Federal Charm Crossed Wires into Acoustic

Federal Charm Crossed Wires into Acoustic

Federal Charm Crossed Wires into Acoustic



Federal Charm Crossed Wires into Acoustic, on this eight track album the music is stripped back to its bare essentials with the body and tone of Federal Charm electric still running through the music. The tracks are originals, fans who have seen the band on the recent Roadstar tour will recognise many as they are from the critically acclaimed studio album Across The Divide.

This is a new venture for the band and it takes a few listens to get accustomed to Federal Charm unplugged. The simplicity allows the lyrics to have a greater role.  Opening with Guess What, a fitting start as the unplugged charm from these energetic rockers who twist the blues is definitely a new pathway on their musical journey.

The tracks selected certainly suit the approach, turning These Four Walls into a gentle song with mournful elements and the lyrics have a real power and intensity as Paul Bowe’s acoustic guitar plays the second string to Nick Bowden vocals.  A track favoured by Federal Charm to close out a show Silhouette is as powerful stripped back as in the original form on the album, Across The Divide. It is self-evident why this is a firm favourite. It has a jaunty uplifting feel.

Closing the eight tracks out with Master Plan, this is definitely a new venture that warrants exploration.  The harp work on the track from Nick has elegant beauty. It would certainly ring the changes in a live set an acoustic reprise as the vocals and lyrics then have the power.

Federal Charm – Crossed Wires

SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Guess What
  2. The Stray
  3. Push These Four Walls
  4. Silhouette
  5. Come On Down
  6. Somebody Help Me
  7. Master Plan


Roadstars hit The Tunnels Tonight

Roadstars hit The Tunnels Tonight


Roadstars hit The Tunnels Tonight

Tonight we caught up with the Planet Rock Roadstars, at The Tunnels in Bristol having seen them in Cardiff earlier on the sixteen-night tour. What changes tonight? First off the running order tonight SIMO, Aaron KeylockFederal Charm closing out the night.

SIMO are a trio fusing music from every genre into a river of guitar magic and have hints of Cream flavoured with Zappa and their own unique rock music. Tonight opening there was a plan, less of a jam as they showcased new songs and with a short set the opening track Don’t Waste Time was particularly pertinent. The trio have power, control inventive licks and riffs and an intuitive understanding of where they are taking the music. Drummer Adan Abrashoff has magic sticks reminiscent of Chad Wackerman technical and full of interest. The link that holds the band in shape with bass playing that is deep and rich is Elad Shapiro. The focus of many eyes is on JD Simo his guitar playing is mesmerising, energetic, full of details and little licks that curl around the rhythm section. This is a band that warms the room with Light The Candle and the spectacular Shine. This number really did shine with all the glories that are SIMO. The set tonight closed with Long May You Sail, the only number tonight from their current album Let Love Show The Way. Yes SIMO is definitely a band you want to sail on the crest of a wave with.

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Up next, loud, electric young gun Aaron Keylock and his band. Tonight’s outing was still loud, fast and furious but I have to say there was more control in the performance. The sound was better and the vocals were present tonight. This is a power trio with rock energy bassist Jordan Maycock adds depth to the sound as the drummer Sonny Greaves completes the trio. As we await their forthcoming debut album due out January 2017, Against The Grain it is the live experience that is building this young band’s platform. The trio appear to be going down rock’s path, yet Aaron with his love of the blues needs to incorporate the control of blues into his live show. This was seen in Medicine Man and then Spin The Bottle has a chorus that excites audiences. Aaron with his raw potential will definitely be taking fans on an interesting journey will the road be rocky or blues? We wait with anticipation.

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Finishing of tonight’s instalment of the Roadstars tour are Mancunian band Federal Charm much to the delight of the fans in the room. With the revolving order there were some disappointed as they would have liked to have heard SIMO ending the evening as they were the new band for many and are definitely exciting audiences wherever they play. This quartet with the two guitars up front of vocalist Nick Bowden & Paul Bowes as they interpret the blues with energy and charm. Occasionally it is hard to determine who is playing lead and rhythm as they meld the tone into the Federal sound. Completing the foursome are bassist LD Morawski and drummer Danny Rigg who do so much more than provide a solid platform. Federal Charm bringing a swagger to the music and always a delight whenever they play loud. It would be great if they could add some extra to the tracks from recordings so that the live version of numbers like Guess What have a bit extra pizazz. This would add excitement and a hint of danger to the live set that once again won them fans. Closing once again with Silhouette, the single from their much-praised album Crossing The Divide, they delivered and satisfied the crowd tonight.

