Ruby Tiger Creating Bluesy Vistas on Her EP

Ruby Tiger Creating Vistas on Her EPRuby Tiger Creating Bluesy Vistas on Her EP

Olivia Stevens (aka Ruby Tiger) is a British blues & soul singer that deserves to be heard – and Vistas provides the perfect opportunity.

The five tracks that make up this debut EP go beyond the realms of a standard 12 bar blues and take in elements of soul, jazz and more. But make no mistake, these guys certainly know how to play the blues when it’s called for. ‘Big feeling blues’ is a great example of that. It’s a real gem of a track which they went all the way back to 1928 for. Originally recorded by Ma Rainey, It features a stompin’ groove, tasteful harmonica and guitar solos and best of all – a vocal duet between Ruby and guitarist ‘King Rollo’. Doesn’t get much better than that! Or does it? Well , there’s also a fine version of ‘damn your eyes’. While there is certainly no shortage of Etta James covers out there, not many actually do justice to the great lady. Aside from Beth Hart and Warren Haynes, I can’t think of many – if any- that have done as good a job as Ruby has here. She really sings it like she means it, pouring her heart and soul into every word. The band deserve a lot of credit for this arrangement too. There’s bass, drums, guitar, keys and sax all audible amongst the purrs of their big cat band leader – but there’s never any danger of them treading on each other’s toes (or paws).

As well as the two covers there are a few original recordings on offer too. ‘Shattered not broken’ is a fun-time boogie blues track that sees Ruby Channel her inner Susan Tedeschi.

‘Me & my tears’ demonstrates another side to the band altogether – Close your eyes and you can imagine yourself in a smoky Parisienne jazz club. This self-penned number is full of slick changes and seriously smooth sax playing.

As you can probably tell, the EP offers great variety and for the most part, manages to flow quite nicely. The only anomaly is opening track ‘best friend’. Comprising of just bass and a slow arpeggiated guitar part sitting under the brooding vocal lines, this stripped back track is quite a contrast to what lies ahead. It’s by no means bad but doesn’t quite sit comfortably with the rest of the songs on offer.

Sussex based Ruby Tiger is undoubtedly the star of the show, but the real triumph here is the sum of all parts. The band is tight, inventive and full of energy. When a solo is played – Whatever the instrument – it’s always played with the song in mind.

Despite the slight disconnect between the opening track and the rest of the EP, there is a distinct, memorable sound on offer here. A welcome sound on the British blues scene.

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track List:

  1. Best Friend
  2. Big Feeling Blues
  3. Damn Your Eyes
  4. Me & My Tears
  5. Shattered Not Broken


Ruby Tiger Creating Vistas on Her EP


Spikedrivers live at Pontardawre

Spikedrivers - Pontardawre - Nov 2015_0166l

Spikedrivers live at

Pontardawe, Saturday 7th November




Pontadarwe Arts Centre, with cabaret style tables all ready for the show, sadly, that meant for some of the crowd especially ‘ The Swansea Ladies’ limited room to get up and dance. The Spikedrivers started with Got My Ticket as the trio that bring their own special blending of the blues hit the ground running back in Wales among friends.

Spikedrivers - Pontardawre - Nov 2015_0080lThe interplay between the band members was as ever intuitive as they created medleys and harmonies that quivered, rose and ebbed away across the glorious auditorium of the Victorian theatre. Ben Tyzack’s sublime guitar work, is there a better slide player? Then adding percussion and bass from Constance Redgrave and completing the deep rootsy driven rhythms is Maurice McElroy. The Spikedrivers are a music powered collective that lays down the groove and swirls in the blues so that the music and lyrics reverberate across and auditorium or festival field – they are spellbindingly good. Tonight, was no different with John Henry from their superb album Live In London and their version of JJ Cale’s Call Me The Breeze. Tonight it was not Welsh language being celebrated but Potawatomi, Thunders Walking (jigwek bmosewat), a song exploring Constance’s heritage through her Mother’s people it is a prayer and song that is offered to soldiers everywhere and a fitting moment in the set for reflection on Remembrance weekend; a song and music drenched in emotion.


