Laurence Jones speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth

Laurence Jones speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truthLaurence Jones speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

4 albums in, what do you do next? You look for something new and fresh, dig deep into your heart and see what comes out, to see what other sides there are to you. This is what Laurence Jones has done with his new album “The Truth”. Laurence continues to make a name for himself on the blues-rock circuit in the UK and Europe and his new album with its commercial feel but rocky edge will no doubt win him new fans further afield. Laurence took a few moments out from rehearsals and over a drink at an after-show party to chat as we were seeking honest answers…


“The Truth” is a few steps down a different path than your previous albums in its sound and arrangements…

Well, and between us, I want to be the next Justin Bieber, he’s my hero! Hahaha! But seriously, it is a crossover album for me in terms of the writing and production for sure. You know, all of my real heroes like John Mayer and Eric Clapton have stepped into different territory before and not just relied upon the guitar playing so I guess it’s my turn to do that. I don’t want to churn out the same album time after time as nobody wants to hear that and I’d get bored. I like challenges and I like to challenge myself which is what I’ve done with “The Truth”. Before we go any further, assure your readers that this album was all made with real instruments and real players!

You had me worried for a moment there thinking this isn’t the Laurence Jones I know…

There’s different sides to all of us and I wanted to show a different side of me with this album. I really focused on the songwriting, lyrics and melodic content. I’ve really been building up to making a record like this is taking the guitar side of things and mixing it with something that’s modern but true to itself. We talked about guitar playing when we were at the Black Country Communion after show party at Hammersmith (man what a gig eh!) and I’ve really pushed myself in the guitar solos to make them memorable, like a song in a song. Take the solo in “Hotel California”, that’s crazy long but you can sing it and it tells a story in itself. I hope that mine on this album do that for anyone who listens to it.

We’re talking about putting yourself out there and opening up here…

Absolutely. I can only write about things I know, not what’s up in the sky that I don’t know about. The songs really do the talking on this album and they’ve been finely picked from a whole bunch of demos. It was a dream to have a few weeks of pre-production in Curacao which is a Dutch island in the Caribbean, before heading to Miami to record at the old Sony Studios. Such a cool place man. The legendary Gregory Elias has produced this album and he brought so much to the table but still allowed me the freedom to go my own way. You know, Gregory is the man who brought The Rolling Stones to Cuba and put on a free gig for everyone, how cool is that! That just shows what a nice guy he is and inspirational. If you take songs such as “Hold Me Close”, “The Truth” and “Take Me” my heart’s on my sleeve right there, for better or for worse and I want the listener to feel that. Sure, there’s some rockier moments in “Give Me Your Time” and “Gone Away” but the emotional content is there in all of the songs. It was all about writing catchy songs with guitar solos and I keep up to date with all music out there, it’d be great to hear more guitar in the charts and these songs are more of a commercial feel than my rockier stuff so you never know!


What can we expect from your live shows this time around with this fresh take on your writing?

20-minute guitar solos! Hahaha!, not really. There will be some moments where we’ll be jamming out on a few songs, extending the solo’s a bit, in fact, I’m at rehearsals now and we’ve been working the set-out. I’ve got a really cool new band in Bennet Holland on keys, Phil Wilson on drums and Greg Smith on bass. We were playing in Holland before and everything just went super well. The crowds were great, singing along and getting right into it. It’s sounding really slick, the new songs are transferring well to a live setup and we’re psyched to be taking them out on the road. I love playing live and it’s great to connect with the audience and bring something to their day – you never know what’s going on with people and them coming out to your gig may be something they really need in that moment so we’ll be giving everything, every night of the tour. We’ve got a show January 23 at The Borderline in London, love that venue, and the UK tour really begins on May 3 in Manchester at Band On The Wall.


What do you think of the current scene in the UK and any advice for those younger than yourself as you had some great success at an early age?

When I first started all this, there was really only myself, Joanne Shaw Taylor and Simon McBride out doing what we do. That was cool, but it’s a lot cooler that there’s more and more bands and artists on the blues-rock scene in the UK now. I never view it as competition and it’s great to see people out playing, the new festivals that have come about as that shows there’s a demand for the music we play and love. As for those starting out, just don’t be afraid to try things. Don’t copy, take influences and mix them up and try and put your own stamp on things.


If you could pick any album to have written and made yourself, what would it be?