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Roadstars hit The Tunnels Tonight leaving behind a night of live music ringing in our ears as they pack up and move onto the next show on the road. Check out the tour dates and venues HERE.


Roadstars hit The Tunnels Tonight

Roadstars Hit Cardiff SIMO Keylock and Federal Charm

Roadstars Hit Cardiff SIMO Keylock and Federal Charm

Roadstars Hit Cardiff
SIMO Keylock and Federal Charm

The Globe, Cardiff, cold damp November night is just about to get hot with blues-rock guitar shredding that will ignite the audience.  Why? On the third night of  The  Planet Rock ‘Roadstars’  sixteen-night tour  has arrived in the Capital city. The Roadstars are young guns that are  causing heads to turn wherever they play  with youthful verve and enthusiasm. Who are the Roadstars? They are two British bands Aaron Keylock and Federal Charm and from Nashville, U.S.A. SIMO. Tonight we are definitely going to hear a lot of guitars that have strings that will be fast, furious and loud with a long streamer connecting the six-strings to the Blues. This is a trio of bands who are taking turns on who will headline, and tonight it will be SIMO.

Roadstars Hit Cardiff SIMO Keylock and Federal CharmThe evening kicked off by being exported  back to the roots of the blues with field hollers loud and atmospheric from the PA system. Tonight, Aaron Keylock was opening the show. This young band with the much talked about guitarist who has played many gigs and festivals that for a teenager is amazing the rhetoric about his skills is stratospheric so my expectations were very high. As for a variety of reasons, Bluesdoodles has not caught up with Aaron playing live.  Completing the power trio drummer Sonny Greaves and bassist Jordan Maycock. I was expecting fireworks as the blues influences combine with the rock as sabbath collides with Winter. One thing for sure the guitar was loud drowning out the vocals so I never heard a word Aaron sang even on his closing number the title track, Against The Grain,  from his anticipated debut album due out January 2017 on Mascot.

Roadstars Hit Cardiff SIMO Keylock and Federal CharmThe set was loud, raw Aaron, for me did not live up to the press I have read and comments from others who have seen him live. With power you need control and the blues is about feel and tonight these were not evident. The set was more rock than blues, enthusiasm over style. Aaron changed guitar but textures and tone stayed the same loud and raw. He is like moonshine straight from the still, we need to have some of the oaky smokiness, smoothness of flavour from maturing that a good sipping whisky has. Aaron, has the potential, he can play the guitar and interaction between the three friends on stage is honest. Opening with a shorter set perhaps didn’t allow for a set that shows the varied side of this young man with so much potential.  The slide guide was good and the lead breaks solid but there was no flashing and sparks to really light up the evening.

raodstars-federal-charm-wm-2278Short break and Federal Charm hit the stage with a customary energy and smiles as they said we are glad to be back in Cardiff. With full on Mancunian charm they hit the ground running. They too chose to close with Silhouette, the single from the much-praised album Crossing The Divide. Federal Charm produced as strong set the brand of blues rock is delivered better everytime we see them play live.  The two guitars, of Paul Bowe and Nick Bowden sometimes in competition but always in harmony. Completing this tech quartet are bassist LD Morawski and drummer Danny Rigg who do so much more than provide a solid platform they bring tonal shape and control for raodstars-federal-charm-wm-2269the frontman allowing Nicks vocals to roll and bounce off the music. Federal Charm’s set was full of attitude and at times an arrogant swagger giving the music a hardened edge softened by the blues. The set warmed the venue lifting the audience as they got them closer to the stage singing along and dancing. Nick engaged with the audience who were delighted to have the boys back in town even if for a brief set tonight. The music was played with authority as the rock grooves were as solid as granite with a sparkling strata of blues as the harp was given an airing and the licks and riffs had the shape and feel that is the perfect recipe for a blues-rock band.

