Jimbo and Ian fills the Tunnels with Roots of Music

Jimbo and Ian fills the Tunnels with Roots of MusicJimbo and Ian fills the Tunnels with Roots of Music

Jimbo and Ian fills the Tunnels with Roots of Music


Tonight The Tunnels in Bristol celebrated an evening with music that refused to be defined. It was all excellent and rooted in the experiences of folk, African, European, the Worker, the Poor and the Enslaved.  The colossus that is Ian Siegal and Jimbo Mathus hit town tonight on a tour spreading their approach to music, life and humour across Austria, Belgium, Germany, Holland, Slovenia and with eleven dates left to play.

Jimbo and Ian fills the Tunnels with Roots of Music
Words barely capture the vibe, passion and the distilled essence of Ian Siegal and Jimbo Mathus’ music; they have a deep empathy and the harmonization and flowing tonal textures send chills down your spine and connects deep in your music DNA.  Tonight opened in a traditional Ian Siegal solo gig format with the wonderful Silver Spurs from The Dust he fills the stage and then when the last note of guitar recedes and his spinning fingers still he then invites Jimbo to join him on stage and the party begins. Ian introduces the multi-talented Jimbo with a new fact that he played on the score for Finding Nemo.  The flow of conversation linked the music and wove the tradition of storytelling with roots music this was a pair of troubadours in action.  Yes, there was a set list but this was flexible as they discussed what to play next, they dipped into traditional music and songs they have written and recorded on their live album Wayward Sons, and back catalogue of Ian’s including Man & Guitar, and Picnic Sessions. It was at the recording of Picnic Sessions that this pair of musical reprobates met and the happy partnership for music lovers was formed.

Jimbo and Ian fills the Tunnels with Roots of MusicThe set list mixed gospel, Mary Don’t You Weep, Blues Charlie Patton’s, Pony Blues and Mississippi Hill Country of RL Burnside with Long Haired Doney,  Wilie Nelson Country with Crazy Soldier via Willie Nelson and Tex-Mex courtesy of the song that never has a happy ending Gallo del Ciello. We learnt about mules that they were the infertile progeny of a Horse and an Ass, Jesse James’ pistol in the possession of Jimbo’s Dad and Rosetta Patton the daughter of Charley who bought Jimbo up. His music is steeped in the traditions and folk memories of Mississippi. Ian has a passion, deep understanding for the feel of the blues in all its shades and textures and when in Mississipi recording his name Ian was difficult for the rest to get to grips with, so he got called Overseas. Yes, he is from overseas but his understanding of the music makes him a natural, hence the Talkin Overseas Pirate Blues. This was artistry the show was immense and the music rolled on as guitars changed and for some of the songs Jimbo added harp plus delicious mandolin so sweet you could taste it.  Tallahatchie, a Jimbo number with a fantastic mandolin lead break, bringing more cheers and whoops of delights from an audience that sat in and listened in delight at the power of these two on stage. Favorites were included into the set  I Am The Train, Casey Jones and Hard Times Come Again No More, weaving the storytelling, connecting with our emotions as quality folk/roots music of the people for the people should.Jimbo and Ian fills the Tunnels with Roots of Music


Tonight’s show was a tour-de-force entertaining, funny and the music sublime we were transported into a land where music ruled we were in harmony and the singing  that accompanied the duo spontaneously on Dirty Old Town an encore that left us wanting more. You can tonight they move on to The Convent in Stroud. Continue to support live music if you can’t get there the solution is watch it online via Netgig – link HERE

Checkout the rest of Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus tour dates HERE

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The Roots Collective Live and Kickin’ Up a Storm

