Joe Louis Walker Playing The Convent Live

Joe Louis Walker Playing The Convent Live

Joe Louis Walker Playing The Convent Live

The Convent, Stroud tonight makes a beautiful and gospel fused arena for Joe Louis Walker to play his stuff, his tour of England drawing to close tonight. The multiple music award winner is bringing his message of the blues to the audience in the venue and further afield, thanks to the wonderous service they provide Netgig. Joe Louis Walker is no bluesman that confirms he mixes it up as his current album Everybody Wants a Piece demonstrates. It is unsurprising that within the magnificent licks and riffs we hear homage to the British Blues revolution of the 1960’s and the myriad of greats he has played with, from Jimi Hendrix to Miles Davis, Mike Bloomfield and John Lee Hooker and the blues giants BB King and Muddy Waters. He has been there and played his guitar with passion and pride.

The band steps on the stage in front of the altar to pay homage to live music’s power and devil magic. The Drum picks up the rhythm as Joe introduces the band on bass played with the greats including Bo Diddley and Solomon Burke is Lenny Bradford. Drummer Byron Cage and laying down the rhythm organ and keys Travis Reed now a trio of sound laid down for Joe Louis who joined in with his guitar, with vocals introduced last as the groove deepens and the vibe is heating up. The Gibson sound is crystal clear and as the instruments play they are definitely not Messin’ Around this is a quartet playing tighter than tight. The business tonight is music, blues infused with roots and all that jazz. Travis moves off electric and plays The Convent’s Grand Piano as the Jazz infusion cools the licks down as the blues shuffle in with Albert Collins T-Bone Shuffle instrumental which has Joe Louis playing the Gibson into white-hot blues – he is the Satriani of the Blues with virtuoso playing. The dexterity and lightness of touch with deep tones and sharp textures are mind-blowing. A Masterclass. A change of mood with an old time foot tapping Rock n Roll song Don’t Let Go. Timing, harmonization makes every song special with its own character and beauty. Joe Louis Walker reminds me of Lucky Peterson with his relaxed fluidity and consummate professionalism mixing to entertain and delight with every note played. Now a track off his current album, Everybody Wants A Piece, One Sunny Day; he continues to dip into the album throughout the evening no hard sell just quality tracks.

Dedicated to guitarist Earl Zebedee Hooker cousin of John Lee Hooker, who played on many hits and a special slide guitar. Matching Earl is Joe Louis, slide work stingily sharp hitting the music vibrator in your spine and making hairs stand up at the back of your neck with delight. Joe Louis, making the guitar talk with crying pain then a gentle reprise to soften the hurt and anguish, leading into the spiritually up lifting, Wade In The Water from his current album. We are all wading in the delights of Joe Louis and his band tonight at The Convent. He recalls “Been a while since I played in Church but coming back now as we get back to the blues” with his own number Ain’t That Cold; the grand piano was soulful in its blues. In the inspirational In The Morning When I Rise, the guitar makes a glorious sound the beat curls around and the guitar soars up high into the Chapel as they sing ‘ I kneel Down and Pray’, the altar a perfect backdrop. The electric organ solo takes over as Joe & Lenny swing in harmony this is live music that catches deep in your solar plexus. The music has pure soul with a lightest touch of a reggae ambiance.

JoeLouisWalker_01_byMarilynStringerInto the jam add The Kinks’ You really Got Me then the riff died away and the music flowed, Joe and Lenny dancing and the piano leading the melody, music that is sassy, live and fun as they sung Too Drunk To Drive. We are definitely drunk on the glories of blues / Rock n’ Roll in the hands of the maestro that is Joe Louis Walker.

The encore is a smoking walking blues medley, Down, Down with a cheeky electric organ kick and the mesmeric, stunning virtuoso guitar from Joe Louis Walker on his Gibson. Contemporary blues at home in the vaulted Convent auditorium.

Read the Conversation with Joe Louis Walker before this show – HERE

Clap of Thunder Rocks Colston Hall Bristol

Clap of Thunder Rocks Colston Hall Bristol


Colston Hall WM-5657
Colston Hall, Bristol we made it through the chaotic traffic that was conspiring to make us late. We overcame and were there to see the first band in a smorgasbord of styles on offer tonight. With three bands it was going to be wall to wall guitars, vocals and keyboards with King King, Terrorvision and THUNDER!

