Michael Schenker Enters the Temple of Rock Live In Madrid

Michael Schenker Enter the Temple of Rock Live In Madrid


Michael Schenker Enters the Temple of Rock
Live In Madrid




A true reflection of the modern age of attending a live concert with a sea of mobile phones held aloft, as the crowd anticipates with growing applause, drummer, keys, and the with a salute Michael Schenker arrives with his Flying V.

Michael Schenker Enters the Temple of Rock Live In MadridOpening with UFO Doctor, Doctor Michael touches hands with his phalanx of fans as he announces it is Rock n’ Roll time and with a few notes played the atmosphere is electric.  The vocalist, ex Rainbow front man Doogie White  sung on though the audience themselves were happy to take on the singing duties as Michael’s fingers flew up and down the strings, everything was immaculate, precise and augmented by the Bassist Francis Buchholz and rhythm guitarist  Wayne Findlay all in harmony coming to the front. So Why Oh! Why? did Michael have the strings of his guitar untrimmed looking an irritating visual distraction? To be honest, nothing really deflected from the honest rocking sound from Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock. This is rock that refuses to make the sound over complicated it is Rock n’ Roll that hits the beat and entertains. The vocals had the clarity and depth to tower above the band as Lights Out is picked up. The rhythm section are superb this is the granite rock of the band with ex-Scorpions Bassist  Francis Buchholz and drummer Herman Rarebell giving a deep secure and stable foundation for Michael’s guitar antics. Lights may be out in London but definitely not in Madrid for this UFO classic.


Michael Schenker Enters the Temple of Rock Live In MadridMichael’s guitars change but the rock stays focused, granite hard with sparkles of keys and resplendent guitar chords. Schenker’s eyes stare out with steely intent into the crowd as his fingers dance up and down the fret board. Everyone just standing in amazement and pure enjoyment as rock hit’s the bullseye. Madrid loved their moment in the spotlight when they were told to go crazy and see themselves in 4K, the chanting was definitely more football that rock n’ roll but certainly raised the temperature of the show.   A song dedicated tonight to those that died in Paris the week before as    Michael, Francis and Wayne Findley  swayed in unison a dance of  guitars the vocals kick in then straight into Victim of Illusion from Micheal Schenker Group. Whatever the power, skills and antics of the band all eyes and focus are on the smiling rocking colossus that is Michael Schenker.  Then we have a Scorpion pairing, Lovedrive with its vocals and the hefty rock instrumental Coast To Coast. The live atmosphere is building as the Temple of Rock delve into the back catalogue, UFO, Scorpions and the last three Temple of Rocks albums. This is a real opportunity to sit back and enjoy the entertaining rock driven antics of an axe-man who wields his guitar of choice with focused intent.

The double necked monster guitar, his new flying M, with two necks tuned differently was definitely not Too Hot To handle in the skillful hands of Schenker.

There is no argument that across the twenty-two tracks and the use of four Schenker guitars this hits the rock spot-on live and a little bit dangerous. The DVD recorded live at the Joy Eslava Concert Hall in Madrid on the 19th November illustrates that Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock is on a mission. Recorded less than a week after the Paris atrocities with the bombing of Bataclan it is not surprising they are in the thoughts of crowd and musicians alike as a tribute is paid.

If you can’t get to a live Michael Schenker’s Temple of Rock gig or need a Schenker fix between live shows then this DVD fits the bill. It has everything of a live show and extras the drama of the moment is captured you just miss out on the heat and the electricity between the crowds and the artist on the stage.

