Twenty-Five Years Touring Ian Siegal Performs Tonight

Twenty-Five Years Touring Ian Siegal Tonight The Convent

Twenty-Five Years Touring Ian Siegal Performs Tonight



Ian Siegal 2wenty5ive Years touring reaching a Pinnacle tonight at The Convent near Stroud. Ian Siegal has been on the road for Twenty Five years, the format may change, solo, trio or the current four-piece band he delivers music that defies capturing in a box it flies with integrity, style enthralling the audience.

Twenty-Five Years Touring Ian Siegal Tonight The ConventIan Siegal tonight was on fire he was full of Siegal magic full of charismatic energy and the evil twisting of words fell from his lips like pure gold as blues melted into country and reform as Rock n Roll. The guitar of choice tonight was a Gibson. Opening the night was an old favourite guitar, his old Harmony as he opened with The Skinny the lead from  Joel Fisk was a fabulous introduction to this young guitarist who for this tour is stepping into the boots of Dusty Ciggar a difficult slot to fill. Tonight Joel more than stepped up to the mark fitting in and shaping his guitar to complement Ian’s guitar work and vocals. The rhythm section Dutch duo of bassist Danny Van’t Hoff and drummer Raphael Schwiddessen; who are the platform that lets Ian fly away with the songs that tonight he is playing all written or co-written. Celebrating twenty-five years tonight is all about the frontman Ian Siegal and he is enjoying every moment as we listen once again to new and old favourites.

The tunes came thick and fast as Better Than Myself, became I Am The Train an award-winning number that takes you on a journey with Siegal in total control of the music and the band whose timing punctuated the tone, shape and pace of the train journey. The collective power and intensity for an audience who is totally immersed in the music, the intensity deepened with every song and tonight’s version of Mortal Coil was simply immense.

The set was the most emotionally poignant set that I have ever witnessed, this was Ian exploring his own music full of Rock n Roll pizzazz that makes him entertaining live music that rolls with energetic tensions as the clever lyrics are spat out, and smoothed over. He is amusing, witty and his perspective on the world is cuttingly sharp. The guitar weeps on Mortal Coil, the shuffle is blues plus so much more he is described by many as the best of British Blues, but for me, he is a musician that plays bloody fine music. Every number was electric, Brandy Balloon saw another Joel special lead break, and the dueling of guitars on Butter Side Up was beautiful.

Twenty-Five Years Touring Ian Siegal Tonight The ConventIn true Ian Siegal live style we were taken off-piste as Hard Pressed morphed into a celebration of Prince’s Sign Of The Times flowing into The Revelator where John The Baptist became the Backdoor Man.  This was as ever clever works so fine with the immaculate timing that keeps the shape of the original number whilst exploring the other numbers. The encore was demanded and a solo version of The Fear ensued, a beautifully crafted number with lyrics that connects deep within your soul written with Kris Kristoffenson in mind and delivered by Ian with hints of country and the vocal depths of Johnny Cash. Closing with Falling On Down, the band ensured there was only one reaction not falling down with delight but standing up, the standing ovation was a first at The Convent and not the last for Ian Siegal on this tour.

With live music timing and stage presence creates the mood of the music turning live music into something very special and tonight every ingredient went into the mixing bowl and a superb night was created, one we will remember and talk about the night we heard Ian Siegal and his band at the Convent.

From his lead breaks, rhythm guitar, Ian Siegal 2wenty5ive Years touring reaching a Pinnacle tonight. Ian, was definitely on top form tonight, and it doesn’t come any better than this. The review of the night can be captured in a single word Brilliant!!!

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Twenty-Five Years Touring Ian Siegal Tonight The Convent

The Three CD Boxed Set celebrating Ian Siegal’s 2wnety5ive Years on the road available HERE

Barry Middleton – Musicman, Promoter and so much more

Barry Middleton @ The Running Horse - photo credit and copyright David Stephenson.
Barry Middleton @ The Running Horse – photo credit and copyright David Stephenson.

Our tribute to our friend and veteran music promoter Barry Middleton who died on Saturday April 25, at his home just four days before his 68th birthday.

Barry Middleton, known personally by many musicians and music lovers in Nottingham, Shropshire and beyond in addition he had a profound impact on people who came to listen to the music he was putting on regularly at venues that included the legendary Running Horse in Nottingham. On a personal note Barry gave me the encouragement to keep photographing, to set up my blog and always had a friendly and insightful viewpoint.

This impact that Barry has had on the world of British Blues is the very reason he was awarded a ‘Lifetime Achievement Award’. His first Public House was The Station Hotel, Ironbridge and started to promote live Blues music in 1974. The Ironbridge Blues Club, was founded by Barry and still playing the music he loved to hear, his most successful venue in Shropshire was The Duke at The Station in 1990. A year later he moved to Nottingham to run the ‘The Running Horse’, a small venue that continually put on top bands that for many will still be the gig of the year or even their lifetime. When Barry retired from the Running Horse, the horse subsided to a gentle trot since it had lost the energy and commitment that he had given every venue and event he had ever been involved in. Retirement was not Barry withdrawing from the scene, he was co-founder of the Nottingham Blues Society and then in 2009 he was founder member of the committee behind the British Blues Awards. The British Blues Awards has been a project that received praise, many brick-bats and people who know how to do it better, did this deter Barry and the rest of the committee… no way; with Barry’s guidance they kept on going and the awards now receive tens of thousands of votes and the results are eagerly awaited by music fans and the musicians themselves across the genre. Another shining example of how Barry got things done with his determination, stubbornness and belief in whatever venture he was undertaking.

The number of testimonials and responses on the internet following the announcement of his death, the outpourings of genuine grief and memories were fulsome from an impressive number of bands and individuals whose musical career Barry had touched. Everyone will have their own memory, special gig and the advice that Barry was always willing to share realistic advice for anyone who wished to be involved in promotion, setting up a club. If you mentioned a band he always had an opinion ready to share and a clear reason why he thought the artist in questions was good, bad or indifferent.

Barry Middleton, a loyal friend, music lover and above all we will always think of you and raise a glass when we hear one of the plethora of musicians and bands you introduced us to at the many music venues Barry ran.

Barry, you will be missed by many and the music scene in Britain is poorer without your knowledge, insights and willingness to share, Bluesdoodles will continue to doodle about music in your name, a true man of music has left this mortal coil and thank you for your many kindnesses.