What a start King King are not a bottom of the bill blues rock outfit. Thirty minutes are just not long enough we wanted more of Alan Nimmo’s honey dripping vocals that pour over his guitar strings. They made the best use of the time, chatter kept to a minimum they let the music do the talking. One thing for certain they made another phalnax of fans tonight, who will want to hear the band again very soon – you are in luck they are back on tour – checkout dates and venues HERE. King King are more than a little bit special they are a quartet of talent. King King are a band that celebrate each other’s abilities, thus the musical depth is greater than the sum of the individual inputs. Kilted and dazzling as ever front man Alan Nimmo adds the shining finishing touches to the surround provided by his musical comrades. The keys add lead breaks and curlicues of chords to every track thanks to Bob Fridzema, and the rhythm section, drummer Wayne Proctor and Lindsay Coulson on bass adding yet another tonal layer to the King King’s rising blues Rock Banner. What an opening act! We wanted more but sadly was not to be appropriately squeezed into a whistle-stop tour of King King songs was Hurricane kicking up a storm before Thunder, and then Bristol had a chance to sing with Rush Hour and You Drive Me Crazy. King King came and once again excited and royally conquered Bristol with blues rock that appeals and thrills every time.

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What an efficient turn- around equipment taken off the front of stage and Terrovision were set up and ready to take over the baton handed to them by King King to entertain.

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Terrovision, a band from Bradford not one I have heard much of so intrigued. Would they be terrifying or a visual delight? It turned out they for me were neither! For me they just did not connect in my musical lexicon. They were a letdown following the opening set. They delivered a set of high-octane power rock-pop, many fans in the audience were delighted with the antics. The second keyboard player of the night, who kept rocking the keyboard into a strange angle which added nothing the sound. Terrorvision definitely infused the high energy set with powerful riffs. Tony Wright fronting the band cavorts across the stage delivering his vocals whether on Discotheque Wreck the opening number right through to the expected songs in the set. The fans loved the trip down nostalgia road – My House, Alice and What’s The Matter. The set was showmanship over substance why take your shirt of Tony it added nothing to D’ya Wanna Go Faster as he leaped around the stage. Thankfully he did put another shirt on. Terrorvision fans were delighted they understand what Terrorvision are about musically this metal-pop just did not ignite.

Thunder WM-5944Another quick set change. Entering the stage to Edgar Winter on the PA followed by a clap of thunder! Danny Bowes and Thunder under a blaze of lights hit the stage in Bristol the applause, shouts and whistles were thunderous. The atmosphere just got hotter and hotter the energy and the thrill of the audience was uniform from the front of the stage up through into the seats upstairs. Starting the show with Wonder Days, title track off their current nostalgia drenched album. Danny had complete control of the crowd generating an electric atmosphere that he continued to re-fuel throughout the set.

Thunder is a band that refused to fade away, they have a fan base that is alive, well and growing this is the renaissance of a much underrated rock band. The reward a top-ten album, chart topping DVD and sell out shows – Colston Hall was sold out months ago.

Danny’s vocals are superb as he spits out the lyrics and then throughs in a gentler side. With his long-time partner in music Luke Morley on guitar. Adding into the Thunder mix that blew up a storm are one of the most popular drummers Gary ‘Harry’ James combined with Chris Childs the rhythm is assured. We still need a another layer of tones so who else could fill the role it has to be multi-instrumentalist Ben Matthews who not only plays a splendid cowbell his true role is guitarist and keyboard player. Fantastic to see him back on stage after his brush with Cancer.