A taster of what to expect on the main event a superbly produced DVD


Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing 

  1. Ocean Odyssey – Intro
  2. Doctor Doctor
  3. Live and Let Live
  4. Lights Out
  5. Where the Wind Blows
  6. Natural Thing
  7. Before The Devil Knows Your Dead
  8. Victim of Illusion
  9. Lovedrive
  10. Coast To Coast
  11. Vigilante Man
  12. Rock My Nights Away
  13. Saviour Machine
  14. Too Hot To Handle
  15. Only You Can Rock Me
  16. Lord Of The Lost And Lonely
  17. Rock You Like A Hurricane
  18. Rock Bottom
  19. Horizons
  20. Attack Of The Mad Axeman
  21. Communion
  22. Blackout



The concert is available in the following formats:



  • 2 CD: INAK 9142 2CD
  • DVD: INAK 6193 DVD
  • Blu-ray: INAK 7193 BD
  • Limited Deluxe Edition: INAK 2016 LTD
  • BD 4K: INAK 7194 BD4K – as soon as can be manufactured



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Columbia Records will release Bruce Springsteen’s ‘The Ties That Bind: The River Collection’ on 4th December. A comprehensive look at ‘The River’ era, the set contains 52 tracks on 4 CDs with a wealth of unreleased material, and 4 hours of never-before-seen video on 3 DVDs. It is comprised of the original ‘The River’ double album; the first official release of ‘The River: Single Album;’ a CD of 1979/80 studio outtakes; a two-DVD film of never-released, newly edited multi-camera footage from Springsteen’s famed 1980 show in Tempe, AZ, long rumored but never-before-seen; rare tour rehearsal footage; a brand new documentary “The Ties That Bind” about ‘The River;’ and a coffee table book of 200 rare or previously unseen photos and memorabilia with a new essay by Mikal Gilmore.

‘The River,’ Springsteen’s fifth album, was released on October 17, 1980 as a double album and reached #1 on the U.S. Billboard 200 chart. In his notes, Gilmore calls ‘The River’ Springsteen’s “pivotal album—[the] hinge between the ambitious commotions that had preceded it and the more succinct musical riots, and sometimes terrifying storytelling, that followed.” (Two CDs, recently re-mastered).

‘The River: Single Album’ is the 10-track album that Springsteen recorded in 1979 as a follow up to 1978’s ‘Darkness On The Edge Of Town’ but never released. “The songs lacked the kind of unity and conceptual intensity I liked my music to have. So we went back in the studio,” he wrote in the lyrics/photo book “Songs.” The early sessions marked the beginning of a prolific 18-month long journey of writing and recording. Seven of the 10 titles on ‘The River: Single Album’ eventually appeared on ‘The River,’ some with alternate lyrics and arrangements, with outtakes like “Cindy” and a rockabilly version of “You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)” never released. Now for the first time ‘The River: Single Album’ will be officially available.

The fourth CD on the box set is ‘The River: Outtakes,’ which spans the entire ‘The River’ sessions in 1979 and 1980 and illustrate the depth and variety of Springsteen’s work during this period. Eleven songs are rarities that have never been released before, and for the most part are completely unheard and unknown even to fans, who have long considered Springsteen’s outtakes to be treasured secrets. The eleven unheard outtakes (“Record One”) were mixed by Bob Clearmountain and mastered by Bob Ludwig. Eleven additional outtakes (“Record Two”) are collected from the ’Tracks’ box and ‘Essentials’ so as to put them in one place.

“The Ties That Bind” is a brand new 60-minute documentary produced and directed by Zimny that features an intimate interview with Springsteen as he reflects on the tumultuous, extended period writing and recording ‘The River.’ The film transitions between Springsteen telling the stories behind the music — and illustrating them with solo acoustic guitar performances — interspersed with period concert footage and rare photos of Bruce and the band in and out of the studio.

The final video component is “Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band: The River Tour, Tempe 1980,” a new film produced from footage professionally filmed in 1980 using four cameras and recorded in multitrack audio. The film features 24 songs — 2 hours, 40 minutes — on 2 DVDs from Springsteen’s November 5, 1980 concert at Arizona State University in Tempe, AZ. Widely regarded as one of Springsteen’s finest performances, this intense show features early live versions of over half of ‘The River’ songs. Also included is 20 minutes of footage from the late September, 1980 River Tour rehearsals held in Lititz, PA, showing Springsteen and The E Street Band working through live arrangements of what was then unreleased material from the upcoming album. The film was recently edited by frequent Springsteen collaborator and Grammy and Emmy-winning filmmaker Thom Zimny, and the audio was mixed in Stereo & 5.1 surround by Bob Clearmountain from the original multitrack recordings and mastered by Bob Ludwig.

