Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops

Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops

Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops



The clocks change in March, but Midnight is still the witching, hour, mysterious dark or starlight with a hint of romance and forthcoming days.  Lewis Watson is back with a powerful new album Midnight, following on from his acclaimed debut The Morning. Midnight cements him firmly as a talented pop orientated singer/songwriter with hints of melancholy and shafts of joy running through the album.

Midnight has a fresh feel, nothing is over produced and there is a lightness of touch reflecting that the Oxford based musician recorded the entire album in a fortnight with a live band, under the watchful guidance of producer Anthony West.

The influences are present but with the lightest of touches as the voice of Lewis Watson is the dominant force combined with his acoustic power. Opening with reverb underneath the vocals adding to a mixed reaction that of uncertainty and the power of the music it has a force that makes a pop song stand out as it fizzes with energy. The dominance of the simplicity of the form of singer/songwriter with the acoustic guitar is apparent in When The Water Meets The Mountain, the sound fills out with melodic and harmonising backing vocals. The number has a sense of purpose within its elegant searing musical beauty.

The short and catchy Forever is a catchy number leading into Run with its ear catching opening of movements in a room a record player and clicking clock, with a harder edge of grand piano and strumming guitar picking up the melody. Then Lewis’ vocals picking up the lyrics sad and questioning as the nights are getting longer. Counting in for Slumber featuring Lucy Rose, the acoustic guitar is strummed and the two voices harmonise with a simplicity as a lullaby sinks you into sleep.  The closing track is the title song, Midnight again the simplicity of a piano as the intro adds rather diminishes the power as we visualize the cold and Northern Lights and a feeling of contentment.

This is a pop album with the added elements of songs with depth of feeling and interesting layering of tones and effects so that the listeners ears remain focused on the music at Midnight.  Lewis Watson, is beguiling and a songster who uses the idiom of pop to deliver his songs. Lewis Watson new album Midnight Simply Pops!


Lewis Watson – Midnight – Cooking Vinyl

SEVENpawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Maybe We’re Home
  2. Little Light
  3. Deep The Water
  4. La Song
  5. When Water Meets Mountains
  6. Hello Hello
  7. Forever
  8. Run
  9. Give Me Life
  10. Slumber feat. Lucy Rose
  11. Midnight (hidden track)


New Single ‘Deep The Water’

Lewis Watson New Album Midnight Simply Pops

Irish Rock Album Solas is this The Answer

Irish Rock album Solas is this The Answer

Irish Rock Album Solas is this The Answer

Do not confuse the title with anything maritime! Solas is Irish Gaelic for Light, not the acronym – Safety of Life at Sea (SOLAS). With that clarified what about the music on their seventh studio album Solas? If you expect Rock with a loud shout you  will be disappointed. If you want light-rock fused with roots of Irish folk, lyrics that curl around with melodic intensity you are in the right listening zone.

The Answer, have taken one helluva musical journey over the ten years since the debut album Rise with its blues-infused rock.  Now on Solas the exploration of their Gaelic heritage in the musical tone and lyrical shaping full of misty mysticism, fear of the dark, hidden regrets and the light of hope is apparent.

Opening with the title track with a wave of sound or percussion that feels like a wave, James Heatley’s relentless drumming is the backdrop for Cormac Neeson’s vocals.  The chorus is melodic full of Celtic harmonies flowing as the music takes you deep into the soul of the band, their experiences and reflecting the light of Solas. The guitar work is huge as the number closes with a lead break that promises much from Paul Mahon.  Rock firmly rooted in the traditional shapes Beautiful World with its captivating opening chords full of Eastern promise. That opens up with instrumentation with the energy of rock contained to be played at eight, not eleven. The result is the lyrics dominate and it is the voice that is the main instrument, with Micky Water’s bass, along with the guitar and drums playing a supporting role filling in the gaps acting as lead breaks for the words.