This is not a strutting testosterone fueled rock band. Thunder want to have some cheeky fun, they want to have a rock fest of joyous energy. The set list was laden with songs from Wonder Days. There was also time to revisit past glories including River of Pain from the 1995 Behind Closed Door album and further back Like A Satellite. The crowd whooped with delight and earned a chiding from Danny as he smiled and said “you’re not helping”. Despite the passage of time, which Danny referred to his vocal prowess has not diminished with the passing years. He is unarguably on of the finest rock voices on the circuit today.
Luke Morely played with his characteristic way, tasteful considerate and never overwhelming the band. As Danny Bowes left the stage the acoustic was his chosen guitar with a gentle number fitting neatly into the set a juxtaposition to the rest of the evening. The interlude was short-lived the Gibson flying V tool over the voice was back and the band picked up the rock tempo with a flick of the lights adding more power to the set Rock Conquers All. The Colston Hall crowd loved every maneuver Danny used to get them participating the sparks between stage and audience were as intense as an electric storm. The cowbell added to I Love You More Than Rock and Roll, and Ben used the bell for a short while in the next track before casually throwing it towards the back of the stage where it was deftly caught. Picking up the guitar the bell was silenced.

The noise rose and rose as the demand for an encore was screamed, stamped and shouted for and the enthusiastic and happy audience was rewarded with Serpentine from Wonder Days and the inevitable Dirty Love.

Thunder tonight, played a magnificent set of classic rock sparking with lightening of guitars and keys and the thunderous power of ‘Harry’ on drums. SUPERB!!!

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To celebrate the release of both Ben Poole’s Album Time Has Come &

Stevie Nimmo’s The Sky Won’t Fall

Stevie Nimmo embarking on a co-headline tour with The Ben Poole Band throughout March, April and May

UK TOUR 2016

Tickets: £12 / Box Office: 01273 464440
Tickets: £12 / Box Office: 01652 660380
Tickets: £12 / Box Office:01833 640854
Tickets: £12 / Box Office:01577 863467

Tickets £10/12 / Box Office: HERE
Tickets: £12 / Box Office: 0208 761 9078
Tickets £12 / Box Office: 01757 708 449
Tickets: £12 / Box Office: 0191 230 4474
Tickets £12 / Box Office: 01786 274400
Tickets; £12 / Box Office: 0141 357 6200
Tickets: £12 / Box Office: 01244 619930
Tickets £12 / Box Office: 01452 862332
Tickets:  £12 / Box Office: 0208 761 9078
Tickets: £12 / Box Office: 02380 678 446
Tickets: £12 / Box Office: 075359 79658
Tickets: £12 / Box Office: 01252 793 430
Tickets: £12 / Box Office: 01635 244246
Tickets: £12 / Box Office: 01332 204955
Tickets: £12 / Box Office: 0114 266 5599

Time Has Definitely Come for Ben Poole



READ Why Bluesdoodles gave this a TENHERE




The Sky Won’t Fall proclaims Stevie Nimmo



READ Why Bluesdoodles gave this a TENHERE

Time Has Definitely Come for Ben Poole

Time Has Definitely Come for Ben Poole

Time Has Definitely Come for Ben Poole



Ben Poole is a guitarist who has been on the radar of many within the U.K./European Blues circuit for a while with his fan base loyal and growing. His latest album out on Manhaton Records on 1st April is no April’s Fools, it is the piece of the jigsaw that will raise Ben’s authority as a great guitarist. Yes – Time Has Come for Ben Poole.

The guitar is thrilling, from the beginning and like any opening track Lying To Me hooks you into the blues ambiance that will get you excited and want to hear more of what this exciting guitarist has to offer over the next ten tracks. Does it disappoint… No it does not opening with feisty power the tone builds the layers thicken and the turmoil of love seeps through the DNA of Time Has Come.

As Ben says “This album has a really nice overview of my style”. Ben’s style may be drenched in the blues but not drowning in the genre. Into the mix across the album is rock, soul and then the spicy twist of funk and soul. Time Has Come has a universal appeal with its depth of flavor and musical reach.  The addition of three wonderful guitarist that understand contemporary blues Aynsley Lister, Todd Sharpville and Henrik Freischlader,  and then the organ chords  courtesy of Dutchman Bob Fridzema adding a raw edge plus those instantly recognisable backing vocals of Stevie Nimmo this is a ten track phenomenon.  This addition of four blues giants adds to the depth of tone and shape making this studio album stand out and yet still retaining the integrity of Ben’s live performance. The rhythm section throughout is the perfect stable and deep platform of sound whichever combination. On the majority of tracks Wayne Proctor and bassist Steve Amadeo or on two songs from Ben’s band bassist Matt Beable and Craig  Bacon’s drumming.

