Fun and Music creating Perfect Mayhem Old Bush Blues 2017

Fun and Music creating Perfect Mayhem Old Bush Blues 2017


Fun and Music creating Perfect Mayhem

Old Bush Blues 2017



Rising to New heights of Perfection Old Bush Blues 2017. How? Matt Williams found the music and bought three days of live fun to Callow End.

Old Bush Blues works because they have a winning formula and does not mess about with the three tenants Live Music, Beer and Friendship’ whether this is your first, third or seventeenth having followed the festival from its old home in Bentworth.  Friday was a blinder two young bands getting noticed for all the right reasons, Elles Bailey and The Rainbreakers certainly had the festival hitting the ground running. The Old Avengers hit the spot with many, with a big welcome back for Ian Parker who entertained. Sam Anderson, of Sugar Mama and an Old Bush regular, gave a taste of the mayhem of frivolity and music that Sugar Mama will deliver on Saturday. As ever Tommy Allan’s Trafficker raised the pulses and excited the dancers. In fact, it was Tommy Allan and the boys from Five Field Holler who had filled the stage earlier and are seen around all weekend behind the sound desk. They certainly have a busy, productive weekend at OBB. Trafficker certainly lifted the vibe we were now in full on Friday night festival mode. The baton was picked up as the Tom Walker Trio applied their take on the blues. Energised with deep groovy bass lines with a touch of funk from Deano Bass, combining the rhythms with Nathan’s superb drumming that never takes the focus of attention from Tom. His vocals are full of power and tonal texture combined with the guitar this is how a trio should sound, full of depth with all members adding to the sound.  Tom Walker Trio is definitely everything a blues trio should be. With a mix of covers including a great version of John Henry and their own material, they hit the sweet spot.   Everyone now had shed the stresses of the week and were in the weekend mode that was about fun, laughing and being immersed in the blues.  The outside music finished at 11 pm; for those who wanted more music continued in the bar, festival goers had been spoilt with the quality of bands in the Bar, Garden, and Carpark stages.  With the outside areas covered the rain only added to the soundscapes, we all were hoping that the rest of the weekend would bring more sunshine than showers.

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Saturday morning of a festival weekend has that special quality of time slowing down and stretching out over the horizon. All that matters is the moment.  With my festival buddy, we kicked started the day with a pint and crisps from the bar. The selection is wide and with breakfasts available up to 11 before the BBQ takes over at midday until late and Curry night from 5-8 no one was going to go hungry or thirsty while they soak up the music on offer and enjoy the sunshine.  Saturday is hat day so the array of head-gear was varied adding to the festival fun before we all doff our bobble hats when bobble hour and Northsyde collide.  At the heart of the festival is the music. The beating pulse that heats the vibe is the friendships that are formed. This is what Old Bush excels in with plenty of seats you can listen and chat between the acts and still catch every note. Matt is here there and everywhere, having fun himself loving the music, enjoying the excitement and making sure at the same time everything runs smoothly. His staff are as ever helpful with a ready smile.


The music on Saturday certainly started in festival mode as Richard Clarke stepped in while Steve Whalley set himself up after a late arrival. The curse of Motorway delays had struck but slightly later than planned Steve Whalley delivered his branding of the blues, deep down below the Dixie line where the weather and music steams with sultry intend. Into the mix they included a number about a Pill Box Hat perfect for Hat Saturday; with solid glass slide playing perfect Saturday afternoon music for a festival in a pub garden and the sun shining. Stage changes and the blues moved into the city with Chicago 9.  One thing for certain blues is a flexible beast and Matt knows when selecting the bands he needs to change the tone. We are putting the electric flow into the beat and the mix of classics and their own numbers pleasing the crowds and dancers alike.  Now Matt changed the tone with blues that rocked as Stuart James Band enthralled with an eclectic and interesting mix of classics. They had reached out and explored the depth of music that suited the beefier sound of the band. When you add rock you are walking a tightrope and they definitely landed on the side of the blues with the mix of SRV; Aynsley Lister, Talking Heads and Rory Gallagher.

