Elliott Morris Launches Pledge Music Campaign




Elliott Morris Launches Pledge Music Campaign
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Award-winning singer/songwriter and guitarist Elliott Morris is launching a crowdfunding campaign to record and release his first album. Following the success of his E.P. It Seemed To Make Sense At The Time read what Bluesdoodles said HERE

“I’ve wanted to do this for a long, long time!” says Morris. “I aimed to get into the studio at the start of the year, but the gigs have just kept coming!”

2016 started with a Celtic Connections spot in Glasgow (where previously Morris was a Danny Kyle award winner) followed by a support slot to American singer Aoife O’Donovan at her UK album launch in London. He then hit the road with Canadian roots rockers the Bros Landreth, supporting them on their debut UK tour. Other notable shows this year have included opening for Cara Dillon, headline dates at The Troubadour in London, and most recently, sharing a bill with Badly Drawn Boy at Barking Folk Festival.

“Crowdfunding means that people I’ve played to along the road so far can directly become involved in the creation of my first album said Morris, who averages 120 live shows a year. “I have played these songs up and down the country in pubs, folk clubs and concert halls, and met many great music fans along the way. It only seems natural to include them in the next step!”

Morris, described by Acoustic Magazine as “the next big thing”, has previously completed two UK tours supporting Paul Carrack where he made a lasting impression with Bluesdoodles we said “His voice is powerful and he engaged with the audience with funny tales and setting the context for his songs which were a mix of folk and country tinged with blue. The numbers were self-penned full of clever lyrics, this is a songwriter who understands the power of the story….” 

PledgeMusic is a direct-to-fan music platform, which allows fans to become a central part of the music making experience, gaining access to exclusive content and seeing Pledger-only updates that provide insight into the music as never before.

“Using PledgeMusic lets me offer my audience far more than if I were to release by myself through a label. With the advance support of my listeners, I can offer not just physical CDs, but I can release the album on vinyl, and provide really special extras such as signed artwork prints, handwritten lyric sheets and bonus discs. I can also send exclusive updates from the studio directly to Pledgers.”

Other benefits on offer to Pledgers include exclusive Harris Tweed guitar straps, a thank you in the CD booklet, signed and framed vinyl, an exclusive live EP recording while on a tour of Scotland this summer, and even a house concert where Morris will come and play a show in your living room.

Furthermore, once Morris’s funding hits its target, 10% of any extra Pledge money goes to the men’s mental health charity C.A.L.M.

Elliott Morris   releases his album in early 2017, but anyone can become part of the journey now. Visit Pledgemusic NOW   to find out more about the album, benefits and Pledge HERE.





Benjamin Bassford’s Songs From The Blue Door

Benjamin Bassford's Songs From The Blue Door

Benjamin Bassford’s Songs From The Blue Door

What is behind Songs From The Blue Door? Seven acoustic driven country blues songs.  The orginal songs are carved out of the experiences of Benjamin’s 21 years on the planet; creating an acoustic album that has the compelling mix of stripped back melodic guitar and a voice that is strong and warm curling around the lyrics that have something to say. If Acoustic blues is for you then everything from Songs from the Blue Door will meet your approval. So open the Blue Door and step inside Benjamin’s world.


Opening with Storms, this is not a crash of rocking blues. Benjamin’s Storms is a more laid back look at stormy weather. The intro is influenced by Spanish guitar and is strummed with a tempo that makes you want to hear more. His vocals are deep and warm fitting in with the six strings creating an acoustically pleasing harmony.  This is storm at sea and yes this is acoustic but would be good to hear a build-up of energy, emotion and a crescendo to reflect the storm rolling in. Intrigued by the second track Leaf Blower Tango, love the quirky intro of a leaf blower and the tango beat works well. The vocals are lighter and reflect the song. Howlin’ Wolf’s Backdoor Man is the inspiration for the next blues harp guitar number Ain’t No Backdoor Man. The vibe of Howlin’ is captured in this re-vamped acoustic song. A country feel adding another textured dimension to Benjamin Bassford’s E.P. again a long intro for a short track before the vocals kick in. As he realizes he no longer belongs in his home town the bitter-sweet melody takes control one again. Finishing with Backroom Friend, it has been an enjoyable peak and listen to what is happening Behind The Blue Door.