Three tracks in and there is a change of direction a laid back, gentler number Longing For A Woman with the  inspired combination of acoustic delicacy and electric fire. This is a track where once again guitars are given their freedom to soar. Blues that is free like the clearest of clear blue sky, the horizon is pure and open and the heart of blues guitar can fly.

Ben’s vocals throughout grind out sometimes gently other times full of hope and hurt the emotional turmoil of love. They bring expressive intelligence to the lyrics as Ben shares his experiences of love from deep within his heart and soul. BUT it is the emotion in the six-strings that really shape, bend and tear at your heart-strings creating a deep electric blues vibe.

Half way through and the antonym to the title Time Might Never Come appears and forms part of his live act and always pleases. This rendition has a new expressive feel the drums pound out the undercurrents and Time Might Never Come is explored. The vocals and long chords from the organ are filled with anguish of loneliness as Ben sings “tomorrow will be to late… Time Might Never Come”. The guitar lead break is bitter sweet and churns around your emotional mood; once again on this album it is Ben’s personal connection with the listener that adds a deeply personal touch.  No wonder Ben has been dubbed as f*cking amazing by Jeff Beck with the spell-binding lead breaks throughout the album.

There are lighter moments on the album Stay At Mine and Just When You Thought it was Safe with an up-tempo beat that makes the feet tap and the guitar tone lightens and shapes the musical journey.  Closing with Question Why the blues is full on and sweet. There certainly is no Question Why, the Time Has Come for Ben Poole.

The time has definitely arrived for Ben Poole. His guitar playing and lyrics have gained a self-determination thanks to Andy Banfield’s skilled engineering and the production vision of Wayne Proctor (King King’s Drummer) and into the mixing Steve Wright. They have combined to unfetter Ben’s inhibitions and capture the essence of this young man’s power as a blues guitarist extraordinaire.  Superfly have captured, distilled and shaped the substance that is Ben live in a studio setting.  Superfly Studios, have unleashed a blues guitarist of monstrous proportions whose time has truly come.


Currently On tour with Stevie Nimmo – dates below.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….
Ben Poole Time Has Come Manhaton Records Release Date 1st April

Track Listing

  1. Lying To Me
  2. I Think I Love You Too Much
  3. Longing For A Woman
  4. If You Want To Play With My Heart
  5. Time Might Never Come
  6. Stay At Mine
  7. You’ve Changed
  8. Just When You Thought It Was Safe
  9. Whoever Invented Love
  10. The Question Why

Stevie Nimmo Ben Poole

Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines

Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia PinesHuge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines

thanks to
Broken Witt Rebels

Five tracks that will shape your musical listening. From the opening guitar riff Broken Witt Rebels hit that sweet spot of listenability. Yes there are huge guitar riffs blowing through Georgia Pines plus so much more. There is nothing Low about the opening track that sits at the high altar of rootsy rocking delights. Low is an obvious choice to be the early release prior to the April release date of the full E.P.

Broken Witt Rebels, are a young band from Birmingham UK; not Alabama, listening to the immense sound they create full of Southern heat and charm the confusion is plausible. The vocals from Danny Core have a distinctive tone that add to the layers of rhythmic sound. The voice creates a mood that is wrenching and drenched in emotion that hooks onto James Tranter’s lead guitar.

The tale of Suzie unfolds as Danny’s voice grinds around some grungy blues riffs that give old blues an uplifting contemporary twist. The title track is fast and has a feeling of movement and urgency. With Confusion the opening words reflect the intro and the drumming with its insistent beat from James Dudley. This is soulful rock-rooted in an authenticity of sound that will lead to comparison with Alabama Shakes and Black Keys. The reality is Broken Witt Rebels are grinding out there own musical furrow with bassist Luke Davis and the drums of James Dudley providing a deeply a rooted rhythm section. This allows Danny and James to explore the depths of the lyrics and shape the tone around the rhythm creating soulful rock, a driving force of southern blues. Getaway Man another change of texture this must be awesome live as the instrumentation builds around the vocals.

All too soon the dying notes of the last track Guns fade away. This is a band that have so much more material and exploration they are exciting, vibrant and bring a raw energy to the sound they create.

