Exploring Rhythm Of The Rain With Amelia White

Exploring Rhythm Of The Rain With Amelia White

Exploring Rhythm Of The Rain With Amelia White



Out of East Nashville, Amelia White is part of the growing phalanx of singer-songwriters that have blended styles around the distinct tonal qualities of their vocal style and range.  Amelia’s previous release Home Sweet Hotel was critically acclaimed building on this she has delivered Rhythm Of The Rain a tonal poem that connects with moods and feelings of a gathering storm explored throughout the album.  Savour and explore the tracks individually and as collections delve deep and discover the attention to detail held within the lyrics painting a picture with her words. The album is full of compelling originals, a mix of her own and those co-written with a number of collaborators. This mix helps to give the album variations and different approaches can be heard so that the songs captivate and never fall into the singer/songwriters trap of being in a rut of similarity. Opening with Little Cloud Over Little Rock we are introduced to her very distinctive vocal tone. Smokey, warm and full of country vibe and intonations.

Rhythm Of The Rain is an exploration of life but that does not make the well-crafted album Blues. The title track opens with a spoken word “Don’t think too much people”, a flippant line but true do not over analyse. The nine tracks that pick over life, from the warmth of summer sun, lust and addiction and the forthcoming storm.  I suggest you take White’s advice. What you do need to do is listen to the carefully crafted lyrics. There is more to the words than being said, as the gothic side of life is explored under the beat of the drum and violin swirls. Yuma, co-written with Ben Glover has a lilting quality as she asks “are you still listening?” Yes, I am and will return to this album when I want to have music that flows with a smoothness. The delivery by Amelia connects to your soul and gives you the space to kick back and contemplate. The beat picks up with a catchy number harnessing the feel but slowed down this is not frenetic rock n’ roll as White, Said It Like A King. Closing the album with a number she wrote with Worry Dolls we are given hope as they Let The Wind Blow. The album has a completeness and complete package of compelling music. The songs let you get to know Amelia White. But only what she wants to share, as underneath there are untold stories and unshared stories and memories.  Sit back and enjoy the music and never over analyze, if it suits your mood, music collection and more, then it is a good album harnessing the gentle ebbs and flows of the craft of a singer/songwriter. Yes, Amelia has captured the Rhythm Of The Rain, sometimes gentle, often refreshing an on occasions delivered with a torrent of hurt.

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN …

Track Listing

  1. Little cloud Over Little Rock
  2. Rhythm Of The Rain
  3. Sinking Sun
  4. Sugar Baby
  5. Supernova
  6. Yuma
  7. Said It Like A King
  8. True or Not
  9. Let The Wind Blow


Rhythm Of The Rain – Amelia White – White Wolf Records



Accompanied by Thomas Collison on selected dates *

Mon 13*    London Green Note
Tue 14*    Brighton The Greys co-bill with Danni Nicholls
Wed 15*   Bedford The Pavilion, Bedford Park co-bill with Danni Nicholls
Fri 17*    Winchester The Hyde Tavern
Sat 18*    East Grinstead The Dorset Arms co-bill with Danni Nicholls
Sun 19*    London Private House Concert
Mon 20     Leeds  Oporto Bar The Gaslight Club co-bill with Dan Webster
Tues 21    Liverpool Private House Concert  co-bill with Dan Webster
Thu 23     Beverley  The Monks Walk co-bill with Dan Webster
Fri 24     York  The Winning Post
Sun 26     Newcastle upon Tyne Think Tank, Times Square

Ready The Horses New Album By Jarrod Dickenson

Ready The Horses New Album By Jarrod Dickenson


Ready The Horses New Album By Jarrod Dickenson


Ready The Horses New Album By Jarrod Dickenson, takes you on a lyrical musical ride that you will want to repeat. Music and storytelling are in harmonious unison under the reins of Jarrod as he Ready the Horses. Opening with Faint of Heart is the acoustic guitar with percussive power and the Hammond adding warmth to a number that has its hooks deep into your musical soul. You want to listen to more, Jarrod’s influences reach deep into the Lone Star State, where he was born, with his immense talent he builds on traditions and creates a depth of tone and feeling of modern Country with the cleanness of freshly mown grass.

