Robben Ford Guitar Fills The Globe Tonight

Robben Ford Guitar Fills The Globe Tonight

Robben Ford Guitar Fills The Globe Tonight


Midweek made glorious thanks to the stupendous guitar playing of Robben Ford to a packed house in Cardiff tonight. The anticipation was high and everyone was rewarded with a showpiece of blues with the chimes of jazz rather than dilution of blues guitar by rocky riffs. Robben and his rhythm section delighted the audience at The Globe, a full venue is a delight the energy pings between artist and audience and back again. Robben has a unique take on the blues, exploring a whole gamut of styles with sublime and scintillating lead guitar breaks, whilst maintaining real authenticity with each number. The set list was a mix of music comprising old from his extensive back catalogue; something new with tracks from his last album Into the Sun; lots of Blue and even something borrowed Freddie King’s shuffle.

Opening with Same Train from, Into The Sun we stepped onboard a journey of guitar magic that sets Robben out from the crowd. The blues with jazz chords interspersed with tasty licks were spellbinding, you could spot the guitarists in the audience by the steely fixed gazes of amazement. Cannonball Shuffle proved a fitting tribute to bluesman Freddie King, and throughout the influence of Freddie’s guitar work was evident. We needed something funkier and Robben obliged with High Heels and Throwing Things, raising the temperature with his guitar solos, into the mix we heard a great percussive bass solo from Brian Allen and not to be left out Wes Little explored his drum kit to great effect in his solo.

The whole evening was a masterclass in guitar control, with depth and glittering brilliance, Fool’s Paradise was a beautiful blues/jazz fusion to add to the mix. The music is not about control of his hands as in every track there is a deftness of touch and relaxed approach as if Robben is choosing the path the songs are taking. This is exemplified on Bird’s Nest Bound, the solo is startling its crystal clarity contrasting with the lyrical vocals, the combination was totally mesmerizing.

With a salute to the adoring crowds the band left the stage, but we had one more moment in the sun with Robben Ford’s guitar as he came on and did an Encore Thoughtless. Tonight the concert went too fast for many and we all wanted to hear some more but as Robben sang earlier in the set Midnight Comes Too soon, just like the final note from the guitar it was just too soon. Here’s to the next time Robben Ford visits Wales.

Set List

Same Train
Midnight Comes To Soon
Howlin’ At The Moon
Rainbow Cover
Rose Of Sharon
How Deep In The Blues
Bird’s Nest Bound
Cannonball Shuffle
High Heels and Throwing Things
Cut You Loose
Please Set A Date
Fools Paradise
Lovin Cup


Album Into The Sun – released on Mascot Group Label – Purchase HERE

CD review: Doug MacLeod ~ Exactly Like This

Doug M


Doug MacLeod
Exactly Like This
Reference Recording



Doug MacLeod says “I never plan a theme for my albums. But I believe this album is different”. Doug has lots to tell you but the album and read them – it will be worth it! And the eleven self-penned tracks are a great listening experience.

Opening with Rock It Till The Cows Come Home a 1950’s rockin’ music number that encapsulates the structure and soul of this Louis Jordan inspired track; it is a feel good, put a smile on your face, opening track a fantastic way to start an album that Doug himself believes is a journey of tracks tipping their musical hats to the many musical influences that have shaped Doug’s music. We have a jazz guitar vibe that gives the middle of the track real shape combined with adroit lyrics of Too Many Misses For Me.
Doug is a blues player that sings and writes the songs telling stories he wants to share with you. Ain’t It Rough opens with talking blues as the story unfolds against the rhythmic beat of the drum and Doug’s voice; the country music picks up the voice gets more melodic on a great country blues tale with twist of humor. Then that change of tempo that is a theme with a driving blues number Vanetta; you just instantly connect and think of John Lee Hooker. Now to keep the interest going on the ride home with the last five tracks; can he maintain the momentum achieved? It is a resounding YES! Ridge Runner, a classy instrumental full of twist and turns has a country fair blues feel with wash board and the underlining bass line which picks up the beat and improvises again picking up a gently jazz feeling. Then that contrast with Doug’s vocals shining above the guitar as he delivers a stripped down direct contrast to the instrumental, this really brings the quality of his voice to the fore and gets your attention. Heaven’s The Only Place the penultimate track following a blues take on rock N’ roll again is stripped bare with vocals that are full of yearning and soulfulness leading to the closing number You Got It Good (And That Ain’t Bad) ending the album with a big bluesy shout, with piano shuffle on the drums and his vocals that wrap around the musical framework a great number to leave a lasting memory of an album that is a listen to again and often as Doug delivers blues that is modern, interesting and listenable.

The album incorporates many influences and the result is Exactly Like This; this his third album is full of music driven shapes and textures creating a sound that is full of key changes, beats and tempos that keeps your musical ear appreciatively engaged.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch


Track Listing
1. Rock It Till The Cows Come Home
2. Too Many Misses For Me
3. Find Your Right Mind
4. Ain’t It Rough
5. Vanetta
6. Serious Doin’ Woman
7. Ridge Runner
8 New Morning Road
9. Raylene
10. Heaven’s The Only Place
11. You Got It Good (And That Ain’t Bad)


Doug MacLeod (Vocals, Guitars, Songwriter)
Jimi Batt (Drums)
Danny Croy (Bass)
Michael Thompson (Keyboards)