Aynsley Lister Eyes Wide Open Tour Dates

Aynsley Lister Eyes Wide Open Tour Dates

Aynsley Lister Eyes Wide Open Tour Dates



http://bit.ly/2damvCQBluesdoodles gave Eyes Wide Open 10 doodles paws read why HERE

In the studio Aynsley holds your attention playing live up close and personal he blows the mind – read what we thought of Aynsley Live HERE

The UK tour kicks off this week! Tickets are selling fast and we’re down to our last few for this Thursday’s show at The Half Moon Putney (support from Lucy Zirins).


Award-winning blues-rock guitarist Aynsley Lister with his raw, energetic blues delivers music with grit it grabs rather than being technically perfect. It has  an authenticity whether the band is playing live or in a recording studio.

When Joe Bonamassasa was interviewed by the Nottingham Evening Post newspaper whilst on tour in the UK in October 2015, the paper asked the blues guitarist who his favourite British blues guitarists were. “There is a great little crop of blues musicians out there over in the UK right now,” answered Bonamassa. “There is an Irish kid called Simon McBride who is very good, Joanne Shaw Taylor is a superstar in waiting, and I think and Aynsley Lister is also very good.”



Putney, Half Moon                                         Thursday 1 December 2016
St. Helens, Citadel                                          Friday 2 December 2016
Derby, The Flowerpot                                   Saturday 3 December 2016
Newcastle, The Cluny                                    Sunday 4 December 2016
Kendal, Bootleggers                                       Thursday 8 December 2016
Darlington, Rhythm ‘n’ Blues Club           Friday 9 December 2016
Norwich, The Waterfront                            Saturday 10 December 2016
Leicester, The Musician                                Sunday 11 December 2016
Farnham, Maltings                                          Monday 12 December 2016
Southampton, The Brook                             Thursday 15 December 2016
Sheffield, The Greystones                          Friday 16 December 2016
Manchester, Academy 3                               Saturday 13 December 2016
Edinburgh, The Caves                                    Sunday 18 December 2016
Cheltenham, Vonnies                                   Wednesday 18 January 2017      
Wolverhampton, Robin 2                            Thursday 19 January 2017
London, 100 Club                                             Tuesday 31 January 2017




Aynsley Lister – All Of Your Love


Pick of the Albums Reviewed – 2016: July – Sept 2016

Bluesdoodles Pick of the Bunch July-Sept 2016


Pick of the Albums Reviewed – 2016:
July – Sept 2016

Bluesdoodles listens to music recorded and live from across the genres. Bluesdoodles reviews all albums received with an open-mind and will always look for the elements that make the music stand out from the crowd!. The albums we award 10 doodle paws too, for us have a special connection, and acknowledge like all reviewers our scoring is subjective. Between 1st July and 30th September 2016 Bluesdoodles listened to numerous albums and reviewed 27 albums that reflect the depth and breadth of music being recorded in studios around the world. Remember albums not included on the lists are still excellent; definitely worth listening to and purchasing especially go see music live at venues near you support music and the artists who travel the roads so we can hear music full of passion and the special ingredient of a live performance.

This is the third quarter of 2016 and all of these will be in with a shout for the Bluesdoodles Dozen of 2016.

Honey Island Swamp Band  –  Demolition Day
Laurence Jones – Take Me High
Cadillac Three – Bury Me In My Boots

Aynsley Lister – Eyes Wide Open
Devon Allman – Ride Or Die
King King – Live

Joanne Shaw Taylor – Wild
Beth Hart – Fire On The Floor
Sari Schorr – A Force of Nature

Aynsley Makes YOU Listen with Eyes Wide Open

Aynsley Makes YOU Listen with Eyes Wide Open

Aynsley Makes YOU Listen with
Eyes Wide Open


The excitement among the phalanx of Aynsley Lister’s loyal fans has been growing ever since the news that a new album following the critically acclaimed Home was going to be out in 2016. With this much anticipation, all too often the hype and expectation turns to disappointment. Not so with Eyes Wide Open – Mr Lister has done it again with an album of thirteen tracks oozing with assured confidence. The approach is open your ears and connect to Eyes Wide Open from the eye-catching album artwork an original by Anthony Greentree through to the last notes of Aynsley’s delectable guitar work and the undeniable power of the song. The presentation is meticulous, stylish with a vista that beckons you with a booklet that is full of the spirit of Aynsley and his band. Now for the main event the music with twelve self-penned tracks it is a delicious A La Carte of Blues, rock and rocked up blues.