Often the tracks have a super acoustic vibe, and Benjamin has woven in some different textures to the music. There is though something lacking not enough emotional connection acoustic sometimes need to feel raw and a little bit unsafe. That said all seven tracks show that there is not much not to like about the acoustic playing of Benjamin Bassford, Behind The Blue Door.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Benjamin Bassford – Songs From The Blue Door

Track Listing

1. Storms
2. Leaf Blower Tango
3. 90 Proof
4. Ain’t No Backdoor Man
5. Snake Eyes
6. Hometown
7. Backroom Friend.

Behind The Wheel with Red Dirt Skinners

Behind The Wheel with Red Dirt Skinners

Behind The Wheel for a Ride of Originality

Thanks Red Dirt Skinners

Roots wither and die whether music or plants without green shoots.  Red Dirt Skinners are an imaginative duo creating beautiful shoots of glittering music that will ensure roots/country music will continue to thrive Behind the Wheel. With this, their fifth album, the duo with the unique combination of acoustic guitar, drum and saxophone have made a noise that pleases all who listen. How have they done this gritty perseverance, hours behind the wheel driving to gigs and festivals and the hard work behind the scenes with emails and phone calls. Hard work and talent pays off the reward is full shows and another album that delights on so many layers.  Yes, there are the dissenters – why? because this sound that is stripped back to a raw intensity will not neatly slot into a genre. Red Dirt Skinners blend and distill a sound that is recognisable as their’s rooted deep in musical traditions, folk, country and the shading of blues. It is going to be an enjoyable musical ride Behind The Wheel with Red Dirt Skinners.


Once again, Behind The Wheel excels. With its haunting and alluring combination of Sarah’s soprano saxophone, Rob’s acoustic guitar, strong lyrics and harmonies that are spellbinding. Opening with the title track the Saxophone and percussion creates a mood and then the vocals create a story of gypsies on the road they have a house but freedom has its delights. Some great lead breaks and the soprano purity of Sarah’s award winning skills; this is roots music picking up a theme that it is about the journey, travelling a harmonious adventure into the unknown a theme coming across from traditional music across the world. All nine tracks are special, The Other Half is a love song with gentle heartfelt emotion. Rob’s vocals and guitar playing are a perfect combination as the track opens then the gentle saxophone and Sarah’s reply; a duet that clutches at your heartstrings, a love song that reflects the depth of a relationship of two halves. The lyrics have a power the phrasing of the words and instruments create a sound that has a sweetness tinged with an edgy rawness. The up tempo Bad Apple is a clever re-working of a bad apple in a barrel. Here it is down in the greenhouse. The saxophone sings its own tune and we all know a bad apple has fallen far from its tree.

The longest track on the album Daybreak is the synthesis of all things that are great about the Red Dirt Skinners. The music curls around the country fueled tempo and lyrics. Daybreak is full of the feelings of a day just about to begin full of hope.  Nothing is rushed between them the duo create space to explore as the melodious tunes linger on the lyrics. There is no rush the next track will come along just when we are ready. Like slow cooked food, this is about depth of tone not a quick flurry and move to the next thing on the agenda. Closing with Eleanor Joan (reprise), we have a second helping of the track heard earlier in the album, this time an instrumental that fades as the album closes.

The economy in the riffs, licks and saxophone lead breaks complement each other perfectly. This is an album that will not be reviewed and put away it will be listened to time and time again.

Red Dirt Skinners, are a rootsy duo, Behind The Wheel is worldly-wise music with a story to tale and a tune to sing.  Check them out the mould is broken and the music pours out, full of integrity, inspiration and individuality. Red Dirt Skinners do not mimic they create a sound that is Rob & Sarah’s.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD TEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

RED DIRT SKINNERSBehind The WheelSIDEGOAT RECORDS OUT 24th March 2016 – Available HERE

Track Listing

  1. Behind The Wheel
  2. Home Sweet Home
  3. The Other Half
  4. Eleanor Joan
  5. The Inspiration
  6. Bad apple
  7. Thoughts Of The Past
  8. Daybreak
  9. Eleanor Joan (reprise)

Paul Cowley Album – Rural

paul cowley

Paul Cowley Album – Rural



Rural is an album crammed with good songs, endearing vocals and acoustic guitar that sings. This is country blues with a collection of classics and a handful of self-penned numbers showing that Paul understands the beating musical legacy of the blues. Rural is not an album lurking in the backwaters, it is a celebration of blues songs that have no need for effects and add-ons it is a perfect demonstration of stripped-back music in its simplest form.

