Derrin Nauendorf & Rick Foot @ West End Club Barry

Derrin Nauendorf and Rick Foot – 19th April 2013 – West End Club, Barry

Before the show, I had a quick chat with Derrin:

What was your first musical memories growing up in Australia?
My source was my Father’s vinyl collection BB King, Led Zepplin, Jimi Hendrix, it was all down to his good taste, opening my eyes and ears to blues and blues-based music.

Other than your Father’s Vinyl’s, who were your early musical influences in Australia?
Australia has a rich source of musical talent including Jeff Lang, Chris Wilson, Geoff Achison and Tommy Emmanuel, and in the days prior to the internet it was much harder to link up; but these three great guitarist; singer/songwriters showed me that I could make a living out of the music I loved.

Did you always want to be a musician?
Once I picked up a guitar yes! I felt an immediate connection; I started off on electric when I was 15 and lucky for me it came easy, I naturally seemed to understand the guitar and developed my skill splaying in bands playing blues/rock for 5/6 years; at 16 I dreamed of being the ‘White Aussie Jimi Hendrix’. Then I found acoustic when I was 23 and this felt right, this is what I wanted to work with the acoustic guitar spoke to me and let me explore the areas of music that I connected to and spoke to people. The acoustic expresses feelings and personally the electric guitar cannot compete.

Who influenced your song-writing?
My song-writing has been influenced by many people and music and lyrics heard whilst travelling been about my own experiences; to name them all would look like a list but the two that definitely are at the top of the list of influences are Bob Dylan and Richard Thompson.

Are you considering bringing the Dylan project that you were involved with last summer to the U.K?

NO! in one word, it was great fun and sold lots of tickets and was very, very popular, we all had a great time, Ian Parker myself and Spanish guitarist Miguel Banon. The trouble with the project ironically was it was too popular; and we could quickly be tagged as the Dylan cover specialist and that would then be what audiences would expect from me every performance.

How Do You View the Current Live Acoustic Blues Scene in U.K?
The circuit is vibrant with plenty of good acts; and the use of social networking and the internet makes it easier to find gigging venues that are thriving and to connect with both established and new audiences that appreciate my style of delivering the blues. Having toured the U.K. since arriving here from Melbourne 10 years ago, I am busier than ever so no complaints from me; you do have to adapt with changing times and good promotion is vital with the growing importance of all the strands of social media.

Last Year also saw a new CD; how does this differ from your previous albums?
Yes, Distant Empires, this is different from my previous albums, it is less of an introspective on personal experiences it is more outward looking. Writing an album is a long process and has a world perspective and has been a good challenge. When writing for a new project I tend to get the chorus and music then build around this, though during the process the chorus often gets modified! The finished result is my latest album ‘Distant Empires which is a little bit different.

What plans do you have for the future?
Well going to take couple of months off over the Summer and then start touring with a band later this year, touring as a duo has been great fun but feel that it is time to change.

Now on with the live music event review.

The evening was kicked started by a stylish upbeat solo performance by the ever popular local talent John Lewis, who always delivers a foot stomping and lively set with his mix of self-penned and a selection from his vast lexicon of tunes that are the very best from Rock n’ Roll/Rockabilly discography of the 1950’s & 60’s. He has a wonderful tenor voice which brings passion and verve to the set, combined with skilled traditional engineering skills when his faulty amp played up a kick quickly resolved the issue and the show was back on track. This is what a supporting set should be great music, entertaining repartee and being left wanting more, whilst looking forward the main event of the show.

Derrin Nauendorf and Rich Foot - West End Club - Barry - April 2013 - 23.28l
A quick change-over and Derrin Nauendorf and Rick Foot were on centre stage, and from the off the audience knew this was going to be an evening of fine musicianship, with Derrin demonstrating the power of the acoustic guitar; he certainly uses the whole instrument getting a great percussive note out of the wood at the sides which amplify the words and emotion of this singer/songwriter’s superb songs. Adding to the emotion is the superlative Double Bass playing of Rick Foot whether plucking or using the bow, Rick gets every ounce of emotional tension out of the instrument as the growl and oft mournful notes grip your very soul and tug at your heartstrings. This is a duo that delivers a full sound that makes you feel good about live music and certainly gets those endorphins going – so it was no surprise to me that spell-checker gave me the option of endorphins for Nauendorf, a really fitting suggestion. The two sets delivered a mix of Derrin’s self-penned work from previous albums and his latest Distant Empires’ which since its release in October 2012 has been receiving critical acclaim; and into this heady mix some interesting covers.