Spikedrivers - Pontardawre - Nov 2015_0085lWhat a band they are – as the vocals duties swap and the guitars change the sounds are shaped to match the lyrics with pathos, laughter the lyrical colour and texture works with the flow of guitar and rhythms. Whether on Billie Holliday’s Billies Blues or Ghost Train Shuffle ending with a train whistle or Rooster Stopped Crowing with hairbrush driven washboard from Constance.
After a short break, it was time for Maurice to leave the shadows behind his drum kit and step up front for a pot and cahon display, it was great to see him looking fit again and back on stage with the band once again. Blues Train has guitar, pot and washboard, there are the unenlightened who say thSpikedrivers - Pontardawre - Nov 2015_0176lis is not blues OH! Yes it is! Instruments to have lyrics that tell a story to an earthy beats that is the heart of the blues. Maurice took on singing duties for Two Left Feet and we were all having fun. You do not have to go to the Southern States and the Delta for inspiration since their wonderful Blues to the River inspired by a visit to Burnham-On-Crouch and the river that flows into the Essex Delta.. The second set was a full-on musical tapestry with subtle contours, flashes of sparkling chords and highlights of scintillating slide guitar and the raw silk that was the rhythm that throbbed and gave the music its soul and textures. The encore was demanded as we all wanted them to play on into the night and Dust My Broom and No Expectations ended the show that left everyone with a smile on their face.

Spikedrivers - Pontardawre - Nov 2015_0218l


It really was great to see the Spikedrivers back in Wales tonight after a lengthy absence and they definitely didn’t disappoint with their Transatlantic Blues as everyone wanted to chat with Ben Constance and Maurice and they were happy to share their time with the audience.

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E.P. Review: Rob Richings ~ Half Way Up

Rob RRob Richings
Half Way Up
Crescent Records

RELEASE DATE 20th November 2015
This four track EP is a delightful taster of the power of singer songwriter Rob Richings, and like any taster it whets the appetite and you are left wanting more, already anticipating a full length debut album of magical delights, which one is assured will be started once current touring commitments have been met.
Opening with the title track, on a personal and totally illogical note, I prefer the title track nestled into the mix so it almost unnoticed in the track list. That said Half Way Up is a wonderful track to open the album, close the record or anywhere else.
There is no doubt that it is the lyrics that are the heart and soul of the EP and the instrumentation has been crafted with care to augment the lyrics and never overwhelm, Rob is a modern day travelling minstrel who entertains. The authenticity of the words shine through there is a truth in the words that they come from his heart and personal experiences. Carnival is a track of pure beauty with a lead break of haunting strings, the power of piano and the added layer of a chorus, despite all this studio artistry it is the song and guitar that beats the Carnival spirit.
Rob is back working and touring after a life changing illness and the final track of the E.P was inspired while sitting in a 17th Clandestine Church in Amsterdam, Rob found it a deeply peaceful and spiritual place, and wrote the song Lord In The Attic on the spot, a mesmerising song full of beauty like sun shining through a stain glass window. This is four gems that shine and make a musical collection all the better for having Half Way Up in the collection an E.P. short, fragrant and perfectly formed.


Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Half Way Up
2. Richer Man
3. Carnival
4. Lord In the Attic

Don’t take my word for it go see Rob live at one on the gigs during a busy November
Tour Dates:

4th – Glad Cafe, Glasgow (Tom Baxter support)
5th – The Caves, Edinburgh (Tom Baxter support)
6th- South Beach Sessions, Troon (Tom Baxter support)
13th – St. Mary in the Castle, Hastings (Fishermans Friends support)
19th – Phoenix, Exeter (Tom Baxter support)
20th – Railway (Attic), Winchester (Tom Baxter support)
21th – Convent Club, Stroud (Tom Baxter support)

Steve Hackett ~ Live at Colston Hall October 2015

Steve Hackett - Colston Hall - Oct 2015_0239lSteve Hackett
Acolyte to Wolflight with Genesis Revisited Tour
Colston Hall, Bristol
28th October 2015

Steve Hackett - Colston Hall - Oct 2015_0012lTonight it is Bristol on the final leg of Steve Hackett’s latest tour, who are treated to an evening of Prog Rock in two halves, the first set a celebration of the solo career of Steve Hackett from his first solo album Voyage of The Acolyte to his latest release Wolflight and then after a short break over an hour of celebration of Genesis with the delight of hearing live tracks previously unheard.

