Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme

Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme

Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme

Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme as he set the O2 Academy alight with spiritual funky Rock n’ Roll. Tonight Dan Reed Network, was on fire as the light blazed and swathed the stage in shots of red, gold, blue and green. Dan Reed choreographed the energy of the music through his movements conjuring the stillness of meditation and the power of Rock n’ Roll what an empowered fusion. The bye words of the all too short set have to be Funky Energy.   Dan Reed holds court centre stage with the emotive power of his vocal delivery as they played Bristol for the first time surrounded by a Network of talent. Joining Dan on stage were guitarist extraordinaire Brion James whose silvered dreadlocks swayed and rose in time to the melodies, bassist Melvin Brannon II and Dan Pred on drums.  Binding this heady mix of funkiness is Rob Daiker behind the keys pulling the sound and attitude of the 1980’s. We were on a Cruise Together as Dan Reed warmed up the rapidly filling O2 Academy on this sold out show. This was a trip of nostalgia revisiting the early albums delivered with an enthusiasm that comes from the love of playing the music you love on a stage to a packed and delighted audience. No hard sell for his latest album Fight Another Day, Champion summing up the feel of the dynamic set tonight championing the funky side of rock. The drama of Skin played by a band on top form, the band were entertaining. Stretching out the numbers despite time constraints, this did not stop them from jamming and adding in snippets and riffs from other songs. The interaction between Dan, Brion and Melvin was warm as they exchanged smiles and knelt in front of the audience never slowing the beat.  The crowd clapped, sang along in the warm and wonderful atmosphere. The tempo changed with Rainbow Child slower and adding to the tonal textures and shapes being created by a band in the zone. Ritual always catches the ear as the band closes out with Get To You.  There will be no argument that this opening act connected and got to the heart and soul of the audiences inner funk.  For many, this was the last gig of 2017 and the opening act was setting the bar very high with real Rock n’ Roll attitude and entertainment that fizzed with funkiness.

Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme

With a short break and the late arrivals filled the venue to its extremities. This was for me Extreme and uncomfortable overcrowding as we had another setlist that was bound together with nostalgia and memories.  From the opening, It (‘s A Monster) through to the last of the four numbers in the encore with the crowd-pleasing roar of We Are The Champions. Extreme tonight performed a set that pleased their own brand of funk-metal. The guitar playing of the acclaimed Nuno Bettencourt who tonight did not disappoint with the swish of his hair and the manipulation of the six-strings.  Vocals provided by Gary Cherone, who eats up the stage as he moves across the stage, up the lighting rigging using every centimetre of the stage. With bassist Pat Badger, bass sounds deep rolling funk that hits your backbone with a pleasing thump as the percussive force of Kevin Figueiredo’s drumming. The sound rose and rose, the energy was sustained with Get Your Funk Out not reserved for an encore but delivered as the energy built and the heat and excitement rose.  For two hours Extreme entertained they want the fans to re-live and enjoy the energy from the youth captured tonight with music created over a quarter of a century. We remembered when grunge was emerging a new re-writing and re-forming of rock.  The fans were ecstatic, reflecting this was a gig sold out months ago so the anticipation had been growing and growing. To temper the energy and allow a breather the acoustic number Hole Hearted brought an opportunity to sing along on the track from Pornograffitti.

Nuno, as always needed a lead break to play those wonderful notes and these were granted in Midnight Express another highlight from the back to where I had retreated, not from the music but the claustrophobic crush. So with limited view, every person tonight seemed to be over six- foot, it was the music that became the whole show. No visuals to distract. Highlights were Midnight Express and Flight of The Bumblebee for the guitar magic and Hole Hearted.

The formation of the set built the energy then with acoustic interlude gave the audience space that they did not have around them! The Encore numbers reinforced the crowd-pleasing Extreme. The fans were happy the music set us up ready for a funky Christmas, where many will be getting Extreme And Dan Reed Network Vinyls off the shelve and back on the turntable.

Nostalgic music was hot in December 2017 as we heard Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme.


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Dan Reed Networking Bristol Tonight For Extreme




Funky Dan Reed Talking About Extreme Tour

Funky Dan Reed Talking About Extreme Tour

Dan, you are back in the UK with your band for December the first at a Sold-out Planet Rockstock and then six dates, six cities opening for Extreme.

Thank you for your time on a Monday morning.