‘The Ties That Bind: The River Collection’ is packaged in a 10” x 12” box with a hardcover 148-page coffee table book containing 200 studio and live photographs — most of which have never been seen before — plus pages from Springsteen’s notebooks, single covers, images and outtakes from the original album package, and other memorabilia documenting the album. Liner notes include a new essay from journalist Mikal Gilmore, the original Rolling Stone album review from 1980, and Springsteen’s updated comments about the album from the 1998 “Songs” book.

‘The Ties That Bind: The River Collection’ is available for pre-order at Amazon HERE and iTunes HERE.

CD 1
The River – Record One

1 The Ties That Bind
2 Sherry Darling
3 Jackson Cage
4 Two Hearts
5 Independence Day
6 Hungry Heart
7 Out In The Street
8 Crush On You
9 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)
10 I Wanna Marry You
11 The River

CD 2
The River – Record Two

1 Point Blank
2 Cadillac Ranch
3 I’m A Rocker
4 Fade Away
5 Stolen Car
6 Ramrod
7 The Price You Pay
8 Drive All Night
9 Wreck On The Highway

CD 3
The River: Single Album

1 The Ties That Bind
2 Cindy
3 Hungry Heart
4 Stolen Car (Vs. 1)
5 Be True
6 The River
7 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch) (Vs. 1)
8 The Price You Pay
9 I Wanna Marry You
10 Loose End

CD 4
The River: Outtakes

Record One
1 Meet Me In The City
2 The Man Who Got Away
3 Little White Lies
4 The Time That Never Was
5 Night Fire
6 Whitetown
7 Chain Lightning
8 Party Lights
9 Paradise By The “C”
10 Stray Bullet
11 Mr. Outside

Record Two
12 Roulette
13 Restless Nights
14 Where The Bands Are
15 Dollhouse
16 Living On The Edge Of The World
17 Take ’em As They Come
18 Ricky Wants A Man Of Her Own
19 I Wanna Be With You
20 Mary Lou
21 Held Up Without A Gun
22 From Small Things (Big Things One Day Come)

The Ties That Bind (Documentary)

The River Tour, Tempe 1980
Concert – Part 1

1 Born To Run
2 Prove It All Night
3 Tenth Avenue Freeze-Out
4 Jackson Cage
5 Two Hearts
6 The Promised Land
7 Out In The Street
8 The River
9 Badlands
10 Thunder Road
11 No Money Down
12 Cadillac Ranch
13 Hungry Heart
14 Fire
15 Sherry Darling
16 I Wanna Marry You
17 Crush on You
18 Ramrod
19 You Can Look (But You Better Not Touch)

The River Tour, Tempe 1980
Concert – Part 2

1 Drive All Night
2 Rosalita (Come Out Tonight)
3 I’m A Rocker
4 Jungleland
5 Detroit Medley
6 Where The Bands Are (Credits)

BONUS: The River Tour Rehearsals
– Ramrod
– Cadillac Ranch
– Fire
– Crush On You
– Sherry Darling