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Now treated with a complete change of tone with a festival favourite Lucy Zirins. This year with her band Southern Comfort we now had the singer songwriter colliding with  Americana; weaved together with a the smile and charm that defines Lucy today complete with the ends of her locks dyed purple.  Calming the festival down, we are now mellow, replete with an afternoon of music that made us smile. No Old Bush Blues festival would be complete without a set for these two bands. Northsyde, time to put on bobble hats and enjoy the feast for our ears that is a Northsyde set. The quartet fizz with a latent energy, they capture the heart soul and body of the song. Lorna’s vocal powers through the lyrics adding grit to the sound pulling out the sweetest hooks from Jules beautiful red guitar. His lead breaks make you weep with the pure pleasure that is floating from the stage. The power rocks from the rhythm section from funky Ian ‘Doby’ Maurico’s bass and Hadyn’s drumming. Northsyde has the bobbles bobbling dancers and everyone to the feet making OBB a hot festival as they weave there magic with tracks from Storytellers Daughter and the back catalogue of delights and the obligatory Whipping Post.  Joining the band for one night only in a guitar duel was young guitarist Marcus Praestgaard-Stevens.  He took the challenge and dueled with Jules old school, matching note for note and raising the challenge. With a winning smile the dexterous manipulation of the six-strings this is a blues guitarist that has the potential to challenge the best. We will see him again on stage this weekend.  How do you follow the powerhouse that is Northsyde with their awesome set that alights the festival. It has to be Sugar Mama.  The set was energetic, so get ready to boogie with the infectious beat as we dive into the Summertime Blues. This is a set that adds to the discography of the weekend as we are immersed into Tainted Love from Soft Cell, Van Morrison’s Gloria. Oh Well from Peter Green was superb and Talking Head’s Psycho Killer. What a set the energy was Electric, a name they played under for a while. This is three young men who know how they deliver music that overflows with superlatives.  Joined by Marcus and then Jules Fothergill we were full of music as the sound was stilled and the night drew to a close.

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Sunday. The morning after the night before. Matt has the perfect antidote – Kyle and Shaw. They are the opening act every Sunday with a combination of guitar and bass they drift along with perfectly timed blues soothing the soul and making all right with the world, especially at OBB on a sunny Sunday afternoon.  As we sit relax soaking up the sunshine, friendship, and music to feed the mind Kyle & Shaw are followed by Steve Brooks. We are now hyper-chilled. Then with a boom, we are bought back to the reality that we are at a festival with Paddy Maguire Band. This is blues that rocks you into a vibrant party mode with Jenna on vocals that power through the Old Bush and guest guitarist Paul Lamb from Detroit beefing up the tone.  With the bar playing music and the Del Ray Rockets bring the jive back with rocking good party, a move that meant the festival was now awash with smiles. La Vendore Rogue pulled no punches with an imaginative take on blues full of gothic mystery. With songs about The Chemist and every other subject they can weave into their roguish approach to live music. With a new bassist joining the band adding to the rhythm section and Stephen ‘Percy’ Cutmore’s distinctive drumming, Warren’s keyboard that pulls in the melody captured in the Hammond’s chords. The heart of LaVendore are without doubt Joel Fisk on guitar the licks and riffs are full of purity of tone and little surprising kicks mirroring the vocals, and  JoJo Burgess their charismatic and beguiling frontman who pulls the crowds in like the showman he is. He tells us tales including one about putting the bins out, building the tension by adding a bit more to the tale with each rendition before closing out with Mrs Jones and they left the stage to resounding cheers. LaVendore Rogue ensured the festival kept smiling despite the weather not behaving. Troy Redfern then added to the layers of blues full of deep slide and a sharp tone full of controlled power. The festival on Sunday night was hot with the power of live music. Closing out the festival Jules Benjamin, the MC across the weekend pulling the good time feel that will last long after the marquees have been tidied away and the pub returns to being a Country pup once again.


Now. If you want to see Elles Bailey, The Rainbreakers, LaVendore Rogue plus Zoe Schwarz Blues Commotion and the winner from the unsigned Jessica Foxley Acts playing over the Great British Rhythm and Blues Weekend in Colne, then put the UK Blues Challenge, run by UK Blues Federation in your diary – 10th September 2017 at the Cavern Club, Liverpool.

Old Bush Blues 2017 once again is a perfectly formed combo of music, food, camping and fun with a capital F.  This is achieved not by magic but the hard work and commitment from Matt and his team of staff. Thank you, Matt, already counting down the days to August 2018.