The ten numbers work with the change of textures and beats, through clever songwriting and imaginative instrumentation that builds and adding to the focus of Jarrod’s distinctive tuneful vocals. The timing on Take It From Me adds drama, integrity and searing emotions as the number builds. The tempo slows, with the duet of Your Heart Belongs To Me, the vocal duties are sung by husband and wife Jarrod and Claire. The guitar and vocals combine with lyrics creating a heavenly love song.
His Debut The Lonesome Traveller was critically acclaimed and for many, the second album is often a tricky beast. No problem for Jarrod Ready The Horses, the stallions are punching the air with delight ready to take you on an exhilarating Country gallop.

A trio of Jarrod style Americana with California, Gold Rush and A Cowboy & The Moon three songs three distinct sounds. California, retro in its acoustic gentleness, mesmeric in its simplicity. This is a tale of questions, do you still think of me even though I am in the past. Then we darken with a heavier growling Jarrod, with Gold Rush. The power of the number is barely contained, nothing is rushed we are stepping out on a journey with a bluesy feel that adds but never defines the number. Jarrod’s vocals are the gold in this Gold Rush, Anyone listing to the album will be all the richer for having Ready The Horses in their collection. The cowboy meets his horses with A Cowboy &The Moon, a dose of Tex Mex a ballad that explores the cowboy’s feelings.

Closing out the album of ten delicious sonic treats with I Won’t Quit., in which the vocals shape the lyrics with hurt, sorrow and pain as he has said the words all wrong. A ballad that lingers and connects. One thing is positive once heard you will never quit the Jarrod Dickenson sound.

The album from first note to last has an honest elegance and integrity in the shaping of the lyrics and the music. This has been added to by the excellent production and recording the core band live onto 2” tape as musicians of yesteryear did. Jarrod anecdotally recalls, “recording to tape produces a much warmer sound’” Yes, the sound is warm, emotions are heartfelt so Ready The Horses and listen to Jarrod’s distinctive vocals.

Jarrod Dickenson Ready The Horses – Hooked Records
Out 10th March

NINEpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Faint Of Heart
  2. Take It From Me
  3. Way Past Midnight
  4. In The Meantime
  5. California
  6. Gold Rush
  7. A Cowboy & The Moon
  8. Nothing More
  9. I Won’t Quit

Ready The Horses Jarrod Dickinson Tour & Album

BRENT COBB UK Dates Plus Debut Album OUT March 24th

BRETT COBB UK Dates Plus Debut Album OUT March 24th

BRENT COBB UK Dates Plus Debut Album OUT March 24th

via Atlantic Records



Black Crow – from Debut album Shine on Rainy Day

Brent performing the laid-back, melancholic album track ‘Black Crow’ from a session recorded at the Sam Philips Studio in Tennessee.

Full of textures, tones rooted deep in the lexicon that is the sound of Americana.

After the huge success of his debut dates in the UK in February, Brent Cobb will be returning for a full UK tour in May plus two festival appearances including The Great Escape. On his earlier visit Brent sold-out headline shows in London and Manchester and stunned crowds in Glasgow at the Celtic Connections festival with his raconteur’s wit, tales of rural life in the Deep South and heart-rending performances of songs from his critically acclaimed debut album Shine On Rainy Day.

UK shows – May 2017

Sat 20th – Brighton, The Great Escape
Sun 21st – Oxfordshire, Wood Festival
Tue 23rd – Manchester, Deaf Institute
Wed 24th – London, The Borderline
Thurs 25th – Birmingham, Hare & Hounds
Sun 28th – Glasgow, King Tut’s Wah Wah

Released in the US last year to widespread praise, Shine On Rainy Day made number 11 in Rolling Stone Country’s Top 40 Albums of 2016. The album saw him enlist the help of his cousin and fellow Georgian, Dave Cobb, the Grammy Award-winning producer who has worked with Chris Stapleton, Jamey Johnson, Sturgill Simpson and album guest Jason Isbell.

