalo Summer ran out of CDs the demand outdid supply.

Rocking across the Bay – Sunday Night:-

Sunday evening on Stage One kicked off with Scorpion Child and finished with The Darkness with a full range of bands interpretations of rock in between. Scorpion Child’s use of synth keys to add to the rhythm section combined with punchy riffs from lead guitar caught your attention. This was a short set and may not have given the band scope to expand and shape the music. They certainly opened the evening and got the crowds in a rocking mood.
Scorpion Child Gallery

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Many were excited to hear Crobot, for me this was the band that impressed me the least over the weekend. For me the head banging and antics on stage did nothing to add and in a way disguised the quality of the music. The bass player’s attire or lack of it left nothing to the imagination. As ever music is subjective and many loved them.

Crobot Gallery

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Danko Jones a rare power trio followed as he delivered fast furious and frantic rock. Danko’s tongue curled around and shaped the lyrics ass he spat them out like crushed gravel, Danko Jones knew how to entertain with quips and songs that connect to a Sunday night crowd who wanted the music to be fun this is music from a stalwart of a festival a crowd pleaser.

Danko Jones Gallery

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Fozzy up next another powerful entrance with Chris Jericho wearing a jacket of jewels that glittered like a Christmas Tree. This is a band full of the theatrical combined with heavy metal that wanted the crowd tonight at Planet Rockstock to participate and we were happy to oblige. This was a set of heavy, grungy sound, it was a great set full of hefty numbers and then a great take on ABBA’s SOS. Proving once again a great song written well can be reinterpreted across the spectrum that is music. For a few minutes there was a sixth member – Gregory in the crowd who held the microphone, this is festival fun at its best combined with music that went down a storm.

Fozzy Gallery

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All too soon it was the final set of Planet Rockstock 2015 – The Darkness. Justin Hawkins in a silky suit and his hair cropped ruled the stage and the audience. They blew the roof off with the opening number, despite the sound on vocals being poor. This was quickly rectified. Then the snare drum was replaced but the banter between Justin and the audience was entertainment in itself as Rufus Taylor the drummer and crew sorted the drum kit into working order once again. The high notes from Justin were electrifying and adding a cowbell and this certainly is a band with chemistry. British Rocking and rolling that pleases closing the festival on a high energy riff that will sustain us all until next year.
Bluesdoodles, had fun heard bands live for the first time took far too many photographs and met many people. Bluesdoodles says hi to you all and a special shout out and thank you to Claire and Vincent from Coventry who stood up front he whole weekend and made sure that I could get back up front to take the photographs that hopefully captures the essence of the weekend.

The Darkness Gallery

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Planet Rockstock organisers deserve applause and all the plaudits as they managed to weave the variations within the rock family and created a festival where bands reflect the wide ranging tastes of everyone. Talking to people there was approval for the guitar wizardry of Joanne Shaw Taylor and Dan Patlansky from the Blues corner – Gun Metal Gray for many was the band of the weekend also mentioned in dispatches must be Rivals Sons and The Dead Daisies. Summing up Planet Rockstock in three words, organised rocking fun. Rocking across the bay 2016 is going to be even more fun until then there is wall to wall rock playing over at Planet Rock Radio.

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