Now for the main act SIMO a trio fusing music from every genre into a fluid psychedelic whirlpool that lit up the stage. Keeping up with virtuoso guitarist JD Simo are bassist Elad Shapiro and Adam Abrashoff on drums, they provide rhythms that explode allowing JD to fly with sparkling effervescent guitar fireworks.

raodstars-simo-wm-2300The music flowed, no set list this was a hothouse jam full of control, innovation and excitement as slide,  met finger picking and the playing of the fret board with both hands was mesmerising. Defining SIMO is like trying to capture mercury in you fingers, you just think one band and the music changes and it is totally different as jazz collides with Hendrix and the Allmans are threaded into the mix. The sound is a musical tapestry of every hue and colour, The vocals powered through it was a perfect aural picture. You see and hear musician and guitar, musicians who excel JD and his band are merged into one being and the connection is complete,  seamless as he astounds with rock n roll that has you listening with delight.  Into this maelstrom,  I heard hints of Tom Principato, Stevie Ray Vaughan stretching the blues colouring the tones with funk and world music. The set had everything, fast and furious, complex, simple and slower numbers this was a jam that was very, very tasty indeed.

The set was everything they promised on the album Let Love Show The Way; and the audience agreed with gasps of wow, utterly brilliant never heard seen anything like this they are stunning.  closing the set that was like a river at times still, raodstars-simo-wm-2407then a raging torrent then a gentler flow with the only cover of the set their unique interpretation of With A Little Help From My Friends. SIMO certainly made new friends tonight who will be spreading the message to their friends as they tell them what a night they have missed.

With three nights gone, there is still plenty of opportunities to hear these Roadstars live and make your own mind up.

Tour details  HERE


Roadstars Hit Cardiff SIMO Keylock and Federal Charm



Aaron Keylock with all The Right Moves

Aaron Keylock with all The Right Moves

Today, teenage guitar legend Aaron Keylock has released an audio stream of his new single ‘All The Right Moves’ on YouTube

Talking about the album Aaron reflects;  “Against the Grain was penned about 3 years ago now and has grown on the road; I had a Led Zeppelin style riff, mixed it with some Johnny Winter vibe and stamped my own style on it.”  Crowd favourite Medicine Man was the first song he ever demoed whilst the hints of Rory Gallagher on All The Right Moves is a lightning rocker that’s fast becoming a live favourite.

The song features on his upcoming debut album ‘Cut Against The Grain’, which is released on Friday 20th January 2017 by Mascot Label Group. Things have been building momentum and in Cut Against The Grain, Aaron Keylock is set to launch himself on the world full throttle.

Aaron Keylock has released the audio stream to coincide with his 16-date UK tour with Nashville blues-rock trio SIMO and British blues-rock guitar band Federal Charm, which gets underway at the Talking Heads in Southampton on 16th November.

Touring under the moniker of Planet Rock ROADSTARS – The Best In Breaking Blues And Rock’ – the tour promises to be one of the hottest live concert triple headers to hit the UK in 2016.  Every night each band will change headline spot, giving each of the artists an equal share of the limelight

Planet Rock Roadstars Tour Dates

SIMO, Aaron Keylock & Federal Charm

Book Tickets from The Gig Cartel – HERE

Wed 16th Nov Southampton, Talking Heads
Thu 17th Nov Brighton, The Haunt
Fri 18th Nov Cardiff, The Globe
Sat 19th Nov Leek, Foxlowe Arts Centre
Mon 21st Nov Nottingham, The Bodega Social Club
Tue 22nd Nov Wolverhampton, The Robin 2
Wed 23rd Nov Bristol, The Tunnels
Fri 25th Nov York, Fibbers
Sat 26 Nov Crewe, The Box
Sun 27th Nov Norwich, Waterfront
Mon 28th Nov Sheffield, The Greystones
Wed 30th Nov Newcastle, The Cluny
Thu 1st Dec Glasgow, O2 ABC
Fri 2nd Dec Edinburgh, The Mash House
Sat 3rd Dec Manchester, The Deaf Institute
Wed 7th Dec London, O2 Academy Islington

Silhouette Federal Charms Single Gets Airplay

Silhouette Federal Charms Single Gets AirplaySilhouette Federal Charms Single Gets Airplay



Federal Charm stream new single “Silhouette” . The song features on their Across The Divide album, which launched last year via Wire Sound

Bluesdoodles chatted with Paul Bowe on 7th October the day Silhouette was released this is what he had to say —-BD: Do you have a favourite/ special track on the album? And why?
PB: My favourite has always and remains Silhouette. I love playing it live it gets to me more than anything else we play. The vocal production shapes the meaning of the words. The chorus works so well, every time I hear it or play Silhouette it gives me goose bumps. When I play the song live I hear what we were trying to achieve in the studio and look forward to playing it every night.

