Aaron Keylock Festivals Plus Headlines The Black Heart 4th April

Aaron Keylock Festivals Plus Headlines The Black Heart 4th April

Aaron Keylock Festivals Plus Headlines The Black Heart 4th April


Aaron Keylock  supported by Jack J Hutchinson’s Boom Boom Collective and Seafoam Green 

Aaron Keylock Festivals Plus Headlines The Black Heart 4th AprilDebut album Cut Against The Grain out now
via Mascot Label Group/Provogue.

Bluesdoodles reviewed Cut Against The Grain “Aaron Keylock is a Cut Against The Grain  Definitely on to keep watching a listening where will Aaron’s music journey take us? Get Onboard now!” – read the rest HERE


Upcoming shows

Tues 4th April: The Black Heart, London: Headline – TICKETS
Sun 16th April: HRH Blues Festival, O2 Academy, Sheffield – TICKETS
Sun 30 July: Ramblin’ Man Fair, Mote Park Maidstone – TICKETS

“A fabulous new talent” Bob Harris, BBC Radio 2
“Aaron Keylock is on the brink of international stardom” Daily Mirror – Top Tips for 2017
If anyone can shred like Gary Moore, this young buck can” Metal Hammer
“The New UK guitar hero” Shindig
“Toe-tapping electric blues beast” Total Guitar


Aaron Keylock Festivals Plus Headlines The Black Heart 4th April

Eric Gales Studio Album Middle Of The Road

Eric Gales Studio Album Middle Of The Road

Eric Gales Studio Album
Middle Of The Road



Legendary guitarist Eric Gales announces new studio album 

Out 24th February via Mascot Label Group/Provogue HERE


Check out the brand new track ‘Carry Yourself’ here: 

“One of the best, if not the best guitar player in the world” Joe Bonamassa

“He is absolutely incredible” Carlos Santana

“How Eric Gales isn’t the hugest name in rock guitar is a total mystery” Dave Navarro

“This guy could be the best player on Earth” Mark Tremonti

“Unfortunately you have to go through some things to be free”, says Memphis born Eric Gales. “Now, I feel the most free I’ve ever been in life, even more so than when I was a kid”, he opens up. “You gotta help yourself man, once you can help yourself you can genuinely help someone else.”

The title of his new album Middle of the Road will be released on 24 February 2017 and is the running theme throughout the record. “It’s about being fully focussed and centred in the middle of the road. If you’re on the wrong side and in the gravel you’re not too good and if you’re on the median strip that’s not too good either, so being in the middle of the road is the best place to be.”

Middle of the Road is Eric Gales fourth album on Provogue/Mascot label Group (Joe Bonamassa, Beth Hart, Black Stone Cherry, Warren Haynes, The Robert Cray Band, Robben Ford, Eric Johnson, The Kenny Wayne Shepherd Band) after Transformation (2011), Relentless (2010) and The Psychedelic Underground (2007) and it sees him at his most expressive yet; it is a deeply personal and reflective record that echoes where he is in his life right now and he opens himself up and allows himself the chance to really flourish.

Recorded in several locations; Room A Studio and Fab’s Lab in North Hollywood as well as Cuz Studio and Sound in Cleveland, MS and ‘Cotton Row Studios in Memphis, TN. With Aaron Haggerty (drums), Dylan Wiggins (B3 Organ), LaDonna Gales (All backing vocals), Maxwell ‘Wizard’ Drummey (Mellotron on Repetition) and Eric Gales providing all lead vocals, guitar and bass. It’s a beautiful snapshot of life right here, right now. “I played bass on the entire record, it was beautiful” he beams. “I’m a bass player at heart so Fabrizio was like ‘bro you need to be playing the bass’. It was something that was very natural for me to too, I loved it.”

Talking about the accolades he is starting to receive he humbly adds;” It’s absolutely great, I’m grateful to see the recognition for the work that God has allowed me to continue to progress with. It’s beautiful to see the recognition to be finally coming and in the proper way, unlike times where I was engaged into heavy addiction, where it wasn’t such good publicity, but to see it be changed around, it’s a great turn of events.”

This refers to the time he spent in jail serving at the Shelby County Correction Center in 2009 for possession of drugs and a weapon. Elaborating he adds; “While I was in there all the officers and guards were like, ‘bro you know this isn’t where you’re supposed to be. When you get out of here, go take the world by the horns and ride it all the way out.’ It took a couple of years after but, I’m here.” Whilst he was incarcerated he was able to play shows, for the Mayor, the city and festivals, his own version of Johnny Cash Walk the Line.

