Jared James Nichols Announces New Album Black Magic

Jared James Nichols Announces New Album Black Magic

Jared James Nichols Announces New Album Black Magic

Jared James Nichols Announces New Album Black Magic


Jared James Nichols Announces New Album Black Magic. The band bring rocking Blues magic
features Dennis Holm (drums), Jared James Nichols (guitar, vocals), and Erik Sandin (drums).


1. Last Chance (2:48) 
2. The Gun (3:22) 
3. Don’t Be Scared (3:27) 
4. Honey Forgive Me (2:22) 
5. Home (2:57) 
6. Got To Have You (2:50) 
7. End Of Time (2:46) 
8. Run (2:54) 
9. Keep Your Light on Mama (2:54) 
10. What Love (2:51) 

Listen to the opening track Last Chance and get the feel. described in Jared James Nichols own words as: “Last Chance is easily the hardest-hitting song I’ve ever wrote,” says Jared. “I completely let it all hang out and went wild. Even the guitar solo is off the wall, blazing fast, and absolutely crazy. I needed to set the bar high for the new record and come out with a bang.”

The single, produced by Tony Perry (Joe’s Son) and Jared James Nichols, features drummer Aquiles Priester (Angra, WASP, Tony McAlpine), and is mixed by Jay Ruston (Stone Sour, Anthrax).


Download the new single “Last Chance”
Available from Amazon UK 
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Bluesdoodles has listened to the whole album, review coming soon it is an exciting ride crossing genres and alighting your ear with searing music that burns.

Jared James Nichols knows how to deliver as Wisconsin-born, Los Angeles-based singer-songwriter and guitarist, Jared James Nichols, returns with his new album “Black Magic” which is the follow-up to 2015’s debut album “Old Glory & The Wild Revival”.

“Black Magic” features 10 tracks and will be released by Listenable Records on Friday 27th October. All tracks on the new album were recorded at The Boneyard in Boston as well as Johnny Depp’s home studio in Los Angeles and produced and co-written by Tony Perry and Jared James Nichols.


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Jared James Nichols Announces New Album Black Magic

In Conversation with Jared James Nichols back on UK Tour

In Conversation with Jared James Nichols back on UK Tour

In Conversation with Jared James Nichols back on UK Tour


BD: Thank you for taking time to talk to Bluesdoodles again we are ready and waiting for Black Magic your new highly anticipated album to arrive on the desk from Listenable Records. In the meantime you have released the first single as a tempter “Last Chance”. The number feels heavier, what inspired you to write the number?
JJN: It is definitely heavier, the whole record is full of different shades, tones and styles. People will not be expecting it to be so heavy, decided to release Last Chance to come out with a bang from the new album to grab the ear. It is a sample of styles the album will be exciting lots of blues influences and some really great moments with even some funky stuff.

Listen to Last Chance Here


BD: You have talked a lot about the inspiration the Blues provides you. What do you believe spicing it up with Rock adds to the format; or what is your definition of The Blues in 21st Century?
Playing now, it is music that when I play the masses of 2017 can relate to understand and enjoy the music. It is a fine line with the blues, honouring the blues legacy with what music people want to listen to. I try to bridge the gap with influences from the classics with modern influences. I have absorbed the music of people I have supported from Walter Trout; Zakk Wylde; UFO; Saxon they do influence with the reaction from different crowds. Underlying is always the Blues.  Sprinkling the blues through the music so my generation can re-discover the blues. With the music alive and exciting fresh and modern, that way the blues will survive and grow with new guys and girls playing and appreciating the music.

BD: You are back in the UK with a mix of shows, headlining supporting and Festivals. What excites you about playing in the UK; as your recognition grows?
JJN: Every time I return it gets better, the audiences in the UK really get the music I play.  The audiences have a respect, love and knowledge of music; you can talk to a guy at the bar and they will have a depth of knowledge and understanding. I love playing here as I have been heavily influenced by the British Blues explosion.

Starting out with two headline shows tomorrow Wednesday 21st June at the Grimsby Yardbirds and couple days later in Milton Keynes Craufurd Arms Saturday 24th June.  Then the following week starting on the 25th opening for Blue Oyster cult, which I am very excited about. Then it is back to USA to do work on finishing my forthcoming album Black Magic. Then it is back to UK for opening for UFO which will be a blast and then two great festivals Ramblin’ Man & Steelhouse.  The live shows will be such a great opportunity to play to new audiences.

Full Details of the tour can  be found on Bluesdoodles post HERE

BD: Do you make any changes to your set list depending on who you are opening for? Or is it a shorter version of your standard headline selection?
JJN: I change the set list to reflect who I am opening for to feed the crowd. With Walter I could include in the set cold slow blues whereas Zakk Wylde something heavier, like Mountain or Cream. Love to include music that adds an edge from Muddy Waters through to Grand Funk Railway cater for the artist and the audience. I just do it all when it is a headline show. We never really have a set list on the floor. We go with the flow, talk it through play two songs and build from there using the crowd’s reactions. The music flows and the live event gives it a feel that suits the occasion.

BD: You are coming to Wales to drive up the Mountain to Steelhouse,  it will be a very different venue to when you opened for Walter Trout at The Tramshed last year. Does Wales dig your form of Blues Rock?
JJN: It is great playing in Wales, love the scene the audiences love the same stuff as I do. First time I played was at a rugby club near where Steelhouse is held; the people were awesome they love to rock out. Great to play in such a fabulous new venue in Cardiff and looking forward to returning to play at a festival. Sounds a real blast and want to be part of the fun.