Yes, now three tracks in this Irish-infused rock harnessing tones and textures from the folk tradition. The Answer, on Solas have a story to be told and heard. The ballad Battle Cry, this will be fantastic live as the audience picks up the chorus and lifts the spirits of all hearing the music. This is Irish folk-rock that fills the heart with melodic joy as Gaelic merges with the English. Half-way through Thief of Light takes us with mandolin and Celtic harmonious riffs far away with a reflective sound, that reminds us that sometimes we need to start again as if the dark is to be conquered and energy regained.

Then, a change of musical shape with Being Begotten as we head to a blues-infused Southern Swamp leaving the emerald-green of Irishness. This blues-infused feel reflecting their debut album Rise is found again with Southern-rock Demon Driven Man, with a rock n’ roll upbeat feel upfront and full of energy.

The three bonus tracks have an acoustic feel In This Land, Light In The Darkness both full of folk-inspired chords and structure and then a fuzzy reinterpretation of Pink Floyd’s Money.

The Answer on Solas deliver reflective rock, light and at times whimsical not something to play loud and hard but to sit and enjoy. Reflecting the turmoil of life and the need to go back to their roots and bring pure Irish gold into their rock. This is Rock that has a gentler edge softened by the winds of time and gives you space to reflect before cranking up the volume with a rock offering from a different part of The Answer’s journey or someone else in your collection.

That said Solas definitely has a place in your rock collection bridging rock with tradition. It is an album you will return to and on every occasion, your appreciation of the subtleties will grow as you hear more of the clever lyrics missed on the last outing.

The Answer – Solas – Napalm Records

NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

        1. Solas
        2. Beautiful World
        3. Battle Cry
        4. Untrue Colour
        5. In This Land
        6. Thief Of Light
        7. Being Begotten
        8. Left Me Standing
        9. Demon Driven Man
        10. Real Life Dreamers
        11. Tunnel
        12. In This Land
        13. Light In Darkness
        14. Money (Pink Floyd Cover)


Ride Or Die Sings Devon Allman’s Latest Masterpiece

Ride Or Die sings Devon Allman’s Latest Masterpiece

Ride Or Die Sings Devon Allman’s Latest Masterpiece


Ride Or Die, is a journey full of colour and texture in the tone. With flashes of blue and twists of granite rock and country green woven into a musical tuned magic carpet. The fabric of the album is the winning and beguiling combination of Devon Allman’s triumvirate of power in equal measure Songwriting, guitar and those vocals. Adding to the fabric that creates a sound that across the whole album is full of emotional outpourings that shape each song are the superb tones and textures from his band and guests on the album. The phrasing of every instrument adds a musical emotion, there are no unnecessary layers every instrument compliments each other and are servants to the heart of the lyrics telling a powerful story.

Deep bass driven rhythms are laid down, setting the individual tone and tempo of each track is the combination of Tom Hambridge on drums and bassist Steve Duerst. They set the groove that is dynamic, exciting and certainly never static they are the warp and weft of the fabric that is Ride or Die. The fabric of the music is stretched, turned and reshaped with the addition of Saxophone, violin, and keys augmenting the message when required. Then the main pattern of this magical musical carpet, reflected in the wonderful cover design full of colour from Pepe Paras, capturing the integral heart and complexities as Devon sings the songs you want to hear again and again.

The dozen tracks all have a place on the album and add to the Ride Or Die journey, from the opening track Say Your Prayers through to the last notes of A Night Like This. Instantly recognisable as a Devon Allman melody and driving riffs that pull in the vocals that just curl around the lyrics is the opening number Say Your Prayers.  The judicious us of the wah-wah pedal adds to the low down dirty howling tempo of the opening number. The beat changes as we Find Ourselves, with an underlying Latin dance vibe; this is found again later in the album with Pleasure and Pain. Demonstrating the deep links within whole roots scene of American music from the Blues to Southern Rock of influences from steamy Latin dance moves from the Rumba to the Tango.

