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Enjoy The Ride, Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more

Enjoy The Ride, Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more

Enjoy The Ride, Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more

Debbie Bond is taking you the listener on a musical mystery tour, with travelling companions the blues, soul, rock and Americana. The album is Debbie’s fourth album. Eleven originals full of soul and traditional Alabama Blues. The Blues pay homage to some of Debbie’s mentors Willie King, Eddie Kirkland, and Jody Williams.

The album opens full of confidence with the title track her vocals and slide guitar combine to ensure you want to hear much more. Enjoy The Ride has a flow like a journey that is planned but the surprises keep popping up the piano and harp in Wishbone and Muscle Shoal and a horn sound as gospel vibe is the stop off point as we Find A Way to love again with Debbie Bond. Building on the firm foundations laid down with her previous album That Thing Called Love, Debbie surrounds herself with musicians who understand the sound that this journey has been constructed around. On Harp once again is Radiator Rick Anderson, who adds textural tone and depth and mirrors her love and respect for Willie King who they both played with. This is underpinned by a classy cover of King’s I Am The Blues, which is given the Bond treatment and the back vocals curl in behind Debbie’s vocals this is a stopover on the journey that is worth staying a while and listening again. Throughout the album, we have stopovers that explore the hurt and pain of love the despair of Jodie Williams in Left Me In the Dark. The guitar is deep with melancholy and the vocals defiant. The pensive Start With Love is country infused blues that has a percussive drive as the world keeps turning as love is explored. Humble Pie is up-tempo with luscious organ, horn section, and Debbie’s vocals that sear through the orchestration a track that certainly engages. Closing with The Train Song, the excitement, movement and motion of the train is conjured up with harp and guitar and this is the perfect final track for an album, Enjoy The Ride Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more. And we did.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Debbie Bond – Enjoy The Ride, Shoal Sessions – Blues Roots Productions
Track Listings

  1. Enjoy The Ride
  2. Rainbow
  3. Love Vibration
  4. Left Me In The Dark
  5. Find A Way
  6. I Am The Blues
  7. Humble Pie
  8. Wishbone
  9. Remedy
  10. Start With Love
  11. Train Song

CD Review: Debbie Bond and The TruDats ~ That Thing Called Love

Scan0002This is an album full of the energy gained from recording live in an Army Surplus tent in the hills of West Nashville. Made into a special album of Debbie’s Alabama inspired blues with inspiration from across the blues spectrum with some mixing and mastering in the studio; this was not as originally planned but really works.

There is a cleanness of sound that has been blended using vocals, keys, guitar, harp and rhythm section that just have that magic to mix and pour out tunes that please and get those feet tapping with a collection of seven originals and two covers that fit like a glove in the sound being created on That Thing Called Love.

Opening with You’re The Kind of Trouble the tone is set with the vocals that reflect in its melodic throatiness the 30 years of performing music live and in the studio on this her third album that just gets into your musical soul and continues to deliver music that just does not disappoint. The other cover is their version of Wendell Holmes Feed My Soul this is seductive and gets the hairs on the back of your neck raised and the shiver cascades down your spine; added to the mix is a sultry sax this is a track that stays with you long after the music fades.

Capturing the tempo and feel of a 1920’s country fair with the dance beat of Steady Rolling Man. This is a track where the interaction of Saxophone and Piano create the mood with a ragtime beat and reflects the touring life of musicians and the speakeasy environment of times gone by. The title track is at the heart of the album and stands out from the beginning with deep soulful instrumental of muted drums, searing sax and moody bass, the guitar and Debbie’s vocals power through the track that has a dark underbelly and is different from the rest of the pack and does pack a musical punch! Want some jazzed up blues with a flamenco aire then Tarragona Blues will fit the order as the mood is captured with a click of the drums and the beat of the bossa nova entwined this is a number to get audiences out of their seats and onto the dance floor and for good measure there is an extended version bringing the album to its close. This is an album that is never hard-hitting but full of style and textures, Debbie’s vocals and guitar work ensure that and she has surrounded herself with musicians who know the sound she is creating, blues that has soul and at times a pop feel and often a dance beat but as the song says I Like It Like That.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Debbie Bond and The TruDats ~ The Thing Called Love ~ Independent

Track Listing
You’re The Kind Of Trouble
Steady Rolling Man
Feed My Soul
I Like It Like That
Still Missing You
Tarragona Blues
That Thing Called Love
Tarragona Blues – extended mix