This is where Middle of the Road finds the rebirth of Eric Gales.  A new album that has seen him more free than he’s ever been and on the biographic songs you take this journey with him. Along the way he brings in not only a host of guest and collaborators, but also those closest to him: Lauryn Hill, Gary Clark Jr, Eugene Gales, LaDonna Gales, Lance Lopez, Raphael Saadiq and Christone ‘Kingfish’ Ingram.

Much of the album is achingly heart on its sleeve and Change in Me [The Rebirth] is one of those moments, it’s about a new change in life. “I changed up some things in life and decided to go a new route”. “I wrote Carry Yourself with Raphael Saadiq and strangely enough, as I sit here looking at her that song is about LaDonna actually. It’s about how we met and how we grew to get to know each other through life and how she’s always carried herself. It has always been something I’m fascinated with. The only cover is the mesmerising interpretation of Boogie Man featuring Gary Clark Jr is something to behold.  “I’m a fan of Freddie King anyway and I like that song. I just enjoyed the original version and I just put a little twist on it and music wise.” “Basically”, Gales adds, “The Boogie Man is about, so watch out cos there’s a bad guy on the way and you know, I’m coming! I think me and Gary did a really good job on that song.” Continuing the rebirth is Help Yourself,  features 16 year old guitar sensation Christone ‘Kingsfish’ IngramI’ve Been Deceived has a multi-layered meaning to it. “Personally,  I was talking about how I was deceived by addiction” he confesses and on Repetition, he goes back to the very beginning and where it started by collaborating with his ‘mentor’ and older brother Eugene Gales

“When I say the world will hear about it, you’ll see what I mean when you hear the record,” he says. “This record is going to take me everywhere that I’ve never been, and everywhere I’ve ever wanted to go.” Eric Gales

Releases in first quarter 2017 are looking exciting and this is top of the pile when measure against the Bluesdoodles excitement meter!

Robin Bibi Brilliance Is No More A Secret

Robin Bibi Brilliance Is No More A Secret

Robin Bibi Brilliance
Is No More A Secret



For anyone who has heard Robin Bibi play his guitar it has never been a secret he plays with blues feel and tone that captures your ears and locks you into his sound.  Now with a studio album of nine delicious blues treats it is definitely No More A Secret. The lid is truly off this box of musical chocolates full of tasty licks, mesmerizing riffs and vocals that spiral around the lyrics. His blues is fulsome, at times understated, and then we get a blast of blues that sing to your soul.  Opening with Play, we have that flavour of a caramel with sweetness of blues that chugs along and the feet automatically joins in with the rhythm section that makes the track a fully rounded sound.    The opening guitar phrases of Packing My Possessions are full of fruity sharpness curbed by the sugaring of the drumming the intro has a purity of tone. The vocal phrasing is full of emotional hurt and confusion, the playing is full of warmth and colours and the horns like on other tracks add a textural shape that hits the mark.  Drumming opens Fast Lanes Busy with a swirl of horns picking up the tempo and into the mix enters Robin who takes control of this fast track with hints of funk that gets your musical adrenalin going.  This is an album that exudes authenticity and the homage, ((drowning In) Muddy Waters) is clever. The guitar sings the essence of the Waters sound and blues is pure and sharp. The title track sings with horns full of soulful sunshine and the guitar picking up the groove is definitely a nut crunch in the blues box of chocolates that Robin has collected together so nothing is a secret anymore!  Closing this nine track gem with No Label on Me, a real deep groove-laden number providing a great finish, if this was a box of chocolates would be full of complex taste with a generous dash of liquor. While we are talking about the tracks there is even one for Christmas Day as a faster number that is definitely a red-hot chocolate spiced up with a hint of chili as hope for a  good day is mused over.  Robin Bibi is his own man of the blues not a clone but a free man with his own music to make you sit up and listen.  Everything on No More a Secret demands close listening to the lyrics, the guitar and musicianship but above all sit back and let Robin’s Blues flow through your very being. The title encapsulates it perfectly. With the recording of the album Mr Robin Bibi, an extremely talented and definitely underrated bluesman on the British Blues circuit today, combines a superb guitar sound with bluesy vocals and songwriting skills that capture the heart of blues.

On the sleeve notes Robin Bibi says it’s been a long, long time coming. Now it is here we can hear the delights of Robin and his bands everyday not just when his music comes to town. In the meantime we have the album to enjoy the delicious box of blues Robin had put together. It definitely is No More A Secret!