The tempo changes with the acoustic guitar of Lost, and a country feel as Devon’s vocals speak directly to you with a simplicity of the melody line contrasting the poetic depth of the lyrics.  The wah pedal is again used as an effect that says more than a thousand words the hurt and pain of this beautiful number.  As Devon sings “ Your clocks are all spinning, Your compass is bleeding now, Your Maps are all burning baby, You couldn’t be more lost”. If I had to listen to just one track from the album this would be it.  There is a feeling of another place and time, yet Lost is completely grounded in the now, with experiences, hurt and feeling of being lost we have all experienced.

Watch What You Say, has a foot tapping tempo where guitar and vocals are underpinned with drumming that give the lyrics a sense of purpose and momentum this is music which rocks and rolls it is emotionally poetic, this is experiences of life that is more about tears than laughs.  Vancouver gives a time and place a location where we can re-set the journey. Melodic violin and Devon’s voice has a lighter tone, the lyrics though are full of yearning that the saxophone reflects. As we live a love story and how we could have done things differently if you only had a time machine.

As Ride Or Die’s musical journey only has three more stops, the acoustic is picked up again for Live From The Heart, a philosophical song ‘look to your heart look to your soul’. The keys give the track shades that make it glisten and stand out in a crowd of beautiful numbers. The reflective sound continues with Butterfly Girl, his voice deepens in a Country feel. Another song about relationships with a searing violin as Devon gives advice that is so difficult to enact. Giving people the freedom to fly while caring from them.  The melody has a looseness, a freedom that allows you to fly and look down on the emotional journey the album takes you on.
An imaginative cover of The Cure’s A Night Like This closes the album, that mixes the influences of modern music, blending them into a textural tonal carpet that you want to ride on forever.

Ride Or Die Sings Devon Allman’s Latest Masterpiece, with ten of the tracks written or co-written by Devon he captures the sound that defies boundaries of genres that has the freedom to be itself. Full of strong lyrics and heartfelt melodies.  This is an album that takes you on a journey full of anguish, hurt, pain and the pleasures of living life where you Ride or Die whatever your journey remember hope will be present.

Devon AllmanRide or Die – RUF Records

Release Date 16th September 2016

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Say Your Prayers
  2. Find Ourselves
  3. Galaxies
  4. Lost
  5. Shattered Times
  6. Watch What You Say
  7. Vancouver
  8. Pleasure and Pain
  9. Hold Me
  10. Live From The Heart
  11. Butterfly Girl
  12. A Night Like This

My Religion It Is all Music with John Verity


My Religion It Is all Music with John Verity

My Religion It Is all Music with John Verity, who has career which spans the decades with solo performances, his band and supporting rock acts ranging from Jimi Hendrix and Janis Joplin through to Argent and The Zombies.
Blues is My Religion theme running through the album mix of classic covers and originals. Opening with the title-track My Religon, John sets the tone and backdrop for the album blues guitar which is precise and clear. The beat is jaunty for this tongue-in-cheek number the first of the many subjects and beliefs explored over the next nine tracks. The Classics covered as Freddy King’s Going Down picking up the guitar driven groove as the album powers on with classy backing vocals on Chain of Fools as he steps slightly sideways out of the blues with this Aretha Franklin Number. The energy is infectious. The journey then trips into Eric Clapton’s Cocaine with the instantly recognisable opening riff. The last cover we are treated to is Howlin with the Wolf as Spoonful of blues is distributed with a generous helping of blues harp.

Blues is often referred to as Devil’s Music and the beat has a devilish air and the guitar growls with menace on The Devil’s Music; a track that is definitely blues that has been given a tinge of rocked up attitude. As the album reaches the close the penultimate track is the melodic acoustic guitar number Farkhunda, the female vocalist’s spiritual vocals curls around the guitar and then the darker tone of JV. Again the lyrics as with all the best blues opens our eyes to emotions and feelings, frustrations and hurt. To close the album the piercing clarity of Oh Why? Has a classic feel and leaves you in no doubt why JV has and continues to be in demand.
John, is rightly delighted with this blues album, believing that the album My Religion is “Quite simply the best thing I’ve done”. My Religion, the tone changes the tempo ebbs and flows as Blues glue that maintains coherence and sense of purposeful shape throughout the ten tracks.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing
1. My Religion
2. Hope For The Best
3. The Devil’s Music
4. Going Down Freddy King
5. Chain Of Fools Areatha Franklin
6. Cocaine – Eric Clapton
7. Prove Your Love
8. Spoonful – Howlin Wolf
9. Farkhunda
10. Oh Why?

Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB

Catfish_When BB Sings The Blues artwork

Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB



Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB. An EP, When BB Sings The Blues with four re-interpreted BB King Classics, and the quintet of gems is completed with an original homage to the forever great King of the Blues. Matthew Long has captured the essence of BB in his vocals that curl around his skillful interpretation of the guitar licks and riffs of the man himself. These are not straight copies they have a fresh re-invigorated feel as he sings The Thrill Is Gone you know that Catfish will never lose the thrill of playing blues. The guitar for Matthew is and extension of the feel of Blues deep in his musical DNA with snapshots of guitar playing that captures the tone and you want to linger over. Then the vocals, keys and percussion picks up the beat and dancing shoes win the day, this is blues that energizes with its delightful twists and turns.  This is urban blues that you want to listen to they may sing and  play Never Make A Move Too Soon, your mover to turn up the volume can’t happen quick enough.

The interpretation has remained true to the feel of BB; what Catfish has done is added their stamp and Why? This is blues that is alive with blues energy never contrived it has an organic shape and feel.  The four-piece work together pulling on the notes, shaping the contours of the sound, Catfish are not a battle of the egos, the winner is the capturing of delightful blues as in How Blue Can You Get. Slower, more considered the notes are slightly extended then a pause and the vocals kick in with a great version of slow, moody blues. The original is the last track on the EP and title track written by Paul Long, who plays keys throughout, and is reflective as homage is paid to the great man of the blues in the best way through the style of the music he loved to play.

This is an EP that tempts you, excites and thrills and the E.P. leaves you wanting more much more of Catfish and the blues the band delivers. Catfish sings a warm Tribute to BB on this gem of five tracks. Released early in 2016, great way of keeping that resolution to listen to more blues buy a copy even better catch them playing live.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Catfish – When BB Sings The Blues

Track Listing

1. You Upset Me Baby
2. The Thrill is Gone
3. Never Make A move Too Soon
4. How Blue Can You Get
5. When BB Sings The Blues

The Paul Garner Band ~ Big Road Blues: Album Review

Paul GThe Paul Garner Band
Big Road Blues
Progressive Roots

Release Date 4th December – Pre-order from HERE

The Paul Garner Band opens the album with Big Road Blues including licks and chops that are full of urban blues Chicago sound as this unfolds into a masterpiece. The guitar work is crisp, with the shaping of the blues wailing, crying and then uplifting the melody with the Hammond organ and drums the music is reformed and shaped so that the sound has a progressive feel the melody is the narrative.


This is the third album the band have produced since Paul Garner UK born, New Zealand raised. Big Road Blues is a blues album with interesting twists and turns that always finds the blues highway again. The album has eleven crafted tracks comprising nine originals from Paul, one of which is co-written with fellow band member Claudio Corona. The covers given the Paul Garner treatment are Robert Johnson’s Preaching Blues, with a jaunty feel with a piano intro that takes you back to a Juke Joint, but this is a thoroughly modern version I am positive that Robert would have approved of especially the addition of backing vocals making the track full of interest. The second cover is an interesting version of JB Lenoir’s The Whale Has Swallowed Me, and then the heavily inspired title track from a Tommy Johnson number as well as the inspiration for Canned Heat’s, On The Road works well as it does coming toward the closing stages of the album.


