Bluesdoodles Interviews – 2017

Liz Aiken loves the opportunity to ask questions why? I love listening to the answers finding out the unexpected from artists about their latest album, being on tour and what influences from the past is shaping the music they are playing now. Interviews are intriguing and fun.


Jared James Nichols – UK and New album Black Magic Coming Soon – Check in on what was said HERE


Dan Patlansky In Conversation Touring 2017 and Beyond


Dan Patlansky Back In UK with Introvertigo – Check in on what was said HERE



Erja Lyytinen Exciting Blues Ensures Listeners Stolen Hearts


Erja Lyytinen New Album Stolen Hearts, UK Tour and more – Check in to the chatter HERE



September Sari Schorr A Force Of Nature Releases Debut


Sari Schorr Back in the UK on Tour and New Album Excitement – Read about it HERE



Fight Another Day with Dan Reed Network UK 2017


Dan Reed on Touring and Fight Another Day – Read about it HERE



Bluesdoodles Picks of 2016 Recorded Music


Kaz Hawkins Talking about International Blues Challenge and Memphis
Read about the challenges HERE


Stevie Westwood Giving The Lowdown on Bad Touch



Debut Album Broken Machine from Ash Wilson


Broken Machine Definitely NOT Ash Wilson in Conversation Read about what he said HERE


Who Will I turn To Now for a Conversation Has To Be Husky Tones
Husky Tones In Conversation – Read about what they said HERE





Danny Core Shouts Out About Broken Witt Rebels Read about what he said HERE


Ronnie Baker Brooks In Conversation  Read about what he said HERE


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