BD: This brings us neatly onto the single, Silhouette being released on 7th October what are your hopes for the single?
PB: I am obviously delighted that Silhouette is being released as a single showcasing Across The Divide and our music. What an opportunity with air play on Planet Rock and a video that is being made this Saturday exciting times.

Read the rest of the interview HERE

Listen to the single below. The band have issued the track to mark their upcoming UK tour with SIMO and Aaron Keylock, which is due to get underway at The Talking Heads in Southampton on November 16.

Silhouette is a track where Nicks vocals are full of power and have a forsaken quality as our two guitars lick up the blues with some gritty overtones. Read across The Dived Album Review HERE

For Tour Details checkout dates and Venues HERE

Silhouette Federal Charms Single Gets Airplay

In Conversation with Paul Bowes Federal Charm

In Conversation with Paul Bowes Federal Charm

In Conversation with Paul Bowes Federal Charm



BD: Thankyou Paul for taking time this afternoon to talk about Federal Charm, Across The Divide and forthcoming Roadstars Tour

BD: Let’s start with the description of Nu-blues as Federal Charm approach to the music and how important is the Blues to the band

PB:  Federal Charm has always been grounded in the blues both Nick and myself have blues ingrained in our approach to the music we play and write. Nick plays his guitar with a blues vibe and I have always loved rock from the sixties and every decade since.  Federal Charm is a marriage of rock and blues developing the blues seed at the heart of rock. Nick is definitely the blues element his vocals have a Paul Rogers tone whereas my guitar is harder and rockier. From day one we have mixed the two it was not intentional it was how we played and thought. All rock music has a foot in the blues we never set out to have blues specifically in the album but blues comes naturally. Nu-blues is a modern wording of the re-working of the essence of blues through rock and beyond.


BD: Tell our readers about the inspiration of the album and what’s behind the title and the album cover.
Across The Divide is an album that crosses across rock and blues. It is Federal Charm’s interpretation of the songs we write. We had some of the tracks at the back-end of our debut album, they just didn’t feel right to be included on our debut. So the opening two tracks Master Plan and Guess What shaped our second album.
We had the making of the album all planned. We decided that we would hire a mansion for a fortnight get together, work together and immerse ourselves in the process. That was the plan, but you know what happens to plans they often go wrong. We arrived at the mansion it all fell through, we had to leave due to restrictions on the building use due to nesting bats! BD: There has to be a song in that story.

So we uprooted to a studio in Manchester it was more like a cupboard it was an unsettling period. Then the deadline loomed and we had to plan the whole album in two weeks. That focused our attention and it was frantic. We got inspiration from experiences and list of ideas we all shared. Nick’s writing in the last twelve months has been deeper and more personal with ballads.

The idea for the album cover came as we were sitting in our cupboard in an old mill in Ancoats, we looked out after a guitar solo and saw someone shooting up heroin in the carpark. It was a tough/dark scene I approached Brian our art designer and said we want something dark piercing the divide, emotional like the ships that are beached hundreds of miles inland due to the seas having receded creating the Siberian Salt Desert. These scenes of desolation fascinate me, things in the wrong place. Brian came up with the art and it fitted the album.  Full of interest a story that unfolds differently for everyone who sees the cover and listens to our music.


BD: Do you have a favourite/ special track on the album? And why?
My favourite has always and remains Silhouette. I love playing it live it gets to me more than anything else we play. The vocal production shapes the meaning of the words. The chorus works so well, every time I hear it or play Silhouette it gives me goose bumps. When I play the song live I hear what we were trying to achieve in the studio and look forward to playing it every night.