BD: How does the Dan Reed Network funky party sound set the scene for the Extreme Show?
: When we first met Extreme they said the Dan Reed Network first studio album was a big inspiration following the path both management and Numo said great things about our first self-titled album. The two bands are fun funk rock guitar-led music. Nuno, I honestly believe is the strongest guitarist on the planet. DRN is the perfect warmup act before the legendary artist and his band Extreme get up and do his thing. We are so excited to be Extreme’s special guests and visiting cities across the UK. The first time for DRN in Leeds and not played Bristol this time around.

BD: For anyone who has not yet caught up with DRN second helping – What makes you the support act of 2017 not to be missed?
The Network has a great energy, a certain chemistry, I have known the drummer Dan Pred since High School we are all good friends. The bigger the stage the more animation audiences will witness When we play live it is a celebration that we are here on this crazy planet. The band is high energy very visual and a friendship that has stood the test of time for over thirty years. This chemistry adds to our performance which will be energetic and funky. Dan says miss Dan Reed Network opening for Extreme at your own peril!”

Funky Dan Reed Talking About Extreme TourBD: Will the set be shaped around Fight Another Day? Or will you incorporate band versions from your latest solo album Confessions?
No nothing from solo albums. All Dan Reed Network. We know that 70% of people will have never heard us or heard and not really remember. So the fifty-minute set will sample our whole catalogue from our four studio albums. With two or three tracks from them, definitely no ballads with the shorter time to play. Rainbow Child will be the closest to a ballad.  So the audience will be hot for Extreme having heard numbers from our first self-titled album, Slam Heat and our latest Fight Another Day.

BD: Funk/Rock scene of the late 80’s/90’s was a deep groove we all delved into. What makes the sound right for the 2010’s with the reemergence of Dan Reed Network and other bands doing the funky thing?
DR: Funk Rock has always been at the core of good Rock N’ Roll. I love the funky stuff of Led Zeppelin and funk crossed over most with Disco with bands like Kiss and Queen, think of Another One Bites The Dust. Funky everyone gets the wider groove good to dance, party and have fun. Bands such as AC/DC Fly On The Wall so many records are at 120 BPM’s (Beat per minutes) kick drum Boom Boom add the high hat and you have got disco. Funk has been played always from Sly and the Family Stone onwards showing people a good time there will always be funk and air guitarists enjoying the groove from the guitarist.

BD: What plans have you got for yourself & DRN for 2018

DR: Before 2019 we have a studio date in Manchester with 140 people attending a live recording of a song. The audience will be adding backing vocals. We want to do this is different cities including Portland, New York and Stockholm and hopefully Tokyo, Sydney. This is better than VIP for a 100 euro’s people have the opportunity to hang out with the band for a day with dinner and unplugged session. Planning to hopefully incorporate the sessions into an album. Going into next year will be in Scandinavia with Electric Boy and tour with Danny Vaughan doing our Snake Oil and Harmony February through March. Dan Reed Network more tours this time be good to be co-headliners with someone like Living Colour or King’s X. New Year’s Eve bash with the Network closing out 2018. Beyond that hope in 2019 I can take time out for songwriting. Travelling including India and USA on a cross-country road trip with acoustic guitar giving me the opportunity to hear some stories.
It is tough when on the road touring you get a pattern with a  rhythm but it can be stifling for creativity. I need to break the pattern hearing stories to write some new music.

Thank you, Dan, for taking the time-out to chat to Liz this morning ahead of your opening show as Special guest for Extreme in Lisbon. I am looking forward to Bristol, 18th December great start to Christmas merriment and partying.

DR: Yes, we are excited too, tomorrow Madrid then we hit the UK it is a great privilege and a challenge to open for Extreme going to be an intense experience. Looking forward to playing to Extreme’s very loyal fans who we hope will get into the Networks music. As I said don’t miss the support get to the show early and funk out with Dan Reed Network.

Funky Dan Reed Talking About Extreme Tour

Dan Reed Talks about Music Networks, Solo and Life

Dan Reed Talks about Music Networks, Solo and Life

Dan Reed Talks about Music Networks, Solo and Life




BD: Hi Dan hope you are well, thank you for taking the time to speak to me this evening
DR: Yes I’m well and  ready to talk about Network and the new album.

