Reality Hits as Jack J Hutchinson Paints No Fiction

Reality Hits as Jack J Hutchinson Paints No FictionReality Hits as Jack J Hutchinson Paints No Fiction

Jack J Hutchinson, causes a stir whenever and wherever he plays live. His music catches the ear and pulls you deep into his dirty interpretation of the blues. The hooks are deep in the roots and the riffs have the energy of the contemporary music. On Paint No Fiction Jack is joined on this twelve track album that was six months in the making by an intoxicating and exciting array of U.K Blues, Rock and Americana musicians. Genres reflected in an album redolent with raw and dirty dripping with genre-busting intrigue and excitement as he Paints No Fiction; the music is authentic 21st Century British blues-infused music.

Before you listen to a note, the artwork by Aaron Gardner has an inner power, capturing Jack’s personality in shades of brown and yellow. You want to hear the music from a man who dominates the front cover and reflects back images in his sunglasses. You want to uncover what makes the musician tick.

Opening with Deal With The Devil, you are assailed by full on rock crescendo. No traditional blues fuelled deal with the devil. The rock is countered by beats and textures that fall within Americana,  as we get to know the Paint No Fiction music of eleven self-penned numbers. The guitar is raw fuzzy energised with the fluidity of a jam captured and ordered in a studio. As Jack sings ‘The World Don’t Own You A Dime…. Deal With The Devil – The Devil Ain’t Mine’, your attention is truly captured. Moving swiftly into Written In Stone the tone changes as we have hints of dirty rawness inspired by Mississippi Hill Country with guitar work with its fuzzy tone that demands your ears take note whilst your feet just absorb the beat with pure delight.

Each number has its own clear texture tone and approach, Jack has chosen the group of musicians used on each track with care. On the slower Hold Me Close, the acoustic guitar picks out the melodic path and Hutchinson’s vocals still have the signature gruffness but delivered with a gentler cadence. The keys pick up the melodic flow building the tension and creating a soundscape of emotional tension as Jack yearns to be held close. As we Cut The Noose, the blues is strong and pure, considered and reflecting the lyrical depths.  Halfway through the album and we are still in reflective mood with Set Your Heart For The Sun. The percussive tones reflecting and adding shadows to the vocals from Jack that are at the heart of every number.

The tempo heats up the rawness is cutting through the beat on the first single from the album Rattlesnake Woman. This is blues that is mysterious and reflects the psychedelic elements of the cover. The guitar duelling is immense as Hutchinson and Ross battle it out with the six-strings – rather that than a six-shooter. The blues theme is picked up with a harmonica driven whip cracking Skin and Bone.  Jack may sing about Skin and Bone, the sound is full boned nuanced with sharp and sweet licks and melodies as we turn the corner into the last three tracks of the album.

The penultimate track is calmer with Send Me A Signal with a countryesque phrasing of the vocals contrasting with the guitar picked with precision.  The album closes with a full-on luscious sound that floats as we explore Hard Right In My Dreams. Jack Hutchinson and his myriad of guests have created an album that is a sonic exploration of music dipped in the wealth of roots music, shaken and stirred with flashes of modernity.   Every number is a chapter in the story Jack J Hutchinson is creating in Paint No Fiction. It is music genuine to the here and now. The lasting truth of this work of musical art is authenticity.

Hutchinson album launches Paint No Fiction with a special ‘Last Waltz’ style gig at Ain’t Nothing But, Soho London featuring all the musicians on the album.
A Date for your diaries that is a certainty – 8th December 2017.

Jack J. Hutchinson: Vocals and guitar
Mike Ross: Electric Bass and guitar
Alberto Manuzzi: Keyboards
Marc Burguera: Guitar
Tom Brundage: Harmonica
Stuart Moir: Violin & 8 string bass
Dani Rock: Double bass
Loris Peverani: Drums and percussion
Morgan Platt: Drums and percussion

Producer: Tony Perretta

Paint No Fiction – Jack J. Hutchinson

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

  1. Deal With The Devil
  2. Written In Stone
  3. Hip Slickin’
  4. Hold Me Close
  5. Cut The Noose
  6. Set Your Heart For The Sun
  7. Rattlesnake Woman
  8. Skin and Bone
  9. I Got Your Number
  10. Send Me A Signal
  11. Hard Right In My Dreams

The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You – cookie loving album

The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You - cookie loving album

The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You – cookie loving album




The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You – debut cookie loving album, just like a jar of cookies full of musical temptation crammed with the sweetest delights. The guest appearance from Blind Boys of Alabama and Mindi Abair adds further layers of tasty musical treats. The album is crammed with gospel led blues of the secular kind, with the clever harp playing, songwriting and blues singing warm as honey on a sunny day from the talented Shawn Amos.
The album, with two covers and ten originals is full of musical diversity that keeps you engaged and listening as the blues twists and turns around the genre. Opening with Days Of Depression, the blues hit you as the clapping starts the Blind Boys of Alabama adding a musical equivalent of the cherry on top of the cake on this the opening track the love is shared.
Fancy some R n’B Shawn Amos is happy to please with Will You be Mine! With Shawn seeking redemption through the grinding vocals underpinned by a rhythm section that drives the tempo and mood. Boogie is steeped in sex appeal as Shawn’s vocals crone and growl over the instrumentation you just want to get onto the dance floor and gyrate those hips in time with the mesmerising music and then Miss Anderson joins in ‘you got to boogie’ this is a track that ignites.
The duet of Bright Lights, Big City is special as Shawn and Mindi are full of vocals they are a seductive combination with his searing harp and her sassy saxophone it is a mix made in blues heaven. The guitar playing intro of You’re Gonna Miss Me (When I Get Home) is sharp and sassy and the vocals are smoking, moodily augmenting the rhythmic drive of the guitar and the stomping beat.
This is an album that digs deep into the structure of the blues with the combination of up front vocals dripping with emotion and lyrics that tell a story of different roads traveled, hurts and experiences. These are amplified by the skillful and exciting arrangements from the band, of Chris “Doctor” Roberts (guitars), Brady Blade (drums, percussion), Chris Thomas (bass), Anthony Marinelli, Hassell Teekell (keyboards), Mindi Abair (saxophones,) Lewis Smith (trumpet), Forever Jones (backing vocals) and Nick Lane (horn arrangements). This is seen throughout the album allowing Amos the freedom to explore the lyrics and add his glorious harp playing.
This is an album of blues treasure of now and the future, ending with The Last Day I’m Loving You, you are left wanting more. The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You – cookie loving album, combines all the raw ingredients of the blues creating modern blues that are relevant, listenable and you always want one more song…

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Days Of Depression With Blind Boys of Alabama
2. Brand New Man
3. Boogie with Miss Anderson
4. Brothers Keeper
5. You’re Gonna Miss Me (When I Get Home)
6. Joliet Bound
7. Will You Be Mine
8. The Outlaw
9. Bright Lights, Big City with Mindi Abair
10. Hollywood Blues
11. Put Together
12. The Last Day I’m Loving You

Days Of Depression With Blind Boys of Alabama