Enjoy the beautiful produced E.P. and get out and see them live you can feel the electric energy that would release onto the stage if not trapped in this recording with huge guitar riffs blowing through Georgia Pines. Adding into the mix vocals that remain long after the last note is sung. Broken Witt Rebels have nailed their rocking vibe to the Georgia Pines.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

The 5-track EP, released for worldwide distribution in April, is currently available for pre-order from the band’s official website . The first single, “LOW”, will be released as a music video with a Soundcloud link for free streaming on Friday 26 February.

Track Listing

Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines

Huge Guitar Riffs blowing through Georgia Pines

January has to be Rock and Blues @ Skegness: Friday Night

January has to be Rock and Blues @ Skegness: Friday Night



The journey completed, the rain has stopped and the music begins to play. The Introducing Stage fills the gap between unpacking and the evening entertainment plus a perfect way to hear new bands and catch up with friends.

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The honour of getting the Butlins Rock and Blues weekend rollercoaster off on the right note and creating a party mood were Sugarman Sam & The Voodoo Men. A quartet playing great electric Rn’B interspersed with slower blues classics, including I Don’t Know Too Much About Love, the Sugarman certainly knew how to tick the right boxes with the crowd. The stage is proving to be a real success. The Black Circles picked up the baton and set out their stall hoping to be the one of tonight’s four bands who would have a spot on one of the main stages of 2017. They certainly claimed a stake as The Black Circles are a force-field in the rising bands of Blues rock, Sam Bratley certainly plays his guitar with passion and drive.

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Third band of the night, The Blue Horizon a trio that have a power trio feel with rock infused blues. The sound is robust and the improvisation on some of the self-penned numbers certainly had people listening and enjoying the groove they were setting down. Justified was a number with a funky edge once again showing the synergy between the bassist and guitarist. Last but not least Trident Waters, the rockiest with a dirty sound from the guitar, with a rawness that wasn’t helped by some sound problems early on. This had improved by the second number and they then got into their stride with some powerful licks and strong riffs that proves the depth of talent on the scene today and the power of the Introducing Stage in getting these bands noticed and people were voting for their favourite of the four.

Eight pm, the centre stage curtain rose as the DJ introduced Rebecca Downes and her band, the winners of Friday Nights Introducing stage 2015, as they stepped up and got the Centre Stage off to a polished start. Rebecca was very good last year, but what a difference a year makes. Full of smiles and confidence her silver-toned voice was polished with power and style, Rebecca connected with the crowd and they loved it. Very smooth moves between numbers as the tempo picked it up then slowed it down as style of song and rhythm changed again. The constant was the quality remained at the top of the pack. Rebecca hit the high notes in centre stage and had the crowds enthralled with here version of I’d Rather Go Blind. Her own self-penned numbers created a vibe that will become recognisable as the Downes way and the anticipation for her forthcoming album continues to rise. From Introducing to centre stage in a year where will she be in 2017 the only way is up for Rebecca and her band.

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Off to Reds for some Rock from House of X, for X replace have played for UFO! Upfront Danny Pyronel, kicking off with Let It Roll from UFO with other tracks we love with the great Laurence Archer laying down the hefty guitar riffs. Added to UFO memory lane with their own No More Tequila with the good vibes of a UFO number, without the power of vocals that made UFO tunes so recognisable. We are now rocking at Butlins 2016! With some music as the bands changed before FM.  As ever a really strong set from this band that delivers every time. FM plays stonking rock, keyboards adding another dimension.  This is a band on form tonight and playing all their favourites. That Girl as ever went down a storm, as the vocals powered across the crowd at Reds.

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Now for a quick jaunt across to Centre Stage for some Texan blues smooth and delivered with a smile as ever by the genial . Eugene treated us to some glorious clean-cut Louisiana blues. The first authentic blues sound of the weekend and filled the stage and across the auditorium and the feet were tapping and the crowds smiled with joy of the blues vibe. Eugene ‘Hideaway’ Bridges vocals are rich and the lyrics curl around the ear. His character is full of colour and smiles as he shares tales and the music that he loves. The guitar licks are silky smooth with edgy riffs delivered in perfect timing. The finger picking on a Gibson 335 – it really is blues manna from heaven. As the notes died away the curtains closed and blues lovers sighed with collective delights. Up next was blues with a modern twist driven by the beautiful blues-harp from Giles Robson. Giles Robson and The Dirty Aces played the first blues-harp of the weekend. Giles achieves a special tone and shape from this tiny instrument that always packs a bluesy punch. Tonight Giles delivered blues full of tradition suiting his virtuous style. He is one of only a handful of genuine lead-harp players around as proved on every tune played. His specialisms is the high notes on the harp, leaping the octaves and shaping the notes. His vocals are laid back and rich contrasting with the sharp harp. The Mighty Incinerator was as ever a highlight and then the train sounds he produces from the harmonica is a blues-man equivalent of a magician pulling the rabbit out of a hat a party trick that always delights.

