Royal Southern Brotherhood presents The Royal Gospel

Royal Southern Brotherhood presents The Royal Gospel

Royal Southern Brotherhood presents
The Royal Gospel



Royal Southern Brotherhood are back with their signature mix of funky roots driven by a percussive platform overlaid with vocals that tell a compelling and lyrical story. RSB excel in that special hot and spicy funky southern soul and blues that hit your musical radar with a tasty thump. Royal Southern Brotherhood presents The Royal Gospel their fourth studio album. The Gospel hasn’t changed, despite the change in band members with only Cyril Neville & Yonrico Scott of the Royals remaining from their great Heart Soul Blood album.

The reason is the music chemistry is still strong reproducing a swampy, tasty and rich cocktail of The Royal Gospel. Joining Cyril, Yonrico and guitarists Bart Walker and Tyrone Vaughan for this album is Darrell Phillips on bass and guest Norman Caser with his B3 Hammond adding chords of depth and textural contrast. “As far as the men making the music and playing the songs,” says Neville, “the mission of the band has never changed.” It is the collaboration the essence of a brotherhood that makes the sound deep and strong so it is unsurprising that the songwriting is a partnership between band members, yes Cyril as ever is the beating pulse within many of the tracks. The connection between Cyril and Bart is strong and songwriting collaboration happens despite the distance of 800 miles between their respective homes in New Orleans and Nashville. There is a telepathic link between them Cyril says “I kinda laughed, because Bart was getting ahead of what I was thinking” technology is the new way with phone conversation and the exchange of ideas. The lyrical gumbo created is very, very tasty on The Royal Gospel.
The shimmering guitar and percussive power laid down with the opening of Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire. Their guitars are hot, smoking with raw energy and an impatience to get the album on the road, pouring out of your speakers. Then joining in the fun is Cyril whose vocals are distinctive and harmonising with the deep percussive beat laid down by Yonrico. Royal Southern Brotherhood still full of strong soulful, blues southern comforting music. The lyrics develop from this common or garden saying that we all use. The lyrics co-written by Neville and Vaughan pull on the underlying meaning and shape the soul of the melody. This writing partnership pops up on the penultimate track, with Can’t Waste Time. The hooks are spiky as we meet a “Girl, you’re like a ship without a rudder” as we hear all about her behavior as a two-faced lover.

A collaborative album, the grooves are deep and the brotherhood-wide and held in the deep understanding of each other. Royal Southern Brotherhood, definitely not a rudderless collective. They are a band of brothers, a band of musicians who pick up the vibe and the rhythms flow and gather energy as the lyrics unfold. The beat powers through Blood Is Thicker Than Water where Cyril’s vocals are pure and full of emotion that proves the strength of family. The blues vibe is strong on Everybody Pays Some Dues, with Bart and Tyrone playing off each other, once again the lyrical story holds your attention as the moral of the story everybody pays some dues, restated by backing singers so we know what the song is all about. There is no escaping, but no one wants to escape from the guitar breaks the licks curl around and paying your dues is a light price to pay!

RSB as ever change the tempo and the soulful, gentler Face Of Love half way through gives a gentle repose as the instruments interplay and weave through the trellis of the vocals. Sit back and let the song cascade over you music as the deep bass and crack of drum beat adds a deeper groove to the guitar which has a bluesey feel with a touch of Spanish flamenco – wow compelling listening. Then upping the tempo for the ride with the brotherhood home with funky keys and the trademark percussion we visit the Land Of Broken Hearts. Spirit Man is a classic RSB take on the blues, rocky, swirling and deep with blue emotions and clever shading of tone and texture. The album closes with a happy clapping along foot tapping melody as we Stand Up and praise in true gospel fashion the joyous power of RSB. Yes, we Stand Up and salute you. The Royal Gospel spreads the word. Power and glory of roots music full of southern heat and swampy spice.

Royal Southern Brotherhood – The Royal Gospel – Ruf Records 

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing 

  1. Where There’s Smoke There’s Fire
  2. I’ve Seen Enough To Know
  3. Blood Is Thicker Than Water
  4. I Wonder Why
  5. I’m Comin’ Home
  6. Everybody Pays Some Dues
  7. Face Of Love
  8. Land of Broken Hearts
  9. Spirit Man
  10. Hooked on Plastic
  11. Can’t Waste Time
  12. Stand Up

Royal Southernbrotherhood are:-
Cyril Neville: percussion vocals
Bart Walker: electric & acoustic guitars vocals
Tyrone Vaughn: electric guitar vocals
Darrel Phillips: Bass backing vocals
Yonrico Scott: drums percussion
Norman Caesar: Hammond B3

CD Review: Royal Southern Brotherhood ~ Don't Look Back

Scan0001Royal Southern Brotherhood
Don’t Look Back: The Muscle Shoals Sessions.
RUF Records