Stripped-back does not need to be dull and leaden as the foot tapping Jitterbug Swing shows with the harmony of guitar, stomp board and lyrics that reflect good times as captured in Bukkha White’s iconic number.
All the classics were delivered with feeling and panache especially Candyman and the last track Muddy Waters’ I Can’t Be Satisfied; anyone who loves music that is a simple combination of harmonies between guitar and vocals this is an album that will please the listener every time you will be satisfied!.

The hidden gems are Paul’s own compositions, the four numbers are not replications of pieces from a music museum. Every one of his own numbers has a modern feel to the lyrics shaped and honed to fit into the musical format of the album. These are tracks that reflect the earlier music and works giving the album clarity of musical form and a foot in the past and the present.

There is for me something missing a layer of sound to augment and give punctuation to the lyrics could be a different tone from guitar, blues harp or percussive tones. The album leans for me heavily on the tried and tested Blues format of the front porch and hasn’t captured the feel of modernity that makes the album stand out from the crowd with an unexpected twist in the blues being delivered.

That said, there is no doubt the Paul Cowley Album – Rural, delivers what the artwork promises this is country blues, full of acoustic delights found in the rural heart and soul of stripped back roots music.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SEVEN pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Write Me A Few Of Your Line (Mississippi Fred McDowell)
2. Monday Morning Blues (Mississippi John Hurt)
3. Jitterbug Swing (Bukka White)
4. Not What They Seem (Paul Cowley)
5. Pay Day (Mississippi John Hurt)
6. Death Letter (Son House)
7. Candyman (Rev Gary Davis)
8. I Like A Girl (Paul Cowley)
9. Franklin Nashville (Paul Cowley)
10. You Gotta Move (Mississippi Fred McDowell)
11. At The End Of The Day (Paul Cowley)
12. I Can’t Be Satisfied (Muddy Waters)

Have listen –

EP Review: Lucy Zirins ~ What’s In Front Of Me


Lucy Zirins
What’s In Front Of Me
Gingersnap Music


There has been a long wait for follow-up of recorded music from Lucy Zirins, her debut album Chasing Clocks set the bar high.  This is a snug little E.P. What’s In Front Of Me is a signpost of a future that shines bright as Lucy continues her solo, duo shows and a new band. There are half a dozen tracks that allow the nightingale of Burnley and her acoustic guitar continue to deliver the Zirins sparkle to modern English country shaded with blue her laugh is infectious and her vocals are mesmeric. Lucy is a talented songwriter with lyrics that blend around melodies and tell a tale.  The album has special guests to had tonal depth and excitement pedal steel legend BJ Cole and Richard Causon on keys along with her touring band “The Southern Company” including Andy Crowdy, Simon Price and Pete Billington.


The mix of styles shows the full scope of Lucy’s talents opening with the title track the guitar glows and the intro is full but the album really takes shape as Lucy’s vocals warm the song, her honeyed tones firm around the lyrics picking up the words and giving them musical shape.  The tempo rises and the instrumentation has more attitude and the vocals mean business on this country instilled number Changing Ground that will get everyone’s feet stomping. In the middle are two tracks that continue to show Lucy’s personality Falling to Pieces and a reflective gentle number Mercy. Feeling like a change of direction as the tempo hardens with a blues number that rocks Worry and Wine then there is a twist again with the closing song You Don’t Remember Me. This is folk with a Celtic twist ending the E.P. with refrains of fiddles that add a melancholy sadness as we are taken into a future of unknowns. What’s In Front Of Me is a tantilising taster that bodes well for the main course a full studio album for 2016.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD EIGHT pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. What’s In Front of Me
  2. Changing Ground
  3. Falling to Pieces
  4. Mercy
  5. Worry and the Wine
  6. You Won’t Remember Me