In Conversation with Jared James Nichols back on UK Tour BD: You are the ultimate power trio with the guitar flashing its licks & riffs. Have you played with the rhythm boys for a long time as there is an innate understanding of the direction you are taking each track.
JNN:  Met the guys in Los Angeles when I first moved from Wisconsin. Erik was the first guy I met in LA he had just moved from Sweden; I saw the bass and asked if I get any gigs would you like to play with me.  I then asked him if he would like to jam and we needed a drummer, he knew Dennis who had moved from Sweden a couple of weeks previously.  We jammed and then got gigs that was five-and-a-half, nearly six years ago. We grew organically jamming to start with now we have played over five-hundred gigs we know what we are doing. There is a special kind of vibe we know how someone is going to react. With only three guys in the band can’t hide behind anything; it is fun to push the music as far as you can. Every time we play a song live it is different; sometimes solos are longer other times more bass we bring in changes.

 BD: What other plans and excitements have you got planned for 2017 & beyond into 2018?
JJN: Touring with Saxon & UFO in the Fall across USA & Canada for 5-6 weeks. Obviously completing and releasing the album and hope to be over to the UK again end 2017/beginning 2018 to showcase the new record.

 BD: We asked you your fantasy band when we talked last year so what are you listening to at the moment; whether on the tour bus or relaxing?
JNN:  Mmm; I am making an effort to listen to new music loving the latest from Blackberry Smoke; and following on from touring with Walter Trout his stuff and off course all the usual suspects. I am loving listening to live bootlegs on You Tube. If you type into search any artist Bootleg lots of exciting music comes up including Jimi Hendrix; Cream; Eric Clapton and more. Digging back to find unknowns so much stuff is covered in dust.

BD: Once again thanks for your time and looking forward to see you at Steelhouse and having the opportunity to review the new album Black Magic

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*Photo credit Rob Blackman

In Conversation with Jared James Nichols back on UK Tour

Jared James Nichols and Glenn Hughes Live @ Robin 2

Jared James Nicholls - Robin 2 - Oct 2015_0058lSpecial Guest Jared James Nichols and Glenn Hughes
Robin 2, Bilston
26th October 2015

Glenn Hughes - Robin 2 - Oct 2015_0156l


Jared James Nicholls - Robin 2 - Oct 2015_0130lMonday night and the Robin 2 was jammed to the rafters for the opening act Jared James Nichols from Wisconsin USA hit the first resounding chord and we knew that this was going to be a show of rock infused blues. The set was a blinding display of how six strings can be manipulated with scorching licks, riffs that produce rivulets of sound and hooks for the lyrics no wonder the crowd were mesmerized. If that wasn’t enough out came the transparent glass slide and we dropped the tempo cranked up the emotion for a glorious rendition of Robert Johnson gone electric Come Into My Kitchen showcasing the depth of James Jared Nichols’ talents. The power of Erik Sandin and Dennis Holm as the rhythm section that powers and allows the control that Jared achieves as he shreds up his glorious guitar playing to fever pitch. With the set starting out with tracks from his superb debut album Old Glory and the Wild Revival including Crazy & Haywire showing that the music transcends the studio and hits the stage with a full-on glorious sound. His cover of Mountain’s Mississippi Queen was sublime Southern Rock the set was too short would love to have heard more of his scintillating guitar playing whether blues rock, delta or southern inspired music we wanted more slide, shredding or melodic manipulation of the fretboard. Jared James Nichols tonight was the perfect special guest left the audience wanting more guitar, more rock and more music and they didn’t have to wait long.

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A short break whilst everyone gathered their breath and for many an opportunity to purchase the album to take the magic of Jared home he made a huge impact on the crowd who had come in the main to see Glenn Hughes.

Tonight, after a couple of short lived projects Black Country Communion and California Breed, bassist Glenn Hughes is joined on stage as part of his solo band by former Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich, and his drummer for many a show Pontus Engborg. The set entwined the many bands and projects Glenn has been associated with opening with the third re-incarnation of Deep Purple with the instantly recognizable Stormbringer showcasing his great voice, and raising the temperature even higher in the sold out Robin 2 on a Monday Night. Hughes told many amusing stories as he travelled like a time lord through the four decades of music-making he has been involved in. He took us back further in time back to the musical roots of a young boy playing in bands in the Black Country not far from the venue, as Glenn said it was like coming home tonight. The interplay and chemistry between Glenn and Doug was evident as the guitar and bass played off each other whether playing numbers by Trapeze and Whitesnake it was the rock vibe that mattered tonight. We heard Trapeze, Way Back To The Bone and another number dedicated to the late Mel Galley Touch My Life. Into the mix we had a Whitesnake classic Good To Be Bad, once gain showing how much they were enjoying playing music on stage live together, it is a partnership that works. The show was shaped so that everyone had a solo spot it was about all three musicians, and the tracks from Black Country Communion received a rapturous cheer as we heard One Last Soul and Soul Mover as the set reached the climax and then it was the end, the stage feel silent, the audience wanted more… Rewarded with an encore, fittingly tonight the extra music started with Black Country from Black Country Community and the lyrics may say It’s cold on the mountain, It’s cold in the wood… it was hot, very hot at the Robin 2 as the last track of the night Burn what a way to close the show on a Monday night in the Black Country!
Glenn Hughes - Robin 2 - Oct 2015_0151l

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