The third studio album Don’t Look Back is the new line-up looking forward with music that has a RSB feel with subtle differences with new guitarists following the leave-taking of Devon Allman and Mike Zito the partnership was intuitive. This is an album re-stating themselves as a super-group Don’t Look Back is a message that became perfectly clear as I sat back to listen to the album with a slight feeling of apprehension and a shiver of anticipation. The previous line-up were one of the most exciting sounds I have heard in a long time live and in the studio. There was nothing to fear the anticipation was rewarded with a sound that was Royal Southern Brotherhood with a heavier, harsher edge that hit the very nerves that connect your music ear to your inner heartbeat so a new journey has begun. Another music dynasty has been invited to the party Tyrone Vaughan son of Texas blues star Jimmie Vaughan and nephew of the great Stevie Ray Vaughan; joining him up front is Bart Walker a guitarist with panache and they make a sound that drives though the tracks. Proving that difference can be good when incorporated into a solid treble of musicians who understand the music they want to produce. Cyril Neville, the royal soul of the band with his soulful vocals and percussive skills that add tonal excitement whenever they are unleashed; Charlie Wooton with his fingers working his special magic on the bass in perfect partnership with stylish drummer Yonrico Scott.

Opening the album with a full-blown onslaught to your musical senses with I Wanna Be Free, I was once again hooked with the soul, energy and the magic that is Royal Southern Brotherhood then, now and forever.  This is an album that flows with changes of tempo and clever hooks, riffs, and licks. Don’t Look Back may be slower but full of funkiness thanks to Charlie and his bass and is a message to us all listening, decide on the new sound but do not look back and compare this is a new line-up and works just fine and dandy for me.  There is also some wonderful Hammond playing courtesy of Cyril’s nephew Ivan Neville adding a deep layer of funk making the sound so full of greasy splendour on tracks including Reach my Goal and Big Greasy.

Then there are tracks that combine the heat of Latino, the drums of Africa and the music that comes from the street and works its way through your feet, with its mandolin solo then the cry of Penzi, every child is a love child; you just have to move as the music flows.  Love is spread throughout the album; Better Half full of soul and a luscious sound as Cyril’s vocals warm and full of the sweetness of honey you feel the lurve. The theme is picked up with a sharp up beat tempo of It’s Time for Love with its funky shape that zings with emotions a positive feel good track.

The textures and fast delivery of the lyrics with guitar driving the beat Poor Boy has a new tone and shape and tips its hat to hip hop slowed down, shaped and toned with the mellow funk that is RSB.
The album is infused with soul and then there is the blues on Hard Blues and Come Hell Or High Water giving the new guitarists the platform to spar with each other trading notes that fall across the lyrics, and makes the speakers rock with bluesy delight once again creating a structure that is the essence of what makes RSB full of excitement and wonder.  Then they go and do something very different they slow it right down for the last track nailing an acoustic number Anchor Me as the notes die away you know you have listened to an album full of complexities that will just get better every time you listen to it.

An incredible album that captivates; production is tight and the songwriting showing the partnerships and depth of talent within the five-piece by Royal Southern Brotherhood, now re-grouped different with a partnership we will all soon be demanding to hear again and again the sparkling combination of Walker-Vaughan.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

Cyril Neville: Vocals /Percussion
Bart Walker: Vocals/Guitar/Mandolin/Banjo
Tyrone Vaughan: Vocals/Guitar
Charlie Wooton:  Bass
Yonrico Scott:   Drums/Percussion
Ivan Neville: Hammond B3/Piano/ Clavinet
Jimmy Hall: Saxophone/Vocals
Paul Armstrong: Trumpet


  1. I Wanna Be Free
  2. Reach My Goal
  3. Don’t Look Back
  4. Hit Me Once
  5. The Big Greasy
  6. Hard Blues
  7. Better Half
  8. Penzi
  9. It’s Time For Love
  10. Bayou Baby
  11. Poor Boy
  12. They Don’t Make ‘Em Like You any more
  13. Come Hell Or High Water
  14. Anchor Me


Royal Southern Brotherhood – “Don’t Look Back” World Tour featuring the legendary Cyril Neville, Bart Walker, Tyrone Vaughan, Charlie Wooton, and Yonrico Scott, in support of their forthcoming album “Don’t Look Back” – Releasing 5.26.15 on Ruf Records!
04/16/15 Live Oak, FL Wanee Festival (with Devon)
04/17/15 Macon, GA Cox Capital Theater (with Devon)
04/18/15 Wyomissing, PA Burkes Jazz Festival (Devon Allman’s last date with RSB)
★ RSB 2015 TOUR with Cyril Neville, Bart Walker, Tyrone Vaughan, Charlie Wooton, and Yonrico Scott
04/21/15 Esbjerg, Denmark Tobakken, Denmark
04/22/15 Odense Posten, Denmark
04/23/15 Portalen Greve, Denmark
04/24/15 Eidsvoll Eidsvoll Rock & Blues Klubb, Norway
04/25/15 Trondheim Nidaros Bluesfestival, Norway
04/29/15 New Orleans, LA Louisiana Music Factory, In-Store
04/30/15 New Orleans, LA Botanical Gardens

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There last album was amazing Heartsoulblood