Aynsley’s guitar playing is immense, as any fan would expect, as he digs deep into the emotional groove of his six-strings, bending the notes to his will as he shapes his own signature Blues-rock. Opening with All Of Your Love, we dive straight into a deep pool of Ainsley’s magic with the addition of Bennett Holland on keys adding a deep fruity vein of chords for Aynsley to play with as the deep riffs underline the urgency portrayed in the lyrics.

Building on the opening track is an effortless step for the maestro as joining his trusty rhythm section are horns that just add a full on blues sound.   The drums of Boneto Dryden and Steve Amadeo’s bass always lay down rhythms that hold onto the mood driving the track with that frantic ticking panic when time is rushing by relentlessly. This is a blues mood and message that connects to the real world we spin round in.

Third track in and this has to mentioned gangsters and guitars meld in a track with an ear catching intro defying being fitted into an Aynsley box. The music darkens and we hear that he is taking us down a path to a world that is deep, dark and murky. The door is opened by the lyrics into a world of gambling, dirty money and danger this is a captivating dirty number.

Then we are back to the vintage Aynsley we love to hear recorded and live melding lyrical vocals with guitar playing that just makes your eyes spring wide open with pure delight at the power of the riffs and the subtle beauty of the licks of Time.  He picks up a Freddie King mood and style as we are at the half way point this is thoughtful smoky blues. There is nothing Dishevelled about this number.

The instrumental that is an intro that leads into Kalina stands on its own as guitar playing that makes you weep for this troubled soul. Kalina, with a slower introspective beat hides a secret like the women at the heart of the song. Is this a rock ballad masquerading as something else. Who cares, this is a ballad that unfurls a story of mental health, misery and loss. The melodic simplicity is a mirror in the complexity of a woman bought low and lost behind that happy smile.

Now we are back rocking with the blues as we are Right As Rain with a stinging guitar as he slips in a Tommy Castro number that fits the space perfectly as the album heads for the closing bonus track.  The album is an exploration of relationships, moods self-doubt and hurt as he pairs songs of opposing thoughts and feelings. The Other Part of Me is about completeness and Stay about falling apart the two sides of human relationship constructive and destructive.

Then do you want one more yes, well unlucky for some the thirteenth track is Hold You To It – bass driven vibe this is a stand alone number with horns and a song that will always bring a smile to the face and a spring to your step. The perfect bonus track the unexpected that is rather good.

Approach, Eyes Wide Open with caution! Listening once is not enough there is a new side of Aynsley that is asserting its place on the album. We like it.

Aynsley Lister – Eyes Wide Open – OUT Friday 7th October

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

    1. All Of Your Love
    2. Everything I Have To Give
    3. Il Grande Mafioso
    4. Won’t Be Taken Down
    5. Time
    6. Dishevelled
    7. Troubled Soul (intro)
    8. Kalina
    9. Handful Of Doubt
    10. Right As Rain
    11. Other Part Of Me
    12. Stay
    13. Bonus Track

    14. Hold You To It

    Eyes Wide Open
    Produced by Aynsley Lister
    Recorded at Superfly Studios (UK)
    Engineered by Andrew Banfield
    Mixed by Adam Ellis and Aynsley Lister at Deadline Studios (UK)
    Mastered by John Webber at Air Mastering (UK)

    aynsley-eyes-wide-open2016 UK TOUR DATES

    Tickets available HERE

    Thursday 22nd September 2016 CHISLEHURST, BEAVERWOOD CLUB
    Ticket Price: £12 adv / £13 door Venue Box Office: 0208 761 9078 / 0788 865 7952
    Friday 23rd September 2016 SUTTON, BOOM BOOM CLUB
    Ticket Price: £12 advance / £13 door Venue Box Office: 0208 761 9078 / 0788 865 7952