Steve Hackett - Colston Hall - Oct 2015_0042bwlTaking us back to the early days of post Genesis, the title track from his third solo album Spectral Mornings, gets the show on the road as Colston Hall was surrounded by layers of sound that would continue throughout the show. Tonight’s touring band with Steve fitted the music being explored creating textured layers of music from instruments whose chords and notes intermingled in to a musical tapestry tonight with bassist, Roine Stolt , Gary O’Toole the bowler hatted drummer, on keys Roger King, and then multi-instrumentalist Rob Townsend adding flute, saxophone and additional vocals on some of the songs provided by Nad Sylvan with his golden voice.

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By the third track we were up to the present day with Woflight the title track of Steve Hackett’s latest offering, the guitar was sublime, elegant and at times hard-hitting. The whole band had a feel of a very contemporary orchestra this is electric music with a classical feel progressive and organic. Filling the hall with colourful shapes and layers of sound creating a complex tonal shape that was stylish and flowed with the musical story. Steve’s piercing guitar combined with haunting wind instruments and drums that form the beats that resonate across the hall. This is progressive music where you sit back and immersed deep in the zone of sound being created as the lyrics unfold taking you deep into exploration of the world while the music paints the emotional picture.
A change of tempo as Steve discarded electric for a twelve string acoustic taken to a special moment he experienced whilst on holiday in Mexico, Loving Sea captures those rare perfect moments preserving in the music the magic of memory. This was no folksy, rootsy acoustic it was progressive with percussion and penny whistle all painting a tonal backdrop for the lyrics as the tale unfolded. The next number, this time with a six string, from Defector album is Jaccuzzi with his brother John joining him on haunting and distinctive flute as we are once again exploring a musical wonderland.
What a wonderful hour and half of music with harmonies that floated, at then pinned down the lyrics as with the vocals from Nad on Icarus Ascending and Star of Sirius based on tarot and creating a wall of sound that was full of mysticism.

Steve Hackett - Colston Hall - Oct 2015_0125lA short break and then Genesis re-visited with fans ecstatic with joy as the set rolled through tracks that for many were personal favourites, reminding us of what a ground breaking prog rock band they were in the early days of the 1970’s. Every track was distinctive with a light show that augmented the complexity of sound and the journey the music and lyrics were exploring not always in a continuum but through a musical maze of exciting chord changes. Nad’s vocals soared above the clever instrumentation and arrangements capturing and distilling the essence of Genesis. Opening with Get ‘Em Out By Friday the trio of voices took on characters in a rendition that created a stage driven Prog Opera as Nad, Gary and Steve all played a vocal part. The poignancy of the set was augmented with a mention of the creepiness of Colston Hall downstairs with its history of holding slaves below harking back to the darker side of Bristol’s history. The inclusion of The Cinema Show was also fitting as the hall was a cinema in its checkered history, with stylish bass and guitar from Ronnie Stolt with his double-headed custom-built monster. The biggest cheer of the night was Steve Hackett on acoustic as he moved from some classic Spanish guitar sound into the opening bar of last track from Foxtrot album, Can-Utility and the Coastliners what a sound from the stage and around the hall.
The encore was sublime we all wanted more Prog Rock courtesy of Steve Hackett and his band of musicians but as the clocks ticked we knew time was running out in Bristol tonight.

Tonight was pure Prog rock in the moment and full of nostalgia that delighted both Genesis fans and those who like me are firmly in the camp of Steve Hackett’s post Genesis career that has that very special prog rock musical magic.