The Roots Collective Live and Kickin’ Up a Storm

The Roots Collective Live and Kickin’ Up a Storm

Jamie Williams and The Roots Collective delivers a distinctive, raw edgy roots sound from deepest Essex. The latest album is Live and Kickin at The Brasenose Arms. The show was the set at Cropredy Fringe Festival jam-packed with the energy of performing live and enjoying every second on the stage. The music is rooted in musical culture of blues, folk and Americana and has a stomping driving rhythm and beats that defy you to sit a listen without your foot tapping and a smile on your face. Opening with Jamie saying its boogie time leading into the opening harp phrasing from Nick Garner, before the dual vocals from Lizzie B and Jamie the harmonizing is infectious and no way is the music a Bad Looser. The feel good factor of the music flows and the guitar has a western country twang that pings off the lyrics with the rhythm section of Kevin Warner on Bass and drummer Spencer Blackledge. Adding to Jamie’s guitar is David Milligan ensuring a full sound that blends and contrasts as the beat demands throughout this feel-good album. The boogie woogie of Come Home will ensure the dancers will be on their feet in a flash as the harp fills in with a lead break lets Rock ‘n Roll with the Collective. The tracks are all instantly recognizable as Jamie Williams and The Roots Collective with the mix of thumping beats, swirling harp and Jamie’s and Lizzie’s vocals. This is the hallmark of the music I Can’t Deny with deep country guitar and a dancing vibe just keeps the live sound flowing. The bass opening of Mean Old World gives the track a darker more sombre side then the guitar adds some brighter shades Jamie’s voice is low and serious in a track that shows the slower darker side of the collective. This leads seamlessly into the glorious harp guitar opening of Native American with a real Western swing. The album has the ebb and flow of a show as textures and tones change, the style, approach and professionalism is a constant they have a distinctive sound that connects them to each other and to the audience. Reaching For The Stars textural full of the weft and warp of roots music that is contemporary with interesting use of echoes and distortions. Closing with Voodoo Man styles have been explored and we are back to a foot-stomping, energetic flow of music that leaves you smiling tapping and dancing check them out they have attitude and style.

The fourteen tracks on the album are all original and written by Jamie Williams, this Americana style music is about fun, sung in good humour and has a freshness and jolt of living that makes you think of summertime. Keep delivering music like this and you will be live and kicking out the collective sound for a long time to come.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listings

  1. Bad Loser
  2. Come Home
  3. Dug Deep, Found Steel
  4. I Can’t Deny
  5. Lifeline
  6. Mean Old World
  7. Native American
  8. Natural Born Woman
  9. Peas In A Pod
  10. Reaching For The Stars
  11. Stone Drunk
  12. Summertime in Georgia
  13. Voodoo Man

Enjoy The Ride, Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more

Enjoy The Ride, Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more

Enjoy The Ride, Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more

Debbie Bond is taking you the listener on a musical mystery tour, with travelling companions the blues, soul, rock and Americana. The album is Debbie’s fourth album. Eleven originals full of soul and traditional Alabama Blues. The Blues pay homage to some of Debbie’s mentors Willie King, Eddie Kirkland, and Jody Williams.

The album opens full of confidence with the title track her vocals and slide guitar combine to ensure you want to hear much more. Enjoy The Ride has a flow like a journey that is planned but the surprises keep popping up the piano and harp in Wishbone and Muscle Shoal and a horn sound as gospel vibe is the stop off point as we Find A Way to love again with Debbie Bond. Building on the firm foundations laid down with her previous album That Thing Called Love, Debbie surrounds herself with musicians who understand the sound that this journey has been constructed around. On Harp once again is Radiator Rick Anderson, who adds textural tone and depth and mirrors her love and respect for Willie King who they both played with. This is underpinned by a classy cover of King’s I Am The Blues, which is given the Bond treatment and the back vocals curl in behind Debbie’s vocals this is a stopover on the journey that is worth staying a while and listening again. Throughout the album, we have stopovers that explore the hurt and pain of love the despair of Jodie Williams in Left Me In the Dark. The guitar is deep with melancholy and the vocals defiant. The pensive Start With Love is country infused blues that has a percussive drive as the world keeps turning as love is explored. Humble Pie is up-tempo with luscious organ, horn section, and Debbie’s vocals that sear through the orchestration a track that certainly engages. Closing with The Train Song, the excitement, movement and motion of the train is conjured up with harp and guitar and this is the perfect final track for an album, Enjoy The Ride Debbie Bond instructs with blues and more. And we did.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Debbie Bond – Enjoy The Ride, Shoal Sessions – Blues Roots Productions
Track Listings

  1. Enjoy The Ride
  2. Rainbow
  3. Love Vibration
  4. Left Me In The Dark
  5. Find A Way
  6. I Am The Blues
  7. Humble Pie
  8. Wishbone
  9. Remedy
  10. Start With Love
  11. Train Song

It is an Excellent Day sings Lizanne Knott

It is an Excellent Day sings Lizanne Knott

It is an Excellent Day sings Lizanne Knott



The album spins a silky tapestry of luxurious blends of Americana, country, shades of blues and wisps of folk all held in place by the roots of memory. The skill and dexterity of singer-songwriter Lizanne Knott’s skills are the heart, soul and takes us on a winding trip to the Excellent Day we all dream off.