CD Review: Martin Harley and Daniel Kimbro ~ Live At Southern Ground

CD Review: Martin Harley and Daniel Kimbro ~ Live At Southern GroundMartin Harley and Daniel Kimbro
Live At Southern Ground
Del Mundo Records

This is an album steeped in acoustic blues and the vocals of Martin Harley are deep southern USA; yet in reality he is from the home counties, not a delta, but Woking nearer to the winding Thames rather than the majestic Mississippi. This is a live in the studio album recorded in Nashville and the music and vocals flow and there is a warmth to the production so you feel as if you are in the same space as Martin Harley & Daniel Kimbro whose Double bass adds a deep brooding texture. Live At Southern Ground is an album for everyone who loves acoustic blues, music that curls around a lyrical story as influences shine through on the self-penned numbers and the covers are given the Hartley Treatment.

The music is delivered in a relaxed manner, the opening two tracks having the feel of Ry Cooder, Cardboard King and Winter Coat both tracks are stylish with Martin’s dexterous fingers shaping the strings of the acoustic so the sound has a springing freshness to two tracks from his back catalogue. The covers are Leadbelly’s, Goodnight Irene which is a number that still feels modern and relevant despite the fact that Leadbelly sung it at the turn of the twentieth Century. Chocolate Jesus part of Tom Waits discography is given a guitar led rootsy treatment with the focus still on the words, an arrangement that reminds you this is a great narrative. The final cover is Blind Willie Johnson’s oft-covered Nobody’s Fault But Mine is revitalised and fits the shape of this album perfectly. This is no mono-tempo, tonal shaped acoustic album with Money Don’t Matter setting off at a foot tapping lick and Honey Bee this may be short the flip side is the dextrous finger picking is awesome!
The whole album is as perfect as a sun ripened peach full of juicy musical snippets and lyrics that keep the music rooted in the blues the guitar playing is special and the arrangements and writing are perfect in this no over-dubbed album. The album captivates for the whole fifty minutes; as the end with Love In The Afternoon an 13 minute track that just makes you smile and want to join them in a glass of champagne. And keep listening when the silence falls as there is something special a guitar extravaganza and the glory of the bow and double bass a spellbinding hidden bonus track.

NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

1. Cardboard King
2. Winter Coat
3. Goodnight Irene
4. Can’t Help Moving
5. Honey Bee
6. Chocolate Jesus
7. Automatic Life
8. Money Doesn’t Matter
9. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
10. Love In The Afternoon

Martin Harley Solo UK Tour – Winter 2015


Thursday 12th Blue Sky Café, Bangor N. Wales
Friday 13th The Atkinson, Southport
Saturday 14th The Independent, Sunderland
Sunday 15th The Met, Bury
Tuesday 17th Komedia, Brighton
Wednesday 18th The Convent, Stroud
Thursday 19th Ropsley Village Hall, Ropsley, Lincs
Friday 20th Rolleston Village Hall, Rolleston, Notts
Saturday 21st Treswell Village Hall, Treswell, Notts
Sunday 22nd Victoria Hall, Settle, N. Yorks
Monday 23rd Henry Tudor House, Shrewsbury
Tuesday 24th Junction 2, Cambridge
Thursday 26th Octagon Chapel, Norwich
Friday 27th Fairkytes Arts Centre, Hornchurch
Saturday 28th West End Centre, Aldershot
Sunday 29th Chapel Arts Centre, Bath


Thursday 3rd The Railway, Winchester
Friday 4th The David Hall, Barnstable
Saturday 5th Barnstable Guildhall, Barnstable
Sunday 6th The Old Grammar School, Truro
Thursday 10th River Cottage, Axminster

Babajack & Marcus Bonfanti entertain Malvern

Babajack- The Cube Malvern - July 2015_0055lTonight The Cube in Malvern had not one but two reasons to get out and listen to live music, each of the double headliners Babajack and Marcus Bonfanti play acoustic music with energy and combine the music with some great stories.