Review Recording of Joe Bonamassa ~ Live at Radio City Hall

Review Recording of  Joe Bonamassa ~ Live at Radio City Hall

Joe Bonamassa
Live at Radio City Hall
Provogue – Mascot Label



The album is as you would expect songs from a live concert with cutaway applause which is throughout warm and heartfelt as New Yorkers were lapping up and loving Joe Bonamassa. Yes the album is recorded live and I personally thoroughly enjoyed hearing Different Shades of Blue the title track from his last album live. The album for me though felt flat whilst the guitar playing is superb Joe B’s vocals getting stronger and stronger but yes another album from the man who is making blues mainstream wherever he plays. CD version of  Live at Radio City Hall,  is a selection of tracks from the concert and interestingly in a different sequence from the video. Now the video is something completely different listen to this first last and forevermore whenever you have the opportunity – the music comes alive and yes the same recording but you can see, hear and feel the audience and the excitement that Joe B is feeling playing Live at Radio City a boyhood dream. All that the CD is lacking can be found here I would have had more of the live interaction incorporated into the CD to differentiate for the studio. The video has an authenticity of a live event, the build up to the show, the anticipation and excitement and throughout the DVD the warm interaction between Joe and the audience, he genuinely is having a great time playing New York at Radio City a life-long dream now reality and as well as the sell-out audience we can all enjoy the performance with two distinct segments opening for himself as acoustic Joe with the Fabulous Huckleberries entertaining and weaving their magic. As the cheers die down the stage is dark and Mats Wester on his nyckelharpa entertains and then the stinging sound of Joe Bonamassa plugged in and electric, with horns and the keys of Reese Wynans the temperature goes up a few degrees and we are pulled into the music once again. This is the drama missing from the album this is live music in your living room and Mr Bonamassa is on fire.

The acoustic set is a musician comfortable with the blues and his music with the confidence to explore and experiment as the Huckleberries weave in intricate Celtic melodies the melding is a perfectly tightly formed Celtic knotted blues full of intricacies and hidden depths. Dust Bowl opens the set full of driving energy and then introduces the skillfully used feature throughout the DVD of the split screen connecting Joe with the other musicians on stage ensuring the viewer at home connects to Gerry O’Connor (Irish Fiddler) Mats Wester (Mandola & nycleharpa), Reese Wynans (keyboardist) and Lenny Castro (Percussionist) there may be no bass but the bass lines are filled in by dramatic and interesting keys and percussion. The nyckelharpa adds a special sound full of celtic warmth and the sound whirls and swirls around the acoustic guitar and Joe’s vocals are strong adding another dimension to the percussive mix as shown on Still Water, the waters may be still but the music is dynamic and very good. When he introduces the The Huckleberries and says ‘Hi!’ to the audience you’re not sure who was more excited to be there Joe Bonamassa or the crowd… no the most excited is Joe. Slide Guitar and Black Lung Heartache, show his dexterity on the acoustic and the instrumentation is once again superb drawing the Blues out of the Delta and twisting it into World Roots derived music. Closing the Fabulous Huckleberries set with a blond wood acoustic guitar and a gentler tone the melodies flow and Joe’s vocals are the best I have ever heard them, the piano from Reese is beautiful on Happier Times. This is unmistakably a clever opening set the cinematography is superb as the camera angles give you a feeling of watching the show and being there as an integral part of the audience.

The electric hour shows Joe as a confident bandleader with the timing sharp and the music pure, the tempo goes up the music texture changes as his regular touring band join him on stage for the main event. This is an artist mature and confident in his own music and the musicians he has surrounded himself with, Keyboardist Reese Wynans, rhythm section of bassist Carmine Rojas and Tal Bergman on Drums and a horn section that is pure delight Lee Thornberg, trumpet, Nick Lane, trombonist and Paulie Cerra on saxophone. The centre-piece is most definitely the searing guitar sound produced by Joe the lead breaks pull you in so you are totally self-absorbed in every action he makes. The set comes alive with and energy and intensity on Hidden Charms, the horns snap and crackle the rhythm section and power and Joe is having fun on stage. The set moves smoothly from one song to the next as you find yourself wanting to hear the next offering but not wanting to stop relishing the track a little bit longer as on Living On The Moon with the horns filling to tonal gaps with their full tour-de-force. His version of Double Trouble is full of tension and the contours of sound is outstanding and the use of little gaps and gentle solos before the lead break is spellbinding. This is blues that is happy to have some funk to change the tempo and play with the beat Love Ain’t A Song has the full funky sound. We even have a Happy Birthday for his Mom on stage before the music picks up again with JB’s big Band approach to the blues with I Gave Up Everything For You, ‘Cept The Blues gain it is the power of the vocals that surprises and the control of the guitar just enough so that your interest is maintained and your ears are awash with a cascade of sound that rises and falls shaping the mood. Closing the set with a ballad that allows the tempo to slow and reflect on the quality of musicianship heard tonight at Radio City Music Hall , he filled the stage and auditorium with a rich warm sound that simply delighted.