‘Ghost Town’; gave Rick foot the opportunity to use the bow on his double bass creating such haunting sounds that perfectly complimented Derrin’s beautiful guitar skills and melded in and accentuated the lyrics and Derrin’s melodic voice. The other sparkling gems included ‘Shipwrecked’ and ‘History Repeating’ & ‘New World Order’ from Distant Empires, demonstrating how this album is different from previous recordings with outward looking lyrics and shows that Derrin’s skills are growing developing and changing. This is not an artist in a rut that he has formed and frightened or unable to get out, which is why every live performance is different and he will always put in something different and unexpected – tonight it was in the second set with an acoustic version of Rolling stones; ‘Wild Horses’; as Derrin said “Stones for a Tenner!” Also it was an opportunity for the audience to have a sing-a-long which was enjoyed by all. The next surprise was the totally mind-boggling awesome acoustic Hendrix/Pink Floyd medley. The Duo started with ‘Voodoo Chile’ which then melded into ‘Another Brick in The Wall’ and back to ‘Voodoo Chile’; illustrating what it is possible to accomplish by an acoustic duo when in the hands a pair of master musicians – wow the audience loved this.

What made this evening of live entertainment so special was the interplay between Derrin and Rick throughout the set served as an object lesson in musicianship of the highest order, which they combined with warm, friendly interaction with the appreciative audience. Then they were both happy to chat with the audience and sell the CD; one thing for certain this Duo is welcome to come back to Barry very soon; this may have been the first time the duo had played in South Wales but I am sure it will not be the last!

Henry’s Funeral Shoe @ Odins Rock Club, Ebbw Vale – 5th April 2013

Henry's Funeral Shoe-  Ebbw Vale 2013_0054l

A packed house at, Odin’s Rock Club was geared up to be entertained once again by four acts, with Henry’s Funeral Shoe as head-liner. The evening started off with an acoustic act, Richard Gardner, the former ‘Circle Of One’ axe man who delivering powerful ballads delivered with an edge a mix of self-penned and surprising acoustic covers including AC/DC’s ‘You Shook Me All Night Long’; this was not a soft and gentle set it had a deep down dirty feel to it at times. Richard was followed by two local South Wales Rock Bands. First storming the stage with a full-on sound are local act Dead Shed Jokers, delivered superb riffs and a solid sound, that showed this band were not joking about the delivery of rock that and twists of influences from Sabbath through to Muse that raised the temperature of the crowded venue.

They were quickly followed by another local band, ‘Fireroad‘, featuring Richard Jones as the band’s front-man, who played in his youth with Tragic Love Company the fore-runner of what became the Stereophonics. This band knows how to entertain delivering a class act that musically tilted their hat at the Phonics whilst have an originality that certainly got the crowds dancing to great songs from their album delivered with verve and energy playing great tunes by a band that really enjoyed playing together.

Then the head-line act that with a flourish this energised duo, Henry’s Funeral Shoe, stormed the stage with verve and energy that burned out of them delivering a high-octane mixture of their distinctive sound that defies pigeon-holing. They are definitely delivering spot-on music that is outside of the box whilst true to the roots of the sound they create they deliver song after song that is progressive blues rock with a large spoonful of attitude and a generous shake of punk. The brothers Aled on guitar and vocals and Brennig on Drums create an enormous sound that grows and grows as they shape their instruments to deliver a truly unique sound that pleases their growing following of dedicated fans. This is music that is different at times challenging but still accessible and pleasing to the ear, the pair are not different for the sake of it they are performing blues that is Welsh, edgy, rocky but still true to its original roots. Brennig’s percussive and powerful drumming leads the music on a journey that engages with the audiences with exciting use of sticks which he throws into the air catches and never misses a beat; he is the heartbeat of the band. Whilst Aled at the front displayed slide guitar skills that were simply awesome producing a swampy sound that merges with drum beat and at the same time soars above the rhythm section, which combines well with his gravelly rich voice adding texture and another tonal layer to this complex mix, that definitely does at times tip its hat to the Texan Blues/Southern Rock sound. Henry’s Funeral Shoe produces a full sound generating a quite unique take on the genre and is a band to watch out for and they are destined for success on the blues circuit having performed throughout Europe and USA and delivered two albums to date. These two a true showmen, who have drunk deep at the well of originality and merged this onto a solid backbone of blues that could only have been honed down at the crossroads; wow what more could you ask from a live act – stunning slide guitar and exciting colourful drumming hitting the right tempo every-time; no wonder everyone wanted more…. they could have played on and on and no-one would have complained.