    Saturday 24th September 2016 SKIRLAUGH, CORNUCOPIA FESTIVAL
    Ticket Price: £45 day / £99 weekend Venue Box Office: 01377 217406
    Wednesday 28th September 2016 MILTON KEYNES, THE STABLES
    Ticket Price: £16.50 Venue Box Office: 01908 280800
    Thursday 29th September 2016 CHESTER, TELFORDS WAREHOUSE
    Ticket Price: £13 Venue Box Office: 01244 390090
    Friday 30th September 2016 BURNLEY, MECHANICS
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £15 door Venue Box Office: 01282 664400

    Saturday 1st October 2016
    Ticket Price: £14 Venue Box Office: 07815913981

    Friday 4th November 2016 BLAKENEY, HARBOUR ROOM
    Ticket Price: £10 Venue Box Office: 01263 741666
    Thursday 1st December 2016 PUTNEY, HALF MOON
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 020 8780 9383

    Friday 2nd December 2016 ST. HELENS, CITADEL
    Ticket Price: £12 Venue Box Office: 01744 735436
    Saturday 3rd December 2016 DERBY, THE FLOWERPOT
    Ticket Price: £12 Venue Box Office: 0844 412 4642
    Sunday 4th December 2016 NEWCASTLE, THE CLUNY
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 0191 230 4474
    Thursday 8th December 2016 KENDAL, BOOTLEGGERS
    Ticket Price: £12 advance / £15 door Venue Box Office: 01539 723824

    Friday 9th December 2016 DARLINGTON, RHYTHM ’N’ BLUES CLUB
    Ticket Price: £15 Venue Box Office: 01325-363135
    Saturday 10th December 2016 NORWICH, THE WATERFRONT
    Ticket Price: £14 Venue Box Office: 01603 508050

    Sunday 11th December 2016 LEICESTER, THE MUSICIAN
    Ticket Price: £12 advance / £14 door Venue Box Office: 0116 251 0080 / 07970 529 760
    Monday 12th December 2016 FARNHAM, MALTINGS
    Ticket Price: £15 Venue Box Office: 01252 793430

    Thursday 15th December 2016SOUTHAMPTON, THE BROOK
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 023 8055 5366

    Friday 16th December 2016 SHEFFIELD, THE GREYSTONES
    Ticket Price: £14 advance / £16 door Venue Box Office: 0114 266 5599
    Saturday 17th December 2016 MANCHESTER, ACADEMY 3
    Ticket Price: £14 Venue Box Office: 0161 832 1111

    Sunday 18th December 2016 EDINBURGH, THE CAVES
    Ticket Price: £13 Venue Box Office: 0131 510 6969


    Tickets available HERE

    Wednesday 5th October 2016 RANKWEIL ALTES KINO (AUSTRIA)
    Venue Box Office: +43 05522/45387

    Venue Box Office: +41 62 871 04 44

    Venue Box Office: +41 900 325 325

    Venue Box Office: +41 55 643 26 86

    Sunday 9th October 2016 HABACH VILLAGE (GERMANY) www.village-habach.de
    Venue Box Office: +49 8847 725

    Monday 10th October 2016 HAIMING GEWOLBE (GERMANY)
    Tuesday 11th October 2016 MUNICH GARAGE DELUXE (GERMANY)
    Venue Box Office: +420 605 960 357

    Venue Box Office: +420 7206 29045

    Saturday 15th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +420 7206 29045

    Sunday 16th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 9188 3321

    Monday 17th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 7834 47639

    Wednesday 19th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 7123 959132

    Thursday 20th October 2016 Venue Box Office: +49 711 505 2001

    Venue Box Office: +49 157 8594 1438
    Saturday 22nd October 2016   BRASSERIE LE NEUMUNSTER (LUXEMBOURG)
    Venue Box Office: +00 352 26 20 52 981

    Venue Box Office: +49 0541 2001 831

    Friday 18th November 2016 OLDENBURG CHARLYS (GERMANY)
    Venue Box Office: +49 441 2171 630

    Saturday 19th November 2016 HAMBURG DOWNTOWN (GERMANY)
    Venue Box Office: +49 4027 5056

    Venue Box Office: +31 55 578 5014

Time Has Definitely Come for Ben Poole

Time Has Definitely Come for Ben Poole

Time Has Definitely Come for Ben Poole



Ben Poole is a guitarist who has been on the radar of many within the U.K./European Blues circuit for a while with his fan base loyal and growing. His latest album out on Manhaton Records on 1st April is no April’s Fools, it is the piece of the jigsaw that will raise Ben’s authority as a great guitarist. Yes – Time Has Come for Ben Poole.

