Thunder Storming album Rip It Up Rocks the Speakers

Thunder Storming album Rip It Up Rocks the Speakers

Thunder Storming album Rip It Up Rocks the Speakers

Whatever the weather, whatever your mood, you know when Thunder is in the air pouring from the speaker then you are in for a good time. I dare you to listen to Rip It Up without getting up and dancing around, tapping your feet and letting the Thunder vibe flow through your veins making Rip It Up a rocking good feel good listen. You would expect no less from Danny Bowes and the band.

Following on from the success of Wonderdays, the quintet are delivering rock that has a brightness that belies the fact that they have been producing records for twenty-seven years. Rip It Up is youthful and fun to listen to with a diverse range of tones and approaches to the lyrics that showcase the full vocal range of frontman Danny Bowes.  Thunder is a band with the musicians playing so much more than a platform for Danny vocals. Go to any Thunder gig and the chant of Harry, Harry for the drummer is evidence of Thunders roar.

Opening with No One Gets Out Alive, we are introduced to the expected Thunder sound Garry James sticks pounding like Thors hammer cymbals and skin. The celebration of duelling with guitars of Luke Morley and Ben Matthews. Completing the explosive power id the exquisite bass lines of Chris Childs pull the melody along so we don’t care that they are telling us the No One Gets Out Alive! We are ready to seize the moment with the band and enjoy the album clapping your hands in pure joy.

The title track is like an old friend familiar through radio play. Yes, do as you are told turn the volume up and Rip It Up with your rocking friends Thunder. Tempo changes with curling guitar riff and a blues-fueled rock number that despite its title is fun to listen to. The lyrics though are a salutatory warning of the dangers of party scenes and hedonism.  The girl She Likes Cocaine is a must listen strong lyrics, instrumentation and cymbal work that rings with the purity of a bell in the clear air after a storm.  Now, for the ballad Right From The Start, which is accomplished with lead breaks that are juicy full and weave the emotions of Danny’s singing another track that works as the realisation that this is a band recording at the top of their game. This is crafted rock full of difference and nuances. Every track has its highlights and will always receive a thunderous applause from Thunder fans.

The album is half way through taking shape as the rock is styled and reformed to suit the moment. Heartbreak Hurricane, following on from the cowbell spectacular of Shakedown. A ballad full of emotional pain, never maudlin as the instruments raise the tempo behind the searing vocals from Danny. Then there is Rock. It is good with The Enemy Inside and Tumbling Down. You now that this is a British Band playing the rock they love and understand, loud fast and melodic with an edge from the lyrics.  Closing out with There’s Always A Loser, Harry’s drums lay down the beat simple and powerful in its intent. Once again it as a hauntingly beautiful tone of Danny’s vocals and lyrics centre stage emotional charged. The track builds with guitar hooks and licks that curl and wrap There’s Always A Loser a comfort blanket of Rock. The lead break is searing as the pain is reflected for Danny to sing the lyrics as the album fades. Turn it up and play again. With eleven immense tracks, with every listen you will hear a new lyric, another drum roll and guitar lick.

Rip It Up will never be a boring listen.  Why? This may be Thunder’s eleventh studio album they a have definitely roared out of the studio with Rip It Up. An album for Thunder fans who have followed them over three decades and for those discovering them at today. Thunder’s live performances are always a stormy adrenalin fun filled extravaganza with these new tracks add to the armoury live shows will still Rip It Up as new fans come under Thunder’s rock spell.

Thunder Rip It UpearMUSIC

TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. No One Gets Out Alive
  2. Rip It Up
  3. She Likes Cocaine
  4. Right From the Start
  5. Shakedown
  6. Heartbreak Hurricane
  7. In Another Life
  8. The Chosen One
  9. The Enemy Inside
  10. Tumbling Down
  11. There’s Always A Loser

Available Audio Cd & Deluxe Editions Audio / Vinyl HERE

Clap of Thunder Rocks Colston Hall Bristol

Clap of Thunder Rocks Colston Hall Bristol


Colston Hall WM-5657
Colston Hall, Bristol we made it through the chaotic traffic that was conspiring to make us late. We overcame and were there to see the first band in a smorgasbord of styles on offer tonight. With three bands it was going to be wall to wall guitars, vocals and keyboards with King King, Terrorvision and THUNDER!

