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10 Doodle Paw Albums 2017

Samantha Fish the Belle of The West on this AlbumWith Supersonic Blues Machine CalifornisoulBlack Country Communion Marches In With Rock on BCCIVQ&A Session as we Rise and Shine with SIMO King King taking a new direction on Exile & Grace Album Dave Arcari Live At Memorial Hall On Best Behaviour Creating a Legacy with Cadillac Three New AlbumFish Outta Water not Karen Lovely Singing Blues In Conversation with Kenny Wayne Shepherd Nikka & Strings Soulful New Album Underneath and In BetweenBig Daddy Wilson Album Neckbone Stew is PerfectJoe Bonamassa Live at Carnegie Hall Acoustic AlbumThomas Wynn and The Believers Album Wade Waist DeepMigration Blues the story unfolds under Eric Bibb Blues MasteryHurricane Ruth Album Ain’t Ready for the GraveThis Is The Life I Choose Says Zoe Schwarz Latest AlbumHonest Man Canadian Matt Andersen Beguiling Songs Soulful VocalsThorbjørn Risager & The Black Tornado Says Change My GameErja Lyytinen Exciting Blues Ensures Listeners Stolen HeartsThunder Storming album Rip It Up Rocks the SpeakersGov't Mule New Album Revolution Come...Revolution Go






Album Reviews 2017 – some sparkling gems

Advent Day Seven Calendar Thanks Blind Raccoon

Lisa Biales Blues On The Beat Of My Heart

Irish Traditions found In Foxglove & Fuchsia

Enjoy Taking Backroad Carnival With Cory SeznecBlack Water Debut Album From Toriah FontainePariah Brothers Never Exile Crow Black Chicken Music Lucy Zirins Sings To You Live At The Old Courts


Reality Hits as Jack J Hutchinson Paints No FictionExplore A Small World Enlarged Beautifully by Dan Burnett

 The Milk Men Bringing Full Phat Blues To Your HouseNew Album New style The Truth still Laurence Jones Exploring Rhythm Of The Rain With Amelia White



As Mollie says Truth Is A Wolf on her Debut Album


Suzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New AlbumSuzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New AlbumSuzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New AlbumSuzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New AlbumSuzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New AlbumSuzi Quatro The Best Is Legend Her New Album

Signs are Positive on Johnny Lang Latest Album

JW Jones Raising Blues to a High Temperature

Gun Unveils Favourite Pleasures New Album That Rocks

TajMo Album of Blues Collaboration Taj Mahal and Keb Mo

  KXM New Album Scatterbrain is Organised Chaos


KXM New Album Scatterbrain is Organised Chaos JFK Blue Debut Album Rough Round The Edges Michele D'Amour Album Lost Nights at the Leopard Lounge Elles Bailey Scorching New Album Wildfire Steel Union New Album Life…And Other Problems!Samantha Fish New Approach Gives You Chills & FeverLittle Hurricane Playing Under the Same Sun Same MoonMustangs Exploring Love & Life on Just Passing ThroughDave Hunt Travelling Blues With New Album 100 HorsesLiquor And Iron Fuels Russ Payne and The Unison BendsBlues Engine Are on The Right Blues Tracks Nothing Poor Boy Blues About The StoneCoats Tedeschi Trucks Band Music Live From Fox Oakland Mick McConnell Gets Under My Skin With Blues Jack J Hutchinson Set Your Heart For The SunPeople We Become Sings Inspiration Jo Harman





Michael Schenker Live In Tokyo Rocks Your Socks OffAnother Mile Another Minute From Australian Geoff Achison Blues and MoreJohn Cee Stannard’s Latest Album Takes You To The River

Ready The Horses New Album By Jarrod Dickenson





Eric Gales Making Blues in the Middle Of The RoadRise Up With The Rainbreakers Latest EP Visit Dream Country With Sarah Darling New Album Bleeker Album showcasing Canadian Indie-Rock with Erase You Static In The Wires Purrs Harley & Kimbro




Join Troy Redfern With A Dirt Blues Ritual

Youthful Guitarist Aaron Keylock is a Cut Against The Grain

Zeal & Ardor Deepens Blues with Grinding Metal Devil Is Fine Vika Bull Sings At Last: The Etta James StoryBarcelona For David Phillips The Roof Top Recordings 2 On The Lonesome Plain With Donal ClancyDebut Album Broken Machine from Ash WilsonBritish Blues Talk About That With John MayallWhen Ashton and Finnen Join Forces Ragas Jugs & Mojo Hands HappenRECORDED MUSIC REVIEWS



Collide riff driven first single from BCCIV

 King Single Launches Countdown To Exile & Grace

Steel Union New Album Life…And Other Problems!