The curving country twang opens up the journey towards the closing title track Excellent Day! The opening is dark described as Americana-noir the drumming pounds out the atmospheric beat from Erik Johnson. Setting the shape of melodic mood of the album, her fourth studio release and the inspiration flowed during a period of reflection following the unexpected death of guitarist Jef Lee Johnson a long-time friend three years ago. The album flows with shimmering textures, a lightness of touch even Josh Lawrence’s trumpet is muted, sad as it blends into the atmosphere on melancholic Goodbye.

The words sway and pull you into a lyrical narrative, sometimes joyous, often sad. Throughout, Rainbow Crow the music is sublime and the story is loose as a blackbird lives in a rainbow sky showing that we can all fly. The guitar is sweet and the vocals once again full of gentle tenderness, with the hardened edge of reality. The cover of Stolen Car, a Bruce Springsteen number is tinged with wistful shading by Lizanne, whilst Gershwin’s Ain’t Necessarily So is blues that is full of full-flavoured intent, every note is given a smooth edge that flows in a cascade of blues. A song gifted by a fan, Sometimes, a ballad of gentleness from Janis Ian. In between to softest silk and glistening nuggets of gospel folk on Lay My Burden Down. This is an album to chill out too, letting stress be diluted by the tender melodic tones of Lizanne Knott. Closing with The title track the beat picks up the sun is out and the music leaves your feet tapping to Excellent Day.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Excellent Day – Lizanne KnottProper Music

Track Listing
1. Come For The Kill
2. Why You Wanna Break My Heart
3. Goodbye
4. It Ain’t Necessary
5. Rainbow Crow
6. Tennesse
7. Not This Time
8. Lay My Burden Down
9. Stolen Car
10. Someday Love
11. Sometimes
12. Excellent Day

Red Sky July Exploring The Truth and The Lie

Red Sky July Exploring The Truth and The Lie

Red Sky July Exploring The Truth and The Lie

Having listened to the album I know The Truth is Red Sky July have hit the jackpot with their third album. The Lie has to be that this is just another trio singing Americana.  The trio may have escaped your attention, despite opening for high-profile acts including Sheryl Crow and Steve Earle, radio play must be assured with the tracks on offer as they harmonise and connect with ten tracks that ignite your musical antennae with happiness. The Red Sky July are husband Ally McErlaine and Shelly Poole , and completing the trio is Charity Hair. Names seem familiar, well Ally was guitarist in Texas, Shelley on half of Alisha’s Attic and Charity guitarist/vocalist in The Alice Band. They combine to fill the airwaves from your speaker with a full sound of lush guitar chords, melodic harmonies and a tempo that just gets the rhythm in your soul buzzing.

Opening  The Truth and The Lie, with Jet Trails, the beat and drive hits you and then the vocals spiral around the lyrics you are uplifted watching the shapes of the music, this is country infused music with attitude. Painting a picture of jet trails shaping the blue sky with abstract imagery. Then the title track bursts through the speakers with sultry vocals this is music that makes you smile and is easy listening with hidden depths that as you listen to the album you hear the subtleties in the crevices of the overall sound. The tracks work individually, yet this is an album that is greater than the sum of the parts of individual tracks and builds in emotional textures if listened from beginning to end.

The spiraling whine of country tones from guitar and vocals take you to a new place. In Black is a darker story as the narrative of Ally’s brain aneurism, defying all odds surviving and now with a third album they have time to reflect in a moving number. The beat picks up with Earthwards as the moods brighten and The Red July Sky swamps the dark clouds with music that makes you smile, listen and connect to.  No one will want to Dodge around this track, it is lyrically clever and the instrumentation adds a depth to a number that makes you smile and sit up and listen. There is a personal feel throughout the album, grasping the moment as in Long Time Dead. As they sing “no time for regrets” it is life’s journey that is important not the hurt and bruising. “Laugh lots and feel more turn life on its head” is the perfect mantra for everyone. The pedal guitar is perfect for this number that is a highlight of the album. It is two numbers as the album closes really lifts and shapes your memories of this fine album. Walking Country Song, strong vocals that make you want to sing-a-long to and then the closing number Sway.  This number has a breathless energy and closes the album with energy, style and the feeling that you want to hear Red Sky July often and definitely live.