Henry's Funeral Shoe-  Ebbw Vale 2013_0052l

Abertillery Blues Rock Festival Friday 12th July 2013


This gem of a festival is returning for its ninth year… once again in the majestic setting of Abertillery Park, deep in the valleys of South Wales under the shadow of the Arael Mountain. The now familiar tradition of a big top circus tent and comparing supplied by Bob and Norm from GTFM; famous or is that infamous for their Monday night blues show who last night previewed the line-up for what is going to be a fantastic weekend of music from Friday 12th to Saturday 13th July with TEN confirmed acts and a special mystery band to be announced in May…

Bob and Norman -  Abertillery 2011_0008

Another great Abertillery Blues Rock Festival line-up and a mystery guest which is all very intriguing and adds to a sense of excitement and anticipation so all very intriguing – the waiting game may be for the final act to be announced BUT that sold not stop you getting your ticket NOW as the line-up is already very exciting with a mix of local, national and international bands already lining up to entertain you. In addition to the bands the beer tent will keep you refreshed and once again Rhymney Brewery will be supplying Festival Ale; in addition to the beer tent will be food and hot beverages available throughout the weekend and camping once again as been laid on very near to the festival grounds. All this for a weekend ticket costing £40 (Friday and Saturday tickets are also available separately) and camping at £10 for the weekend including motor-homes.

The music will be provided by:-

Vincent Flatts Final Drive – The band originated in Birmingham, and from the sound they create you would be forgiven for thinking Birmingham, Alabama – not the West Midlands famous city! They blend together an energetic Southern Rock style with a swirl of ZZ Top all mixed into the blues cocktail shaker with a generous slug of Jack Daniels.

Mick Pini Band – Mick performing live is a genuine real deal he does not use pedals or effects, just plays his rare 54 Strat that strikes every emotion as he makes the guitar sing, squeal, weep and moan, this is smoking blues from a real master.

Jo Harman and Company – Is stoking up a musical storm and her reputation is growing which has been further enhanced by her debut CD Dirt On My Tongue Jo is a comet on the rise and will delight the crowds with her stunning rootsy blues voice and world-class band they will create a perfect storm of music that will have the festival seeing a real star of the future.

Headliner for Friday is the ever popular – Mud Morganfield returning to the festival by popular demand. Bringing to the festival authentic Chicago Blues, Larry “Mud” Morganfield, eldest son of the legendary Muddy Waters, who was naturally drawn to music from a very early age. close your eyes and it is difficult to distinguish between father and son so everyone is going to be treated to a legendary end to the first night of Abertillery Blues Festival.

Shrewsbury 2013

With less than a week to go and tickets going fast what better way of dispelling the late winter blues than Theatre of Blues Festival in Shrewsbury Friday 5th and Saturday 6th April
shrewsbury fest

The first Festival at Theatre Severn, was a resounding success as the review published in Blues Matters shows; definitely one of the many highlights was the talented young singer/guitarist Blues Boy Dan who was for me the find of the festival; what will they be pulling out of the hat this year? Blues Boy Dan will be making a special appearance at the festival this year following the recent news coverage in The Standard
Blues Boy Dan - Shrewsbury 2012 - DSC_0264l

5th April – Friday Night at The Lion Stage, The Lion HotelGetting the festival of the a flying start at 7pm – is the talented Jenna Hooson
The Legendary Slack Alice and headlining a quality evening of live music is the award-winning who are without doubt one of the UK’s most exciting and original crossover blues band 24 Pesos.

