Jon Cleary talking about Dynamite New Orleans Music and more

BD: Jon, thank you for taking time out to speak to me at Bluesdoodles, before the launch of your album Dyna-mite out on 13th July and your tour as part of Bonnie Raitt’s Band. We did meet when you played at Abertillery Blues Festival with the Absolute Monster Gentlemen, long before Bluesdoodles existed! BD: Before … Read more…

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Jon Cleary playing with Dynamite on New Album and UK Shows

  “an Englishman who long ago unlocked honorary status as a Crescent City son” NPR/WBGO New Orleans piano player and songwriter Jon Cleary is widely regarded as one of the great heirs to the city’s world-changing music heritage – an outsider from Kent, England who has improbably become a beloved personality in his adopted hometown. From a young age, Cleary’s … Read more…

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