The guitar is thrilling, from the beginning and like any opening track Lying To Me hooks you into the blues ambiance that will get you excited and want to hear more of what this exciting guitarist has to offer over the next ten tracks. Does it disappoint… No it does not opening with feisty power the tone builds the layers thicken and the turmoil of love seeps through the DNA of Time Has Come.

As Ben says “This album has a really nice overview of my style”. Ben’s style may be drenched in the blues but not drowning in the genre. Into the mix across the album is rock, soul and then the spicy twist of funk and soul. Time Has Come has a universal appeal with its depth of flavor and musical reach.  The addition of three wonderful guitarist that understand contemporary blues Aynsley Lister, Todd Sharpville and Henrik Freischlader,  and then the organ chords  courtesy of Dutchman Bob Fridzema adding a raw edge plus those instantly recognisable backing vocals of Stevie Nimmo this is a ten track phenomenon.  This addition of four blues giants adds to the depth of tone and shape making this studio album stand out and yet still retaining the integrity of Ben’s live performance. The rhythm section throughout is the perfect stable and deep platform of sound whichever combination. On the majority of tracks Wayne Proctor and bassist Steve Amadeo or on two songs from Ben’s band bassist Matt Beable and Craig  Bacon’s drumming.

Three tracks in and there is a change of direction a laid back, gentler number Longing For A Woman with the  inspired combination of acoustic delicacy and electric fire. This is a track where once again guitars are given their freedom to soar. Blues that is free like the clearest of clear blue sky, the horizon is pure and open and the heart of blues guitar can fly.

Ben’s vocals throughout grind out sometimes gently other times full of hope and hurt the emotional turmoil of love. They bring expressive intelligence to the lyrics as Ben shares his experiences of love from deep within his heart and soul. BUT it is the emotion in the six-strings that really shape, bend and tear at your heart-strings creating a deep electric blues vibe.

Half way through and the antonym to the title Time Might Never Come appears and forms part of his live act and always pleases. This rendition has a new expressive feel the drums pound out the undercurrents and Time Might Never Come is explored. The vocals and long chords from the organ are filled with anguish of loneliness as Ben sings “tomorrow will be to late… Time Might Never Come”. The guitar lead break is bitter sweet and churns around your emotional mood; once again on this album it is Ben’s personal connection with the listener that adds a deeply personal touch.  No wonder Ben has been dubbed as f*cking amazing by Jeff Beck with the spell-binding lead breaks throughout the album.

There are lighter moments on the album Stay At Mine and Just When You Thought it was Safe with an up-tempo beat that makes the feet tap and the guitar tone lightens and shapes the musical journey.  Closing with Question Why the blues is full on and sweet. There certainly is no Question Why, the Time Has Come for Ben Poole.

The time has definitely arrived for Ben Poole. His guitar playing and lyrics have gained a self-determination thanks to Andy Banfield’s skilled engineering and the production vision of Wayne Proctor (King King’s Drummer) and into the mixing Steve Wright. They have combined to unfetter Ben’s inhibitions and capture the essence of this young man’s power as a blues guitarist extraordinaire.  Superfly have captured, distilled and shaped the substance that is Ben live in a studio setting.  Superfly Studios, have unleashed a blues guitarist of monstrous proportions whose time has truly come.


Currently On tour with Stevie Nimmo – dates below.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….
Ben Poole Time Has Come Manhaton Records Release Date 1st April

Track Listing

  1. Lying To Me
  2. I Think I Love You Too Much
  3. Longing For A Woman
  4. If You Want To Play With My Heart
  5. Time Might Never Come
  6. Stay At Mine
  7. You’ve Changed
  8. Just When You Thought It Was Safe
  9. Whoever Invented Love
  10. The Question Why