Paul Garner’s own compositions have a swinging urbane feel as he mixes West Coast, Chicago and his own style of the blues a cocktail of sound that is beguiling, opening with Too Much Love you just know this is an album you will enjoy listening to.  The instrumental Blues For Vanessa, progressive in its tonal shape, has complexity and with the shining guitar work from Paul it is dipped in blues of such depth and hue it is the epitome of Progressive Blues that Paul uses to describe the band. This is no one trick pony approach to the blues with slide guitar on a Texas blues inspired number Cold Shoulders and once again the lyrics have a presence thanks to the vocal interpretation by Paul himself.


The trio augment each other creating the music with the immense musical skills they possess. A trio that mirrors another blues band without a bass player – Matt Schofield, the line-up is Paul Garner – guitar, vocals Claudio Corona – keyboards Jason Ribeiro – drums. Big Road Blues album is one that will never bore you, there are new hidden delights in the numbers every time the sound flows from the speakers and you are drenched in blues that is an infectious mix of traditional and progressive.


Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Too Much For Love
  2. 7 Waters
  3. Holes
  4. Blues For Vanessa
  5. Cold Shoulders
  6. Icebreaker
  7. Preaching Blues
  8. The Whale Has Swallowed Me
  9. The Word
  10. Big Road Blues
  11. Push A Little Harder

DBA ~ Suburban Ghosts – Album Review

DBA vinyl.inddDBA
Suburban Ghosts
Cherry Red Records

Released Date: 6th November

Downes Braide Association – DBA in short are back three years new project, new album Suburban Ghosts, after their critically acclaimed debut album Pictures of You, creative powerhouse duo Chris Braide and Geoff Downes have drafted the second chapter of their joint venture. The album, entitled Suburban Ghosts, is modern prog rock, with a concept that flows through the lyrics and words. The title track opens with a bright and breezy melody and insistent almost mechanized drum beats. The lyrics hook you into the story – “I came across a photograph… A wake up call.. From the distant past…” you want to know what why and how this is impacting now on the opening track Machinery of Fate.
As Chris Braide explained “Geoff and I both play all the keyboards 50/50 and we decided not to use a real drummer as we love the aesthetic of the electronic duo which is how we approached the first album. I.e., Kraftwerk, Pet Shop Boys, Capital Cities etc. We love the image of two guys with machines playing prog pop. A real drummer would have made it more of a traditional rock sound and it’s more electro pop than that. Bits of guitars by me more as texture and David Gregory from XTC plays guitar solo on Dreaming Of England”.

Downes is a legend in the world of Prog having played his stylish keyboards in Yes, Asia and The Buggles, he co-wrote the hits Heat of the Moment and Video Killed The Radio Star. Then in London during 2010 he crossed paths with Braide and the story of collaboration began. Despite hectic and demanding schedules and stealing time creative juices thrived and Suburban Ghosts was born.
Chris Braide explains: “’Suburban Ghosts’ is an album about isolation and loneliness in small town suburbia.” The story goes back to his and Geoff’s childhood in the small county of Cheshire in the North West of England: its beautiful varied countryside landscapes in contrast with grey industrial wastelands, the feeling of claustrophobia that led them both away looking for a new adventure and those sentiments of nostalgia as they come back to a town populated with the ghosts of their past. “A blank town under a sky full of stars, the same blank town you left behind,……It’s time to let them go, those suburban ghosts.”

It is an album where you are submersed in a soundscape that laps around you with crafted beauty at times melancholy others with a festive feel but always quietly reflective. Twelve minutes of the album is dedicated to the title track and theme of the album and the keys and vocals harmonise adding power to the lyrical story that is being told that anyone who has experience of suburbia can instantly connect to. The three parts of the tracks Suburban Ghosts are a musical movement that is complete and tucked within the rest of the album that works around and develops the themes being explored.