BD: This brings us neatly onto the single, Silhouette being released on 7th October what are your hopes for the single?
I am obviously delighted that Silhouette is being released as a single showcasing Across The Divide and our music. What an opportunity with air play on Planet Rock and a video that is being made this Saturday exciting times.

BD: Back on UK Tour with Planet Rock, Roadstars three bands all interpreting the blues tell us about your hopes for this tour and playing Planet Rockstock?
 Yes very excited touring as part of the Roadstars with SIMO, and Aaron Keylock. Before that we have a few warm up shows so it is back playing the music we love to play and venues once again. The Roadstars will be an interesting mix SIMO and Aaron Keylock are both signed to Mascot and bring guitar led blues. Federal Charm is the only four piece and are more groove than lead breaks more classic rock so the three bands will be a great mix.  Playing at Rockstock is exciting as well getting plenty of notice with Gig Cartel and Planet Rock promoting the shows.

BD: So what are Federal Charm’s Plans for 2017 and beyond?
 More tours, festivals and new album currently exploring the concept then it will be back into the studio.

BD: Anything else you would like to sell to old and new fans?
Yes, come hear us with Roadstars as we tour the country and buy the album Across The Divide.  We are recording on Tuesday with Nicky Horne from Planet Rock as part of a show on Sky Vintage T.V. to be aired before the end of the year.

BD: If you were putting together the perfect band with members from across the years (dead or alive) who would you have playing
 Now that is interesting so many people to consider

Drums: John Bonham
Vocals: Chris Cornell
Guitar: Ritchie Blackmore
Bass: John McVie
This is a band with no middle ground.

Federal Charm Band Members

Paul Bowe: Guitar
NickBowden: Vocals and Guitar
LD Morawski: Bass
Danny Rigg: Drums

In Conversation with Paul Bowes Federal Charm


Read what Bluesdoodles thought about this 9 paws album




On Tour with the Roadstars

Roadstars - Simo

Federal Charm Touring Live Crossing The Divide

Federal Charm Touring Live Crossing The Divide


Federal Charm Touring Live  Across the Divide

Federal Charm are back on the bounce in June with their own ‘Crossing The Divide’ tour. 17 dates stretching out from June 10th ’til July 23rd. Headlining each show each night and playing a 90-minute set per night minimum, supporting the release of ‘Master Plan’ from the acclaimed new album ‘Across The Divide’.

Lauded for the punchy attack of their debut, this feisty Manchester quartet continue their mission to take their genre of choice to the next level. What you get is no-holds barred, fiery, inventive rock’n’roll. Inevitably, Free and Led Zeppelin are still major touchstones – which is no bad thing at all but the focus is on stretching out and loosening up.

The dual guitar work of Nick Bowden and Paul Bowe is intricate and polished, with Bowden’s vocal way defying conventional range and Bowe’s showmanship enjoyably captivating. The two guitar prodigies are ably assisted by the rhythm section of bassist L.D Morawski and Danny Rig on drums.

2015 was a very fine year for Federal Charm, their second album ‘Across The Divide‘ was released and met with critical acclaim both here and abroad, Classic Rock describe it as “No holds barred, fiery, inventive rock ’n’ roll” and Fireworks state “Across The Divide is huge – in sound and in talent. Nothing short of ear-candy”

UK shows with Black Star Riders, Joanne Shaw Taylor and UFO and slots on the main stage at the Minehead Giants of Rock, The Rock & Blues Festival in Skegness, and at Hard Rock Hell 9 in Pwllheli sealed a definitive year for the Manchester born ensemble.2016 is shaping up in a similar manner with Giants Of Rock (again), a Planet Rock sponsored UK tour in March with Australian rockers Tracer.

Across The Divide’ – ‘Guess What’ – play-listed at Planet Rock for 6 week. ‘Master Plan’

will be released to coincide with the ‘Crossing The Divide’ tour.
















TICKETS : Available HERE for

Federal Charm Touring Live  Crossing The Divide

In the spirit of brotherhood and good intentions, Federal Charm have stretched out a hand and offered a leg-up to local support acts where possible. Night-by-night young budding bands will open the show.