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Set List
Part 1: Acolyte to Wolflight

Spectral Mornings
Out Of The Body
Every Day
Love Song To A Vampire
The Wheel’s Turning
Loving Sea
Icarus Ascending
Star Of Sirius
Ace Of Wands
Tower Struck

Part 2: Genesis Revisited
Get ‘Em Out By Friday
After the Ordeal
The Cinema Show
Aisle Of Plenty
The Lamb
The Musical Box
Clocks/ Firth Of Fifth

Joe Bonamassa Live @ Motorpoint, Cardiff 2015

Joe Bonamassa - Motorpoint - Oct 2015_0014lJoe Bonamassa
Motorpoint, Cardiff
27th October 2015




Tonight, Bluesdoodles is in the heart of Cardiff for Joe Bonamassa at The Motorpoint visiting the twelfth European country on his current world tour. Expectations were high as the 4000 strong audience sat on the edges of their seats waiting to hear the Bonamassa blues guitar. The stage was minimal no banners or movie backdrop it was a simple curtain and industrial steel with an array of lights. The lighting was skillfully used throughout the show from deep blue to shocking reds, mauves and turquoise the attention though was all about the guitar playing that needed no embellishment.Joe Bonamassa - Motorpoint - Oct 2015_0108l

The lights went dark and the announcement was an apology the show you were expecting tonight One Direction is cancelled… so in their place we bring Joe Bonamassa the Welsh audience always loud took the roof off before a note was played. Tuesday night and the guitar fireworks were ready to go off in the arena the capital city was alive with the sound of Joe B! and his extraordinary band creating a sound full of textures and every shade of blue weaved through the melodies.

The band is so very special and throughout the night they had moments in the spotlight and at other times gave the perfect tonal backdrop for the cascading licks, riffs and the space for Joe to find room for the vocals on the songs, some familiar and others we heard live for the first time including Love Ain’t A Love Song, the superb track from his current live album, Live At Radio City Music Hall, having first been aired on Different Shades of Blue; it is always special hearing the music live as it develops an energy all of its own.

Joe Bonamassa - Motorpoint - Oct 2015_0030lTonight we had a horn section that was brash and mellow; sharp and smooth Lee Thornberg, trumpet, and Paulie Cerra on saxophone a rhythm section that set the backline afire with inspired and powerful drumming from Anton Fig – what a sound he developed built up and quietened down creating a torrent of beats for the band to explore. The second half setting down the rhythm is bassist, Micheal Rhodes whose deep full sound was wonderful and on Organ, keys and grand piano Reese Wynans pulled out the stops, tinkled the ivories to create chords that swelled and moved across the auditorium. Then out front stage centre, stage left, stage right and up close to the other musicians was the guitar maestro himself Joe Bonamassa.

Joe Bonamassa - Motorpoint - Oct 2015_0042lThe music rocked with influences of British rock guitarists from the 60’s and this combined with a thick and concentrated vast vein of blues creates a sound that is modern and rooted in the past and is instantly recognized as pure golden blues from the guitars of Joe Bonamassa. Tonight there was no acoustic it was electric courtesy of Fenders and Gibsons. Every song had a special place in the set that worked and delighted the Cardiff crowds, including his memories of playing at a much smaller and now sadly no more venue The Point and his quip he was paying the horn section with the local ale from Brains Brewery. Joe noted that the Welsh were a raucous crowd and that just made them louder. A spectacular light show added another layer of drama to the opening for the number Hey Baby. The sublime Trumpet solo entranced invoking a sound from big bands back to a sleazy 1920’s Speakeasy, Happier Times also had booming drumming and guitar work that flowed and shone with the six strings vibrating with an energy that lit the hall – who needs lights! Followed by Trouble Town and delicious slide the sound was spellbinding.

The crowds were delighted with a double helping of Joe B favourites, Sloe Gin tonight more considered, slower with a sorrowful tinge and the Ballad of John Henry which tells such a story and the fretwork was on fire and full of the heat and determination just as John Henry must have shown winning the wager.

All toJoe Bonamassa - Motorpoint - Oct 2015_0315lo soon it was the end but, we had and encore All Aboard with the feel of journeys railways and upbeat, tonight Cardiff was entranced, delighted and on fire after over two hours of guitar playing this is truly fretboard manipulation of breathtaking proportions.

There was a relaxed energy from Joe tonight the best I have ever seen him in an arena environment I have come late to the party but tonight live in Cardiff I was converted to Joe Bonamassa and his guitar show.