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Gerry Jablonski-2655Early night…? –  no popped into a busy JAKS bar to catch Gerry Jablonski and the Electric Band who delighted everyone there looking to keep on the festival feel. For me the time caught up with me and time for sleep busy day ahead tomorrow, Friday night left music humming in my head with rock riffs and bluesy shadows merging what a start to the weekend. There may be complainers but for bluesdoodles the music told the story notes for every taste.

Bluesdoodles – Pick Of The Bunch 2015

Pick Of The Bunch 2015 ~
The order is random all are brilliant and in with a shout for the Bluesdoodles Dozen of 2015..

These are from the albums I have listened to and reviewed throughout 2015 – this is my subjective collection happy for others to disagree. Bluesdoodles wants to thank every artist who has submitted music to be reviewed I listen and will always be honest and fair

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Fish – A Feast Of Consequences
Joel Fisk & The Breakdown – The Well
Dan Patlansky – Dear Silence Thieves
John Mayall – A Special Life
Giles Hedley – Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound
Lisa Mills – I’m Changing re-mix
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman – Tomorrow Will Follow Today
Ian Siegal – One Night In Amsterdam
Dani Wilde – Songs About
Joe Satriani – Shockwave Supernova
Guy Tortora – Bluesman In A Boneyard
Danny & The Champions of the World – What Kind Of Love
Gill Landry – Gill Landry
LaVendore Rogue – Light Up With
Mark Pontin – Textures
Aynsley Lister – Home
Samantha Fish – Wild Heart
Little Devils – The Storm Inside
Erja Lyytinen – Live In London
Beth Hart – Better Than Home
David Phillips – If I Had Wings
Karen Lovely – Ten Miles of Bad Road
Micke Bjorklof & Blues Strip – Ain’t Bad Yet
King King – Reaching For The Light
Devon Allman – Ragged and Dirty
Joe Louis Walker – Everybody Wants A Piece
Danni Nicholls – Mockingbird Lane
Layla Zoe – Live at The Spirit of 66
Joel Hoekstra’s 13 – Dying To Live
Chantel McGregor – Lose Control
Babajack – Babajack Live
Jar Family – Family First
Craig Finn – Faith In The Future
Buddy Guy – Born To Play Guitar
Delta Deep – Delta Deep
Kaz Hawkins – Get Ready
Groanbox – Groanbox
Jimbo Mathus – Blue Healer
Eddie Martin Big Red Radio- Live in Tuscany
Mike Zito & The Wheel – Keep Coming Back
Connie Lush – Renaissance
AndersonPonty Band – Better Late Than Never
Walter Trout – Battle Scars

British Liver Trust Patron – Walter Trout

Photo Credit Greg Waterman
Photo Credit Greg Waterman

Walter Trout becomes a Patron of the British Liver Trust

He has been given the gift of life and now he wants to help others
 “I’m only still here because someone donated their liver” Walter Trout

You can find out more info on the British Liver Trust, become a doner and get a free download of the song Move On HERE

Walter received a liver transplant after nearly facing death in 2014. He now feels like a new man and has immense gratitude for his supporters, his donor and the medical community who gave him a second chance at life. Recognizing that liver disease is a ‘silent killer’ and many people are unaware of it until it is too late, he has become a Patron of the Trust because he wants to help raise awareness, much needed funding and encourage everyone to ensure that their loved ones know their wishes regarding becoming a donor.  Walter is supporting the Trust in his upcoming November UK tour.