Oh, that’s tricky. C’mon man, can I have two? Yes? Ah great…it’d have to be “Riding With The Kings” of Eric Clapton and BB King, such a great record and has that crossover feel to it like my new album and Jimi Hendrix’s “Are You Experienced”, just because I’d love to know what was going on in his mind when he was writing it!


New Album New style The Truth still Laurence Jones


Laurence Jones new album “The Truth” is due for release Friday, March 9th 2018. Tour dates and ticket links can be found below and pre-order “The Truth” 

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Line-up touring The Truth Tour 2018:-

Laurence Jones (Vocals, Guitar)
Bennett Holland (Keyboards, Backing Vocals)
Phil Wilson (Drums, Percussion)
Greg Smith (Bass Guitar)

Planet Rock presents
All Tickets: £15.00

London, Borderline – Tuesday 23 January

Book Online: Gig Cartel; See Tickets
24 HR Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Ticket Hotline: 0844 847 1678

Manchester, Band on the Wall – Thursday 3 May

Book Online:  GigCartel; Ticketline
24 HR Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Venue Tel: 0161 834 1786

Leamington Spa, Zephyr Lounge – Friday 4 May

24 HR Box Office: 0844 478 0898 – Venue Tel: 01926 311 311
Book Online: Gig Cartel or Eventbrite

Southampton Talking Heads – Saturday 5 May

Book Online: Gig Cartel  – Venue Tel: 02380 361 970

Birmingham, Hare & Hounds – Thursday 10 May

Book Online: Gig Cartel 24 HR Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Venue Tel: 0121 444 2081

Nottingham, The Bodega – Friday 11 May

Book Online: Gig Cartel or Alttickets

24 HR Box Office: 0844 478 0898 – Venue Box Office: 0115 896 4456

York, Fulford Arms – Saturday 12 May

Book Online: Gig Cartel 24 HR Box Office: 0844 478 0898
Venue Tel: 01904 620 410

Newcastle, The Cluny – Sunday 13 May

Book Online: Gig Cartel or See Tickets

24 HR Box Office: 0844 478 0898 – Venue Tel: 0191 230 4474


Laurence Jones has built his reputation in the studio and playing live check out his discography 

Albums in BOLD checkout Bluesdoodles review.


The Truth (2018)
Take Me High(2016)
What’s It Gonna Be (2015)
Temptation (2014)
Blues Caravan (2014)
Thunder In The Sky (2012)

Laurence Jones speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth


New Album New style The Truth still Laurence Jones

New Album New style The Truth still Laurence Jones

New Album New style The Truth still Laurence Jones

How to get noticed in the world replete with Social Chatter?  As a Musician release a new album and change your style. Laurence Jones has done just that on The Truth. In an age where intro’s over 10 seconds are deemed too long, will fans of Laurence’s previous releases take the time to listen to the album a few times. As the truth is, it is still Laurence’s melodic vocals, his stinging guitar licks and timing. What has changed, the blues have been mellowed no rich veins of blues shuffles, riffs and hooks. The Truth is accomplished and more commercial. The album definitely has listenability appeal.

The opening track has grab appeal.  This is a different side of Laurence with the vocals strong and the guitar slinger is letting his voice be heard. The power of the chorus on What Would You Do will have audiences singing along. Echoes of Hamilton Loomis in tone and delivery.

The inner funkiness of the new Laurence glimmers on Don’t Look Back. That is what I advise listeners to do; don’t compare enjoy the album for what it has to offer. The guitar and vocals play off each other and the harmonies are sweet. Nothing on the album is overplayed. The drama builds and catches you unexpectedly. The album is not a set of ten tracks that are shaped by the guitar. The instruments are the base for the song. The slick and smooth blues licks are there, just not in your face.

The refrain throughout the album is relationships, love and how it makes you feel. The yearning to be loved is explored on Keep Me Up At Night. This is another cross-genre tracks, with radio play potential outside of the inner blues circuit. The sound of the album is mature, catchy and full of great tone with textures smoothed out and an understanding of what is pleasing on the ear.

We have a deep groove laid down by Greg Smith on Bass as Laurence asks you to Give Me Your Time, listening to The Truth is time well spent. Expect it to be different no longer guitar led blues. The replacement is subtle with the feel of blues ever present just under the dominant chorus and strong song.

