Burnt Out Wreck Springs into Action with debut Swallow

Burnt Out Wreck Springs into Action with debut Swallow

Burnt Out Wreck Springs into Action with debut Swallow


There is no doubt that the promise of the debut album from ex Heavy Pettin’s Gary Moat & Burnt Out Wreck, brings a tingle of anticipation. Do not expect a re-run of HP style this is Burnt Out Wreck with its own exciting take on the rock n roll the band want to play and you to love. Scotland’s rock n roll giant Gary Moat steps out from behind the drums and leads the charge on vocals and guitar. Joining Gary are Adrian Dunn and Miles Goodman adding layers of guitar tone, deep riffs and licks that excite. Now we need deep rhythms to build on Gary’s rhythm guitar, from bassist Alex Carmichael and Paul Gray’s drums. Adding another layer of voice to the band are Adrian and Alex on backing vocals.

The music rocks, with attitude and sears through the room turn it up loud, and party rock music, the rock is melodic and the beat infectious. Opening with Burnt Out Wreck, the band laid down its credentials. From the oft the music is British rock full of good time vibes and Gary Moats vocals have bluesy rock contour and at times gives the album an AC/DC feel, is the that a bad thing?.. not in my book. The instrumentation and play between guitars throughout gives the sound a texture that is melodic, gritty and at times with the lightest of touches on other tracks. Next on the Wreck airwaves is Swallow now the music hardens with a dirty grime ridden riff; nothing complicated this is classic rock for good times as you swallow the beverage of choice.

Medusa, where the guitar is blistering hot and not to be mistaken for the other 2010 number of the same name. This is like Burnt Out Wreck a number that is rising from the ashes a Phoenix of a number from the remnants of Mother’s Ruin. Followed by Flames, we are not ever getting burnt by this as the number is solid 70’s classic rock. As the album steps towards the closing number, we slow down after the fist-thumping previous numbers Your Love (Is All I Need) a ballad that belongs on every rock album and will have the audiences singing along. How to follow a ballad; explore the roots of rock, the parent and dip into the blues with Rocking Man. This is blues rock that will get everyone stamping the ground, and partying all night long. Closing with Best Of Your Life, this may not be the best or greatest album, but it will be one you return to with a smile on your face.

Burnt Out Wreck Springs into Action with debut Swallow; the action is good this is rock that puts a spring in any rockers boots.

Burnt Out Wreck – Swallow –  Released on TRHRC through Cherry Red Records

EIGHTpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Burnt Out Wreck
  2. Swallow
  3. She’s the One
  4. Pulling It Out
  5. Talk About Love
  6. Medusa
  7. Flames
  8. She’s A Dirty Lover
  9. Your Love (Is All I Need)
  10. Rocking Man
  11. Best Of Your Life

Thursday Night Tramshed becomes Planet Hawkwind

Thursday Night Tramshed becomes Planet Hawkwind

Thursday Night Tramshed becomes Planet Hawkwind

Tonight at the crowded Tramshed in Cardiff another live show promising to be epic as the venue morphed into tonight’s rendition of Planet Hawkwind, as the backdrop invited us in. Now the Machine has arrived in Cardiff as part of The Machine Stops! Released on Cherry Red Records on 15th April. The live concept show from their current studio album based on the Sci-Fi classic. EM Forsters dystopian vision of the future through words, visual effects and the Hawkwind sound tonight promises to be epic. Activate The Machine repeated the opening as the venue lifted off into Hawkwind’s unique and very special universe. The lineup may have changed but the constant in the mix is guitarist Dave Brock. His guitar still has the grinding rhythm that drives deep into the arterial vein of creativity. His backing vocals add depth and is fixed in the collective Hawkwind memory. It is the rhythms that are the grounding of the space prog-rock that defines the band and sets them apart. Tonight on drums who has since 1988 been on the beat is drummer Richard Chadwick and completing the rhythm section is Haz Wheaton who certainly has all the style and flair of a showman on bass. Up front singing and then intoning the poems interspersed throughout the set is Mr Dibs, deep dark and mysterious.

Thursday Night Tramshed becomes Planet HawkwindThis was an exploration of the album opening and closing the set with tracks The Machine and Lost In Science is that because of the Machine? In between we were treated to a backdrop of machine parts, hexagons and psychedelic mayhem of colours and form. The machine sped off into ‘Utopia’, the kaleidoscopic backdrop whirled drawing you deep into the Hawkwind musical psyche. Thursday Night Tramshed becomes Planet Hawkwind Into the mix the band dipped into the extensive back catalogue with Utopia from Your Masques, Assault and Battery (Space Hawks) and Orgone Accumulator (Masters Of The Universe). These and other favourites delighted the packed and happy venues all with a shared connectivity through the music. Once the Hawkwind machine got going it didn’t take long before it was a musical drug coursing through your music DNA at a speed of light. Whilst delivering the favourites this band of musicians were pushing the boundaries forward.