BD: Dan Reed Network back together once again people are still digging the band what is the magic formula?
First put the band together the network with musicians from different backgrounds and ethnicity. Our tastes in music is varied from Mozart to Miles Davies, Doobie Brothers to Led Zeppelin, Earth, Wind and Fire, Rush to Parliament; Rush to The Brothers Johnson.  Blake has left and Rob now playing keys keeps that tradition, he is also a consummate guitar fusion rock etc. Dan Reed Network is still a mutual respect society having a great time. People connect to this and perhaps as they said we were ahead of our time so the music old and new continues to speak to the next generation.

Glad to be back with the Network. I have been doing solo for the last seven years. Solo work is more internal, the band is different with high energy, like a work out at the gym. I like both worlds of music solo and the Network.

BD: What if any differences have you found with the scene in the 21st Century?
DR:  I did quit from the music scene from 1994 -2006; during that time I travelled went off to find myself in India and then Jerusalem where I had a recording Studio. During my twelve years of I did many things including club owner and theatre work, then in 2009 started playing again.

The biggest change is the internet. It has changed and shaped our accessibility. The only way previously  to reach out was record deal and fate was in the hands of A&R and believing in your music. The choice was survive locally or a deal and hope fame followed. Now with internet can be huge for example the success of Justin Bieber. This has grown to the tragic situation of the Kardashians famous no talent, famous for a sense of fashion perhaps, they are like many now famous for being famous. Reality TV feeds it this dream to be wealthy/ famous it is feeding into a shallow part of our Psyche.  Then there are all the mechanical stuff, auto tune etc.

We have an addiction to our devices, social media replaces the need for real human contact. This need to be with people is fulfilled, can find music to listen to so why go out and discover your own live music. I find it interesting that Steve Jobs didn’t let his children have i-phone/pads. On a positive note DRN is re-connecting with fans and young people finding our music when we played shows with only new music eighteen months ago and now we have the new album.

BD: Tell our readers about Dan Reed Network going back into the studio to record your 4th album after a gap of 25 years since The Heat?
DR:  Actually, it is our 5th we recorded our debut album Breathless before we had a record deal. It was similar to what we did in past when all lived in home city. Then we did 12-track, rehearsed and went into studio. Now we do all the pre-production via internet as with time we have moved, with myself in Prague other members in Portland, Los Angeles and Honduras. Then once happy with this meet up and go into the studio. This is a change as we are all older, have families and the commitments they bring.

Still Funk-rock with the Network, solo is different mix of singer/songwriting with lots Middle Eastern instruments incorporated. The Dan Reed Network has changed lyrics are stronger but still hear what made us distinct back in the day.

BD: Having Listen to Fight Another Day does the title reflect the feeling of the band and its comeback.?
DR: The album title has a double meaning for us. Yes the band back doing our music. Also the background of an American presidential candidate, who is popular through inciting fear. It is Trump I am referring to with his narrative of building wall between States and Mexico, not allowing Muslims etc, its is  an archaic politics. Do we give in to this fear of immigration? Why is it okay to bomb others but terrorism if they bomb us?  There is a different way that is growing momentum breathing hope into politics. Bernie Sanders has had more single donations than any candidate had raised the same money as Clinton without corporate deals. It is  exciting the youth as Bernie is using compassion instead of wealth even the current Pope admires. No a fan of Popes in general but he has morals and attributes that Jesus spoke about.  Fight Another Day we want to be on par with bands half our age.
BD:  So you see a change in the axis of society beliefs and motivations? DR: yes there is a turnaround not all about selling our egos and selfies. Our college students are getting active that has to be good.


BD: The track Reunite has a strong lyrical story with strong chorus and luscious chords is this a celebration of DNR getting it back together?
DR: Originally composed by three Swedish guys for Eurovision who asked me to sing it. It is a cover with DRN giving it more edge rather than pop song. Encapsulated what DRN are about in the day not 100% out of my head and thought of me be asked to sing it. In the past we did a couple of B-sides that was a co-written by artists outside DRN. Never has a co-write been on an album, this track felt right though I had to fight to get it on the track listing, it was thought as being too Disco!

BD:  Well I for one as a reviewer am glad it made the final cut as it is an excellent track and more Dance than Disco to my ears. DR: Well the drum has a disco beat, we will do video eventually for the track. BD: Looking forward to that.