Robin Bibi  – No More A Secret –  Plastic Head Distribution

NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Play
  2. In Too Deep
  3. Packing My Possessions
  4. Christmas Day
  5. Fast Lanes Busy
  6. Get In It!
  7. (Drowning In) Muddy Waters
  8. No More A Secret
  9. No Label On Me

Walter Trout Alive In Amsterdam playing Hot Blues

Walter Trout Alive In Amsterdam playing Hot Blues

Walter Trout Alive In Amsterdam playing Hot Blues

The back story of Walter Trout’s recent clash with death where he rose victorious has been well documented and the joy of hearing his studio album Battle Scars was for his legion of fans affirmation the blues Phoenix had truly risen from the ashes of despair. Now, back playing live we have the sound of Walter back on stage Alive in Amsterdam playing hot blues with verve, passion and poise.

Marie’s moving introduction and rapturous ovation from the audience leaves Walter speechless, but his guitar and vocals do all the talking we want to hear. Opening with Play The Guitar, and Walter certainly does that, the whole instrument bends to his deft and assured touch. This is Walter back at the top of his game after the traumas he has been through there is an added energy delight in playing with a raw untamed energy of finding music again. Luther Allison cover, I’m Back says it all as the blues flow with high-octane emotion he is stated “I am back ready for anything and playing better than ever”. His tribute to BB King Say Goodbye To The Blues, was full of every shade of blue that can be pulled from the guitar with the organ in the background adding another later of textural interest shaping the chords.

In the centre of the live show are six poignant tracks from his critically acclaimed album Battle Scars opening with Almost Gone and closing with Fly Away. Walter is definitely not gone from stage and studio his blues are not going to Fly Away anytime soon. Walter though is playing the music the fans have always loved with son Jon joining him on Rock Me Baby as Father and Son jam this is live music capturing the moment. The audience is loud, and happy when a guy shouts out Marie’s Mood, the set list changes as Walter laughs and plays it for the audience. This is what makes live music special, yes captured here for posterity but the special memories belong to the audience; in Amsterdam on the 28th November 2015 at the opulent Royal Theatre Carré

His band are outstanding. The centre of attention is on Walter, the emotions are all pulled from his amazing journey overcoming liver failure and a transplant. It is the band that gives him the space to play Michael Leasure’s drumming has the beat measured at times intense, then restrained joined by bassist Johnny Griparic. The Rhythm section keeps the tempo tight as Walter flies with licks and riffs bouncing off his stinging guitar. Into the mix and the tonal complexities of the keys from Sammy Avila you have a quartet of Blue that delivers the Blues with deep emotions.

Walter Trout Alive In Amsterdam playing Hot Blues, is a bold statement of resurrection. Walter is back the pain and fear diminished, not forgotten and re-shaping his blues with another layer of wisdom and pebbles from the road of life and the journey of healing. The power of love, support and the blues runs deep through every emotionally wrought track. Played in Amsterdam to fans who lived every moment of the painful and difficult road to health, documented by Marie who took time out to keep the fans informed of every high and low. He is back full of potency, playing his blues, nothing laid back and taking it easy for Walter he is on fire Alive in Amsterdam.


Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Walter Trout – Alive in Amsterdam – released 17th June on Mascot/Provogue

Track Listing 

  1. Marie’s Introduction
  2. Play The Guitar
  3. Help Me
  4. I’m Back
  5. Say Goodbye To The Blues
  6. Almost Gone
  7. Omaha
  8. Tomorrow Seems So Far Away
  9. Playin’ Hideaway
  10. Haunted By The Night
  11. Fly Away
  12. Please Take Me Home
  13. Rock Me Baby
  14. Marie’s Mood
  15. Serve Me Right To Suffer
  16. The Love The We Once Knew

Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary Hoey

Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary Hoey

Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary Hoey

Dust & Bones out 29th July on Provogue/Mascot Label Group Out: 29th July :

Gary is a ferocious guitarist fuses his blues and rock influences. The eleven original songs that celebrate many greats including, Johnny Winter, Led Zeppelin, Robert Johnson, Robin Trower.

Title track from the forthcoming Gary Hoey’s new album Dust & Bones.