6th April – Saturday 2pm – 11.30pm. at Walker Stage, Theatre Severnopening the day of exceptional live music are The Drivetones a local band who always pleases, followed by the delightful Bex Marshall fresh from her successful tour of U.S.A.
the ebullient and energetic Tim Aves & The Wolfpack will certainly energize and delight the audience with blues straight from Chicago town. Fuschi 4 bring their own funk blues to the proceedings they definitely wow! festival audiences when ever they play. Dani Wilde will certainly add some glamour combined with her gorgeous voice and beautiful guitar playing and the band are excellent musicians in their own right this will certainly up the tempo even further. The topping the evening of is the Six-string Svengali himself all the way from Texas Buddy Whittington what a finale to a line-up that will definitely thrill and delight you. Live music at its best.


Rag Mama Rag – Review @ Barry – March 2013

Rag Mama Rag - Barry -  March 2013 - _0045l

Another evening of Acoustic delights at West End Club Barry, local acoustic artist Cal Newman got the proceedings going and the atmosphere warm before ‘Rag Mama Rag‘s’ set which promised from the off to be a little bit different as there was an array of instruments on the stage and a pair of musicians. Ashley Dow, (Henderson Acoustic Guitar, National & Dobro Resonator Bottleneck Guitars, Weissenborn Acoustic Lap Steel, Ukulele and Vocals) with Deborah Dow, (Harmonica, Washboard, Percussion, Spoons and Backing Vocals); they utilised the full plethora of instruments during the two set show demonstrating their skills and how each instrument adds something to the party of Country Blues or Back Porch Blues. This duo takes you back to a period when music was played to entertain without a myriad of effects and is Americana from the 1920’s and 1930’s with their mix of Mississippi Blues, East Coast Ragtime, White Country, mixed in with other regional styles delivering a mix of covers and their own compositions.

This accomplished duo did a great version of Skip James’ ‘Hard Time Killin’ Floor Blues’ along with a range of songs from their wide ranging repertoire. The enthusiastic audience participation during a real sing-a-long number ‘No Matter How She Done It’ helped to create a great atmosphere. The second set opened with a Hawaiian Guitar 1860’s instrumental, ‘Rally Round The Flag’, displaying the intricacy of this instrument played with a steel bar creating its own unique sound. All the songs were performed with enthusiasm wit and passion but like their name ‘Rag Mama Rag’ was ragtime tunes which suited their instruments and voices so well as demonstrated in ‘The Hesitation Blues’ by Rev Gary Davies and the great audience participation by the very willing crowd at The West End Club who definitely had fun during the well known and much loved ‘Jitterbug Rag’. The set was very interesting and thoughtful & well structured with a mix of Americana styles including an Appalachian tune, hill music often gets neglected in many musicians set lists, the great dance number ‘Little Liza Jane’; was such fun to listen to and more acoustic acts should explore this rich vein of songs and tunes.

Once again Mike Duggan achieved a great live music event, with a packed room, great act, good choice of beers at the West End Club looking forward to the next gig already – Derrin Nauendorf with Rick Foot at The West End Club on Friday 19th April – contact Mike or on 07561143114.

A preview of what you can enjoy on the 19th April 2013:-

Jock’s Juke Joint Volume Two – CD Review


Jock’s Juke Joint Volume Two, is a compilation of delight across all eighteen tracks providing the perfect showcasing of the depth of talent in Scotland that sadly for the rest of us in the British Isles we rarely get to see live. Listening to this CD is the best use of seventy minutes I have had for a long time as I was introduced to band after band and left wanting more – this mix would be a top festival line-up for a blues festival that would bring real delight to all. The overall reflection of the CD is quality blues with the harmonica showcased at the highest standard throughout combined with great vocals, guitar playing and the bedrock rhythm section.

Each of the eighteen tracks on the CD is there for a reason and fits in with the preceding and following so there are no harsh juxtapositions, this is not though a bland mix of safety each band is bringing to the party something different so this is a casket of jewels that shine bright with all the colour, glints and shines that each jewel brings to the collection. I never write about every track, but rules in my book are made for breaking so we are going to have a snippet about every track….

Opening with a feel good party song kick starts the event as Blues ‘n’ Trouble get the proceedings under way. The opening lick of The Kennel Wages‘, ‘Fighting Over You’ is infectious combined with the blues harp/vocals provided by Danny Williams; this is quickly followed by Wang Dang Delta‘s, ‘Shutting Out The World’ with the beautiful piano of Alan Sunderland and as the notes fade away we have a change of tempo and up jumps The 4 Al’s, ‘Jam’al’ with this instrumental jump jive dancing number that is just pure energy. Cynthia Gentle And The True Tones, ‘You Just can’t Win’, well I can when listening to a voice like Cynthia’s with natural tones that soar above the instruments and is pure pleasure. We have been treated to such a wide variety and this is only track five!