Steel Union New Album Life…And Other Problems!

Steel Union New Album Life…And Other Problems!


This is a flash of solid blue acoustic steel with Steel Union New Album Life…And Other Problems the bedrock of roots music since the dawn of time. The eleven original tracks from the Peterborough based duo explore Life… And Other problems picking up the lament that has ensured blues is the home of lyrics exploring life and the problems that appear. Yes, the tracks are all original the lyrics reflections of the two Richards experiences using the melodic structure and framework of Delta blues. The duo is  – vocals & Harmonica Richard Gibson & Vocals and Guitar Richard Turner. AS you listen to the music the influences are apparent as they bend the harp, construct the chords and shape the vocals. The influences are deep in the delta where the journey started, this is no modern reworking of the beat, and rhythms are direct from the blues.

Opening the album with crisp acoustic guitar and harp driving the music as they sing I’m Coming Home (on The Morning Train) do not expect a  train song with harp whistles this is deeper more earthy with gospel spiritual feel. This tone is picked up later with Going to the River to Pray. Half way through the album we meet The Funk Monkey; the tempo is faster and the sound edgier with the harp piercing, joining Travelling West with its urgency as a pair of instrumentals. These were for me a shade too long and the restrains repeated too often; that said they held the attention.

Life Is A Problem, reflects the clever, witty title Life…And Other Problems; the tone is blues sharp from guitar and harp acting as a counterpoint to the gruffer vocals as the lyrics are unveiled. The juke joint is visited for upbeat foot-tapping Bukkas Boogie, raising the ghost Bukka T in a tribute of celebration. The music flows and the sound of the album immerses you deep in the sounds of historic Mississippi as we are left with the Steel Union Layin’ In Jail. This is music rooted deep in the past and at the time has a vibrancy that buzzes with delight from the guitar, harp and vocals.  An album for those who love their music traditional.

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. I’m Coming Home (On The Morning Train)
  2. Nobody Knows (About The Trouble I’ve Seen)
  3. Jesus Told Me (To Kneel Down And Pray)
  4. Life Is A Problem
  5. The Funk Monkey
  6. Run Down Blues
  7. Going To The River To Pray
  8. Travelling West
  9. Lift The Darkness
  10. Bukkas Boogie


Steel Union New Album Life…And Other Problems!

Debut Album Broken Machine from Ash Wilson

Debut Album Broken Machine from Ash Wilson

Debut Album Broken Machine
from Ash Wilson


Prodigiously talented in the studio guitar and vocals melded into a harmonious medley that leads you down deep into the lyrics. (Having seen Ash play live at Skegness this skill is transferred to the stage, his live performance is spellbinding.)

The album is a British blues brotherhood, joining Ash Wilson on Drums and production is his brother Phil Wilson on Drums; taking time out from Laurence Jones drumming duties. Completing the Rhythm section is iconic and instantly recognisable is Roger Inniss. On loan from King King, Bob Fridzema adds the colour and meaty textures of the Hammond and keys. Into the mix for good measure Hoaxes guitarist pops up to engineer the album and join in the fun on The Hitcher. Now we are all introduced sit back and enjoy an explosion of contemporary blues energy combined with the legacy of the sixties and beyond. The music is encapsulated not so much in a Broken Machine but a swirling vortex or a time machine garnering blues tones from across the decades.