Stevie Nimmo Ben Poole

Saturday 23rd January 2016 @ Rock and Blues Skegness

Saturday 23rd January 2016 @ Rock and Blues Skegness

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Started off Saturday’s music chain in Centre Stage with a laid back journey through the life of Snake Davies and his alto saxophone. The music flowed gently across the auditorium. Today it was The Snake Davies Band – Classic Sax solos and there were plenty from session man interspersed with tales from the studios. Opening with Gerry Rafferty’s Baker Street the tone was set. We had a vast selection of tunes some pop, with soul and a dollop of Jazz perfect for many early on a Saturday and after a long Friday night. With sax solos ringing in my ear the worm was slaughtered by Manfred Mann’s Earth Band. What a set, and many agreed as they left singing to the songs they had heard. On vocals Robert Hart, formerly of Bad Company was excellent, loved the Bad Company numbers. Mick Rogers still on guitar plays as sweetly as ever and his vocals add to the depth of the current line-up. Everyone loved Blinded By The Light, Davy’s On The Road Again and the inevitable encore Mighty Quinn and the singalong was loud and enthusiastic in a packed Reds. We then were back in the Centre Stage for The Stumble… they always deliver. They are one of the ultimate festival bands raising the tempo and getting you on your dancing feet. The Stumble are a top-notch Rn’B band with the vibe and energy of a rocking and rollicking good time. They are one of the best bluesy live bands around. Paul ‘The Voice’ Melville is up front his vocals are one-hundred percent spot-on. The warmth, emotional shading and the curl of the tones around the band just work perfectly. Simon Anthony to the left of the voice soothes the lions roar with a silky purring of his saxophone. Colin Black’s guitar adds tonal shape and the slide works so well and the rhythm section gives the band its solid back-bone that makes the Stumble walk tall with blues attitude. The Stumble dedicated My Life to Brian who lived for live music and will be forever missed by everyone who met him. Many a tear was wiped away a wonderful moment appreciated by his many friends.

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It is a no wonder they are a Skegness favourite. The complete contrast over at Reds with the Crazy World of Arthur Brown. The world according to Arthur’s is different, made up with every colour in the paint box his head being a focal point. A legend of the British Rock scene of the 60’s & 70’s. He is still as energetic and wild as ever, the voice isn’t quite what it once was but the energy and showmanship made up for that is spades. The majority of the crowd were re-living their youth, a quality rocking bad just what Skeggy needed on a Saturday afternoon. The flamenco dancer was superb and difference is always exciting.

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Late afternoon and four more bands on the Introducing Stage. Starting off tonight’s extravaganza were The Texas Flood. A rocky power trio from Wales they kicked of the show with attitude. They produced a flood of guitar riffs and lots of synchronised head banging with cascading hair. The theatrics never made them miss a beat, if at times a little raw around the edges. There is no doubt that The Teas Flood have bags of potential. Why? Some great percussive bass, guitar riffs that captured the rocking blues energy and the vocals kicked. No wonder the cheers were so loud they set the standard very high for the three following bands all wanting to grab the prize main stage spot in 2017! Next up the second Welsh band Luke Doherty Band, they always deliver blues that have a SRV tinge. Luke the guitarist as ever drove a six-string whirlwind. They were better when singing and playing their own material rather than the rather tired and predictable covers. Luke and his band will always please a festival crowd.

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Catfishopened with a rollickingly good cover of Born Under A Bad Sign. Throughout the set Matthew Long showcased his exceptional guitar-playing talent and with Dad Paul on keys and sharing the vocals the band had balance and kept your interest. Very strong set for the Introducing stage and stormed through a set full of blues twists and turns. Their own tribute to the late great BB King with When BB Sings The Blues, has clever lyrics summoning up Chicago Blues at its best. Last but not least was Wily Bo Walker & The Mescal Canyon Troubadours. Wily Bo is a bluesman with an incredible voice. He turns his hand to many a blues style tonight with his troubadour. Another great band twisting and turning the blues with a sound that is fresh and innovative.

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Saturday night the music continues to pour out of the speakers, sound is definitely better in Centre Stage than Reds. Started off in Reds to catch Lost Minutes, one of the three bands who progressed from Introducing Stage to a main stage. This Rock outfit delivered a set full of emotional angst, and this needs to be captured and distilled into a more focussed and polished performance. The experience of performing in front of a large audience will stand then in good stead as this young band develops their niche. The vocalist was solid as she delivered the self-penned numbers. Now off to the comeback of the year Sean Webster on Centre Stage. He now has a four-piece band with a double helping of guitars. What a powerhouse of controlled blues. Sean’s vocals are as pure as ever and the interchanging between the guitarists added a depth of tone and interest. There were helpings of clean and dirty guitar sounds and layers of sound and textures. Sean captivated and enthralled with his version of I’d Rather Go Blind and when Aynsley Lister joined him the jam was a delight. More of this entertaining British Rn’B please.

