The Story is Almost Told Runrig’s finale

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The Story is Almost Told Runrig’s finale



The Story is Almost Told Runrig’s finale, well the last studio album! produced by the band’s youngest member, keyboard player, Brian HurrenRunrig are embarking on their final tour during February, and this album is Runrig playing their music with hearts firmly on their sleeves as they take us on an emotionally charged roller coaster.

Opening with the title track, released as a single sung by Rory in Gaelic, and then like  a flower blooming the music bursts with a buoyant chorus, the guitars swell and the dance beat ensures everyone’s feet are tapping with unadulterated delight.  The Story needs to be listened to as the tale unfolds and the music acts as the wallpaper of the events providing an atmospheric opening for the album. Runrig are Scottish Folk through and through every cadence, note and tonal shape are evocative of Scottish landscape and grittiness and determination of a nations psyche.  If music was a colour this album is a blending of the heather tones of Harris Tweed and the bold confidence of Tartans.
Every track fits together weaving a tonal story. Elegythe simplicity of its piano opening calms the soul and gives the listener room to reflect, the shortest track yet full of power that lingers. The Years We Shared is a novel captured in just under four minutes, a journey into the unknown, pathways to be explored friendships and relationships. With its title it will have fans remembering the happy moments they have shared with Runrig.
The album is drenched in nostalgia but not drowning as The Story has a freshness the tracks are relevant for today and leave you wanting to hear more. The Story is full of pomp and purpose there is a majesty in the production and orchestration reflecting the use of the 32- piece Prague Philharmonic Orchestra; nothing drowns anything out every note has a purpose and creates a sonic mood that lives in the ear long after the last  note fades away.
The tempo waxes and wanes throughout reflecting any story with highs and lows, we reach the uplands and summer with 18th July, the mood lightens the melody is full of fresh air warmth, this is inspired folk music. The Story is almost told Runrig’s finale; if this is to be the final album and the final tour then Runrig have gone out on a zenith the music certainly touches your heart and soul and moves high into the sky. With its feel of Scottish folk, Somewhere, is the perfect closing track with its emotional yearning and a lush tonal backdrop; I am sure many a tear will be shed as the notes fade away on the album and especially on their final tour. Runrig’s music will live long and strong thanks to wonderful production and the musical journey The Story takes us on.

The Story, Runrig Ridge Records – Release Date 29th January

Bluesdoodles gives this CD NINE pawprint half inchdoodle paws out of TEN ….

Track Listing

  1. One Story
  2. Onar
  3. Rise and Fall
  4. Elegy
  5. Every Beating Heart
  6. The Years We Shared
  7. When The Beauty
  8. 18th July
  9. An-Duigh Ghabh Mi Cuairt
  10. The Place Where the River Runs
  11. Somewhere

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4 thoughts on “The Story is Almost Told Runrig’s finale

  • 8th January 2016 at 12:45 pm

    Good review. But the band has only said, that this will be the final studio album, they’ve not mentioned anything about a final tour. And btw. the release date is January 29th.

  • 8th January 2016 at 1:18 pm

    Release date is 29th Jan


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