The set is a banquet of Joe Bonamassa guitar playing, acoustic and electric there are the visual delights and the tasters of two newly recorded songs, then the next musical delicacy nine unreleased live tracks then the main course of over two and half hours of live footage, all bought together thanks to the artful production of Philippe Klose plus a collectors book and you even have sneak preview into his childhood.

The Bonus is for every fan now and in the future as home, Joe Bonamassa as he shares his thoughts from a young child through to today; we see how the wardrobe is put together and insight from his Mom Debra; it all feels very natural and you get to know the real Joe.

For the first time we have a discrepancy in the doodle paws with the DVD coming out on top.
CD – EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

DVD – TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

CD Tracks
1. I Can’t Be Satisfied
2. One Less Cross To Bear
3. Living On The Moon
4. I Gave Up Everything For You, ‘Cept the Blues
5. Dust Bowl
6. Trouble Town
7. Still Water
8. Different Shades of Blue
9. Happier Times
10. Never Give All Your Heart
11. Hidden Charms
12. Love Ain’t a Love Song
13. So, What Would I Do

Bite the Big Apple (titles)
Dust Bowl (The Huckleberries)
Trouble Town (The Huckleberries)
Still Water (The Huckleberries)
Different Shades of Blue (The Huckleberries)
The Huckleberries – Introducing Acoustic Band
Black Lung Heartache (The Huckleberries)
Happier Times (The Huckleberries)
Never Give Your Heart
Hidden Charms
Living On The Moon
I Can’t Be Satisfied
Double Trouble
One Less Cross to Bear
Love Ain’t A Love Song
Introducing the Electric Band
“Happy Birthday Mom!”
I Gave Up Everything For You, ‘Cept The Blues
So, What Would I do?

Bonus Feature
Joe Bites The Big Apple – Behind The Scenes


Wednesday 21st – NEWCASTLE METRO ARENA Book On Line HERE Box Office: 0844 493 6666

Friday 23rd – LIVERPOOL ECHO ARENA Book Tickets Online: HERE Box Office: 0844 8000 400

Saturday 24th – LEEDS FIRST DIRECT ARENA Book Online: HERE Box Office: 0844 248 1585

Sunday 25th – NOTTINGHAM CAPITAL FM ARENA Book Tickets Online: HERE Box Office: 0843 373 3000

Tuesday 27th – CARDIFF MOTORPOINT ARENA Book Tickets Online: HERE Box Office: 029 20 22 44 88

Wednesday 28th – BOURNEMOUTH BIC Book Tickets Online: HERE Box Office: 0844 576 3000

Friday 30th – BRIGHTON CENTRE NEW DATE ADDED!Book Tickets Online: HERE Box Office: 0844 847 1515

Saturday 31st – BRIGHTON CENTRE NEW DATE ADDED!Book Tickets Online: HERE Box Office: 0844 847 1515

Robert Cray Band ~ 4 Nights of 40 Years Live

Robert CrayThis is a double delight to celebrate Robert Cray’s achievement of playing to packed theatres for four decades and the music played on the CD/DVD combination that is 4 Nights of 40 Years Live. His regular band, bassist, friend and collaborator Richard Cousins , Dover Weinberg on keys and drummer Les Falconer with Robert Cray out front are enjoying entertaining, engaging with the crowds and are joined by vocalist Kim Wilson, Lee Oskar on harmonica, tenor saxophonist Trevor Lawrence, Steve Madalo on trumpet and saxophonist Tom Scott.