His new album Battle Scars, released on Provogue/Mascot Label Group chronicles his battle with liver failure.  Walter found out that he had liver disease in 2013. His health deteriorated and he almost died. He spent a month in intensive care and then a further five months on a liver ward first waiting for a transplant and then recovering after surgery.  His fans – many of them from England – used the internet to support Walter and help him raise $250,000 needed to help towards his medical bills for his liver transplant in 2014.

Liver disease is currently the third commonest cause of premature death in the UK – more than 12 million of us are at risk of liver disease yet we have very few resources compared with other conditions. With more funding into better research and care and by encouraging many more people to become a donor we can save more people’s lives. Without the funding that supports research and new developments in care and without people agreeing to donate their organs, Walter would not be alive today. He now feels he wants to give something back and raise awareness for the condition.

“I am delighted that Walter Trout has agreed to support the British Liver Trust and become our Patron.” Said Andrew Langford, Chief Executive of the British Liver Trust. “As Walter knows it is a silent killer and by the time that you have the symptoms it can often be too late. I would urge everyone to take the British Liver Trust’s free online Love Your Liver health screener on our website to see if you are at risk. Please also make sure that your loved ones know your wishes regarding organ donation and consider joining Walter in supporting us.”

Talking about his involvement with the trust, Walter opens up; “Liver disease almost cost me my life. The disease progressively drained me of my life force until I was on the verge of death. A miraculous liver transplant allowed me to survive and thrive once again. I owe my life to the research and development in the medical field around treatment of liver diseases. I am happy to work with the British Liver Trust to promote awareness about the silent killer among us. I am thrilled because new treatments are emerging at the moment, and to help raise awareness around this, and to empower people to seek treatment, is something I feel privileged to do.”

At the end of each of each show on the tour, there will be leaflets at the merchandise booth with more information, where Walter will also be signing records.

READ why we gave Battle Scars a perfect 10 – HERE

Walter will be touring the UK on the following dates:

Walter is touring the U.K. during November
UK Dates

Tues 17 November – Stockton, Arc
Weds 18 November – Glasgow, ABC
Fri 20 November – Holmfirth, Picturedrome
Sat 21 November – London, Forum
Tues 24 November – Leamington, Assembly
Weds 25 November – Frome, Cheese & Grain

CD Review: Walter Trout ~ Battle Scars

Scan0006Walter Trout
Battle Scars
Provogue/Mascot Label Group

Walter Trout’s, Battle Scars is an album that narrates a journey few have been on and even less people have reached the other side, no wonder the album is dark, heartfelt and uplifting it is stunning in every dimension. The album opens with a slow darkly intense number Almost Gone. The swampy music is laden with impending doom, is reflective with lyrics redolent with emotion and the melody guitar driven that has the urgency running deep with impending doom. The guitar gains vigour and the drum beats out the rhythm on Omaha as Walter sings “Give me your hand…” the story unfolds and the listener is immersed in the story – if this was a book it would be a gripping page turner, the advantage of a music led narrative you are slowed down by the pace of the beat and the length of each track be patient enjoy the blues and wait for the next chapter. Half way through and a slow urban driven blues number that is drenched in fear and sorrow Take Me Home is a heart wrenching blues ballad that is perfectly formed. The beat picks up as we are held way through with a new urgency a feeling of positivity is creeping in Playin’ Hideway and again it is the lyrics and guitar that dominates and works so well. Every track has an emotional driver that the guitar takes a slower swampy vibe, Haunted by the Night you feel in a dark place as the Devil of blues music is interspersed through the lyrics as Walter sings “I am too tired to fight, darkness all round me…” and then the electric energy of Fly Away with some scorching guitar licks. A switch to acoustic guitar and a number sung directly to you and Walter’s voice is full of power and gratitude Gonna Live Again and the story is almost told. Closing the album with his voice on Sammy Sammy for a few seconds Walter Trout is back producing wonderful music.