BD: The music hooks back to the Funk-Rock sound of DRN of the 1980’s how has your music developed in the ensuing years? Not retro but with a foot in the past?
DR:  We have changed the guitar sound. It is not processed. Not run through pedals but plugged into fairly basic amps. The rhythm guitars have a little reverb no effect pedals. We have lost much of the synth sound. Recently saw AC/DC again last Summer, 60,000 people enjoying the rock with Angus and Brian. I thought this is as raw as it gets. AC/DC crank the amp up as high as we can without distortion and keeping up the sustain as long as possible. DRN continues with typical rock-synth bass like early albums. Drums didn’t use much effect all pretty dry. Rob Daiker keyboard and co-producer. He tracked and mixed the album, I co-produced his first album we have a long-standing working relationship.   Feels organic rather than processed giving the sound a modern edge.

BD: Back on tour in Europe with one UK date promoting the album
DR: June looking forward to being back on the road Pwllheli HRH festival last year, the feedback has been positive with the faithful and  gaining new momentum. Not playing new music when played at Download 18 months ago.  I was shocked at the response from young people asking why they hadn’t heard of the music where can they buy it. Most is no longer available and the music was written before they were born. Things change the rave scene carried over splitting distinct areas Electronica/groove and the grunge scene e.g Alice Without Chains with no electronic music on records. Bands like  U2 who tried go with flow are few and far between.

BD: If you were putting together the perfect band with members from across the years (dead or alive) who would you have playing?


Drums: Bruce Carter  Played with North-West funk band Pleasure  and Cool’r always went to watch him play drums. Great grooves thick put down
Bass: Jaco Pastorious
Guitar Prince most underrated  guitar player
Keys: Jeff Lorberry – Jazz
Vocals: Freddie Mercury

BD: Thank you once again for your time.


DR: Been fun and the band will sound mighty cool.

Divide from the current Album Fight Another Day – read What Bluesdoodles said HERE

Fight Another Day says Dan Reed Network

Fight Another Day says Dan Reed Network


Fight Another Day says Dan Reed Network

Dan Reed Network are back with Fight Another Day. The title sums up the ups and down of a network that fades but is never completely silenced. Originally formed in 1984 packing local clubs in Portland, Oregon with a mix of sounds comprising hard rock twisted and turned with deep shadows of funk, soul and pop. Three successful albums and then silence as the band disbands. The Dan Reed Network Story re-kindles like a phoenix as the band re-forms with original members for 25th Anniversary gig. The magic and excitement rekindled. Touring again and now a fourth studio album Fight Another Day. Dan says “The title ‘Fight Another Day’ represents the fact that after 25 years we were able to gravitate back to the passion we discovered playing together all those years ago, and battle on once more!”

Now for the music it is what the fans loved long deep melodies, Rock that explores all the facets of the sound that is broad and deep happily taking on layers of funk, twists of soul and a catchy line, chorus or tune. The line-up has changed slightly but the essence of the signature funk rock sound is still as strong as ever.

The dance floor is the place to be for the funky The Brave the bass provides the power that drives the rhythm while Dan’s vocals curl around the sound that has an infectious quality. The swish of cymbals the deep funk rhythm and This Whole World Infected is intoned, the lyrics are dark with a dystopian edge and the catchy flow that is Dan Reed Network’s rock with a beat that infects your soul. The tracks unfold the album has a sinuous and seamless movement. The choreography of sound creates a sound scape of words often thought-provoking against a rock melody that wraps you in a comfort blanket of sound. The album touches on the problems of society and by track eight we have an uplift in beat with Save The World, simple stripped back and imploring for someone to take a chance and Save The World. No answers but the question who is going to save the world needs to be answered very soon. Given the turbulence of the Dan Reed Network, Reunite seems an apt title to include again that curling melodic beat nothing grinds it is harmonising on tiers of sound. The keys add interest and together with the guitar chords acts as a foil for the vocals with funky bass and drums that keep an urgency so that nothing drifts into a blurred mess of indistinctive sound.

The album opens with a modern electro swirl, as Divided gets the fourth studio album underway. By the time we reach the closing track the band has explored sounds that take you on a musical adventure, the band is definitely Standing Tall as the last notes fade with Funk Rock reinvented for today while still true to the fans of the 1980’s.

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Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Fight Another Day – Dan Reed NetworkFrontiers Music Srl

Track Listing
1. Divided
2. The Brave
3. Infected
4. Champion
5. Ignition
6. Give It Love
7. B There With U
8. Save The World
9. Eye Of The Storm
10. Reunite
11. Heaven
12. Sharp Turn
13. Stand Tall