Joe Bonamassa - Motorpoint - Oct 2015_0364l

See See Baby
Never Make Your Too Soon
Angel of Mercy
Hey Baby
Oh Beautiful
Happier Times
Trouble Town
Going Down
Gave Up Everything
Double Trouble
Breaking Up Someone’s Home
Love Ain’t A Love Song
Sloe Gin
Ballad of John Henry

All Aboard

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Jared James Nichols and Glenn Hughes Live @ Robin 2

Jared James Nicholls - Robin 2 - Oct 2015_0058lSpecial Guest Jared James Nichols and Glenn Hughes
Robin 2, Bilston
26th October 2015

Glenn Hughes - Robin 2 - Oct 2015_0156l


Jared James Nicholls - Robin 2 - Oct 2015_0130lMonday night and the Robin 2 was jammed to the rafters for the opening act Jared James Nichols from Wisconsin USA hit the first resounding chord and we knew that this was going to be a show of rock infused blues. The set was a blinding display of how six strings can be manipulated with scorching licks, riffs that produce rivulets of sound and hooks for the lyrics no wonder the crowd were mesmerized. If that wasn’t enough out came the transparent glass slide and we dropped the tempo cranked up the emotion for a glorious rendition of Robert Johnson gone electric Come Into My Kitchen showcasing the depth of James Jared Nichols’ talents. The power of Erik Sandin and Dennis Holm as the rhythm section that powers and allows the control that Jared achieves as he shreds up his glorious guitar playing to fever pitch. With the set starting out with tracks from his superb debut album Old Glory and the Wild Revival including Crazy & Haywire showing that the music transcends the studio and hits the stage with a full-on glorious sound. His cover of Mountain’s Mississippi Queen was sublime Southern Rock the set was too short would love to have heard more of his scintillating guitar playing whether blues rock, delta or southern inspired music we wanted more slide, shredding or melodic manipulation of the fretboard. Jared James Nichols tonight was the perfect special guest left the audience wanting more guitar, more rock and more music and they didn’t have to wait long.

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A short break whilst everyone gathered their breath and for many an opportunity to purchase the album to take the magic of Jared home he made a huge impact on the crowd who had come in the main to see Glenn Hughes.

Tonight, after a couple of short lived projects Black Country Communion and California Breed, bassist Glenn Hughes is joined on stage as part of his solo band by former Whitesnake guitarist Doug Aldrich, and his drummer for many a show Pontus Engborg. The set entwined the many bands and projects Glenn has been associated with opening with the third re-incarnation of Deep Purple with the instantly recognizable Stormbringer showcasing his great voice, and raising the temperature even higher in the sold out Robin 2 on a Monday Night. Hughes told many amusing stories as he travelled like a time lord through the four decades of music-making he has been involved in. He took us back further in time back to the musical roots of a young boy playing in bands in the Black Country not far from the venue, as Glenn said it was like coming home tonight. The interplay and chemistry between Glenn and Doug was evident as the guitar and bass played off each other whether playing numbers by Trapeze and Whitesnake it was the rock vibe that mattered tonight. We heard Trapeze, Way Back To The Bone and another number dedicated to the late Mel Galley Touch My Life. Into the mix we had a Whitesnake classic Good To Be Bad, once gain showing how much they were enjoying playing music on stage live together, it is a partnership that works. The show was shaped so that everyone had a solo spot it was about all three musicians, and the tracks from Black Country Communion received a rapturous cheer as we heard One Last Soul and Soul Mover as the set reached the climax and then it was the end, the stage feel silent, the audience wanted more… Rewarded with an encore, fittingly tonight the extra music started with Black Country from Black Country Community and the lyrics may say It’s cold on the mountain, It’s cold in the wood… it was hot, very hot at the Robin 2 as the last track of the night Burn what a way to close the show on a Monday night in the Black Country!
Glenn Hughes - Robin 2 - Oct 2015_0151l

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CD Review: O’Connor, McSherry & Graham ~ Ulaid