The title track opens with mellow simple keys from Bennett Holland picked up by Laurence’s guitar with the sweetest refrain, with a beat of Phil Wilson’s drum heralding the vocals as Jones asks, ‘Do you ever wonder what It feels like?’ The tone is mellow, reflective the gentler side then the number builds and the old energy is once again glimpsed. Looking forward to hearing the numbers live under the heat of the lights.

The album livens up with a rocky beat on Gone Away. The instruments howl and wail once again his vocals have the strength to demand centre stage and the harmonizing of the chorus stands out then the guitar punches out the lick that curls and weaves itself around the vocals. The blues guitar is back on Can’t Go On Without You.  The timing is spot-on as it is throughout the album. Loving the way there is never a battle between guitar and voice both have their time and place to make a statement across The Truth.

The album is a crossroad moment for Laurence Jones. I am positive The Truth will win him many new fans. Recorded in Miami, produced by Gregory Elias and mixed by Juan Mario Aracil; The Truth hits the mark it is an album that will be returned to and explored with pleasure every time.

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

  1. What Would You Do
  2. Don’t You Let Me Go
  3. Hold Me Close
  4. Keep Me Up At Night
  5. Give Me Your Time
  6. The Truth
  7. Take Me
  8. Gone Away
  9. Can’t Go On Without You
  10. Never Good Enough


New Album New style The Truth still Laurence Jones

Aynsley Makes YOU Listen with Eyes Wide Open

Aynsley Makes YOU Listen with Eyes Wide Open

Aynsley Makes YOU Listen with
Eyes Wide Open


The excitement among the phalanx of Aynsley Lister’s loyal fans has been growing ever since the news that a new album following the critically acclaimed Home was going to be out in 2016. With this much anticipation, all too often the hype and expectation turns to disappointment. Not so with Eyes Wide Open – Mr Lister has done it again with an album of thirteen tracks oozing with assured confidence. The approach is open your ears and connect to Eyes Wide Open from the eye-catching album artwork an original by Anthony Greentree through to the last notes of Aynsley’s delectable guitar work and the undeniable power of the song. The presentation is meticulous, stylish with a vista that beckons you with a booklet that is full of the spirit of Aynsley and his band. Now for the main event the music with twelve self-penned tracks it is a delicious A La Carte of Blues, rock and rocked up blues.

Aynsley’s guitar playing is immense, as any fan would expect, as he digs deep into the emotional groove of his six-strings, bending the notes to his will as he shapes his own signature Blues-rock. Opening with All Of Your Love, we dive straight into a deep pool of Ainsley’s magic with the addition of Bennett Holland on keys adding a deep fruity vein of chords for Aynsley to play with as the deep riffs underline the urgency portrayed in the lyrics.

Building on the opening track is an effortless step for the maestro as joining his trusty rhythm section are horns that just add a full on blues sound.   The drums of Boneto Dryden and Steve Amadeo’s bass always lay down rhythms that hold onto the mood driving the track with that frantic ticking panic when time is rushing by relentlessly. This is a blues mood and message that connects to the real world we spin round in.

Third track in and this has to mentioned gangsters and guitars meld in a track with an ear catching intro defying being fitted into an Aynsley box. The music darkens and we hear that he is taking us down a path to a world that is deep, dark and murky. The door is opened by the lyrics into a world of gambling, dirty money and danger this is a captivating dirty number.

Then we are back to the vintage Aynsley we love to hear recorded and live melding lyrical vocals with guitar playing that just makes your eyes spring wide open with pure delight at the power of the riffs and the subtle beauty of the licks of Time.  He picks up a Freddie King mood and style as we are at the half way point this is thoughtful smoky blues. There is nothing Dishevelled about this number.

The instrumental that is an intro that leads into Kalina stands on its own as guitar playing that makes you weep for this troubled soul. Kalina, with a slower introspective beat hides a secret like the women at the heart of the song. Is this a rock ballad masquerading as something else. Who cares, this is a ballad that unfurls a story of mental health, misery and loss. The melodic simplicity is a mirror in the complexity of a woman bought low and lost behind that happy smile.

Now we are back rocking with the blues as we are Right As Rain with a stinging guitar as he slips in a Tommy Castro number that fits the space perfectly as the album heads for the closing bonus track.  The album is an exploration of relationships, moods self-doubt and hurt as he pairs songs of opposing thoughts and feelings. The Other Part of Me is about completeness and Stay about falling apart the two sides of human relationship constructive and destructive.