2017 is a busy year for Brent with him heading out on the road across the US supporting the likes of Nikki Lane The Cadillac Three, Little Big Town, Jamey Johnson and the aforementioned Chris Stapleton, as well as playing California’s Stagecoach Festival, before hitting the UK in May.

“…what promises to be Cobb’s breakout LP as a singer-songwriter.”— Rolling StoneBRETT COBB UK Dates Plus Debut Album OUT March 24th

“…masterfully understated wit…”— NPR Music

“It’s a soft, acoustic ballad, different from what you may have already heard from Cobb. The Georgia-born singer/songwriter has a knack for joyous, energetic songs that celebrate life and the good things in it.”— Noisey

“Let me just say that Brent Cobb is pretty damn good.”— Sounds Like Nashville



Ten Doodle Paws Album Awards 2016

Bluesdoodles Picks of 2016 Recorded Music

Ten Doodle Paws Album Awards 2016


What a fabulous year for music at Bluesdoodles HQ. I have enjoyed listening to all the recorded music sent. Liz makes a note (must do better in 2017 and review more! I have started a new hopefully more organised system!).

Album Earning Ten Doodle Paws During 2016

One Hundred and Forty-eight reviewed. What an array of music from Folk to Metal Rock to Blues. The genre to everyone at Bluesdoodles  HQ is unimportant, that is a marketing tool it is whether the music vibes hits our collective DNA. Liz, Kevin & Othello a very discerning Bandana wearing Labradoodle.

Album of 2016

Now this was difficult almost impossible with so many contenders With Thirty-Six albums with the Ten-Doodle Paw accolade considered throughout December. what a delight to play and listen to them all again. The final choice is mine, yes it is subjective and has changed there are many that have not been mentioned that will continue to be regularly played and enjoyed in the House of Bluesdoodles

Bluesdoodles Picks of 2016 Recorded MusicAlbum of  The Year 2016

Beth HartFire On The FloorMascot Label

I wrote when I reviewed in September that it was a contender for album of the year I was right. The fire in the album burns brightly from the floor to the heavens. Beth Hart,  Fire On The Floor has gathered together a dozen tracks that flow and warm up the speakers with a raw, charismatic and open delivery of intensely personal emotionally driven lyrics.  Fire On The Floor is a majestic album and will burn brightly long after 2016 fades into a memory.


For all the other  category Winners check them out HERE

January – March

Jeff Healey – Heal My Soul
Kyla Brox – Throw Away Your Blues
Joe Bonamassa – Blues of Desperation
Monster Truck – Sittin Heavy
Red Dirt Skinners – Behind The Wheel
Mumbo Jumbo – Sonic Gumbo
Ben Poole – Time Has Come
Ian Siegal & Jimbo Mathus – Wayward Sons
Michael Messer’s Mitra – Call of the Blues
Stevie Nimmo – Sky Won’t Fall
Big Boy Bloater & The LiMiTs – Luxury Hobo
The Temperance Movement – White Bear
Danny Bryant – Blood Money

April – June

Kaz Hawkins – Feelin Good
Dan Patlansky – Introvertigo
Giles Robson – For Those Who Need The Blues
Albany Down – The Outer Reach
Jimbo Mathus – Band of Storms
The Rides – Pierced Arrow
No Sinner – Old Habits Die Hard
Rival Sons – Hollow Bones
Black Stone Cherry – Kentucky

July – September

Honey Island Swamp Band  –  Demolition Day
Laurence Jones – Take Me High
Cadillac Three – Bury Me In My Boots
Aynsley Lister – Eyes Wide Open
Devon Allman – Ride Or Die
King King – Live
Joanne Shaw Taylor – Wild
Beth Hart – Fire On The Floor
Sari Schorr – A Force of Nature

October – December

The Brew – Shake The Tree
Mike Simpson & Don Flemons – Ever Popular Favourites
Ian Siegal – 2wnty5ive The Collection
Jeff Healey – Holding On
Glenn Hughes – Resonate
RavenEye – Nova
Rival Sons – Hollow Bones