With twelve tracks that ebb and flow and develop the concept of a town being trapped and isolated Number One is how to escape the prisoner need to be you own person and the drums have a hypnotic feel and work around the vocals and keys. About escaping with your dreams before the routines of work and respectability captures you this is a powerful message about self-belief and purpose. Half-way through there is a short Interlude of keys and vocals “life is not lost”… is sung and then into the next section of this Prog Rock opus. The music picks up tempo and the strings add a mystical feel as North Sea now provides the backdrop to a new chapter and Geoff Downes vocals again sear through the music unfolding another dimension to life. With a faster tempo Times Goes Fast you feel life is moving on yet nothing changes it is about stop dreaming and live your life as you saw it time is relentless and that is picked up in the lyrical tone poem that is the format of this track. The last two tracks Dreaming of England and Finale bring the exploration of life, suburbia and living in England to a close. The whole album has structure, movements driven by a melody that lightens and darkens the lyrics that pull you deep into the album that needs to be explored so the nuances of the words are not lost in this opus a modern tonal poem that is progressive music.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Machinery of Fate
2. Suburban Ghost part 1 2
3. Suburban Ghost part 3
4. Vanity
5. Number One
6. Interlude
7. North Sea
8. One Of The Few
9. Time Goes Fast
10. Live Twice
11. Dreaming of England
12. Finale

CD Review: Joe Louis Walker ~ Everybody Wants A Piece

Joe Louis WalkerJoe Louis Walker
Everybody Wants A Piece
Provogue/Mascot Label Group




An album that is a powerhouse of blues that rocks, rolls and thrills as the eleven tracks have real attitude but never strays from quality blues that you simply have to sit back, listen and enjoy you will be smiling by the end of the album. Joe Louis Walker sums it nicely yes Everyone Wants A Piece of this album you want not just a snippet but the whole album in your collection to listen to anytime! Anywhere! Night or day!

Opening with the title tracks the drums drive the guitar and the music swells as the Blues Hall Of Fame Joe Louis Walker sets down from the off this is blues his style! There is a buzz and attitude as he bends and shapes old style electric blues with the sweep of chords from keys and the six strings ablaze with a sting that pulls the lyrics onto centre stage. The lead breaks are crisp and just leave you wanting more timing is all in music that energises through control, there is no rest as the licks pour out this is a number that gives you a piece of blues magic. There will be no peace while listening as the tempo picks up pace with Buzz On You a drinking good time number that makes you get up and boogie.

The bass intro and slower tempo gives a darker feel to Black On Blue this is a breather and not as happy as the rest of the album, a love affair falling apart is never a good place to be. The sadness of this track moves on to Witchcraft a funky soulful laid back number that is full of the darkest voodoo blues. No blues album is complete without gospel inspired numbers and these reflect Joe Louis Walker’s deeply held beliefs with Gospel Blues an organ inspired instrumental that takes you on a deeply moving a spiritual journey with the whine of the six strings and gentle percussive feel.  Wade Into The Water continues the spiritual journey that is relevant for everyone a moment to reflect as he sings ‘The water is deep, the water is cold, it chills my body, BUT NOT MY SOUL” is expressing his belief that the spiritual will carry you through when the physical can’t. Then back to the signature feel of the albums blues that boogie with funky soul Man of Many Words celebrating the power of words. Then we are at the last two tracks Young Girls Blues and 35 Years Old as the music flows and the album fills your music soul full of blues that connects, makes you laugh, smile, think and dance what a perfect mix to enjoy yourself.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. Everyone Wants A Piece
  2. Do I Love Her
  3. Buzz On You
  4. Black & Blue
  5. Witchcraft
  6. One Sunny Day
  7. Gospel Blues
  8. Wade In the Water
  9. Man Of Many Words
  10. Young Girls Blues
  11. 35 Years Old