Scan0002Donal O’Connor – John McSherry – Sean Og Graham

Release Date 23rd October 2015

Many weave Celtic/Irish traditional music into their acoustic, rock and progressive music due to the melodic, beat music that is drenched in an infectious beat. This is an album that is one hundred percent authentic it is the heart soul and mind that is Irish traditional music. The trio of musicians
Donal O’Connor a multi-instrumentalist the son of celebrated fiddler Gerry O’Connor and Eithane Ni Uallachain singer extraordinaire– John McSherry, making the Uilleann Piping come alive pushing the boundaries of traditional Irish music and Sean Og Graham, guitar and accordion player who has performed and recorded with many traditional musicians.
The album title is a word that is the name applied to a given ethnic group, rather than geographic location and The Ulaid gave their name to the Province of Ulster which is rather fitting as the trio of outstanding musicians live in County Antrim in the North East of Ireland. The album they have created is like the people of Ulster full of tears, laughter and dance whose histories are the weft and warp that weaves itself around your musical memories as the instruments evoke shapes, tones and emotions painting a tonal landscape in your mind.
We dance the polka with Polska Polka with the melding of Eastern European cadences that make you want to get up as the fiddle and pipes set the tone. The tempo slows and the mood changes at the beginning of Punching Holes In Music then as O’Connor’s fiddle joins the beat picks up and the music shapes are explored around the dance beat this is music that doesn’t so much punch holes but sears into a musical memory of dance joined by a community for fun and the meeting of collective experiences. The Ramblers is a marching tune with a difference McSherry’s pipes give the tune a drive and clarity with a percussive foundation and searing fiddling the perfect start to a day rambling through Irish countryside and would give your feet a cushioning of musical pleasure. No Room To Wriggle in The Cauldron stays true to the architecture of Irish music the guitar playing of Graham gives this a contemporary feel that bounces along to a merry jig. The last track has the feeling of a lullaby, the laid back texture of the time to rest to put down your tools of labour and relax.

An instrumental journey through ULaid is one of Irish Melodies that linger long after the last note dies away.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Top Up or Seamus
2. Polska Polka
3. Roll It There, Roisin
4. The Return of Madagascar
5. Punching Holes in Music
6. The Ramblers
7. If Ever I Marry
8. No Room To Wriggle In The Cauldron
9. Lights Out At Five

CD Review: Kris Barras Band ~ Kris Barras Band

krisbarrasbandKris Barras Band
Kris Barras Band



True Rock/Blues that springs into action on Never Too Late sums up Kris Barras Band as they deliver a self-titled debut album of eight tracks full of dark emotions and cries of anguish. This is blues with sharp edges the vocals have a rough primeval texture that growls and works around the stinging rhythms and guitar licks that squeal and drive the tracks home. This is a British Blues band that is delivering a modern sound of blues that rocks with control and the knowledge that less is often more as subtle guitar hooks are not left to hang out to fade but picked up and expanded by the vocals that want the lyrics to be heard. Opening with a track driven so that you instinctively turn up the volume as the foot stomping riffs captivate, then sit back to enjoy the rocky road that this band as going to take you on. In Too Deep has a raw energy that defines Rock Blues full of depth of churning beat and a tempo that is racing in time with your heart beat, it is the rhythm section, drummer Jon Perrin and Ricky Mitchell on bass that defines the number. The blues shine through on Watching Over Me and then Rocky Road that has a lightness of touch with a tempo that sis like the bouncing ball highlighting the vocals that Kris delivers crisp and clear with his distinctive rasp and the guitar solo is stinging with musical assertiveness that rocks you to your core and sends electric shivers up your spine. The album has a stinging pace that is never hurried but there is an urgency that gets the adrenalin going with I Don’t Want The Blues puling blues chords into a rocking and rollicking medley of fun as Kris Barras and his band close the album with Crank Up is a track that leaves you immersed in the music and the screaming blues driven rock leaves you knowing you have listened to a debut album where the collective talent of the band has delivered rock blues with interest and you want to hear more from Kris Barras Band.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Never Too Late
2. In Too Deep
3. Watching Over Me
4. Rocky Road
5. Rise
6. It Is What It Is
7. I Don’t Want the Blues
8. Crank Up