Opening with Show Me How To Love You, with this playing skill Ash audiences cheers and whoops of delights will tell you loud and clear. With a fuzzy, chugging opening chords we are drawn through the river mists to the banks of the modern electric Mississippi blues with echoes of the Hoax in the delivery of the vocals from Ash. Followed by an aptly titled number, World’s Gone Crazy, with a swirl of Jagger as he delves into the political backdrop of 2016. The single from the album is the Hammond Drenched rumbling Peace and Love that would fit into a Hoax album neatly with the guitar reminiscent of Jon Amor with a swagger. Now for the title track, what is this Broken Machine? Definitely not the band they are on fire. The cadence of Ash’s vocal changes with standout riff’s that rocks the boat. This is a track that sets down the burning ambition and strength of Ash Wilson and his band.  The Hitcher crammed with the sound that makes British interpretation of the Blues such a delightful listening experience. From the first note, Ash Wilson’s guitar joined by Jesse Davey is taking us on a road trip we all want to be part on. This is a quieter more laid back number with the distinctive guitar solo’s this takes back to the sound of crooners and hints of the big band fullness of sound.  Like all the music on the album, the songs have a story personal with ghostly memories of hurts, frustrations and joys from the past.

Closing the album with Holding Hands, a sweetest duet between guitar and Hammond. Bob And Ash working in harmony as the heartfelt ballad unfolds. The ballad of damage that never goes away how you are left a broken machine by past experience. There is no doubt the Ash Wilson has a vast amount of skills in the tank of playing the blues and potential to grow.

As a debut album Broken Machine stands out from the crowd. Why? Ash Wilson’s vocals, powerful, gentle, crooning and always as clear as a bell. You expect guitar playing to electrify, percussion on the beat but the vocals make or break many an album. Broken Machine is made by vocals that will always connect and are the extra instrument that blues must have lead breaks however fast and furious do not cut the mustard. Vocals and Lyrics are the winning combination.  Added to this is the production which is crisp and the focused intent to take you on a musical journey of blues, contemporary and reflecting styles and textures through the Ash Wilson guitar. Another gem from Superfly Studios.

Ash WilsonBroken Machine – Wilson Brothers Music Via Cadiz Records

NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Show Me How To Love You
  2. World’s Gone Crazy
  3. Peace and Love
  4. Broken Machine
  5. Words Of A Woman
  6. Out Of Time
  7. The Hitcher
  8. Hold On Now
  9. Lonely Room
  10. Holding Hands