Fun and Music creating Perfect Mayhem Old Bush Blues 2017







Line up
Luther Grosvenor
Lavendore Rogue

Chicago 9
Troy Redfern
Steve Whalley
Richard Clarke
Elles Bailey
Steve Brookes
Kyle and Shaw
Paddy Maguire Band
Lucy Zirins
Stuart James Band
Tom Walker Trio
Del Ray Rockets
Howlin Matt
Jules Benjamin
Some Haunted Souls
Five Field Holler
The Old Avengers
Tone Tanner

Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017

Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017

August Bank Holiday Weekend is always a musical high. It looks like the bar has been raised higher as the baton has been passed from Pendle Leisure Trust to Colne Town Council. As Jason says, “we whetted your appetite via Facebook Live now we have to deliver”

Before the baton is handed over the applause and thanks are heartily given to Pendle Borough Council and Pendle Leisure Trust who have over the last 27 years made this award winning festival the biggest and longest running of its kind In Britain. For many Blues fans across the U.K. August Bank Holiday weekend and a trip to Colne are a permanent fixture in their diaries.  Now the challenge is for Colne Town Council to keep the burning blue flame shining and at the same time giving the festival a breath of fresh air.

How will this be achieved? Utilising the opportunities and minimising the challenges. Colne Town Council, with two paid employees and volunteer councillors, are determined that the event will connect with both the residents of Colne and the visitors. The management of  The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival 2017 is under the auspices of two local men and well-known music fans and successful festival organisers Jason Elliott and Paddy Maguire. With a team of supporters, the festival is in safe hands and with a track record of bringing innovation to events they organise.

Firstly, the acts currently being booked are all releasing albums and touring, they are part of the live music scene within the U.K. and beyond. Colne, The Great Rhythm & Blues Festival 2017 is a showcase for blues-infused music. Nothing heritage or boring this is music that sparkles with a sapphire-like iridescence., and for the organisers “proper blues” is an anathema.

Fact ONE: Good music entertains.

Fact TWO: Music that entertains connects with the audience

Fact THREE: Blues music is the historical foundation.

Fact FOUR: Western popular music – nearly all genres are rooted in the Blues

Fact FIVE: Nearly all modern music genres are Blues children or grandchildren

Fact SIX: Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017 is the strategy of Jason, Paddy and his team.

Fact SEVEN: Colne keeping the genre alive by bringing in new blood, in the audience and as performers.

Jason told Bluesdoodles “the festival must span all levels of experience, attracting new audiences, be fresh, alive, full of an energy that everyone wants to be part off”

Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017, this is a transition year for The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival. The event is part of the Pendle legacy. Goal one is to get the support of the town. The way the Roadhouse venues are organised is key to getting local residents the love the festival as their own. Once 2017 has been delivered then the focus will be to build and build from 2018 onwards.

The ticketed event will be full of exciting acts you will want to hear. Including names unknown but will excite. The Jessica Foxely Unsigned Project is part of this exciting new cutting edge helping in putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017. The project focusses on nurturing young and emerging Blues-based talent, and in many ways symbolises the Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017new direction of the festival starting in 2017! The ticket events will be in The Colne Hippodrome capacity 600 & Colne Muni capacity 800. “Dancers do not despair, there will be plenty of space for you to dance. We want everyone to have fun and enjoy the music that is being played for the audiences, not the organisers” says Jason.

The mission of Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017 is “bringing new life and blood, new acts, new audiences into this key genre”

All the acts for the ticketed events have been selected – these will be announced when tickets go on sale – 28th January 2017. Time to purchase to wipe away those January Blues!

The Roadhouse acts will be announced at a later date. Acts interested in performing should contact Paddy Maguire or email  Paddy if you want a Roadhouse gig in Colne August Bank Holiday weekend.

Putting GREAT Back into Colne August 2017 is the aim of  The Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival in Colne August Bank Holiday weekend join in the adventure. Who knows where it will take you this year, next year and beyond with Colne Town Council and The Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival.




Celebrating Twenty-five years Blues On The Farm June 2016

Blues on Farm 2016

th – 19th June 2016





One of the best-loved and friendly festivals anywhere, let alone on the ‘Blues Calendar’, the award-winning BLUES ON THE FARM FESTIVAL celebrates an incredible 25 years of music making where international acts of the highest quality converge on Pump Bottom Farm, south of Chichester in West Sussex from Thursday 16th June to Sunday 19th June 2016.