Having listened to the title track I can hear how Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary Hoey guitar playing on his 20th album out 29th July 2016.  A trio who are  not about adrenalin fuelled power. Gary Hoey’s guitar is startling in its electric blue purity as it plays above the stylish darker blue rhythms.  Matt Scurfield on drums, when combined with  Bassist AJ Pappas provide a rock solid grounding for Gary’s vocals and guitar artistry to fly.

“This is where I belong—playing this ferocious blend of blues and rock music,” says guitarist Gary Hoey about his 20th album, Dust & Bones. “I did my last album, Deja Blues, to prove to myself that I could play authentic blues, and now that I feel more at home there, I felt it was time to mix my favorite guitar styles into something seamless, organic, and powerful.”

Released through Mascot Label Group, Dust & Bones showcases Hoey’s Fender Stratocaster-driven fury alongside open-D-tuned resonator guitars plugged into half-stacks. The massive sonic attack was essential for paying sincere and appropriate homage to some of Hoey’s influences, such as Johnny Winter (“Steamroller”), Robin Trower (“This Time Tomorrow”), and Brian Setzer (“Who’s Your Daddy”), as well as a thrill-a-minute mash-up of Robert Johnson, meets Led Zeppelin (“Boxcar Blues”). There’s also a classic power ballad (“Coming Home”) where Lita Ford sings a duet with Hoey.

“This is the biggest-sounding album I’ve done in years,” says Hoey. “From the guitars to the vocals to the rhythm section—everything was designed to produce a huge impact. I’m just so proud of this record.” Listen to the preview and hear how Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary Hoey guitar playing and influences on Dust & Bones out 29th July 2016

Blues are the Dust & Bones that fuel Gary HoeyTrack Listing

  1. Boxcar Blues
  2. Who’s Your Daddy
  3. Born To Love
  4. Dust & Bones
  5. Steam Roller
  6. Coming Home (Featuring Lita Ford)
  7. Ghost of Yesterday
  8. This Time Tomorrow
  9. Back Up Against The Wall
  10. Blind Faith
  11. Soul Surfer

Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo

Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo

Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo



Bluesdoodles was delighted to spend time chatting with Dan Patlansky as he took a breather from his South African Tour launching his forthcoming album Introvertigo out 6th May 2016.

Patlansky Chats about being back in the UK with Introvertigo

BD: Hi Dan hope you are well

DP: Yes all good busy with shows in South Africa as part of Introvertigo release

BD: Sounds good and links in with the double Dan delights I want to chat about with your New Album and UK Tour.

BD: Tell our readers about the inspiration of the album and interesting title.
DP: Introvertigo found the word one-day surfing web stumbled across the phrase and it made sense experience that a million times. Being introvert by nature certain people seem to suck the life out of you. Fantastic title concept is not being an introvert, it is life through eyes of an introvert  or the memoirs of an introvert. Stuff that is important to me. Plus it is quite an intriguing title.
Urban Dictionary definition – Introvertigo: “The dizziness and disorientation felt by an introvert after spending more than 5 minutes with an extrovert”.

BD: No title track as such do you see Run as the validating track of the theme Introvertigo?
DP: Though I have had title tracks in previous albums including Dear Silence Thieves never felt had to have a title track to create and album. Introvertigo is a concept running through the album rather than a song on an album. Run is a song reflecting the modern mentality of intelligent people in large groups who stop thinking a pet peeve of mine. Reflects current actions of South Africans studying at Universities, there are tons of riots. They have become a constant intelligent people burning bins throwing and destroying things including facilities where they are learning at.

BD: With two hit singles that received airplay which tracks do you see as single material on Introvertigo
DP: No I really never know what track to pick. The whole process is time-consuming first the writing process, then arranging, recording and mixing the tracks. By the time finished heard and played songs a million and one times and they merge so still figuring that one out! No one or two stand out for me there is a flow through the album. Introvertigo is not a whole bunch of songs collected together they flowed 1 through 10 this makes sense of having ten tracks. Vinyl albums were often ten tracks, those classics you return to. The tracks say what I wanted to achieve on the album.

BD: The guitar playing is always strong and continues to be on this latest offering I hear hints of SRV on Still Wanna Be Your Man – how did touring in 2015 with Joe Satriani influence your manipulation of the 6 strings.
DP: Stevie Ray Vaughan is my biggest influence I have listen so extensively to his music from a young age his sound does come through on certain songs. It is mix of tonal and phrasing of the guitar on some songs. I am always thrilled that I can nail a little SRV.
Satriani Tour was an incredible experience Joe is an inspirational musician it was surreal to be hanging out with him last year as we toured Europe and UK. He was consistently good every night never a slightly bleak night. His mind is in control of his own headspace he has truly mastered that, and I learnt a lot from his approach. Plus Joe is a fantastic human being nicest guy made us feel at home on the road. BD:  Of Course you made new fans in Cardiff when opening for Joe Satriani
DP: Looking forward to being back in Cardiff, the city treated us well St David’s Hall awesome venue. BD: The Globe is different a gigging venue. Yes, different style of hall played them all and be good Headlining at The Globe. Looking forward to time in the city.