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Quick stroll over to JAKS to catch LaVendore Rogue. Wow what a performance, Butlins – please put them on a main stage next year. The heart of the band ex- Hokie Joint trio, JoJo Burgess, vocals, Stephen Cutmore Drums and guitarist Joel Fisk with the addition of Hammond. LaVendore are different in a good way from Hokie creating their own vibe and sound. A mix of own numbers and Hokie classics including Chocolate Cake made sure that JAKS rocked as they then told the cautionary tale of Mrs Jones. It was wonderful to see the generosity as a bucket was passed around to help Roxi walk. JoJo’s daughter needs an operation in USA so I am sure this was a help to raising the money required.

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Back to Centre Stage to catch on Otis Grand and The Big Blues Band, didn’t stay long what a boring blues set. Otis was late on stage and his arrogance won few fans. What I heard, this is blues merging towards jazz and the guitar lead breaks were far too long! Still Reds had music to offer there is always something to listen to and Hawkwind didn’t disappoint in delivering Space Rock. The visuals on the backdrop linked in to the songs and added another focal point. The vegetation was green and dense for Hashish along with the psychedelia sound from keys and the aerial that emits a sonic noise. For the set reality is suspended as we are transported to the swirling world of Planet Hawkwind. Missing from the set was Silver Machine and there were no added extras as in the last time they played with the people on stilts. Nevertheless they were entertaining.

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Next was a total contrast Aynsley Lister who with his band bought the blues to the rock stage. The sound was not the best! but he delivered. We heard a sneak preview of new tracks and old favourites like Early Morning Dew. His version of Purple Rain was as ever a superlative rendition the guitar playing is immense. what a delight to hear slide guitar being played and the six-strings being used to shape the chords around the lyrics. Aynsley definitely won new fans tonight. His many fans were as delighted as Aynsley was to be on a main stage at a rocking Butlins weekend. Come back Aynsley and Rock and play the Blues at Skegness again.

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With the last notes dying away it was an end of some excellent music, good music and acts that just didn’t rock my boat. That said I heard enough crochets and minims, chords and shuffles to satisfy my music DNA.

Bluesdoodles – Pick Of The Bunch 2015

Pick Of The Bunch 2015 ~
The order is random all are brilliant and in with a shout for the Bluesdoodles Dozen of 2015..

These are from the albums I have listened to and reviewed throughout 2015 – this is my subjective collection happy for others to disagree. Bluesdoodles wants to thank every artist who has submitted music to be reviewed I listen and will always be honest and fair

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Fish – A Feast Of Consequences
Joel Fisk & The Breakdown – The Well
Dan Patlansky – Dear Silence Thieves
John Mayall – A Special Life
Giles Hedley – Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound
Lisa Mills – I’m Changing re-mix
Kathryn Roberts & Sean Lakeman – Tomorrow Will Follow Today
Ian Siegal – One Night In Amsterdam
Dani Wilde – Songs About
Joe Satriani – Shockwave Supernova
Guy Tortora – Bluesman In A Boneyard
Danny & The Champions of the World – What Kind Of Love
Gill Landry – Gill Landry
LaVendore Rogue – Light Up With
Mark Pontin – Textures
Aynsley Lister – Home
Samantha Fish – Wild Heart
Little Devils – The Storm Inside
Erja Lyytinen – Live In London
Beth Hart – Better Than Home
David Phillips – If I Had Wings
Karen Lovely – Ten Miles of Bad Road
Micke Bjorklof & Blues Strip – Ain’t Bad Yet
King King – Reaching For The Light
Devon Allman – Ragged and Dirty
Joe Louis Walker – Everybody Wants A Piece
Danni Nicholls – Mockingbird Lane
Layla Zoe – Live at The Spirit of 66
Joel Hoekstra’s 13 – Dying To Live
Chantel McGregor – Lose Control
Babajack – Babajack Live
Jar Family – Family First
Craig Finn – Faith In The Future
Buddy Guy – Born To Play Guitar
Delta Deep – Delta Deep
Kaz Hawkins – Get Ready
Groanbox – Groanbox
Jimbo Mathus – Blue Healer
Eddie Martin Big Red Radio- Live in Tuscany
Mike Zito & The Wheel – Keep Coming Back
Connie Lush – Renaissance
AndersonPonty Band – Better Late Than Never
Walter Trout – Battle Scars