Riddle & The Stars Exploring Music Coastline

Riddle & The Stars Exploring Music Coastline

Riddle & The Stars Exploring Music Coastline



Always a touch of excited anticipation when hearing a band for the first time. Surprised that the digital catalogue was rock when the instrument line-up described on the album inner cover was more acoustic than plugged-in electric.  This is the second album where Fallen Stars combine forces with Australian singer-songwriter, Ben Riddle. The music is more laid back definitely more country/folk that rock, though that said the chords do at times have a rawer heavier edge that you would expect so there is a soupçon of rock credentials in the mix. that is Riddle & The Stars

The songs have a familiarity about them, as they have a tendency to float and meld into the background. This is smooth music with hints of Americana, jolts of country and roots through to traditional folk. Opening with Running Back To You the vocals have a lyricism and the emotions are gently applied, the tale unfurls as the guitars swirl building the plot. The country vibe is strong with audacious use of steel guitar and Tracy Byrne’s vocals add to a lonely stripped bare soul feeling of the number.  The tempo lifts for the title track and acoustic guitars introduce us to a gentle song of camping and exploring a New Coastline, simple happy, youthful times where the promise of tomorrow is full of hope and expectations. The force of songwriting skills combined with vocals are the core of the album as shown on Valentine’s Day.  Closing with When The Weight Is Gone, we are left with the feeling of acoustic well-being, simplicity of well-spun music crafted with care, simplicity the key word. The ten tracks are all beautifully produced, but for me there needs to be some harder edge beats, changes in tempo and approach to the delivery of the music to make and album really stand out and be interesting to sustain and have that ‘I am revisiting this again’ feeling.

There is nothing fresh or different about Riddle & The Stars music. It is folk inspired but more of a meander down the country lane to the dunes that visiting a New Coastline that challenges and excites.

SIX pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Running Back To You
  2. I may Never Know
  3. Long Way Down
  4. Apples & Knives
  5. New Coastline
  6. Mexican Home
  7. Valentine’s Day
  8. Tracks
  9. When We Ride
  10. When The Weight Is Gone

DeMeyer & Kimbrough Tour Netherlands & UK March 2017

 DeMeyer & Kimbrough Tour Netherlands & UK March 2017


DeMeyer & Kimbrough  Tour Netherlands & UK March 2017


When Brigitte DeMeyer and Will Kimbrough first joined their soulful voices in song six years ago, they knew they were destined to make beautiful music together. Since then, they’ve showcased their instinctive vocal interplay and formidable song-crafting skills throughout North America and Europe, collaborated on two albums, and become the best of friends. But the Nashville-based pair had never released a recording as an official duo – a situation they’ll finally remedy with Mockingbird Soul – “We figured we might as well put both our names on it and just make it a thing,” says Kimbrough, “because the chemistry’s there, the writing’s there, the harmonies are there, and so is our mutual love of all the music these songs are derived from and inspired by.” That would be what he calls “the good stuff”: blues, gospel, early jazz and the country music those genres influenced, along with bluegrass, early rock ’n’ roll, folk … American roots music, in other words. DeMeyer characterises their wonderfully warm, organic blend as acoustic soul.


DeMeyer & Kimbrough Tour Netherlands & UK March 2017BRIGITTE DEMEYER & WILL KIMBROUGH


Release Date:    February 17 2017


DeMeyer & Kimbrough  Tour Netherlands & UK March 2017  


Sat 18          Lage Vuursche                      In The Woods
Sun 19         Steenwijk                              Speelplaats Baars       NB. Afternoon show

Further Netherlands shows to be confirmed


Thu 23         Barnacre, nr. Garstang, Lancs.      The Kenlis Arms, Garstang Unplugged
Fri 24           Glasgow                                              Woodend Bowling and Tennis Club
Sat 25           Haile, Cumbria                                    Haile Village Hall
Mon 27         London                                               Green Note
Tue 28          High Wycombe                                  Kingsmead House Concerts
Wed 29         Farncombe, Surrey                         St. John’s Church, Farncombe Music Club
Fri 31           Bewdley, Worcs.                               St. George’s Hall


Award-winning British bluesman Ian Siegal marks quarter-century anniversary with European tour.