The trio are joined on the album by twice grammy nominated Beth Nielsen Chapman, Nashville based singer/songwriter, for the added pedal steel guitar from Mark Neary and Dave Etherington’s layers of sound from his Wurlitzer Electric Piano. The Truth and The Lie is absolutely a Red July Sky project it is there enthusiasm and magic in the arrangements that brings the collaboration on the album to life.

Red Sky July Exploring The Truth and The Lie bursts into your conscious with a vim and vigour they have an authentic sound the blends country with folk. Like a Red Sky they change the intensity and combination of music in a flash reforming creating a new beat and tone. They are mercurial and refuse to be trapped in the confines of a genre. The Truth is this is jolly good music and The Lie well not to have a copy in your collection would be dishonest to your collection of folk/Americana delights.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….


Red Sky July – The Truth and The Lie – Shadowbirds Records – Release Date 25th March 2016>

Track Listing

  1. Jet Trails
  2. The Truth and The Lie
  3. Taking Myself Back
  4. In Black
  5. Earthwards
  6. Dodge
  7. Long Time Dead
  8. Walking Country Song
  9. Strathconon
  10. Sway






Touring Europe & UK  – April – June 2016

If your musical preference is a combination of roots blues and folk Americana delivered with irreverent humour and nuggets of folklore, this transatlantic duo of multi-award winners ticks all the boxes. Ian Siegal is the UK’s leading contemporary Bluesman, while Grammy-nominated songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jimbo Mathus hails from Mississippi.


Wayward Sons-


Live album recorded on their last sell-out tour.
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22 April: LJUBLJANA, SIovenia ­- Grand Hotel Union, Miklošičeva Cesta 1, 1000
23 April: KALSDORF Austria – Kulturkeller, Hauptplatz 1, A-8401
24 April: STEYR Austria – Akku Kulturzentrum, Färbergasse 5, A-4400
25 April: VIENNA Austria – Reigen, Hadikgasse 62, (U4 Hietzing), 1140 Wien
26 April: BADEN Austria – Cinema Paradiso, Beethovengasse 2a, A-2500
27 April: BLEIBURG Austria – Hotel Altes Brauhaus, 10 Oktober Platz 9, 9150
28 April: SALZBURG Austria – Oval Die Bühne im Europark, Europastraße 1, 5020
29 April: RIED Austria – Kik Kulturverein, Hartwagnerstraße 14, 4910
30 April: WELS Austria – Alter Schl8hof, Dragonerstraße 22, 4600
5 May: VLISSINGEN Netherlands – Bevrijdingsfestival, Blues & Roots Stage, Oude Markt, 4381 ES
6 May: DEN HAAG Netherlands – Paard Van Troje, Prinsegracht 12, 2512 GA
7 May:  OSPEL Netherlands – Moulin Blues, Festivalterrein, Meijelsedijk, 6035
8 May: GROLLOO Netherlands – Hofsteenge, Hoofdstraat 11, 9444 PA
11 May: ARNHEM Netherlands – Luxor Live, Willensplein 10, 6811 KB
12 May: VLAARDINGEN Netherlands – De Harmonie, Theater Stadsgehoorzaal, Schiedamseweg 51, 3134 BB
13 May: EEKLO Belgium – N9 Villa, Molenstraat 165, 9900
14 May – HOOFDDORP Netherlands – Podium Duycker, Raadhuisplein 5, 2132 TZ
15 May: TURNHOUT Belgium – Café Barzoen, De Warande, Warandestraat 42, 2300
17 May: WORTHING UK – Southern Pavilion, Worthing Pier, BN11 3PX
18 May: HAVANT UK – Spring Arts, East St, PO9 1BS
19 May: LEICESTER UK – Musician, Clyde St, LE1 2DE
20 May: NOTTINGHAM UK – Village Hall, Main St, Lowdham, NG14 7BD
21 May: SELBY UKTown Hall, York St, YO8 4AJ
22 May: NEWCASTLE UK – Cluny, Lime St, NE1 2PQ
24 May: INGOLSTADT Germany – Club Neue West Bluesfest
25 May: BRISTOL UK – Tunnels, Lower Approach Rd, BS1 6QS
26 May: STROUD UK – Convent, Convent Lane, South Woodchester, GL5 5HS
27 May: OTLEY UK – Otley Courthouse, Courthouse St, LS21 3AN
28 May: SHEFFIELD UK – Greystones, Greystones Rd, S11 7BS
29 May: LONDON UK – Green Note, Parkway, NW1 7AN
31 May: BILSTON UK – Robin 2, Mount Pleasant, WV14 7LJ
1 June: CHELTENHAM UK – Vonnies, Church St, Charlton Kings, GL53 8AP
2 June: ALDERSHOT UK – West End Centre, Queens Rd, GU11 3JD
3 June: WHITSTABLE UK – Duke of Cumberland, High St, CT5 1AP
4 June: GELDROP Netherlands – Blues Open, Gemeenschapshuis Zesgehuchten, Papanvoort 1, 5663 AC
5 June: ROVIGO Italy – Ente Rovigo Festival, Deltablues Cruise