EP Review: Lucy Zirins ~ What’s In Front Of Me


Lucy Zirins
What’s In Front Of Me
Gingersnap Music


There has been a long wait for follow-up of recorded music from Lucy Zirins, her debut album Chasing Clocks set the bar high.  This is a snug little E.P. What’s In Front Of Me is a signpost of a future that shines bright as Lucy continues her solo, duo shows and a new band. There are half a dozen tracks that allow the nightingale of Burnley and her acoustic guitar continue to deliver the Zirins sparkle to modern English country shaded with blue her laugh is infectious and her vocals are mesmeric. Lucy is a talented songwriter with lyrics that blend around melodies and tell a tale.  The album has special guests to had tonal depth and excitement pedal steel legend BJ Cole and Richard Causon on keys along with her touring band “The Southern Company” including Andy Crowdy, Simon Price and Pete Billington.


The mix of styles shows the full scope of Lucy’s talents opening with the title track the guitar glows and the intro is full but the album really takes shape as Lucy’s vocals warm the song, her honeyed tones firm around the lyrics picking up the words and giving them musical shape.  The tempo rises and the instrumentation has more attitude and the vocals mean business on this country instilled number Changing Ground that will get everyone’s feet stomping. In the middle are two tracks that continue to show Lucy’s personality Falling to Pieces and a reflective gentle number Mercy. Feeling like a change of direction as the tempo hardens with a blues number that rocks Worry and Wine then there is a twist again with the closing song You Don’t Remember Me. This is folk with a Celtic twist ending the E.P. with refrains of fiddles that add a melancholy sadness as we are taken into a future of unknowns. What’s In Front Of Me is a tantilising taster that bodes well for the main course a full studio album for 2016.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. What’s In Front of Me
  2. Changing Ground
  3. Falling to Pieces
  4. Mercy
  5. Worry and the Wine
  6. You Won’t Remember Me



CD Review: Joe Louis Walker ~ Everybody Wants A Piece

Joe Louis WalkerJoe Louis Walker
Everybody Wants A Piece
Provogue/Mascot Label Group




An album that is a powerhouse of blues that rocks, rolls and thrills as the eleven tracks have real attitude but never strays from quality blues that you simply have to sit back, listen and enjoy you will be smiling by the end of the album. Joe Louis Walker sums it nicely yes Everyone Wants A Piece of this album you want not just a snippet but the whole album in your collection to listen to anytime! Anywhere! Night or day!

Opening with the title tracks the drums drive the guitar and the music swells as the Blues Hall Of Fame Joe Louis Walker sets down from the off this is blues his style! There is a buzz and attitude as he bends and shapes old style electric blues with the sweep of chords from keys and the six strings ablaze with a sting that pulls the lyrics onto centre stage. The lead breaks are crisp and just leave you wanting more timing is all in music that energises through control, there is no rest as the licks pour out this is a number that gives you a piece of blues magic. There will be no peace while listening as the tempo picks up pace with Buzz On You a drinking good time number that makes you get up and boogie.

The bass intro and slower tempo gives a darker feel to Black On Blue this is a breather and not as happy as the rest of the album, a love affair falling apart is never a good place to be. The sadness of this track moves on to Witchcraft a funky soulful laid back number that is full of the darkest voodoo blues. No blues album is complete without gospel inspired numbers and these reflect Joe Louis Walker’s deeply held beliefs with Gospel Blues an organ inspired instrumental that takes you on a deeply moving a spiritual journey with the whine of the six strings and gentle percussive feel.  Wade Into The Water continues the spiritual journey that is relevant for everyone a moment to reflect as he sings ‘The water is deep, the water is cold, it chills my body, BUT NOT MY SOUL” is expressing his belief that the spiritual will carry you through when the physical can’t. Then back to the signature feel of the albums blues that boogie with funky soul Man of Many Words celebrating the power of words. Then we are at the last two tracks Young Girls Blues and 35 Years Old as the music flows and the album fills your music soul full of blues that connects, makes you laugh, smile, think and dance what a perfect mix to enjoy yourself.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Everyone Wants A Piece
  2. Do I Love Her
  3. Buzz On You
  4. Black & Blue
  5. Witchcraft
  6. One Sunny Day
  7. Gospel Blues
  8. Wade In the Water
  9. Man Of Many Words
  10. Young Girls Blues
  11. 35 Years Old