We had a cut down version of Babajack, the set was a combination of the original duo Becky Tate and Trevor Steger, joined on many of the songs by bassist Adam Bertenshaw and sound man for tonight, normally seen as part of the rhythm section with Tosh on drums when Babajack are a foursome.  This changes the texture and tone of the music but never the energy and quality of every song performed by Babajack.  The set was full of the songs fans associate with the band opening with Running Man the title track of their last studio album, made the evening of music hit the ground running could it get better. This was as ever entertainment that is blues with emotion drilling deep into the roots of the genre and taking us back through the cotton fields and across to Africa with Becky’s percussionist skills on her Djembe the west African drum, traditionally only played by men Babajack flies once again in the face of tradition. The drum’s name according to the Bambarra people is everyone gather around  in peace and we certainly did tonight as the magic of the beat produced flowed through the hall in Malvern. The Cube’s hall has great acoustics and performing on the floor rather than the stage with sitting around created an intimate session in the round and the wonderful local Malvern Ale was enjoyed as the perfect accompaniment to live music on a Saturday night.  The bass line from Adam on When I’m Gone had a funkier edge this time and worked well with the trio format.   We also heard some numbers not performed often these days including Jelly Love along with firm favourites no Babajack gig would be complete without Gallows Pole and Skin and Bones.  It was confirmed that the long awaited live album, recorded early in 2015 at The Cube in front of an invited audience can be pre-ordered and you will get a signed copy early September. Hurry because this is a limited early release, miss out on this exciting opportunity and you will have to be patient and wait for Babajack Live, Summer 2015 general release date 10th October 2015.  We had a preview of the next project a studio album with two tracks that may be included Religion & Backdoor; tonight Trevor weaved his harmonica notes through the narrative like perfect punctuation making the narrative of the lyrics sung by Becky have more power and deeper emotions. The wine box guitars add a tone that creates the sound frame that is both stripped back and full of musical grit.

A short break, a chance to re-fill our glasses catch up with friends and then co-headliner Marcus Bonfanti stepped on stage, with his Gibson Hummingbird and added his voice of the blues into the mix with Devil Girl.  We had a selection from past albums from Marcus, which unfortunately are no longer available and those from his latest EP & DVD Borrowed Time and his British Blues Award winning number The Bittersweet for his immaculate songwriting skills. The guitar solo was stunning on Now I’m Gone; underscoring that his skills on the Gibson are really underrated as he shaped the notes so they told their own take so much more than a collection of high speed, licks, riffs and twiddle bits. Marcus makes the guitar be an integral part of the shape of the story of the lyrics. Marcus is often described by the power of his melodic baritone vocals, this is only half of what makes him such a popular powerhouse on the circuit his guitar playing is superb as he manipulates the six-strings too shape a full acoustic sound the perfect backdrop for his voice and accentuating the mood of the lyrical narrative.

In between the numbers he informed, engaged and most importantly made the audience laugh most often at his own expense as he shared some of the gritty life experiences. We had ballads, sad, reflective, fast and slow songs; his contribution to the world of ballads was John Henry Blues, a work song that tells the story of John Henry who challenged a machine won then died!  From the new album we had Layla, no not that semi-famous track but a song full of longing and All She Ever Wants with the added lyrics and percussive guitar all about lost love.  Every Marcus set list has to include the song Cheap Whiskey as a salutary lesson to us all, and tonight was no different, he won some new fans by his charming stage presence and above all his music that entertains.


The third segment was a combined encore with Babajack joining him on stage for a closing jam that included a rousing rendition of Leadbelly’s Midnight Special. What a night of high energy and inspired acoustic blues that has a sting of delight in its tail looking forward to the next Babajack and friends event at The Cube.


CD Review: Doug Adamz ~National Steel

Scan0004Doug Adamz
National Steel
Magi Productions

This is the third solo album from Doug Adamz, who delivers seventeen tracks of fingerpicking National Steel a journey of blues that on the road full of heartfelt pain in the vocal tones as the guitar fingers its way through a background melody. The tone is folksy blending music in the roots of the heritage of the National guitar as he explores the hard times that have come again during this recession with the collapse of the banks and social cohesion picking up on the legacy of Woody & Arlo Guthrie.

