Three Blues Kings Saluted by Joe Bonamassa

Three Blues Kings Saluted by Joe Bonamassa


Three Blues Kings Saluted
by  Joe Bonamassa




Another month and another Joe Bonamassa album. Now you have Live At The Greek Theatre an evening of tribute to the Three Kings to add to your collection. Unleashed tonight as Bonamassa captured those signature licks and lead breaks. This is a blues masterclass for a guitarist that understands the very DNA of electric blues combined with a phalanx of musicians adding layer upon layer of luscious sound.

Accompanying Joe on this sumptuous mix of DVD and CDs are Anton Fig on drums and adding to the rhythm groove bassist Michael Rhodes. The next layer added to the sound is the magical blues guitar of Kirk Fletcher and the sound of chords from the keys by the sensational Reese Wynans. Joe Bonamassa want’s a deep, expansive sound so now we have soul in the shape of the horn section Lee Thornburg’s trumpet , trombone from Nick Lan and the final piece of the horn jigsaw saxophonist Paulie Cerra. Let’s add some texture to the vocals with backing singers Mahalla Barnes, Jade McRae & Juanita who bring gospel into the mix.

You could say something about every one of the 22 tracks as Joe matches the guitar and instrumentation mix to augment the sound of the Blues Kings.  Joe Bonamassa’s presence grows as he picks up the guitar and connects to the blues. Electric blues full of Joe B’s passion for the sound he personifies he is living and breathing the sound and vibe.

Highlights are many in fact the whole concert is a masterpiece in how to give the old masters of the blues new life.  Early on I groaned – not Freddie’s King Going Dow again, there are too many interpretations already. I had to eat my thoughts this was Freddie Electric! Reese Wynans keys just sparkled through the licks and riffs. The flying V got into the blues with  Albert King’s I Get Evil, that evil feel was caught by the horns and flying fingers of Reese.  Jim Reeves’ Ole Time Religion, part of BB King’s sings spiritual the backing singers open and add to the fervent blues vibe along with Joe’s vocals and one of the three Gibson ES’s used during the live concert. Into this tantalising mix of the greats of early electric blues we have Oh Pretty Woman, and Cadillac Assembly Line just to whet your appetite for a fitting emotional rendition of the works of Albert, Freddie and BB’s the Three Kings by Joe Bonamassa.

Throughout the DVD the guitar from Kirk Fletcher adds to the emotionally charged performance adding rhythm guitar licks and lead breaks that are mouth-watering.  Closing with riding with the Thrill Has Gone, one thing is for certain the thrill of Joe Bonamassa’s guitar is not going to be diminished anytime soon!

Covers, yes JB is paying tribute to the Kings BUT! Where is his own music infusing the musical memory of this iconic Theatre, where he has dreamt of playing so long. I am sure The Greek Theatre would have welcomed the originality of his own material linking the delicious delivery of blues classics with verve and style!

Added to the concert of nearly two hours you also get the chance to see and hear bonus material including a conversation with Joe’s parents and behind the scenes.

AS he continues a celebration of Blues Heritage, beginning in 2014 as he visited Red Rocks in tribute to Muddy Waters & Howlin Wolf Both tours contribution a portion of proceeds to presenting partner Keeping The Blues Alive Foundation

Once again a polished live performance, not and this is a keeper for fans of Joe Bonamassa especially if a trip to the Greek Theatre, Los Angeles was impossible. Once again Joe Bonamassa visits an iconic theatre and captures it soul with his superlative blues guitar playing Joe Bonamassa is electric!