On Tour with Dan Patlansky

Cadiz Records

Bluesdoodles Recorded Music Reviews 2015

Bluesdoodles Recorded Music Reviews 2015

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Gun Metal Grey – Island Of The Dammed
Reverend Freakchild – Hillbilly Zen-Punk Blues
Sunjay – Black & Blues
Shawn Amos – The Reverend Shawn Amos Loves You
Southpaw Steel’n’Twang – Stat(u)e Of Mind
Jimbo Mathus – Blue Healer
Lewis Hamilton – Shipwrecked
Karen Lovely – Ten Miles Of Bad Road
Paul Cowley ~ Rural
Eddie Martin’s Big Red Radio ~ Live In Tuscany
Dana Fuchs ~ Broken Down
Mike Zito and the Wheel ~ Keep Coming Back
Connie Lush’s ~ Renaissance
Lara & the Bluz Dawgz ~ Howlin’
Husky Tones ~ Time For A Change
Dave Ellis Blues Band – Straight Up
AndersonPonty Band ~ Better Late Than Never
Michael Schenker ~ Communion (single)
Brad Wilson ~ Blues Thunder
Leslie West ~ Soundcheck
Ron Sayer Jr. & Charlotte Joyce ~ Live at the Little Theatre
The Ultimate Guide To Scottish Folk ~ Various Artist
Wild Ponies ~ Things Used To Shine
Paul Garner ~ Band Big Road Roots
DBA ~ Suburban Home
Walter Trout ~ Battle Scars
Rob Richings ~ Half Way Up
Wild Ponies ~ Things That Used To Shine
The Paul Garner Band ~ Big Road Blues
Ole Frimer Band ~ Live at Blues Baltica
Neal Morse ~ Testimony and One Live
O’Connor, McSherry & Og Graham ~ Ulaid
Kris Barras Band ~ Kris Barras Band
Lucy Zirins ~ What’s In Front Of Me
Joe Louis Walker ~ Everybody Wants A Piece
Danni Nicholls ~ Mockingbird Lane
John Mayall~ Find A Way To Care
Mark Pontin ~ Textures
Delta Ladies ~ Refugee
Jared James Nicholls ~ Highwayman
Boo Boo Davis ~ Oldskool
24 Pesos ~ Do The Right Thing
Dove & Boweevil ~ This Life
Willy Porter ~ Human Kindness
Review Recording of Joe Bonamassa ~ Live at Radio City Hall
Willy Porter ~ Human Kindness
Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro ~ Live At Southern Ground
The Grahams ~ Glory Bound
The Octavia Blues Band ~ It Ain’t What You Got, It’s What You Give
Joel Hoekstra’s 13 ~ Dying to Live
Angela Lewis Brown ~ Set Me Free
Chantel McGregor ~ Lose Control
Sam Lewis ~ Waiting On You
Babajack ~ Babajack Live
Blues Engine ~ The Quick and The Dirty
Craig Finn ~ Faith In The Future
The Jar Family ~ Family First
Jo Harman ~ Found A Place
John Cee Stannard & Blue Horizons ~ Stone Cold Sober
Robert Cray ~ 4 Night Of 40 Years Live
Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue ~ Ruzz Guitar’s Blues Revue
D.A. Foster ~ The Real Thing
Spin Doctors ~ On The Road (Live)
Rob Berry ~ Blues N Boxes
Buddy Guy ~ Born To Play Guitar
Groanbox – Groanbox
Delta Deep ~ Delta Deep
Troy Redfern Band ~ Backdoor Hoodoo
Della Grants ~ Time For Change
Gerry Jablonski & Electric Band ~ Trouble With The Blues
Anthony Gomes ~ Electric Field Holler
Buddy Guy – Born To Play Guitar – Preview
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion ~ I’ll Be Yours Tonight
Kaz Hawkins ~ Get Ready
Jared James Nichols ~ Old Glory and Wild Revival
Debbie Bond & The TruDats – That Thing Called Love
Malaya Blue ~ Hope
Craig Finn ~ Newmyer’s Roof
Coolhand ~ Coolhand
Joe Satriani ~ Shockwave Supernova
Matt Edwards ~ Four Berry Jam
The Bresnan Blues Band ~ Party In My Backseat
Henrik Freischlader ~ Night Train To Budapest: Live 2014
Danny & The Champions of The World ~ What Kind Of Love
Meg Baird ~ Don’t Weigh Down The Light
Gill Landry ~ Gill Landry
Aynsley Lister ~ Home
Guy Tortora ~ Bluesman In A Boneyard
Doug Admaz ~ National Steel
Beth Hart ~ Better Than Home
Brian Ashley Jones ~ Out Of The City
Brad Absher & Swamp Royale ~ Lucky Dog
Royal Southern Brotherhood ~ Don’t Look Back
Dave Hunt ~ Whiskey & Demons
Kelley Hunt ~ Beautiful Bones
Barna Howard ~ Quiet A Feelin’
Samantha Fish ~ Wild Heart
The Black Tongued Bells ~ Every Tongue Has a Tale To Tell
The Billy Walton Band ~ Wish For What You Want
Kopecky ~ Drug for the Modern Age
Little Devils ~ The Storm Inside
Justin Townes Earle ~ Absent Fathers
RavenEye ~ Breaking Out
The Tim Jones Band ~ Home Again
Wily Bo Walker & E.D. Brayshaw ~ Stone Cold Beautiful
Erja Lyytinen ~ Live In London
David Philips ~ If I Had Wings
Micke Bjorklof & Blue Strip ~ Ain’t Bad Yet
Ryk Mead and the London Blues Machine ~ Chicago
Voodoo Sheiks ~ Voodification
Rainbreakers – Blood Not Brass
Giles Hedley – Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound
The Milk Carton Kids – Monterey
Devon Allman – Ragged and Dirty
Dan Burnett – E.P.
Maddie Jones – Vita Brevis
Layla Zoe – Live at The Spirit 66
Doug MacLeod – Exactly Like This
Laurence Jones – Whats It Gonna Be
The Mighty Bosscats – Boiling Pot
John Mayall & The Bluesbreakers – Live In 1967
Devenport – Back In The Land OF The Living
La Vendore Rogue – Light Up With
Joe Bonamassa – Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks
Dani Wilde – Songs About You
Simon Campbell – The Knife
The Handsome Family – Wilderness
Joe Pug – Windfall
Catfish – So Many Roads
Duke Garwood – Heavy Love
Alex Hill ~ I Am Not Lost
Robin TrowerSomething’s About To Change
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman ~ Tomorrow Follows Today
Elliott Morris ~ It Seems To Make Sense To Me
Lisa Mills ~ I’m Changing – re-mix
Ben Poole ~ Live at The Albert Hall
Dan Patlansky ~ Dear Silence Thieves
Revolutionary Saints ~ Revolutionary Saints
Marcus Bonfanti ~ Borrowed Time
Jack Hutchinson Band ~ Get It Back
Mick Simpson ~ Unfinished Business
The Riotous Brothers ~ The Tree
Jules Carter Trio ~ Done Misbehaving
Robbie Hill & The Blues 62’s ~ Price To Pay
BB & The Blues Shacks ~ Businessmen
Colossium ~ Time On Your Side
Vargas Blues Band ~ From The Dark
Ian Siegal ~ One Night In Amsterdam
Joel Fisk & The Breakdown ~ The Well
John Mayall ~ A Special Life
The King Biscuit Boys ~ All In A Days Work
George Shovlin & The Radars ~
Grainne Duffy ~ Test Of Time
Bad Bob Bates ~ Bridge Street
Fish ~ A Feast of Consequences
Mojo Makers ~ Devils Hands
Tristan Mackay ~ Wire and Wood
Davy Knowles ~ Outsider
Glas ~ From The Blues To Your Shoes