​​In keeping with the festivals finest traditions, a varied and eclectic line up of top quality acts loosely connected, but not limited to, the ‘Blues/Roots umbrella’ appear at this wonderful Sussex countryside setting.

This years festival sees the legendary Gary Brooker of Procol Harum fame headline proceedings on the Saturday night. Rather fittingly, since Gary Brooker’s presence at an impromptu garden gig gave rise to the idea of a festival in the very first place…
Here’s a video of Gary playing live in case anyone needs any reminding of his considerable talents


Other notable acts appearing over the four days include multi British Blues Award winners King King and Ian Siegal, plus the likes of Mike SanchezThe Blues Band featuring Paul Jones (of BBC Radio 2 fame) and many, many more. Apart from the myriad of homegrown talent, The Billy Walton BandSari Schorr and the Engine Room plus The Hitman Blues Band featuring the New York Horns are all flying in from the USA to join the party. And with Brilleaux jetting in from New Zealand, this promises to be a really international affair.

With more acts still to be announced, all the updated news can be found at Blues On The Farm HERE

Bluesdoodles delighted to be a media partner of one of our favourite festivals and the place to hear music in June..

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Old Bush Blues Festival 2015 ~ Formerly known as Bentworth Blues

Howlin' Mat - Old Bush Blues- August 2015_0017lOld Bush Blues Festival
@ Old Bush, Callow End. Worcestershire
2 1st – 23rd August 2015



It may have been the inaugural Old Bush Blues Festival at Callow End, Worcester, but it is in fact another Matt Williams extravaganza with a little (well lots of help from Karen and his many friend)this is Old Bush Blues formerly known as Bentworth Blues!

Slide show of the weekend more at Bluesdoodles Photography

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The festival was wall to wall music across three areas from midday Friday through to 11pm Sunday. There was music to suit festival goers who wanted to chill, dance and have a thoroughly great time. This review is a snapshot of all the fun and delight in hearing music live catching up with friends and making new ones; there was always a glittering of magic over Bentworth and this Matt has miraculously managed to transfer to his new pub The Old Bush. This is a new location but the positive Matt vibe is shining strong overcoming every obstacle thrown at him first re-locating the festival and the British summer weather over the three days, rain, hot sun, clouds and then the mini whirlwind that ran through the festival on Saturday followed by a deluge and the power going out the stage going dark but all was overcome and the festival was a roaring success. The bar is well stocked, the food delicious whilst the bands playing in the bar had a cosy alcove and the music floated across the throngs into every corner and crevice. The two outside stages were close together, great for moving between when the weather was inclement, the only tiny downside was you could hear the sound check of the next band occasionally when the act was playing on the adjacent stage, a minor irritant that never dampened the music.


The highlights on Friday from chatting to people as we missed the opening day were two old Bentworth favourites Five Field Holler who always run the sound desks and show their talents on stage and making sure every band has the sound just perfect and Trafficker so now Tommy Allen and the boys have a new home.