Next up is a clever slow number, Binsness Bluesboys, ‘Crawdad Hole’ that highlights a marriage made in blues heaven when it is got right, and boy do they get it right! The interplay between the Sax and Harp wow what could follow this! But this being Jock’s Juke box it has the perfect follow-on with Jed Potts and The Hillman Hunters, takes us out of Scotland and to the Mississippi Delta with a match made in heaven between the skilled guitar work and the vocals and immaculate drumming, I really do want to hear a live set from this band. This CD manages to cover all the blues scene with the inclusion of folky-blues from John Alexander followed by swing from Baby Isaac and the second female vocalist (incidentally this is the only band I have heard before having reviewed their CD for Blues Matters, which I thoroughly enjoyed). Yet, there is no feeling off ticking of the various strands of the genre the album flows naturally as it showcases the plethora of talent Scotland has to offer.

Now we are half way through a river flowing with quality blues with a mix of still, turbulent, troubled and murky waters blended to please. The harp playing on track ten by the talented Richard Young a Englishman now living in Scotland shines out ‘Confidence Man’ is stellar and combines with his glorious vocals. Then a complete contrast with The Lynsey Dolan Band, ‘Do Right Man’, with her sultry blues, late night voice that melds in with the music creating a complete package, a real marshmallow moment. Then as you would expect another change of tempo with a big Rock n’ Roll sound that makes you want to dance the night away from The Blueswater with great female backing vocals on ‘Should I Be Good or Bad’. Leah follows with a dirty guitar and silky smooth voice creating an ambience on ‘Lost In Night’ of a nightclub, that is not on the right side of town but definitely worth going to hear this voice. A duo, Hot Tin Roof, that has a great acoustic lay-backed interplay follows with ‘Maybe Baby’ bringing down the tempo so we can all draw breath again.

The home-straight starts with track fifteen and a modern take on the blues but true to the tradition is Earl Gray and The Loose Leaves, with great vocals and a Americana/hill country sound with interesting echoing chorus line, this track certainly made me sit up, listen and enjoy. ‘Dear John’ brought to the proceedings by Dougie Burn is a quiet track with soaring harp playing and a display of even more of the talent that has been the link between the majority of the acts on this clever compilation. The Black Diamond Express, has a percussive feel to the rendition of ‘Never Was a Lass So Fair’, with its folk feel and would be at home in any Ceilidh, definitely bring I dollop of Celtic style blues to the party, very clever. All too soon it is the closing song, the party is drawing to a close, and we are treated to a beautiful bluesy song from Fraser Spiers and Lewis Hamilton, with a combo of harp and sharp guitar playing they collude with each other to bring a sweet harmonious instrumental .
I have never really been a fan of compilations but thanks to Duncan Beattie I am a convert, as I always feel that they promise more than they deliver – not in this case can’t wait to hear volume 3,4…. and will definitely be exploring Scottish blues and adding more of this artists to my CD collection. My further plea is we would love to hear you live in Wales and England – so take the high or low road out of Scotland and share your talent with us.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD a doodle rating of

CD – Lucy Zirins – Chasing Clocks

Lucy Zirinscover
Chasing Clocks
Release Date 25th March 2013

“Chasing Clocks”, is the much awaited début album from the award-winning songbird from Burnley, having been recognised at The British Blues Awards ‘British Newcomer’ and Blues Matters Writers Poll , winning ‘Best Newcomer’ and runner-up in Best Solo Artist Category during 2012.

This 12-track album is fully of beautiful, thoughtful and often wistful lyrics penned by Lucy, that makes her stand out from the crowd especially when teamed up with her guitar sitting on the stage she is a complete package. The album was recorded at the famous analogue Toe Rag Studios, London. The studio has played to host to many famous acts,
including The White Stripes, who recorded multi platinum album “Elephant” there, the mellow sound created suits Lucy’s style with its inner warmth. The addition of a wide range of instruments and musicians enhance but never swap the delicate simplicity of Lucy’s voice and lyrics, you just know these songs will sound just as good when she is performing live with only her trusty guitars for company.