Federal Charm reaching Across The Divide Album Review

Federal Charm reaching Across The Divide Album Review

Federal Charm reaching Across The Divide Album Review

The quartet from Manchester leaping the gigantic hurdle, the release of a follow-up album to the well-received debut and self-titled album. Many miles on the road has been covered since then. The result is an accomplished album, from a band that is determined to reach Across The Divide and take the blues infused ambience into the rock arena. The album achieves that spanning the genres by simply stating we are a band that plays music that connects to your soul it isn’t pure blues or rock but an artful blending and reworking to create a sound that is recognizable as Federal Charm‘s own brand of British Rock n’ Roll.

They have a Master Plan, and it is laid down with a deep groove of rock intent on the opening number. The guitar lays down a determined call to arms to join the charming plan as the drums, bass and vocals pick up the rock and hurls it with melodic power. The tempo cools with Guess What, do not be surprised with the variety and quality the band are going to play for you over the next nine tracks. Nick Bowden’s vocals are full of texture, adapting, reshaping themselves with natural ease for rock, funk, blues and emotionally charged ballads. The band is tight with another layer of guitar chords adding to the blistering energy from Paul Bowe. The engine house of the band, the rhythm section, gives a mixture both a platform of stability and intuitive feel to ensure the rhythm is never wooden. Thanks to the pairing of LD Morawski on bass and drummer Danny Rigg. Federal Charm a quartet that deserves being listened to both on the Live Scene and when recorded in a studio.

These Four Walls is beautiful. The production sympathetic letting the emotions flow. A superb slower bluesy number packed with lyrics that paint a picture of sadness, hope and what makes a home. This is a track that should be getting loads of radio play as it cuts across genres, listenable and full of melodic harmonics. The guitar break is plaintive and sharp it hurts as it hits your emotional responses deep in your music solar plexus. How do you follow a thing of beauty as they sing this is a house that used to be a home fades away? Easy, harden the tone up have some fuzzy, sleazy dirty guitar riffs and pick up the beat with Hercules. Ringing in the change is no herculean feat for Federal Charm as they reach easily Across The Divide. Half way through it is time for a country infused party, perfect accompaniment when celebrating the barn being raised, the harvest gathered in as the banjo kicks out a jaunty lick. Good time music that makes you smile.

Federal charm throughout their sophomore album combines skilful guitar licks, riffs and led breaks with sharp hooks for Nick’s vocals to pick up the mood and drive the musical conversation forward with lyrical storytelling. The mournful restrained approach to God, Forsaken shapes every tone of bitter grey into musical form. The bands power is condensed into a viscous grey melee then brightens as the tempo picks up and the lighter shading of grey is revealed.

The album draws to a close The Thrill, as this album continues to send shivers of thrilling music coursing through your veins. They have control and the influences are wide and lightly touch the sound that is essentially Federal Charms Rock. Closing with a ballad that is full of wistfulness, hurt and the pain of when someone puts one foot in front of another as they Walk Away from you. The beat goes on and Federal Charm are definitely on a trajectory where they reach Across the divide and are heard for the music they produce not some artificial genre boundary.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Federal Charm – Across The Divide

Track Listing 

  1. Master Plan
  2. Guess What
  3. No More
  4. These Four Walls
  5. Hercules
  6. Give Me Something
  7. Silhouette
  8. God, Forsaken
  9. Push
  10. Walk Away (Time & Time Again)

ROADSTARS Touring November Breaking Rules

ROADSTARS Touring November Breaking Rules

Planet Rock in association with The Gig Cartel presents


24 HOUR BOX OFFICE – 0844 478 0898

Three of the most exciting new prospects in the world of blues rock will tour together for the very first time in November and December 2016.  Touring under the moniker of“ROADSTARS” – the tour promises to be one of the hottest live concert triple headers to hit the UK in 2016.

The tour includes American blues rock guitarist Simo, British blues rock guitar sensation Aaron Keylock, and British blues rock guitar band Federal Charm.  Every night each band will change headline spot, giving each of the artists an equal share of the limelight.

Planet Rock will run a 48-hour ticket pre-sale from Wednesday 15th June viawww.planetrock.com. Tickets will then go on sale to the general public on Friday 17th June via www.thegigcartel.com or from the 24 hour box office: 0844 478 0898.