Check out European Dates HERE

10 Dates in the UK throughout November

8 Nov – SOUTHAMPTON: Talking Heads,
16-22 The Polygon, SO15 2BN 02380 361970 – 7.30pm  £12.50

9 Nov – STOCKTON-ON-TEES: ARC Stockton Arts Centre,
Dovecot Street, TS18 1LL – 01642 525199 – 8pm  £15

10 Nov – SOUTHPORT The Atkinson,
Lord Street, PR8 1DB – 01704 533333 – 8pm  £15

11 Nov – STROUD The Convent,
Convent Lane, South Woodchester, GL5 5HS – 01453 835138 – 8pm £25

De Valence, Upper Frog Street, SA70 7JD – 01834 842730 – 7pm  £15

15 Nov – LONDON Under The Bridge,
Stamford Bridge, Fulham Road, SW6 1HS – 0207 386 3327 – 7pm  £20

16 Nov – NOTTINGHAM Rescue Rooms,
Masonic Place, Goldsmith Street, NG1 5JT – 0115 896 4456 – 7pm  £18

36 Lime Street, Ouseburn, NE1 2PQ – 0191 230 4474 – 8pm  £16

18 Nov – EDINBURGH La Belle Angèle,
11 Hasties Close, EH1 1HJ – 0131 220 1161 – 7pm  £18

19 Nov – LICHFIELD Lichfield Arts,
Guildhall, Bore Street, WS13 6LU – 01543 262223 – 8pm  £16


25 years on the road Ian Siegal has a loyal phalanx of followers across, UK, Europe, USA and beyond. . No wonder he has recently gained his NINTH British Blues Award. Since the inception of the British Blues Awards six years ago Ian has won best album, best band, best song, best acoustic artist (three times) and male artist of the year (three times). His triplets of awards for acoustic artist and male artist elevate him to the British Blues Awards Hall of Fame in these categories.



To mark this anniversary Nugene Records is releasing a limited edition boxed set comprising 38 of Siegal‘s songs (on 3 CDs) together with a 72-page illustrated book of lyrics. The set is priced at UK£25.

Check out and purchase HERE

Villiers and The Villains Songs Of Love And Fate

Villiers and The Villains Songs Of Love And Fate

Villiers and The Villains
Songs Of Love And Fate


Out of Armagh, Northern Ireland, Tony Villiers drinks deep not from the well of Irish Traditional music but from across the pond. The ten tracks, from the pen of a musician who uses words to pick up the melody, whilst playing with references steeped deep in the Southern States, music, blues, country this is music of the folk.  Songs Of Love And Fate, their second studio album explores relationships, tears ad torment a collection of life’s experiences.

Joining Tony Villiers And The Villains are Kevin Maloney whose blues bass influences the tempo and texture of the rhythms of the tracks combined with Paul Meehan’s distinctive guitar and the percussive drumming of Aidan McGillion. The Melodies, beats and textures curl around and reinforces Tony’s vocals.  Adding extra sounds on various tracks is the piano playing of Paul Gurney, fiddler Tony Fitzgibbon, and Danny Sheerin adds an extra layer of vocals when required.  The album has an intensity as they explore styles and gather in influences from Dylan, Waits, Leadbelly and throughout the fertile lands of music from across the Southern States of America.

Opening with Devil and The Deep Blue Sea which has a freedom of spirit with the fiddle pulling all the elements together. The melody has a fun feel that invites you to get up have fun and enjoy yourself, upbeat and “you may rock or roll or think you are free”, as Tony sings. The blues enters the building with Rabid Dog Blues, with piano that would be at home in a hot juke joint. Other tracks explore the blues including Dear Mama, with the opening guitar licks pulling you into the piano once again, stripped back with a blues mood, he is worried about Mama with the drugs and gut rot wine. The story unfurls and we are pulled along with the lyrics and melody this is blues that connects.  The guitar plays a central role in Lucky Rabbit Foot with a country blues feel, with a reference to howling wolf and harmonica this is storytelling that just works so well.