BD: The vocals and lyrics are stronger than ever on Introvertigo is this due to the personal influences on the 10 tracks?
DP: Thanks for that. I grew up playing the guitar and started to sing when I couldn’t find a singer as a teen for a band playing the blues. So sung by default rather than pleasure. The singing was never a pleasure but a means of getting to the next guitar solo… I sung because I had to. Now I enjoy singing more enjoy the power of singing so have spent more time and given more thought and concentration to the lyrics. Spent lots time on the vocals so I do the best job I can the result vocals get stronger. This is a personal album as with the tracks reflecting my thoughts. Sonnava Faith is not about religion/people’s faith beliefs, it is the misuse of power another personal annoyance and so very wrong. Album leaves with fun and I hope a very true reflection of the inspiration my daughter. Real Truth is the concept of Introvertigo. Years ago wrote and sung cliché blues whiskey and the women, this was right for the past and was those bluesmen’s life experiences they lived that life. Mine is different this was not the way I have grown up and experience life. So now writing from own experiences. The track Bet On Me with line Blues Police is a realisation that blues like all things evolves and changes and needs to reflect today’s realities.

BD: Do you have a favourite/ special track on the album? And why?
DP: Still Wanna Be Your Man the subject balancing touring and family, the feeling of insecurity of this type of life is close to my heart. I am also a sucker for slow minor blues, for me it expresses my most natural guitar playing and singing it feels like my natural home base. BD: Well that seems to be the single sorted.

BD: Back on UK Tour with King King and then headlining with lots of new towns and cities to find new fans. For those who have not seen you before what can they expect from one of your shows? How does live sound differ from Studio? Looking forward to your visit to Wales’ capital city Cardiff.
DP: New experiences visiting new places starting off with King King who are a great bunch of guys. Our sounds are different enough so there will be a full spectrum of Rock Blues on show when opening for King King. Excited about having the opportunity to do a full show. We can play a lot more songs and play for longer. I have started touring Introvertigo in South Africa. It is working really well live normally more challenges than Introvertigo thinking about how to translate an album into the live arena. Important sounds cool on the album and will be playing all 10 tracks live. They all sound fantastic live sometimes studio tracks just do not work on a stage no such problem with Introvertigo. Yes live they have a rawer edge, with some parts extended others shortened to make sense of the sound on a stage but this is definitely the easiest and most natural transition from studio to live.

BD: How do you keep your enthusiasm and the music fresh when on tour and away from Home
DP: It is a challenge, strange places and playing same music whilst touring. For me it is finding inspiration in music. Listening to You Tube finding new bands, re-discovering others when someone inspires you so that you just can’t wait to play. Finding inspiration is the key, with modern technology and easy access to music there is no excuse not to be able find inspiration.

BD: Normally I ask for your band but did that last time so this time I am interested in albums that have influenced/ delighted you as a musician.
DP: Changes weekly – right now..
Always big Pink Floyd fan and in a Wish You Were Here phase
Rival Sons – Great Western Valkyrie looking forward to their new album
And Steve Wilson New album Hands Can Not Erase might not be every song but those connect just say lots to me. Found his music after meeting him at Classic Rock Music Awards in 2015.

BD: Thank you for your time. Will catch you live with Introvertigo in May and June

DP: Always a pleasure to chat with you Liz see you at a show.

Check UK tour dates HERE

Check out Bluesdoodles Introvertigo Review HERE

Introvertigo An Inverted World Captured With Patlansky’s Guitar

Introvertigo An Inverted World Captured With Patlansky’s Guitar

Introvertigo An Inverted World Captured With Patlansky’s Guitar


It only seems a short while since Bluesdoodles played Dear Silence Thieves for the first time and instantly captivated by the blues-wrapped rock of South African Dan Patlansky. 2016 and Introvertigo is now on permanent play. To be released on 6th May coinciding with touring UK during May and June it is an album that should be added to your collection. On the first listen through, what immediately struck me was the blues curling guitar excitement as you would expect from Dan, it was the power of the vocals and the stories rolling off his dark and bitter/sweet tongue. The album is full of stinging attitude.