Aynsley Lister ~ live @ The Tunnels, Bristol

Aynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0155lAynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0105l


Aynsley Lister
@ The Tunnels, Bristol
Friday 14th August


Tonight underneath Temple Meads at The Tunnels in Bristol the atmosphere was full of electric anticipation as we waited for Aynsley and his band to lift the roof of the arches and the music to flow through our collective veins in the South-West. Aynsley’s fan base is loyal and growing reflecting the power of his live act; the sparkling studio and live albums and the award-winning skills of Aynsley’s rock-blues guitar playing.

Aynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0024lTonight the band was on fire and the line-up behind him was two changes from the norm for this one-off gig after a tour of Germany with the enigmatic Jools Grudgings on keys; bassist Christian Dezelu and completing the rhythm section regular Boneto “Bunny” Dryden on drums. There was a party feel and the band were going to entertain with a set list that took us on a mini-tour of past albums and his current studio sound on Home. The live sound is honed unsurprisingly with the non-stop touring around the UK and Europe; the music though always has a freshness as if you are hearing the music for the first time no wonder the crowds gathered to hear him play in Bristol once again.

Aynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0062lOpening with Big Sleep we know we are listening to a guitarist steeped in the blues with a rocking tone providing a dramatic hard edge to his power chords; the solo was entrancing pulling the crowds deep into his musical soul. If you haven’t heard his latest album Home you were treated to the title track and four more demonstrating the deep array of textures, tonal variations and the words that hold the melodies together, full of relevance for today’s audiences. Broke connects as the words unfold “The state we’re in, Hard to know, what we’re heading for….” we all could relate to the lyrics delivered with feeling. The first set left people wanting more as he finished with a bluesy number Sugar with Jools piano intro adding a sparkle to a great number a sweet taste of Aynsley’s music to close the first part of the gig. Whilst we all enjoyed a break and opportunity to catch up with fellow friends and fans including the dedicated Steve Pierce who is known to travel to Poland to hear the Lister magic and intoxicating guitar playing. Once again the music was strung out across the tunnels the notes finding their way into the nooks and crevices and melding with the fabric of this great gigging venue.

Aynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0019lThe second set started where we had musically left off guitar driven music of the highest quality, with vocals that match so that we have that perfect combination of strong songs sung while the guitar hits the sweet spot on your musical antennae. Hitting the right spot with another track from Home, Hyde 2612 gets the second set underway, then one of my favourites from Equilibrium, What’s It All About, we know what it is all about a night of live music with friend’s and guitars that sing from every string makes for a perfect night out. Tonight there was a sadness many had just read about the untimely death of Brian Burns, a dedicated lover of live music; whose all too early death on the way from a Dr Feelgood gig the night before was a raw hurt and Aynsley’s dedication of Free in his memory was appreciated by all those who knew Brian who loved his blues, and always at the front the heart and soul of many an outing.

Aynsley Lister - The Tunnels- August 2015_0056lTonight there was no argument that Aynsley was playing at the top of his game with a fluidity of sound that was delivered by the whole band, you had to know this was only the second time they had played together every riff, melody line and inter-action between the instruments was flawless. We had classics from Freddie King with Tore Down, guitar solos and a duel between guitar and keys it was a draw with both hitting all the right notes. Another Aynsley classic Early Morning Dew was played drawing down memories of other Aynsley gigs and the pleasure they bring. Ending the night with a thundering delivery of Possession we wanted more as the last notes faded away and we did yes it had to be Purple Rain, this version of Prince’s classic number always delights the crowds, and tonight was no different.
Tonight they gained some new fans and ensured that we will be back to hear more of Aynsley’s magic next time he rolls into town.