Siegal (L) Mathus (R) Hirez

Unfolding of a musical journey Balsamo Deighton debut recording

Balsamo Deighton

Unfolding of a musical journey Balsamo Deighton debut recording

Thirteen may be unlucky for some. Not so for the Unfolding of a musical journey, Balsamo Deighton’s debut recording. The album Unfolding is pure Americana from the duo Steve Balsamo and Rosalie Deighton. Steve and Rosalie are both respected singer song writers and joining forces the power of two is quadrupled. As they explain this is a collection of ‘grown up songs on the human condition’. They met over ten years ago and then the music journey took them on different routes. Several times around the world in various musical guises, their paths crossed again when Rosalie – who grew up in the successful folk band The Deighton Family and is considered one of Britain’s finest female vocalists – supported Steve’s highly regarded country rock band from Swansea, The Storys. Unfolding is the outcome of a collaboration that has created an album that is fragrant with emotion and flows with the turbulence of life tempered with those golden days we all want to capture.

Opening with piano chords that gain your attention and then Drive On builds from simplicity into flowing lyrics and a melody line that drives you through a scenic route. Track one gained my attention could this be sustained yes the drum snares and the vocals soar now this is Americana with thoughtful lyrics and textures in the tempo. Yes, this is music that will always, if not careful, drift into the background BUT Balsamo Deighton have enough grit to keep you listening and the feet will tap. Lyrics have a hint of rawness and do not stop the whole production from becoming too syrupy sweet. By half way through the duo are in full flow and the album has a shape that is distinctive. Light In The Dark for me needs perhaps musically to have had a stronger darker side to add another shape in the repertoire of a duo with stylish voices and the power of lyrics. Then I got that hardening of the beat with Run Back To Your Life, vocal harmonisation and a tune that adds tonal depth and darkness as they sing about parting there is a never-ending circle of yearning throughout this track; with its feel of country drenched Americana. The beat picks up and 50 Foot Jesus hits the airwaves this is a quirky number that certainly once again catches your attention. As the 50 Foot Jesus on a billboard caught theirs! The title track is poignant, acapella has incredible power when done well as in the opening of the closing track. Unfolding written with immense feeling as penned in memory of a fan who was killed in Afghanistan and the simplicity of the track ensures it is all about the words.

There is a bonus (iTunes only) track thirteen For The Night with Rosalie opening in a trance like number as if waking from a dream. A gentle number closing Unfolding.

Balasamo Deighton are a duo in harmony with each other, this is Americana folk that tells a tale that they unfold using melody as the roadway and vocals as the driving medium..

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Balasmo Deighton – Unfolding Released 5th February 2016 – earMusic a project of Edel (Distributed in the UK by Absolute via Universal).

Track Listing

1. Drive On
2. Blue
3. Ride It
4. Sky Blue And Back
5. Long Way Round
6. Light In The Dark
7. The Dream Song
8. Run Back To Your Life
9. The Ghost of Me And You
10. 50 foot Jesus
11. These Four Walls
12. Unfolding
13. For The Night ( iTunes only)

Balsamo Deighton “Unfolding” (Official Album Trailer) |

“Unfolding” OUT February 5th 2016

Nothing Wayward Music from Ian Siegal and Jimbo Matthus

Wayward Sons-

Nothing Wayward Music from

Ian Siegal and Jimbo Matthus



There are many roads in creating stand out music that gets noticed. It is a certainty that the musical furrow Ian and Jimbo are ploughing is one of them. Definitely Nothing Wayward in the Live Music from Ian Siegal and Jimbo Mathus.