Slide show of the weekend more at Bluesdoodles Photography

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Saturday was a bright summers day and the tones of Luke Doherty’s guitar playing with his band opened the proceedings delighting the crowd with a mixture of Blues standards and some new material off his latest album Six Strings and A Stetson warming the crowd on a sunny afternoon once again. To make a festival work the music needs to be varied and Matt has woven together an interesting mix as Lucy Zirins not in her usual solo guise but with her new band her Southern Company and they mix her stylish acoustic guitar with double bass, keys, fiddle and drums which add texture complimenting Lucy’s songwriting. The tracks from her debut album Chasing Clocks had an authenticity as the Southern Company all worked on the album. Her performance was faultless with a calm charisma that warms the audience and the smile is infectious we are all looking forward to her forthcoming EP especially after hearing some live this afternoon Falling To pieces in particular is a gem and we all celebrated her airing on Paul Jones’ Radio 2 programme with a live rendition of Morning Light. Today the shiny Tallulah guitar may have been left at home she was missed but we loved Lucy and the band.
The music played on The Mustangs now picked up the beat on the other stage and they had the crowds on their feet and dancing to blues that hits your shoe-tapping, hip-swaying inner soul. They played a mix of classics and numbers off their albums to a very high standard full of high energy guitar and harp driven melodies of R n’B that rattles and rolls. While the stages were re-organised we had an entertaining set in the bar from Lenny James and the Gator Squad, then back out into the sunshine to listen to a trio who enthralled with their brand of the blues and the lead breaks were definitely ear entertainment; fitting in with the vibe of this happy laid back festival.
Now an act that many had been waiting with anticipation for all weekend The Blues Duo, Tommy Allen & Johnny Hewitt as they sat down to entertain with Chicago inspired blues that rolls of the guitar and harp across the stage and drifted throughout the festival site. As we all sat back to enjoy the music no-one expected what was to happen next the clouds filled in the blues skies, there was a calm then a mini twister tore through the site taking marquees and parasols and then the torrents of rain the music played on a bit of tempestuous weather was going to dampen our fun then it went silent as the power failed and the music stopped. No it didn’t! Within minutes Tommy had an acoustic guitar and they played on with no mics the stage was dark and the music took on an authentic feel as the staff tried to find out what was the problem with no quick solution the acoustic theme continued with Dan Sowerby in the Bar as the trio delivered the set in an unlit bar but nothing was going to silence the Old Bush Blues and the hand pumped beer still flowed from the tap.
Having lost less than an hour of electric music the festival picked up the schedules with a barnstorming and appropriately re-named Electric, formerly known as Sugar Mama.  As usual this power trio hit the ground running with verve and electric energy the music zinged and the captivating performance of Sam Anderson on guitar re-energised the festival. This was tempestuous playing the perfect antidote to the idiosyncratic weather thrown at us during the day. The set was powerful delivered at a furious, but controlled pace. Baby Please Don’t Go came alive, all the covers given the Electric treatment including Summertime Blues; Alien Alien in between self-penned numbers. Everyone was on their feet ready to party then we had the added bonus of Ross Barnes on Saxophone a young talent to look out for.
Northsyde - Old Bush Blues- August 2015_0151lThis is a perfect festival band and with Northsyde to follow we were in the mood to party.  This band are like an institution at Bentworth and like all good traditions it was continuing at Old Bush Blues.  Lorna’s vocals were full of passion as her tongue curled around the lyrics and then they were sung with a purity that raised the roof; the band are a complete item no wonder they have multi-nominations once again at this year’s British Blues Awards. Jules on guitar plays sweet licks, dynamic riffs and the lead breaks mesmerize as Lorna’s voice has a break, the rhythm section Ian on bass and drummer Haydn provide the ground from which Lorna and Jules can fly. Matt distributed bobble hats (a favourite fashion accessory of Lorna’s) to the dancing crowds, we certainly didn’t need them with the temperature rising with every note delivered they definitely added to the festival vibe. The music flowed with Hard Shoes, their sublime version of the Allman Brother’s Whipping Post, and the extended version of Statesbro’ Blues added to the emotive festival atmosphere. As the clock ticked on the set finished far too soon as the closing notes of the title track of their latest album Story Teller’s Daughter faded away the stage fell quiet and then the whoops and cheers began – what a show. Bringing the Saturday night to a close was the festival’s MC and all round entertainer Jules Benjamin Saturday certainly was a roller coaster ride but the music won through, live up close and fantastic and there was still Sunday  to come.

