Visit Dream Country With Sarah Darling New Album

Visit Dream Country With Sarah Darling New Album

Visit Dream Country With Sarah Darling New Album


Beautiful album cover as Sarah says thank you for being the stars in my sky. As the cover opens revealing golden stars sparkling with the mysteries of the moon against an indigo background.  Allowing the listener before hearing a note played capturing the ethereal, dreamy feel of the music Sarah Darling has captured on the ten tracks from Wandering Star around Halley’s Comet and onto the closer Stargazer.  To categorise the album in Country is just simplistic, a form of genre blindness. Sarah is a singer full of poise and sophistication who has weaved into the foundation, jazz, folk and a purity of melody ensuring the lyrics shine with startling force reflecting a starry night.   The exploration of Dream Country begins with Wandering Star. Like a shooting star capturing the emotional journey of following one’s heart as one takes the first step pinto an unknown future.  English folk assails the ear with Anchor, co-written by Sam Palladino who grew up in Cornwall, which captures the wildness of the Cornish coast and safe anchorage of harbour and home. Nashville colliding with Cornwall is a partnership that has perfect harmony.

The tempo picks up and darkens, all is not sweet as Sarah sings Tell The Devil. With country rocking out with a gentle but persistent percussive beat, we have a wildness and the feeling of a journey going out of control.  The Smiths Cover, Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want, acoustic and with a gentle vocal never as good as the original in my opinion, Morrissey’s gruffer vocals gave the original an edge missing on this outing.

We have violins, sharp and with a gypsy melancholy opening to Montmartre, Sarah’s journey takes us to a city she loves Paris. Gently dreamlike and romantic as we float around the streets. We lose the violins and a gentler orchestration takes over. So much more could have been done with the violins showing a darker underbelly of the city.

The debut UK Single You Take Me All The Way has a gentle jazz cocktail hour vibe. With a breathy vocal that lingers on with the vocals leaving you wanting more. As we meet Stargazer the last track, ethereal her vocals silky and otherworldly, the album fades away with a gentle wave rather than a memorable shout.  An album that under 40 minutes is a quick jaunt leaving us wanting to hear more and listen to greater exploration of the harmonies that define Sarah Darling. Visit Dream Country With Sarah Darling New Album

Sarah Darling – Country Dream – Be Darling Records

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Wandering Star
  2. Where Cowboys Ride
  3. Anchor
  4. Tell The Devil
  5. Please, Please, Please Let Me Get What I Want
  6. Starry Eyes
  7. Montmartre
  8. Halley’s Comet
  9. You Take Me All The Way
  10. Stargazer

Visit Dream Country With Sarah Darling New Album

Ready The Horses Jarrod Dickenson Tour & Album

Ready The Horses Jarrod Dickinson Tour & Album

Ready The Horses Jarrod Dickenson Tour & Album


Jarrod Dickenson, Ready The Horses
released March 10th 2017 via Proper Records

“An incredible talent” – Janice Long, BBC Radio 2
“Dickenson has a superb, expressive voice…” – Country Music People
“Brilliant songs” – Cerys Matthews, BBC Radio 6 Music

Ready The Horses Jarrod Dickinson Tour & Album

Texas born, Brooklyn resident Jarrod Dickenson is to release his new album ‘Ready The Horses’ on March 10th 2017 via Proper Records.
Raising eyebrows in the UK singer/songwriter scene, Jarrod’s first exposure to UK audiences came in 2013 when he supported David Ford for 15 UK-dates. Following up with a successful headline UK tour (including a sold out London date) and further support slots with legendary artists Bonnie Raitt, Don McLean and The Waterboys, the accolades started flying in from BBC radio hosts including Dermot O’Leary, Cerys Matthews, Huey Morgan, Janice Long, Robert Elms and Alex Lester.
Album two for the sharp dressing and soulful pickin’ singer-guitarist serves up slices of country blues hotter than Texas Toast, whilst still being able to calm the waters of the Rio Grande on heart-wrenching acoustic numbers familiar to fans of his first full length.
Jarrod embodies the originality and style of a bygone era with vintage dress hats and traditional southern sensibilities. The laid back writing found throughout ‘Ready The Horses’ is reminiscent of Gram Parsons, and Jarrod’s vocal flair could best be described as a young Johnny Cash, or Tom Waits before all the smokes and bourbon.

Genuine country albums are not complete without tales of cowboys and corporate greed, and Jarrod is a hand at depicting the struggles of the working man. All the while, he also proves his versatility as a writer by using his own colourful narrative as a backdrop to pen intimate ballads detailing the pitfalls of love and the constant struggle to be the best version of one’s self.

March 2017 – Headline Tour

Thu 16  Empire Music Hall, Belfast
Sat 18  Hug & Pint, Glasgow
Sun 19 Cluny 2, Newcastle
Tue 21 Norwich Arts Centre, Norwich
Wed 22 Deaf Institute, Manchester
Thu 23  The Borderline, London
Sat 25  Dark Star Brewery, Partridge Green, West Sussex
Sun 26  Glee Club, Birmingham
Mon 27 Henry Tudor House, Shrewsbury

Charlie Pride Tour April/May 2015

Charley-Pride_01_hi-resCharley Pride, returning to the UK for his first UK tour in three years, a Legendary country music artist not to be missed.

Charley Frank Pride (born March 18, 1938) is an internationally acclaimed American country music singer and guitarist. His greatest musical success came in the early-to-mid 1970s when he became the best-selling artist for RCA Records since Elvis Presley.

From 1967 to 1986, Pride garnered no less than 36 chart-topping Country hits, including the massive crossover hit “Kiss An Angel Good Morning.” He also took home three Grammy Awards during this period.

Charley Pride is one of the few African-American country musicians to experience massive-market commercial success in the country music industry. What’s more, he’s only the second African-American to have been inducted as a member of the Grand Ole Opry.


24 HOUR TICKET HOTLINE: 0844 888 9991
All shows start at 7:30pm

Tickets: £40, £37 Box Office: 0844 907 9000 or Book Online

Tickets: £45 (Kings Row), £40, £35 (plus £1 venue levy) Box Office: 0208 463 2700 or Book Online

Tickets: £40, £36, £33 (plus £1 venue levy) Box Office: 01702 351 135 or Book Online

TICKETS: £40, £35, £30 Box Office: 0121 345 0603 or Book Online

Tickets: £40, £35 Box Office: 0141 353 8000 or Book Online