Opening with acoustical disturbance from his strings the guitar bounces and the album is off with a gut bending scream. Reflecting what the Urban Dictionary defines as Introvertigo. Yes! it is a real word not a made up fantasy on this personal well thought out album. “The dizziness and disorientation felt by an introvert after spending more than 5 minutes with an extrovert”. With no title track Run the opening number feels with its running away from mob mentality to reflect the craziness fell by Introvertigo. The guitar pushes the beat and is a driving force of Poor Old John. The lead break has a speed and frantic intensity of the husband of the unfaithful wife seeking out John. This is blues that rocks and Poor Old John is not going to have a good time if the husband ever catches up with him! We leave Poor Old John and his plotting and now it is a look at religion, not individual’s beliefs but the corrupt misuse of power. Sonnava Faith starts with a clap of thunder and deep organ chords and the intoning of a sermon attention gained. Most definitely yes, delightfully assaulted with powerful guitar chords and stingily sharp lyrics, Dan Patlansky has something to say in his blues and you want to listen as you relate to that story being unravelled. The album is hotting up the guitar just connects to your musical DNA as the lyrics make you think. A very clever and entertaining track on so many levels.

When reviewing there are normally tracks that you skip over not, this time, they all will be getting a mention as the tone and texture changes and the concept of Introvertigo on oneself unfurls into an understanding of the album, as a complete entity. We now leave the Church and go into the oft harsh world of childhood and the pain inflicted by children on each other. Loosen Up the Grip has a musical flow as the guitar spirals around Andy Maritz’s drumming. The lead breaks are sublime bringing a feeling of hurt isolation as the guitar weeps and sighs with an emotional intensity of a child isolated and lost. Then a second of silence time to breathe and a rhythmic acoustic feel to the chanting of Heartbeat. This has a primeval tribal feel which builds with a crescendo if electric power. This dies away as the lyrics and a harsh guitar takes over and then the crescendo of a chorus. Blues Rock that excites and addresses the communication of a homeless man trying to be seen as a person the same as us all and not a label. The subject is powerful and moving with music to compliment. This is a blues rock album so women as a subject matter have to be in the mix. Stop the Messin’ is a drivin’ edge blues full of fervent desires Dan’s vocals are deep down and dirty reflecting the tone of the lyrics. Then with a deft flick of the finger tips the chords are minor slow and full of deepest blue with Bet On Me, this for me sits alone and part of the introvert theme. Introverts may at times be thoughtful and quiet but are a good bet as the other side is a deep loyalty and understanding. Bet On Me you can hear as the single the radio play that once again gets Dan Patlansky noticed. Throughout Still Wanna Be Your Man SRV’s sound is there whispering and shaping the guitar tone and chord structure. This is blues that hits the sky blue notes of purity with the vocals carving the notes out of keys and guitar. The lingering notes reflect the impossibility of balancing life on the road away from home and family life the most personal track on the album. Full of anguish and hope, trust and concern. The penultimate track opens with a child’s voice with an air of innocence. The drum beat tells you the opposite. Western Decay looks back to easier less confusing and dangerous times. The rhythms are deep with Clint Falconer’s bass line like a drone of forewarning the lyrics full of yearning power to be able to untangle the mess. Closing the album we have guitar that squeals with joy unleashed with a passion. Rocking Queen Purree as Dan’s little daughter takes centre stage. How a child takes control rules your world and like the rest f the album there is an integrity an introverts truth of what the world looks like.

Introvertigo with its carefully crafted lyrics that blend urbane wit and honest observation, this is blues pertinent to today’s lifestyles, not so much whiskey and women more the corruption of power and social interaction. Ten tracks there are no fillers every number is full of strength and tonal power but there is not an off note or lyric. This has been achieved by production that keeps the live heat flowing from guitar and vocals. Theo Crous once again and recorded in Cape Town at the Bellville Studio. Introvertigo redefining Introverts.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Introvertigo – Dan Patlansky – Independent – Release Date 6th May 2016

Track Listing

1. Run
2. Poor Old John
3. Sonova Faith
4. Loosen Up The Grip
5. Heartbeat
6. Stop The Messin’
7. Bet On Me
8. Still Wanna Be Your Man
9. Western Decay
10. Queen Puree

JW Jones Bringing Blues Joy to The Garage

JW Jones Bringing Blues Joy to The Garage

JW Jones Bringing Blues Joy to The Garage



JW Jones Bringing Blues Joy to The Garage

Saturday night The Garage, Swansea filled as we waited for Canadian Blues. Opening the proceedings tonight singer/songwriter Sam York. He shared a selection of his own work including Safety In Numbers and Crazy World. He entertained sharing that this is not his first time in Wales as he has previously played guitar with another – Jones, Tom! With a short break the second Canadian Act of Bluesdoodles in a few days stepped on the stage.