Then do you want one more yes, well unlucky for some the thirteenth track is Hold You To It – bass driven vibe this is a stand alone number with horns and a song that will always bring a smile to the face and a spring to your step. The perfect bonus track the unexpected that is rather good.

Approach, Eyes Wide Open with caution! Listening once is not enough there is a new side of Aynsley that is asserting its place on the album. We like it.

Aynsley Lister – Eyes Wide Open – OUT Friday 7th October

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

    1. All Of Your Love
    2. Everything I Have To Give
    3. Il Grande Mafioso
    4. Won’t Be Taken Down
    5. Time
    6. Dishevelled
    7. Troubled Soul (intro)
    8. Kalina
    9. Handful Of Doubt
    10. Right As Rain
    11. Other Part Of Me
    12. Stay
    13. Bonus Track

    14. Hold You To It

    Eyes Wide Open
    Produced by Aynsley Lister
    Recorded at Superfly Studios (UK)
    Engineered by Andrew Banfield
    Mixed by Adam Ellis and Aynsley Lister at Deadline Studios (UK)
    Mastered by John Webber at Air Mastering (UK)

    aynsley-eyes-wide-open2016 UK TOUR DATES

    Tickets available HERE

    Thursday 22nd September 2016 CHISLEHURST, BEAVERWOOD CLUB
    Ticket Price: £12 adv / £13 door Venue Box Office: 0208 761 9078 / 0788 865 7952
    Friday 23rd September 2016 SUTTON, BOOM BOOM CLUB
    Ticket Price: £12 advance / £13 door Venue Box Office: 0208 761 9078 / 0788 865 7952

    Saturday 24th September 2016 SKIRLAUGH, CORNUCOPIA FESTIVAL
    Ticket Price: £45 day / £99 weekend Venue Box Office: 01377 217406
    Wednesday 28th September 2016 MILTON KEYNES, THE STABLES
    Ticket Price: £16.50 Venue Box Office: 01908 280800
    Thursday 29th September 2016 CHESTER, TELFORDS WAREHOUSE
    Ticket Price: £13 Venue Box Office: 01244 390090
    Friday 30th September 2016 BURNLEY, MECHANICS
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £15 door Venue Box Office: 01282 664400

    Saturday 1st October 2016
    Ticket Price: £14 Venue Box Office: 07815913981

    Friday 4th November 2016 BLAKENEY, HARBOUR ROOM
    Ticket Price: £10 Venue Box Office: 01263 741666
    Thursday 1st December 2016 PUTNEY, HALF MOON
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 020 8780 9383

    Friday 2nd December 2016 ST. HELENS, CITADEL
    Ticket Price: £12 Venue Box Office: 01744 735436
    Saturday 3rd December 2016 DERBY, THE FLOWERPOT
    Ticket Price: £12 Venue Box Office: 0844 412 4642
    Sunday 4th December 2016 NEWCASTLE, THE CLUNY
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 0191 230 4474
    Thursday 8th December 2016 KENDAL, BOOTLEGGERS
    Ticket Price: £12 advance / £15 door Venue Box Office: 01539 723824

    Friday 9th December 2016 DARLINGTON, RHYTHM ’N’ BLUES CLUB
    Ticket Price: £15 Venue Box Office: 01325-363135
    Saturday 10th December 2016 NORWICH, THE WATERFRONT
    Ticket Price: £14 Venue Box Office: 01603 508050

    Sunday 11th December 2016 LEICESTER, THE MUSICIAN
    Ticket Price: £12 advance / £14 door Venue Box Office: 0116 251 0080 / 07970 529 760
    Monday 12th December 2016 FARNHAM, MALTINGS
    Ticket Price: £15 Venue Box Office: 01252 793430

    Thursday 15th December 2016SOUTHAMPTON, THE BROOK
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 023 8055 5366

    Friday 16th December 2016 SHEFFIELD, THE GREYSTONES
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 0114 266 5599
    Saturday 17th December 2016 MANCHESTER, ACADEMY 3
    Ticket Price: £14 Venue Box Office: 0161 832 1111

    Sunday 18th December 2016 EDINBURGH, THE CAVES
    Ticket Price: £13 Venue Box Office: 0131 510 6969