Opening with Ian Siegal who gets the show underway and introduces double grammy winner and wonderful musician Jimbo Mathus. Wayward Sons,  This is a live album brimming with bonhomie of friendship, bonding over music and the joy of singing, playing guitars and a generous dusting of charismatic magic. Ian and Jimbo in the spoken interlude are a double act, with background to the songs and wit.
This is a twenty-one track album that stretches the CD’s capacity so not a moment of wonder is lost.

The songs are a selection of traditional, artful covers and songs from Ian Siegel’s Picnic Sessions where he first met Jimbo back in 2013 and from Jimbo Mathus’ back catalogue.  Opening with In The Garden, Jimbo opens with vocals and a feel of Dylan runs throughout and has a twist on connections with Paradise.   We hear that Jimbo is glad to be brought overseas and we know they are back in 2016. Then it is Ian’s turn with a Townes Van Zandt’s Heavenly Houseboat Blues, the harmonisation is closer than close the guitar strumming hits the moods and connects to Jimbo’s harp playing. Recorded on Picnic Sessions by accident as Ian was playing it and the rest of the musicians joined in and the recording was captured.

Many people may have sung this song says Jimbo, but I am positive that Jesse James from this duo has a vim and vigour, they resemble outlaws as they approach blues/American roots music with a disrespectful swagger. The outcome is a devilish turning the known into a mighty opus of musical delight.

What do you need after a ditty about Jesse James, some gospel blues which is often included in Ian’s solo sets Mary Don’t You Weep sits in the show tonight perfectly. Ian and Jimbo are a pair of wickedly godf troubadours that just love to perform live and this energy exudes through the album.  Casey Jones a tale of a brave engine driver, lives saved all wrapped up in synchronization of voices, guitars and that swagger that makes this music a zinging hum of electric energy. This like other well-trodden tracks are given a musical spring clean with a Siegal /Matthus interpretation.  These artist are definitely not lazy in their approach, as they sing Old Earl, a tale of a lazy man who didn’t crawl until the age of seventeen, a real foot tapping, make you smile number. We leave behind outlaws and progress to pirates and an interlude where Ian checks what key, only happens in the live moment. Back talking about Overseas with Talkin’ Overseas Pirate Blues, is a sea swashbuckling number.

With cheers of delight the closing number, Ewan MacColl’s, Dirty Old Town draws the album to a close not with a whimper but a musical hurrah! This album will keep us going until we can hear the duo live for ourselves in UK & Europe in Spring 2016.

You need to purchase the album and hear every track for the nuances and more. This review is a mere snippet of the quality of the album a whisper in the wind that the music leaves behind.

Multi-award winning Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus have redefined great music, no pigeon-holes for them it is all about lyrics and guitars shaping the mood with vocals that stir your soul, make you smile, laugh and cry.

We all collectively have to thank whom- ever it was who pressed record at Café de Noot, a venue in Hoogland, Netherlands. So this show is not relegated to a folklore memory. We know how good it was because we have a front seat in our music rooms for today and beyond.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus – Wayward Sons, Nugene Records   Release date 4th March

Track Listing

  1. Introduction
  2. In The Garden
  3. Jimbo’s Alive
  4. Heavenly Houseboat Blues
  5. Jesse James
  6. Mary Don’t You Weep
  7. The Story of Casey Jones
  8. Casey Jones
  9. Crazy Old Soldier
  10. Tallahatchie
  11. Old Earl
  12. The Blues
  13. Ludella
  14. Stack O’Lee
  15. What They Call You?
  16. Talkin’ Overseas Pirate Blues
  17. Too Much water
  18. Goodnight Irene
  19. Milltone
  20. I’ll Fly Away
  21. Dirty Old Town

Ian Siegal Jimbo Mathus


You will not want to miss out check out venues, towns and dates HERE

A little preview of what Jimbo and Ian will be getting up to on our 2016 tour.


Broken Wings Heal sings Caroline Aiken

Broken Wings Heal sings Caroline Aiken Broken Wings Heal sings Caroline Aiken

Broken Wings Heal is a deeply personal album for Caroline Aiken. Her ninth recording and has special guests joining her adding depth and feeling to the lyric driven songs. The album is a journey, from despair to hope, empowering as her daughter’s life unfolds from the beauty of birth, troublesome teenage years and then the light. The album artwork reflects this with a bird being released from a cage.