JW Jones Bringing Blues Joy to The GarageJW Jones is known for a high-energy show his Gibson Les Paul is magical putty with the deft Jones fingering. This award-winning act is in Swansea tonight showcasing his latest album Belmont Boulevard. This is a trio that has been exciting venues wherever he has played on the first U.K. tour for this pure blues trio. Accompanying JW on the stage were bassist Laura Greenberg and Mat Lapensee on drums. Opening with a great R&B instrumental to warm the venue, the perfect introduction for the Swansea crowd. The music flowed as the blues shaped some rock n’ roll and the rhythms were sharp and energetic then laid back and moody as the blues colours shifted tempo. The licks, riffs and hooks were silky smooth as the show unfurled with cadences of excitement. The stage was neat and tidy, no clutter from pedals and leads. Like JW the stage was as clean as the guitar sound. The Rhythm section was tight with flourishes that augmented the deep shifting urban blues Chicago in Swansea tonight. The medley showcased the slick guitar sound with Howlin’ Wolf and Willie Dixon linked by snippets of Smokestack Lightnin’; the lead breaks were lengthy but always swirling with innovation and the guitar at times physically wept. The drumming was deep and the bass a dark counterbalance to JW’s zinging energy from his six-strings. An instrumental medley of styles bought whoops of recognition as we heard Hendrix Bo Didley and so many more. This was blues entertainment not a churning out of one delightful tune after another. JW connected teasing the audience we were an integral part of the show.

JW Jones WM-8380Another track from Belmont Boulevard, Watch Your Step is energetic R’n’B at its best with solid rhythms giving JW the space to exploit his immense talents to the full. Buddy Guy and Jimmy Rogers visited The Garage tonight courtesy of the band. Then we had a change of tact, French Toast and it was “let’s swap instruments”. JW now the drummer, Laura lead guitar and Mat on Bass. This was fun and we loved the energy of the show and at the same time the authenticity of the blues that ran through your spine connecting your ears with your tapping feet. Following this as the show drew to a close a medley that was truly Name that Tune! This was mixed up guitar magic as we moved from Pop to sapphire sparkling blues and then a TV Theme tune and a hint of Rock, this was no mish-mash as the constant was JW Jones consummate guitar magic. There was one more piece of stage trickery as all three played the guitar at the same time, the behind the back playing for Laura and JW. These tricks showed the skills and the love of the blues. For Maria it will be always be a night to remember as JW danced with a pretty lady and played guitar without missing a note.

JW Jones Bringing Blues Joy to The GarageHigh quality entertainment with drumstick used as slide and superlative authentic blues guitar Canadian JW Jones makes his guitar talk and walk the blues.
JW was delighted to make Wales the 22nd country he has performed and wowed the crowds in. Back in the land of his fore-fathers his guitar playing was mesmerising and his vocals warm as they enhanced the whole experience. Swansea heard and felt the sinews of blues emotional magic weave around the venue tonight. Come back soon JW Jones.

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Jeff Healey will Heal My Soul with Twelve Lost Tracks

Jeff Healey will Heal My Soul with Twelve Lost Tracks

Jeff Healey will Heal My Soul with Twelve Lost Tracks



Albums arrive, listened to thought about and reviewed. Then there are the albums that arrive where a frisson of expectation is lit. Then albums that have a whole load of excited anticipation a deep sense of belief this will be special are sent. Jeff Healey’s Heal My Soul fits into this category. Before hearing a note I was expecting an album that would light my blues touch-paper and carry me away on a musical journey of pure pleasure from the first to last dying note. Did Heal My Soul meet Bluesdoodles expectations you will have to read on.