The album opens with the familiar intro regarding flash photography and welcome the one and only Robert Craaaaaaaaaaaay! And the show begins with that familiar stratospheric Fender Strat sound and then the warm and rounded tone of his vocals as I Shiver all over. One thing is for certain when the guitar is played as clean as Cray does there is nowhere to hide it is faultless or rubbish and 4 Nights of Forty Years Live he hits the right note, tonal ping to accentuate the emotions of the lyrics he is singing, the voice and guitar are in perfect harmony. This is Robert Cray at the top of his game full of confidence and a deep understanding of the music Poor Johnny with a harsher guitar sound and the tale unfurls and the audience once again is captivated. There is jazz and soul that has cavernous depths and a rich tonal gradient as played in the much loved track Love Gone To Waste. The songs have been picked to reflect the range of Cray’s style; we have rock radio favourites Bad Influence and Right Next Door (Because Of Me) – a track every audience expects and demands to hear.

DVD opens with Black and White stills of Robert Cray and him talking about the music then the music begins who needs talking as you see the band in studio rehearsing I Shiver with the trumpet, keys and centre stage Mr Cray himself. There are snippets of thoughts form Eric Clapton, Jimmie Vaughan and many others praising, enjoying and loving Robert Cray’s Blues and powerful performances. The DVD has that added dimension you can see the show up close through the cameraman’s lens; perfect entertainment to sit back and let the music dilute your troubles and woes with each note reality fades and there is a new reality you and the music of Robert Cray.
It is also fantastic to see young Mr Cray live in the 1980’s playing at festivals in the hot sunshine making the blues a hot commodity, he has never lost that magic touch on the guitar.

Some tracks are on both formats but there are enough variations so that you will listen to both at different times and behind the scenes and thoughts are always interesting allowing the fan to understand what makes Robert Cray the force he has been over forty years with his clean and seemingly simple style, he is the blues.

4 Nights of 40 Years Live, is a must for the phalanx of Robert Cray’s music and everyone demands vocals that zing and guitar playing that is note perfect surrounded by musicians that just want to make the music sound deep, full of blues and tonal delights. Robert Cray is the master of the Blues that connects as he weaves in influences from the last forty years this is music celebrating yesterday, playing today and will be enjoyed long into the future.


OUT: 28th AUGUST 2015




4 Nights Of Forty Years Live Trailer

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Robert Cray ~ 4 Nights of 40 Years Live (CD/DVD) – Mascot Label Group

Track Listing CD

Disc 1 Disc 2 (bonus)
1. I shiver 1. I Guess I Showed Her*
2. I’’ll Always Remember You 2. Right Next Door (Because Of Me)*
3. Poor Johnny 3. Smoking Gun*
4. Won’t Be Coming Home 4. Still Around*
5. Your Good Thing Is About To End 5. Too Many Cooks ^
6. Sittin’ On Top Of The World 6. T-Bone Shuffle ^
7. Wrap It Up
8. Love Gone To Waste * Live at Dutch TV Show Countdown 1987
9. Bad Influence ^ Live at SFO Blues Festival San Francisco 1982
10. These Things
11. Right Next Door (Because Of Me)
12. The Forecast (Calls For Pain)
13. Time Makes Two

Track Listing DVD
1. Intro/I Shiver
2. T-Bone Shuffle
3. Love Gone To Waste
4. I Guess I Showed her
5. I’ll Always Remember You
6. Your Good Thing Is About To End
7. Too Many Cooks
8. Wrap It Up
9. Won’t Be Coming Home
10. Smokin Gun
11. Sittin’ ON Top Of The World
12. Two Steps From The End
13. Bad Influence
14. These Things
15. Right Next Door (Because Of Me)
16. The Forecast (Calls For Pain)
17. Time Makes Two
18. These Things