ROADSTARS Touring November Breaking Rules

Ticket Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Venue Box Office: 02380 361 970
Book Online: Talking Heads, Gig Cartel HERE

Ticket Price: £14 / Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: Gig Cartel HERE See Tickets HERE

Ticket Price: £14 / Box Office: 07590 471888
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Ticket Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: Gig Cartel HERE, We Got Tickets
Venue Box Office: 01538 386 112

Ticket Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Book Online:Gig Cartel HERE, Alt-Tickets
Venue Box Office: 0115 896 4456

Ticket Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: Gig Cartel HERE, Robin 2
Venue Box Office: 01902 401 211

Ticket Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: Gig Cartel HERE, Bristol Ticket Shop
Venue Box Office: 0845 605 0255 Venue Email: info@thetunnelsbristol.co.uk

Ticket Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898
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Venue Email: mrhpresents@gmail.com

Ticket Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898
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Venue: 01270 257 398 Email: events@theboxcrewe.com

Ticket Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898
UEA Box Office: 01603 508 050 Venue Box Office: 01603 632 717
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Ticket Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898
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Venue Box Office: 0114 266 5599 Venue email greystones@thornbridge.co.uk

Ticket Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898
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Venue Box Office: 0191 230 4474 Venue Email: cluny@theheadofsteam.co.uk

Ticket Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 477 2000
Additional Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Book Online: Gig Cartel HERE, www.ticketweb.co.uk

Ticket Price: £14 / Box Office: 0131 220 2514
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Venue Tel: 0131 220 2514 Venue Email: info@themashhouse.co.uk

Tickets Price: £14 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898
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Venue Tel: 0161 276 9350 Email: DIMANAGERS@TROF.CO.UK

Ticket Price: £15 / 24 Hour Box Office: 0844 478 0898, 0844 477 2000
Book Online: Gig Cartel HERE, TicketWeb




simo (1)

SIMO’s song, “Stranger Blues”, is the perfect introduction for the Nashville power trio’s vibrant new LP, Let Love Show the Way. The song is a blueprint for reinvigorating the fusion of jazz improvisation, down home blues and classic R&B, as well as these genres’ psychedelic Brit Invasion and countrified Southern-rock manifestations. The rest of the record follows suit, a souped-up vehicle transporting the band on a deeply satisfying, off-the-cuff musical journey.
The first album ever recorded at Macon, Ga.’s Big House—the communal home of the Allman Brothers Band during their late ‘60s/early ‘70s heyday—Let Love Show the Way finds SIMO not just revelling in the hallowed space’s unique mojo and history, but taking it to a fresh and inspired place. As a musical unit, Simo, his long-time drummer Adam Abrashoff and bassist Elad Shapiro have an undeniable chemistry, taken to even greater heights with JD playing Duane Allman’s 1957 gold-top Les Paul for every track on the record. This is the same six-string heard on the first two Allman Brothers LPs, the same storied guitar that delivered the unforgettable riff on Derek & the Dominoes’ “Layla.” JD is now part of an elite group of artists—including Derek Trucks, Warren Haynes and Wilco’s Nels Cline—who share the rare honour of having wielded this talismanic instrument.

Bluesdoodles reviewed Let Love Show the Way HERE
Bluesdoodles in conversation with JD Simo HERE


Every now and then an artist comes along that blows you away and Aaron Keylock has fast been cementing his reputation as one of the most exciting and brightest young talent’s in the UK. A mesmerising live performer with over 200 shows to his name. In January 2016, Aaron flew to Santa Clarita, California to record his self-penned debut album with producer Fabrizio Grossi (Steve Vai, Alice Cooper, Joe Bonamassa,
ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons).

Whilst referencing Johnny Winter, Rory Gallagher, The Faces, T Rex and Blackfoot, Aaron writes all his own songs. Sporting clothes and hair straight out of 1974 (“I just like them”). Aaron references his heroes in a shockingly authentic yet millennial way. He explains, “It’s the music I grew up with, it’s what I like, but you can’t base yourself on someone else. You’ve got to be inventive and see what comes out.”

Aaron’s album campaign is scheduled to start in October 2016 with release in first quarter 2017.



“Federal Charm invest swaggering riffs, sleazy flourishes and cinder-raw vocals with a confidence that is utterly winning,” says Classic Rock.

