Self-titled Teresa Watson Band Debut Blues Album

Self-titled Teresa Watson Band Debut Blues Album

Self-titled Teresa Watson Band Debut Blues Album

A self-titled debut from Teresa Watson Band is a clarion call I am back says Teresa in fine voice.  Teresa has on her return to the vibrant North East blues scene surrounded herself with musicians that compliment her crushed-velvet vocals; smooth with an edge. Three members of the Groove-a-matics in the mix are guitarist John Whitehill and the rhythm section of bassist John Morgan and Barry Race on Drums. Joining this trio adding the extra tone is her long-standing keyboard player Paul Donaldson on Piano.

The ten tracks of carefully selected songs opens with Come On Mama, Earl Randall/Willie Mitchell number, the melodic cry of the vocals and the determined beat underlying the song works perfectly; a band in harmony. There is from the oft an innate understanding between the musicians as Teresa sings Come To Mamma; with a mix of reflective yearning and a demand I am in charge.

Half-way through the album, Whitehall’s guitar acts as a melodic punctuation for Teresa as Leap of Faith  reflects that it has taken self-belief to re-launch her career after a six-year break where she was sorely missed by her fans. Piano opening on Angel Of Montgomery a John Prine number, is the perfect foil of beat and tone for Teresa’s vocals full of yearning drama as the instrumentation grows.

Willie Dixon’s I Just Wanna Make Love To You is often covered and revitalized by this arrangement that suits the style of the band with its driving energy and reflective demands.  The blues is strong throughout the album, tinted with soulful phrasing from Teresa Watson. As the album fades away you are left with the warm glowing memory of Need Your Love So Bad, slowly sung with a simplicity. The last number needs no introduction, here sung and played with an elegance that lingers.

Teresa Watson Band, delivers on their debut an album that is full of soulful blues, well sung, with the instrumentation shaped for the vocals. The album will be a welcomed addition for anyone who sees the band live and will via on-line sales increase the profile of a band that plays music that will always be pleasing to the ear.

Teresa Watson Band – Teresa Watson Band

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Track Listing

  1. Come to Mama
  2. You Got Me Where You Want Me
  3. Breaking Down Slow
  4. Down Home Blues
  5. Leap of Faith
  6. Angel from Montgomery
  7. I Just Wanna Make Love To You
  8. Married to the Blues
  9. Love Me Like A Man
  10. Need Your Love So Bad

Self-titled Teresa Watson Band Debut Blues Album

Groove-a-matics: CD Review – Gotta Use what You’ve Got


GROOVE-A-MATICS – Gotta Use what You’ve Got
Having won the “New Brunswick Battle of the Blues 2012”, and traveled to Canada they are building on this experience, delivering a polished album which confirms that this is a band of experienced musicians, Johnny Whitehill (guitar), Mick Cantwell (vocals, sax and harp), John Morgan (bass) and Barry Race (drums); and this talent is evident on every track. The tracks allow the whole band to shine with Barry Race’s relentless beat, on the drums which gives such a stable bedrock for the band to build on. Barry is not a drummer that has to hit hard he plays with a subtly that at times is hypnotic. There can be no argument that the driving Sax delivered by Mick Cantwell is what makes this CD stand-out from the crowd, combined with his warm, emotive vocals, he is not just singing he is sharing his soul with you as demonstrated on ‘Casino Kate’ with its dance rhythm and delightful interplay between sax and his vocals. John Morgan on bass provides a link between all this talent, with solid clear bass lines, as shown on ‘More To Life Than This’ that allows the men up front to dazzle.
Close your eyes on tracks such as ‘I Know’ and you are back in a record shop booth listening to the latest release through headphones, or in a steamy coffee shop selecting your favourite on the Jukebox. For me that would be ‘Good Man’, where Johnny Whitehill, delivers some blistering Chicago style guitar playing no wonder he has been nominated and awarded so regularly – Johnny, who played for many years with Paul Lamb and the Kingsnakes, was voted blues guitarist of the year four times running. The balance of Barry’s drumming and Johnny’s playing sets shivers up the spine, this is a band of musicians who listen and understand each other not an ego driven competition who can play the loudest.
This is an impressive CD, the band has produced a live-sound in the studio that represents why they are such a popular gigging band, buy, listen, sit-back, enjoy and relax; this is quality blues; then get out that door and listen to them live…

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In the meantime this short live video to whet the appetite.