The album is laden with poignancy released on 25th March marking what would have been Jeff’s 50th Birthday. Jeff Healey’s searing blues guitar is a loss to the world of music, he passed away after a three-year battle with sarcoma cancer on March 2nd 2008. Now we can celebrate the music from his six-strings and vocals once again with the release of Heal My Soul, twelve songs, a previously lost album.  This is not a re-mastered mix of out-takes, b-sides and rejected material we have for our aural delights a new album of material that has been held in limbo waiting for a moment to shine through. This is a reflection of Jeff Healey at the top of his prowess full of creativity and Healey magic. The album the first in fifteen years has been carefully restored under the direction of the Healey Estate.

With the dust blown off the tracks they hit the airwaves with energy and verve with the opening track Daze Of The Night igniting the speakers with guitar that has a zinging energy that Jeff’s vocals exploits as the lyrics are explored and the song releases itself with his trade-mark licks. His voice has a distinctive timbre that is a deep, dark and full of emotional texture as he blends the raw and the smooth explored through the track. Heal My Soul is an album that explores every tonal shape and texture that fits into the sound-scape that makes up the lexicon of the blues.

His brilliance on electric guitar is always celebrated. Two tracks, Baby Blue and All The Saints, are sentimental love-songs so out comes the mellow acoustic with his song-writing skills displayed with poise and deep meaningful lyrics.  In contrast to mellow is a funked up and scorching three minutes of Please; this is Hendrix colliding with Prince and coming up Healey. This is a track that is different from Healey past and could it have been a path he would have trodden if history had been different?  Squeezed between Baby Blue and Please is a Richard Thompson cover I Misunderstood, the Healey version is electric with the guitar purring in the intro. Then the husky vocals growl with the beat and this version fits the album like a glove the interpretation glistens with Jeff’s signature licks but never drowns out the songwriting skills of one on Britain’s greatest Richard Thompson.

This is blues with all its multi-facets and is not miserable but explorative of life’s emotions and journeys we travel. Every track is a gem but the blues guitar of Put The Shoe On The Other Foot is deep blues and swells and grows sit back listen and revel in the skillful guitar playing of Jeff Healey.

Closing with It’s The Last Time the title is steeped in nostalgia and has a heart stopping poignancy that makes this album very special a unique look at an artist to celebrate in his absence his genius and 50th Birthday Jeff. This is an album that blows the dust off the blues and sparkling in the daylight of attention with twelve strong tracks we are all reacquainted with the brilliance that is blues maestro Jeff Healey. This is a ten for the sheer beauty of the vocals, songwriting and Blues Guitar that sears through the prism of the blues.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


Jeff Healey – Heal My Soul – Provogue/Mascot Group Label – Out 25th March 2016

Track Listing

  1. Daze Of The Night
  2. Moodswing
  3. Baby Blue
  4. I Misunderstood
  5. Please
  6. Love Her Eyes
  7. Temptation
  8. Kiss The Ground You Walk On
  9. All The Saints
  10. Put The Shoe On The Other Foot
  11. Under A Stone
  12. It’s The Last Time



Where You Going To asks Robin Trower’s latest Album

Where You Going To asks Robin Trower's latest Album

Where You Going To

asks Robin Trower’s latest Album


Legendary guitarist and singer-songwriter, Robin Trower will release studio album Where You Going To  on Friday 6th May via Manhaton Records.

The guitarist, whose 1974 album, Bridge of Sighs, is regarded by many rock pundits as a blues milestone, describes his new studio album as a continuation of his previous album Something’s About To Change.

Trower says: “Where You Are Going To ranges from rock to funky soul, with some epic blues grooves. The title track is me reflecting on my life and career, and how we have no idea how our lives might unfold.“In terms of influences I felt I was channelling a combination of James Brown and John Lee Hooker on the funky The Fruits Of Your Desire and album closer Delusion Sweet Delusion. I’m really looking forward to playing those on tour.”

He adds: “Opener When Will The Next Blow Fall is a bit of a rocker inspired by the events in Europe and how uncertain people’s futures are. The album features two very emotional tracks, We Will Be Together Someday and I’m Holding On To You, both dedicated to the memory of my late wife.”

The new album features Trower on guitars, vocals and bass, with Chris Taggart on drums. It was produced by Livingstone Brown at Studio 91 in Newbury.  The album is available for pre-order fromAmazon UK.

Where You Are Going To  – Album Track List

  1. When Will The Next Blow Fall
  2. Where You Are Going To
  3. Back Where You Belong
  4. Jigsaw
  5. The Fruits of Your Desire
  6. We Will Be Together Someday
  7. Ain’t No Use To Worry
  8. In Too Deep
  9. I’m Holding on to You
  10. Delusion Sweet Delusion