Slide show of the weekend more at Bluesdoodles Photography

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Sunday and we all wanted more music and the opening duo of Kyle and Shaw retain their established slot opening  the last day of the festival an acoustic duo who deliver music that is soothing and intriguing as they find songs with a difference those not often heard . The set hits the right spot as we sip our coffee, have the first pint of the day and build ourselves up for the feast of music on offer. Danny Kyle is a skilled guitarist and vocalist building the tension and emotion in the lyric driven songs and the bass line from Pete Shaw is the perfect punctuation a bluesy act that fits the festival like a glove. Now for a solo act that is different, nothing quiet and laid back as Yorkshire man Blues Beaten Redshaw entertains with tales, guitar, banjo and his Diddly Bow. This is music that has a rough edge with hints of country and his own unique in-your-face delivery making him a crowd pleasing favourite.  Not everything went to plan first one then a second string pinged on his banjo and then without missing a beat he used the banjo as a prop to keep time and continued delivering the music. He melded classics together creating a melody that explored the origins of the blues and made the songs come alive with his unique act that does truly entertain. If you love electric blues Chicago 9 certainly hits the right notes but they never set the marquee alight.
Whereas Catfish in the Bar certainly did and everyone I spoke to said they should be back next year on a stage where more people could get to hear this act that knows how to get the best out of classics giving them a new lease of life. What set them above others who play Born Under A Bad Sign and other such classics is hard to define in words the musicianship was first class above all they played with that essential and often elusive ingredient “feel” and understanding and pure enjoyment of the genre.  Matt Long on guitar shredded the notes and put them back together as a true blues number with superb keys from Paul Long and between them they shared vocal duties each selecting songs that suit their vocal tone and delivered an accomplished set. The studio album, So Many Roads is very good but live they have a special magic They played some stupendous, formidable numbers delivered with panache, energy and passion, the band of the day for me, and running a very close second was Will Wilde the next band up. He plays harmonica with tone and style that are quite unique and the band just gets better. He is a harmonica player that squeezes every note and tonal effect out of the harp to produce music you want to listen to.  He can play a guitar decently too, it was abandoned when tuning went awry, and he simply picked up the harp and continued. On The Road Again is a Will Wilde cover that is becoming a signature number on his live sets with tracks from his current album, Raw Blues and some new songs including Jealous Woman. He and the band may have arrived late but made up for it by producing the musical goods on the stage.  With a quick break and change of stage the four-piece Voodoo Sheiks picked up the music baton, they launched into a set full of tracks from their latest album Voodification. This was a set that the dancers liked and the crowds tapped their feet in time with the Chicago driven blues set and were just what the Doctor ordered on an early Sunday evening as the shadows began to lengthen.  With just three acts left people’s thoughts began to turn to the journey home later that night or on the Monday as the campers prayed the rain would stay away.
Howlin’ Mat – (yes Mat with one not two t’s) an entertaining solo act entertained in the Bar and the second Diddly Bow of the day was introduced. His take on Little Red Rooster has a real rough edged, earthy and dirty sound that Mat delivers with a smile and really does hit the sweet-spot. He has great banter and connects with the audience and with Matt who joined him on the bongo drums adding an unexpected and different vibe to the set. The set was a mix of Muddy Waters, John Lee Hooker and Howlin’ Wolf all given the Howlin’ Mat treatment with accomplished and stylish guitar playing. Back out into the beer garden for Andre Bisson and the first trumpet of the festival, the horns certainly add a tonal texture to the music and a layer of musical colours to the sound.  With their unique mix of blues, soul and pop classics they always are a crowd pleaser bringing a warm atmosphere to the closing hours of the weekend. Their version of I Heard It Through the Grapevine has a warmth of delivery as Andre sings the lyrics and adds layers of guitar riffs and licks. They are a perfect band to close a festival as they play music we love to hear that is always pleasing to the ear. Old Bush Blues though has one more act as people start to pack up it is Jules Benjamin and friends who serenade the festival as he is joined by many of the musicians that have played throughout the weekend.

Slide show of the weekend more at Bluesdoodles Photography

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Well Done Matt and your team you pulled it off and we are now on the countdown to year two at The Old Bush Callow End.

Slide show of the weekend more at Bluesdoodles Photography


British Blues Awards – Finalist 2015

British Blues Awards 2015 are back on track after the untimely passing of Barry Middleton voting for the finalist opens on the 1st of August.
As in previous years, the appointed Panel have submitted their nominations and we have our finalists in each category various independent radio stations have been announcing the categories with a chance to hear the music of all the bands and artist.
How Do I vote? Easy During the month of August a voting form will be available on British Blues Awards website – HERE.
Male Vocals
Sponsored by Blues in the South
Alan Nimmo – King King, The Nimmo Brothers
Aynsley Lister
Dan Owen
Hugh Coltman – The Hoax
JoJo Burgess – LaVendore Rogue
Marcus Bonfanti – Boom Band, Ten Years After + Others

Female Vocals
Sponsored by Digital Blues
Dani Wilde
Katioe Bradley
Kyla Brox
Lorna Fothergill – Northsyde
Malaya Blue
Zoe Schwarz – Blue Commotion

Blues Band
Sponsored by Blues On The Radio & The Tuesday Night Music Club
Brothers Groove
The Boom Band
The Hoax
The Nimmo Brothers
Zoe Schwarz Blue Commotion