Walter Trout’s guitar playing is sublime the lyrics drenched in personal experience giving them power through authenticity. This is an album that captures, telling a story in best blues tradition and the glimmer of hope grows as Battle Scars progress. Compelling listening that will stand the test of time reflecting the battle won as Walter didn’t die last year and Battle Scars is a testimony of the journey Walter, Marie and his family have been on; changing them forever.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Almost Gone
2. Omaha Prelude
3. Omaha
4. Tomorrow Seems Far Away
5. Please Take Me Home
6. Playin’ Hideaway
7. Haunted By The Night
8. Fly Away
9. Move On
10. My Ship Came In
11. Cold, Cold Ground
12. Gonna Live Again
13. Sammy, Sammy

Walter is touring the U.K. during November
UK Dates

Tues 17 November – Stockton, Arc
Weds 18 November – Glasgow, ABC
Fri 20 November – Holmfirth, Picturedrome
Sat 21 November – London, Forum
Tues 24 November – Leamington, Assembly
Weds 25 November – Frome, Cheese & Grain

Aynsley Lister ~ live @ The Tunnels, Bristol

Aynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0155lAynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0105l


Aynsley Lister
@ The Tunnels, Bristol
Friday 14th August


Tonight underneath Temple Meads at The Tunnels in Bristol the atmosphere was full of electric anticipation as we waited for Aynsley and his band to lift the roof of the arches and the music to flow through our collective veins in the South-West. Aynsley’s fan base is loyal and growing reflecting the power of his live act; the sparkling studio and live albums and the award-winning skills of Aynsley’s rock-blues guitar playing.

Aynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0024lTonight the band was on fire and the line-up behind him was two changes from the norm for this one-off gig after a tour of Germany with the enigmatic Jools Grudgings on keys; bassist Christian Dezelu and completing the rhythm section regular Boneto “Bunny” Dryden on drums. There was a party feel and the band were going to entertain with a set list that took us on a mini-tour of past albums and his current studio sound on Home. The live sound is honed unsurprisingly with the non-stop touring around the UK and Europe; the music though always has a freshness as if you are hearing the music for the first time no wonder the crowds gathered to hear him play in Bristol once again.

Aynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0062lOpening with Big Sleep we know we are listening to a guitarist steeped in the blues with a rocking tone providing a dramatic hard edge to his power chords; the solo was entrancing pulling the crowds deep into his musical soul. If you haven’t heard his latest album Home you were treated to the title track and four more demonstrating the deep array of textures, tonal variations and the words that hold the melodies together, full of relevance for today’s audiences. Broke connects as the words unfold “The state we’re in, Hard to know, what we’re heading for….” we all could relate to the lyrics delivered with feeling. The first set left people wanting more as he finished with a bluesy number Sugar with Jools piano intro adding a sparkle to a great number a sweet taste of Aynsley’s music to close the first part of the gig. Whilst we all enjoyed a break and opportunity to catch up with fellow friends and fans including the dedicated Steve Pierce who is known to travel to Poland to hear the Lister magic and intoxicating guitar playing. Once again the music was strung out across the tunnels the notes finding their way into the nooks and crevices and melding with the fabric of this great gigging venue.

Aynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0019lThe second set started where we had musically left off guitar driven music of the highest quality, with vocals that match so that we have that perfect combination of strong songs sung while the guitar hits the sweet spot on your musical antennae. Hitting the right spot with another track from Home, Hyde 2612 gets the second set underway, then one of my favourites from Equilibrium, What’s It All About, we know what it is all about a night of live music with friend’s and guitars that sing from every string makes for a perfect night out. Tonight there was a sadness many had just read about the untimely death of Brian Burns, a dedicated lover of live music; whose all too early death on the way from a Dr Feelgood gig the night before was a raw hurt and Aynsley’s dedication of Free in his memory was appreciated by all those who knew Brian who loved his blues, and always at the front the heart and soul of many an outing.

Aynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0056lTonight there was no argument that Aynsley was playing at the top of his game with a fluidity of sound that was delivered by the whole band, you had to know this was only the second time they had played together every riff, melody line and inter-action between the instruments was flawless. We had classics from Freddie King with Tore Down, guitar solos and a duel between guitar and keys it was a draw with both hitting all the right notes. Another Aynsley classic Early Morning Dew was played drawing down memories of other Aynsley gigs and the pleasure they bring. Ending the night with a thundering delivery of Possession we wanted more as the last notes faded away and we did yes it had to be Purple Rain, this version of Prince’s classic number always delights the crowds, and tonight was no different.
Tonight they gained some new fans and ensured that we will be back to hear more of Aynsley’s magic next time he rolls into town.

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