October U.K. Tour

Sat 3 October – Lowry, Salford
Mon 5 October – Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham
Tues 6 October – St David’s Hall, Cardiff
Weds 7 October – Truro Hall, Truro
Fri 9 October – The Anvil, Basingstoke
Sat 10 October – Theatre Royal, Norwich
Mon 12 October – Barbican, London
Tues 13 October – Sage, Gateshead
Weds 14 October – Royal Concert Hall, Glasgow
Fri 16 October – Town Hall, Birmingham
Sat 17 October – City Hall, Salisbury
Sun 18 October – Orchard, Dartford
Mon 19 October – Assembly Halls, Tunbridge Wells
Weds 21 October – Town Hall, Cheltenham
Thurs 22 October – Corn Exchange, Cambridge
Fri 23 October – Alban Arena, St Albans

Bad Influence

Joe Bonamassa: Live Album ~ Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks

JB live CD Joe Bonamassa
Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks
Mascot Label Group

Release Date Monday 23rd March 2015

“They always try to write off the blues; well we’ve proven tonight that at least 9,000 people like the blues,” says celebrated blues rock master Joe Bonamassa who releases “Joe Bonamassa – Muddy Wolf At Red Rocks” on DVD, Blu-ray and CD set on March 23, 2015. Click HERE to pre-order

The exclusive concert experience, which is a tribute to blues legends Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, was filmed at Red Rocks Amphitheatre over Labor Day weekend 2014.
The celebrate the release, Joe is offering fans a free MP3 download of the live track “Tiger In Your Tank”. Download if for free HERE

Carved into the bedrock of Colorado’s majestic Rocky Mountains, the famed amphitheatre sets the stage for Bonamassa’s fiery delivery of over 2.5 hours of bluesy guitar-wailing and horn-filled tunes honouring the two Blues greats. Playing to a sold-out crowd of 9,000 fans, this marks the biggest show of Bonamassa’s career, a major milestone for the bluesman.

The Blu-ray and DVD contains over 1.5 hours of bonus features including exclusive behind-the-scenes footage, photo gallery, historic footage of Muddy Waters and Howlin’ Wolf, and a featurette of Bonamassa and producer Kevin Shirley’s trip to The Crossroads.

Unlike any Bonamassa show before, Muddy Wolf marks the start of a tribute concert series that will display a different band and catalogue of material that will vary from Bonamassa’s music as a solo artist. For Muddy Wolf, songs were carefully selected from the catalogues of Howlin’ Wolf, one of Chicago’s most influential bluesmen, known for his deep, scratchy voice, and Muddy Waters, considered the “father of modern Chicago blues.”

Muddy Waters was a major inspiration for the British blues explosion of the 1960s, a genre that has heavily influenced Bonamassa’s original music throughout his career. The concert features a selection of songs from each artist, followed by a 30-minute set of songs from Bonamassa’s own extensive catalogue, plus a line-up of players different from Bonamassa’s touring band, dubbed the “Muddy Wolf Band” which includes Anton Fig (drums), Michael Rhodes (bass), Reese Wynans (piano, Hammond organ), Lee Thornburg (trumpet, horn arrangements), Ron Dziubla (saxophone), Nick Lane (trombone), Mike Henderson (harmonica), and Kirk Fletcher (guitar).

Joe Bonamassa is touring UK in October 2015 – FULL TOUR DATES
Mississippi Heartbeat (Intro)

1. Tiger In Your Tank
2. I Can’t Be Satisfied
3. You Shook Me
4. Stuff You Gotta Watch
5. Double Trouble
6. Real Love
7. My Home Is On The Delta
8. All Aboard

1. How Many More Years
2. Shake For Me
3. Hidden Charms

i. Band and Introductions
ii. Spoonful
iii. Killing Floor
iv. Evil (Is Going On)
v. All Night Boogie (All Night Long)

1. Hey Baby (New Rising Sun)
2. Oh Beautiful!
3. Love Ain’t A Love Song
4. Sloe Gin
5. Ballad of John Henry
6. Muddy Wolf Credits

1. Joe and Kevin’s Excellent Adventure… to The Crossroads
2. Behind the Rocks – An Exclusive View Behind the Scenes
3. The Originals – Historic Footage of Muddy Waters & Howlin’ Wolf
4. Rockagram Gallery