Half Deaf Clatch
Ian Siegal
Jon Amor and Joel Fisk
Marcus Bonfanti
Mark Harrison
Matt Woosey

Sponsored by The New Crawdaddy Blues Club
Alan Nimmo – King King, The Nimmo Brothers
Aynsley Lister
Chantel McGregor
Dudley Ross – Katie Bradley Band
Joel Fisk – LaVendore Rogue, Wolfpack plus Others
Jules Fothergill – Northsyde

Harmonica Player
Sponsored by Across the Pond
Alan Glen
Paul Lamb
Steve “West” Weston
Trevor Steger – Babajack
T J Norton
Will Wilde

Keyboard Player
Sponsored by Sarah’s Sussex Blues
Dale Storr
Dan Burnett – Dan Burnett Band
Lee Spreadbury – Rosco Levee and the Southern Slide
Paddy Milner – The Boom Band + Others
Paul Long – Riotous Brothers, Catfish
Steve Watts – Jo Harman Band + others

Bass Player
Sponsored by The Blues and Soul Show
Deano Bass – Brothers Groove
Derek White – Larry Miller Band + Others
Ian Mauricio – Northsyde
John Dawson
Lindsay Coulson – King King
Norman Watt Roy – Wilko Johnson Band + Others
Roger Inniss – Laurence Jones Band + Others

Sponsored by The Blues and Soul Show
Hayden Doyle – Northsyde
Mark Barrett – The Hoax, Blues Boy Kings
Martin Johnson, Jo Harman Band
Sam Kelly
Stephen Cutmore – LaVendore Rogue + Others
Wayne Proctor – King King

Sponsored by The Raven & Blues Radio Show
Becky Tate – Percussion – Babajack
David Migden – Trumpet
Kyla Brox – Flute
Sarah Skinner – Sax – Red Dirt Skinners
Simon Anthony Dixon – Sax – The Stumble
Yoka Qureshi-Kuiper – Flute and Sax – Little Devils

Young Artist
Sponsored by Pablo and the Blues Show
Alex Butler – Red Butler
Alex McKown
Dan Owen
Laurence Jones
Lewis Hamilton
Lucy Zirins

Blues Festival
Sponsored by Blues and Roots Radio
Blues on the Farm
Broadstairs Blues Bash
Ealing Blues Festival
Great British Rhythm and Blues Festival Colne
Scarborough Top Secret Blues Festival
Upton Blues Festival

Overseas Artist
Sponsored by Sunday Morning Soul
Buddy Whittington
Kenny Wayne Shepherd
Kirk Fletcher
Mud Morganfield
Thorbjorn Risager
The Billy Walton Band
Walter Trout

Independent Blues Broadcaster
Sponsored by TBC
Ashwyn Smyth – Digital Blues
Dave Raven – Raven And The Blues
Gary Grainger – The Blues Show
Jason Elliot – The Blues and Soul Show
Kevin Beale – Blues On The Marsh
Tim Aves – The Blues Is Back

Blues Album
Sponsored by Sedgefield Rock & Blues Club
Bourbon Street – Malaya Blue
Going Back Home – Wilko Johnson and Roger Daltrey
Man and Guitar – Ian Siegal
Recession Blues – The Hoax
Temperature Rising – Danny Bryant
The Blues Continuum – Half Deaf Clatch

Blues Song
Sponsored by GMH Promotions
Bitter Moon – Malaya Blue
Deathly Blue – Half Deaf Clatch
Face to Face Trevor Sewell
Long Way To Heaven / Wily Bo Walker & Karena K
Mud Honey – Joanne Shaw Taylor
Second Hand Tattoo – David Migden

Kevin Thorpe Songwriter Award
Sponsored by Worthing Pier
Half Deaf Clatch
Katie Bradley and Dudley Ross
Mark Harrison
Matt Woosey
Richard Townend
Trevor Sewell

Barry Middleton Award For Emerging Artist
Sponsored by Blues in Britain Magazine
Jack J Hutchinson
Kaz Hawkins
Malaya Blue
Ma Polaine’s Great Decline
Red Butler

Abertillery Blues Festival Saturday 13th July

SATURDAY 13th July 2013 second day of live music in the sun starts Midday in Abertillery The signs have gone up – and here is a map or for sat navs postcode is NP13 1TZ

abertillery 1

You know when you are nearly there this is the sign….
abertillery nearly there

Midday today’s is the START of music, laughs, dancing and pure enjoyment!