    Tickets available HERE

    Wednesday 5th October 2016 RANKWEIL ALTES KINO (AUSTRIA)
    Venue Box Office: +43 05522/45387

    Venue Box Office: +41 62 871 04 44

    Venue Box Office: +41 900 325 325

    Venue Box Office: +41 55 643 26 86

    Sunday 9th October 2016 HABACH VILLAGE (GERMANY)
    Venue Box Office: +49 8847 725

    Monday 10th October 2016 HAIMING GEWOLBE (GERMANY)
    Tuesday 11th October 2016 MUNICH GARAGE DELUXE (GERMANY)
    Venue Box Office: +420 605 960 357

    Venue Box Office: +420 7206 29045

    Saturday 15th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +420 7206 29045

    Sunday 16th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 9188 3321

    Monday 17th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 7834 47639

    Wednesday 19th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 7123 959132

    Thursday 20th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 711 505 2001

    Venue Box Office: +49 157 8594 1438
    Saturday 22nd October 2016   BRASSERIE LE NEUMUNSTER (LUXEMBOURG)
    Venue Box Office: +00 352 26 20 52 981

    Venue Box Office: +49 0541 2001 831

    Friday 18th November 2016 OLDENBURG CHARLYS (GERMANY)
    Venue Box Office: +49 441 2171 630

    Saturday 19th November 2016 HAMBURG DOWNTOWN (GERMANY)
    Venue Box Office: +49 4027 5056

    Venue Box Office: +31 55 578 5014

King King – Standing In The Shadows ~ CD Review

King_King__Standing_In_The_ShadowsKing King
Standing In The Shadows
Manhaton Records

Second albums like follow-up novels can be problematic, King King definitely have climbed the mountain and hit the ground running with the opening track ‘More Than I Can Take’ and definitely are not Standing in The Shadows of the last album. This is an album produced with empathy so that the live sound that is integral to King King is retained. It is the sharpening refining all the talent that Alan Nimmo brings to the party with his soulful voice that melts your resistance and draws you into the music delivered by his blistering guitar work. The long low bass line that is Lindsay Coulson, who co-writes many of the tracks with Alan, combined with Wayne Procter on drums who allow alsn’s talents are to blossom and shine through. This trio produces a wonderful sound but King King are not complete without the funky passionate, sometimes manic, keyboard style of the effervescent Bennett Holland. The four members intermesh the sound to build layers, but it is the lyrics and Alan’s vocals that are king.

This is an album that showcases every track, I was hooked from the first track with its rhythm driven top line with a twist of funk and a whole basket of music ‘More Than I can Take’ is a perfectly formed number that introduces the listener to all the talents of this award winning band. There is confidence in the lyrics, with the soulful emotional remorse of ‘Taken What’s Mine’ where Alan’s superlative guitar work in a master class of a guitar solo. Change of tempo with a seven minute version of ‘A Long History of Love’, the journey is of love’s trials and tribulations making “…him a better man somehow…”, Bennett Holland’s keyboards add that mournful drive that moves the song along and a beautiful duo between guitar and keyboards makes this track stand out and shine so that despite its length you want it to go on so we have a happy ending to the journey. The two covers on the album bring the King King magic to fellow Scotsman Frankie Miller’s ‘Jealousy’ that is full of torment emotions the vocals drip with raw emotions that touch the soul. The second cover, Free’s ‘Heavy Load’, wow what a soulful rendition of the excellent Paul Rogers’ lyrics you are left hanging on to the notes as the piano fades away. Then the tempo picks up with a lighter track ‘Let Love In’ full of positivity and the lyrics are full of promise and the guitar playing open and free as your feet start tapping, great way of ending this emotionally charged album. Every track on Standing In The Shadows is a measure of the depth of true talent that is King King the sound is distinctive and approach to each song is undeniably emotionally bound up with the lyrics, the instruments then reflect back the emotion building the tension and keeping you entranced.
download (5)Looking forward to album number 3 as Bluesdoodles gives this CD out of TEN doodle paws a doodle rating of

NINE and a Half ……… pawprint half inch

Catch them live:- in Germany, France, 20th June 2014 Big Wheels Blues Festival, Isle Of Man, Denmark, Norway, Switzerland, Germany, Belgium and 29th August 2014 Weyfest, Farnham and 30th August The Garage Swansea…. Keep checking their website as dates keep being added.