This album spans the full gamut if genres that nurture the solo artist, including blues, country, folk and pop, that have been skilfully blended so that it is Lucy’s talent that shines through so she cannot be pigeon-holed and constrained. Yes the album could be sent down the chute as ‘Americana‘ but the lass from Lancashire has created her own cocktail of music that is truly from the British tradition, great songs sung to a delightful melody. The tracks reflect the album title as the music takes you through the landscape of time, with ‘Separate Ways’ with the mournful, soulful opening of cellos, and then the star of the show Lucy’s voice kicks in, full of emotion of regret of love lost; and later on in the CD the theme is returned to with ‘The Last One’ with its definite country feel, in which she lays her emotions bare with the relevant use once again of time and this time she could be the one forever. Followed by songs of dreams and wishes ‘Home’ in which reflections are articulated by the words, with the tone of Lucy’s voice deeper and soulful with superb accompaniment from the phalanx of musicians used to add texture. ‘One Day Soon’ has a more bluesy feel and showcases the guitar and vocal skills of Lucy and reminds me of the stage act we have come to love from this talented young lady; and those of heartbreak and separation ‘Tearing Me Down’, ‘Hours to Waste’; and then the lullaby a simple tune that is soothing to the soul and then ‘Goodnight’ written about musicians that die too young and the CD ends. You then just repeat it all again as this is an accomplished début CD from what must be a raising star that will shine bright as her songs are heard from stages and music stations across the land. Michael Messer producer and mentor must be very proud of the album and Lucy with this album though not traditional blues but it is definitely a classic album of great recording, songs and melodies with a modern twist on roots based music.

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CD Review – Whisky in my Blood – Dave Arcari & Helsinki Hellraisers

Dave Arcari & Helsinki Hellraisers – Whisky in my Blood davearcaripromo - Whisky in my Blood - cover_image
Record Label – Blue North Release Date – 25 March 2013.

From the first second, this CD can only be the handiwork of Glaswegian Dave Arcari, with his punk take on acoustic. There is nothing gentle in the delivery as his voice and guitar dominate the Hellsinki Hellraisers so that they provide a stable platform of excellent musicianship for him to launch off from. The backing artists are Juuso Haapasalo (upright & electric bass) and Honey Aaltonen (snare drum, cymbal, rub-board), who elevate the songs from a one-man show. The title track, ‘Whisky in my Blood’ is wild and loud if you have ever seen him live your immediate vision is Dave filling a stage that normally dwarfs a three or four piece band. Then the surprise nugget track 7, ‘Still Friends’ a gentle, lullaby style love song with gentle drumming and everything toned down this gentler side is continued with ‘Wherever I Go’ with its country waltz style, almost as if Dave has realised with fellow musicians around him he can concentrate on singing and his deep tenor definitely comes to the fore. Then it is back to more typical Arcari style with ‘Still Laughing’ and lots of references to the Devil, again the drumming, this time with brushes, compliments the guitar work making a complete sound with the addition of the double bass. As ever it is that authentic, unique sound that he gets from the National Guitar which you either love or hate as his clawed fingers strum the guitar so that it is all a quiver, as in his cover version of Jitterbug Swing, so often associated with Bukka White. The other two covers are Robert Johnson‘s, ‘Walkin’ Blues’ and ‘Preachin’ Blues’ which again are given the Arcari treatment whilst still keeping the integrity that listeners expect from these much loved blues classics. Like ‘Still Friends’, on ‘Third Time Lucky’ the National takes back stage with Dave playing the banjo for the shortest track on this 14 track album lasting just under two minutes.
This album has a definite live feel, resulting from the album being recorded live at Sonic Pump Studios in Helsinki; the album was mixed between there and Chem19, Glasgow, Scotland and mastered at Boiler Room, Chicago, USA. Whilst this album possesses similarities to Dave’s previous recordings and again showcases this travelling musician as a skilled songwriter and awesome slide guitarist that just wants you to have fun whilst listening to a punk blues sound that is modern and works so well. This CD reflects the skills of this accomplished musician and your foot will be tapping from beginning to end as the Arcari style shines through.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD a doodle rating of

Dave Arcari - Shrewsbury 2012 - DSC_0574l