Joe Bonamassa– Live At The Greek Theatre –

Out 23rd September

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing


    1. Beginnings
    2. See See Baby
    3. Some Other Day, Some Other Time
    4. Lonesome Whistle Blues
    5. Sittin’ On The Boat Dock
    6. You’ve Got To Love Her with feeling
    7. Going Down
    8. I’ll Play The Blues for You
    9. I Got Evil
    10. Breaking Somebody’s Heart
    11. Angel of Mercy
    12. Cadillac Assembly Line
    13. Oh, Pretty Woman
    14. Let The Good Times Roll
    15. Never make You Move Too Soon
    16. Ole Time Religion
    17. Nobody Loves Me But My Mother
    18. Boogie Woogie Woman
    19. Hummingbird
    20. Hide Away
    21. Born Under A Bad Sign
    22. The Thrill Is Gone
    23. Riding With The Kings


Bonus Features

Growing Up Joe ( A conversation with Joe’s parents)
Riding With The Kings (official Music Video)
Caveman’s Hacked iPhone (Behind The Scenes)
Joe’s Big Fat Greek ( Photo Gallery)

Available Formats:- 2 CD’s, 2 DVD’s Bluray and 3 LP’s

CD Review: Buddy Guy ~ Born To Play Guitar

Buddy Guy
Born To Play Guitar
Silvertone Records/RCA

BornToPlayGuitar_CoverArtThe waiting is over we can all buy, listen and listen again to the latest impeccable album from Buddy Guy, Born To Play Guitar.  It is only to be expected that the legend that reaches back to the early days of Chicago Blues and back to Louisiana and the roots of the blues, has delivered once again a stylish album. Produced by Tom Hambridge a longtime collaborator of Buddy combined with guest appearances by Van Morrison, Joss Stone, Kim Wilson and Billy Gibbons. Every track reverberates along every string of the guitar and every note he sings with blues of stinging elegance. Born To Play Guitar is a fitting title as Buddy celebrates his 79th birthday and has been playing a stringed instrument he made himself when he was just  seven years old, fashioning his first makeshift “guitar”—a two-string contraption attached to a piece of wood and secured with his mother’s hairpins.

There is plenty of vim and vigour, as he celebrates electric Chicago blues with many a track that just invites you on the dance floor. This is blues that that delivers celebrating and showcasing the heritage he wants to keep alive and the album is like a river full of hidden depths, lazy shallows and torrid white water. He is the river that flows deep into the past as one of the final surviving connections to an historic era in the country’s musical evolution. The album though has a modern looking forward feel, it is the work of a musical mind steeped in blues but does not want the music trapped in a jelly mould.  The collaborations within the album work perfectly enhancing the tone and textures achieved thanks to his guest that include  ZZ Top’s Billy Gibbons, Fabulous Thunderbirds’  Kim Wilson, Joss Stone and Van Morrison appearing on a track dedicated to the late B.B. King, Flesh & Bone.  Opening with the title track an autobiographical narrative that charts the highs and lows of Buddy’s life and the central role of the guitar from cradle to grave.  There is a growl and drive in Wear You Out and the music is blues that is perfect for any road trip as Billy Gibbons adds to the vocals. This is an album that is full of remembered pasts and a shared history with the closing tracks Flesh and Blood and Come Back Muddy dedicated to BB King and Muddy Waters keeping the links with past and future alive. No blues album is complete without a track that has Whiskey in the lyrics. Here we have a bartenders list Whiskey, Beer and Wine, with its distorted guitar and the painting of the picture of a bar where many come to solve their problems one drink at a time; a classic track. Crying Out One Of Eye is full of deep drums and searing horns that act as punctuation marks to the lyrics; this is wailing blues that connects straight into our emotional DNA.  The power of the word when emphasized through music is at the heart of Crazy World with the reverb of voice and guitar the repetitions and shadows of something we just can’t see and hear. It is a an anthem of the world today as seen by Buddy who has seen so much in his sparkling career bring Blues to be enjoyed and understood to many.

This is an album full of tributes to the great sound and style and purveyors of the blues it is also celebrating Buddy Guy’s fifty years of playing music we want to hear and a celebration of the relevance of blues and a man Born To Play Guitar right in the here and NOW!

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Buddy Guy – Born To Play Guitar – RCA/Silvertone

Track Listing

  1. Born To Play Guitar
  2. Wear You Out
  3. Back Up Mama
  4. Too Late
  5. Whiskey, Beer and Wine
  6. Kiss Me Quick
  7. Crying Out Of One Eye
  8. (Baby) You Got What It Takes
  9. Turn Me Wild
  10. Crazy World
  11. Smarter Than I Was
  12. This Like Mississippi Mud
  13. Flesh & Bone
  14. Come Back Muddy