Bluesdoodles Recorded Music Reviews 2014

Bluesdoodles Recorded Music Reviews 2014

Sandi Thom ~ Flesh and Blood
Larry Miller ~ Soldier Of The Line
Ian Siegal ~ The Picnic Sessions
Richard Townend/Mighty Bosscats ~ 7 Deadly Sins
Dana Fuchs ~ Songs From the Road
Virgil & The Accelerators ~ Army Of Three
Mike Zito & The Wheel ~ Gone To Texas
Zoe Schwarz & Blue Commotion ~ Exposed
Joe Bonamassa ~ Different Shades Of Blue
Katie Bradley ~ Anchor Baby Sessions
Coco Montoya ~ Songs From The Road
Cut The Funk ~ Weekend Coda
Red Dirt Skinners ~ Live In Aberdeen
Sunjay ~ Sunjay
Red Butler ~ Freedom Bound
Joe Bonamassa ~ Get Back Tomorrow (Single)
Joanne Shaw Taylor ~ Dirty Truth
Tim Aves & The Wolfpack ~ Never Saw Chester
Idle Hands ~ Feeding The Machine
Moreland & Arbuckle ~ Seven Cities
Devenport ~ Concrete Bound
The Midnight Ramble ~ Sink The Pieces & High Time Live
Hamilton Loomis ~ Give It Back
Philip Sayce ~ Influence
Tasty Nuggets ~ Sons Of The Delta
Charlie Wooton ~ Charlie Wooton Project
Mark Harrison ~ The World Outside
Devon Allman ~ Turquoise
Walter Trout ~ The Blues Came Callin’
Royal Southern Brotherhood ~ Heartsoulblood
Matt Schofield ~ Far As I Can See
Malaya Blue ~ Bourbon Street
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion ~ Blues Don’t Scare Me
Amy Wadge & Pete Riley ~ Afterglow
Ayesha ~ A Thousand Shores
Kyla Brox ~ Live …. At Last
King King ~ Standing In The Shadows
No Sinner ~ Boo Hoo Hoo
Joanne Shaw Taylor ~ Songs From The Road
Robert Cray ~ In My Soul
Ian Siegal ~ Man & Guitar
Tom Gee Band ~ Swapping Stories
Clare Free ~ Butterflies
The Mentulls ~ Time Flies
Blue Touch ~ Old, New, Borrowed Blue
Well Hung Heart – Go Forth and Multiply
Wooden Horse – This Kind Of Trouble
Makuini – Blues In My Bones
Babajack ~ Running Man
T Rogers ~ Simple Life
Foy Vance ~ Joy Of Nothing
Red Dirt Skinners ~ Sinking Mary Rose
North Mississippi Allstars ~ World Boogie Is Coming
Lightnin’ Malcolm ~ Rough Out There
Forty4 ~