Explore A Small World Enlarged Beautifully by Dan Burnett

Explore A Small World Enlarged Beautifully by Dan BurnettSometimes an E.P. disappoints, not just because it leaves you wanting more but as often with a collection of Short Stories the artist has not used the six tracks to truly promote the nuances that make an artist demand attention. This is not the case on Dan Burnett’s Small World E.P. Yes, you are left wanting more. But he opens the door into his world of musical tones and shapes on Small World a collection of five originals and the bonus track a stylish cover of the oft-covered Bob Dylan’s All Along The Watchtower.  Explore A Small World Enlarged by Dan Burnett, on an E.P. that connects to you personally up close with intimate insights into Burnett’s music.

Opening with the title track, Small World is a light ditty with strong piano with hints of New Orleans as we are in Pittsburg with Dan as he realizes how small and connected we are in a world where contact with each other is easy.  The harmonica moans as we eavesdrop on a drunken conversation in the early hours at a hotel bar. The power is in our hands to change relationships and feelings to communicate.  The Piano from Dan is superb promising more of what is to come. The mood changes with Battle Scars, Dan refers to this as his ‘mental health anthem’. Taking us behind visible scars with a simple number sung with passion and empathy and deep understanding as the organ takes up the melodic tones. The next two tracks explore relationships as the deepness of keys are added with another set of strong lyrically driven songs. The last of the originals Reason For Living, written for Dan’s son Alfie and life-affirming about the changing power of his son in his life. The piano is strong with a driving beat and leaves you understanding Dan and yourself a bit more.

The bonus track Dan re-arranges the Dylan classic All Along The Watchtower. Stripped back with grand piano and organ intermingling creating the atmosphere that lets the lyrics pop out with intensity and poetry. Reminding us of the influence of Dylan on songwriting, Burnett has reclaimed this classic for the singer-songwriter and not just for a would-be Hendrix. The atmosphere is built and the laughter heard in response to the words adds to the intimacy of the album. For twenty-four minutes we are in a deeply personal space, the songs sung for us in the most intimate of shows that you can listen to whenever you want. These are six shining gems produced and delivered with love Get close and personal and explore a Small World enlarged beautifully by Dan Burnett.

Small World – Dan Burnett 

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

  1. Small World
  2. Battle Scars
  3. Last First Kiss
  4. Time Has Come
  5. Reason For Living
  6. All Along The Watchtower

Explore A Small World Enlarged Beautifully by Dan Burnett

Review: Dan Burnett ~ E.P.

EP-front-sized-300x266Dan Burnett

With no tracks to waste this is an E.P. crammed with music, of varied textures, shapes and tempos with some clever guitar hooks for Dan Burnett’s voice to hang onto and stretch out. The vocals are definitely the key to the sound being produced. Dan is a singer/songwriter who brings excitement using a blues tone as the backbone shaping around this he layers stylish jazzy sound courtesy of his piano playing, funk grooves and rock beats to give the E.P. a feel of power and energy.

The four tracks are self-penned each one slightly different, opening with Motown sound full of up-tempo vibes suiting the title Happiest Man Alive that gets you in the mood to listen to the whole E.P. with the guitar courtesy of Dan himself melding into the vocal phrasing. This is a mini selection that doesn’t skimp on musical depth and variety of tones. Accompanying the soulful and meaningful vocals of Dan are a plethora of musicians, the rhythm section comprises Martyn Swain on bass and drums provided by Ed Dennis or Jason Odle, guitar is stylish and accomplished from Miles Gilerdale on More Than You Deserve  and then we have Frank Mizen adding horns to the mix and with Lucy adding her vocals to the backdrop we have a sound that wraps around you with its soulful funked up blues. The second track grabs your attention with its gentle piano opening and then the drums and vocals crash into the party delivering a soulful beat that encapsulates the heart of the song. The beauty that brass adds to a track is evident on More Than You Deserve, with mixed up tempos and growling guitar this is a track that just flies along hitting your musical hot spot.
Ending the E.P. is a slow blues number, stripped back with Dan going solo on vocals and piano. You’re Gonna Shine what a clairvoyant would say to Dan you will shine if you keep producing music of this caliber when is the album coming out we want to hear more of what you have to offer. The recording and production are stylish giving this all too short offering shape and meaning so that the sound and lingering musical phrases in your head seem greater that the four tracks Dan offers you on E.P.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. Happiest Man Alive
2. Before You Go
3. More Than You Deserve
4. You’re Gonna Shine

Dan Burnett – vocals/piano/guitar
Ed Dennis – Drums (track 2 & 3)
Jason Odle – Drums (track 1)
Martyn Swain – Bass
Miles Gilderdale – Guitar (track 3)
Frank Mizen – Horns
Lucy Mizen – Backing vocals (track 2)