CD Review: The Octavia Blues Band ~ It Ain’t What You Got, It’s What You Give

it-aint-150x150The Octavia Blues Band It Ain’t What You Got, It’s What You Give

This is Blues with power, attitude and a focus of purpose, Octavia sings the blues she definitely has the vocals and her harp playing is something special, the band gives lots on this their sixth album; It Ain’t What You Got, It’s What You Give. Having listened it is not surprising that Octavia is described as Pennslyvania’s First Lady of the Blues the ten tracks are steeped in blues that stretch your imagination with a deep down dirty and emotional feel. The band is a tight four piece whose talents mesh together creating a full sound that drives the music along shaping the pace and tone. Octavia is at the heart as vocalist, guitarist, harp player and the writer of songs. The rhythm section Jason Gray, bassist and vocals and Jamie Furhman on drums, and sharing guitar and vocal duties is Chip Stanilla. Every track has something to offer opening with a fast moving happy sound of Playin For My Keep, it is that tuneful with harp that catches your attention a perfect hook to get you listening to The Octavia Blues Band. The tempo is upbeat for the title track and the music has an infectious, foot tapping quality. Ice Cold Beer is just what is needed to cool you down dancing to the beat that just gets you off your seats with a hint of rockabilly fun this is a blast and the antidote for the following track; Got A Fever. This slows down the pace with blues infused with Jazz and a change of vocalist as Chip cries Oh Lord the gospel sound is intoned in a classy emotionally fueled track. Naughty Girl is full of devilish mischief, reflecting on this being a true story when Octavia sang her way out of a speeding ticket, in addition to the voice is stunningly accomplished harp playing as Octavia bends and shapes the notes to reflect her vocals; the drumming is relentless and you want to get to know this naughty girl.
The whole album is crammed with soulful interpretation of the Blues that is full of emotional intelligence and lyrical expressiveness. Octavia is the heart of the band providing the beat, energy and verve for the band to play from creating a sound reflecting the skills of the musicianship of The Octavia Blues Band captured for fifty minutes on a blues infused It Ain’t What You Get, It’s What You Give.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing


  1. Playin’ For My Keep
  2.  It Ain’t What You Get, It’s What You Give
  3.  It’s You I’m Lovin’
  4. Ready For The Weekend
  5. Service Call
  6. Itchin’
  7. Ice Cold Beer
  8. Got A Fever
  9. Naughty Girl
  10. Simply Pure

CD Review: Angela Lewis Brown ~ Set Me Free

AngelaAngela Lewis Brown
Set Me Free
Blue Sun Rising – Distribution Cadiz

The opening of this debut album, Set Me Free makes sure you listen, with Angela’s vocals full of sassy soulful blues that cascade out of the speaker and demand your attention! Blues Blues Lovin’ has a tempo that makes you feel good about the world it is high energy but never frenzied she has control of the vocals and the band this is her music Angela’s style of the blues with a voice that is full of character but not raucous. The ten tracks on the album have been selected to portray an element of Angela’s vocals that are always at the centre of shaping the sound, the title track sees her band’s music wrapping themselves around the vocals including with stylish slide guitar and horns that set Angela’s inner soul free. Hopeless is blues that allows the vocals once again to soar and work with the searing guitar riffs as the girl from Huddersfield shows a rawness as the lyrics pierce and the soul of the music is ripped bare. Better Man is gritty blues and the harmonica playing is the perfect foil for the depth and range of her vocals, this is a down to earth track that grounds the album at the half-way point. The last four tracks of the album continue with the same mix of vocals and instrumentation, at times I would have liked to have heard the instruments pick up the blues story to give different shapes and tempo to the album. This is partly achieved on Ice Cold Tears a slower number with some lovely guitar licks giving the track some ice cold shivers and I would have liked to have seen the voice take a breather and the guitar pick up the icy mood and then her voice would have had more dramatic impact that it definitely has the power to achieve.

Overall, a debut album with the grit of an uncut diamond, Angela Lewis Brown is a Blues vocalist to watch out for she has the voice to make a real impact on the scene, with her understanding of the blues and the ability to take the listener on an emotional journey.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

TRACK LISTING – Angela Lewis Brown – Set Me Free

1. Blues Blues Lovin’
2. Set Me Free
3. Summer Nights
4. I’m Feeling Good About Me
5. Hopeless
6. Better Man
7. I
8. Ice Cold Tears
9. That’s You
10. I’ll Be There