Doug Adamz vocals are distinctive they have a knowing tone as he tells the tale with no embellishments it is the truth of the world as he sees it full of bleakness. The apocalyptic strains are seen throughout the tone poem that is Business As Usual; Mr Huffin Puffin, obvious why the track is called this with a flurry of harmonica that shapes, turns and twists as the notes float through the air on an instrumental show casing this stalwart of delivering blues and roots musical tone with a fiery flourish. This is an album that has tempos that bounce and those that reflect Cholly & Molly is an eccentric ditty suiting the couple at the centre of the tune. The National and Doug’s vocals are the centre piece of an album that will be enjoyed by those who enjoy word loaded songs with the finger picking tones of a National; played with confidence and delivered with feeling and expertise. House of Curiosities is as it says as we meet Cecil a diesel driver whose rig’s name is the title of the song. Ending with Can’t Complain Coda leaves you with the ringing tones of a master of finger-picking steel. An album for lovers of traditional National Steel guitar tones with lyric poems that tell a story every time; I do feel that some editing so that less tracks becomes more as then the differences between track would be more noticeable. That must be the reason that despite the capacity of a CD the majority of albums have around a dozen recorded tracks.

Bluesdoodles gives this CD SIX doodle paws out of TEN ….pawprint half inch

1. High Roller
2. Move Along
3. Buisnesss As Usual
4. Why You Wanna
5. High Class Lady
6. Stranger On The Street
7. Mr Huffin Puffer
8. Cholly & Molly
9. Ode To An Old Guitar
10. Little Bitty Woman
11. Good To See You
12. Rock Bottom
13. The House Of Curiosities
14. Only The Wolfman
15. A Time for Peace
16. I Can’t Complain
17. Can’t Complain Coda

Gig Review: Stefan Grossman

Stefan Grosman - St Davids Hall -   Apr 2015- _0025l

Stefan Grossman
St David’s Hall, CardiffRoots Unearthed
21st April 2015

There was another full level three for the popular stripped back and intimate Roots Unearthed sessions. Tonight on the stage was Stefan Grossman, the master of acoustic guitar who was taught by Rev. Gary Davis as a child. As Stefan says he was a patient but demanding teacher and perhaps this is what motivates Stefan to pass on his skills to all guitar players everywhere. Being taught by Rev. Davis gave him the opportunity to learn much of his vast repertoire of secular and sacred tunes. Tonight Stefan was sharing that knowledge to a receptive and appreciative audience – this was a night in the company of an amiable acoustic picker.

Stefan Grosman - St Davids Hall -   Apr 2015- _0005lOpening with an instrumental allowing the six strings of his acoustic to deliver the notes no words were needed in the hands of Stefan the music said it all. He quickly built a great rapport by sharing his people watching from the stage with the audience, he saw different types of people listening to the show tonight; it was very entertaining and was delivered with good humour as he described frustrated guitar pickers and their patient other halves!. In fact the only bit of selling tonight was hidden in a funny story about a wife mastering guitar while her frustrated husband slept thanks to you tube lessons courtesy of Stefan Grossman.

His version of Skip James’ Special Rider Blues from the early 1930’s was the start of a Stefan tour around making blues music with the explanation that this is in open G; for me it wasn’t about the chord structure, the tuning types of strings, it was early blues being played with love and attention and an authenticity that few can achieve. Then Candy Man a great take of this Rev Davis number about pimps and prostitutes; again he was really good at milking the audience especially any budding musicians; he wanted to share his love, knowledge and skills in playing Mississippi Delta Blues stripped back uncomplicated with every note as clear as a bell and every word sung or spoken with emotion.

Stefan Grosman - St Davids Hall -   Apr 2015- _0002lHis demonstrations of what made the early bluesmen was interesting and highlighted how different the techniques were and his reproduction of Robert Johnson was spellbinding the sound was like hearing the real thing but through modern amplification. Along with his guitar playing was a natural raconteur who just wanted to share his knowledge, enthusiasm and love of the acoustic blues he shared with the audience how to play chords and how Rev Davies told him “You should play the guitar like a piano”; and went on to demonstrating the layering of sound using left and right hand differently. He had the audience singing and clapping as he showed us all the power of the guitar and vocals to deliver a song in so many different ways and styles it was a master class and I enjoyed the renditions of Teddy Bear’s Picnic and other tunes but the highlights were the purity of songs such as T’aint Nobody’s Business; Rev Gary Davies arrangement of Cocaine Blues.

The audience love the opportunity to sing along on That’s The Glory of Love. With and encore and the guitar notes fading away it was time to leave along with a happy audience.