What a start King King are not a bottom of the bill blues rock outfit. Thirty minutes are just not long enough we wanted more of Alan Nimmo’s honey dripping vocals that pour over his guitar strings. They made the best use of the time, chatter kept to a minimum they let the music do the talking. One thing for certain they made another phalnax of fans tonight, who will want to hear the band again very soon – you are in luck they are back on tour – checkout dates and venues HERE. King King are more than a little bit special they are a quartet of talent. King King are a band that celebrate each other’s abilities, thus the musical depth is greater than the sum of the individual inputs. Kilted and dazzling as ever front man Alan Nimmo adds the shining finishing touches to the surround provided by his musical comrades. The keys add lead breaks and curlicues of chords to every track thanks to Bob Fridzema, and the rhythm section, drummer Wayne Proctor and Lindsay Coulson on bass adding yet another tonal layer to the King King’s rising blues Rock Banner. What an opening act! We wanted more but sadly was not to be appropriately squeezed into a whistle-stop tour of King King songs was Hurricane kicking up a storm before Thunder, and then Bristol had a chance to sing with Rush Hour and You Drive Me Crazy. King King came and once again excited and royally conquered Bristol with blues rock that appeals and thrills every time.

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What an efficient turn- around equipment taken off the front of stage and Terrovision were set up and ready to take over the baton handed to them by King King to entertain.

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Terrovision, a band from Bradford not one I have heard much of so intrigued. Would they be terrifying or a visual delight? It turned out they for me were neither! For me they just did not connect in my musical lexicon. They were a letdown following the opening set. They delivered a set of high-octane power rock-pop, many fans in the audience were delighted with the antics. The second keyboard player of the night, who kept rocking the keyboard into a strange angle which added nothing the sound. Terrorvision definitely infused the high energy set with powerful riffs. Tony Wright fronting the band cavorts across the stage delivering his vocals whether on Discotheque Wreck the opening number right through to the expected songs in the set. The fans loved the trip down nostalgia road – My House, Alice and What’s The Matter. The set was showmanship over substance why take your shirt of Tony it added nothing to D’ya Wanna Go Faster as he leaped around the stage. Thankfully he did put another shirt on. Terrorvision fans were delighted they understand what Terrorvision are about musically this metal-pop just did not ignite.

Thunder WM-5944Another quick set change. Entering the stage to Edgar Winter on the PA followed by a clap of thunder! Danny Bowes and Thunder under a blaze of lights hit the stage in Bristol the applause, shouts and whistles were thunderous. The atmosphere just got hotter and hotter the energy and the thrill of the audience was uniform from the front of the stage up through into the seats upstairs. Starting the show with Wonder Days, title track off their current nostalgia drenched album. Danny had complete control of the crowd generating an electric atmosphere that he continued to re-fuel throughout the set.

Thunder is a band that refused to fade away, they have a fan base that is alive, well and growing this is the renaissance of a much underrated rock band. The reward a top-ten album, chart topping DVD and sell out shows – Colston Hall was sold out months ago.

Danny’s vocals are superb as he spits out the lyrics and then throughs in a gentler side. With his long-time partner in music Luke Morley on guitar. Adding into the Thunder mix that blew up a storm are one of the most popular drummers Gary ‘Harry’ James combined with Chris Childs the rhythm is assured. We still need a another layer of tones so who else could fill the role it has to be multi-instrumentalist Ben Matthews who not only plays a splendid cowbell his true role is guitarist and keyboard player. Fantastic to see him back on stage after his brush with Cancer.

This is not a strutting testosterone fueled rock band. Thunder want to have some cheeky fun, they want to have a rock fest of joyous energy. The set list was laden with songs from Wonder Days. There was also time to revisit past glories including River of Pain from the 1995 Behind Closed Door album and further back Like A Satellite. The crowd whooped with delight and earned a chiding from Danny as he smiled and said “you’re not helping”. Despite the passage of time, which Danny referred to his vocal prowess has not diminished with the passing years. He is unarguably on of the finest rock voices on the circuit today.
Luke Morely played with his characteristic way, tasteful considerate and never overwhelming the band. As Danny Bowes left the stage the acoustic was his chosen guitar with a gentle number fitting neatly into the set a juxtaposition to the rest of the evening. The interlude was short-lived the Gibson flying V tool over the voice was back and the band picked up the rock tempo with a flick of the lights adding more power to the set Rock Conquers All. The Colston Hall crowd loved every maneuver Danny used to get them participating the sparks between stage and audience were as intense as an electric storm. The cowbell added to I Love You More Than Rock and Roll, and Ben used the bell for a short while in the next track before casually throwing it towards the back of the stage where it was deftly caught. Picking up the guitar the bell was silenced.

The noise rose and rose as the demand for an encore was screamed, stamped and shouted for and the enthusiastic and happy audience was rewarded with Serpentine from Wonder Days and the inevitable Dirty Love.

Thunder tonight, played a magnificent set of classic rock sparking with lightening of guitars and keys and the thunderous power of ‘Harry’ on drums. SUPERB!!!

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