Songs Of Love and Fate captures the essence of Americana, as Tony’s lyrics explore the holy trinity of blues and country, devil, alcohol and women.  He does this with style panache and an amused sense of irony that gives the album a lightness of touch, not too serious. The musicianship is stylish and the band work together ensuring the licks, riffs and percussive kicks meld and build on each other.

As we are counted into Swingin’ In The Sunshine you are transported to an urban electric feel. Like so much of the album there is a contemporary and engaging feel.  The feel of Dylan is present throughout the album and especially so with combination of harmonica and jaunty feel on Ramblin’ Man.

Rock Salt is folk with a British feel, the songwriting is superb and three tracks in we have one of the strongest tracks in the collection that makes up Songs of Love and Hate.  Throughout the album, snippets, licks and feel remind you of other songs and tunes, just for a moment then we are back with the Villiers and The Villains vibe.

Closing with a country ballad, with hints of Johnny Cash, On The Run brings the album to a close with a story of life on the run a western cowboy tale. Love and wistfulness, hope and sorrow combine and evoke a picture through the music and the words.  You know from the first note the tale is not a happy one.

The album is stylish, listenable and with influences flowing like a river through the tracks. Textures, styles change giving the album vibrancy. But, for me I feel the band need to decide the road they really want to travel, developing a unique approach building on the base of Tony’s superb lyrics.

Villiers And The Villians – Songs Of Love and Fate – Independent

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
  2. Rabid Dog Blues
  3. Rock Salt
  4. Dear Mama
  5. Big Old Dancin’ Bear Blues
  6. Swingin’ Into The Sunshine
  7. Lucky Rabbit Foot
  8. Ramblin’ Man
  9. On The Run

On Tour Harry Pane releases Changing

On Tour Harry Pane releases Changing

On Tour Harry Pane releases Changing

This four track EP is a mellow snippet of Harry Pane’s approach to acoustic singer/songwriter Americana infused music. Guitar and voice perfect accompaniment when chilling on a Summer’s day.
Yes, Changing has a feel of Americana, in reality, Changing is guitar and vocals they cajoles and allows the song to be at the heart of the stage where Harry Pane sits and plays. The four tracks have a simplicity that charms with guitar backdrop curling around the lyrical story. Changing opening number shapes the reality of being ready for change it is the only certainty so be ready. Ghosts picks up the ethereal opening with sea on a beach. The guitar sounds at times like Don McClean. The percussive quality of wood and zing of wire are used to good effect. The music fills the space as we explore Karma’s Prey. The lyrics hit home the moment may be bleak and grey but optimism gives the track a glimmer of sunnier times. The tempo mood and feel changes as the guitar sound is pure country-blue and Cold Light Of Day closes out and EP that gives a glimmer of the breadth and scope of a talented Singer-songwriter. The honesty in the lyrics gives a personal depth of tone as he ponders and explores his relationship with his father through his evocative music.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing 

  1. Changing
  2. Ghosts
  3. Karma’s Prey
  4. Cold Light Of Day

‘Changing’ is the title track of Harry Pane’s new EP – Written by Harry Pane
Mixed, produced and Engineered by Dani Castelar (Paolo Nutini, Caustic Love) Mastered by Mandy Parnell

10/06 – Surrey, Greyshott Folk Club
13/06 – London, The Social (w/ Gabrielle Aplin & Hudson Taylor)
19/06 – Oxfordshire, Soho Farm House
26/06 – Somerset, Glastonbury Festival (Rabbit Hole)
30/06 – London, Sebright Arms
01/06 – Northants, The Old Firestation **Sold Out**
06/07 – London, The Green Note
31/07 – Hampshire, CarFest
10/08 – O2 Academy, Oxford
26/08 – The Cotswolds, The Big Festival (Udder Stage)