Another great night at the Tramshed, full house, great atmosphere and live music tonight it was a prog-rock journey through space, time and form courtesy of Hawkwind. They continue to develop the music keeping in touch with the essence of the musical gale that is free as a bird that is Hawkwind. As promised, the show was epic and everyone left delighted.

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Set List
The Lecture (New Intro)
The Machine
Hail the Machine
Utopia Pt 1 Choose Your Masques
The Underside
Utopia Pt2
Instrumental Wind
King OF The World / In My room
Orgone Accumulator – Masters Of The Universe
Harmonic Hall
Assault & Battery Space Hawks
Void/The Air
Shot Down In the Night
Lost In Science

DBA ~ Suburban Ghosts – Album Review

DBA vinyl.inddDBA
Suburban Ghosts
Cherry Red Records

Released Date: 6th November

Downes Braide Association – DBA in short are back three years new project, new album Suburban Ghosts, after their critically acclaimed debut album Pictures of You, creative powerhouse duo Chris Braide and Geoff Downes have drafted the second chapter of their joint venture. The album, entitled Suburban Ghosts, is modern prog rock, with a concept that flows through the lyrics and words. The title track opens with a bright and breezy melody and insistent almost mechanized drum beats. The lyrics hook you into the story – “I came across a photograph… A wake up call.. From the distant past…” you want to know what why and how this is impacting now on the opening track Machinery of Fate.
As Chris Braide explained “Geoff and I both play all the keyboards 50/50 and we decided not to use a real drummer as we love the aesthetic of the electronic duo which is how we approached the first album. I.e., Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, Capital Cities etc. We love the image of two guys with machines playing prog pop. A real drummer would have made it more of a traditional rock sound and it’s more electro pop than that. Bits of guitars by me more as texture and David Gregory from XTC plays guitar solo on Dreaming Of England”.

Downes is a legend in the world of Prog having played his stylish keyboards in Yes, Asia and The Buggles, he co-wrote the hits Heat of the Moment and Video Killed The Radio Star. Then in London during 2010 he crossed paths with Braide and the story of collaboration began. Despite hectic and demanding schedules and stealing time creative juices thrived and Suburban Ghosts was born.
Chris Braide explains: “’Suburban Ghosts’ is an album about isolation and loneliness in small town suburbia.” The story goes back to his and Geoff’s childhood in the small county of Cheshire in the North West of England: its beautiful varied countryside landscapes in contrast with grey industrial wastelands, the feeling of claustrophobia that led them both away looking for a new adventure and those sentiments of nostalgia as they come back to a town populated with the ghosts of their past. “A blank town under a sky full of stars, the same blank town you left behind,……It’s time to let them go, those suburban ghosts.”

It is an album where you are submersed in a soundscape that laps around you with crafted beauty at times melancholy others with a festive feel but always quietly reflective. Twelve minutes of the album is dedicated to the title track and theme of the album and the keys and vocals harmonise adding power to the lyrical story that is being told that anyone who has experience of suburbia can instantly connect to. The three parts of the tracks Suburban Ghosts are a musical movement that is complete and tucked within the rest of the album that works around and develops the themes being explored.

With twelve tracks that ebb and flow and develop the concept of a town being trapped and isolated Number One is how to escape the prisoner need to be you own person and the drums have a hypnotic feel and work around the vocals and keys. About escaping with your dreams before the routines of work and respectability captures you this is a powerful message about self-belief and purpose. Half-way through there is a short Interlude of keys and vocals “life is not lost”… is sung and then into the next section of this Prog Rock opus. The music picks up tempo and the strings add a mystical feel as North Sea now provides the backdrop to a new chapter and Geoff Downes vocals again sear through the music unfolding another dimension to life. With a faster tempo Times Goes Fast you feel life is moving on yet nothing changes it is about stop dreaming and live your life as you saw it time is relentless and that is picked up in the lyrical tone poem that is the format of this track. The last two tracks Dreaming of England and Finale bring the exploration of life, suburbia and living in England to a close. The whole album has structure, movements driven by a melody that lightens and darkens the lyrics that pull you deep into the album that needs to be explored so the nuances of the words are not lost in this opus a modern tonal poem that is progressive music.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Machinery of Fate
2. Suburban Ghost part 1 2
3. Suburban Ghost part 3
4. Vanity
5. Number One
6. Interlude
7. North Sea
8. One Of The Few
9. Time Goes Fast
10. Live Twice
11. Dreaming of England
12. Finale