This is not a laid back album as the roots of the music are given exciting textures with funky, rock and twist of jazz tones and power to the whole production. John Keane’s guitar work throughout the album is superb. Into the mix add Randall Bramblett’s horn, Caroline’s bluesy vocals, guitar and piano the sound is never going to be muted.

This is definitely not an angst riven introspective. The opening track Mission of Angels has the a feeling of sunshine and joy with Caroline‘s vocals and guitar and special guest Indigo Girls’ Emily Sailers.  The title track, the only one with no writing input from Caroline leaving this centre piece in the penmanship of Boo Ray. Broken Wings Heal is a heartfelt plea many will be able to connect with as a mother sings her hopes for her daughter will reach their full potential, be happy and fly free.

Visiting her daughter in prison creates a song with a feeling of a poem set to music as Razor Wire captures her. Again, as Caroline articulates her daughter’s thoughts she has a message of hope of dreams of flying free. The next track with Ike Stubblefields B3 Organ added to the mix takes the beat up as Mysterious Wonder unfolds. This track has a sultry edge tipping its tone to jazz and the lyrics bubble like a crystal clear stream. This song was originally written in a group of 40 students and staff during Aiken’s time teaching children at a music camp in North Carolina.

Caroline throughout the album like life changes the tempo and feel as feelings and moods change.  So now for some Rock N Roll vibes as we Cry Wolf. The beat is infectious and once again it is Caroline’s swampy curling of the lyrics around the guitar that makes this track have a power of its own.

The mood shades into the evening as dusk gathers around. This is a moody darker track with Sax from Bramblett that sets the tone and then the husky singing of ‘Hello Cruel World’. The piano and sax lead breaks are the perfect foil for the track. It is fitting the Everything Can Change is co-written with her daughter Sarah who is at the heart of the album. This is a simply orchestrated track of piano and vocals and has the depth that nothing stays the same.

Broken Wings Heal sings Caroline Aiken on an album that has a depth of feeling, never over introspective always with a ray of hope. The reality can be grim and she is not afraid to address these with honesty and clarity. Broken Wings Heal lifts the mood as the power of music once again gives life a direction.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Caroline Aiken – Broken Wings Heal

Track Listing

  1. Mission of Angels
  2. Fragile
  3. Broken Wings Heal Boo Ray/Steve Ferrone
  4. That’s What I Heard
  5. Razor Wire
  6. Mysterious Wonder Pepperland/CA
  7. Cry Wolf
  8. Hello Cruel World
  9. Comfort Is Deep
  10. Everything Can Change Sarah Page Dukes/CA
  11. Saving Grace
  12. Butler Field


Caroline Aiken – 6 and 12 string guitar, piano and vocals

John Keane – pedal steel, acoustic and electric guitars, vocals, bass, percussion, organ (all songs but 8, 12)

Emily Saliers – vocals, acoustic guitar (1, 3, 9, 12)
Randall Bramblett – keys, piano, saxophone (8, 9, 11)
Ike Stubblefield – B3 organ (6, 7)
Michelle Malone – vocals (2)
Michael Steele – bass (11)
Gerry Hansen – drums (1, 3, 6, 7, 9)
Charlie Wooton – bass (8)
Andy Carlson – strings (9, 12)
Susan Staley – vocals (4, 5, 7)
Eddie Glikin – percussion, Udu drum (1, 4)
Doug Peters – electric guitar (4)
Deane Quinter – congas (6)


Siegal Band 2015


British Blues Hall of Fame, eight-times British Blues award winner, three-times European Blues award winner, three-times BMA nominee and two-times Mojo Blues album of the year. Oh, and ten album releases. Need we say more?

Ian Siegal and the Band are back in the U.K. during March

18 Mar – LONDON – Borderline, Tel : 0207 734 5547 – 7pm £20

19 Mar – DERBY Flowerpot Tel: 01332 834438 – 8pm £15

20 Mar – BRISTOL – Colston Hall Tel: 0844 887 1500 – 2pm £15

Still need convincing? Here the band live Ian Siegal with his glorious vocals – Dusty Ciggar mesmerising guitar including his magic Baritone that adds a tone of wizardry – then there is the rhythm section of Danny Van’t Hoff playing a bass line that underpins and adds to the weight of the music and drumming with style is Raphael Schwiddessen – what a tight band delivering their own music inspired by the blues, rock n Roll and roots music but never contrived or fixed in the moment. One thing for sure there will be something new and a mix from the favourites from his extensive back catalogue.

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