Bristol shone with the Music From Bonnie Rait

Bristol shone with the Music From Bonnie Rait

Bristol shone with the Music From Bonnie Rait




www.colstonhall.orgThe night was warm, and the people flocked into Colston Hall one name was on everybody’s tongues Bonnie Raitt. All eyes looked towards the slender figure of Bonnie Raitt who whilst taking centre stage, was in total command from the moment she said hello until the final wave goodbye to the stage and audience at Colston Hall tonight. Back in the U.K. after a three-year absence Bristol was welcoming her with open arms. Tonight, the last night of the UK leg of the Dig Deep Tour was an opportunity to hear music from her latest album and the many favourites filed under Bonnie specials. The set was entertaining, an enthralling two hours of music combining lyrics, tears, smiles and delicious slide guitar and the Californian sun-kissed bonhomie that exudes from Bonnie herself.
With a thank-you guys from Bonnie, and without further ado she opened with Need You Tonight. We certainly needed the music tonight and the familiarity of the INXS number, with its lively rocky blues tempo and the red-haired temptress on slide guitar. The drama was completed by the Nanosecond accuracy of the lightening and beat stopping together which just hit the visual mark. The combination of spotlights and the changing hues of the painted backdrop fitted every number. Bonnie’s slide took us on a ride of deep blue-hued grooves with lead breaks from George Marinelli’s guitar and Mike Finnegan’s keys.

Her interaction with the audience was flawless, her quips cutting and speaking in the crystal clear tones reflected in her glass slide on her finger. Her twentieth studio album Dig In Deep was mentioned as she talked about heartbreak, the dark side of love the effect of a cutting tongue on a relationship and we were hearing Undone live. Bonnie’s vocals were crisp and clear shaped with emotional colouring we cried with Bonnie, we laughed with Bonnie and sighed with Bonnie. The music was breathtaking the rhythm section of Ricky Fataar and James Hutchinson referred with affection as ‘Hutch’ by Bonnie filled in the deep tonal contours of the music they were the power that enabled the magic of Bonnie to fill the hall. The Acoustic guitar was now in her hands the worn Strat given a rest as a tribute was paid to Little Feat’s Lowell George as she thanked the audience and said it felt intimate like singing in a coffee house. Changing the set list as she went we heard from Give It Up, Love Me Like A Man another Chris Smithers number that suits her blues tone so perfectly. In the mix a Los Lobos cover, Shakin’ Shakin’ Shakin’ and Gerry Rafferty’s Right Down The Line. Bonnie understands the blues, the feel, the history and it’s ability to absorb from life’s experiences new tones and textures. Integral to the blues, and Colston Hall for few minutes tonight was filled with gospel led clapping. Tonight’s music is something we will be talking about for a long time and appropriately we heard Something To Talk About as the stage was swathed in pink lights. Followed by The Comin’ Round Is Going Through this was a powerhouse of acoustic perfection. Bonnie a Capella then picking up the melody on acoustic and the band joining in muted and the mandolin adding another layer of interest. The music washed the lyrics as her raspy vocals cascaded across the stage and into the auditorium. The applause was louder and warmer with every song. The tribute to BB King was special, handing over vocal duties and lead to Mike on keys, there is no doubt that the spirit and soul of BB entered Colston tonight with Mikes deep blue vocals and the organ full of light and shades of the blues. We were transported back in time by the music. Then the tempo picked up with some funky grooves and licks. All too soon Bonnie was leaving the stage full of energy after two hours of performance. The Crowd stood, stamped cheered we were rewarded with four numbers in the encore. Including I Can’t Make You Love Me, Bonnies eyes glistened with emotion and the audience had tears in their eyes as the music paused and flowed into Too Long At The Fair the emotions were running high. Bonnie drew breath as she once again thanked the band and praised the team around her heartfelt and full of warmth and for the cooking especially the custard! Somehow despite the capacity audience, tonight was an intimate show, Bonnie sang for each of us individually, her smile was for us and she was talking to me. Bonnie has a rare talent in entertainment the ability to make every note, word, and movement personal like a conversation between two best friends.

Tonight in Bristol the weekend started early on a Thursday night and nothing could top the music we heard tonight. Thank you, Bonnie Raitt, for dropping by and sharing music from deep within your heart and soul.