Delicious Dirty Listenable Rock as RavenEye Creates Nova

Delicious Dirty Listenable Rock as RavenEye Creates NovaDelicious Dirty Listenable Rock as RavenEye Creates Nova

This, Nova is the Long Awaited follow-up to their debut EP, Breaking Out. Since its release in May 2015 they have definitely broken out with the latest recording Nova. Back in the studio after touring USA, Europe and UK including Steelhouse Festival and Download. The performances have honed the style, texture and tone of the thumb picking rock guitarist Oli Brown with a rhythm section that kills the beat Aaron Spiers on bass and new drummer Adam Breeze this is a mix that is hot enough to melt the hardest granite, rock that shatters and coalesces around Oli’s vocals.

The rock is fast, hard and furious the studio sound captures the high-energy live performance of Oli, Nova distills the essence of RavenEye, mixing the sound, beats and rhythms into a musical cocktail that is easy on the ear. The studio sound is a result of months of being on the road whether headlining, part of a festival or opening for bands such as Slash, Blues Pills and Halestorm. Wherever they play they attract attention as they are fast becoming the live band you have to see time and time again.

Nova is an eleven track fairground ride of whoops, hard-hitting rock and riffs and licks that break the sonic barrier. The tracks bring dimensions to be explored and uncovered, as you return to listen again you pick up on another tasty morsel of rock that makes Nova a complete item. RavenEye achieves this with blues that grooves deep down in the structure of the music, raw sounds that echo around the room, rock that is full of edgy riffs and vocals that hook on to the tone and delivers a 21st Century super-nova.

Kicking off with an ear capturing riff Wanna Feel You makes a statement Oli Brown wants to be heard loud, hard and rocking out of your speakers. His vocals have a control that determines the licks and hooks that his guitar hangs on to and the rhythm section is a powerhouse for his stunning modern RavenEye Rock.

Nova has a strutting boldness, a confidence in the rock the band produces full of the underlying signature of Oli’s sludgy dirty sleazy blues as he layers on the tonal beating heart of rock it is as hard as granite and shines with glints of blue and veins on interest. Every track has a point of interest the change in beat with a lightning of tone Hero has that instantly recognisable foot tapping rock beat with Gunnar Olsen on drums throughout the album throwing out the sticks so that they hit the skin with a solid determination. Taking over duties behind the drums on tour in future is Adam Breeze who will have the luxury of playing with bassist Aaron Spiers who has fat greasy deep bass lines that pulling the listener deep into the music. The album now is hitting the halfway point and is in a groove you want to stay in and get to know the new album and latest incarnation of the band.

Halfway through and Supernova hits the speakers as ever the growling vocals of Oli interplays with his guitar so that the vocals and guitar work as one incorporated powerful animal of an instrument. It is this interplay that allows there to be a difference in the approach to the tracks yet they are still RavenEye whether the sound is blues, grunge or the distinctive play that is RavenEye. The chugging rock of Madeline drives the vocals and has a maturity of tone that makes this a raucous number that definitely, like the lyrics, reaps what it has sown as Madeline is asked the question. Some of the titles are self-explanatory with the title-determining the lyrics and approach to RavenEye’s rock. Inside internalised with doubt, Hate is what it says on the tin. Then the closing numbers Out of The Rain with the rumbling bass incessant like rain and the yearning gentler vocals that act as a lightening of the rougher moment this is rock that excites. Closing with Eternity a gentler number full of acoustic intricacies delivered by Oli a musician full of confidence at ease with the music he wants to deliver harking back yes, but the true direction is striding forward with music for today’s audiences.

The album’s name NOVA is a perfect reflection of the explosion of recognition that RavenEye has achieved in such a short time. The band is a rock explosion they certainly have suddenly brightened the firmament of the British rock scene and will be shining their Supanova Rock for many years to come.

RavenEye – Nova – Frontiers Music s.r.l

TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Wanna Feel You
  2. Come With Me
  3. Inside
  4. Hero
  5. Supernova
  6. Walls
  7. Oh My Love
  8. Madeline
  9. Hate
  10. Out Of The Rain
  11. Eternity

Heavy Crown Adrenalin Fueled Stream of Heavy Rock

Dio Last In LineHeavy Crown Adrenalin Fueled Stream of Heavy Rock

Starting off loud and fast with guitar Heavy Crown Adrenalin Fueled Stream of Heavy Rock. Devil I Me gets you in the mood for more –  as original DIO members reunite and record their debut album Last In Line. Trio of the original DIO members Vivian Campbell, Vinny Appice and Jimmy Bain joined by vocalist Andrew Freeman  to create Heavy Crown out 19th February on Frontiers Records.

Opening with Devil In Me this is high voltage from the first chord and the tempo swells with Martyr, this is no copy of DIO or Dio in Black Sabbath days this is rock that is full of hard-hitting riffs and licks that curl around the rhythm section and hooks for the lyrical vocals of Andrew, he has the power, range and tonal presence to be that extra layer of sound in harmony with the instrumentation.

The album comes into its own with the third track Starmaker (even if I miss heard on first listening as bread baker reflection on my concentration as the lyrics are sung with passion and clarity!). The tempo is fast and considered with Vinny Appice’s drumming quite commanding, the bass line of Jimmy Bain hard-hitting and Vivian Campbell’s guitar riffs beguiling.

Heavy Crown Adrenalin Fueled Stream of Heavy Rock, the rush increases as the album tracks unfold with a modern re-vamping of 80’s rock that has a zinging freshness. The music is not dominated by who can play louder! Faster! But the communication and strength that can be delivered through interplay between the tonal ranges of every instrument crafting a rocky canyon of tonal strata to explore.

I Am Revolution and is a track that declares action with the sharp drumming and vocal interplay is a cracking number as the lyrics unfold and a chorus we would all chant back on any Last In Line tour. As the result of a mini tour, the band connecting the outcome the co-writing of the new tracks and the opportunity to record leading to Last In Line a delight for any Rock collection.

The lyrics are the power of Blame It On Me  everyone plays second fiddle to the words, as we do to the disease that haunts so many lives including Dio and Campbell – Cancer. The track has a growing anger with guitar work that is as complex as the disease itself then the line ‘No one wants to play the victim – remember when I was the cancer’ touching the heart and soul of many listening.

The tracks flow with a shape making sense as a landscape does visually, Heavy Crown makes perfect sense as you listen, at the same time this is no concept album every track stands out on a random playlist.  Curse The Day is slower and the guitar floats along the lyrical vocal range bring riffs that punctuate the music with more than exclamation mark the modern sound are more like emotions that add to the understanding of the complete sound.  The guitar throughout the album, smiles, weeps and groans in despair it is the emotional lynch pin of Last In Line.

Closing with The Sickness, this the track that brings the emotion of the music together as the interplay is a torrent of sounds, tempos and feelings leaving you  in intense anticipation for a tour and if not a second helping with another album.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD Nine pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

Heavy Crown – Last In Line –  Frontiers Records – Release date  – 19th February Click HERE for Pre orders.

  1. Devil In Me
  2. Martyr
  3. Starmaker
  4. Burn This House Down
  5. I Am Revolution
  6. Blame It On Me
  7. In Flames (Bous Track Deluxe Addition)
  8. Already Dead
  9. Curse The Day
  10. Heavy Crown
  11. The Sickness