Kicking of will be a trio of local artists a fantastic opportunity to showcase their talents:-

Gordon Wride from the Revelators

The Breeze


Sam Andrews Band

Marcus Bonfanti

Touring the country Marcus and his band are delighting audiences with tracks from previous albums and his latest acclaimed album “Shake The Walls”

Grainne Duffy

Grainne is a popular performer across the U.K. and Europe at festivals and popular gigging venues. Grainne has taking hold and made her own the classic blues number ‘I Would Rather Go Blind’.

Henry’s Funeral Shoe

Henry’s Funeral Shoe local band from Ystrad Mynach is a duo of talent brothers Aled Guitar and Brennig drums/percussion they are popular in the valleys and beyond having successfully performed in U.SA.


Nightporters are back touring! The kings of Rockin’ Rhythm and Blues – they are at Abertillery on the second night of the tour we are going to be dancing in the aisles and cheering them to stay if the reception from last night is anything to go by! see this clip

This is what they sound like from the archives:-

The Blockheads

The Blockheads are the penultimate act and they will raise the temperature even higher! They will be pumping out to the crowd pleasing tracks for the past intermingled with recent creations wow this will be fun 🙂

Lucky & Tamara Peterson

What a headlining act at Abertillery this year! Lucky Peterson is an awesome talent – delivering world quality blues when singing, playing the guitar or on the keys he is a one man band of excellence.

His live performances are electric and everyone will be wanting more and the festival not to end sadly it will but I am sure Abertillery Blues Festival will be back July 2014…

STILL TIME TO GET YOUR TICKETS FOR 2013 – @ Abertillery Blues Festival

Abertillery Blues Rock Festival Friday 12th July 2013


This gem of a festival is returning for its ninth year… once again in the majestic setting of Abertillery Park, deep in the valleys of South Wales under the shadow of the Arael Mountain. The now familiar tradition of a big top circus tent and comparing supplied by Bob and Norm from GTFM; famous or is that infamous for their Monday night blues show who last night previewed the line-up for what is going to be a fantastic weekend of music from Friday 12th to Saturday 13th July with TEN confirmed acts and a special mystery band to be announced in May…

Bob and Norman -  Abertillery 2011_0008

Another great Abertillery Blues Rock Festival line-up and a mystery guest which is all very intriguing and adds to a sense of excitement and anticipation so all very intriguing – the waiting game may be for the final act to be announced BUT that sold not stop you getting your ticket NOW as the line-up is already very exciting with a mix of local, national and international bands already lining up to entertain you. In addition to the bands the beer tent will keep you refreshed and once again Rhymney Brewery will be supplying Festival Ale; in addition to the beer tent will be food and hot beverages available throughout the weekend and camping once again as been laid on very near to the festival grounds. All this for a weekend ticket costing £40 (Friday and Saturday tickets are also available separately) and camping at £10 for the weekend including motor-homes.

The music will be provided by:-

Vincent Flatts Final Drive – The band originated in Birmingham, and from the sound they create you would be forgiven for thinking Birmingham, Alabama – not the West Midlands famous city! They blend together an energetic Southern Rock style with a swirl of ZZ Top all mixed into the blues cocktail shaker with a generous slug of Jack Daniels.

Mick Pini Band – Mick performing live is a genuine real deal he does not use pedals or effects, just plays his rare 54 Strat that strikes every emotion as he makes the guitar sing, squeal, weep and moan, this is smoking blues from a real master.

Jo Harman and Company – Is stoking up a musical storm and her reputation is growing which has been further enhanced by her debut CD Dirt On My Tongue Jo is a comet on the rise and will delight the crowds with her stunning rootsy blues voice and world-class band they will create a perfect storm of music that will have the festival seeing a real star of the future.

Headliner for Friday is the ever popular – Mud Morganfield returning to the festival by popular demand. Bringing to the festival authentic Chicago Blues, Larry “Mud” Morganfield, eldest son of the legendary Muddy Waters, who was naturally drawn to music from a very early age. close your eyes and it is difficult to distinguish between father and son so everyone is going to be treated to a legendary end to the first night of Abertillery Blues Festival.