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Bluesdoodles in the Press – March 2015

Blues In Britain

Skegness 2015

BIB Skeg1 mar 2015

BiBSkeg2 Mar 2015

Stevie Nimmo Trio with support from Ali Clinton Band

@ The Flowerpot

Stevie Nimmo BiB Mar 2015

Chris Rea @ St David’s Hall
Chris Rhea BiB MAr 2015


Aynsley Lister Band with support from Rita Payne

@ The Flowerpot

Ayns List BiB Mar 2015

Bluesdoodles ~ Pick Of The Bunch Mar – June 2015

The Cream of the 45 CD’s Bluesdoodles has reviewed in the second quarter of 2015; what amazing talent there is out in the world musicians playing from pubs to arena’s all willing to record the music to be judged, download and purchased. Bluesdoodles is the first to admit the scoring is subjective there will always be music that just means that bit more to you so albums not included on the lists are still excellent; definitely worth listening to and purchasing especially go see music live at venues near you support music and the artists who travel the roads so we can hear it in the flesh.

This is the first list of 2015 and all of these will be in with a shout for the Bluesdoodles Dozen of 2015..

Joe Satriani – Shockwave Supernova
Guy Tortora – Bluesman In A Boneyard
Danny & The Champions of the World – What Kind Of Love
Gill Landry – Gill Landry

Aynsley Lister – Home
Samantha Fish – Wild Heart
Little Devils – The Storm Inside
Erja Lyytinen – Live In London

Beth Hart – Better Than Home
David Phillips – If I Had Wings
Micke Bjorklof & Blues Strip – Ain’t Bad Yet
Giles Hedley – Rain Is Such A Lonesome Sound

King King – Reaching For The Light
Devon Allman – Ragged and Dirty
Layla Zoe – Live at The Spirit of 66

CD Review: Aynsley Lister ~ Home



Aynsley Lister
Straight Talkin’ Records


Opening with the title track, you are immediately cocooned in all that makes Home a safe warm haven with a mix of Aynsley’s guitar, vocals and the keys that weave through the whole track that defines the tone of this mighty fine blues album; his tenth and award-winning and you can hear why in every note. Another sparkling track is one of the clutch of single word titles Insatiable, this has an upbeat driving guitar with lead breaks that curl and create a paisley pattern of tone and pinpricks of light and shade to the vocals that are spat out by Aynsley; this is an album that is full of unquenchable heat that excites. The piano intro and guitar is lightly influenced by jazz and sits well as they interact picking up on each other’s inflection of tone that opens up with the clash of drum sticks the guitar is heavy and full as Aynsley sings “Well you taste so sweet Babe, You are like chocolate covered cake”; it is so full of controlled playing with a rhythm section that is heavy with sweetness. This is a Sugar overload but never sweetly sick it is perfectly balanced and has a sharp edge to the guitar that cuts straight through. This is an album that like a plain front door hides the wonders of the highs and lows, the quiet and noisy times and the more personal items that create our own distinctive home and shape who we are. Possession is just such a number standing out because the musicians give Aynsley the perfect platform for his intricate guitar work and rich mellow vocals that display an urgency, none of the other instruments dominate they are the warmth to Aynsley’s spice. His vocals connect on Impossible and send an emotional thrill down your spine on this slowed down easy number that you get lost on and the world diminishes to the space where Aynsley and his music exist. The final number is Straight Talkin’ Woman and this is a track that is straight talking great music the perfect finale to Home.
The album entertains throughout and will delight the phalanx of Aynsley Lister fans throughout the world; if you haven’t checked out his delivery of blues then it is a must and this is an album that opens the door to the guitar and vocal Home that is Aynsley Lister.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. Home
2. Broke
3. Insatiable
4. Inside Out
5. Free
6. Sugar
7. You Make It Real
8. Feeling Good
9. Possession
10. Hyde 2612
11. Impossible
12. Straight Talkin’ Woman

Aynsley Lister – Guitar & Vocals
Steve Amadeo – Bass
Andre Basing – Keyboards
Wayne Proctor – Drums & Percussion

Produced by Aynsley Lister & Wayne Proctor
Mixed by Steve Wright & Wayne Proctor at Y Dream Studios
Recorded at Superfly Studios
Engineered by Andrew Banfield