The Manchester quartet released their second album, Across the Divide, on the Wire–Sound label in October 2015. Available via Cargo Distribution, the album was released on CD, digital download and 180gm vinyl. The band released their debut to critical acclaim in the summer of 2013. Classic Rock called the album “jaw-dropping.” High profile opening slots for, amongst others, Michael Schenker, UFO, Black Star Riders, Ian Hunter and Rich Robinson cemented the buzz and promptly realised an impressive 5,000 sales.

In September and October 2016, Federal Charm were special guests for the Planet Rock sponsored Joanne Shaw Taylor UK tour. 20 dates culminating in two sold-out shows at London’s The Jazz Café. Drawing from a deep well, spanning the classic rock curve from the Allman Brothers to Zeppelin with the indie blues of The Black Keys and the contemporary bluster of Rival Sons, Federal Charm are full of melodic twin-guitar twists and stop-start rhythms. Their fresh direction has turned many an industry head, describing the band as having the most cutting edge sound in recent years.


Circus, Charm and Tracer a Trio at The Globe

Circus, Charm and Tracer a Trio at The Globe


Everyday Circus WM-7484Three bands on a Wednesday night had the crowd ready to party in Cardiff tonight. Night of debuts for Everyday Circus, first time touring in U.K. and opportunity to showcase Mirror their new album. The set consisted mainly of tracks from a debut album and when joined together would be a thematic for a song – Falling, Sharing, Round and Round, Light, I’m Your Anchor and closing with Moving Along. This is a quartet that wants you to rock and at times had the feel and tone of early Nirvana. Everyday Circus the German band that was certainly warming up the stage with rock that engaged.


Federal Charm WM-7504Short break and the stage was re-set for the Mancuanian blues inspired rock band Federal Charm on their third visit to The Globe, having opened previously of for The Hoax and Rich Robinson. They certainly know how to pick entertaining acts to support on tour.  Federal Charm are excellent the foursome are fabulously tight weaving the essence of blues textures and tones into a rocky base. Tonight we heard a set that spiraled through their self-titled debut album and the latest album Across The Divide. Stand out tracks tonight were Hercules the first single from the album and Silhouette.  Federal Charm, once again charmed The Globe and Cardiff with their distinctively British sound. A band that always pleases and entertains with a compelling mix of two guitars, the clever use of slide and the interspersing of harmonica. Federal Charm rocks up the blues once again.


Tracer WM-7638Now for what we had been waiting for young Australian trio Tracer.  Water For Thirsty Dogs tour has seen Tracer delighting fans and making new followers at every venue they play, Cardiff tonight was no different. The boys from Adelaide’s first visit to Cardiff was an opportunity to hear the recorded sound we love, up close, personal and live. The lead vocals and guitar of Michael Brown is compelling, as he plays tracks that define Tracer and allow him to play a myriad of guitars opening the proceedings with a Gibson Flying V. The rhythm section gives him the base to soar, with Jett Heysen Hicks on bass and drummer Andre Wise taking the opportunity for moments in the spotlight.  The set list took us on a tour of the albums as we heard tracks from the current album Water For Thirsty Dogs and previous studio delights of Spaces In Between and Pistolero. There is a real synergy between the album’s tone and rocking energy that makes Tracer identifiably good. Yes there are influences a hint of Foo Fighters, Autoslave and Sound Garden, above all they are true to their own style of  rock with a grungy edge and occasionally weak lyrics. They are above all a rock band that invigorates, entertains and knows how to please the crowd. They had no problem in getting the Welsh crowd to sing the chorus on Only Animals and a couple more. Favourites Dead Garden, Wolf In Cheap Clothing and Devil Ride were included that the fans just never get tired of hearing, and tonight live at The Globe there was a rawness that galvanized the band on stage and had everyone loving the rock vibe that cut through the venue. All too soon it was encore time and closing with Astronaut and like all good gigs leaving you wanting more.  Tracer you are welcomed back in Cardiff anytime, with your brand of heavy metal that hits the spot. You all nailed it tonight, an affirmation once again recorded is very good but live a band will give you something more.


My only plea is for the Globe to get the sound right for the bands it is so loud that the bass and drums especially echoed with the sound dissipating into the rafters. Thus, the subtleties of the playing is lost somewhere in the rafters and some more lighting would ensure band members are not left playing in the dark.

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